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Historical Background
Clergy and Laity Concerned is a nationwide network within the religious community which was founded to mobilize opposition to U.S. intervention in Southeast Asia. In late 1965, John C. Bennett, William Sloane Coffin, Jr., Rabbi Abraham Heschel and others organized the National Emergency Committee of Clergy Concerned About Vietnam. This committee soon developed a national organization of Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant clergymen and laymen which was known as Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam (CALCAV). Richard R. Fernandez was hired as Exectuive Secretary in 1966, continuing in that capacity or as Co-Director until 1973. Others who have served as Director or Co-Director include Richard M. Boardman, John Collins, Robert S. Lecky, Barbara Lupo, Don Luce, Richard Van Voorhis, and Trudi Schutz Young.

During the first ten years of its existence, CALC's program focused on mobilizing the religious community to oppose U.S. involvement in Vietnam and Indochina, supporting those who refused induction into the armed services, and challenging governmental and corporate policies which were more concerned with power and profit than with the needs of people. CALC sponsored several mobilizations of religious leaders in Washington, DC, sent Rev. Thomas Hayes to Sweden to minister to American deserters in that country, and produced and distributed numerous publications. In addition, CALC sought to influence religious insitutions to use their investments as a means of moving American corporations out of the war-making business. The Honeywell Campaign, launched in 1972, focused on that corportation's manufacture of anti-personnel weapons. From 1973 to 1977, CALC worked with the American Friends Service Committee in a joint Stop the B-1 Bomber/ National Peace Conversion Campaign.

In 1972, the name of the organization was shortened to Clergy and Laity Concerned to reflect the broadening scope of the organization's concerns. Since the end of the Vietnam war, CALC has worked in the areas of reconstruction and reconciliation in Indochina, amnesty, world hunger, human rights, corporate responsibility, and peace conversion. Their human security program focuses on support for a nuclear moratorium. The basic belief which underlies these programs is that moral/ethical/religious values must be brought to bear on problems of political, economic, and social injustice.

CALC is an action-oriented movement of individuals and groups. From the beginning, an effort has been made to stimulate concern and action at the grassroots level. Trudi Schutz Young was hired in mid-1971 to work on field development, building a more cohesive and organized accosciation of local, regional, and national staff through training, frequent communication, and periodic conferences. The 1976 Annual Report stated that the local chapters were "the heart and soul of CALC--- generating public pressure for change and struggling to embody CALC's vision of a better society in our daily lives." In 1982, there were 42 chapters and affiliates in 29 states.

Formerly guided by the national staff and a National Steering Committee, the governing structure of CALC has gradually become more decentralized and democratic. From 1977 onward, the highest decision-making body in CALC has been the National Assembly, a group composed of chapter and action group members and at-large members. Between annual meetings of the National Assembly, a National Interim Steering Committee and the regional staff coordinate the work of the local chapters. The national office in New York City provides administrative and program support for CALC's network of local groups, raises funds, and represents CALC in public forums and in national coalitions.

Collection Overview
The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for the records of the national office of Clergy and Laity Concerned (CALC). The bulk of the material deposited to date is from the period 1966-1977. Included in the collection are minutes of the Steering Committee and other administrative committees (1966-1973, incomplete), correspondence (1965-1978), inter-office memoranda, various materials relating to CALC's programs and projects, CALC publications (periodicals, pamphlets, reprints, flyers, form letters, and posters), press releases, clippings, and photographs. Correspondence with and newletters from local CALC groups throughout the United States are included, as well as printed and mimeographed material from various other organizations.

American Report, a weekly or biweekly newspaper, was published by CALC from 1970-1974 under the editorship of Robert S. Lecky and later Robert G. Hoyt. Records of American Report in the CALC collection include correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and financial records.

The collection also contains materials relating to Help Unsell the War, a mass media campaign which CALC helped to promote in 1971 and 1972. Help Unsell the War materials include correspondence, posters, sound recordings, and videorecordings.

Additional files document the joint CALC/AFSC campaign against the B-1 bomber (1973-1977).

Among the correspondents are CALC staff members Barbara Armentrout, Robert Bland, Richard M. Boardman, Richard, R. Fernandez, Ron Henderson, Robert S. Lecky, Carl D. Rogers, Richard Van Voorhis, Trudi Schutz Young, and Vicki West. Other correspondents include John C. Bennett, Robert McAfee Brown, William Sloane Coffin, Jr., Harvey G. Cox, Peter Davies, Thomas Lee Hayes, Abraham Heschel, David L. Hurwood, Robert Jay Lifton, Robert A. Maslow, Richard John Neuhaus, Sidney M. Pack, George W. Webber, Charles C. West, and Herman Will, Jr.

Items removed:
Audio-Visual Items

Arrangement of Collection
The records of Clergy and Laity Concerned came to SCPC in three accessions in 1979 and 1980. Upon examination of the contents of the 49 cartons, it was decided that the material need not be treated as three separate units. Material which obviously belonged together as a series was often found in two or three accessions. Unfortunately, the boxes had not been labelled or numbered in any way by the CALC staff before the material was shipped, so it was up to the SCPC staff to determin which materials belonged together.

To the extent possible, materials which were found together have been kept together and materials which looked as though they belonged to the same series have been brought together even if they were found in several different boxes.

In each series, the boxes are numbered starting with Box 1. This numbering system will facilitate the addition of material to the collection when future accessions are processed.

Series I, Administration, is an "artificial" series which has been brought together from the files of several different staff members. The minutes of the Executive Committee, the Steering Committee, and of several administrative committees are imcomplete and are filed with related material.

Sries II, Correspondence, consists of several subseries. Two folders of correspondence and statements are from the files of John C. Bennett, but the bulk of the series is the correspondence (1966-1973) of Richard R. Fernandez, the first Executive Secretary of CALC, most of which is in chronological order. The 1966 correspondence is in alphabetical order. Correspondence for the period January 1969 through June 1970 is missing. Correspondence (1970-1971) of Vicki West, an administrative assistant, is filed in separate folders in the same chronological sequence. A file of correspondence (1970-1974) and information about prospective donors is in alphabetical order.

Series III, Programs and Projects, brings together material from numerous cartons and represents the work of many CALC staff members. Boxes 1-12 cover the period 1966-1972 and are presumed to be the files of Richard R. Fernandez. Folders are arranged in alphabetical sequence as found. Box 13 contains material on Deserters in Sweden and files of Peggy Scradnick, bother pertaining to the time frame of the preceding twelve boxes, and several mailing lists (1972-1974). Boxes 14-21 are arranged in rough chronological order (1971-1974) and are primarily the files of Trudi Schutz Young and Barbara Armentrout. Boxes 22-24 are arranged by topic (Corporate Responsibility, Amnesty, B-1 Campaign), with each section arranged to show the development of CALC's program in that area.

Series IV, Publications and Public Relations, brings together material from many cartons and includes publications of various types, records of the Literature Services Department, and of American Report, press releases, clippings, posters, and material relating to Help Unsell the War. Arrangement is by types of material and, in most cases, chronological. Office files of the Literature Services Department were found to be in alphabetical order and have been kept that way. The files relating to the newspaper, American Report, published from october 1970 to November 1974, were not in good order when found and some re-arrangement has been done to put the material in a logical order. The material relating to editorial work on the paper (staff memoranda, correspondence with authors, etc.) dates almost entirely from Robert S. Lecky's editorship (October 1970-November 1972).

A subject file of clippings, primarily from American Report, has been handled as follows. Because a complete set of American Report is available in the periodical collection of SCPC, it was decided to discard the clippings from that source after making and index to the articles. Material from other sources has been kept as a subject file and is arranged in alphabetical order.

Information about the casualty posters and issue posters put out regularly by CALC from 1969 to 1972 and about the Help Unsell the War campaign of 1971-1972 is filed in Series IV. The actual posters, advertisments, videorecordings, and sound recordings which were produced and distributed have been moved to appropriate storage in the oversize or audio-visual areas.

Series V, Files of Local CALC Groups, are arranged geographically, by state and city (in alphabetical order). These files were found in three separate sequences (1968-1971, 1971-1973, 1973-1975) but have been combined into one series. Within each city (or chapter), the arrangement is chronological.

Series VI, Photographs, is housed with SCPC's photograph collection.

Series VII,

Reference Material, contains two types of material: an alphabetical file on organizations and subjects (1965-1972) and a file of miscellaneous reference material (1968-1977). The file on organizations and subjects was found in two alphabetical sequences but has been combined into one sequence because the folder labels and the span dates indicated that the material belonged together. This file covers approximately the same time period as the correspondence file in Series II (Boxes 3-11) and the files of Richard R. Fernandez in Series III (boxes 1-12). Some folders contain a small amount of correspondence.

Box 8 of Series VII contains reference material on several topics which was found throughout the CALC collection and which could not be incorporated elsewhere.

Series VIII, Audio-visual material is arranged according to the type of material.

Later Accessions:
Acc. 86A-099
Acc. 97A-048

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES I: Administration
Box 1
Annual reports
Executive Committee, 1966-1970
Steering Committee, 1968-1972

Box 2
Steering Committee, 1973
Finance Committee, 1970-1973

Box 3
Program Committee, 1971
Personnel Committee, 1971-1973
Staff Meetings, 1971-1973

SERIES II: Correspondence
Box 1
Correspondence (1965-1969) and Statements (1966) from the files of John C. Bennett
Correspondence, 1966 (alpha arrangement)

Box 2
Office files and financial records, 1966

Box 3-11
Correspondence, 1967-1973
Primarily correspondence of Richard R. Fernandez. (chronological arrangement)

Box 12-15
Donor file, 1970-1974 (alpha arrangement)

SERIES III. Programs and Projects
Box 1-12

Files of Richard R. Fernandez, 1966-1972 (alpha arrangement)

Box 13
Deserters in Sweden, 1969-1972
Files of Peggy Scradnick, 1969-1970
Mailing Lists, 1972-1974

Box 14-15
Ann Arbor Conference, 1971
-"Vietnam and America: From Bondage to Liberation," a national organizing conference arranged by CALC

Box 16-21
Program and Field Development, 1971-1974
-Files of Trudi young, Barbara Armentrout, and others. (chronological arrangement)

NOTE: Folder listing for Boxes 1-21 available on following pages.

SERIES III. Programs and Projects
Files of Richard R. Fernandez, 1966-1972 (arranged in alphabetical order as found)

Box 1
ABM, Noth Dakota (April 1970)
AFSC, Peace Education Division List
ACLU, Case Against Miltary
Ad, New York Times (1966-1967)
Ad, B.E.M.
Ad, Vietnam Sunday (November 1968)
Ad, How Patient Must We Be (March 1970)
Ad, Christian Century (1969)
Ad, Will You Help... (1969)
Ad, Chicago Seven and B. Seale (March 1970)
Ad, Student Presidents and Editors
Advertising Information
Air Force Academy Teach-in (November 13, 1970)
Allenwood, Sherman's Trip (1968)
Allenwood, Workshop Report
Alperovitz, Gar (1971)
America is Hard to Find Weekend (March 1970)
Amnesty, Second Petition Mail
Amnesty, Signers
Amnesty, Senators
Amnesty, Visit to White House
Articles (1970)
Batson, Rob. Consultant
Bernstein, Dan. Memorial address given by Peter Weiss (September 1970)
Berrigan, Phil. Statement of Support (August 27, 1970)
Berrigan, Prisoner Strike for Peace Letter (October 1972)
Berrigan, Acts of Witness
Berrigan, Miscellaneous articles
Billboards (1970)
Black Manifesto, CALCAV statement
Bloom, Bill
Branfman, Fred. War is Peace on the Haiphong Blockade (May 1972)

Box 2
Cambodia Invasion (1970)
Cambodia Teach-in Newpaper
Cambridge Conference on the Future of CALC (August 1969)
Campaign to set the Date (February 1971)
Canada, Rich Kilmer
Canada Statement (May 1969)
Carter Case
Catholics' Trip to N. Vietnam (December 1972)
Celebration of Ron Young's Resistance (February 1970)
Chandler, Rich. Draft Resistor (1970)
Chemical/ Biological Warfare (1969)
Chicago 1968
China Trip, Fernandez (1971)
Citizens Conference to End the War in Indochina (March 1971)
Clinton Staff Conference (March 1970)
Comm. of Liaison with Families of Servicemen Detained in N. Vietnam 1970
Company A resisting orders. Cox's statement
Conference Calls, Cost
Congressional Action Fund (1972)
Congressional Addresses
Conscience and Conscription Statement (1967)
Conscription (1967)
Consultation on War Crimes and Religious Responsibility (1971)
Contact List (3 folders)

Box 3
Contact mailings (July-December 1970)
Contact mailings (January-June 1971)
Convention, Delegates (1968)
"Crisis of Conscience"
"Crisis of Conscience", Comments
Daily Death Toll Project
Deserters Articles
Deserters in Canada
Deserters, Christmas Gifts (1969-1970)
"Deserters in Exiles"
Deserters, Sweden
Deserters, Underground in U.S.
Draft (1967)

Box 4
East Pennsylvania CP List
Economy of Death, Manuscript
Economy of Death, Barnet's Book
Education/ Action Conference on U.S. Crimes of War in Vietnam
Emergency Ministry to Draft Age Imigrants in Canada
Emergency Religious Convocation on S.E. Asia (May 1970)
Emergency Witness in D.C. (May 16-18, 1972)
Emergency Witness in D.C. (May 1972) (clipping)
End-the-Killing, Memo and Correspondence (1971)
"End the War", FAST (1969)
Expo Island, Mothers Day 9 May 1970)
Fact Sheet, Sources
Fernandez, Dick
-Affidavit (1968)
-Biographical Sketch (New) (1971)
-Biographical Sketch (Old) (1967-1968)
-Proposal for Vietnam
--The Laws of War and Responsibility
-Laos articles from trip (April 1970)
-Laotian refugees Interview (April-June 1970)
-"The Air War in Indochina, some response" ( December 1971)
-Article on Ecumenical Witness Meeting in K.C. (January 1972)
-"Cease-Fire: Are You Kidding?" (June 1972)
-Draft of Church Investment Article (1972)
-"Ad Firms and the POW Issue" DRAFT
-Speech at Florida Presbytery on Foreign Policy
Film "All We are Saying" from MOBE (1969)
Flag Day, Rededication of Flag (June 14, 1970)
Fort Dix (1969)
Fort Hood Three (1966)

Box 5
Fund Rasing
-Letter (1969-1970)
-Booklets (1968-1970)
-Business reply envelopes
-Thank you- samples (1969-1971)
-Financial Report (1969-1970)
-Replies (1969-1971)
-Fund raising Report 1968
-Mailing List Count (1968)
-Big Givers, Receipt Sent (1968)
-WRWR Fund Raiser (June 26, 1968)
-Lunch (July 9, 1968)
-Beverly Hills Fundie (1968)
-Reply, Fund raising returns (November, 1968)
-Who's right? Who's wrong? Fund raising (1968)
-Coffin Fundie (January 1969)
- KEYA (February 1969)
-Boston, N.Y. (1969)
-BEM Center (October 1969)
-Berrigans (1970)
-Big Donor, Letter (1970)
-Letter (1970)
-Winter Soldier Investigation (1970)
-Winter Soldier Invitation (1970)
-DPS Brochure (1970)
-Canada Deserter, Christmas Money Project (1970-1971)
-Coffin Signature, sample
-Postage, Rynander (1970-1971)
-Contributers (1968)
-Mailing Lists (1970)

Box 6
G.I.'s, Letters from (1969-1970)
G.I.'s, List of
G.I. Office (1970-1971)
G.I. Office Washington D.C. (1970)
Good Friday Fliers (March 1970)
Guidelines for Local Groups
Harvey, Will. and Daniels, Geo. (1969)
Hate Mail (1969)
Hate Mail (1970)
Hayes, Tom.
-Biographical Sketch
-Letters (April 1969)
-Letter and Memo (June 1969)
-Letters from Sweden (1969-1971)
-Newsletters from Sweden
-Letters about (1969)
-Letters to him in Sweden (1969-1970)
-Projects report (June 1969)
-Project Report, printed version (August 1969)
-Project Report, xeroxed version (August 1969)
-"The Least but not the Last" (poem)
-Dresden and My Lai
-Trip to Midwest (January 1970)
-Trip to South (February 1970)
-Warrants (1969)
Hurwood, David. "Plant" (June 1972)
Hurwood, David (1971-1972)

Box 7
In the Name of America
-Ads (1968)
-Commentary Signers
-Distributers of Fliers
-Permission for Material
-Refusals of Material
"In the Public Interest" (1970-1972)
-American Report Radio Program
Individual Responsibility and the Laws of War
Joint Strategy Action Comm., Proposal for Staff Development (1970)
King, Tribute to (April 4, 1967)
-Includes "Beyond Vietnam" speech
Koch, Ed. Congressional Record
-Piece on Deserters (1970)

Box 8
Laos/Cambodia articles (1970)
Lenten/Passover Fast (1970)
Lenten/Passover Fast Action permit (1970)
Lenten/ Passover Fast, Local Action (1970)
Literature List (Feb 1969)
Local Organizing Project (1969)
Maine Meeting (1969)
McGovern/Hatfield Amendment (1969-1970)
Military Idustrial Comples (1969)
Military Justice by Finn, Correspondence (1969)
Mirsky, U.S. in Laos (manuscript) (1969)
-Minutes and Initiatory Meeting (Oct 1966)
-1967 (2 folders)
-McCarthy's Speech (1967)
-Participants (1968)
-Miscellaneous (1968)
-Receipts (1968)

Box 9
Mobilization (1969)
-Advance Registration
-CP (special) Mailings
-Congressional Visits
-Coupon Mailings
-Lecture/Discussion Leaders
-Position Papers
-Press D.C.
-Registration Packets
-Scouting Reports
-Senators' Mailing
-Send-out Materials
-Sermons and Speeches

Box 10
Montreal Trip Reports (1969)
NCC Kansas City Meeting (January 13-16, 1972)
NCC General Assembly at Dallas (December 1972)
National Black Referendum (1970)
National Fast (April 1968)
Next of Kin Project, Fernandez (no date)
Neuhaus, "Forgotten Victims" article about deserters (1969)
Neuhaus, "Prisoners and Politics"
New Approach
New Approach, copies
Nixon Quote, ad (oct. 1972)
Nixon Quote, buttons and press releases
Office Space (1969-1970)
Ohio Conference, Gulf Resolution
One World
POW articles (1970-1971)
Parents of Deserters
Parilla Pilgrimage (January 1970)
Paris Trip (October 1968)
Paris/Stockholm Trip (November 1968)
Patriotism Statement on (June 17, 1970)
Pastoral Letter (March 1970)
Peoples Bicentennial Commission
Peoples Peace Treaty (1971)
Peck, Sidney. Trial (February 1970)
Political Prisoners
Poster (March 1969)
Presidio (1969)
Presidio, Commentary

Box 11
Press Services (1968-1969)
Prison Visitation
Radio Spots
Recent Activities (March 1969)
Regional Conference (August 1969)
Regional Conference (September 1969)
Regional Conference (October 1969)
Regional Conference (North and South), Preparations
Regional Organizing Conferences (March-April 1970)
Redress of Grievances (1972)
Seitzman, Bea. Speech at Cambridge Conference (August 1969)
Senators Poll on U.N. (1969)
Set the Date Campaign (1971)
Signers for Teach-ins (march 1970)
Statement on Bombing of North Vietnam (November 1970)
Stationery/Steering Committee Listing (1969)
Stockade, Rules and Information
Stockholm Conference on Vietnam
Stockholm Ministry, applicants (1968)
Stockholm Ministry, project proposal (1969-1970)
Stockholm Report by Fernandez (Decmber 1969)
Symposium on War Crimes, AFSC/CALCAV action (February 1970)

Box 12

Teach-ins on War in Indochina (May-June 1970)
Teach-ins (1970)
Television Contacts
Tennessee Repression, 1970
Thanksgiving Liturgy (1970)
Time Sheets
Titus Oates
United Churchmen for Change Proposal
Unites States Serviceman's Fund (1970-1972)
U.S. Study Team to Vietnam (1969)
Vietnam Dialogue Film (1968)
Vietnam Elections
Vitarelle, Greg. Deserter who Drowned (1969)
War Crimes
War Crimes Booklet, Prelim
War Crimes (U.S.) in Vietnam (1970)
Washington (June 1969)
Washington, June 1969. Two Days of Protest
Washington Action Committee (1969)
White House Demonstration, Clergy and POW relatives (December 20, 1971)
White Manifesto, Malcom Boyd
Windsor Consultation Reports- Killmer (1969)
Winning Hearts and Minds (VVAW)
Winter Soldier Investigation, Detroit (December 1970)
Wood, Henry. Letters from
World Conf. on Religion and Peace, Japan (oct. 1970)
Yatsuke, Prison Visits (1969)

Box 13
Files of Richard Fernandez re Deserters in Sweden
-Sweden, Information and Correspondence (1969-1971)
-Stockholm (1969-1972)
-Sweden, Correspondence with American Deserter Committee (1970-1972)
Files of Peggy Scradnick
(Secy. to Richard Fernandez) 1969-1970
-Creeden/Newsletter etc. (1970)
-Scradnick, Peggy. (1969-1970) (2 Folders)
-Computer to be
-Mailing Lists (1968-1969)
Mailing Lists 1972, 1974, n.d.
-additions to mailing list (1972)
-Van Voorhis, Richard
-Address Labels

Boxes 14-21, Files of Trudi Schutz Young and Barbara Armentrout, 1971, 1974 (arranged in rough chronological order)

Box 14
Ann Arbor Conference (1971)
-Letters, response to ad
-File copies of conf. letters, memos, etc.
-Key Conference Contacts
-Travel Team Reports
-Travel Team Reports- Eastern
-Travel Team Reports- Southern
-Travel Team Reports-Midwestern
-Travel Team Repots-Western
-Attended Travel Team Mettings

Box 15
Ann Arbor Conference (1971)
-Transcripts of Plenaries
-Mailings to Participants
-Priority Setting Agendas and Votes [2 folders]
-Votes for Campaign Proposals
-Protracted Campaigns
-Participant Survey
-Conference Questionnaire

Box 16
Correspondence (primarily files of Trudi Young) 1971-1972
-ACLU vs. US Army (1971)
-Bob Bonthius CATS
-Balfour Brickner (1971)
-Committee of Liaison
-Ross Flanagan (1971)
-Cynthia Fredrick
-Paul Kittlaus COMMIT (1971)
-Methodist Missionaries (1971)
-Richard Neuhaus
-Walter Wink (1971)
-War Resisters League
-Miscellaneous Inquiry
-Miscellaneous Correspondence

Field Development and Program (primarily files of Trudi Young) 1971-1973
-Program (1971)
-General field staff (1972)
-Field Staff, Memo (1972)
-Field Staff, applications (1971-1972)
-Field Staff, Temportary Coordinating Committee
-Field Development
-Field Development Committee (1972)
-Field Development Committee, Guidelines 91972)
-FDC, Correspondence (1972)
-Funding Requests (1972)
-Funding Requests for Field Staff (1972)
-Prospective CALC groups (1972)
-1973 Program for Regional Field Dev. (1972)

Box 17
Correspondence (Barbara Armentrout, Gerry O'Kane, Trudi Young) 1972
-General Correspondence 1972-1973 [2 folders]
-Reponse to Inquiries on CALC
-Rhode Island
-NUTSS Seminaries Network
Memoranda 1972
-CALC Contacts
-Occasional Memo and Correspondence (March-November 1972)
-CALC Organizing Manual
Meetings and Conferences
-Program Proposals
-Kansas City Meeting (Janurary 13-16)
-Notes on Paper #2 from Denver/Louisville (January)
-Emergency Moratorium and Washington Convocation (April)
-Nationwide Moratorium (May 4)
-Emergency Witness
-Midwest Organizing Conference (May)
-William Coffin Speaking Tour (October - November)
William Coffin Conference Phone Call (November 9)

Box 18
Fund Raising 1972
-Fund Raising
-Fund Raising Department
-For the Victims, Money (1972-1973)
-For the Victims, (December 1972)
-The Laws of Money

Miscellaneous Topics 1972
-Peace Action Network, Cliff Kirkpatrick, Chmn.
-Peace Education Programs (1972-1973)
-Unity Reports (1972-1974)
-Info about Harvey Cox (1970-1972)
-Info about Stephen C. Rose

Box 19
Administration Correspondence (Primarily files of Trudi Young) 1973
-Office Meetings and Administration Minutes and Reports (1973)
-Budget (1973-1974)
-Correspondence. Young, Trudi (1973)
-Memoranda to Occasional Memo contacts (1973)
Field Staff, Program 1973
-Regional Field Staff (2 folders)
-Local CALC Chapters (February)
-Regional Field Staff Reports (December)
-Program Report (September)
-Washington D.C. Convocation (January 3-4)
-Associate Program Director applications
-All Lutheran Youth Gathering Houston (August)

Meetings and Conferences( Primarily Files of Trudi Young) 1973
-Program Evalution Questionnaire (May)
-Indochina Peace Campaign Conference (October)
-IDCP meeting with Peggy Duff (November 5)

Projects and Topics 1973
-Agenda for Peace, by Rabbi Balfour Bickner (December)
-Christmas/Chanukah Project
-Coporate Information Center
-Evangelism Proposal (1973)
-Exiles (1973-1974)
-Impeachment (1973)
-Grand Jury Coalition
-SANE merger with CALC (1973-1974)
-Speakers Bureau
-Speaking Travel
-Volunteers (1973)

Box 20
Memos, Interoffice (1974)
Memos, Trudi Young (1974)
Memoranda to Occasional Memo contacts 1974
Correspondence 1974
Middle East (1974)
Siagon (1974)
Indochina info. from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (1974)
Training Conference on Military Budget (May 1974)
Honey Knopp Itinerary (1974)
Address Lists
Current Program, Trudi Notes

Box 21
Air War (1972)
CCCO (1973-1974)
Coalition to Stop Funding the War (1973-1975)
EPF (1971-1972)
Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology (1971)
The International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace (1972)
LEPOCO (1973-1974)
Movement for Economic Justice (1973)
National Network of Vietnam Era Women
National Veterans Resource Project
South Africa Committee (1971-1972)
Vietnam Veterans Against the War (1972)
Material from other groups

Box 22-24
Coperate responsibility, 1967-1974. Files of Richard Fernandez, Trudi Young, and Barbara Armentrout. (Chronological/topical arrangement)

-Dow Protest, 1967-1969
-Religious institutions and corporate responsibility, 1970-1972
-Corporate responsibility (general), 1970-1972
-CALC Corporate Campaigns, 1970-1972
--Standard Oil
-Other corporate campaigns
-Information on coporate responsibility from other groups

See also: Series III, Boxes 27-34, B-1 Campaign (Boeing, GE, Rockwell)

Box 25-26
Amnesty, 1972-1975. Files of Trudi Young, Robert Bland, and others. (Topical arrangement)

Box 25
Primarily files of Trudi Young, 1972-1975
-CALC Amnesty Program
-Statements re Amnesty
-Amnesty Groups
--ACLU Project on Amnesty
--Americans for Amnesty
--Interreligious Task Force on Amnesty
--National Campus Alliance for Amnesty
--National Coalition for Universal and Unconditional Amnesty
--Veterans for Peace

Box 26
Primarily files of Robert Bland, 1974-1975
-CALC correspondence and reports
-Material as found [3 folders]
Literature on Amnesty
-General information, statements
-Miscellaneous material

Box 27-34
B-1 Campagin, 1973-1977. Files of Rick Boardman, Jamie Lewontin, Jeanne Kaylor, and others. "Stop the B-1 Bomber/National Peace Conversion Campaign" was cosponsored by CALC and AFSC. (topical arrangement)

Box 27
Minutes, National Staff, 1974-1976
Minutes, Interim Committee, 1974-1976
Newsletter, 1973-1976
Key Contact Mailings, 1973-1977
Mailings from other organizations, 1976-1977

Boxes 28-29
Material arranged roughly by date, 1973-1977
Includes correspondence, conferences, files on specific events and topics

Box 30
B-1 Campaign/Corporate Responsibility 1973-1977
-Files of Trudi Young, Barbara Armentrout, Rick Boardman, and Susan Murcott relating to Boeing, GE, and Rockwell.
-see also: Series III, Boxes 22-24

Box 31
"Tools" of the campaign (alpha arrangement)
-art, brochures, budget, leaflets, lists, literature, posters, slide show

Box 32
Clippings 1973-1977

Boxes 33-34
Reference material on various topics and organizations (alpha arrangement)

Box 35
Files of Diane Gabay, 1973-1975

SERIES IV. Publications and Public Relations

Box 1
An Occasional Memo and Newsletter, 1972-1975
Pamplets and reprints, 1966-1974
Literture packets, 1969-1973

Box 2
Form letters and flyers, 1967-1980
-This material was recieved as "current material" by SCPC. Some printed items were moved to the previous box.

Boxes 3-5
Literature Services, 1969-1973
-Reports, correspondence, memoranda
-Office files, A-W
See also: Series III, Box 35, files of Diane Gabay who worked on literature services, 1973-1975

Box 6
Fact Sheets, 1969-1972
-Sources and Background Data

Boxes 7-8
Material from other organizations, 1965-1973, collected and/or distributed by Literature Services Dept.

American Report Files, 1970-1974
Boxes 9-13
Files of Robert S. Lecky, Richard Van Voohis, and others who worked on editing and distributing American Report

Box 9
CALC, 1970-1973
Staff memoranda, 1970-1972

Box 10
Reports and evaluations, 1970-1972
Staff, 1971-1972
Manuscripts and correspondence with authors, 1971-1973

Box 11
Letters to the editor, 1972-1973
Correspondence, 1970-1972

Box 12
Reprints/notices of material from American Reports, 1973
News Services, 1973
Ads, 1973-1974
Finances and Fund Raising, 1970-1976

Box 13
Subscriptions, 1970-1973
Promotion, 1971-1974

Box 14
American Report Radio, 1971-1972
American Report book publishing (proposal), 1972

Boxes 15-17
Files of Ron Henderson, Associate Editor, re Kent State Supplement to American Report, November 1971, and related material

Box 15
Correspsondence, 1971-1974
Material used in supplement
Legal papers, 1971
Resource material, 1970-1974

Box 16
Clippings, 1970-1974
Kent State: Letters, 1970-1971, compiled by Peter Davies

Box 17
Kent State: Letters, 1971, compiled by Peter Davies

Boxes 18-22
American Report Readership Survey, 1973-1974
-Summary of responses and over 550 questionnaires

Boxes 23-27
American Report Subject Files (incluces index to artciles in American Report)

Box 23
Abortion-Council on Religion and International Affairs

Box 24
Counter Insurgency- Japan and the United States

Box 25
Jews in the U.S.S.R.- Miliary, Resistence within

Box 26
Nambibia- Philippines (I)

Box 27
Philippines (II)- Yugoslavia

Box 28
Press releases, 1967-1971

Boxes 29-30
Newspaper Clippings, 1969-1972)

Box 31
Casualty and Issue Posters, March 1969-January 1973
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Reports 1971-1972
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Brochures, 1971-1972
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Packets for attendees of Interfaith Conference, 1972 (January)
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Files of Trudi Young, 1971
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Files of Trudi Young, 1972
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Correspondence re: use of material, 1971-1972
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Phoenix Peace Center, 1971
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Clippings, 1971-1972
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Disposition of material, 1974 [?]
Help Unsell the War Campaign: Layouts
Materialfrom refile box, programs and projects 1991 [May]

Boxes 32-37 [removed to Poster Collection]
CALC posters may be located through the SCPC poster database, contact staff for further information

SERIES V. Files of Local CALC Groups, 1968-1975
Box 1

Box 2
California, continued

Box 3
Colorado- Illinois

Box 4
Illinois, continued- Kentucky

Box 5
Kentucky, continued- Massachusettes

Box 6
Massachusettes, continued- Michigan

Box 7
Michigan, continued

Box 8

Box 9
Missouri- Nebraska

Box 10
New Jersey- New York

Box 11
New York, continued - Ohio

Box 12
Ohio, continued- Pennsylvania

Box 13
South Carolina- Virginia

Box 14
Washington- Wisconsin (includes Washington D.C.)

SERIES VI. Photographs
-All photographs found in the CALC collection are filed with other photographs in SCPC

SERIES VII. Reference Material
Boxes 1-7, Alphabetical file on organizations and subjects, 1965-1972

Box 1
Ad Hoc Committee for the Statement on Czechoslovakia and Vietnam- Committee for Nonviolent Action

Box 2
Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars- Draft Resistance Newsletter

Box 3
Ecology and Politics Newsletter- Law Center for Constitutional Rights

Box 4
Liberated Church Press- National Information Network on Latin America

Box 5
National Inter-religious Conference on Peace- Southern Student Organizing Committee

Box 6
Spark- Vocations for Social Change

Box 7
War Dead-- in Long Island- Young Lords

Box 8
Miscellaneous reference material, 1968-1977
-Energy/geothermal Energy
-Latin America
-Middle East

SERIES VII. Audio-Visual Material
These items are cataloged and stored with the other A-V materials. See SCPC AV database for additional information.
A. Motion Pictures
-"Help Unsell the War": 12 or 13 TV commercials on 16 mm. film. Cannister label: Public Media Center, San Fransisco (1972?)

B. Videorecordings
- 1.01, 1.07. Seven television commercials put out by Help Unsell the War. 20-60 seconds each. Some duplicates. (1971?)

C. Sound disc recordings
-Help Unsell the War/ American Report. Phonodisc 7 (1972) 2 Copies.
- American Report (Radio program) 1972.

D. Sound tape recordings (reels)
-43 reels including some duplicates. Phonodisc. 17.01-17.05
- Numbered as Tape 2.1- 2.43. (see separate list in collection folder)

E. Sound tape recordings (cassettes)
-4 cassettes, various topics

F. Digitalized files
- Help Unsell the War film [Flash drive (Multimedia Kit 007)
- Help Unsell the War film [SCPC Digital AV file collection)

Acc. no. 86A-099 (2 doc. boxes)
-Records of CALC, Metro Chicage Chapter, ca. 1968-1983 (not yet processed)

Acc No. 97A-048.
- Files of Tom Lee Hayes, American Draft Resisters in Sweden, 1960s.

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