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Founded in 1967 as Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace; objectives were to press for practical steps toward ending American participation in the Vietnamese Conflict, to use the business community's influence in expanding public support for disengagement, and to emphasize the war's adverse effect on the economy; name of the organization was changed in 1970 to Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace and New National Priorities, later (1973) shortened to Business Executives Move for New National Priorities. Henry E. Niles served as co-chairman of BEM with Harold Willens from 1967 to January 1969 and continued as chairman until the organization disbanded in 1982; successor organization: Business Executives for National Security, Inc.

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Historical Background
[written in 1979; B.E.M. is no longer in existence as an organization]
Henry E. Niles, Chairman of the Board of the Baltimore Life Insurance Company, began working in the summer of 1966 on the idea of an Open Letter to the President from business executives who opposed the Vietnam war. In December 1966, representatives of a group of more than 80 executives visited the White House to deliver an Open Letter to President Johnson from Concerned Business Executives, which voiced their opposition to the administration’s policy in Vietnam. In an effort to gain more signatures for the Open Letter, it was published in the Washington Post in February 1967 and in the New York Times on May 28, 1967. By May, the number of executives signing the letter had increased to 306.

Henry Niles’ original intention had been to issue a public statement on Vietnam from the business community. However, it soon became apparent that there was support for the idea of forming a new organization. Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace was formally established in August 1967 by drawing up a simple memorandum of association (See Box 6). The objectives of the organization were to press for practical steps towards ending American participation in the Vietnam war, to use the business community’s influence in expanding public support for disengagement, and to emphasize the war’s adverse effect on our economy. At the first meeting of the executive committee of B.E.M., held on August 10, 1967. Henry E. Niles and Harold Willens of Los Angeles were elected co-chairmen of the organization. Also, serving on the executive committees were William F. Fischer, Jr., and Charles G. Simpson of Philadelphia, Erwin A. Salk of Chicago, and Lee B. Thomas, Jr. of Louisville.

The first national meeting of B.E.M. was held at the Statler-Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C., on September 27, 1967. Among the speakers at that meeting were Senator Thruston B. Morton; Marriner S. Eccies, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board; Ambassador Tran Van Dinh, Former Ambassador of South Vietnam to the United States; and Rear Admiral Arnold True, U.S. Navy (retired). Considerable publicity was given to this meeting, attended by about 250 executives. A public campaign to rally support among business executives for a negotiated settlement in Vietnam was launched, and by November, over 1100 executives had signed either the original Open Letter or a new letter which was formulated in September. The membership of B.E.M. continued to grow during the next few years as public opposition to the Vietnam war increased. After the Paris Peace Accords were signed in January 1973, B.E.M.’s membership and income fell off drastically.

Beginning in February 1968, a regular newsletter, Washington Watch, was sent to all B.E.M. members and supporters to report on developments in Washington related to the Vietnam war. These reports were written by Tristram Coffin, who received an honorarium from B.E.M. The views expressed were Mr. Coffin’s and were not necessarily endorsed by B.E.M. as an organization. Early in 1971, an attempt was made to enlarge the circulation of Washington Watch and to make it self-supporting. By mid-summer 1971, it was apparent that this effort had failed. It was decided that B.E.M. could no longer afford to continue to send Washington Watch to members and supporters.

The main offices of B.E.M. were located at 901 N. Howard Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Chapters of the organization were established in a number of cities around the country, and much of the program of the organization was planned and carried out by committees working at the local level. Among the most active chapters were New York, Philadelphia (Delaware Valley Chapter), Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. Files on the various chapters are in Series D, Boxes55 and 56. A Washington office of B.E.M. was established in 1969, first at 1730 Eye St., LW., and then at 201 Massachusetts Ave., N.E.

Harold Willens served with Henry Niles as co-chairman until January 1969 when he resigned to become chairman of the Businessmen’s Educational Thind (B.E.F.), a tax-deductible organization developed by Willens and others. Although there was no organic relationship between B.E.F. and B.E.M., some of the educational activities sponsored by B.E.M. were financed through B.E.F. Information on B.E.F. can be found in Series D, Boxes 43 and 45. During 1969, Robert A. Maslow served as Secretary to the Executive Committee. His major duty was to promote contacts between B.E.M. members and their Senators and Representative.

In 1970, the objectives of B.E.M. were broadened to include efforts to help arrest and reverse the militarization of American institutions and to work for the reordering of priorities toward more humane goals; to support legislation and political candidates that supported B.E.M.’s purpose; and to oppose legislation and political candidates that opposed B.E.M’s purpose. The name of the organization was changed to Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace and New National Priorities. It continued to be known as B.E.M. In January 1970, Vincent F. McGee, Jr. joined B.E.M.’s staff as Field Secretary, serving as liaison between the national office in Baltimore and the various chapters. He first worked out of the Baltimore office but later moved to the Washington office. During 1970, the responsibility for handling administrative details was gradually shifted from Henry Niles to Vincent McGee. In February 1971, McGee became Executive Director, charged with the administration of B.E.M.’s membership files and finances and with the implementation of programs. He served in this capacity until July 1971 when he surrendered to U.S. Marshalls and began serving a 2 year sentence for draft resistance at the Allenwood Federal Penitentiary. In May, McGee’s conviction on several counts of non-cooperation with the Selective Service System had been affirmed by the Supreme Court. He was paroled in June 1972.

Stephen L. Wilcox was hired in March 1971 to work with Vincent McGee as bookkeeper/assistant, and later as Office Manager.

Early in 1970, B.E.M. prepared a series of one-minute radio spot announcements suitable for public service or paid broadcasting. When Station W T 0 P, Washington, D.C., refused to carry the messages, B.E.M. filed a complaint with the F.C.C. under the “Fairness Doctrine.” The legal work for this complaint and the formal suit later filed against F.C.C./W T 0 P was handled by Thomas IL Asher of the Media Access Project. Series D, Box 55 contains information on this case. In July 1970, B.E.M. launched a program called “Operation Housecleaning,” an effort to defeat some of the worst “hawk” Congressmen. Of the 15 targeted Congressmen, 3 were defeated in the November 1970 election. Material on this project is filed in Series D, Box 52.

In 1971, the American Business Committee on National Priorities (A.B.C.) was established as an outgrowth of B.E.M. This organization was granted tax-exempt status. Several active B.E.M. members served on the Board of A.B.C., including W.Walter Hardy, Jr. as President, Henry E. Niles, Bob Childers, and Bernard S. Weiss. The Secretary and Executive Director of A.B.C. was Thomas R. Asher. Among the projects undertaken by A.B.C. in 1971 were a public opinion poll of the constituents of selected Congressional leaders to determine whether the leadership reflected the views of the, electorate on the Indochina war and national priorities; a study of the air war in Indochina, directed by Fred Branfman; and the establishment of the Indochina Resource Center in Washington. In spite of tax-exempt status, A.B.C. was not very successful in raising money. It went out of existence in late 1972. Materials on A.B.C. are filed in Series D, Boxes 48 and 49.

Operation Housecleaning was repeated in 1972, beginning in March. B.E.M. targeted the “Deadly Dozen,” 12 Congressmen who by their pro-war votes had brought death and destruction in Southeast Asia to Asians and to American fighting men and who appeared to be politically vulnerable. Two of the targeted Democratic Congressmen were defeated in the primaries and one Republican was defeated in the general Election. Material on this effort is filed in Series D, Box 53. B.E.M. was also active in the presidential election in 1972. Representative of B.E.M. interviewed all of the declared presidential candidates who agreed to be interviewed. In August, 1972, the National Council of B.E.M. unanimously endorsed the candidacy of Senator George McGovern.

Beginning in 1973, there was a marked decrease in the program carried out by B.E.M. The Washington office was closed and most of the chapters decided to become inactive. However, the national office in Baltimore continued to operate on a minimum budget. B.E.M.’s statement of purpose was revised to read: “B.E.M.’s purpose is to help arrest and reverse the militarization of American institutions and to work for the reordering of national priorities toward more humane goals and to support appropriate legislation.” In 1974, the name of the organization was changed to Business Executives Move for New National Priorities.

Since 1974, B.E.M. has worked closely with the Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy, 100 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington, D.C. Several folders of material on this organization are filed in Series H, Box 60.

B.E.M. continues to seek to influence legislation through occasional letters to all members of Congress expressing B.E.M.’s position on proposed legislation. Frequently, selected constituents of key members of Congress are urged to express their opinions on military bills. On several occasions, Henry Niles has testified before Congressional committees opposing high military budgets and urging large cuts. In addition, B.E.M. News Notes is published irregularly and sent to all members of Congress as well as to ail B.E.M. members.

Although B.E.M.’s membership and budget are much smaller than they were in the period 1968-1972, B.E.M. continues to function effectively as the voice of members of the business community who seek to reverse the militarization of American institutions and to reorder national priorities toward more humane goals.

Collection Overview
The records of Business Executives Move were prepared for shipment by Henry E. Niles, founder and chairman of B.E.M. In April 1978, Bernice Nichols and Albert Fowler went to Baltimore to pick up 30 cartons of material about B.E.M. The papers were processed and filed in 79 document boxes by Eleanor Barr in April 1979. The bulk of this collection consists of Correspondence (Series C, 35 document boxes) and information on the Programs and Projects of B.E.M [series D, 18 document boxes). A series of Summary Notebooks (Series A, Boxes 2 - 14) give an excellent overview of the history and development of B.E.M. Material in these notebooks is in rough chronological order

The collection includes meeting minutes (incomplete), correspondence (1966-1982), membership lists, releases, ads, publications, newsletters, legal briefs, clippings and other publicity about BEM, and audio-visual material. The bulk of the collection is correspondence and materials relating to various projects and programs sponsored by the organization, such as conferences, meetings, public statements, fund-raising, Congressional testimony, lobbying, and political activities. Records of local chapters are included, as well as reference files and material on Henry Niles. Correspondents include J. Sinclair Armstrong, Robert A. Childers, Tristram Coffin, Marriner S. Eccles, William F. Fischer, Jr., William Wallace Ford, T. Walter Hardy, Jr., Harold Hartogensis, Hugh B. Hester, Gene R. La Rocque, Don Luce, Joseph E. McDowell, Vincent F. McGee, Jr., Henry E. Niles, Erwin A. Salk, Charles G. Simpson, Lee B. Thomas, Jr., Bernard S. Weiss, and Harold Willens.

Note that the various sections of Series C: Correspondence, are not mutually exclusive. For example, there are separate boxes for Tristram Coffin and Harold Willens, but correspondence with these two individuals may also be filed in General Correspondence. The same is true for correspondence with members of Congress. Also, there is some overlap between the various chronological periods in General Correspondence. The sequence 1971-1973 was put together from several files. It may not be complete and it may contain some l974 correspondence

All of the 77 boxes in the original 1978 accession are stored offsite, as are the 12 boxes from accession 81A-094 and the 3 boxes from 82A-125. A minimum of two weeks notice is needed to retrieve boxes before a researcher arrives at the SCPC to look at them.

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Arrangement of Collection
Accession 78A-022:
Organized in 9 series. A: Historical Records; B: Meeting Minutes; C: Correspondence; D: Projects and Programs; E: Releases; F: Publications; G: Publicity & Media Coverage; H: Reference Material; I: Audiovisual Material. Most series are arranged chronologically; Series C: Correspondence, is arranged chronologically and alphabetically. It should be noted that archivists prior to 1995 used the term "publicity" to mean media coverage (i.e., publicity is announcements sent in advance, not reports of what happened in a newspaper, etc.). The name of Series G has been appended accordingly, but material in its folders may not be separated in this regard

Accession 81A-094:
Material is unprocessed; contains some correspondence, but is mostly secondary material from other organizations, especially the U.S. government.

Acc. 82A-125:
Material is unprocessed; contains material mostly about the BEM effort.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Accession 78A-022
All boxes are stored offsite.

Box 1
Henry E. Niles
Letter to Congressman Charles O. Porter (published in the Congressional Record), December 30, 1959
“Seeker of the Peace" (reprint of article from Baltimore magazine), January 1965
Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee re: Senate Concurrent Resolution 32, May 11, 1965
“Let Freedom Ring” attack on Henry E. Niles, May 1965
High School Essay Contest "What Steps Should the United States Take Toward Insuring World Peace?,” sponsored by Baltimore Life Insurance Co., 1965
Voice of America tape recording of Awards Dinner, Peace Essay Contest. July 9, 1965 (4 reels) [removed to Audiovisual Collection]
Correspondence re: Vietnam. 1965-1966 [includes several replies from U.S. Vice President Hubert Humphrey]
Speech. “The International Scene Today,.” September 15, 1966
Speech: response to the “ Vietnam Report” of Sen. Maxwell D. Taylor, 0ct. 20, 1966
ADA New Leadership Award, March 1970

Box 2
Summary Notebooks, 1966-1977
[These notebooks, compiled by Henry E. Niles, contain a variety of material relating to B.E.M. Included are letters sent out by Henry Niles and other officers of B.E.M.; some correspondence; copies of B.E.M. brochures and other publications; lists of signers of several Open Letters to the President and of members and sponsors of B.E.M.; copies of testimony before Congressional committees; reprint of articles about B.E.M.; reports of meetings sponsored by B.E.M.; some minutes of Executive Committee and National Council meetings; some material from other organizations. The material is arranged in rough chronological order.]

Box 3
Summary Notebooks, 1966-1977 (cont.)

Box 4
Summary Notebooks, 1966-1977 (cont.)
Membership Lists

Box 5
Signers of Open Letters to President Johnson. 1966-1967
State lists, [1967?]
Members and sponsor, 1968
State lists, 1968
Members and sponsors, 1969
New York lists, undated
Ohio and Chicago lists, undated


[Note: The Collection of Minutes is incomplete. Minutes from the period January 1971 to March 1972 are from the B.E.M. office in Washington, D.C. In addition to minutes, these folders contain materials relating to the various meetings, such as agendas, budgets, and correspondence.]
Box 6
Memoranda of Organization, 1967, 1970
Executive Committee and National Council, 1969
National Council, 1970
Board and National Council, 1971 [5 folders]
National Council, 1972 [2 folders]
National Council, 1973

Box 7
Form letters to B.E.M. members and Members of Congress, etc. 1966-1976

Box 8
Members of Congress, 1967-1975

Box 9
Tristram Coffin, 1968-1971

Box 10
Harold Willens, 1967-1971

Box 11
Regarding peace in Vietnam. 1965-1967
General (A-G), 1966-1967

Box 12
General (H-P), 1966-1967

Box 13
General (R-Z), 1966-1967

Box 14
General (A-C), 1967-1968

Box 15
General (D- He), 1967-1968

Box 16
General (Hi-Mc), 1967-1968
McDowell, Joseph, 1967-1968

Box 17
General (Me-Sha), 1967-1968
Petrocelli, Joan, 1967-1968

Box 18
General (She-Z), 1967-1968

Box 19
General (A-G), 1969

Box 20
General (H-O), 1969
Kaplan, William, 1969

Box 21
General (P-Z), 1969
Rapoport, Bernard, 1969
Stern Family Fund, 1969

Box 22
General (A-F), 1969-1970
A.B.M. letters, 1969-1970
American Documentary Films: Jerry Stoll, 1969-1970
Executive Committee, 1969-1970

Box 23
General (G-Mc), 1969-1970
Maslow, Robert, 1969-1970

Box 24
General (Me-Z), 1969-1970
Monaco Labs (films), 1969-1970
Perot, H. Ross, 1969-1970
Stern Family Fund, 1969-1970

Box 25
General (A-G), 1970
Niles, Henry, 1970 [copies sent to Washington office]
Baltimore neighborhoods, 1970
Businessmens’ Educational Fund, 1970
Clergy & Laymen Concerned About Vietnam, 1970
Galbraith mailing list, 1970

Box 26
General (H-P), 1970
Kennedy, Edward, 1970
Maryland National: B.E.M. loan, 1970
Maslow, Robert: salary slips, 1970
McGee, Vincent, 1970
Multi-Services, Inc., 1970
Permission for reprints, 1970
Perot, H. Ross, 1970

Box 27
General (R-Z), 1970
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1970
Washington [Office?], 1970

Box 28
General (A-Z), 1970-1971
Farber Associates, 1970-1971
F.C.C., 1970-1971
Grant, Sharon, 1970-1971
Griffeth, Ann, 1970-1971
Maslow, Robert:, 1970-1971
Referendum 70, 1970-1971

Box 29
General (A- J), 1971-1973
American Friends Service Committee, 1971-1973
Editor, Letters to the, 1971-1973
Griffith, Gen. Samuel, 1971-1973

Box 30
General (K-Ma), 1971-1973
King, Col. Edward L, 1971-1973
Lenske, Reuben, 1971-1973
Lord, Fred, 1971-1973

Box 31
General (Mc-O), , 1971-1973
McCloskey, Pete, 1971-1973
McGee, Vinny, 1971-1973
McGovern, George, 1971-1973

Box 32
General (P-Z), 1971-1973 [ folder "T" missing]
Ryder, Mel, 1971-1973
Weiss, Bernard, 1971-1973

Box 33
General (A-L), 1974
Keysort cards, 1974

Box 34
General (M-Z), 1974

Box 35
General (A-E), 1975-1976
Bezdek, Roger H., 1975-1976
Diego Garcia, 1975-1976

Box 36
General (F-N), 1975-1976

Box 37
General (N-S) , 1975-1976 [folders "T - Z" missing]

Box 38
Washington, D.C. , Office, 1970-1972
General (A- Z), 1970
General (A-E)
Alexander, Jerry
Appleby, A.R
Asher, Thomas A
Beishline, M.G
Benenson, Lawrence
Bilson, Wesley
Bunting, George
Chanes, Ernest
Childers, Bob
Coffin , Tristram

Box 39
Washington, D.C. , Office, 1970-1972
General (F-M)
Farber, Herbert J
Ford, William Wallace
Gomperts, Robert FL
Hardy, T. Walter, Jr
Harriman, Averell
Hartogensis, Harold
Hefner, Wiuiam K
Heumann, Sylvain
Houghton, Proctor W
Koch, Frank
Lenske, Reuben
Long Island Chapter, B.E.M
Lyon, David G
McCoy, George
McDowell, Joseph E
Morganstern, Elliott

Box 40
Washington, D.C. , Office, 1970-1972
General (N- Z)
Niles, Henry E
Pearson, Arthur S
Pekin, Ben
Pekow, Eugene
Pinkson, Ray
Poddar, S
Potash, Max
Rapoport, Bernard
Rhoads, Richard
Salk, Edwin A
Sands, Stanley
Schoenbach, Meno
Speakers Bureau
Thomas, Lee B., Jr
Weisberg, Eugene J
Weiss, Bernard S
Whitaker, John H.

Box 41
Negative reactions to B.E.M. 1966-1969

Box 42
Speech of Robert S. McNamara, May 1966
Sponsors, 1967
Open letter to President Johnson, May 28, 1967: lists of additional signers
Responses to B.E.M. letters, 1966-1967
Ineligible names sent to White House, 1967
Chicago advertisement responses, Summer 1967
Presidents Club, 1967
Replies from Congressmen, [1967]
Donations to B.E.M., 1967
Form letters, [1967]
Luncheon, September 18, 1967
Suggested B.E.M. activities
Plans for Conference on Domestic Consequences of Vietnam, November 1967
Notes. Henry E. Niles:, [1966?-1967?]

Box 43
Press Conference, January 11, 1968
Dinner, January 17, 1968 [speaker: Eugene McCarthy]
Letters to President Johnson from B.E.M. members, January 1968
Pagan Dickson (Congressional candidate, Austin, TX), 1968
Proposals for next six months, January 24, 1968
Prospect mailing, Spring 1968
National Conference, May 22, 1968: Economic & Social Consequences of the War and Our National Goals
Meetings, June 1968 [speaker: Marriner S. Eccles]
Executive Committee, Summer 1968
Appeal for contributions, July 17, 1968 [includes list of donations]
Military views, July 1968
Memorandum to B.E.M. members on the political campaign, 1968
Questionnaire & letters from candidates for President, 1968
Edward Flynn (public relations consultant to B.E.M.), 1968.
Contributions to George McGovern, [1968]
Suggested memorandum to Richard Nixon from B.E.M. Executive Committee, 0ct. 4, 1968
Henry E. Niles Testimonial Dinner, 0ct.14, 1968
Letters concerning future directions for B.E.M., November 1968
Henry Niles: speech notes, 1968
Businessmen’s Educational Fund, 1968-1969

Box 44
Views of military and diplomatic sponsors, February1969, July 1969
Memorandum from P. McEvoy Cromwell, Vietnam Policy Alternatives, March 20, 1969
Campaign against ABM (Anti-ballistic missiles), 1969
Information about Don Luce and B.E.M. lecture tour, Spring 1969
Emergency (Third National) Meeting, . May 6, 1969 [includes transcript of proceedings]
Emergency (Third National) Meeting, May 6, 1969 [transcript of proceedings cont.]
Film, May 1969
Dr. George Wald on “Short Term Prosperity vs. Long Term Disaster”
Sinclair Armstrong: testimony before the Defense Subcommittee of the House Committee on Appropriations, June 9, 1969
Tentative plans for B.E.M. trip to Vietnam, Summer 1969
Mrs. Miles Stewart: letter, Summer 1969
Letters to Dr. Henry Kissinger and to President Nixon, August 1969
Sinclair Armstrong: testimony before The Senate Committee on Appropriations, September 25, 1969
Vietnam Moratorium, 0ct. 15, 1969

Box 45
Clark Clifford luncheon, 0ct. 31, 1969 [2 folders]
Statement by Henry E. Niles re: President Nixon’s speech on November 3, 1969
Photographs: demonstration against the war, Washington, D.C., November 1969
B.E.M. - B.E.F. [Businessmen’s Educational Fund], 1969: letters from B.E.M. members to Senators and Congressmen, 1970
Requests for information about B.E.M., 1970
Radio and TV spot announcements, 1970

Box 46
Ad book, 1970
Ad book, 1970-1971
Lawrence C. Chait & Co (advertising agency), 1970
B.E.M. & Stockholders Meetings, 1970
Stockholders Meetings & B.E.M. protests, 1970
Henry E. Niles: statement before Judiciary Committee, Baltimore City Council, January 5, 1970
Drapery/Moratorium Committee, March 1970
Proposals for expanded B.E.M. program, Spring 1970
B.E.M. - Labor Peace Fast Lunch, April 13, 1970
Louis B. Lundborg: testimony before The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, April 15, 1970
Henry E. Wiles: testimony before the D.O.D. Subcommittee, House Appropriations Committee, May 6, 1970
The Republican National Statesman and the National Independence, May 1970
Meeting in St. Louis, MO, June 17, 1970 [speaker: W. Averell Harriman]
Henry E. Wiles: testimony before the Subcommittee on Economy in Government, Joint Economic Committee, June 18, 1970
B.E.M. National Council, July 1, 1970
"8 Flags for 99 Cents": film prepared for Chicago Chapter, Summer 1970 [removed to Audiovisual Collection]
Article by Robert A Maslow in Playboy, September 1970
Wall Street Committee for Peace, September 1970
Loan from Maryland National Bank, Fall 1970
National elections, Fall 1970
Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam: brochure for November election, 1970
Letter to members concerning contacts with new Members of 92nd Congress, December 1970
Notes [of Vincent F. McGee, Jr.?], [1970?]
Speakerss Bureau, [1970?]

Box 47
Program recommendations, 1971
Memoranda toNational Council members, 1971
Inter-office memoranda, 1971
Reading file (A-M), 1971
Reading file (N-Z), 1971
Speakers' Bureau, 1971
Requests for speakers, 1971
Daniel Ellsberg, 1971
“President Nixon’s Vietnam Policy: A Current Appraisal" by P. McEvoy Cromwell, February 3, 1971
Breakfast meeting, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., February 17, 1971

Box 48
Applications for Executive Director position, May 1971
Dinner in honor of Congressman “Pete” McCloskey, June 7, 1971
Lobby of Americans, June 7-11, 1971
Chapter drive: letters, June 11, 1971
Vietnam: probe re: oil, June 1971
Vincent McGee Defense Fund, July 1971
Reprint from Baltimore magazine about Henry B. Niles, September 1971
Presidential candidate, Fall 1971
POW/MIA Families for Immediate Release, 1971
POWs/MIAs, 1971
POWs/MIAs, 1971-1972
POWs/MIAs, 1971-1973
Newscippings re: POWs/MIAs, 1971-1972
American Business Committee on National Priorities (ABC), 1970-1971
American Business Committee on National Priorities (ABC): fundraising appeal., 1971
American Business Committee on National Priorities (ABC): public opinion poll of Congressional leadership, 1971

Box 49
List of officers and members of National Council, August 1, 1972
Memoranda toNational Council members, 1972
Statistics on Vietnam casualties / Hanoi peace plan, February 1972
Statement of reasons for joining B.E.M., March 6, 1972
National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, 1972
Questionnaire re: presidential candidates and B.E.M., 1972
George McGovern: presidential campaign
Address by Gen. William Wallace Ford, (B.E.M. military sponsor), St. Louis, MO, June 22, 1972
Book The Strange Case of Richard Milhous Nixon by Jerry Voorhis, 1972 [1973?]
Proposed trip to China, Fall 1972 [4 folders]
Phone calls by Mary-Cushing Niles and Henry B. Niles to the White House, December 20, 1972
American Business Committee on National Priorities (A.B.C.), 1972-1973
American Business Committee on National Priorities (A.B.C.): Conference on National Priorities and the Federal Economic Program, March 9-10, 1972

Box 50
Memoranda re: mailing lists, 1973
Comparison of Vietnam ceasefire Agreements, 0ct. 1972, January 1973
Future program for B.E.M. proposed by Sydney Jacobs [includes related correspondence]
Henry E. Niles: satement before the Senate Armed Services Committee, June 7, 1973
Henry E. Niles: testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, June 28, 1973
Reference material re: to testimony before Senate Appropriations Committee, June 28, 1973
White House: enemies list, June 28, 1973
Newsclippings re: White House's enemies list, Summer 1973
Letters to B.E.M. sponsors asking them to continue sponsorship in 1974
Mailing and/or Membership lists and replies to solitication to be kept on, 1974
Correspondence relating to B.E,M. testimony at Congressional hearings, 1974
Henry B. Niles: letter re: defense spending (published in Wall Street Journal), April 23, 1974
Memorandum on B.E.M. position re: defense spending
Letters concerning Congressional efforts to limit nuclear proliferation, 1974
Henry S. Ni1es: testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, March 18, 1975
Amnesty, 1975-1977
Stanley A. Weiss: statement before the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, 1983

Box 51
B.E,M. lobbying reports, 1969
B.E,M. lobbying reports, 1970
B.E,M. lobbying reports, 1973
B.E,M. lobbying reports, 1974

Box 52
Operation Housecleaning. 1970
[Note: Note: See also: Correspondence with Members of Congress, 1967-1975. Box 8]
“Hold for review for a 1974 campaign”
Congressmen’s replies
“Less important material”
Box 53
Operation Housecleaning. 1972
Articles of Association and By-Laws
General [3 folders]
Candidates’ fliers
James Goff, Congressional Campaign Workshops
Letter to Wisconsin members, July 26, 1972
David Obey (Congressional candidate, 7th District, Wisconsin)
Registration with Clerk of the House of Representatives
Reports to Clerk of the House of Representatives
Termination report to Clerk of the House of Representatives
List of contributors
Fundraising letters and results
Financial reports
Bank statements
Other groups

Box 54
Congressional Elections, 1974
[In 1974, B.E.M. did not sponsor an independent “Operation Housecleaning”. However, certain Congressional races were selected by the B.E.M. National Council as especially important from B.E,M, ‘s point of view. B.E.M. members were encouraged to make contributions to those candidates who would work for B.E.M. objectives. See also: News Notes, July 18, 1974.]
Fithian, Floyd
Florio, James J
Guy, William
Harkin, Thomas
Jacobs, Andrew, Jr
McCloskey, Paul N [Pete)
Mikva, Abner J
Mosher, Charles A
Owens, Wayne
Patterson, Claude
Roy, Dr. William R
Schroeder, Patricia

Box 55
B.E.M. vs. FCC/WTOP case, l970-l973
B.E.M. Briefs - Case #24,492
Correspondence. Thomas Asher [2 folders]
Media Access Project
B.E.M. protest concerning cancellation of TV program “Who Invited Us?,” 1970
B.E.F. protest concerning Operation Alert, 1972

Box 56
B.E.M. Chapters
Atlanta Chapter, 1970-1971
Baltimore Chapter, 1968-1971 [4 folders]
Boston Chapter, 1968-1972
Chicago Chapter, 1967-1970 [4 folders]

Box 57
B.E.M. Chapters (cont.)
Chicago Chapter, 1971-1973 [6 folders; includes material on the American Peace Awards program, 0ct. 1, 1971]
Cleveland Chapter, 1968-1972
Connecticut Chapter, 1967-1968
Delaware Valley Chapter ( Philadelphia, PA), 1967-1973 [3 folders]

Box 58
B.E.M. Chapters (cont.)
Detroit Chapter, 1967-1972 [2 folders]
“How Michigan Pays for War,” undated
Kansas City Chapter, 1970-1972 [2 folders]
Los Angeles Chapter, 1967-1972 [2 folders]
New York Chapter, 1967-1972 [2 folders]

Box 59
B.E.M. Chapters (cont.)
Oregon Chapter, 1972
Pittsburgh Chapter, 1971
St. Louis Chapter, 1967-1972 [4 folders]
San Antonio Chapter, 1969
San Francisco Chapter, 1970-1972
Santa Fe Chapter, 1970
Washington, D.C., Area Chapter, 1968

[Search here for titles and images of oversize newspaper advertisements]
Box 60
News Releases [incomplete set]
Advertisements [incomplete set]
1969 [4 folders]
1970 [2 folders]
1971 [2 folders]

[ Note: This is not a complete collection of B.E.M. publications. Other materials may be found in the Summary Notebooks.]
Box 61
Serial Publications
Washington Watch #1-109, February 6, 1968 - September 9. 1971
Related material [2 folders; see also correspondence with Tristam Coffin, Box 9]

Box 62
Serial Publications (cont.)
B.E.M. News Notes, July 8, 1970 - August 5, 1971 [sent with Washington Watch]
B.E.M. News Notes, January 17, 1974 - May 1, 1979
Material used for B.E.M. News Notes [7 folders]
General publications

Box 63
Publicity & media coverage, 1967-1975 [10 folders]
Reprints of articles about B.E.M., 1967-1972 [2 folders]

Box 64
Electronic War
Project Air War
“The Era of the Blue Machine” by Fred Branfman and others
Branfman, Fred: writings
Branfman, Fred: resume

Box 65
Other Organizations

[Note: This material is arranged alphabetically by the name of the organization. This is primarily printed material distributed by the various organizations. A small amount of correspondence with B.E.M. is included].
A [collective folder]
- Ad Hoc Coalition for a New Foreign Policy
- All-American Conference to Combat Communism
- Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
- American Institute for Political Communication
- American Jewish Congress
- Assembly to Save the Peace Agreement
- Australian Reform Movement
American Friends Service Committee
American Security Council
Another Mother for Peace
Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends
C-Ci [collective folder]
- CBS News
- Center for Theology and Public Policy
- Church of the Saviour
- Citizens for Kennedy - Fulbright
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Challenge of Building Peace
Clearinghouse on Corporate Social Responsibility
Clergy and Laymen Concerned
Co [collective folder]
- Coalition for Nuclear Arms Reduction
- Columbia University
- Committee for a Sensible Foreign Policy
- Committee for Economic Development
- Committee for Nonviolent Action
- Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars
- Concerned Academy Graduates
- Congress of Racial Equality
- Congressional Quarterly.
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy

Box 66
Other Organizations (cont.)
Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy (cont.) [4 folders]
Coalition to Stop Funding the War
Committee of Responsibility, Inc
Committee of the Planning Professions to End the War in Vietnam

Box 67
Other Organizations (cont.)
Corporate Action Project
Corporate Executives Committee for Peace
Council for a Livable World [2 folders]
Council on Economic Priorities and Resources
D-F [collective folder]
- Dominican Republic Task Force
- Esquire.
- First National City Bank, New York
Democratic Study Group
Federation of American Scientists
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends Peace Committee
Fund for New Priorities in America

Box 68
Other Organizations (cont.)
G -I [collective folder]
- GIs United Against the War in Vietnam
- Handicap Pictures
- Hemispheric Conference Against the War in Vietnam
- Hovey Street Press
- Individuals Against the Crime of Silence
- Indochina Peace Coalition
Hessen Foundation for Peace and Conflict Research, (HSFK)
Indochina Resource Center
Institute for American Democracy
Institute for World Order
International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners from Detention, Torture, and Death
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
International Peace Research Association
L-M [collective folder]
- Look.
- Loyola College
- Manchester College Peace Studies Institute
- Michigan Council of Churches Peace Education Program
- Military Audit Project
- Minnesota Coalition for Reordering National Priorities
- The Minority of One
Lawyer’s Committee on American Policy Towards Vietnam
Life Insurance Association of America
Methodist Church/United Methodist Church
N-R [collective folder]
- National Committee for a Political Settlement in Vietnam/Negation Wow!
- National Council for New Politics
- National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.
- National Peace Academy Campaign
- Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis
- Project Pursestrings
- Public Interest Economics Foundation
- Random House
National Committee on U.S.- China Relations
National Council for an Indochina Deadline
National Council to Repeal the Draft
National Front for Liberation of South Vietnam
National Peace Action Coalition
National Petition Committee
National Student Association
New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Post-War Generation
Ramparts. The Children of Vietnam
The Ripon Society

Box 69
Other Organizations (cont.)
S-T [collective folder]
- Safe Return
- St. Clement’s Film Association
- Saturday Review
- South-East Asia Treaty Organization(SEATO)
- Stanford Biology Study Group
- The Sun ( Baltimore, MD)
- The Swedish Peace Institute
- T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc
- Taxpayers Campaign for Urban Priorities
Saigon Buddhist Students Association
Set the Date Now
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
South Vietnam People’s Committee for Solidarity with the American People
The Stanley Foundation
Stockholm Conference on Vietnam
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Student Mobilization Committee
Task Force for Peace
Teachers Committee for Peace in Vietnam
U-Z [collective folder]
- United Church Board for Homeland Ministries
- United Nations
- United States Industrial Council
- United World Federalists
- Vietnam: Challenge to the Conscience in America
- Voice of Women (Canadian Women Working for Peace)
- WISC Military Spending Task Force
- War Resisters League
- Workman Publishing Company
- World Constitution and Parliament Association
- World Institute Council
- World Peace Council
Union of Vietnamese Students in France
U.S. Catholic.
U.S. Farmers Association
Veterans for Peace in Vietnam
Vietnamese Buddhist Peace Delegation to Paris
War Central Planners
Washington Labor for Peace
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
World Peace Broadcasting Foundation

Box 70
Articles by Individual Authors
A-C [collective folder]
- Adams, Thomas Boylston
- Armstrong, J. Sinclair
- Barnet, Richard J
- Bernstein, Peter L
- Brown, Robert Mc Afee
- Carroll, Wallace
- Carter, Barry
- Christy, George A
- Clifford, Clark M
- Clubb, O. Edmund
- Connor, John T
- Corson, William R
- Cousins, Norman
- Craig, Gregory B
- Craig, James H
- Cromwell, P. McEvoy
D-F [collective folder]
- Dickson, Fagan
- Driver, Rodney D
- Eccles, Marriner S
- Eisner, Robert
- Ellsberg, Daniel
- Fleming, D.F
- Frank, Jerome O
- Fulbright, J.W
G-H [collective folder]
- Galbraith, John Kenneth
- Gavin, James M
- Goodell, Charles E
- Guillain, Robert
- Hammill, Pete
- Harriman, W. Averell
- Harris, Morgan
- Hartsough, David R
- Hatfield, Mark 0
- Herbert, Anthony
- Hessman, James D
- Hilaman, Roger
- Hoopes, Townsend
- Hoppe, Arthur
- Howell, Harley w
- Hudson, Gentry
- Hudson, Richard
K-L [collective folder]
- Kennedy, Robert F
- King, Martin Luther, Jr
- Kraft, Joseph
- Lamb, Helen B
- Lamont, Corliss
- Lindsay, John V
- Louis, Arthur M
- Luce, Don
M- P [collective folder]
- Mathias, Charles McC., Jr
- McCloy, John J
- McCoy, Charles B
- McGovern, George
- McNamara, Robert S
- Morgenthau, Hans J
- Musnford, Lewis
- Nelson, Garrison
- Nelson, Gaylord
- Ngo Cong Duc
- Norden, Eric
- Nuveen, John
- Polish, David
- Prescott, Peter S

Box 71
Articles by Individual Authors (cont.)
R [collective folder]
- Raymond, Jack
- Rogers, William O
- Rosenblum, Sigmund
- Rostow, Walt
S [collective folder]
- Salk, Erwin A
- Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr
- Schoenbruin, David
- Senghaas, Dieter
- Sherman, Robert
- Shoup, Davil H
- Snyder, Edward F
- Sorensen, Theodore C
- Starnes, Richard
- Stevenson, Adlai B., III
- Stone, Jeremy J
T-Z [collective folder]
- Thompson, James C., Jr
- Twain, Mark
- Tydings, Joseph 0
- Warburg, James P
- Watson, Thomas J., Jr
- Weir, Ernest T
- Weiss, Ted
- Wicker, Tom
- Wiesner, Jerome B
- Windmiller, Marshall
- Yost, Charles W
- Young, Kenneth P
- Zemelman, Steve

Box 72
U.S. Government Publications: Executive Branch
Office of the President
Department of Defense
Department of State

Box 73
U.S. Government Publications: Legislative Branch
Congressional Budget Office
Congressional Hearings and Reports
Congressional Record
Congressional Committee for a Vote on the War

Box 74
The Asia Mail
(changed to Groundswell Quarterly)
The Defense Monitor
Disarmament News and Views
F.A.S. Public Interest Report
Foreign Affairs Newsletter
C.I. Press Service
Groundswell Quarterly
(continuation of Betrayal)
I.F. Stone’s Weekly
Indochina Chronicle
Instant Research on Peace and Violence
International Bulletin
International Policy Report
Labor Voice for Peace
New Mobilizer
(Issue #1)
The Progressive
Sane World
The U.S. and Indochina
U.S. Catholic
U.S. Farm News
U.S. / Indochina Report
Veterans Stars & Stripes for Peace
Viet Report
War/Peace Report
Washington Spectator

Box 75
Newspaper Clippings

Box 76
Newspaper Clippings

[Note: Some audiovisual items, not listed here, have been moved to the Audiovisual Collection. Search here for titles.]
Box 77
Audiotape Reel s [reel-to-reel tapes]
Tapes 1-4 [minimally edited]: First national meeting of B.E.M., Washington, D.C., September 27, 1967. Includes speeches by Senator Thruston B. Morton, Marriner S. Eccles, Ambassador Tran Van Dinh, Rear Admiral Arnold B. True.
Tapes 5-7 [fully edited]: First national meeting of B.E.M., September 27, 1967
Tape 8: Comments of General David M. Shoup and Rear Admiral Arnold E. True. August 19, 1968
Tapes 9-11: Emergency meeting of B.E.M. in Washington, D.C., May 6, 1969; includes speech by Dr. George Wald [first tape of this meeting missing.]
Tape 12: B.E.M. meeting, Washington, D.C., May 19, 1970 [first tape of this meeting missing]
Tape 13: Public service spot announcements on Vietnam, prepared by B.E.M. for use on radio; statements by Brig. Gen. William Wallace Ford, Rear Adm. Arnold E. True, Marriner S. Eccles, and Dr. George Wald. [2 copies]
Tape 14: Public service spot announcements on Vietnam, prepared by B.E.M. for use on radio; statements by Harriner S. Eccles and Dr. George Wald. Announcer is Leo Orso
Tape 15: Public service spot announcements on Vietnam, prepared by B.E.M. for use on radio; statements by Rear Adm. Arnold E. True, Marriner S. Eccles, and Dr. George Wald.
Tapes 16-19: Second national meeting of B.E.M. "Conference on the Economic: and Social Consequences of the War and our National Goals," Washington, D.C., May 22, 1968; includes speeches by Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Congressman Henry S. Reuss, Frederick Heldring, Ted Sorensen, and two panel discussions.
Long Play Record
First national meeting of B.E.M. “Moves for Vietnam Peace," Washington, D.C., September 27, 1967; includes speeches by U.S. Senator Thruston B. Morton, Marriner S. Eccles, Ambassador Tran Van Dinh, Rear Admiral Arnold B. True. (10” record, 33 1/3 r.p.m.) [2 copies]


Accession 81A-094
All boxes are stored offsite.

Box 1 [paige box]
Alpha files (A-N), ca. 1978-1980 [contains miscellaneous correspondence & information from other organizations, including periodicals]

Box 2 [paige box]
Alpha files (P-W), ca. 1976-1980 [contains misellaneous correspondence(?) & information from other organizations, such as the Institute for International Peace, Vienna (Austria), SANE, the United Nations, and the U.S. Department of Defense]

Box 3 [paige box]
Other organizations; miscellaneous subjects, ca. 1973-1978

Box 4 [paige box]
Other organizations: published material from the U.S. government, the Stanley Foundation, the Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, etc.

Box 5 [paige box]
Miscellaneous material re: various topics, ca. 1974-1978

Box 6 [paige box]
Miscellaneous material, ca. 1977-1980 [contains mostly published material about the U.S. government's budget]

Box 7 [paige box]
Congressional correspondence (Alabama-Pennsylvania), ca. 1969-1978? [includes information about the Members of Congress]

Box 8 [paige box]
Congressional correspondence (Rhode Island-West Virginia), ca. 1969-1978? [includes miscellaneous information about Congress]

Box 9 [paige box]
Correspondence (A-N), 1976-1979

Box 10 [paige box]
Correspondence (O-Z), 1976-1979
Other organizations (A-D), ca. 1978

Box 11 [paige box]
Other organizations (F-W), ca. 1977-1978
Reel-to-reel tapes (7)

Box 12 [paige box]
Miscellaneous material re: SALT, ca. 1960-1979 [includes Conferences to Plan a Strategy for Peace (1960-1967), Americans for SALT, etc.]

Accession 82A-125
All boxes are stored offsite.

Box 1
Miscellaneous efforts, ca. 1967-1982 [includes 1 folder of negative responses to these efforts]

Box 2
Miscellaneous material

Box 3
Misellaneous material [includes information on statistics, the MX missile, peace organizations, etc.]


Accession 0_A-__

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