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The Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Limited
Head office Verigin, Sask. Canada

M.W. Cazakoff
Vice President & Gen. Mgr.

Peter Verigin

J.P. Shoukin

December 6th, 1920

Manitoba Free Press
Winnepeg, Manitoba.

Dear Sir,-
In spite of tenth yaer since death called upon Leo Tolstoi, great attention and discussion was devoted to Russian Press memorizing the thoughts of great man in our time to the public. My personal acquaintance was very closely related with Leo Tolstoi and on many occasions we had brought personal coversations and I am well posted in all details on his understanding in general and in particular his view regarding usage of flesh by human being and this prompts me to send an article on this subject explaining the influence which flesh has on character of human being. This article I devote solely in memory of Leo Tolstoi.

Please publish the article including also my letter to you without any alterations - as it is - in your good paper:

Dwelling on question: why people are eating meat?
People are eating meat because they are wicked. When Cain killed Abel, Cain commited sin - evil. This is historical acient parable - Not falsely invented parable for it is fact that the people are killing their brethern. People killing human being gradually reached cruelty, evil and obduracy. And this is written by history: When racial hostility commenced, often people killing each other on battle field being influenced by evil, drank blood by applying their mouths to the wound of man or were opening the hearts of men killed and drank blood to satisfy the thirst by blood of his enemy. it is then since the people began to eat meat. From eating human flesh and blood he gradually began also to eat the flesh of animals.

It is not over one humdred years ago European Tourists - Investigators have seen cannibals - the people who treated them with flesh of human being at the table.

What a horror to eat flesh of human being? It is quite long time since men of science have classified animals as follows:

First class is Herbivorous,
Second class - Frugivorous,
Third class - Carnivorous,
Fourth class - Omnivorous.

The animals contributed to class one are those that are eating mostly grass, hence men of science named them Herbivorous animals. The second class are animals living on fruit, this class applies mostly to monkeys.


The third class living on meat - flesh, this are wild beasts Carnivorous animals.


Fourth class Omnivorous, this class are of swines: it is known that the swine are using nearly everything: grass, roots, fruits, vegetables and will not refuse flesh, even if it would happen to be death flesh.


The question: To which class human being belongs. it is not answered by science. The men of science are supposing that the people should classify as omnivorous animals - and swines. The men of science could not tell this publicly, because the Imperial Authorities could severly punish them for classifying the Emperators to swine's class. And there is no fifth class developed by men of science. This concerns to every person individually as to which class he should count himself to.


As it appears the men of science have classified animals by the food they consume. The cows are eating principally hay - grass and hence they were named by the men of science as herbivorous.


Monkies are living on fruits, the men of science have named them frugivorous.


The swine are eating everything, coming their way - grunting while eating - men of science named swine as omnivorous. Wild animals are living on flesh and men of science classified them as carnivorous.


The men of science due to their stupidness did not develop the understanding as to what class human being belongs and hence are silent.


I appeal to all Academies of Science to answer publicly: To what class the human being belongs?


By the conscruction of constitution of human being, by construction of legs, arms, jaws and especially teeth, the human being should belong to the class of frugivirous. Why human being eats everything and especially meat? People are eating meat because they are wicked, and by this they are maintaining the prehistorical evils. People are feeding their children with flesh in order to bring them up in the temper of semi-animals.


I am begging a pardon from civilized women who are feeding their children with flesh, in this article I have no desire to commit an offence. I am only pointing out the moral and physical laws. Because from the food developes the flood and from the blood person developes his nature-character. All animals living on grass usually possess very peaceable character. All animals living on flesh have wild character, like Tigers, Wolves, Hyenas, Etc...


In our times the laws of people are prohibiting to use flesh of human being, although for the physical laws it composes no difference. The children using meat will be ill-natured - no matter whether they use the flesh of human beings or animals flesh, as the food produces blood and from blood depends the quality on ones character.


All Asiatic races which love to eat flesh and are eating same more than others, are beastlike more than Europeans. Same thing can be said about Europeans, the more meat consumed by people in country, then such people are more wicked and malice in their politics, for it is only conditional education prevents them to act openly like wild animals. The hunger is developed from using flesh, spirits and tobacco.


It is from ancient times require by the military rules that soldiers should receive a ration of flesh and liqour, also are not prohibited the smoke and chewing tobacco - the things that has a Stupefying effect. In war times one cannot maintain an army without flesh and whisky. All practical Generals know well that without meat and liquor the wild animals energy in soldiers will weaken and army liable to be defeated.


The people are eating meat on account of their wickedness. After Cain killed Abel and if Can while Abel was killed and dead, would broke the scalp of Abel and would eat the brain of Abel, or same as Popuases - Savages do. Cain could get the heart of Abel and would eat it, there would be no difference after Cain killed Abel. The real sin is in killing of a man or animal and not in eating the flesh. It is unlawful and immoral to feed children with flesh, because by the construction and constitution of human being the people belong to frugivorous animals and hence it is not right to feed children with meats. The children eating food of flesh are developing instincts of animals as well as the character.


If people will not cease to eat meats, all Peace Conferences will be useless. Wolves are often gather to converse not to kill sheep and meanwhile are not ceasing to use meat.


The instinct and character of a person developes from food. From flesh food one developes an instinct and character of wild animal.

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