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Physicians for Social Responsibility

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Enola Gay Exhibit, National Air and Space Museum, 1994
Physicians Environmental Education
Press Kit from Earth Day 1997 “Who’s Really Polluting America?”
1993 Campaign for a Nuclear Test Ban: A PSR Action Kit
Environmental and Health Concerns
Environmental Toxins, 1994
“Bottled Watergate”- studies of unsafe water
Nuclear Weapons
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and Non-Proliferation Treaty
Nuclear Testing in France
Environment and Health Program
Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water
Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water
Firearm Violence: Community Diagnosis and Treatment, Speakers’ Bureau Training, Feb. 17, 1996
Project Lifeline
Children’s Environmental Health
1995 Final Report Card
PSR Action Kit “Time to Stop French Nuclear Testing”
PSR Action Kit “Let them Drink Tap Water”
RX for Violence: A Critical Seminar on America’s No. 1 Health Problem

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