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People Reaching Out for Peace (PRO-Peace)
PRO-Peace Records
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PRO-Peace (People Reaching Out for Peace) was a non-profit organization begun in April 1985 by David Mixner. He served as Executive Director of PRO-Peace until its collapse in March 1986. In its statement of purpose, PRO-Peace members called themselves "abolitionists" who supported efforts toward complete global nuclear disarmament. Pro-Peace staff undertook to plan a march pf 5,000 participats who would walk across the United States. On March 14, 1986 Mixner announced that PRO-Peace no longer existed. With new leadership and greatly reduced numbers, the marchers reorganized as the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, a grassroots, marcher-run, volunteer organization. The transcontinental trek to Washington D.C. was completed in November 1986.

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Historical Background
PRO-Peace (People Reaching Out for Peace) was a non-profit, non- partisan organization begun in April 1985 by David Mixner, a partner in a Los Angeles public relations firm who was a key organizer for the Vietnam War Moratorium and a national co-chairman of Senator Gary Hart's1984 presidential campaign. He served as Executive Director of PRO-Peace until its collapse in March 1986. In its statement of purpose, PRO-Peace members called themselves "abolitionists" who supported efforts toward complete global nuclear disarmament. Rather than working through political means, they sought to "capture the imagination of the world.., inspire and revitalize the American people.., and send a message to the Russian people." PRO-Peace did not wish to form any coalitions with other peace organizations but did ask for their endorsement of its Great Peace March effort.

Headquartered at 8150 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, its staff of approximately 80 paid "professionals" undertook to plan a march across the United States from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. The hope was that 5000 marchers would walk 15 miles a day for 255 days, departing on March 1, 1986. PRO-Peace staff recruited marchers, organized fund-raising events, procured permits, organized six field regions, prepared routes and sites across the country, and attempted to anticipate and solve the logistics of a mobile "Peace City".

As the departure date drew near, PRO-Peace announced that it had raised only 3.4 of the 18 million dollars it needed. Confirmed marchers numbered around 1200 including 75 children. Lacking proper liability insurance and some equipment, they nevertheless departed from Los Angeles on March 1, 1986. On March 14, as the marchers camped outside Barstow, California, David Mixner made an appearance and informed them that PRO-Peace no longer existed. Allan Affeldt, the first president of the Great Peace March, later wrote that PRO-Peace staff had not been paid since January 1, and that numerous proposals to reorganize, including the declaration of bankruptcy, had been made to and refused by Mixner. With mostly new leadership and greatly reduced numbers, the marchers reorganized as the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, a grassroots, marcher-run, volunteer organization. The transcontinental trek to Washington D.C. was completed in November 1986.

Collection Overview
The PRO-Peace records include a set of by-laws, adopted 6 March, 1986, an official statement of purpose (22 January 1986), other policy statements, scattered minutes (February 1985-January 1986), a newsletter (July 1985-January 1986), as well as promotional literature and newsclippings (April 1985- April 1986). There are interdepartmental policies, memoranda, correspondence, lists of organizations which endorsed PRO-Peace, several budgets and other financial documents, reports from the six field regions, and a considerable number of marcher applications. There is little documentation of PRO-Peace's financial problems and very few formal minutes of executive meetings.

The records of The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament (DG 147), PRO-Peace's successor organization, are also in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.

Correspondents found in PRO-Peace include Allan Affeldt, Cass Ben-Levi, Kate Burns, Tim Carpenter, Daniel Chavez, Susan Gifford, Laura Golden, Andrew Goldencranz, Karen Litfin, David Mixner, Stephen Perry, Ida Unger, and Barbara Zheutlin.

Arrangement of Collection
There was very little inherent order in the PRO-Peace records when they arrived. A series was created for each department following a PRO-Peace organizational chart and documents that appeared to have originated in or pertained to that department were placed in those series. Similar kinds of documents were placed together, i.e. correspondence, memoranda, etc. The first folder in most series, titled "departmental policies" contains various printed documents of importance, such as policy statements, reports, fact sheets, etc.

Later Accession [Acc. 01A-047]

Re-File Box, miscellaneous material received 1992

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Administration Department
Box 1 off-site
Departmental policies (including by-laws and organization charts)
Miscellaneous minutes, 1985 (18 February) - 1986 (1 January)
Statement of Purpose: Drafts and correspondence
Statement of Support
Promotional literature
Form letters (See Fundraising also)
Periodical: The PRO-Peace Profile, 1985 (July- November)
*Newsclippings about PRO-Peace 1985 (April) - 1986 (April)
*Articles about PRO-Peace by other organizations
* Both of these folders are in Box 4.
Media advisories/news releases
Correspondence to PRO-Peace
Correspondence from PRO-Peace
Correspondence to and from David Mixner
Staff memoranda
Labor Task Force memoranda
Miscellaneous notes/memoranda

Box 2 off-site
Endorsement lists
Letters of endorsement
Advisory boards
Job descriptions
Employee lists
Daily planning schedules
Other organizations and PRO-Peace
Reference material
Budgets/financial documents
Grant from Peace Development Fund
Insolvency of PRO-Peace

Series II. Fundraising Department
Box 2 (continued)
Departmental policies
Promotional flyers
Fundraising/Recruiting Manual
Working papers of Kate Burns, Events Coordinator

Box 3 off-site
Solicitation form letters
General correspondence
Fundraising correspondence of Franklin Folsom
"The Link, Corp." (Contractual fundraising)
Grant proposal to Coalition for Human Needs

Series III. Field Department

Box 3 off-site
Departmental policies
Budget documents
Field manual
Contact lists

Box 4 off-site
Field Endorsement Lists
Field Phone Logs
(From Series IV) Surveys:
Threatened and Endangered Plant Species Clearance Study
for PRO-Peace, Incorporated (March 1986)
(Newspaper clippings from Series I)
(Articles about PRO-Peace by other organizations from Series I)

Box 5 off-site
Religious Task Force: Minutes and miscellaneous
Campus policies
Campus report forms
Contact lists
Field Regions
Region I (Arizona, California, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)
Fundraising events

Box 6 off-site
Region II (Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming)
(Half Reports/policies box)
Nebraska Office material
Correspondence: Andrew Goldenkranz, Arizona, Nevada
Correspondence and miscellaneous: Susan Gifford, Colorado

Box 7 off-site
Working papers of Steve Perry, Regional Organizer, Working papers of Diane Mustonen, Nebraska Office
Region III (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconson)
Region IV (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee)
Reports and finance
Promotional material
Region V (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamppshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
Region VI (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia)

Series IV. Communications Department
Box 8 off-site
Departmental policies and reports
PRO-Peace Speakers Training Handbook
Correspondence: Barbara Zheutlin and others
Contact lists
Hotline Phone Request Sheets
Surveys: Listing of Industries Along the Route of the Great
Peace March Having Military Contracts, 1985 (September)
(See Box 4) Inventory of Fish and Wildlife along the
Proposed March Routes in California, 1986 (March 4)
Population Demographics
Project listing
Education on the March policies
College on Foot mailings
Grant proposals
Notes and miscellaneous
Reference material

Series V. Legal Department
Box 8 (continued)
Legal documents

Series VI. March Department
Box 9 off-site
Departmental policies
Recruitment documents and recruitment miscellaneous
Marcher application documents
Marcher lists
Marcher schedules
Site preparation
Grant proposal for training marchers
Potential employees' information sheets

Box 10 off-site
Marcher applications (A-H)

Box 11 off-site
Marcher applications (I-S)

Box 12 off-site
Marcher applications (S-Z)
Accepted Marcher (A/M) files
Geographically organized file of accepted marchers

Box 13 off-site
Geographically organized file of accepted marchers continued
Incomplete applications, by date

Box 14 off-site
Incomplete applications, by date (continued)

Acc. 01A-47

Box 1 [Acc. 01A-047]
Periodicals (removed from collection location), 1984-1986
Miscellaneous (brochures, David Mixner biography, sympathy cards, etc.)
Event flyers
Newspaper clippings and press
Information for marchers attached to newspaper clippings
Logo material
Newsletters of various organizations

Box 2 [Acc. 01A-047]
Articles and newspaper clippings (files of Michele McFadden), 1986 (post March)
Clippings and press A
Clippings and press B
Clippings and press C

Box 3 [Acc. 01A-047]

Books and audio visual files (removed from collection location)
The Great Peace March, 1985[?]
The Great Peace March, 1986[?]
The Great Peace March updates, 1986
Miscellaneous plans, upcoming events, etc., 1986[?]
Print materials (needs, surveys, in-stock)
Graphic artists
Things from wall
Notes for last PRO-Peace newsletter
Advertising rate (cards, information) of various organizations
PRO-Peace Profile (article drafts, edits, notes, etc.), for 1985-1986 Dec./Jan. issue
PRO-Peace Speakers Training Handbook
The Great Peace March camera-ready art
Writings of Michele McFadden (The Great Peace March), 1986
The Great Peace March schedule and finances

Box 4 [Acc. 01A-047]
Items for printing
Miscellaneous (advertisement typeset, removed poster and photograph, etc.)
PRO-Peace Profile advertisement notes
Newspaper articles (The Great Peace March), 1985
The Great Peace March: letters and data sheets
The Great Peace March: statements of purpose, supporting organizations, articles, etc.
Generic brochure
Modifications on generic brochure
Finances and donations
Information on marchers
Marcher hotlines
Drafts of The Great Peace March flyer
Staff lists, 1985 (April - May)
Drop-in advertisements
Newsletters and memos
Print orders
Price lists and type sheets
Bills, checks, and photographs removed from collection
Writers on The March (resumes, etc.)
Print materials for distribution (leaflets, flyers, posters and bumper sticker removed from collection, etc.)

Box 5 [Acc. 01A-047]

The Great Peace March flyers and writings
Press packet (facts, statistics, and information)
Activities and other events
Creative writing (passages, poems) for newsletter, 1985[?]
Miscellaneous newsletter and graphics
College on Foot (The Great Peace March), undated
The PRO-Peace Profile, 1985 (September issue)
The PRO-Peace Profile, 1985 (October issue)
Miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Meeting notes, 1985
Archival files (memorandums, dedications, etc.)

Box 6 [Acc. 01A-047]
PRO-Peace structural manual
Contact addresses
The Great March (flyers, etc.)
Telephone extensions
Files for press packets
Correspondences, 1985
Financial and progress reports
Proposals, resolutions, etc.
For staff
Rought draft press packet

Box 7 [Acc. 01A-047]
Music news
Peace Walk, 1985 (fall)
PRO-Peace Speakers Training Handbook, 1985
Media call-in logs
Advance public service announcements (PSAs)
Coliseum and city hall schedule, 1986 (March 1)
Press credit/name affiliation telephone numbers
Marcher preparation manual
Roadside peace shows
Marcher profiles
March cities and towns
Letters from Anthony Benson (media coordinator)
Summit release, undated
Media lists
Press releases and media contacts
Night of Comic Relief, 1985 (September 23)
Musicians' briefing, 1985 (September)
Event checklist for media

Box 8 [Acc. 01A-047]
Peter Kleiner (media coordinator) correspondence and files
Media correspondences (Peter Kleiner), 1985 (January 14) - 1986 (November 27)
Memos, 1985 (September 27) - 1986 (January 27)
Marching for the media
Public service announcement (including list of celebrities expected at March), 1985 (October 5)
Endorsement lists (entertainment industry and organizations)
Endorsement list (other peace organizations)
Endorsement list (individuals)
Internal materials (volunteer planning, progress reports, etc.)
Media contacts and cards
Media advisory (fact sheet)
Reference and soliciations finances (including delivery memos)
Employees: recruitement campaign, hirings, etc.
Personnel policies (undated) and budget lists, 1985 (February) - 1986 (November)
Academia: college peace walks and Oak Meadow School
General press release, 1985 (September 19)
Paul Newman event, 1985 (September 30)

Box 9 [Acc. 01A-047]
Pacific Coast Studio Directory, 1985 (September)
Potential articles and clippings for outside distribution
Media on The Great Peace March (newspaper clilppings, articles, etc.), lacking Region II
-Region I (CA, NV, AZ, HI, AK, OR, WA, ID)
-Region III (IN, IL, IA, AR, LA, MI, MN, MO, WI)
-Region IV (OH, PA, AL, KY, MS, TN)
-Region V (NJ, NY, CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
-Region VI (DE, D.C., GA, FL, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV)
-National press
Incoming letters
Outgoing letters
International press
Celebrity Relay (participants and press release), 1986 (February)
Addresses of Vietnam veterans marching[?]
Other events and activities
Fashion show, 1985 (December 8)
Art auction, 1985 (November 19)
Material for press packets
Staff memos and article drafts
The Great Peace March ("Step Forward!") flyers and list of locations on march
Material for The PRO-Peace Profile, October/November 1985 and December/January 1985/1986 issues
Sign-up cards
March 1st flyer edits and literature (The Great Peace March), 1986
Recruitment flyer edits and literature

Box 10 [Acc. 01A-047]
Final edits for December issue of The PRO-Peace Profile, 1985
Clippings for potential literature distribution
Speakers training handbook by April Garrett, 1985
"Under the Mushroom" appearance by Lee Waisler and L.A. Weekly May 31-June 6, 1985 issue
Miscellaneous (brochure, calendar, etc.)
The Great Peace March information for participants (musicians briefing, speech suggestions, Adopt-A-Marcher, etc.)
Archival communications files
Posters of peace marches (removed from collection)

Box 11 [Acc. 01A-047]
Finances, 1985 (October - December)
Communications (memos, correspondences, etc.) and newsletters on The Great Peace March
Internal matters (administration, personnel policies, memos, David Mixner correspondences, reports, training programs, etc.) A
Internal matters B

Box 12 [Acc. 01A-047]
Internal matters C
Internal matters D
Internal matters E
Correspondences (internal and external)
The Great Peace March internal matters (finances, memos, schedules, etc.)
Audiovisual (cassette) of November 3rd college peacewalk PSA (removed from collection), 1985
Job opportunities

Box 13 [Acc. 01A-047]
Field staff (meetings, notes, etc.)
Communications (correspondences with other organizations, etc.)
Requested supplies
Travel arrangements
Warehouse department
Warehouse personnel
Warehouse receipts (petty cash)
Advance budgets
Proposal to California State Universiy-Los Angeles
Corporate sponsorship
Dead budgets from 1985 (July) - 1987 (March), 1985 (July 18)
First Interstate Bank financial statements, 1985 (August - September)
Postal information
Regional contact numbers and addresses
Religious contacts (Dr. Pard Keyser, etc.)
United Community and Housing Development Corporation (letter), 1985 (December 5)
Communications outline (for internal use)
Meeting notes and weekly reports, 1985 (December) - 1986 (January)
Allnet Communications Services correspondence (concerning disputed bill), 1985 (December)
The Great Peace March guidelines
John Stuart presents Legends in Concert, 1985
Requests for financial support

Box 14 [Acc. 01A-047]
Personal note (Michele McFadden)
Phone message book
Complete list of marchers and their addresses as of 1986 (March 14)
Credit applications
Bumper stickers (two) removed from collection
PRO-Peace job openings, 1985 (November 27)
Job descriptions
Pending resumes
Application for marchership
Employee information form
Resumes to be circulated
Employee information
Staff hired (last names J-Z)
"On The March" job forms
New employee forms
Staff reimbursements before January 20th, 1986
Staff reimbursements after January 20th, 1986
Independent contractor forms
Insurance COs
Resumes to be reviewed and rejection letters
Resumes (last names M-Z)

Box 15 [Acc. 01A-047]
Super Rock KYOI: International Broadcast Station (Japan)
WRNO Worldwide broadcasting
National and international broadcasting and news media (names, addresses, etc.)
National and international broadcasting and news media (correspondences)
Technology and ideas for peace (correspondences, proposals)
The Great Peace March timeline
Information for marchers and fundraising
March route events and funds
Various forms
News on The Great Peace March
Receipts from P.O.s[?]
Marcher recruitment plan, 1985 (July 28)

Box 16 [Acc. 01A-047]

Newspaper clippings and articles (various), 1984-1986
Correspondences (postcards, letters, etc.) and flyers for The March
Various publications (from Harvard University, The Canadian Peace Child Society, etc.)
Various publications (from individual authors, etc.), continued
List of donors and their information

Box 17 [Acc. 01A-047]
Correspondences (with miscellaneous organizations and persons)
Final report draft, 1985 (August - September)
John Hagelberg correspondences
International media
Media call-in logs, 1986 (February)
International marchers' materials

Box 18 [Acc. 01A-047]
Reference material (pamphlets)

Re-File Box,
Collective material from Re-File Box, 1992

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