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Physicians for Social Responsibility

Document Group: DG 175
Size: 118 Boxes [Acc. 94A-073 Series II]
Restrictions: None
Microfilm: None
Finding Aids: Preliminary Checklist
This checklist is the property of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Acc. 94A-073
Series II
This material was sent to the Peace Collection from the PSR offices and storage facility. It had to be reboxed immediately upon arrival as the shipping boxes were falling apart. The storage facility (and PSR?) had labels and numbers on some of the original boxes. We have retained those numbers on the boxes in case they are ever needed for identifying material.
Accession 94A-073 is divided into Series I (41 boxes of material) and Series II (118 boxes of material). This division is a temporary and artificial one imposed by the Peace Collection to designate current storage location information.
This checklist is a folder listing only. Folders have been placed in new boxes as they came from PSR. There has been no attempt to organize the material. Duplicates have been discarded when possible. PSR periodicals have been removed and sent to the SCPC periodical collection.
Box 1
1988 Development Expenses
1988 Fundraising Transactions Lists
1988 Soviet Tour
December Income and Expenditures Reports
November Income and Expenditures Reports
October Income and Expenditures Reports
September Income and Expenditures Reports
August Income and Expenditures Reports
July Income and Expenditures Reports
June Income and Expenditures Reports
May Income and Expenditures Reports
April Income and Expenditures Reports
March Income and Expenditures Reports
February Income and Expenditures Reports
December Input 1988
November Solomon 1988
November Input 1988
October Solomon 1988
October Input 1988
September Solomon 1988
September Input 1988
August Solomon 1988
August Input 1988
May Solomon 1988
July Input 1988
June Solomon 1988
June Input 1988
July Solomon 1988
May Input 1988
Box 2
April Solomon 1988
April Input 1988
March Solomon 1988
March Input 1988
February Solomon 1988
February Input 1988
January Solomon 1988
January Input 1988
December, ’91 Input
November, ’91 Reports
November, ’91 Statements
November, ’91 Input
September, ’91 Reports
September, ’91 Statements
September, ’91 Input
October, ’91 Reports
October, ’91 Statements
October, ’91 Input
August, ’91 Reports
August, ’91 Statements
August, ’91 Input
July, ’91 Reports
July, ’91 Statements
Box 3
July, ’91 Input
June, ’91 Reports
June, ’91 Statements
June, ’91 Input
May, ’91 Reports
May, ’91 Statements
May, ’91 Input
April, ’91 Reports
April, ’91 Statements
April, ’91 Input
March, ’91 Reports
March, ’91 Statements
March, ’91 Input
February, ’91 Reports
February, ’91 Statements
February, ’91 Input
January, ’91 Reports
January, ’91 Statements
January, ’91 Input
August Financial Reports
August Financial Statements
August Input
July Financial Reports
July Financial Statements
July Input
June Financial Reports
June Financial Statements
June Input
May, 1990 Financial Reports
Box 4
April, 1990 Financial Reports
March, 1990 Financial Reports
February, 1990 Financial Reports
January, 1990 Financial Reports
May, 1990 Financial Statements
May, 1990 Inputs
April, 1990 Financial Statements
April, 1990 Inputs
1990 Annual Meeting
March, 1990 Solomon
March, 1990 Input
February, 1990 Solomon
February, 1990 Input
January, 1990 Solomon
January, 1990 Input
Box 5
December, ’90 Input
November, ’90 Reports
November, ’90 Statements
November, ’90 Input
October, ’90 Reports
October, ’90 Statements
October, ’90 Input
September, ’90 Reports
September, ’90 Statements
September, ’90 Input
Box 6
Misc. Reports and Reference Material
PSR Newsletters
PSR Quarterly
Box 7
PSR Military Taxes Brochure &emdash;1st Issue
Clearup Issue Briefs and Updates
Mil Tax Grant Proposal
Box 8
PSR Newsletters
Box 9
South Carolina/Trident
North Carolina/Mecklenburg
North Carolina/Eastern
North Carolina/Western
Box 10
1991 Chattanooga Area (TN)
1991 PSR Memphis Area (TN)
1991 PSR Greater Nashville (TN)
1991 PSR Watauga (TN)
1991 South Dakota/Chapter calls and correspondence
1991 PA/Harrisburg-Hershey
1991 Lancaster County
PSR Philadelphia Background
Box 11
NY PSR Southern New York Background
PSR/Nassau County Background
New York PSR Hudson Valley
New York PSR Capital District
New York (General)
1991 PSR Western New York
1991 PSR Westchester (NY)
1991 PSR Rochester-Finger Lake (NY)
1991 PSR New York City (NY)
1991 PSR Nassau County
1991 PSR Capital District (NY)
1991 PSR Broome County (NY)
New Mexico PSR/New Mexico
New Mexico General
1991 PSR New Mexico
PSR/Northern New Jersey Background
New Jersey PSR /Morris County Background
PSR/Central New Jersey Background
Box 12
New England Region
Progon Book Ad space New Hampshire-Hanover
New Hampshire Seacoast
New Jersey/Morris County
New Jersey/Central
New Jersey/Northern
New Mexico
New York/Capital District Albany
New York/Western
New York/Southern
New York/Tompkins County
New York/Nassau County
New York/Westchester
New York/NYC
New York/Sulfolk County
New York/Rochester
New York/Syracuse
New York/Hudson Valley
Box 13
69. Africa & Latin America
71. Bibliographies
Computer Search-Medlars
73. Atomic Warfare
Box 14
Texas-San Antonio
Texas/Tarrant County
West Virginia
Virginia/Roanoke Valley
Box 15
53. Fossil Fuels
54. Fusion
55. Conversion
56. Nuclear Politics
57. Anti-Nuclear Movement
58. Civil Liberties
59. Women
60. Native Americans
61. Children and other minorities
62. Northeast
Box 16
Misc. documents
67a. Soviet Union
Box 17
68. Asia and Australia
Box 18
74. Background Radiation
75. Chromosome Abnormalities
76. Dose Response Relationship
76a. Food Contamination & Radiation
77. Ionizing Radiation
77a. Microwaves
78. Nuclear Reactors
78a. Occupational Diseases and Radiation
79. Rad.-induced Neoplasm
80. Radioactive air pollution
81. Radioactive fallout
82. Radioactive pollutants
83. Radioactive waste
84. Radioactive H2O pollution
84a. Americium
85. Carbon Radioisotopes
87. Iodine Radioisotopes
86. Cesium Radioisotopes
87a. Krypton
88. Nitrogen Radioisotopes
89. Oxygen Radioisotopes
90. Plutonium
91. Radon
92. Strontium Radioisotopes
92a. Thorium
93. Tritium
95. Xenon
Box 19
Polish exchange/ Misc. Pre-trip
Personnel issues
Box 20
PSR Award 1991
National Meeting 1991
NYC Bequest 1991
1991 IPPNW General Correspondence
IPPNW General 1991
1991 Chivian IPPNW Environmental Program
Lithuania 1991
Outside Counsel-Legal 1991
Membership 1991
Middle East Crisis
Box 21
Connecticut/New Haven
Connecticut/Fairfield County
Washington, D.C.
Florida/South Florida
Florida/Big Bend
Florida/Tampa Bay
Box 22
Mississippi/North Mississippi
New Hampshire-Central
Intro to Economic Conversion
Board of Directors Meeting
1988 Annual Report
House of Delegates Meeting
Executive Committee and Board of Directors Meeting 1990
Improvement &emdash;Board 1991
1991 Board Meeting Planning Memos, etc.
Board mailings 1991
Chapter Relations Committee
Budget 1991
Chapters 1991
Board Correspondence 1991
1991 Correspondence
March 1991 Correspondence outgoing
June 1991 Correspondence outgoing
July 1991 Correspondence outgoing
August 1991 Correspondence outgoing
September 1991 Correspondence outgoing
November 1991 Correspondence outgoing
1991 IPPNW Programs/Projects
Foundations 1991
Development Department 1991
Box 23
39. Marshall Islands Micronesia
13. Three Miles Island
Massachusetts &emdash;Pioneer Valley
Box 24
Executive Director Search
Box 25
Nova-Strategy for Beginners
Ron Meininger
SANE CTB Resolutions
Dwight Ho Hon
MLG 5/20/85
SPACE Working Group
Political Association
Seymour Melman
MLG 6/10/.85
PSTF George Luhrman mailings
Psychological task force
Psychological task force-Action
Psychological task force-Notes
Psychological task force-Mailings
Testing Current-1988
Testing clips 9/87
Nuclear tests U.S.
CTB Resolutions State and City
CTB supporters
HFAC Hearing (OTA/CTB) 6/29/88
DOE Lobbying Violations
Testing NRDC
Testing-Administrative views
Executive Directors Search Committee Resumes
Search Committee storage
Executive Directors Search Committee minutes
Executive Director Job Announcement
Box 26
Speeches and ideas
Maureen Thornton-Incoming Correspondence 1990
Maureen Thornton-Outgoing Correspondence 1990
Maureen Thornton-Incoming Internal Memos 1990
Peacenet 1990
Outside council 1990
Linda Marie- Incoming Correspondence 1990
Linda Marie- Outgoing Correspondence 1990
IPPNW Correspondence 1990
IPPNW call
Box 27
Finance & Administration
Publications & Research
Chapter & Program Development
Speakers Bureau
501 (c) (4) & Library
Audio-Visual & Literature
Washington Office
Staff Reports Jan-Jun 1985
Platform Committee
Washington Office
Chapter & Program Development
Speakers Bureau
501c3 & Library
publications & Research
Finance & Administration
AV & Literature
Box 28
National lists &emdash; Peace
Independent Sector
National Medical Association
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
American Public Health Association (APHA)
Box 29
California Voter Education
Nuclear Weapons Facilities
Box 30
Lists of Staff members
Misc. documents
Box 31
Massachusetts / Gventer Boston
12. Reactor Safety/ Accidents
12a. Evacuation & Emergency Planning
Three Mile Island Alert
Box 32
5 Media/ Publications
Chapters Summit Activities
Hiroshima Appeal
25 Years
Box 33a
Polish exchange: Pre-trip correspondence
Program Department 1991
Public Affairs Department 1991
Regional directions Elation 1991
Publicity 1991
Staff retreat
Trips 1991
UN Conference report 1991
Water filter materials
Workplan 1991
Board materials March 1991
Meeting planning material
Box 33b
Committee assignments
Committees 1991
Chapter Relations Committee 1991
International Environmental
ETF April-July 1991
Environmental task force
Executive Committee 1991
Finance Committee 1991
Governance Committee
International Committee
3. Defense Dependency
Leadership Development 1991
Leadership Development Committee 1991
Policy & Legislation Committee 1991
Professional Relations 1991
PTF 1991
Box 34
U.S. Economy
Military Economy
California Economy
Social concerns & Environment
Arms Control/ Foreign Affairs
Technological constraints
Polling data
Late news briefs
National PSR clippings Newsletters 1990
PSR Strategy for 1990 to 1993
Positions on issues by PSR
PSR History
Submissions PSR Quarterly 1990
Budget battles
Environment 1998
McCalm proposal
PSR Environmental Program-General
"Green Doc" Handbook
B-2 "Stealth" Bomber
Below Regularity Concern (BRC)
Accidental Nuclear War
Gulf OP-EDs.…on "costs" and "myths" 1991
Office of Tech. Assessment OP-ED…re:n-weapons plants report 1991
Chapter mailings
Chapter planning 1992
PSR Environmental policy 1989
Press Correspondence 1990
Canadian Newsletters
Computer Prof
Chernobyl-IAEA report
CTB/SDI 1981
Public Outreach campaign
Election 1988
Leg. action packet
Policy and legislative stuff
Paul Warnke speech
INF Field Work
MX ’88
Human Rights & PSR
CTB Resolutions
Arms control/Field meeting
Nuclear free zones
20/20, Other legislation alerts
Federal budget BSA
BASE closings
Harper’s Ferry
Military Spending
INF Treaty
INF Grassroots Meeting
Box 35
PSR NYT Ad-rough draft
Newspaper articles & Letter to the Editor
PSR-Executive Committee Agenda/Minutes 1987-1980
Box 36
Video Cassettes (not located in Audiovisual Collection)
Symposium: "The Medical Consequences of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War"
Dr. Helen Caldicott: Phase I Clinical Science
PUHIPAU: Blown Away
L.A. Chapter "Race to Oblivion"
Box 37
Video Cassettes (not located in Audiovisual Collection)
"A Question of Survival"
Ground Zero: Victory Round 1982
"Prospects for Survival in the Post Attack World"
Box 38
House of Delegates Meeting 9/87 Logistics
House of Delegates Meeting 9/87 Pre-Meeting resolutions
House of Delegates Meeting 9/87 Resolutions & Materials
House of Delegates Meeting 9/87 Minutes
House of Delegates Meeting 9/87 Logistics & Minutes
House of Delegates Meeting 9/87 Pre-Meeting mailings
House of Delegates 1986
PSR House of Delegates Minutes March 1986
1986 House of Delegates Materials
House of Delegates Meeting 9/86 Logistics and Minutes
House of Delegates Meeting 9/86 Pre-Post mailings
House of Delegates/Board of Managers Meeting September 1985
House of Delegates Meeting 9/85 Summary of Resolutions
House of Delegates Meeting 9/85 Meeting Evaluations
House of Delegates Meeting 9/85 Follow-up
House of Delegates 1994
House of Delegates Meeting June 1993
House of Delegates 1979-1980
Membership problems
Box 39
PSR Budgeting/Agenda '79-'81
PSR Board of Directors Meeting
IPPNW '83-'84
Finance & Fundraising '83-'84
10 copies C.V.
Box 40a
Staff memos
Work plans
Staff allocation time
Executive Directors' report December 1988
Executive Directors' report September 1988
Executive Directors' reports
Executive Directors' report March-June 1988
Republican Cosponsors
General ledger
Box 40b
Chapter mailing
Director Forum
By-law drafts, etc., 1988
Ad Hoc by-laws Comm.
By-Laws changes 1979-1985
PSR by-laws November 2/81 Amendments
By-laws rewrite Committee 1980
BOD Committee Assignments
HOD Committee Assignments
Annual Meeting Committee
Finance Committee
Fundraising Committee 1985
International Committee
Nominating Committee/Nominees 1988
Box 41
HJ Res. 3/CTB Campaign
HJ 3 vote/ Post vote
CTB HJ 3 vote '86
CTB HJ 3 vote '85
1/86 Group CTB letter
CTB H&S letters to President '86
HJ 3 drops
CTB Carter administration
Box 42
Soviet Moratorium
CTB-Conference of mayors
Gephardt-Markey 4/22/88
Markey-CTB Prep. 5/88
5/88 Hatfield Kennedy
Hoose drop-testing 4/14/88
Sen. Testing Drop 7/21/87
Hatfield Kennedy Amend 9/25/87
S. 1106 Hatfield Kennedy
S. 472 C. Wirth 2/87
Testing-HR 12 '87
Testing Green-Aucoin 3/25/87
CTB Sen. Non-Bindina 8/7/86
Testing Cutoff Aspin-Gephardt
Green Amendment Water Approp
Shroeder-Downey-Markey Amend 4/86
Box 43
National Medical Association
Central Maine
Eastern Maine
Northern Maine
Louisiana-New Orleans
Kentucky-Blue Grass
Kentucky-Greater Louisville
Southern Maine
Box 44
18. Sabotage, Terrorism, Theft
Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
19. Proliferation
Box 45
1988 Member Survey
Story ideas & proposals for magazines 1990
Parade submissions by M. Thornton
Iran-Iraq War
Middle East crisis 1990+
Public Information Network on Gulf War
Environmental problems related to Gulf War
Medical consequences & preparation for a Persian Gulf War, 1991
PSR position on Gulf crisis
Casualties and deaths from the Gulf War 1991
AWOL/CO PSR Member January '91 durin
Box 46
Marshalls Testing
SDI 86 Press and Boycott
SDI: Medical Spinoffs
Harkin Outer Space Protection Act
Test Ban Symposium/Media Clips
1988 Symposium/Speakers Remarks
1988 Symposium/Miscellaneous
Box 47
Texas Medical Society 1989
Soviet Tour: 1989
Press Kit Information 1987
Southern Tour &emdash; Press 1986
Soviet Tour Clippings 1988
Soviet Tour Fall 1990
Soviet Tour 1989 &emdash; General
Radio Aos Fall, 1987
1988 Program Plan
1987 Program
Harkin Press Conference, April 29, 1988
PSR Leadership: 1990
Safety Issues and Defense Production Reactors
HOD Procedures Manual 1987
Box 48a
National Campaign &emdash; ABM Briefing &emdash; Book
Advocacy Institute
An Alpine Summit Mtg.
Alternative World Foundation
American Bankcard Services
The American Council of Young Political Leaders
American Medical Association
"Amerika" Task Force
American Academy for the Advancement of Science
American Friends Service Committee Disarmament Network
AMA Conference on Non-Military Radiation Emergencies &emdash; November 19-21, 1986
American Psychiatric Association
American Public Health Association
Architects, Designers, and Planners
Bethesda Co-Op Newsletter
Beyond War/ JW Trip to California
Brown U. Public Agenda
Civil Defense and FEMA
National Conference of Catholic Bishops
Center for Defense Information
Center on the Consequences of Nuclear War
Citizens Against Nuclear War
Civic Action Institute
Close Up Foundation
The Committee for National Security
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
The Council for a Livable World
Communications Consortium
Democratic Policy Commission
Educators for Social Responsibility
Elections ’88 &emdash; Karen Mulhauser
The Empty Barrel &emdash; The Employment Costs of Military Buildup
Faces of the Enemy &emdash; The Catticus Corporation
British Freeze
The Front Line
Foundation for the Arts of Peace
Foundation for Public Affairs
F.O.I.A. Case
Great Peace March
Ground Zero
Global Education Association
Box 48b
Harvard Center for Science and International Affairs
HumanSERVE Voter Registration
International Peace Walk
Jobs with Peace
Institute for Soviet-American Relations
Independent Sector/IRS
Lawyers Alliance for Nuclear Arms Control
The Long Darkness
Media and Values Quarterly
Moratorium Telegram
Mothers Embracing Nuclear Disarmament
National Campaign to Save the ABMT
Nevada Testing Symposium
National Coalition for Universities in the Public Interest
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Nevada Test Site Guide Service
Nuclear Times Merger
Parents and Teachers for Social Responsibility
Peace Links
Peace Media Project
Peace Roundtable
Peacenet Subcommittee
Physicians for Human Rights
Polling Information
Presidential Classrooms
Psychologists for Social Responsibility
Public Agenda Foundation &emdash; Brown University Center for Foreign Policy
Rocky Mountain Peace Center
Roosevelt Center/Citizens News
SDI Film
The Shalom Center
86 Soviet Tour
Samantha Smith Foundation
Stanley Foundation
Soviet Embassy
Swackhamer Prize Essays
Symposium of the Five Winds &emdash; Ariz.
Testing Symposium
The Trilateral Commission
United Nations &emdash; Disarmament
Union of Concerned Scientists
Williamsburg Peace Initiative
Williamstown Committee
Greater Washington/PSR
Women for a Meaningful Summit
White House Meetings
Box 49
Breeder Reactors
Reactor Siting
Reactor Construction/Operation
Thermal Pollution
Kemeny Commission
Fuel and Weapons Fabrication
Mining and Milling
Mining Clips
Fuel Chain &emdash; General
Industry/Pro-Nuke Info.
Publications Outdated
Library File Organization
Box 50
6th IPPNW Congress &emdash; Cologne
Targeted Cities Hiroshima Day
’85 Annual Meeting &emdash; Speakers
Annual Meeting 1986
Soviet American Physicians Campaign &emdash; Feb. 1985
VIP Soviet Tour &emdash; July 1985
Requests for Future Soviet Tours
USSR Trip &emdash; June 1984
4th IPPNW Conference Helsinki
5th IPPNW Congress &emdash; Budapest
HOD/BOD Mtg. &emdash; September 1985 &emdash; La Sallette
By Laws
Beyond War
Speaker Tours
News Clippings
Slide Info
AV Material (not located in AV Collection)
InfoMedix Cassette
Video Pen Pal
Video PRA
Master Video PSR KHQ-TV Spokane
Diskettes Policy.ws
Slides &emdash; MAD: The Psychology of Nuclear Armament
Slides &emdash; From Trident to Life
Box 51
Avg-IAEA/Soviet Report on Chernobyl
Chernobyl &emdash; NY Times
Chernobyl &emdash; Other Papers
Chernobyl &emdash; Washington Post
Nobel Prize
Box 52
Annual Meeting Committee
March 1989 &emdash; September 1, 1989
September 2 to December 31, 1989
January to March 30, 1989
Norman Cousins
Budget and Memorandum of Agreement
Fundraising PSR/Colorado
Ski Package
Host Chapter
Hyatt Regency Denver
Tax Exempt Information
Colorado Chapter
Denver Trip
Denver Hotel 1/89-7/89
Hotel Contract 1990
Denver Hyatt Regency 8/89
1990 National Meeting Site
Box 53
Exhibit Hall Requests
Exhibit Mailing
Exhibit Hall Marketing
Exhibit Hall / Program Book LEADS
Book Tables Leads
Meeting Info Requests
Videos- Making of the film SL-1
Program ads 1990
March 1990 Cardholder Message
Article: "The Envir. and Health Legacies of Nuclear Weapons Production"
Groups to Call
Ideas for 1990 Meeting
Sierra Club National News Report
National Meeting Correspondence
PSR Chapters
Media- Press Advisory
PSR Press Kit
Direct Mail Org.
National Meeting Flyer
Colorado Chapter Meeting
Program Book
T Shirt Sales
National Meeting: Legislative Update
Floppy Disks: Mark’s National Meeting
Box 54
Miscellaneous (1990 National Meeting):
Child Care
"Physicians for Social Responsibility" Tickets
1990 National Meeting Media Coverage
Time Line of Events

Annual Meeting Committee
Rose Medical Center; CME Credit
Post Meeting:
1990 Meeting Evaluation
HOD Evaluation 3/90
General Evaluation
Speaker Suggestions
Thank You Letters
Rose Medical Center Evaluations
Speaker Bios
Special Invitations
List of Speaker Info
Speakers Update
Program 1/90
Speaker Declines 1990 National Meeting
Speaker On-Site Info & Travel
Speaker Letters
Box 55
Staff Travel
Meeting Consulants
Potential Vendors
Kinko's Fax
Airline Productivity Reports
Travel info
Great Escape Travel Co.
Audio Tape info.
Audioprint Recording Company
1990 National Meeting Workshops
Workshop Status Reports
Workshop Rooms
1990 Workshops
Workshop Master List
Audio-Visual Forms
PSR- Atlanta Symposium
PSR Evaluations
Box 55
Registration Materials
Registration Form
Final Meeting Registration Stats
On-Site Registration
Meeting and Banquet - Pre-registration Reports
Meeting and Banquet - Pre-registration Reports (cont'd)
Box 56 [1983-1988 Chapter Files]
Wisconsin (General
1991 PSR:
Fox Valley
La Crosse
SE Wisconsin
Chequamegon Background
Fox Valley
La Crosse
West Virginia
1991 SW W. Virginia
1991 PSR/ WVA
So. West Virginia
West Virginia
Mailing Surveys
Distributed Info
EIN#'s (alphabetical by state)
Defunctional / Merged
Chapters Never Formed
Inactive Chapters
Illinois / Background
Grtr. Springfield
Minnesota/ Background
Duluth / Suprior
Background / No.
New York
Broome Co.
Otsego Co.
Old Westbury
Background Utica
Akron / Canton / Kent
Lehigh Valley
South Carolina
SE Vermont
Whatcom Co.
W. Central
Wyoming (General)
Box 57
Miscellaneous Clippings
Chapter Surveys- December 1984
PSR Chapter Regions
SE Regional Meeting
Fairfield City
SE Region Chapters
Greater Boston
Bangor, Maine
Hartford, CT
New Haven
Springfield, MA
Southern Maine
Central Maine
NE Region Chapter Visits
PSR Monadnock / Keene NH
Seacoast, NH (Portsmouth)
S. New Jersey
S. Oregon (Medford)
Rockford, IL
Campaign for Public Outreach
NE Region Mtg./ Resolutions
Regional Mtgs. / Agenda
NE Reg. Mtg. January 8-10, 1987
SE Region
PSR Alabama
Atlanta 3/26/88
Moving Mountains
Internationl Conference Call
International Committee- Sept.
Sister Affiliate 1988
Central Mass. (WORC)
Fairfield Co., CT
Tour Follow-up
1989 Board Mtg. Brainstorm Prog.
Savannah River
SE Regional Meeting
NE Regional Meeting
Field Strategy
Tuscon Press Etc.
Suffolk and Nassau County- Press
Southern Oregon Press etc.
Soviet Physicians Tour
Soviet Physicians Tour- International Committee
Bibliography Materials File
Chapter / Program Development
1986-1987 Program Panning
Chapter Development 1984
Regional Development Committee- 1982-1984
Chapter Development 1982-1983
Chapter Development Manual
PSR Regionalization
Chapter Media Memos- 1982
Chapter States Packet- 1982
1982 Board Meeting
Handbook: "Toward a Safer World"
Box 58
Chemical Weapons 1988-1989
Chernobyl Then and Now
Cancer Studies Press 1990
Strategic Planin 10/89
Delaware Study
Fiscal Year 89 Budget
FY 88 Budget
DOD Authorization 1987
FY 88 Defense Authorization Bill
Budget Battles FY 1991
D.O.E. Budget 1991
1990 Budget Priorities Campaign
DOD FY 1990 Defense Authorization Bill
FY 1990 Budget
Print Ads
Box 59
Nuclear Waste, Power Plants, Natural Resources, Warfare, Disarmament
Midwest and Canada
Box 60
PSR 1962-1985
Chapter Handbooks
PSR 1986-
PSR Greater Boston Branch
PSR Cincinnati Branch
PSR Hawaii Branch
PSR Miscellaneous Branches
PSR Philadelphia Chapter
Box 61 [formerly box 35 and overflow from box 40]
[box 40 overflow]
Non Radioactive Pollutants
Treatment for Radiation Exposure
Nuclear Power Costs
Price-Anderson Act
Military Economics- Economic Effect of Arms Race
Jobs and Labor
Conservation/ solar
[Box 35]
EMP, Chaos, Dust Factor
Trident; Other Submarines
Bomb Test Effects- Fallout
Anti-Ballistic Missiles
General Medical Effects
Box 62 [Formerly box 65 and overflow from box 40]
Nobel Peace Prize
PSR Newsletter Spring 1982 to January 1985
PSR Reports
Legislative Handbook (Lobbying, etc.)
Photos- Weapons and NASA
PSR Annual Reports 1985-1991
Speakout on Star Wars - Speaker's Kit
Hiroshima Day 1987 Organizer's Handbook
Med. Student Organizer's Handbook
PSR Brochures
Covering the Map- A Survey of Military Pollution Sites in the US
PSR Monitor June 1990- September 1992 (incomplete)
PSR Monitor December 1987- January 1990 (incomplete)
Dead Reckoning- A Critical Review of the Dept of Energy's Epidemologic Research
PSR Reports Spring 1991- Spring 1993
Impact of the Threat of Nuclear War on Children and Adolescents
Speaking Out on the Threat of Nuclear War
1985 Nobel Peace Prize U.S. Press Clippings
PSR Paraphernalia- Bumper Stickers, etc.
Nuclear War- General
Nuclear War and Children
PSR Historical Medical & Nuclear War
PSR "Prescription for Peace"
PSR "Redefining National Security" Speaker Kits
PSR Organizer's Kit: Redefining National Security: The Human Costs of the Arms Race
Chapter Handbook (white binder)
Organizing Symposia and Large Events
Getting Involved in the 1984 Elections
Medical Education and Nuclear War
PSR Quarterly Journal of Medicine and Global Survival
Mar. 1991 Vol. 1 #1
Jun. 1991 Vol. 1 #2
Dec. 1991 Vol. 1 #4
Mar. 1992 Vol. 2 #1
Jun. 1992 Vol. 2 #2
Sept. 1992 Vol. 2 #3
Preparing for War: the Psychological Effects
The Counterfeit Ark
Psychosocial Packet
Journal of Humanistic Psychology
Articles on psychological effects of Nuclear Arms Race
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry vol. 52 #4
Effects on Children and Adolescents
Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives
Effects on Personality Development
Discussion Paper for the IPPNW
Articles from the Harvard Medical School
Therapy Now Living in the Nuclear Age
Effects on Human Behavior
Spring- an Annual of Archetypal Psychology and Jungian Thought
Various other articles from magazines, newspapers, and other publications
Box 63 [formerly box 29 part 1]
Emergency Planning Articles
Union of Concerned Scientists Materials
Star Wars (Defense Weapons Program) Materials
Star Wars- Questions and Answers on the Space Weapons Debate
Carl Sagan- Star Wars Artice
Various Articles and Pamphlets- Missle Defense, Space Arms Race, etc.
Civil Defense Folder No.1 of 2
Articles on Nuclear Weapons and Civil Defense
Civil Defense Folder No.2 of 2
Articles, Correspondence
CMCHS (Civilian Military Contingency Hospital System)
Articles, Letters (Various)
MX Missles
History of the MX Missle
MX info packet
Pamphlet: The Case Against the MX Missle
Correspondence with President Reagan
MX Missle Contractors
Box 64 [formerly box 29 part 2]
Arms Control: Disarmament
Pamphlet: The European Nuclear Negotiations: Paths to War or Peace?
Nuclear Weapons and International Law
U.S.- Soviet Negotiations to Limit Intermediate-Range Nuclear Weapons
Test Ban Treaties
Comprehesive Test Ban Conference Report
Statement of Concern
Strategic Doctrine
Nuclear Strategy- Disengagement
Interview with Daniel Ellsberg
Journal of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences: US.Defense Policy-1980s
General Effects of Nuclear War
Surgical Problems
Prompt and Delayed Effects
ACDA Arms Control Report
U.S. House of Representatives statement on the Effects of Nuclear War
Position Paper on UV Radiation
Catastrophic Nuclear Radiation Releases
Strategic Nulear War (intercontinental)
UCS Briefing Paper
Theater Nuclear War (short, med.-range)
Euromissles- Nuclear War Modernization in Europe
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign
PSR Newsletter
Counterforce Strategies
Neutron Bomb, Pershing, Cruise Missles
Cruise Missles
Neutron Bomb
"Limited Nuclear War"
Consequences of a "Limited" Nuclear War in Germany (East and West)
Other Articles
Box 65 [formerly box 9]
CA- PSR/ Stanford Mid-Peninsula
Journal Articles
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
West Virginia
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Box 66 [formerly box ?? and box 9 clippings overflow]
Large Manila Folders:
Letters to the Editor
5- Civil Defense
9-Small Mention 1982 October, November, December
Civil Defense Packet
Pamphlets- Medical, Educational, Omaha
Articles- NYT, JAMA, NEJM
Booklets- Cambridge, Vermont, & OTA Nuclear War, K. Kahn's booklet
Other- PSR Articles, etc.
8- Negative PSR Articles 1982 June, July, August
6- Repetitions
4- Small Announcements- 1982 November, December
4- Small Announcements- 1982 September, October, November
9- Small Mention 1982 April, May, June, July, August, September
4- Small Announcements- 1982 May, June, July, August
Small Manila Folders:
Environmental Programs
Military Toxins
Security After the Soviets: Citizen's Conf. on U.S. Priorities in the 1990s Packet
SDI Fact Sheet: Critics Call Star Wars a Contractor's Feast
Letters to Congress 11/8/91
Mn- Mellstrom Letter 3/26
Health Consequences of Environmental Change and Pollution
October 1992 Chapter Mailing
February/March 1992 Chapter Mailing
Lead Poisoning
MPN DC Week April 26-29 1992
PEL 4/29 Conference Call transcription
Policy and Legislative Committee 3/25/92 Conference Call transription
SDI Fact Sheet: A Safety Net Full of Holes
Ending the Nuclear Age: The Manhattan Project II
MPII: Organizing for the Elections and a new Administration
PSR Ozone Backgrounder
June/July 1992 Chapter Mailing
April 1992 Chapter Mailing
Candidate Briefing Book 1992
Level 5's (correspondence)
Letters, etc.
1991 Chapter Reports & Evaluations
90-92 Chapter- General
Chapter EIN #
Chapter Finances FYI
Enviro Speaker Tour 1991
NW Regional Meeting
1990 Pacific Regional Meeting
1989-90 Midwest Regional Meeting
Box 67 [formerly box 35 and box 9 overflow]
[Box 35:]
Smoke Detectors
Background and other Ionizing Radiation
Non-Ionizing Radiation
Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Materials
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Info. and Materials
Nuclear War and Public Health
Nuclear Radiation, Priority of Health, Medical Perspective
Hanford Study
Portsmouth Study
Worker Exposure and Effects
[Box 9 Overflow:]
PSR/ Los Angeles
PSR/ Humbolt Del Norte
PSR/ Redwood
PSR/ Sacramento
PSR/ San Diego County
PSR/ San Francisco
PSR/ San Jose
Washington, D.C.
Box 68 [formerly box 40 pt.1]
Radiation Physics
Radiation Monitoring and Detecting
Public Radiation Exposure and Effects
Medical Irradiation
Cancer Info.- General
Radionuclides in the Environment
Gonadal Concentration
Genetic Effects and Birth Defects
Body/ Organ Concentration
Food Chain Concentration
Children -Nuclear War Effect on
Box 69 [formerly box 5 overflow]
PSR- Winning the Race Against Nuclear Arms- 1986 National Meeting
March 12-16, 1986 Hershey Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
Tape #s:
Box 70 [formerly box 11 overflow and box 5 overflow]
Tape #s:
Soundtrack from The Last Epidemic
Tamplin- 2-9-80 HarvardUniversity Science Center - PSR
MX Talk 3-5 PSR
Prescription for Survival 10-27-81 KPFK 90.7 FM "The Atomic Vets- Forgotten
Hibakusha of an evolving nuclear world: 1945-1962"
Boston PSR Meeting 11-3-80- Randy Forsberg 3&4
"Ending the Arms Race: Call to Action" Helen Caldicott. 5/1/81
Rathiens- Types of Weapons … 2-9-80 Harvard University Science Center -PSR
Johnson- Plutonium Contamination- 2-9-80 Harvard Univ. Science Center -PSR
Sattelite Program II -Helen Haldicott Addresses the Nation
Nuclear Destruction From Hiroshima to Today- Nuclear War Graphics Project
Radio Ad Samples 1984 :60 Public Policy & Political
PSR Pres. On PBS 7-8-88
Wes Wallace on Chernobyl 8-7-86
Dream of an Impenetrable Shield -Nuclear War Graphics Project -John W. Zech
(7 Tapes)
Nuclear Holocaust by Dr. Helen Caldicott
Center for Arkansas PHA 5-3-85 - U.S. Del. //Center for PSR/ Buffalo 5-1-85
Demo Tape - Energy and Arms
KXLY Spokane MX Radio Collection 8-4-88
Boston PSR/ 12-1-80 Everett Mendlesohn (2 tapes)
Dr. Raymond Siever "The Status of Radioactive Waste Disposal" (Harvard Univ.)
"John, Mary, MIRV, and MaRV: The Arms Race and the Human Race"
Fundamentalism and the new Right- Joan Bokaer 1987 (Cornell University)
Perspective on the Arms Race- Joan Bokaer 1895 (Cornell Univeristy)
"Nary a Nuke" c. 1986 Bill Cain
Newstrack Free Sample
Atlanta: Sister Affiliate Visit June 1988
"SDI (Part 1) Arms Control" 2/86 // "SDI (Part 2) Nato and the USSR" 2/86
Health Effects of Radiation- Bob Alvarez and Kitty Tucker 12-8-79 (2 tapes)
Radio Australia 10-8-87 Interview with Helen Haldicott
Maine PSR "Nuclear Report" Sample Broadcast
PSR- "Grappling with the Last Epidemic"
"Heart of a Mother" -Carol Ann Stockton
Dr. Helen Haldicott: "APrescription for Survival"
"What on Earth Are We Going to Do?" Fuller, Caldicott, etc.
Haldicott- "Health Hazards of Nuclear Radiation"
PSR Stop vs. Start
IPPNW / AIMGN Palais de Congre, Montreal 6-2-88 (2 tapes)
Interview with Marie Therese Danielsson Tahet
Soviets- Med School PSR
Bernard Feld 10-6-80
The Threat of Nuclear War- UCS
Box 71 [formerly box 11]
Consequences of Nuclear War Graphics Package Part I (3 Copies)
Consequences of Nuclear War Graphics Package Part II (3 Copies)
Nuclear War Graphics Package
CTB Ad (5 Copies)
"The Blob"
PSA's "Broad Street Pump" "Metronome" "Checkup"
Annual Meeting 1984 (21 Tapes)
PSR 1983 Annual Meeting (Tapes 102-104 and 106-110)
Nuclear Holocaust - The Medical Consequences of Nuclear War
The Medical Consequences of Nuclear War Parts I and IV
Maine Symposium Tapes 1, 4, 5, 7
Stop Nuclear War
PSR Annual Meeting on January 22 (7 Tapes)
And You Thought Civil Defense Was Boring (3 Copies)
Prescription for Survival Programs (11 Tapes)
Satellite Program 1, 2, and 3
Presentations of Helen Caldicott (10 Tapes)
Weapons Symposium Boston 2/80
PSR Tape 5 and 6
US - Soviet Tour Spring 1985
Health and Nuclear War 10/18/80
In Depth Magazine
WGBH Forum
Dr. John Gardner
Under the Mushroom Cloud
Reflections on Three Mile Island
Panel Discussion and Questions 2/10/80
Grappling with the Last Epidemic
Dream of an Impenetrable Shield
Dr. Herbert Abrams PSA's
Perspective on the Arms Race
"Broad Street Pump" PSA's
The Last Slideshow
End Times
Harvard U. Science Center (3 Tapes)
A Soldiers Perspective on War
The CIA and the Nuclear Arms Race (2 Copies)
Speakout Against the Arms Race
Anatomy of a Talk
Public Affairs Broadcast Group's " American Voices"
On Soviet Arms Race
A-Bomb Survivors Recollect and Try to Express What Happened
Nuclear War - Long Term Effects
The Politics of the Atom
Grappling with the Last Epidemic: the Medical Response to Nuclear War
Letters to Foreign Correspondents
Boston PSR
Box 72
Belsey File
New Hampshire (General)
PSR/Monadnock, Newsletters and Clippings
PSR/Central New Hampshire Background
PSR/Seacoast New Hampshire Background
PSR/New Hampshire Background
Vermont PSR/ Bennington County Background
South Carolina PSR/Midlands Background
1991 PSR Central New Hampshire
1991 PSR Monadnock
1991 PSR New Hampshire
1991 PSR Seacoast N.H.
1991 PSR Dubuque
1991 PSR Iowa
Arkansas General
PSR/Arkansas Background
Iowa General
PSR/Dubuque Background
PSR/Iowa Background
Chapter Bank Balance
NARAL and NOW Chapter Reports
1992 Program Reports
Chapter Relations
EIN Forms
IRS Tax Exemption
Sample Bylaws
CIF Phase 1 Materials
CIF Phase 2 Materials
CIF Phase 3 Materials
Chapter-In-Formation Correspondence
Box 73 [formerly box 18]
PSR Foundation Report re: Threats of US Weapons Production
Military Pollution
Ozone Info
Battery Pollution
Budget Cuts
Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear Test Ban
1991 Mailings
PSR Legislative Update 1993
PSR National Staff
PSR New England
DOE Dead Reckoning
Chapters 1992/1993
Board of Directors
New Hampshire
New Jersey
District of Columbia
North Dakota
Trust Territories - Pacific Islands
Rhose Island
Puerto Rico
North Carolina
New York
Covering the Map
EPA Briefing
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
1992 PSR SDI Info Kit
Board Report Spring 1992
Strategic Working Goup
Strategic Issues - Vote Records
PSR Board
PSR Computer Stuff
PSR Intern Program 1992
PSR Subscriptions
PSR Organizations List
PSR Fundraising
Professionals Lobby Day
Nuclear Testing Fact Series 1992
Nuclear Testing and Environment
Nuclear Testing Fact Series 1993
B-2 Fact Sheet Series
B-2 Fact Sheet Series 1992
SDI Fact Sheet Misc.
SDI Fact Sheet Series 1992
Box 74 [formerly Box 5]
Box 75a [formerly Box 45]
Campaign for Public Outreach
Chapter Mailing 1990
Children's Defense Fund
Cosponserships 1990
Non-Medical Outreach
Atlanta Symposium
Militarism vs. Human Services
Executive Directors Report June 1990
Directors Report 1990
Workplans 1990
Finance Office
Development Department 1990
Program Department 1990
Public Affairs
Communications 1990
Chapter/National Relations Task Force
Development Committee
Environmental Task Force 1990
International Committee 1990
PSR Journal 1990
Executive Committee 1990
National Meeting Committee
Box 75b [formerly Box 45]
Physicians Task Force 1990
Health Studies
Policy Committee
Professional Liaison
Strategic Planning Committee
Ad Hoc Governance and Structure
PSR Membership Packets
Membership Surveys
World Policy Institute
Box 76 [formerly Box 80 Archive 15]
Dr. Andy Davis - Radiation Slide Show
"Grappling" #108 - 140 Masters
"Sweely" Slides (4 Blue Cases)
Misc. Slides
Complete Last Slideshow
CTB Package (In House)
MAD: The Psycholohy of Nuclear Armament (3 Copies)
Grappling with the Last Epidemic: The Medical Response to Nuclear War
"The False Frontier"
Carole's Slide Show
Children of Hiroshima
Discards from Chernobyl Slide Show
Chernobyl Slide Show (incomplete)
Extra Slides from Accidental Nuclear War Module
Stop vs. Start
"Acceptable Risk?" (2 Copies)
I Have Three Children of My Own
Nuclear War Graphics Package
Grappling - Duplicate Slides
Health Costs Show
Threat of Nuclear War
CTB Package Slides 26-61
50 Extra Slides for MAD
Assorted Slides - Not Grim
CTB Package Slides 1 - 25
Hiroshima-Nagasaki Book Extra
Taped Slides
"Grappling" Slides #1-38 Masters
"Grappling" Slides #78-107 Masters
Chernobyl Slide Show
"Grappling" Slides #39-77 Masters
"Unforgettable Fire"
The Dream of an Impenetrable Shield
Campaign for Public Outreach
A-Bomb Survivors Recollect
"John, Mary, MIRV and MaRV"
Slides from CTB Module
SDI Extras
Bombing Run - Maps of Cities
Under the Mushroom Cloud
Weapons in Space - The Next Arms Race
"Biology of Nuclear War"
Acceptable Risk
Box 77 [formerly Box 002 Archive 17]
39. Nobel Prize Ceremony
36. Med. Cons. Of Nuc. War
2. Decision at Rocky Flats
3. The War Game
4. Day After Trinity (3 parts)
5. Doomsayers
6. British Columbia Medical Association TV Program
7. How Much is Enough?
8. MacNeil-Lehrer (2 parts)
9. War Without Winners
10. CNN News Program "Freeman Reports"
40. Perscription for Survival: Doctors Speaking Out
Box 78 [formerly Box 12 overflow and Box 002 Archive 17]
1. Clouds of Doubt
11. A Call for Survival
12. The Day After (3 parts)
13. In the Nuclear Shadow
14. U.S. - U.S.S.R.
15. Eagles in the Bears Den
16. Weapons in Space
17. The Global Consequences of Nuclear War
18. The Arms Race Within
19. Living Double Lives
20. Preventing Nuclear War: The First Essential Step
Misc. Slides
[Boxes after Box 78 did not list Acc. #]
Box 79
Executive Committee 1993
Chapter Relations Committee
Professional Relations Committee
Regional Conferences
APHA 1993
Committees 1993
Governance Committee 1993
Box 80
Harmon, Curran and Tousley - Outside Counsel
Legal Documents
Legal Questions
Policy Statement Work
Directors Forum
Chapters Correspondence - 1989
Constituency Study Report
Misc. Documentation
Box 81
December 5-6 BOD Meeting (7Tapes)
BOD Meeting 5/16/87 (4 tapes)
March 1988 BOD Tapes
September 27-28 1987 BOD Tapes
Program Director Resumes 87-88
Program Director Resumes
Wales-1985 BOD
Wallace-1985 BOD
Box 82
Fogarty Fellowship Polish Project
Polish Project Materials and Reference
Materials Related to the Polish Project
Living Against the Odds
Poland Trip
Box 83
Executive Director Files 1993
Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
1993 Manhattan Project II
1993 Congress
1993 IPPNW Election/Congress
Box 84
IPPNW - Program
1993 - IPPNW Election/General
1993 - Institute of Medicine/Interoffice Memos/IPPNW Mexico
*1993 - Finances/Foundation/Georgetown Grant/Great Lakes Project/Green Group
1993 - Correspondence
Box 85
1992 Files
Financial Information (Audit 1992)
Box 86
Johnson, Carl
Kahn, Herman
Kahn, Katherine
Kay, Alan
Kaplan, Fred
Kelly, Petra
Vance, Cyrus
Kennedy, Edward
Kemp, Jack
Kissinger, Henry
Kistiakowsky, George
Landers, Ann
Leaf, Alexander
Leaning, Jennifer
LeFever, Ernest
Lehman, John
Lewis, Kevin
Lifton, R.J.
Lipton, J.E.
Lown, B.
McGrory, Mary
McNamara, Robert
Mack, John
Markey, Edward J.
Mayer, Jean
Miscellaneous Individuals
Molander, Roger
Morrison, Philip
Moyers, Bill
Muller, James
Alva Myrdal
Nitze, Paul
Nunn, Senator Sam
Nye, Joseph
Paine, Christopher
Pastore, John
Perle, R.
Pipes, Richard
Powers, Thomas
Redlener, Irwin
Relman, Arnold
Reston, James
Rogers, Gen. Bernard
Rostow, Eugene
Sagan, Carl
Sakharov, Andrei
Scheer, Robert
Shultz, George
Spock, Benjamin
Sidel, Victor
Thompson, Ed
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott
Tsipis, Kosta
Teller, Edward
Tsongas, Paul
Box 87 of
1992 Telemarketing Records-
Renewal Forms
Box 88 of
1992 Bank Statements
91-92 Insurance Coverage Summary
1991 Payroll January - December
Credit Card Mistakes
Restricted Funds
1991 Dues Division
Box 89
Leaders' Files
Arms Control Association
British Medical Association
Countdown Connecticut
American Academy of Pediatrics
American College of Emergency Physicians
American College of Physicians
American Public Health Association
Beres, Louis Rene
Bucheim, Robert
Butterfield, Fox
Joanna Caplan
Cassel, Christine, M.D.
Carroll, Eugene J. Jr.
Clark, William
Chivian, Eric
Clayton, Bruce
Claude, Abram
Colby, William
Cox, Arthur Macy
Abrams, Herbert
Adelman, Kenneth
Abraham, Henry
Delauer, Richard
Einstein, Albert
Ellsburg, Daniel
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Fine, Jonathan
Forsberg, Randall
Frank, Jerome
French, Perrin
Garwin, Richard
Gelb, Leslie
Getler, Michael
Geiger, Jack
Gore, Albert
Grant, Lou
Barnet, Richard
Bethe, Hans
Halloran, Richard
Halsted, Tom
Harriman, W. Averill
Hatfield, Mark O.
Hiatt, Howard
Hoffman, Stanley
Humphrey, Gordon
Box 90
1991 National Meeting in Atlanta
Floppy Disks:
Memo of 1991 Agreement Budget Committee
National Meeting Storage Disk
Meeting 2
NM 3 Julie Webb
NM 4
Schedule- NM
NM Program Book
National Meeting 91 Evaluation, etc.
Exhibits 1991
Working Storage- B. Lenone Hall - with Word Hyphenation & Help
NM 1991 Exhibition Mailing
Exhibition Space Application
Potential Booktable Part.
Booktable Marketing Letter
1991 Booktable Appl. Complete
Potential 1991 Exhibitors
Exhibition Confirmations
1991 NM Exhibitor
PSR Chapter Exhibitions
PSR Chapter Thank-Yous
Booktable Thank-Yous
General Info NM 1991
Press for NM 91
Jimmy Carter at the NM
91 Workshop Descriptions
91 Workshop Bios
Panel 2
Staff Housing
NM Conference Calls 5/90
MT6 Planner Applicants
CME Credit
Annual MeetingCommittee
Lenone Hall
Registration Reports
Final Registration
1991 Confirmations
King Center
Med Studs
Childcare 1991
NM Supplies
Reception 91
Computers, Copies, etc.
NM Security
Speaker info Forms, Contact
Harmon Bros. Bus Company
Meeting Travel
Speaker Bios
91 Workshop Correspondence
91 Workshops
91 Workshop Reply Forms
Speaker Release Forms
Exhibit Hall
Audio Cassettes: Healing the Planet
Evaluation Forms
San Francisco PSR
Exhibitor Thank-Yous
Program Ad Thank-Yous
Workshop Thank-Yous
Registration Packet
Box 91
Healing the Planet - 1991 International Meeting Reception Programs
Lists / Tracking
Mailings - NM 1991
PSR Chapters
Mkt Plan
PSR Flyer
Other Organizations
Insert - Meeting Flyer Samples
PSR Atlanta
July Atlanta Trip
PSR Atlanta Questions
Criteria for Choosing National Meeting Site
1991 Budget and MOA
Final Budget - Financial Reports
1991 Hotel Negotiations
OMNI Hotel
Attendance Stats
Misc. - Meal, Name Tags
91 Program Book Ads
PSR Quarterly
Box 92
Board of Directors - 1989 Outgoing Correspondence
1992 Financial Audit
Box 93
Outside Counsel 1989
IRS Letter
Eldredge, Jane
Co-Sponserships 1989
Speaker's Bureau
Speaker's Bureau List
Misc. Speaker's Bureau Correspondence
Speaker's Bureau Request Form
Speakers Bureau Evaluation Form
Speakers Bureau
Executive Committee
Burkes - 1986 (BOD)
C - 1986
D - 1986
E - 1986
F - 1986
G - 1986
H - 1986
I - 1986
J - 1986
K - 1986
L - 1986
M - 1986
Master Calendar/Timeline
N - 1986
O - 1986
P - 1986
Q - 1986
R - 1986
Program Director Dec 87 - Jan. 88
Box 94
Scoville Fellowship
The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship
Scoville Fellowship 1988-89
DC Human Rights Law
Maureen Thorton - 1989 Incoming Letters
Maureen Thorton - 1989 Outgoing Correspondence
Maureen Thorton - 1989 Incoming Memos
Maureen Thorton - 1989 Outgoing Memos
Box 95
Racial Equality Network
1993 - Program Plan/Personal/PCNAC/Etc.
Policy and Legislation 1989
International Committee
Politicians 1990
Scoville Fellowsip 1990
Program Plan - 1989
PSR Bylaws - 1989
Communications Department - 1989
Work Plans - 1989
Development Department - 1989
Finance and Administration - 1989
Maureen Thornton - Outgoing Internal Memos 1990
Wes Wallace - Outgoing Correspondence 1990
Dan Young - Outgoing Correspondence 1990
Program Department - 1989
Box 96
PSR/Tampa Bay Background
PSR/South Florida Background
PSR/Gainesville Background
PSR/Big Bend Background
Florida (General)
1991 PSR South Florida
1991 PSR Gainesville
1991 PSR Atlanta
1991 PSR Augusta
Georgia (General)
PSR/Atlanta Newsletters
PSR/Atlanta Background
PSR/Augusta Background
1991 PSR Hawaii
PSR/Hawaii Background
1991 PSR Southwest Idaho
Idaho (General)
PSR/Southwest Idaho Background
PSR/Urbana-Champaign Newsletters
Illinios (General)
PSR/Chicago Backgroung
1991 PSR Chicago
1991 PSR Urbana-Champaign
1991 PSR Indianapolis
1991 PSR So. Central Idiana
Indiana (General)
PSR/Indianapolis Background
PSR/South Central Indiana Background
1991 PSR Kansas
Kansas (General)
PSR/Kansas Background
PSR/Greater Lousville Background
Kentucky (General)
1991 PSR Greater Louisvile
1991 PSR Bluegrass
Box 97
1991 PSR Arizona
PSR/Los Angeles Background
PSR/Inland S. California Background
PSR/Mendocino Background
PSR/Napa Valley Background
PSR/Orange County Background
PSR/Humboldt-Del Norte Background
PSR/San Joaquin Valley Background
PSR Ventura County Background
California (General)
PSR/Los Angeles Newsletters
PSR Monterey Bay Background
PSR/San Joaquin Valley Newsletters
PSR/San Luis Obispo Background
PSR/Santa Barbara Contacts
PSR/Stanford Background
PSR/Stanford Newsletters
1991 PSR Alaska
1991 PSR Ventura County
1991 PSR Stanford
1991 San Joaquin Valley
1991 PSR San Francisco
1991 PSR San Diego
1991 PSR Sacramento
1991 PSR Redwood
1991 PSR Orange County
1991 PSR Napa Valley
1991 PSR Monterey Bay
1991 PSR Inland So. California
1991 PSR Los Angeles
Colorado (General)
1991 PSR Colorado
PSR Colorado Newsletters
PSR Colorado Background
1991 PSR Fairfield County
1991 PSR Hartford
1991 PSR New Haven
Conneticut (General)
PSR/Fairfield County Background
PSR/Hartford Background
PSR/New Haven Background
PSR/Hartford Contacts
1991 PSR Delaware
Delaware (General)
PSR/Delaware Background
DC Chapter 1988
1991 PSR Gr. Washington, DC
PSR/Greater Washington DC Background
Box 98
Committees - 1989
Ad Hoc Annual Meeting Committee
Annual Meeting Committee
Annual Meeting 1991
CARProD Committee
Development Committee
Environmental Task Force 1989
Executive Committee - 1989
Finance Committee
Leadership Development 1990
1989 Nominating Committee
PSR Journal - 1989
NRDC v. Watkins
Physicians Task Force 1989
Policy and Legislation Committee
Professional Relations Committee
Publications Committee
Board of Directors - Incoming Correspondence 1989
Box 99
Rec. on P and L 82-84
Box 100
1993 - Schweitzer Fellowship/Society in Occupational Health/Students/Misc.
Arnold, Robert MD
Ralph Cozort, MD
N. Art Coulter MD
Egbert, Larry, MD
Glenn Egelman
Connie Fox, MD
Alfred Golden, MD
Raymond F. Graap, MD
William H. Greene, MD
Gladys Gregory, MD
Hara, Jimmy H. MD
Janice Kirsch, MD
Arthur Koffler
Dorothy Millon, MD
Janette Ordway MD
Eugene Perrin, MD
Lawarence Probes MD
Anne Robin
Joseph Snow, MD
Martha Sonnenberg
Beth Thompson, MD
Shelley Trazkovich, MD
James L. Voigt, MD
Wallace, Wes MD
Jerome Walker, MD
Estelle Young, MD
Ex Board Members
Professional Relations Committee
Professional Relations Committee 91
Professional Relations Jan-Mar 1991
Professional Relations Committee - 1992
International Committee
International Committee 1992
1993- Miscellaneous
Box 101 [formerly box 130]
The International Test Ban Symposium 1988
CTB Symposium - Local Groups
CTB Symposium - Test Site Tour Misc. Corr.
CTB Symposium - Test Site Tour DOE Chronology
CTB Symposium - Logistics and Misc.
CTB Symposium - Budget and Finances
CTB Symposium - Registration/Cancellations
CTB Symposium - Univ. of NV, Las Vegas
CTB Symposium - Candidates Forum
CTB Symposium - Recruiting Cosponsers
CTB Symposium - Media
CTB Symposium - Marketing
CTB Symposium - Program and Workshops
CTB Symposium - General Correspondence
CTB Symposium - Miscellaneous
CTB Symposium - IPPNW Misc.
CTB Symposium - Outside Services
CTB Symposium - Speeches
CTB Symposium - Evaluation
Box 102 [formerly box 107]
Board of Directors Meeting #3
Material from 1978-1981
Box 103 [formerly box 133]
1984-1990 Fundraising Proposals
Nobel Peace Prize Info.
Workshop: Fundraising
1988 Reports
Long Range Proposal
CTB Symposium Proposal
Ploughshares/Radio Ads
Chapter Development
Mtg. Letters on Fundraising
30 Rockefeller Plaza
1987-1988 US-Soviet Proposal
Legislative Update
"Star Wars" Umbrella
1990 Award Banquet
Testing Proposal
1987-1988 Grants
Box 104 [formerly box 156]
Environmental Task Force - 1992
Governance and Strategic Planning Committee - 1992
Executive Committee - 1992
International Committee - 1992
Physicians Task Force - 1992
Policy and Legislative Committee - 1992
Professional Relations Committee
Leadership Development Committee - 1992
Nick Carter
Roberta Thomas
Timothy Lynch
Patrick J. Malloy
One of Everything
Box 105 [formerly box 131]
Harvard Symposium and Others
MLG 8/26/85
Taxes: Affinity Credit Cards
Travel Rebate Program
Merchant Account
First Data Resources
Potential Telemarketing Firms
Direct Mail ABS and TSA
Telemarketing: PSR Card
ABS Marketing
1st Direct Mail Package
First Financial: Publications
1st Financial Correspondence
1986 A.M. Philly Advisory and Steering Committee
1986 A.M. Committee
1986 A.M. Calender
Contract Bellevue Stratford
Bellevue Stratford
1986 A.M. Marketing Promotional Material
1986 A.M. Travel
1986 A.M. Workshops
1986 A.M.Budget
1986 A.M. National Meeting Size Proposals
1986 A.M. Speaker Thank You Letter
1986 A.M. Speech Transcripts
1986 A.M. Hershey Logistics Memo
1986 National Meeting - Contract Hershey Hotel
Wack File
1986 A.M. National Meeting Size Proposals
1986 A.M. Bio Sketches
1986 A.M. Meals
1986 National Meeting Founders Invitation
1986 A.M. Director's Report
1986 Award Banquet
1986 A.M. Correspondence/Invitations
1986 A.M A.V
1986 Annual Meeting Audio Sales
1986 A.M. Chinese Delegation
1986 National Meeting - General Correspondence
1986 A.M. Registration
Box 106 [formerly box 50]
Conduct of Meeting
HOD Chair
Otto Lippmann, M.D./TMA
HOD Correpondence Northwest Region
HOD Correpondence Southeast Reqion
HOD Correpondence Midwest Region
HOD Correpondence Midatlantic Region
HOD Correpondence Southwest
HOD Correpondence New England
HOD Correpondence Pacific Region
HOD Third Year Implimentation
HOD Election Instructions
Nominations to HOD
Ballots and Tallys
1988 Program Plan
1989 HOD Ballots
87 and 89 Ballots and Tallys
1987 - HOD Election Nominations
1987 Logistics and Letters
HOD Mtg. 9/89 Premeeting Mailings
March HOD Mtg.
HOD September Mtg. 1989
HOD Packet 3/88
3/88 Minutes (HOD)
HOD Pre-Meeting 3/88
HOD Mtg. Info 3/88
HOD Resolutions
HOD Meals 3/88
HOD Pre-Meeting Mailing Pre-March (2/9/89)
Box 107 [formerly box 108]
Executive Committee/Board 1/9/83
Executive Committee 2/4/83
Executive Committee 2/26/83
Executive Committee 3/25/83
Executive Committee 4/19/83
Executive Committee 5/15/83
Executive Committee Meeting 7/22/83
Executive Committee Meeting 9/25/83
September 1984 Board Meeting
Executive Committee Mtg.
EC Mailings
BOD Meetings - Potential Sites
Executive Committee 12/16/82
Executive Committee Mailings
Box 108a [formerly box 79]
December Chapter Mailing
November Chapter Mailing
November Chapter
October Finances
October 1990
September Financial
October House and Board
Minutes of Meeting (HOD)
October Correspondence
October Chapter Mailing
September Chapter
HOD Resolutions October 1990
August Chapter Mailings
Chapter Mailing
July 1990
August Financial
July 1990
July Workplan
July Financial Report
July Special CTB Chapter Mailing
June BOD Conference Call
June 1990 Correspondence
June Chapter Mailing
CTB Chapter Mailing
Chapter Mailing June 1990
June Workplan
June Financial Information
1990 HoD Mailings May
May 1990 Chapter Mailings
Chapter Mailing May 1990
May Correspondence
March ’90 HoD Minutes
March 1990 Financial
March 1990 Chapter Mailings
April Expense Income
March BoD Meeting
March 1990 HoD Meeting
CARPRoD 1990
PSR Fundraising Schedule 1990
January 1990 Chapter Mailings
PCNAC Skills Conference
Work Plans
February 1990
HOD March 1990 Pre-meeting Memos
HOD 1990 Election Mailing Costs, Tallies, etc.
HOD Election 1990 Letters and Nomination Forms
Box 108b [formerly box 79]
Budget 1989
CTB 1990
Display Resource List
Medical Display 1989
Medical Display Policy
Display Agreement
Medical Meeting Listings
Display Resource List
Medical Display Maintenance
Medical Org. Mailing 8/89
DOE 101 6/5/89
Display 1987 Appearances
General Outreach Information
Professional Outreach &emdash; March 1990
November 1989 Conference Call
MOC Conference Call 8/89
Medical Outreach Committee March 1989
February 1989 MOC Conference Call
MO Report 9/88
MOC Conference Cal 8/24/88
Medical Outreach Committee Meetings
Medical Outreach Committee Members
June 1990 Budget Meeting
September 1989 Budget Process
September 1989 HoD/BoD Materials
Box 108c [formerly box 79]
Board Meeting: March 1989
December 1988 Bd. Mtg.
September 1988 HOD/BOD Meeting
July 9 BOD Meeting
BOS Letter 11/89
BOS Specialty Prospective
Board of Sponsors Status Report
Board of Sponsors Follow Up
BoS Acceptances
BoS Medical Outreach Letter
Staff Meeting Notes
Program Staff Meeting
Program Department Work Plans
PGI Fundraising
Medical Relations
December 1988 Medical Relations
November 1988 Medical Relations
October Medical Relations
Medical Outreach
August 1988
MO: Job Description
1988 Medical Outreach Program Plan
Medical Outreach Workshop
Medical Society Outreach
Recruitment Ideas
Box 109a [formerly box 77]
Lobby Reports Filed
Lobby Reports
New IRS 501 Regs.
Rules Governing Professionals’ Coalition Lobbying Memo
’88 Prez &emdash; PSR
California Voter Ed. / SDI Init. ‘88
Democratic Convention &emdash; ATL
Diana Dearmin
Michele Flournoy
Burt Glass
Alan Goldberg
Dwight Holten
Sally James
Daryl Kimball
Jayne Mardock
Christine Negra
Todd Perry
Christie Riggins
Janna Rolland
Stacy Stubbs
Scott Styles
Cam Woodworth
National Meeting 1991 &emdash; Atlanta
1990 National Meeting
1989 National Meeting &emdash;Stanford
1988 National Meeting &emdash;DC
1987 Annual Meeting
1986 Annual Meeting &emdash;Philly
1985 PSR Annual Meeting
PSR 1984 Annual Meeting
Chapter Mailing 1991
Chapter Mailing 1990
Chapter Mailing 1989.
Box 109b [formerly box 77]
Chapter Mailing 1988
Chapter Mailing 1987
Chapter Mailing 3/28/86
P and L Com/BoD 3/90
BoD Meetings 1990
BoD September 1989
June 1989 BoD
BoD 3/9-12 1989
PSR &emdash; History
Yolanda Hugt-Vaughn
Physicians Draft
"National Security" Costs
"National Security"
Box 110a [formerly box 23]
Andy Gerstenberger
Nancy Moorehead
Expense/Income Reports
Karen Harris
PSR Organization
Student Handbook 1988
Testing Conference NRDC 1988
House of Delegates 1988
CA Voter Education Project
Department Directors Minutes
Department Work Plans
Basic 1988
1988 General
Membership Survey
Direct Mail 1988
Membership Recruitment
Development Director
Development 1988
CARPROD Committee
1988 Membership Development
IPPNW 1988
Pre-1989 Swedish Ex &emdash;Changes
1987 International Exchange Programs
International 1988
Medical Outreach Committee 1988
Publications Committee Minutes
Moving Mountains, Making Waves
1988 NEJM Reprints
1988 New BoS Members
1988 Committees
Regional Minutes
New England
Pacific Region
Northwest Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
Southwest Region
Southeast Region 1988
Northwest Regional Meeting
PSR Regions
3/88 Board Minutes
April 21
Executive Committee 4/23
HOD Committees 1988
1988 Annual Meeting
Debrief April
May 12 Press Conference
Member Renewals
Debrief May
April 1988
May 1988
April and May 1988
IPPNW Congress
IPPNW 8th World Congress
June 1988 IPPNW Congress
Sister Affiliate Program
Democratic Convention
June 1988
June Work Plans
Larry Egbert
July Board Meeting
June and July
August Chapter Mailings
HoD September 1988
August 5th and 6th
September 1988
Southeast Regional Meeting
October Press Conference Materials
Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting 1988
Chapter Mailing 10/88
October Chapter Mailings
October 1988
November 1988
Box 110b [formerly box 23]
December 1988 BoD Meeting
December 1988
Program Department Work Plans
May Work Plans
July Work Plans
August Work Plan
September Work Plans
October Work Plans
November Work Plans
December Work Plans
1988 Work Plans
General Information
Comp Time
Performance Appraisal
Ronni Fuchs
Karen Jacob
Cynthia Newcomer
Karen Harris
Chuck Johnson
Randi Kristensen
JV Personne/1988
Program Staff 1988
Box 111a [formerly box 41]
FEMA/Crisis Relocation Plan
1985 Defense Title 5 Amendment
Hearings (Pre-1987)
FEMA HASC Mil. Installations Hearings
FEMA &emdash; Stickney Nomination
FEMA Director
Pending FEMA 1988
FEMA Seminar 7/17/90
FEMA &emdash; GAO Reports
N.C. Exercise
S.F. Earthquake
Hurricane Hugo
FEMA &emdash; EM 1 Coarse
Box 111b [formerly box 41]
10/89 Op. Ed.
Albany, NY
Walgren Earthquake Hearing
1989 Hearings
1987 Clips FEMA/CD
FEMA Hearings
FEMA Clips 1986
Oregon 1987 Exercise Fight
1989-1990 Clips
Civil Defense Contacts PSR and Press
Washington State 1987
Oregon 1988
FEMA CD Plan 1986
FEMA Letters to Hagan
PSR Letter to Governors
1987 FEMA Legislation Withholding from States
PSR- FEMA Updates
Alaska FEMA Exercises
VIP Shelters Nixed
FEMA &emdash; Sen. App. Subcom. Hearings 3/20/87
FEMA &emdash; CCA and Related Code
Box 111c [formerly box 41]
FEMA FY88 Request
Box 112a [formerly box 61]
NRDC Nuclear Test Monitoring Agreement
PSR’s Organizational Focus &emdash; Discussion Papers
Physicians for Human Rights
Physicians for Reproductive Health
PSR Mission Statement
Phyllis D. Walton
Mark Bettinger
Lenore Hall
Randi Kristensen 1990
Epidemiology 1990
PSR Delaware 89-90
1990 Budget Campaign
1990 Budget Campaign
PSR Campaign Development
Costs Brochure
Chapter National Task Force
CTB Coalition
1990 Jobs with Peace
Participants’ List
Enviro Orgs and Archives
Participant Correspondence
Misc. Correspondence
Enviro Mtg. Notes
Leaf Article
Reimbursement Letters
Enviro Symposium Proposal
Enviro Docs Finances
Grant Documents
Environmental Symposium Budget
Enviro Symposium 1990
Env Task Force March &emdash; July 1990
Env Task Force Aug &emdash; Oct 1990
Enviro October 1990
Military Toxics 1990
PSR Potential Enviro Programs
HoD Minutes
IPPNW 1-6/90
IPPNW 6E Boycott
1990 Correspondence re: PSR Hosting IPPNW Congress
IPPNW 1990
March 3 Meeting
Slide Show
EIS Project
Weapons Production Information
DOE Mismanagement Report
Rocky Docs
National Cancer Institute
Medical Outreach Committee 6/90
Box 112b [formerly box 61]
Program Planning
Both Speaker Tours 1990
1990 Soviet Tour
Box 113a [formerly box 72]
Finance Committee
November Reports
October 1989 Reports
September 1989 Reports
August 1989 Reports
July 1989 Reports
June 1989 Reports
May 1989 Reports
April 1989 Reports
March 1989 Reports
February 1989 Reports
January 1989 Reports
December Input 1989
November Solomon 1989
November Input 1989
October Solomon 1989
October Input 1989
September Solomon 1989
September Input 1989
August Solomon 1989
August Input 1989
July Solomon 1989
July Input 1989
June Solomon 1989
June 1989
May Solomon 1989
May Input 1989
April Solomon 1989
April Input 1989
March Solomon 1989
Box 113b [formerly box 72]
March Input 1989
February Solomon 1989
February Input 1989
January Solomon 1989
January Input 1989
Box 114a [formerly box 28]
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Budget
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Memorandum of Agreement
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Vendors &emdash; Travel Agency
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Events &emdash; BOS Reception
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Events &emdash; Banquet
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Events &emdash; Exhibit Hall
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Chapter Luncheon
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Entertainment &emdash; Ballad Theater
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Entertainment &emdash; Receptions
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Hyatt Rickeys &emdash; Contract
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Hotel &emdash; Resume
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Hotel &emdash; Catering/Meals
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Hotel &emdash; Rooms
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Miscellaneous &emdash; Supplies
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Miscellaneous &emdash; CME Credit
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Miscellaneous &emdash; Childcare
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Medical Students
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Marketing &emdash; Stanford
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Marketing &emdash; PSR Chapters
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Marketing &emdash; Other Organizations
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Media
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Marketing Back-Up
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Marketing &emdash; Ads/Calendars
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Marketing &emdash; National
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Materials &emdash; Program Book
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Materials &emdash; Flyer/Registration
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Materials &emdash; Costs
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Annual Meeting Committee
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Timeline
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Program
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Post Meeting &emdash; Evaluation Forms
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Post Meeting &emdash; Speaker’s Thank You’s
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Thank You’s
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Post Meeting &emdash; Follow Up Letters
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Post Meeting &emdash; Bills
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Final Registration
1989 National Meeting &emdash; On-site Registration
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Registration Packet
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Registration Reports
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Registration
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speeches
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speakers
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speaker Orientation
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speakers &emdash; Bios
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speaker Back-up Files
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speakers Letters &emdash; Confirm #1
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speakers Letters &emdash; Reminders
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speakers Letters &emdash; Moderators
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speakers Letters &emdash; Panel Info
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Speakers Letters &emdash; Final Detail
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Staffing &emdash; Miscellaneous
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Staffing
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Vendors &emdash; Audio-Visual
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Other Services &emdash; Phone, Photo
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Vendors &emdash; Audio Tape
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Potential Vendors
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Post Meeting Evaluations
Box 114b [formerly box 28]
1989 National Meeting
Press Packet Originals
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Polling Workshop
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Press
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Press Lists
1989 National Meeting &emdash; Press Coverage
National Meeting
’86 Annual Meeting
Box 115a [formerly box 47]
DOE Key Clips
PSR Media Work on DOE
MOU- Final
Health Research
Health Data Release
Gebbie Panel
NCI Study 9/19/90
Hanford Health Releases
OTA &emdash; Complex Cleanup
Inel Health
Sellafield Study
ATSDR Hearing 9/18/90
IPPNW &emdash; Radioactive Heaven and Earth
IPPNW Commission
Box 115b [formerly box 47]
Health Studies
EIS Training
Programmatic EIS
PTF &emdash; Budget
PTF &emdash; Planning
Senate Energy Commission
Senate Energy Hearings
Spratt Hearing
Oak Ridge
Box 116a [formerly box 88]
IPPNW Literature File
IPPNW &emdash; 1983 and Prior
December 5-6 Minutes: BOD
September 25-28, 1987 BOD
5/16 Board Meeting Minutes
Current BOD
3/87 HOD/BOD
Box 116b [formerly box 88]
E.C. Meeting 12/6/86
EC Conference Call 8/10/86
EC Minutes
E.C. Mailings7/86
EC Meeting 7/13/86
7/11 BOD Meeting NYC
EC Meeting 5/11/86
Hal Sandler
1987 Budget
Development Department
Executive Committee &emdash; 1985
Medical Outreach Committee
Organizational Issues Reference Committee
Fundraising and Finance
Media, Education and Outreach
Chapter and Regional Devt. Committee
Policy and Legislative Committee
Executive Committee &emdash; 1984
Congressional Correspondence
1985 Program and Budget
House of Delegates Misc.
Communications Dept. Misc.
Policy and Legislation Dept.Misc.
Finance and Administration Dept.
Box 117a [formerly box 92]
Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union
Peace Links
Promoting Enduring Peace
Psychologists for Social Responsibility
Public Interest Research Group
Sierra Club
Southwest Research and Information Center WIPP News
SIPRI &emdash; Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
STOP Student Teacher Organization to Prevent Nuclear War
Union of Concerned Scientists
Urban Planning Aids
Waging Peace
War Resister’s League
Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety
Wilmington College Peace Resource Center
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Women’s Party for Survival
World Information Service on Energy
World Peace Council
World Policy Institute
World Watch Institute
ACDA &emdash; Arms Control Disarmament Agency
Bureau of RAD Health
Department of Defense
Box 117b [formerly box 92]
Department of Energy
Department of State
Federal Council on Radiation Policy
General Accounting Office
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Commission on Radiation and Protection
National Academy of Sciences Beir Committees
National Commission on Radiation Protection
National Institute of Health, Center for Disease Control
Occupational Safety and Health Administration National Institute of Occupational S & H
Office of Technology Assessment
United Nations
Reagan Administration
Box 118 [formerly material in binders]
1988 Chapter Mailings Jan. &emdash; June
1988 Chapter Mailings July &emdash; Dec.
1989 National Meeting Evalutations
1989 Chapter Mailings Jan. &emdash; April
1989 Chapter Mailings May &emdash; Oct.
1989 Chapter Mailings Nov. &emdash;
Redefining National Security
HoD Minutes 1/82 (2 folders)
FEMA &emdash; The Evolution of Progress and Policy (2 folders)
Civil Defense Clippings (2 folders)
Strategic Basis for Civil Defense &emdash; FEMA (3 folders)
Guest Books from 11/12/85

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