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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records.
SCI International Voluntary Service (U.S.)
SCI International Voluntary Service (U.S.) Records
Inclusive Dates
1954 - 1976
Call Number
DG 148

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Materials in English
10.1 linear feet [papers only]
This organization was stablished around 1956 by Robert Stowell and others as an American affiliate of Service Civil International with the goals of voluntary service, self-discipline, and international friendship. The group operated approximately 87 workcamps between 1954 and 1974. SCI provided placements and alternative service for conscientious objectors. SCI suspended operation in the mid-1970s, but was revived in the mid-1980s by a group of former SCI volunteers.

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Gift of Robert Gaebler, 1987 [Acc. 87A-083]
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This collection is unprocessed and remains in the order in which it was donated. This finding aid was created by Amanda by Amanda Cardillo June 2012.
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Historical Background
Established around 1956 by Robert Stowell and others as an American affiliate of Service Civil International (founded in Europe in 1920 by Pierre Ceresole) with goals of voluntary service, self-discipline, and international friendship; U.S. national office located successively in Cabot, Vermont, Wheatland, Wyoming, and Chicago, Illinois; has also called itself International Voluntary Service (also the name of the British affiliate); this usage was discontinued to avoid confusion with another group of a similar name located in Washington D.C.; operated approximately 87 workcamps between 1954 and 1974; arranged short-term workcamp assignments overseas and a small number of long-term and conscientious objector placements; suspended operation in the mid-1970s, but was revived in the mid-1980s by a group of former SCI volunteers located in Crozet, Virginia.

Collection Overview
Includes correspondence, administrative files, financial records, recruitment, orientation and membership files, periodicals, published materials, photographs of starvation in Biafra, and publications from the International Secretariat and affiliates in other countries. Correspondents include Dorothy Day, David Dellinger, Robert Gaebler, A.J. Muste, and Robert Stowell.

Arrangement of Collection
This collection remains in the order in which it was donated.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Seguin Farm, 1971 (June 20 - July 10)
San Francisco, 1971 (August 1-30)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1971 (August 28 - September 9)
Beaver Run, 1971 (July 11 - August 1)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1971 (June 5-20)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1970 (June 19 - July 4)
Beaver Run, 1970 (July 5-26)
San Francisco, 1970 (August 7-31)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1969 (December 28) - 1970 (January 3)
Centro Escolar, 1969 (June 29 - August 30)
Beaver Run, 1969 (July 20 - August 9)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1969 (August 31 - September 13)
La Honda, California, 1969 (June 28 - August 9)
Sheffields II, 1968
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1968 (June - September)
Peace Shop, 1968
Centro Escolar I, II, 1968
Watts, 1968 (August)
Beaver Run, 1968 (June 30 - July 20)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1969
Bryson City, 1967
Sheffield, Massachusetts, 1967 (July 1 - August 11)
Sheffields II, 1967
Beaver Run II, 1967 (August)
Beaver Run I, 1967 (August)
Summary of Projects, 1967
Philo I, II, 1968
Providence- Not Held, 1967
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1967
Reinberg II, 1967
Reinberg I, 1967
Watts I, 1967
Watts II, 1967
Cumberland I, II, 1967
Pleasant Valley Farm, Woodstock, 1966 (September)
Beaver Run, Pennsylvania, 1966 (July - August)
Casa Central I, 1966 (June - July)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1966 (June)
Pacoima, California, Summer, 1966
Highlander, 1966
Pleasant Valley Farm, Spring, 1966
Reinberg, 1966 (July-August)
Pleasant Valley Farm, Winter, 1966
Reinberg II, 1965
Reinberg I, 1965
Pleasant Valley Christmas, 1965
Catholic Workers' Farm, 1965 (July - August)
Pleasant Valley Farm, 1965 (September)
Reinberg, 1965 (August - September)
Reinberg, Spring, 1962
Chicago, Summer, 1964
Chicago III, Summer, 1964
Largo, Summer, 1964
Algeria- Medicine, 1964 (February)
Chicago, 1964 (January - February)
Cleveland, Summer, 1964
Reinberg, Summer, 1964
Children's Center, 1965 (June - September)
South Chicago, 1965 (June)
Cleveland, 1965 (June)
Highlander Cooperative, 1965
Highlander Cooperative, Summer, 1964
Fayette County, 1962 - 1963
SCI/IVS Financial Records

Box 2
SCI/IVS Accounts, 1969-
SCI/IVS Treasurers Annual Reports
Do Now
SCI/IVS Budgets, 1970
SCI Financial Records, 1971
Budget- Treasury Report
Account Sheets
SCI/IVS Treasurers Bi-Monthly Report
Bi-Monthly Budget Sheets
Blank Account Sheets
SCI Financial Records, 1976
SCI Financial Records, 1975
Account with SCI
SCI Financial Records, 1974
SCI Financial Records, 1973
SCI Financial Records, 1972
SCI Financial Records, 1971
SCI Financial Records, 1970
SCI Financial Records, 1969
SCI Financial Records, 1967
IVS Financial Records, 1966
IVS Financial Records, 1965
IVS Financial Records, 1964
IVS Financial Records, 1963
IVS Financial Records, 1962
IVS Financial Records, 1961
IVS Financial Records, pre-1961
SCI/IVS Accounts, 1967 - 1968
Last Heard From (April - June)
Last Heard From (January - March)
Last Heard From (October - December)
Last Heard From (July - September)

Box 3
U, V, W
X, Y, Z
Member Files of Major Contributors- Archives

Box 4
IVS Photo Collection
SCI and Other Bulletins on Conscientious Objection and Alternative Service
SCI/IVS USA National Committee Minutes, 1970
SCI/IVS USA National Committee Minutes, 1956 - 1969
SCI National Groups' Projects
North Africa Committee
English IVS

Box 5
India- Original file may have been loaned to Tom Eads
New Zealand
South and Central America
West Africa
Tom Eads and the End of SCI/IVS I
IVS Archives
Personal Letters on Conscientious Objection, Status, Draft, etc.
SCI "Action"- Lending Library
Minutes of SCI International Executive Committee Meeting
SCI Address Lists
Asian Secretariat Circular Letters

Box 6
IVS Newsletter (Archives Collection), 1954-
English IVS News Library Collection
SCI International Secretariat Circular Letters, 1964-
SCI Constitution /International Delegates Meeting
SCI- European Secretary
SCI Finances

Box 7
Old SCI/IVS Letterheads
SCI International Secretariat Personal Letters (Archives), 1954 - 1966
British News Bulletin (for Archives), 1948 - 1964
Peace Corps., 1960 - 1963
Reports of American IVS National Secretary to SCI International Committee
SCI- Five-Year Plan
National Secretary's Newsletter (Archives)
Copy Used in Old Newsletters
British IVS Bulletin "Service", Number 29 (Archives), 1965-

Box 8
UNESCO Coordinating Committee- Work Camp News
SCI International Secretariat Circular Letters (for IVS Archives), 1954 - 1963
Minutes of SCI International Committee Meetings (for IVS Archives), 1955 - 1964
Association of International Work Camps for Peace
SCI/IVS Administration- Letters to Volunteers and Members- Archives Collection
International Publications of IVS
Nominations and Ballots (for 1969), 1968
SCI Annual Service List

Box 9
Development of IVS Constitution- Archives
Connecticut and Rhode Island
New England (Excluding Connecticut and Rhode Island)
California Group
Illinous, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa
Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire
Connecticut and Rhode Island Group
Pennsylvania and New Jersey Group
Florida Group
Michigan, Northern Ohio and Indiana
New York City Group
Chicago Group
Chicago Group, 1989-
Attempted Local Groups
SCI "Action" Archives Collection
Algeria Delegation Archives Collection, 1964 - 1965
Algeria Archives Collection, 1954 - 1963

Box 10
Early American Friends Service Committee-SCI Relationship
Old SCI Membership Lists
Work Camp Materials
SCI Training Materials
Re-contact Materials

Box 11
Membership and Record-Keeping
Inquiry Materials
For Processing Applications

Box 12
Articles Written by IVS Volunteers
IVS-SCI Brochures and Information Sheets
IVS-SCI Work Camp Articles to Reprint
Current SCI Special Tasks
Office Crew
Revision of "What is IVS?"
SCI-Printed Handout Materials

Box 13
Archives II
European Secretary Circular Letters
American SCI Newsletter, Numbers 31-50
Domestic U.S. Peace Corps.
Coordinating Committee Bulletins and Letters
Half-Tone (U.S. Negatives Only)
Work Camps Around the World- UNESCO

Box 14
SCI International and European Secretaries' Meeting- Minutes and Working Papers
Minutes and Working Papers of SCI International Committee, 1965-
SCI International Secretariat Personal Letters, 1967-
Asian Secretaries' Meeting- Minutes and Working Papers


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