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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these records.
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors Records
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DG 073
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90 linear feet [papers only], plus later accessions
CCCO developed a nationwide network of military and draft counselors and attorneys to assist conscientious objectors. Most active during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the CCCO promoted such issues as amnesty, repatriation, and counter-recruitment.Operations were suspended in late October 2009. As of 2010, some of their counseling service has been taken over by the GI Rights Hotline.

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Gift of CCCO, May 27, 1975 [acc. 75A-067];  1977 [acc. 77A-044; acc. 77A-058]; September 4, 1979 [acc. 79A-066]; 1981 [acc. 81A-058]; 1984 [acc. 84A-063]; 1986 [acc. 86A-158]; 1987 [acc. 87A-030, acc. 87A-114, acc. 87A-144]; 1988 [CCCO: acc. 88A-028, acc. 88A-087, Bernard Lemann acc. 88A-076]; 1989 [acc. 89A-076]; 1990 [acc.90A-045, acc. 90A-093]; 1995 [acc. 95A-036]; 1996 [acc. 96A-038]; 2000 [acc. 00A-013, acc. 00A-021, acc. 00A-042]; 2002 [acc. 02A-041]; 2003 [acc. 03A-061]; 2008 [acc. 08A-054]; 2009 [acc. 09A-038, acc. 09A-060]; 2013 [Acc. 2013-024]
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Historical Background
CCCO/An Agency for Military and Draft Counseling was founded in August 1948 by a coalition of peace and civil liberties groups following passage of the Selective Service Act of 1948.  Originally called the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO), this group sought to maintain the rights of those Americans who, because of ethical, moral, and religious beliefs, questioned violence and war as ways to solve international disputes.  In its first annual report in 1949, CCCO stated its purposes: "We gave impetus and assistance to local communities in setting up counselling agencies and cash bail funds, in establishing a network of counsellors across the country, and in calling for legal advice in planning strategy for challenging the constitutionality of the Selective Service System."  Early leadership of CCCO was provided by Ray Newton and A.J. Muste as co-chairmen, and by executive secretaries Caleb Foote, Lyle Tatum, George Willoughby, and Arlo Tatum.

With the outbreak of the Korean war in 1950 and Congressional extension of the draft act, CCCO increased its efforts to provide amnesty for draft violators and strengthened its support of draft counseling centers across the country.  The first edition of the Handbook for Conscientious Objectors was published in 1952 and has since been a major CCCO tool in aiding draft and military resisters. In the mid-1950s, the CCCO extended its services not only to CO's but to those resisting war taxes and loyalty oaths as well. The escalation of hostility in Indochina during the 1960s created a surge in calls for CCCO services.  Its Draft Counselors Manual aided the network of volunteer counselors, keeping them up to date and enabling them to advise young men and women of all alternatives to the draft, not only conscientious objection. As the numbers fighting in Vietnam grew, the CCCO became increasingly involved in military as well as draft problems.  To reflect its broadened scope, it changed its name in 1969 to CCCO/An Agency for Military and Draft Counseling.  The National Military Law and Counseling Program, based in its Western Regional Office in San Francisco, was created specifically to do research and advise men and women already in the Armed Forches about military laws, regulations and discharge procedures.  In 1975, its was estimated that l0,000 people were counseled by CCCO. 

After the Vietnam war, the CCCO's efforts focused on the issues of amnesty, discharges, repatriation, and counter-recruitment.  The Taskforce on Recruitment and Militarism was organized in cooperation with other organizations to promote counter-recruitment.  TASAW (Take a Stand Against War), begun in 1975, sought to give high school and college students information about draft choices to counter the Selective Service's registration campaigns.  The CCCO called attention to the rights of African Americans and of women in the military, and continued its program of prison visitation to CO's.  For a period, it was the nation's largest draft and military counseling agency. CCCO changed its name once more to the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors.

CCCO suspended operations in late October 2009. As of 2010, some of the counseling service was taken over by the GI Rights Hotline and the Center on Conscience and War.

 Staff members who provided leadership for the CCCO include Michael Barba, David Collins, James Feldman, Jr., Bill Galvin, Jon Ginaven, John Judge, Jerry and Sue Kinchy, Jon Landau, Carol McNeill, Robert Musil, Bob Seeley, and Larry Spears.

Collection Overview
The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for the records of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (previous name: CCCO/An Agency for Draft and Military Counseling). Much of this collection has not yet been processed (as of 2014).

Series I contains organizational records (1948-1980), including the constitution (1969) and meeting minutes of the executive committee, mostly complete from its founding in 1948 through 1969. Financial information spans the years 195l to 1973 and includes a fairly complete set of monthly statements (1955-1973) as well as audits and other scattered financial records.

Series II: Publications, Communications and Releases (1948-1980) contains CCCO-written material such as its "Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (1952-1972), manuals for military and draft counselors (1969-1972), releases (1948-1980), and its annual brochures (undated), and other printed material. Three CCCO booklets were scanned in 2011 and may be accessed here:
- Conscientious Objectors Under Selective Service, 1950 (September)
- Conscientious Objectors Under Selective Service: Second Edition, 1951 (February)
- Handbook for Conscientious Objectors: First Edition, 1952 (November)

In Series III: Staff Files (1956-1978), an attempt has been made to identify whose file it was. Staff persons included: George Willoughby, executive secretary (1956-1962), Arlo Tatum, national secretary (1962-1972), Robert Seeley, draft counselor and editor of the CCCO periodical News Notes (1968-1974), staff attorneys E. Curry First (1968-1973) and Jon Landau (1970-1977), and counselors and staff members Jeff Blom, Douglis Farnsworth, Steve Gulick, David Morrison, Robert Musil, GayenThompson, Ellen Wilkinson, and Irene Wren (1970-1978). 
Series IV: Reference contains an alphabetical-within-state file of Draft Counseling Centers used by CCCO, newsclippings (1945-1970), published legal briefs (1948-1968), Department of Defense material (1955-1974), and mail, reports, booklets, and papers from other organizations.  The bulk of records acquired in the first three accessions originated in the early 1970s.

Series V: Case Files (1964-1978) comprises the bulk (71 ft.) of the collection. These were compiled by its draft and military counselors and contain counseling correspondence, records from the military, legal briefs, and court records. Included is a file (197l-1972) of Alan Saltzman, a California lawyer who litigated CO cases in cooperation with the CCCO. All material in Series V, as well as other specified boxes, contain information of a confidential nature about individuals who were counseled by CCCO staff. Thes files were restricted at the CCCO's request and may be used only with permission from CCCO. Contact the SCPC Curator for more information. . All boxes in this series are stored off-site.

Correspondents include all those whose names have already been listed as well as John Ginaven, Jerry Kinchy, A.J. Muste, Tom O'Brien, Jim Peck, Earle and Barbara Reynolds, and Norman Thomas.  Most of the correspondence in these records is found in the case files.

These records (accs. 75A-067, 77A-058, 79A-066 only), were originally processed under NEH Grant No. RC 20111-81-1655.

Items removed:
CCCO's periodicals News Notes (1949-date), NOMLAC (Newsletter on Military Law and Counseling) (1960-1981), Counter-Pentagon, and The Objector, may be found in the Periodical Collection.
Audiocassettes (123-127-Entries from "Interview a Vet" Contest) removed to Audiovisual Collection.
Puppet (entry for "Interview a Vet" Contest) removed to Memorabilia Collection.

Arrangement of Collection
Original Accessions: 75A-067, 77A-058, 79A-066
Series I: Organization
Series II: Publications, Communications and Releases
Series III: Staff Files
Series IV: Reference
Series V: Case Files stored off-site; restrictions apply

Later Accessions:
Acc. 95A-036
Acc. 00A-013
Acc. 01A-019
Acc. 02A-041
Acc. 03A-061
Acc. 07A-063
Acc. 08A-054
Acc. 09A-038
Acc. 09A-060
Acc. 2013-024

Detailed Description of the Collection

Original Accessions: 75A-067, 77A-058, 79A-066 [processed April 2014]

Box 1

Flyers: history and purpose
Organizational chart; committee lists; letterhead
Constitution, 1969, 1977
Meeting minutes, 1948 (September 27) - 1949 (November 8)
Meeting minutes, 1950 (February 3) - 191952 (December 12)
Meeting minutes, 1953 (January 23) - 1954 (December 17)
Meeting minutes, 1955 (January 21) - 1956 (December 14)
Meeting minutes, 1957 (January 11) - 1958 (November 14)
Meeting minutes, 1959 (January 9) - 1960 (December 2)
Meeting minutes, 1961 (February 3) - 1962 (December 1)
Meeting minutes, 1963 (January 18) - 1964 (November 20) [incomplete set]
Meeting minutes, 1965 (February 12) - 1966 (December 16) [incomplete set]
Meeting minutes, 1967 (January 20) - 1968 (December) [missing October 28, 1968]
Meeting minutes, 1969 (January-October)
National Board meeting minutes, 1971, 1975, 1977
Annual reports 1949-1962, 1975-1980 [incomplete sets]

Box 2
Financial records, 1950-1955
Financial records, 1956-1959
Tax forms, 1958-1959
Financial records, 1960
Tax forms, 1960
Financial records, 1961
Tax forms, 1961
Financial records, 1962
Tax forms, 1962
Financial records, 1963
Tax forms, 1963
Financial records, 1964
Tax forms, 1964
Financial records, 1965
Tax forms, 1965
Financial records, 1966
Tax forms, 1966
Financial records, 1967
Tax forms, 1967
Financial records, 1968
Tax forms, 1968
Financial records, 1969
Tax forms, 1969
Financial records, 1970
Tax forms, 1970
Financial records, 1971
Financial records, 1972
Financial records, 1973, 1976-1977
Employees insurance (example)

Box 3

Form/appeal letters, 1948-1949
Form/appeal letters, 1950-1954
Form/appeal letters, 1955-1959
Form/appeal letters, 1960-1969
Form/appeal letters, 1970-1975
Form/appeal letters, 1976-1979
Form/appeal letters, 1980-1989
Form/appeal letters undated
Letters/memos to Executive Board
Letters to CCCO Panel of Attorneys
Literature lists; bibliography
Publicity: press releases
News Release packet, 1971-
Media coverage
Media coverage: reference to CCCO in Julius Eichel's release regarding Seymour Eichel, 1957

Box 4
Draft Counselor's Manual [looseleaf], 1970 (February)
Draft Counselor's Manual [looseleaf], 1972 (June)
Military Counselor's Manual [up-to-date as of May 1972]
Counselor's Manual, 1970-1972 [up-to-date as of at least September 1972]
Military Counselor's Manual, __-1972
Military Counselor's Directory, (4th Edition), 1972-1973
Military Counselor's Directory, (5th Edition), 1973
Military Counselor's Directory, (6th Edition), 1974
Military Counselor's Directory, (7th and 8th Edition), 1975
Military Counselor's Directory, (9th Edition), 1976

Box 5
Leaflets/pamphlets/flyers (title A)
Leaflets/pamphlets/flyers (title B-C)
Leaflets/pamphlets/flyers (title D-I)
Leaflets/pamphlets/flyers (title J-N)
Leaflets/pamphlets/flyers (title O-Q)
Leaflets/pamphlets/flyers (title R-T)
Leaflets/pamphlets/flyers (title U-Y)
Pamphlet "Prison and Court Martial for Conscientious Objectors.." by Caleb Foote, 1949
Booklet/Pamphlet "Those Who Say No: A Chaplain's Guide..." by Jerry Kinchy, 1976
Booklet "Advice for Conscientious Objectors in the Armed Forces" (1st edition printings), 1970-1971
Booklet "Advice for Conscientious Objectors in the Armed Forces" (2nd edition), 1972
Booklet "Advice for Conscientious Objectors in the Armed Forces" (3rd edition), 1975
Booklet (looseleaf) "Attorney's Guide to Selective Service and Military Case Law" by Curry First, 1969
Booklet "Attorney's Guide to Selective Service and Military Case Law" edited by Jon Landau, etc., 1973

Box 6
"Supplement to Attorney's Guide to Selective Service and Military Case Law" by Curry First, 1970
Booklet "Tools for Counselors, Attorneys, Libraries, Volume One," 1972
Booklet "Veterans Discharge Upgrading Counselor List," 1975
Pamphlet "Bibliography of Conscientious Objection to War" by Hi Doty, 1954
Pamphlet "Conscientious Objection to War: A Selected Bibliography," 1950
Pamphlet "Conscientious Objectors Under Selective Service," 1950
Pamphlet "Conscientious Objectors Under Selective Service" (2nd edition), 1951
Book "Guide to the Draft" by Arlo Tatum and Joseph Tuchinsky, 1969
Publicity for Handbook
"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (1st edition), November 1952
"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (2nd edition), September 1954
"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (3rd edition), July 1957/ (4th edition) January 1960
"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (5th edition), 1962/ (7th edition), 1965
"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (8th edition), 1966/ (9th edition), 1967

Box 7

"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (9th edition, 2nd and 4th printing), 1968
"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (10th edition, 1st and 2nd printing), 1968-1969
"Handbook for Conscientious Objectors" (11th edition), 1971/ (12th edition), 1972
Releases No.1 and No.2, 1948
Mailing made up of releases, 1969
Release "IAO Classification of Men who claim IO"
Release "I-Y and IV-F Memo," November 15, 1968
Release "4-F" and "4-F Appendix"
Releases (Titles A-C)
Releases "Armed Forces Security Questionnaire" and "Armed Forces Security Questionnaire Memo," 1962, 1968-1969
Release "Background Information for Dealing with Department of Justice...," 1967
Releases regarding bail fund, 1948-1951
Release (for CCCO?) "A Brief Report-Trip to India and Japan" by George Willoughby, 1961
Report "Conscientious Objectors in the Armed Forces," 1952
Release "Conscientious Objection to Conscription," 1963
Release "The Conscientious Objector and the Armed Forces, " 1962, 1968, 1970
Release "The Conscientious Objector and the Reserve Officer Training Corps," 1958 / "The Conscientious Objector and the Military Reserves, " 1960-1962
Release "The Conscientious Objector Under the Selective Service Act of 1948"
Release "Counseling and Service Agencies for Conscientious Objectors," 1948-1951
Release "Counseling the AWOL GI, " 1972
Release re: court case regarding nonpayment of taxes by the Mustes, 1960
Releases (titles D-F)
Release "Defending Selective Service Indictments," 1951
Release "Details of Compulsory Work Program for Conscientious Objectors," 1966
Releases re: the doctor's draft, 1950
Release "Draft Counseling and Educational Centers" (2nd edition)
Release"The Draft Lottery"
Release"Draft Status of Men with Prior Military Service"
Release"Emigration and the Draft"
Release "Emigration to Canada: Legal Notes for Draft Age Men," 1968
Release "Facts on the Draft," 1965
Release"3-A Fatherhood and Hardship Deferments," 1970-1972
Release "Filling out Selective Service Form 118, 'Dependency Questionnaire' (for Class III-A)," 1968
Releases (titles I-Q)
Release "Information Manual for Conscientious Objectors on Criminal Prosecutions," 1948

Box 8
Release "Information on Conscientious Objectors Convicted for Violation of the 1948 Selective Service Act," 1949
Release "The Law in the Respective Jurisdictions..."
Release "Letters in Support of Conscientious Objector Claim," 1962-1968
Release"Making a Conscientious Objector Claim after Issuance of an Induction Order," 1962-1972
Release "Memo for Defense Attorneys Who Subpoena Classifying Board Members"
Release "Memorandum on Filling Out Selective Service System Form 100 'Classification Questionnaire,'" 1967 and 1968 versions
Release"Memorandum on Student Deferments," 1968
Release "Obtaining Discharge from the Armed Forces Because of Conscientious Objection to War," 1959
Release "On Doing Prison Time for Draft Refusal" by F. Paul Salstrom, rev. August 1967
Release "Pre-Enlistment Counseling"
Release "Prison Visitation Report," 1951
Release "Proposal to Develop Draft Counseling in the Black Community"
Releases re: probation/parole, 1948-1964
Releases (titles R-W)
Release "Refusal of Induction," 1961-1969
Release "Selective Service Procedures," ca. 1968-1972
Release "Special Form for Conscientious Objectors," ca. 1968-1972
Release "Student Deferment Memo," 1967-1971
Release "Universal Military and Training Act of 1948 (As Amended)" by Arlo Tatum, 1966
Report/release "Visit to Austin Regier and David Coffman at Sandstone (Minnesota) Prison, April 24, 1949"
Release "Why High School ROTC?" ca. 1972-1973
Published release "Three Hundred Years: The Struggle for Conscience in America" by Bob Seeley, ca. 1974
Published release "Profiles in Conscience: 200 Years of Conscientious Objection in the Armed Forces," ca. 1976
Published report/release "The Military Delayed Entry Program," 1977
"Special" releases, 1949-1951
Releases re: case of conscientious objector Larry Gara
Draft Law Primer, 1972
CCCO Amnesty Packet, 1974
"Information Bulletin" (#1, 3, 4), 1949
"CCCO's Prisoners Newsletter," October 14, 1971
Newsletter "Military Counselor's Network News," 1976-1977
Newsletter "The Military Counselor," 1971-1973
"Newsletter on Military Law and Counseling" #2, August 15, 1969

Box 9
Drafts of flyers and pamphlets [includes correspondence]
Drafts of flyers, pamphlets, and newsletters [includes correspondence]
Draft of "Common Army Abbreviations"
Draft of "A Draft Law Primer" by John Reints, ca. 1974
Draft of "Guide to the Selective Service System Law," ca. 1969
Draft "An Introduction to the Military and Military Counseling"
Paper "Military-Draft Counseling: Lawyer and Paraprofessional" by Harrop Freeman and Arlo Tatum, 197_
"Amnesty Now" by Harrop Freeman (CCCO General Counsel)
Royalties from pamphlet "The Draft Law" (3rd Edition) by John Griffiths and J. William Heckman Jr., 1970
"The Case for Repeal of the Military Selective Service Act: A Position Paper..." by Robert Musil, 1973

Box 10

Program proposals, 1975-1976
Planning documents
The Military Counselor Project
Repatriation Project
Responses to Alternative Service regulations from various groups/persons, 1972
Efforts regarding amnesty
Efforts regarding deserters/AWOL
Efforts regarding discharges from armed services
Response to Department of Defense proposal regarding conscientious objectors discharges from armed forces, 1973
Letters/statements gathered that opposed Department of Defense proposal regarding conscientious objectors discharges from armed forces, 1972-1973
Efforts regarding proposed revision to Selective Service System Form 150, 1971

Box 11
Statements of organizations regarding military draft, etc.
Summaries of draft cases
Military recruitments and All Volunteer Army: correspondence, etc.
Efforts against ROTC
Efforts regarding counter-recruitment of women to the armed forces
Lists of draft counselors and counseling centers
Task force reports (regarding training sessions)
Training of draft counselors
Military counselors training sessions
Training of draft counselors (using case of David T. Jones)
Training of draft counselors (using case of John Wilson)
Training of draft counselors: "Lousy Form 150 Answers"
Lottery problem (regarding draft)
Medical questionnaires
Naturalization of conscientious objectors and pacifists, 1951-1961
Procedural cases
A.J. Muste: tax case, 1960

Box 12
Field trips, 1975-1976
Fundraising efforts
Fundraising effort: Pete Seeger concert, Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 8, 1970
Funding proposals
Miscellaneous efforts, forms, etc.
Midwest CCCO, Chicago, Illinois: general
Midwest CCCO, Chicago, Illinois: attendance of John Judge at National Coalition of Vietnam Era Veterans meeting, Louisville, Kentucky, September 27, 1975
Midwest Committee for Draft Counseling (Regional Office), Chicago, Illinois
CCCO-Southern Regional Office, Atlanta, Georgia
Rocky Mountain Military Project [Regional Office?], Denver, Colorado
West Coast CCCO (Regional Office) / CCCO - Western Region, San Francisco, California
West Coast CCCO (Regional Office) / CCCO - Western Region, San Francisco, California: correspondence of Scott Thompson
American Personnel and Guidance Association [APGA], 1974
American Personnel and Guidance Association [APGA] Convention, March 23-26, 1975
American Personnel and Guidance Association [APGA] Convention, Chicago, Illinois, April 11-15, 1976
Interfaith Committee on Draft Information, 1971-1974
IFCDMI Consultation on Military Counseling and Priorities, Washington, D.C., February 21-23, 1975
Consultative Peace Council: meeting minutes, 1965

Box 13
40th Anniversary of CCCO: dinner and celebration, November 12, 1988
Efforts regarding newsletter "News Notes"
Mailing lists; phone numbers
Counter-recruitment meetings/conferences
Staff reports, 1973, 1977
In-house memos / inter-office memos, 1972-1975, 1977 [see also memos in box 21]
Miscellaneous staffpersons: correspondence (etc.), 1949, 1960, 1965-1969
Miscellaneous staffpersons: correspondence (etc.), 1970-1976
Andreson, Bent (Administrative Assistant)
Blom, Jeff (Draft Counselor, CCCO): correspondence (etc.)
Farnsworth, Doug (Finance Secretary): correspondence
Ginaven, John H. (Associate Secretary): correspondence

Box 14
Gulick, Stephen M.: correspondence, 1971-1974
Gulick, Stephen M.: correspondence, 1975 (January-April)
Gulick, Stephen M.: correspondence, 1975 (May-August)
Gulick, Stephen M.: correspondence, 1975 (September-December)
Gulick, Stephen M.: correspondence, 1976-1977
Jaffee, Leonard (C.O. Counselor): correspondence
Morrison, David: correspondence (General)
Morrison, David: correspondence (regarding conscientious objectors and conscientious objector cases) restrictions apply
Morrison, David R. (Coordinator, Draft Information Center): correspondence
Statement (testimony?) by Jeremy Mott for Subcommittee No. 3 of House Judiciary Committee, March 8, 1974
Musil, Bob: correspondence
Statement on amnesty by Robert K. Musil, March 6, 1974
Testimony of Robert Musil and David Cortright before the Defense Manpower Commission, November 14, 1972
Noller, John: correspondence, 1973-1974
O'Brien, Tom: correspondence

Box 15
Rivkin, Robert (staff lawyer): statement to Department of Defense Task Force on the Administration of Military Justice in the Armed Forces, May 24, 1972
Seeley, Bob and Ellen Wilkinson: correspondence with NISBCO staff, 1972-1976
Tatum, Arlo: biographical information
Tatum, Arlo: correspondence (etc,)
Tatum, Arlo: correspondence with A.J. Muste and the F.O.R
Tatum, Arlo: correspondence regarding finding members for Committee to End the Draft
Transcript of talk by Arlo Tatum "Draft Revision in 1967" given February 1967
Statement by Arlo Tatum to U.S. Senate Subcommittee, February 24, 1972
Tatum, Arlo and Gayen Thompson: Student Peace Union
Thompson, (Miss) Gayen (Acting Director, Committee to End the Draft): correspondence 1965
Thompson, (Miss) Gayen (Acting Director, Committee to End the Draft) and Arlo Tatum: correspondence 1965 (continued)
Thompson, (Miss) Gayen (Acting Director, Committee to End the Draft): correspondence with National Farmers Union 1965
Testimony of Joseph S. Tuchinsky to the Senate Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure, February 28, 1972
Willoughby, George: correspondence 1956-1962

Box 16
First, Curry: correspondence
First, Curry: case of Arthur Ambrus [Attorney for Petitioner]
First, Curry: case of Robert Hutton Ball [Defense Attorney]
First, Curry: case of Roger Edwin Berg [Defense Attorney]
First, Curry: case of David Lyle Jepson
First, Curry: case of William George Katt [Assistant on case]
First, Curry: case of Patrick McCarthy[Defense Attorney]
First, Curry: Southern Legal Assistance Fund 1968-1969
First, Curry: Philadelphia Attorneys Selective Service and Military Panel, 1969
First, Curry: draft of memo regarding proposed class action: Simpson et. al. v. Selective Service
First, Curry: drafts, notes
First, Curry: lists of cooperating attorneys
First, Curry: case brief for Joel Whetstone [reference material?]
First, Curry: case briefs [reference material?]

Box 17
Landau, John: correspondence
Landau, John: draft counselors, 1970-1971 [restrictions apply]
Landau, John: draft counselors, 1972
Landau, John: draft counselors, 1974-1977
Landau, John: draft counselors, undated
Landau, John: conscientious objectors in prison; prison visitation, etc.
Landau, John: questionnaires (filled out) re: returning AWOLs and local army base policies, 1972-1974
Landau, John: prepublication suit, 1972
Landau, John: updating of Attorney's Guide, 1970-1972
Landau, John: Attorney's Guide; case lists
Landau, John: miscellaneous efforts
Landau, John: case of United States v. Brown, 1972 [notes by ?]
Landau, John: mailing lists; phone numbers

Box 18
Seeley, Bob: correspondence 1971
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (January)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (February)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (March)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (April)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (May)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (June)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (July)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (August)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (September)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1972 (October-December)

Box 19
Seeley, Bob: correspondence 1973 (January-February)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (March)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (April)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (May)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (June)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (July)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (August)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (September)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (October)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (November)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1973 (December)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (January)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (February)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (March)

Box 20
Seeley, Bob: correspondence 1974 (April)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (May)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (June)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (July)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (August-September)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (October-November)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1974 (December)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1975 (January-March)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1975 (April-May)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1975 (June-August)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1975 (September-October)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1975 (November)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1975 (December)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1976
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, 1977
Seeley, Bob: correspondence, undated

Box 21
Seeley, Bob: correspondence (etc.) with Midwest CCCO (Chicago)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence with Rocky Mountain are CCCO
Seeley, Bob: correspondence with Southern Region Office CCCO (Atlanta, Georgia)
Seeley, Bob: correspondence (etc.) with CCCO Western Region
Seeley, Bob: correspondence with AFSC
Seeley, Bob: office memos, 1969
Seeley, Bob: memos sent/received, 1971
Seeley, Bob: memos sent/received, 1972
Seeley, Bob: memos sent/ received, 1973
Seeley, Bob: memos sent/received, 1974
Seeley, Bob: letters to/from Curtis Tarr (Director, Selective Service) by CCCO and others regarding Form 150, 1971 (November)
Seeley, Bob: letters to/from Curtis Tarr (Director, Selective Service) by CCCO and others regarding Selective Service Form 150, 1972 (November) [continued]

Box 22
Seeley, Bob: correspondence with Selective Service System, 1972
Seeley, Bob: correspondence with Selective Service System, 1973-1975
Seeley, Bob: unemployment and Recruitment thinkpiece, 1973
Seeley, Bob: articles from readers for News Notes, 1973-1976 [includes correspondence]
Seeley, Bob: mailing lists from News Notes, 1966-1967
Seeley, Bob: self-study, use of DCN, 1972
Seeley, Bob: material regarding draft counseling
Seeley, Bob: reprinting of 4-F document and appendix, 1972
Seeley, Bob: questionnaires filled out by draft counseling centers
Seeley, Bob: questionnaires filled out by draft counseling centers [continued]
Seeley, Bob: repatriation project

Box 23 restrictions apply
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Antonio S. Andrade, 1975
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Kai Johan Arvi, 1972-1973
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Richard K. Bohn [aka KA Kavana], 1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Geoffrey Brown, 1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Allan Duane Clark, 1974-1975
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee William Conway, 1973
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Kenneth H. Duffy, 1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Thomas Michael Glowa, 1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Clyde Goodrich, 1971-1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Stephen Brewer Harper, 1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Charles F. Itzer, 1971-1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee David James
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Daniel Kuhn, 1972-1974
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee(?) John A. Lewis, 1973
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee(?) James Anthony (Tony) McQuail III, 1974
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee William Mittendorf, 1971-1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee William Cleon Panther, 1975
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Christopher C. Patten, 1975
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Henry Posamentier, 1971-1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Tim Putnam, 1968-1973
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Mark Rankin, 1975
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee John Reed, 1969
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Charles Francis Riegle, 1973-1974
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee John G. Roberts, 1973
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Gunther Schimkus, 1973
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Fred Smith, 1974-1975
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Stephen E. Snyder, 1972
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee (?) David Solliday -- memo to support his claim [by Seeley?]
Seeley, Bob: draft counselee Jeff Thaler, 1973
Seeley, Bob: FBI sheet on David McGinnes Gracie, 1974

Box 24
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1975 (January-October)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1975 (November)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1975 (December)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (January)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (February)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (March)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (April)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (May)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (June)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (July-September)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, 1976 (October -December)
Wilkinson, Ellen: correspondence, undated
Wilkinson, Ellen: requests for literature [see also correspondence]
Wilkinson, Ellen / Tom O'Brien, Counter-recruitment: Correspondence with Edith Hefley (Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Branch, WILPF)

Box 25
Wilkinson, Ellen: finding new board members
Wilkinson, Ellen(?): notes for speeches, etc.
Wilkinson, Ellen: contact lists
Wilkinson, Ellen: miscellaneous
Wilkinson, Ellen: Task Force on Recruitment and Militarism, 1975-1976
Wilkinson, Ellen: Task Force on Recruitment and Militarism, 1977-1978, undated
Wilkinson, Ellen: Consultation on Recruitment and Militarism (CCCO), 1976
Wilkinson, Ellen: APGA Convention exhibits, 1976-1978
Wilkinson, Ellen: field trips, 1976-1977
Wilkinson, Ellen: trip to Minneapolis and Madison (with Jon Landau), 1976
Wilkinson, Ellen: arranging trips for field worker John Judge
Wilkinson, Ellen: radio spots, poster possibilities, advertisements
Wilkinson, Ellen: signed release forms for photographs used by CCCO
Wilkinson, Ellen: Selective Service registration/draft repeal, 1975-1976
Wilkinson, Ellen: gathering signers for letter regarding presence of the military in schools, 1976

Box 26
Wilkinson, Ellen: ROTC / Junior ROTC in Pennsylvania schools
Wilkinson, Ellen: guidance counselor mailing
Wilkinson, Ellen: high school organizing
Wilkinson, Ellen: high school Peacemakers Program (CCCO), 1978
Wilkinson, Ellen: statistics regarding recruiter visits/policy
Wilkinson, Ellen: pamphlet for draft counselors
Wilkinson, Ellen: G.I.s and disarmament
Wilkinson, Ellen: Military Union Movement (S. 274), 1978
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- project proposals
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- correspondence and memos
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- correspondence with Congress
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- CCCO efforts
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- organizing
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- publicity
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- development of literature
Wilkinson, Ellen: Taking a Stand Against War (TASAW) -- contact lists

Box 27
Material removed from Series V: Individual Case Files
Altman, George T. (attorney)
Ames, Winslow, 1951-1966
Banyacya, Thomas, 1955
Bromley, Ernest (Peacemakers), 1949-1967
Crimmins, John J. (counselor)
De Rosa, Ulisse [Ulysses] (WWI C.O.), 1964
Faust, Dr. Elizabeth
Joyce, Stella (Head of Research, Amnesty International)
Martin, Mrs. Charles B.
High school debate concerning compulsory service, 1968
Hirsch, Oliver (G.I. Help [org.])

Box 28

Reference material: Army National Guard
Reference material: Department of the Army
Reference material: Department of Defense
Reference material: Department of the Navy
Reference material: Department of Justice
Reference material: Selective Service System
Reference material: The 1967 Committee to End the Draft on or Before June 30, 1967, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reference material: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Reference material: American Ethical Union
Reference material: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Reference material: Bay Area Lawyers Selective Service Panel
Reference material: Chicago Area Military Project
Reference material: End of the Draft [organization]
Reference material: Medical Resistance Union
Reference material: Minnesota Clergy and Laity Concerned
Reference material: National Association of Black Veterans Inc.
Reference material: National Network of Vietnam Era Women, 1974
Reference material: NSBRO/NISBCO
Reference material: Unitarian-Universalist Association on Conscientious Objection
Reference material: War Resister Information Program, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Box 29
Reference material: amnesty for conscientious objectors/deserters
Reference material: black draft resisters
Reference material: Canadian immigration policy, 1969-1973
Reference material: conscription
Reference material: conscientious objectors in prison
Reference material: lists of and data about federal penal and correctional institutions, ca. 1971-1972
Reference material: counter-recruitment
Reference material: draft counseling
Reference material: filling out form 150
Reference material: less-than-honorable discharges
Reference material: military recruitment
Reference material: ROTC/Military Training
Reference material: tax resistance

Box 30
Reference material: references regarding conscientious objectors and the draft, 1967-1970
Reference material: release "Right to Counsel" by The New York Draft and Military Law Panel, 1968
Reference material: Army Discharge Review Board brief for William Rodney Martin Jr.
Reference material: Classification I-SCC, 1968-1969
Reference material: trial of Robert Arnold Whitehouse, 1970
Reference material: trial of Carl G. Cooper
Reference material: trial of James E. Foley
Reference material: trial of Grant Duncan Kaufmann, 1974
Reference material: trial of Peter A. Keller, 1969
Reference material: trial of John William Koster, 1969
Reference material: trial of Charles Robert Muncaster [son of Robert G. Muncaster], Alabama, 1969
Reference material: trial of Robert George Muncaster, Alabama, 1970
Reference material: trial of Robert J. Strople
Reference material: trial of Duane Theodore Wallen, 1970

Box 31
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (multiple last names)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with A)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with B)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with C)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with D)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with E)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with F)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with G)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with H)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with J)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with K)
Reference material:draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with L)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with M)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with N)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with O)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with P)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with R)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with S)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with T)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with V)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with W)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with Y)
Reference material: draft resisters/evaders and C.O.s (last names starting with Z)

Box 32
Reference material re: court case/s -- Multiple defendents-appellants
Reference material re: court case/s -- A [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- B [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Richard Earl Bender
Reference material re: court case/s -- Alva Eugene Blalock and Richard Eugene Meredith
Reference material re: court case/s -- James Michael Bolton
Reference material re: court case/s -- John Douglas Broyles
Reference material re: court case/s -- C [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Neil Bruce Checkerman
Reference material re: court case/s -- William Chernekoff Jr.
Reference material re: court case/s -- Martin Ludwig Cohn-Staedt [for naturalization]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Richard Secor Corliss
Reference material re: court case/s -- D [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Harvey Lee Davis
Reference material re: court case/s -- Daniel Brimeli Dingman
Reference material re: court case/s -- Joel Elias Doty (and Paul, Orlin, and Sid Doty)

Box 33
Reference material re: court case/s -- E [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Theron Leroy Elder
Reference material re: court case/s -- F [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Jeffery Stuart Falk
Reference material re: court case/s -- G [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Robert James Gazda
Reference material re: court case/s -- Raymond Gonzales Jr.
Reference material re: court case/s -- Gerson Grosfeld
Reference material re: court case/s -- H [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- William R. Hagaman
Reference material re: court case/s -- Kenneth George Hanauer (and Jack A. Crabill)
Reference material re: court case/s -- Richard R. Harshman (and Malcolm Lebert Parker)
Reference material re: court case/s -- Ted Vernon Head
Reference material re: court case/s -- Brian Isaacson

Box 34
Reference material re: court case/s -- J [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Ronald S. Jenkins
Reference material re: court case/s -- Arthur Jost
Reference material re: court case/s -- K [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Mathias Kauten
Reference material re: court case/s -- Rolf J. Kolden
Reference material re: court case/s -- L [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- James Morris Lawson
Reference material re: court case/s -- M [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Bruce Todd Maine
Reference material re: court case/s -- Robert Allan Mang
Reference material re: court case/s -- John Mansavage
Reference material re: court case/s -- Milton Mayer
Reference material re: court case/s -- Robert Michener
Reference material re: court case/s -- A.J. Muste versus People of New York

Box 35
Reference material re: court case/s -- N [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Peter Niznik
Reference material re: court case/s -- Harry Gray Nugent
Reference material re: court case/s -- O [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- P [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Vaughn Preston Peebles
Reference material re: court case/s -- R [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Robert Everett Reuman
Reference material re: court case/s -- Robert Donald Rowland
Reference material re: court case/s -- S [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- John Francis Arthur Sandoval
Reference material re: court case/s -- Ilse Scaccio
Reference material re: court case/s -- David Emery Serfass

Box 36
Reference material re: court case/s -- Benjamin Spock et. al.
Reference material re: court case/s -- Joseph E. Steiner Jr.
Reference material re: court case/s -- Paul Edward Rowton (and Charles Freeman Wheeler and Reuben Jones Stepp)
Reference material re: court case/s -- T [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- V [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- W-Z [collective]
Reference material re: court case/s -- Francis David Wenzel
Reference material re: court case/s -- Joel Ziskowski

Box 37
Reference material: looseleaf training manual "General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists Medical Cadet Corps," 1951
Reference material: article "A Comment on Pre-trial Commitment of Criminal Defendants" by Caleb Foote, 1960
Reference material: report "Conditions at the Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, Springfield, Missouri" by Brad Lyttle, ca. 1960
Reference material: pamphlet "Agnostic Conscientious Objectors" by Lester Forest, 1961
Reference material: release "The Draft in 1964" by Roland Liebert, 1964
Reference material: pamphlet "Comment. The Selective Service System: An Administrative Obstacle Course" by Charles Wilson Jr., 1966
Reference material: pamphlet "Comment. God, the Army, and Judicial Review: The In-Service Conscientious Objector" by Robert Montgomery Jr., 1968
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Reference material: pamphlet "The Case for Abolishing ROTC" ca. 1970
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Reference material: "First Amendment Defects in Selective Service Conscientious Objector Forms" by Jerome Garchick, 1971
Reference material: pamphlet "Getting It All Together: A No-Sweat Guide to a Better Deal for Ex-G.I.'s," 1971
Reference material: paper "The Scope of the Rights of Civilian Counsel to the Use of Government Facilities when Representing U.S. Military Personnel in Vietnam" by John Segal, 1971
Reference material: "Very Selective Service: A Study of Induction...," by Barbara Rutledge, 1971
Reference material: report "Account of the August 1-7 Conference to Train Staff for the G.I. Movement," August 1971
Reference material: memo regarding legal challenges to the actions of Selective Service under the 1971 Act by John Schulz

Box 38
Reference material: "Army Basic Training: The Genocide of Young Souls" by Mike Nobel, ca. 1971
Reference material: paper "The Military's Spiritual Enfants Terribles: The In-Service Conscientious Objectors" by Private Melvin Friedman (Fort Bragg, North Carolina), ca. 1971
Reference material: photocopied pages regarding conscientious objectors from "Problems of the Commander" of Judge Advocate Staff officer course, U.S. Air Force's Air University, ca 1971
Reference material: "National Draft Counseling Directory" (1st and 2nd editions) by Youth Counseling Foundation, 1971-1972
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Reference material: periodical/Pamphlet "Manpower Comments" 9:3, March 1972
Reference material: photocopy of "Report of Selective Service Violations, January-December 1972"
Reference material: paper regarding federal court review of transfers/discharges/assignments by the armed services, by ?, ca. 1973
Reference material: "From Vietnam to the Streets of America" by Mackie McLellan, 1974
Reference material: release "How much of a Contract is the Enlistment 'Contract'" 1974
Reference material: report: "Meeting of the Army Advising Panel on ROTC Affairs," July 9, 1976
Reference material: "Report on Military Contracting in the Delaware Valley," 1976
Reference material: pamphlet "Getting It All Together: A No-Sweat Guide to a Better Deal for Ex-G.I.s," ca. 1970s
Reference material: undated
Reference material: "Summary of Draft Law Litigation" by Reverend K.R. Colton
Reference material: Selective Service System: Registrants Processing Manuals
Reference material: chapters of booklet/book by ?

Box 39
Reference material: Auburn University Draft Service 1970 (Gary Campbell and Phil McMunigle), Alabama
Reference material: Deep South Counseling Center (Don Soto, George Hoetzel), Mobile, Alabama
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Reference material: Lake County Draft Information Center, Jim Marovich, Gary, Indiana
Reference material: Lawrence Peace Center, Kansas
Reference material: Draft Information and Counseling Committee, Youth Commission-Hal WM's, Berea, Kentucky

Box 40
Reference material: Simon, Harry, Lafayette, Louisiana
Reference material: New Orleans Peace Action Center (Collins Vallee), New Orleans, Louisiana
Reference material: Bath-Brunswick Counseling Service: Peter Wilson
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Box 41
Reference material: Williams Area Draft Counseling Service (Bill Matthieson), Williamstown, Massachusetts
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Box 42
Reference material: Cornell Draft Information (Carola Norton), Ithaca, New York
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Box 43
Reference material: AFSC (Jerry Ciekot), Syracuse, New York
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Box 44
Reference material: University of Scranton (Fr. Tom Garrett, Don Noll), Pennsylvania
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Reference material: St. Thomas Draft Counseling Center (Roderick Moorehead), Virgin Islands
Reference material: Draft Information Center, South Africa

All boxes are large (12" x 12" x 15") (may be titled Personal Files). Folder titles and notations have been transcribed below and include: last name, first name, middle initial [date of papers in folder / branch of service / etc.]

Boxes 1-30 [formerly 43-93] Restrictions Apply
Box 1 stored off-site
Aaronson, Reuben [1967]
Abbott, Rodney [1969]
Abel, Michael L. [1968]
Abel, William R. [1968]
Abeles, Tom Peter [1967]
Abelson, Edward [1966]
Abergam, Tony [draft paper “Amendments to Memo ‘Turn In Your Card? What Comes Next?” by Abergam and Martha Westover, ca. 1967-1968]
Abernathy, Julian C. [1963-1967]
Abraham, Stephen [1969 / Army]
Abrams, Jere R. [1970]
Accardy, Steve [1967]
Accetta, John [1968 / Army]
Acheson, Meldon [1965-1967]
Achtenberg, Ben [1967-1968]
Ackermann, C. Phillip [1964 / Army]
Ackley, Blaine [1965-1968]
Adams, David M. [1966]
Adams, James [1965-1967]
Adams, John Gamber [1964]
Adams, John G. [1968]
Adams, Roger [1969 / Army]
Adcock, Joe [1962-1967 / Army]
Adkins, Herbert [1969]
Agnew, David [1967]
Ahlgrim, Henry [1965]
Ahlstrom, Robert [1963-1964]
Aikman, William F. [1968-1970]
Albert, Pete [1969-1970]
Albertson, Mark D. [1963-1968]
Albrecht, Herbert C. [1966-1968]
Albrecht, Jonathan A. [1968]
Alderfer, Douglas [1968-1970]
Alderfer, W. Henry [1966]
Alexander, Helen G. [1968]
Alexander, Joseph Davidson [1968-1970]
Alexander, Lawrence [1965-1969]
Alexander, Peter L. [1965-1967]
Alexander, Ron [1968]
Alexander, Terry [1969-1970]
Alford, Terry [1969]
Ali, Cassius Clay (Mohammad) [1968]: general
Ali, Cassius Clay (Mohammad) [1968]: newsclippings
Allen, Archie E. [1964-1967]
Allen, Bruce [1967-1968]
Allen, Dennis Wayne [1966]
Allen Jr., Gary A. [1965-1966 / Marines]
Allen, John M. [1964 / Army]
Allen, Melvin G. [1967]
Alper, Gary [1967]
Alsop, Peter [1969]
Alt, James [1969]
Altbach, Philip [1965-1966]
Althoff, Phillip [1966]
Altman, Daniel [1967]
Altshuler, Ross [1966]
Alwin, Duane Francis [1965-1967]
Alwon, George W. [1967-1968]
Amenebar, Patricio [1968 / Army]
Ames, Winslow [1951-1966]
Amick, Wayne Harry [1968]
Amorosi, David J. [1966]
Anawalt, Howard C. [1965-1968]
Andersen, Fred [1969]
Anderson, Alvin Troy [1965 / Army]
Anderson, Andrew David [1964-1967]
Anderson, Clayton Wendell [1966-1969]
Anderson, Daniel [1964-1967]
Anderson, Dean [1966-1967]
Anderson, Harold L. [1960 / Army]
Anderson, James D. [1962-1966]
Anderson, James R. [1968-1969]
Anderson, Jerry Lee [1962-1964]
Anderson, Jim H. [1963-1964]
Anderson, John Steven [1967]
Anderson, Marc B. [1958-1966]
Anderson, Morgan Lee [1965-1968]
Anderson, Robert [1964-1965 / non-cooperator]
Anderson, Pvt. Stanley [1966 / Army]
Anderson, Steven [1967-1971]
Andes, Michael [1967-1968]
Andrews, Kent [1966-1967]
Andrijanoff, Chongre [1967]
Angel, Gary [1965-1968]
Anisgard, Alan J. [1967]
Anthony, R.S. [1962-1967 / son of Robert Anthony, Moylan, Pennsylvania]
Appelbaum, Robert [1963-1964]
April, Dr. Robert [1966]
Aramoonie, E.S. [1969]
Arian, Arthur J. [1961-1966]
Arisman, James [1966]
Armstrong, Kip [1969]
Armstrong Jr., Robert J. [1968-1969]
Arlyck, Ralph [1965-1966]
Arnaiz, David [1963-1968]
Arnes, Everett [1965]
Arneson, Gary [1966]
Arons, Paul [1967 / Army]
Arthur, James [1966-1967]
Arvio, Raymond Paavo [1951-1966]
Ashelman Peter [1957-1965]
Ashelman, Randall B. [1967]
Ashley, David [1968]
Ashton, Holbrook Thayer [1967]
Askey, Philip [1966-1967]
Atkinson, Bernard Charles [1966]
Atkinson, Rick [1967-1968]
Atkinson, Robert [1967]
Atlee, Thomas F. [1965]
Atterbury, Russell C. [1965-1967 / Army]
Auble, Howard [1963-1967]
Aubrey, Thomas [1965-1967 / Army]
Auer, Edward [1967]
Aufiery, Joseph [1968]
Augst, Norman A. [1966]
Auler, James [1967-1968]
Austin, David [1969]
Austin, Donald [1965-1966]
Austin, George Martin [1967]
Austin, John L. [1968]
Autuori, Michael J. [1966]
Ayars, James S. [1966]
Ayers, Charles [1969 / Army]
Ayres, Earl Daniel [1965-1966 / brother of Joseph Ayres / 1-A-O]
Ayres, Joseph S. [1962-1966 / brother of Earl Ayres]
Ayuso, Hector [1967]

Box 2 stored off-site
Baber, Pfc. William C. [1968-1969 / Army]
Bachrach, William B. [1968-69 / Army Reserves]
Backus, Julian S. [1966]
Bacon, Dexter H. [1963-1966 / Army Reserves]
Bacon, Rod [1966]
Baecker, James A. [1969-1970]
Baedenkopf, Bill [1966]
Bahler, William [1967-1968]
Bahnimptewa, Pvt. Stanley [1966-1969]
Bailey, Richard [1968-1969]
Bailey, William [1961-67]
Baime, Thomas C. [1966]
Baker, Christopher R. [1962-1968]
Baker, Don [1967]
Baker, Donald L. [1967-1968]
Baker, Frederick P. [1965-1967]
Baker, Harold A. [1966]
Baker, Jack B. [1968]
Baker Jr., Lee Cecil Ray [1968]
Baker, Richard [1966-1967]
Baker, Richard [1965]
Balaban, John [1963-1968]
Balch, Gilbert A. [1966]
Baldwin, Keith M. [1968-1970]
Ballinger, Billy [1966]
Banister, Frank [1966]
Banks, Fred and Dan and Tom [1951-1965 / brothers of Steven Banks]
Banks, Lawrence A. [1967 / Army]
Banks, Steven [1962-1966 / brother of Fred, Dan and Tom Banks.]
Baranski, Thomas [1969]
Barba, Michael J. [1966 / Army]
Barber, Robert [1968]
Barbieri, Lawrence P. [1968]
Barbour, George E.[1966-1968]
Barker, Kenneth C. [1963-1966]
Barkley, Roger [1966]
Barley, Delbert [1964-1966 / loss of citizenship case]
Barnes, Byron [1967]
Barnett, Peter E. [1966-1967]
Barnett, Richard [1967-1971 / Army]
Barnhart, Eugene [1966]
Barr, Allan F. [1967]
Barr, Richard [1968-1969]
Barrett, Richard L. [1955-1956]
Barrish, I. Jay [1966-1967]
Barris, Michael C. [1966-1968]
Barsamian, David [1965]
Bart, Jonathan [1967-1968 / Army]
Bartell, Joel [1966 / son of Phillip Bartell]
Bartelt, Steven Charles [1968]
Bartholomew, David E. [1969]
Bartlett, Dr. Edward W. [1967-1969]
Bartlett, Paul Owen [1965-1966]
Bartlett, Steven [1965-1966]
Barton, Barry F. [1967-1968 / Army]
Barus, Peter and Bill [1966-1967 / brothers]
Bash, Douglas [1966-1967 / Army]
Bass, Brendon M. [1961-1965]
Bass, Henry [1967-1968]
Bass, Thomas [1969]
Bassin, Barry [1964-1966]
Bates, Charles E. [1965]
Battiste, John [1964-1967]
Bauer, Randall J. [1968]
Bauer, Thomas C. [1966-1968]
Baum Jr., Bert C. [1966]
Baumgaertel, Walter J. [1965-1966]
Baumgartner, William M. [1964-1966]
Beach Jr., Paul Walter [1969]
Beal, Carl George [1965]
Beale, Robert B. [1966-1968]
Beals, Edward W. [1951-1967]
Bean, David Baldwin [1967-1969 / Navy]
Beardall, Gregory R. [1964-1967]
Beardsley, Mark [1968-1970]
Beaty Jr., Leroy [1966]
Beauchamp, Alan Charles [1963-1966]
Becich, Pvt. Peter M. [1967-1968 / Army]
Beck, Bruce E. [1961-1966]
Beck, Peter [1962-1966 / son of Norman and Evelyn Beck]
Becker, Bruce [1966-1967]
Becker, Stephen [1965]
Becker, William [1968 / Army]
Beckett, Carter [1969-1970]
Bedwell, Lee Roy [1963-1964 / son of B.L. Bedwell]
Beeler, Charles [1967]
Beem, Robert A. [1965-1966]
Beer, Thomas J. [1969]
Belford, Leonard A. [1964-1966]
Bell, Alan [1965-1969]
Bell, David [1963-1966 / SNCC worker]
Bell, Jeffrey M. [1968]
Bell, Thomas Wilson [1966]
Bell, Victor McNeal [1968-1969]
Bellafiore, Dennis J. [1968]
Bellanti, Robert [1967]
Bellinger, Jeffrey O. [1965-1967 / Navy]
Bellingham Jr., John A. [1968]
Belton, Pfc. Winstel [1965 / Army]
Bender, Ted L. [1966]
Benedict, Walter [1963-1966]
Bennett, David Joseph [1968]
Bennett, John H. [1962-1965]
Bennett, Walter Charles [1964-1968]
Benenson, Edgar Francis [1964-1965]
Benson, David [1966-1967]
Benson, Don [1965-1968]
Benson, John L. [1961-1966 / Quaker]
Benston, James Edwin [1965-1966]
Benway, Donald R. [1968-1969]
Berg, Eugene Alfred [1967-1969]
Berg, Marvin E. [1966 / son of William and Margaret Berg]
Berg, Rodger
Berger Jr., Steve [1965-1967]
Berggren, Capt. Allan [1967-1968 / MC / Air Force / physician]
Bergman, David H. [1963-1964 / non-cooperator]
Berke, Dr. Joseph H. [1963-1966]
Berkingoff, David [1963-1964 / re: Abraham Dascal]
Berkowitz, Daniel [1966]
Berland, Kerry [1964-1969]
Berland, Kevin [1965-1967]
Berman, Mac [1961]
Berman, Michael [1964]
Bernard, Christopher A. [1967]
Bernard Jr., John G. [1968-1969]
Bernhardt, Douglas C. [1967]
Bernstein, Michael [1966]
Berquist, Allan [1965]
Berrigan, Phillip F. [1967-1968]
Berriss, Richard S. [1961-1965]
Bert, Edward J. [1967]
Bertman, Lee Allan [1965-1967]
Best, Clinton [1967]
Bettis, Pvt. Eddie [1967-1968 / Army]
Beuhler, George [1968]
Bidlack, Jeffrey T. [1955-1965]
Bienkowski, Robert [1964]
Biesele, Lance G. [1967-1968]
Biesiada, Robert N. [1965-1966]
Biggins, Tim [1967]
Billingsley, Michael [1967-1969]
Birchard, Bruce A. [1965-1967]
Birkeland, Mark [1969-1970 / Navy]
Birney, Robert [1967 / Binney?]
Bishop, T. Jerome [1962-1969]
Bissinger, Karl [1967-1968]
Bitterman, Michael [1968]
Bivin, Wayne [1966 / Army]
Black, John H. [1964-1968]
Blackstock, Nelson [1964-1965]
Blake, Tom [1960-1968]
Blank Jr., Mark [1968 / also: Mark Sr. and John Blank]
Blatz, Neils [1968-1969]
Block, Steve [1964-1967]
Blom, Pvt. Jeffrey Lewis [1967 / Army]

Box 3 stored off-site
Bloom, Peter [1966-1967]
Boardman, Dr. Donnell W. [1965-1966 / father of Richard Boardman]
Boardman, Richard M. [1957-1966 / see also Donnell W. Boardman]
Boardman, Richard M. [1966-1967]
Bock, Peter [1968-1969 / Army]
Bodner, Arnold Leslie [1969]
Boettinger, Robert [1967-1968]
Bogart, Gary S. [1968-1969]
Bogner, Robert G. [1961-1964]
Boisvert, Gerald [1966-1967]
Bold, Elliott [1967]
Bolef, Dan [1968-1969 / COC]
Boler, William [1969]
Bolling, Brian [1958-1966]
Bond, Julian [1966-1967]
Bondhus, Barry [1966-1968]
Bonito, Salvatore [1967]
Bonner, Cameron S. [1965-1968]
Bonner, Herbert Dwight [1966-1968]
Bootes, Mike [1969]
Booth, James
Booth, Paul [1967]
Borden, William Bruce [1962-1964]
Boreen, John [1968-1969]
Borelli, Pvt. Peter D. [1967 / Army]
Borg, David G. [1967-1969]
Borgen, Robert [1968]
Borger, Christian W. [1966]
Borgo, Peter [1968]
Boroson, Ron [1963-1964]
Bortin, David [1964]
Bortree, Scott [1969]
Bosler, Watson [1969-1971]
Bostelle, Jesse [1966-1968]
Bostock IV, Edward Crary [1965-1966]
Bothwell, Jeff [1966-1969]
Bottesch, George B. [1966-1967 / Army]
Bottonari, John K.
Bougere III, Walter [1968-1969]
Boujikian, Mark [1964-1969]
Boulet, Francis S. D. [1966-1968]
Bourgeois, Robert [1968-1969]
Bowden, Arther Leonard [1964-1966 / Army]
Bower, Gerard G. [1968]
Bowers, Richard [1965-1967]
Bowling, John [1963-1964]
Bowman, Joel [1966-1969]
Bowman, Richard S. [1962-1967]
Boyce, Monroe [1968]
Boyle, Bill [1969]
Bradbury, Timothy D. [1967-1968]
Braddock, David Wood [1965]
Bradley, James [1960-1966]
Bradley, Jefferson [1966 / Marines]
Bradshaw, Michael M. [1965-1968]
Bradt, Peter R. [1968]
Bragg, Bill [1969]
Bragg, Jeff [1966 / VISTA]
Braitling, Joseph [1969]
Bramhall, Mark H. [1965-1966]
Brand, Donald A. [1968]
Brand, Roger [1964]
Brandser, Dale O. [1968-1969]
Brandt, Richard [1967-1968]
Brann, David [1964-1968]
Brantley, Michael Andrew [1967-1968]
Bratcher, Pvt. Michael E. [1967-1968 / Army]
Braun, Henry [1967-1968]
Braun, Richard H. [1967]
Braxton, Robert [1968-1969]
Breasted, John [1965-1969]
Brecher, Jeremy [1957-1967 / son of Edward Brecher]
Bredehoft, William P. [1967-1969]
Breen, Girard Regis [1965]
Brennan, Dennis [1968]
Brennan, Joseph F. [1966 / Navy Reserves]
Brenner, Myron [1966-1967]
Brenton, Larry [1964-1965]
Breslin, Edward [1967]
Breslin, Michael [1966]
Bresson, Pvt. [Frederick] Douglas [1968]
Brewster, Pvt. Albert Wingate [1968]
Brick, Capt. Samuel T. [1968]
Bricker, Charles A. [1966-1968 / Army Reserves]
Briddel, Don [1969]
Briggs, William [1966-1967]
Bringle, Robert [1966]
Brittenham, Norman [1965 / Army]
Brod, Walter [1965-1967]
Bromley, Dan [1968]
Bronston, Dr. William G. [1966]
Brooker, Ernest K. [1966 / Air Force]
Brooks, Mrs. Peter S. [1969]
Brophy, Carl R. [1966 / Army]
Brophy, Michael C. [1965-1968]
Brorsen, Robert [1968 / Navy]
Brosi, George [1966-1968]
Brothers, William C. [1968]
Brothwell, Robert [1969]
Broudy, Mark [1968-1969]
Brouwer, Charles [1968]
Brown, Alan R. [1959-1964]
Brown, Bruce M. [1969-1970]
Brown, David B. [1969]
Brown, Don [1964-1965 / AFSC peace intern]
Brown, Elman [1969]
Brown, M. Geoffrey [1968-1970]
Brown, Julian [1965-1967 / Marines]
Brown, Lawrence [1968]
Brown, Louis [1961-1965]
Brown, Marvin Prentiss [1968-1969]
Brown Jr., Nelson [1967-1968]
Brown, Peter D. [1967-1968]
Brown, R.B. [Kathryn W. / Michael G. / Mrs. Relis]
Brown, Reginald [1968]
Brown, Steve G. [1967-1968]
Brown, Thomas DeWitt [1961-1966]
Brown, Willard [1966]
Brown, William J. [1968 / Army]
Brownlee, Derek [1967-1968]
Brownlie, Andrew R.
Brownlie, Dorothy C. [1968-1969]
Brownscombe, Robert [1967]
Broyles, Doug [1967-1968]
Brozgold, Lee [1965]
Brozo, James [1969]
Bruehl, Christopher C. [1965-1966]
Bruff, William [1962-1964]
Brumbaugh, Paul [1968]
Brundage, Richard [1968]
Brunger, Douglas [1966-1967]
Brush, Michael [1967-1968]
Brust, Robert G. [1967-1968]
Bryan, John Wesley [1964-1969] File #1
Bryan, John Wesley [1964-1969] File #2
Bryan, William [1966]
Brysky Jr., Clemens [1967-1969 / Army]
Buchanan, James D. [1966-1967]

Box 4 stored off-site
Buck, Peter [1960-1964]
Bucknell, James [1964-1965 / non-cooperator]
Buechele, Paul [1967-1968]
Buehler, David Allen [1966-1968]
Buehler, Richard [1966]
Buenfil Jr., John [1966-1967]
Bugh, Lawrence H. [1966]
Buismato, Rev. Frank [1967-1969 / OFM]
Bulgin, Hubert [1963-1964]
Bulkley Jr., Robert D. [1964]
Bulley, Joel [1967-1968 / son of Julian Bulley]
Bullock, Donald [1965-1969]
Bundy, Alan [1968-1969]
Bunner, Tim V. [1964 / Army]
Buratto, Joseph Bruno [1966-1968]
Burbridge, Gary [1968]
Burcham, Wayne [1967]
Burchill (MaCuiogae), Scott [1964-1965]
Burge, William [1967-1968]
Burgess, David [1968-1969]
Burgoyne Jr., Wilfred C. [1964-1966]
Burian, Frederick [1964]
Burke, Kenneth [1966-1967]
Burke, Rothwell W. [1967]
Burkett, William [1969-1970]
Burkholder, David Edward [1963-1966]
Burlingame, Robert [1963-1964]
Burnley, Roger L. [1961-1966]
Burns, Chester Alan [1967]
Burns, David E. [1966]
Burns, John J. [1967-1969]
Burns, Cpl. Mary Elizabeth [1968 / Marines]
Burrill, John W. [1965-1968]
Burton, Dr. Josef J. [1967-1968]
Bush Jr., Kimberly [1963-1966]
Bushard, Tom [1963 / Army / I-A-O]
Bushnell III, George E. [1966]
Businaro, Charles Robert [1968]
Bussard, Steven [1965-1971]
Busse, Kent [1965-1968]
Butler, Donald [1964-1968]
Butler, Larry S. [1962-1967]
Butterick, John R. [1968]
Butterworth, David [1966-1969]
Butzin, Peter A. [1968]
Buxton Jr., Charles H. [1968]
Byers, Harold [1968-1969]
Byhauwer, Wilbur Pieter [1962-1968]
Bynum, William Norfelt [1967-1968 / Army]
Byrne, Thomas [1963-1965]
Cabrera, Dan [1969-1970]
Caccuitto, Franklin C. [1965]
Cady, Fitch [1967-1968]
Cailey, Fred [1966 / Army Reserves]
Cain, Richard [1959-1964]
Cakars, Maris [1962-1965]
Calabria, David C. [1968-1969]
Calder, Philip Byron [1963-1964]
Caldwell, Sam [1968]
Callaway, Ross [1972 / two loose papers, no file]
Calnek Jr., Maynard [1961-1967]
Camp Jr., Howard J. [1968]
Campbell, Bruce B. [1966-1968]
Campbell Jr., George [1967-1968]
Campbell, Louis S. [1965-1967]
Campbell, Paul [1968]
Campbell, Shirley [1965-1968]
Cantanzaro, Gerald J. [1967-1968 / Navy]
Canterbury, Tom [1966-1970]
Cantor, Stephen Michael [1964]
Capron, Alex Morgan [1964-1968]
Cardwell, Thomas J. [1969]
Carey, Richard [1965-1967 / Navy Reserves]
Carfagno Jr., James
Carkin, Gary [1966]
Carle, David P. [1967-1968]
Carlet Jr., Francis [1966-1968]
Carleton III, Bukk G. [1958-1964]
Carlson, Gary [1968-1969 / Navy]
Carlson, Gregg [1966]
Carlson Jr., Robert [1968-1969]
Carnahan, Roscoe S. [1963]
Carncross, Thomas Orrin [1965-1967]
Carper, Jean [1966-1969]
Carr, Diane [Women’s Army Corps Reserves]
Carr, Gordon V. [1965]
Carr, John [1966-1968, Army]
Carter, Jared [1965-1967 / Army Reserves]
Carter, Robert N. [1967-1968]
Carter, Warren [1968]
Cartwright, Peter [1966]
Cary, Norman Reed [1960-1966]
Casady, Cort B. [1967]
Casale, Albert [1965]
Case, Sherwood Hamilton [1965]
Casey, John Whalen [1967]
Cassell, Michael D’Wayne [1967]
Cassidy Jr., Thomas J. [1966]
Castillo, Alfredo G. [1966]
Castle, Alan F. [1965-1966]
Castro, Josef [1967]
Caswell, Jerry V. [1966-1967]
Catalin, John R. [1964-1965 / Army Reserves]
Cates, Robert L. [1964]
Catlett, Richard E. [1954-1964]
Caton, Elton [1968-1969]
Cavanaugh, Joseph C. [1967]
Cawley, Jeffery Lee [1968]
Celinto, Salvatore [1971]
Cell, Charles P. [1961-1968]
Chadd, Barry [1969-1971]
Champagne, Joseph [1969-1970]
Champion, Don [1965]
Chandler, Richard [1971]
Chaney, Pvt. Richard [1969 / Army]
Change, Steven [1968]
Chapin, Stuart (Terry) [1963-1965]
Chapman, John [1969 / Marines]
Charlesworth, Ted [1969]
Charman, Neil J. [1969]
Chase, Oscar [1963-1964 / Army Reserves]
Chase, Robert W. [1967-1969]
Chatfield, Jack [1967]
Chaudron Jr., Charles Douglas [1964-1971]
Chaudron, Craig [1967-1968]
Chavez, Felix [1966-1967 / Army]
Cheatle, Walter [1969-1970]
Checkley, Thomas S. [1967]
Cheney, Lloyd
Cherpitel, Sidney [1964]
Chestnut, Peter [1968]
Cheydleur, Frederick [1962-1967 / killed in Laos]
Child, Donald [1963-1964]
Childress, Timothy H. [1969]
Chisholm, Mack H. [1967-1969]
Chittenden, LeRoy [1966-1969]
Christensen, Warren W. [1967]
Christian, John (and Judy) [1963-1965]
Christie, George [1968]
Cinna, Richard H. [1967]
Ciscel, Dennis Richard [1966]
Civins, Jeff
Claiborne, James Frank [1968]
Clamp, Jim Woodrow [1967]
Box 5 stored off-site
Clancy, Michael [1966]
Clark, Anthony [1964]
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Bob [1968-1969 / AFSC]
Clark, David R. [1957-1969]
Clark, Gregory P. [1965-1966]
Clark, Jackson [1967]
Clark, Jared S.A. [1961-1965]
Clark, Kenneth W. [1965-1968]
Clark, Lonnie D. [1966]
Clark, Michael S. [1967-1969]
Clark, Robert H.A. [1960-1965]
Clark, Sheldon H. [1962-1965]
Clark, Stephen Bruce [1965-1966]
Clark, William T. [1969]
Clarke, D. Sherman [1964-1965]
Clarkson, David [1967]
Clausing, Ken L. [1966-1967]
Clements, George [1968-1969 / Army Reserves]
Clemons Jr., Richard L. [1966-1967]
Clemson, Richard R. [1964-1966]
Cleveland, Eugene (Gene) [1962-1966 / Army Reserves]
Clews, Christopher (Kit) [1967 / twin of Henry Clews]
Clews, Henry (Hank) [1967 / twin of Christopher Clews]
Cloke, Ken [1966]
Cloud, Gerald [1969]
Coddington, Tom [1965]
Coffin, William S. [1968]
Coffman, David S. [1965]
Cogswell, Robert [1964]
Cohen, Michael J. [1966]
Cohen, Robert [1968]
Cohn, Mike
Cohoon, Robert [1968 / Army]
Colby, Jonathan A. [1968]
Cole, Chip
Cole, Daniel A. [1964]
Cole, Fred [1969 / Navy]
Cole, Pvt. Wayne S.
Coley Jr., Sammie [1966 / Army]
Collins, Malcolm [1968]
Collison, Terry [1966]
Colnaghi, Daniel [1964 / National Guard]
Colwell, Guy [1967]
Combs, Paul Lawrence [1968]
Comeau, Wess J. [1968 / Navy]
Comer, Michael Patrick [1968]
Commike, Robert [Army]
Comstock, Thomas [1969 / Army]
Concitis, John (and Mrs. Marie) [1968 / Army]
Conklin, Geoffrey Reed [1966]
Connor, James P. [1969]
Conrad, Randall [1967]
Conrad, Ronald [1968]
Conway, Thomas [1969 / RAS]
Cook, Don S. [1966]
Cook, Richard [1966]
Cooke, Stuart [1968]
Cookson, Frederick [1968]
Cool, Richard [1967]
Coombs, Kenneth F. [1965]
Cooper, Carl [1969]
Cooper, Peter [1967]
Cooper, Richard Anthony [1968]
Cooper, 2nd Lt. Richard P. [1966 / Army]
Cooper, Robert H. [1966]
Cooper, Samuel [1964]
Cooper, Steven M. [1966]
Cope, Robert [Navy]
Coppola Jr., Nicholas [1967]
Corbay, Robert [1967]
Corman, Paul [1968]
Cornell, Thomas [1966 / see also Catholic Worker file]
Cornillon, John [1966]
Correio, Raymond [1967 / Navy]
Corso, Matt
Cort, Howard [1964]
Cory, Hoyt [1969]
Cossa Jr., Mario [1969]
Costello, David [1967]
Costello, Sean [1966]
Costigliola, Frank [1969]
Courtway, Jon J. [1969]
Cowan, Jonathan [1969]
Cox, Charles [1968]
Cox, Eric J. [1968]
Cox, Stephen D. [1970 / EEW]
Cox, Thomas F. [1968 / Army]
Crabb, Jim [1965 / non-cooperator]
Crago, Bartholomew J. [1966]
Crain, Daniel [1966]
Craine, Stephen I. [1968]
Cramer, John R.
Crane, David
Crane, Edward Allen [1966]
Crane, Raymond C. [1967 / Army]
Crawford, Thomas [1967]
Creel, Bryant [1967]
Creider, Chet [1966]
Cresson Jr., Osborne C. [1966]
Crisco, William A. [1965]
Crocker, George W. [1968]
Crofts, Daniel [1969]
Cronin, Pvt. Daniel J. [1967 / Army]
Cronin, Thomas [1966]
Cronin, Timothy [1967]
Cross, William [1969]
Crouch, Charles Robert [1968]
Crout, Robert [1969]
Crowell, Chester L. [1967]
Crowl, Roland Wilson [1968 / Air Force]
Crownfield, Peter [1968]
Crownfield, Peter [1968] (continued)
Crum, Wayne [1966]
Crutcher, Ross [1969]
Culver, Andrew (Sandy) and Edward [1966]
Culver, David [1965]
Culver, Kenneth F. [1966]
Cummins, Virgil Marvin [1968]
Cunliffe, George [1968]
Cunningham, Michael C. [1969]
Cunningham, William [1966 / wife: Pat]
Curran, Clifton [1966]
Curran, Henry A. [1967]
Curran, Hugh [1966]
Curry, Brian [1965 / Marines]
Curry, George Edward [1966]
Curry, Lee [1968]
Curry Jr., William F. [1967 / Marines]
Curtis, Peter [1968 / Navy Reserves]
Curtis, Peter and Chris [1965]
Curylo, Carter [1969]
Cushmore, Taylor Grant [1967]
Cushmore, Terry [1968]
Cutler, Allan Harris [1967]
Cutler, Bruce [1968 / Army]
Cutillo, Robert
Dahlgren, Harry [1964]
Dalton, Richard [1968 / Navy]
Daly, Bryan C. [1966 / Army]
Daly, Kenneth [1965]
Daly Jr., Richard T. [1964 / non-cooperator?]
Dancis, Bruce [1968]
Dandrea, James [1968 / Army]
Daneker, Lee [1968]
Daniels, John [1966]
Danilchak, Martin J. [1968]

Box 6 stored off-site
Dankwort, Juergen [1968]
 Dankwort, Juergen [1968] (continued)
Dankwort, Juergen [1968] (continued)
Dann, David [1965]
Darling, Rev. (Father) Ralph E. [1969]
Dartlon, Donald W. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Dattola, Charles [1968]
Daugherty, Robert F. [1968]
Dautoff, Stephen [1966]
Davenport, Mark [1966]
Davenport, Russell E. [1967]
Davidson, Kent A. [1965]
Davidson, Neil [1968]
Davidson, Tom [1968]
Davidson, Warren [1966]
Davis, Ardith Alvin [1968]
Davis, Bainbridge H. [1966]
Davis, Carl T. [1966]
Davis, David [1966]
Davis, Dennie [1966]
Davis, Gerald L. [1965]
Davis Jr., Jay M. [1966]
Davis, John M. [1970]
Davis, Joseph [1969]
Davis, Lawrence [1968]
Davis, Lloyd [1968]
Davis, Paul E. [1967]
Davis, Richard Thomas [1968]
Davis, Robert Marc [1968]
Davis, Robert Wesley [1969]
Davis, Salters [1968]
Davis, Shelton H. [1966]
Daw, Edward A. [1968]
Day, John W. [1968]
Dayhoff, Keith M. [1969]
Dayton, John Michael [1967]
Dean, John [1966]
Dean, Kevin C. [1969]
Dearing, Walter Lee [1965]
Deckebach, Pvt. John A. [1967 / Army]
DeCourcy, John [1969 / Navy]
DeCoursey, Claude [1965]
Deimling Jr., Alfred [1967]
De Kadt, David Jan [1965]
Dekar, Paul R. [1967]
De Lain, Gary E. [1967]
De Lamarter, R. [1967]
Deland, H. Brent [1967]
Delaney, Christopher [1968]
Delgado, Richard [1966 / Marine Reserves]
Delvin, Denis [1969]
De Monchy, René [1968]
Dennison, David [1967]
Denniston, Evans [1968]
Densham, Pvt. Robert S. [1965]
De Pietro Jr., Rocco [1968]
Dessel, Harvey [1969]
Destra, James [1968]
Detlor, Leonard G. [1968]
Detmold, Michael [1967 / Army]
Detry, Thomas J. [1966]
Detzer, Eric Thorsten [1967]
De Vault, Barry Wade [1964]
Devitt, John [1968]
Devitt Jr., Timothy R. [1968]
DeVries, William J. [1964]
Dewart, Robert [1967]
DeWit, Brian [1966]
De Woody, George B. [1969]
Dexter, David T. [1969]
Dial, Louis [1969]
Dibner, Steve [1968]
Dichsen, Peter D. [1967]
Dickens, Sam
Dickerson, Michael [1969]
Dickey, Peter [1966]
Dickinson, Jeremiah [1966]
Dickinson, Jonathan [1965]
Dickson, Mason [1968]
Dickson, William A. (Pat) [1967]
Didinger, Joseph Christopher [1964]
Diehl, Richard A. [1968]
Dietman, Richard [1968]
Dietrich, Richard A. [1968]
Dilday, John and Coulter [1965]
Dill, James [1968]
Dillon, W. Kent
Dinu, Paul C. [1966]
DiPuppo, James
DiQuattro, Arthur [1964]
Ditto, William [1967]
Dixon Jr., Willard D. [1968]
Doak, Jon [1969]
Dobyns, Douglas E. [1966]
Dodd, Terry and Mitch [1964 / brothers]
Dodds, John L. [1968]
Dodge, D.E. [1967]
Dodge, Richard K. [1968]
Doherty, William C. [1966]
Doi, Robert [1967]
Dolan, Joseph P. [1968]
Dolgoff, Robert [1968]
Dombrowski, William M. [1968]
Donaldson, Gordy [1968]
Donham, Parker [1966]
Donigian, D.W. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Donovan, Brian [1969]
Donsky, Jerald A. [1967]
Dooley, Steven [1968]
Doorn, Jeffrey [1968]
Doren, Jack [1968]
Dorgan, Dennis [1968]
Dougherty, Frazer [1966]
Douglas, Alan [1965]
Douglas, Barry [1968]
Douglas, George H. [1967]
Douglas, George S. [1967]
Dowdy, James [1965 / Army Reserves]
Downham, Richard [1966]
Dowouis, Murphy [1967 / Catholic non-cooperator]
Down, Tim [1968]
Downes, David [1966]
Doyle, John H. [1965]
Drake, Dyer [1967]
Drake, Fletcher F. [1968 / Army Reserves]

Box 7 stored off-site
Draper, Philip A. [1966]
Draper, William H. [1967]
Dreby, Edwin [1968]
Dreher, Robert [1967]
Drehmann, William [1968]
Dreilinger, Charles L. [1968]
Dressler, David Mark [1964]
Drew, Charles Frank [1967]
Drew, Mark [1968 / Air Force]
Driscoll, Robert [1968]
Drover, Russell J. [1969]
Drury, Butch [1969]
Dryden, Donald T. [1966]
Dryer, Philip [1967]
Dryz, Pvt. Daniel G. [1967 / Army]
Du Bois, Paul [1965]
Dubroff, John [1967]
Duckles, Robert [1965]
Dudley, Earnest
Due, Dan [1966]
Duell, Halliwell L. [1966]
Duffy, Ron [1965]
Duggan, John E. [1967]
Dukarm, James [1967]
Duke, Eugene L. [1964 / Navy]
Duke, Michael S. [1964]
Dunbar, Tony [1968]
Duncan Jr., G. Cameron [1968]
Duncan, James Randall [1967]
Duncan II, Richard F. [1964]
Dundas, Malcolm
Dunlap, David Palmer [1968]
Dunn, John [1967 / Air Force]
Dunn Jr., Robert [1964 / Reserves]
Dupree, Leroy
Duranske Jr., George L. [1966]
Duren, James S. [1968]
Durgain, Michael E. [1965]
Durisen, Richard H. [1968]
Dustin, Daniel E. [1968]
Duval, Paul [1966]
Duveneck, Peter [1964]
Dwan, Robert S. [1967]
Dwyer, Dan [1968]
Dwyer, Warren [1965 / Air Force / discharged]
Dyas, Gerald [1966]
Dybikowski, James C. [1966]
Dye, Arthur [1964]
Dyer, John [1967]
Dykman, Timothy
Dzido, Thaddeus [1969]
Eagan, Eugene N. [1965]
Eager, Fritz [1967 / Army]
Earnhardt, Kent C. [1968]
Easter, David [1967]
Eastman, John Allen [1967]
Eaton, Bob [1966]
Ebro, Gus [1968]
Echelmeyer Jr., Fred [1966]
Eddy, S. Bartlett [1965]
Edgerton, Larry [1967 / Air Force]
Edmonston, David B. [1964]
Edwards, David L. [1966]
Edwards, David Phillip [1969]
Edwards, David V. [1964 / son of Earle Edwards]
Egbert, Steven [1969]
Egeln, Pvt. Harold [1966 / Army]
Ehrlich, Alan [1967]
Eldred, David Newell [1968]
Eldred, Eric A. [1966]
Eldridge, Peter L. [1967]
Elias, Steven [1967]
Elle, Larry [1967]
Eller, Stanley [1968]
Elliott, Douglas L. [1966]
Elliott Jr., Howard S. [1967]
Elliott, Richard [1968]
Elliott Jr., Thomas [1965]
Ellis, Graham H. [1965]
Elwell, Bruce Everett [1966]
Elwell Jr., John W. [1968]
Emerson, Peter D. [1967]
Emery, Steve [1965]
Emmert, Jan Paul [1967]
Emmons, Jeff [1967]
Emmons, Rodney [1967 / brother to Ronald]
Emmons, Ronald [1968 / brother to Rodney]
Endress, James A [1967]
Engel, Franklin [1968]
Engel, Stephen [1966]
Engelbach, Jerry [1967]
Engelbrecht, James Emil [1968]
Englander, Martin [1965]
Englander, Maury [1967]
Englander, Ted [1967]
Engram, William [1968]
Eppers, David [1967]
Epstein, Howard [1966]
Epstein, Lawrence [1969]
Erickson, Peter B. [1968]
Erion, David [1966 / Army / son of Fred Erion]
Espenschied, Peter [1962]
Espenshade, John P. [1967]
Estep, Harold Alfred [1969]
Estes, Richard [1968]
Estey, Lawrence M. [1964]
Etcheverry, Fred Wayne [1965]
Euler, Richard [1964 / son of Louisa and Robert C. Euler]
Eustace, Paul Richard [1968]
Evans, Arthur [1966]
Evans, Howie [1968]
Evans, Michael J. [1967]
Everett, Michael [1966]
Evers, William D.
Fader, Michael H. [1967]
Fagan, Lawrence J. [1967]
Fager, Charles E. [1967]
Fahey, Greg [1969]
Fairchild, Jerry [1966]
Fales, Evan [1966]
Fallon, Daniel T. [1968]
Fante, Dan [1967]
Farley, Joe [1968]
Farmer, Franklin [1968]
Farness, Steven [1967]
Farnham Jr., James Paulding [1968]
Farren, Patrick [1969]
Farrow, Mark [1967]
Fast, Gene [1967 / Army]
Faul, Jan Walkley [1964]
Fausel, Raymon [1967 / Army]
Faw Jr., R. Decker [1965]
Fedele, Cosmo T. [1967]
Federici, Al (Scope) [1967]
Federspiel, Phillip Andrew [1968]
Feeney, George M. [1968]
Fein, Oliver Thomas [1968]
Feinstein, Allan D. [1968]
Box 8 stored off-site
Feldenkreis, Howard [1968]
Feldman, Robert Joseph [1968]
Felisone, Henry A. [1964]
Fellner, David C. [1969]
Fels, Gordon [1967]
Fendt, Arthur [1967]
Felton, Morely [1969]
Feola III, Frank [1968]
Ferber, Michael [1967]
Ferguson, Jeremy
Ferguson, Michael E. [1965]
Ferleger, David [1966]
Ferrari, David John [1967]
Ferre, R. Duane [1968 / Air Force]
Fessenden, Peter [1966]
Fetrow, Robert S. [1967]
Fickett, Thomas [1968]
Fiedler, Thomas [1966]
Field, Jay [1969]
Field, Sam [1968]
Fields, F. Herbert [1965]
Fields, Larry [1967]
Fier, John [1966]
Filbrun, Glen [1964]
Filbrun, Mrs. Raymond [1964 / for son Melvin, see Glen Filbrun]
Fillion, Lloyd [1968]
Finch Jr., W. Douglas [1967]
Fink, Kenneth [1969]
Finkelstein, Stuart Jay [1969]
Firth, Robert F. [1968]
Fischer, John P. [Navy]
Fischer, Nick [1967]
Fish, Jerry [1967]
Fish, Robert [1964]
Fisher, David I. [1966]
Fisher, Joel Anthony [1967]
Fisher Jr., John V. [1967]
Fitzgerald, Dale [1968]
Fitzgerald, Edward [1968]
Fitzgerald, Herb [1968]
Fitzgerald, Mike [1968]
Fitzpatrick, Dennis
Flaccus, Laurence K. [1965]
Flaherty, Leigh [1965]
Flanery, Joseph J. [1966]
Fleming, David Thomas [1968]
Fleming, John Emory [1965]
Fleming, John H. [1965]
Fleming III, Thomas H. [1968 / Army]
Fletcher, Richard J. [1966]
Fliegelman, Ronald David [1968 / Army Reserves]
Flint III, Charles [1967]
Flohr, Dr. Louis M. [1968]
Flora, Steve [son of Clinton Flora]
Flora, Jan L. [1968]
Foery, Raymond [1969]
Fogelman, Ronald [1968 / Army]
Foley II, T.T. [1966]
Foley Jr., William [1965]
Fontana, Luke [1969]
Foraste, John [1969 / Peace Corps]
Forbes, Charles P. [1963]
Forbes, John Russell [1966]
Ford, Adrian [1966]
Ford, Charles [1969]
Ford, Paul [1968]
Forem, Jack [1964]
Forney, Brian K.
Forstein, Rabbi Stephen [1968]
Fortman, Phil [1968]
Fortunato Jr., Stephen J. [1965 / Marine Reserves]
Foster, Cass [1967]
Foster Jr., John B. [1967]
Fountain, Kenneth C.
Fowler, John [1968]
Fox, Harry R. [1969 / Army]
Fox, James Russell [Air Force]
Fox, Laurence A. [1968]
Fox, Mark [1965]
Fox, Robert Adolph
Fox, Timothy [1968 / Navy]
Frame, Myron L. [1966]
Francis II, Harley F. [1965]
Francis, John James [1968]
Francis, Miller Ingram [1967]
Franckenstein, Ian S. [1966 / son of Kay Boyle]
Franklin, Charles E. [1965]
Frantz, Michael D. [1967 / Army / discharged]
Franz, William
Frederick, Franklin H. [1967]
Frederickson, Donald [1968]
Freeman, Edward [1967]
Freeman, Richard [1968]
Frelich, Daniel P. [1965]
French, Alan F.
French, Alfred [1965]
Frese, Donald Bassett [1966]
Frey Jr., Ralph D. [1968 / Navy]
Fried, Hilary [1966]
Friedman, Benjamin [1966]
Friedman, Michael Allen [1967]
Friedman, Michael Lee [1966]
Friedman, Robert P. [1968]
Fritts, Harold C. [1968]
Fritz, Robert L.
Fromm, Marian A. [1968]
Frost, Everett C. [1966]
Frumin, Steven [1968]
Fry, W. Scott [1969]
Fry III, William
Frye, John [1965]
Frye, Larry [1967]
Fuchs, Steven [1968]

Box 9 stored off-site
Fuller, Richard Osborne
Fuller, Steven [1967]
Fuller, Ted [1967]
Fulton, Robert Bingham [1967]
Furness, David Dwight [1962]
Furst, Randy [1967]
Gabbe, James I. [1969]
Gabor, David Warren [1967]
Gagliardi, Frank [1964]
Gagner, Gary A. [1967]
Gainer, Robert [1966]
Gale, Richard Leslie [1968 / Army]
Gallagher, Dennis [1967]
Gallagher, Paul [1968]
Galloway, Douglas R. [1968]
Galt, Francis [1967]
Galt, Tom [1964]
Gambrill, Stanley [1968]
Gann, Andrew [1968]
Gann Jr., John L. [1967]
Gann, John W. [1967 / Army]
Gara, Larry [1964]
Garcia, Pvt. Raul
Gardner, Martin W. [1968]
Gardner, Tom [1968]
Garfinkle, Charles L. [1968]
Garner, Robert H. [1966]
Garrett, Mark G. [1966]
Gardner, Tom [1966]
Garrett, Martha [1968 / husband, Tom, in Navy]
Gast, David S. [1969]
Gatlin, Kenneth [1965 / also Rochelle Gatlin / Air Force Reserves / discharged]
Gawlick, Pvt. Kenneth F. [1969]
Gay Jr., Richard H. [1968 / Army]
Gayle, Kurt [1967]
Gaylin, Willard M. [1968]
Gearey, David [1968]
Gehres, James [1968]
Geiser, Peter [1968]
Gelesko, Richard [1968]
Geller, Bill [1969]
Gelles, Joseph [1967]
Gentle, James [1969]
George, F. Malcolm [1965 / Army / honorable discharge]
Gerber, Charles [1968]
Gerlach, H. Hartmut [1966]
Gerswick, Brad [1968]
Getty, Clive [1969]
Getz, Gerome [1968]
Giacone, Jim [1969]
Gibbons, Paul E.
Gibney, James Patrick [1965]
Gibson, David [1966]
Giebel, Kenneth L. [1967]
Giese, Richard W. [1966]
Giffin, William [1966]
Gilbert, James D. [1966 / Navy]
Gilbert, John L. [1968]
Gilcher, William H. [1966]
Gilfillan, David P. [1968]
Gill, Jock [1968]
Gillen, Len [1967 / Army]
Gillespie, Angus K. [1968]
Gillespie, John [1969]
Gillette, Arthur L. [1966]
Gilliam, Bob [1968]
Gillis, David [1965]
Gilmartin, David [1966]
Gilson, Michael [1966]
Gipson Jr., Charles [1967]
Girshick, Steven L. [1967]
Gladson, Carson L. [1966]
Glade, Richard [1967]
Glaser, Gary [1966]
Glass, Martin [1964]
Glavin, Fred [1964]
Glazebrook Jr., Kenneth W. [1968]
Gleason, John Richard [1967]
Gleim, William [1967]
Glenn, Dr. John S. [1966]
Glick, Brian [1965]
Glover Jr., Henry B. [1968]
Gnepp, Steven [1968]
Gnass, Russell Karl [1965]
Goddard, Russ [1966]
Goddard, Willard [1966]
Goeller, Richard D. [1967]
Goff, Fred [1967]
Goff, Gary [1966]
Goguen, Pvt. Philip W. [1968]
Gold, Steven Harvey [1968]
Goldberg, Richard Emmanuel [1965]
Golden, David [1965]
Goldin, Alan [1969]
Goldman, Mark [1967]
Goldsborough, Pvt. MacKenzie [1967 / Army / discharged]
Goldsmith, Mark E. [1966]
Goldstein, Donald Ethan [1967]
Goldstein, Neil W. [1965]
Goldstein, Stu [1966 / Army Reserves]
Gonczy, Daniel J. [1966]
Gordon, Alex [1969]
Gordon, Eric Arthur [1968]
Good, Gary [1967]
Good, Joseph
Goodall, Charles [1969]
Goodman, Harold [1967]
Goodman, Robert L. [1966]
Goodrich, Rhea (Ray) [1965]
Goodwin, John C. [1968]
Goodwin Jr., Richard [1965]
Gorchov, Robert D.
Gordon, Adrian [1968]
Gordon, Dr. Michael [1968]
Gordon, Philip H. [1966]
Gordon Jr., Robert Lee [1968]
Gordon, Robert Stephen [1968]
Gordon, Walter J.
Gore, Robert L. [1967]
Gore, Stephen Thomas [1968]
Gormley, Walter [1965]
Goss, George [1964]
Gothard, David [1967]
Gottheisman, John [1967]
Gould, William [1966]
Gowell, Allan [1969]
Grace, James R. [1966]
Grady Jr., Francis J. [1967]

Box 10 stored off-site
Graham, Charles
Graham, John K. [1967 / Army]
Grandstaff III, Herald A.
Grant, Gregory L. [1966 / Army]
Grant, Henry Donald [1967 / non-cooperator]
Grant, James
Grant, Pvt. James G. [1968 / Army]
Graves, Bruce B. [1967]
Graves, J. Ralph [1965]
Grant, Louis A. [1965]
Grapatin, George [1966]
Gratzen, Fred [1968]
Gray, Benjamin [1967]
Gray, David [1967]
Gray, Thomas B. [1968]
Grazer, Walter E. [1968]
Greene, Carl [1969]
Green, Donald [1969]
Green, James W. [1965]
Green, Justin [1968]
Green, Leonard [1966]
Green, Malcolm A. [1969]
Green, Robert H. [1969]
Greenberg, David [1969]
Greenberg, John S. [1969]
Greene, Guy [1965]
Greene, Jon Stephen [1965]
Greenough, Paul R. [1968]
Greenstone, Matthew [1968]
Greer, Justin [1968]
Greer, Lanier C. [1964]
Greger, Robert and Laura [1967]
Gregory, Curtis [1966]
Greenway, Carso [1969 / RAS]
Gress, Michael L. [1967 / Army]
Grey, Leroy E. [1966]
Grieff, Robert [1966]
Grier, William R. [1968]
Griffith, Douglas [1968]
Griffin Jr., Phil [1966]
Grikscheit, Christopher [1968]
Grimes, James Scott [1969]
Grobe, Robert H. [1968 / Navy]
Groff, Henry (Hank) [1968]
Groff, Robert Stephan [1966]
Gromen, Peter W. [1966]
Gross, Alan and Walter [1968]
Gross, Howard S.
Gross, Robert D. [1968]
Gross, Steven Samuel [1966]
Grossman, John [1965]
Grove, Michael [1969]
Grover, David M. [1968]
Grout, Glenn [1966]
Grunde, Andris [1969]
Grundy, Terry [1966]
Grzedzicki, Ralph W. [1968]
Guerrero, Gene [1968]
Gula, Steve [1967]
Gulick, James C. [1968]
Gulick, Stephen M. [1967]
Gunderjohn, Lloyd [1965 / Army]
Gundersheim, Art [1968]
Gunn, Bert [1969]
Gunter, Jock [1968]
Gunther, Paul B. [1969 / Army]
Gurk, Mitchell [1969 / Navy]
Guske, Richard [1967]
Gustavson, Hando [1965]
Guthrie, H. Bruce [1964]
Guttmacher, Laurence
Haag, Charles [1964]
Haase, Ken [1968]
Haase, Lawrence [1968]
Haber, Dan [1966]
Hacker, Thomas [1967]
Hackett, Donald Dale [1968]
Hadley, James F. [1967]
Hafer, R. Fritz [1968]
Hafer, Pvt. William R. [1966 / Army]
Hagedone, Kim [1968]
Hagedorn, John M. [1968]
Hager, Stanton [1967]
Haggerty, Bernard [1968]
Hahn, Joseph Ditzler [1965]
Hailey, Jack David [1967]
Hailey, Jack David [1967] (continued)
Haimes, Irving [1966]
Haines, William C. [1968]
Hainline III, Forrest [1968]
Haisley, Lindsay E. [1967]
Halas, Dan [1966 / see also: John Somers, Esq.]
Haldane, Robert B. [1968]
Halfhill, Robert W. [1964]
Halliburton, Jack
Hall, David Lloyd [1968]
Hall, Keith A. [1966]
Hall, Lenford A. [1967]
Hall, Dr. Ogle [1967 / Army / Dental Corps]
Hall, Richard Douglas [1969]
Hall, Rick [1969]
Hall, Willie R. [1968]
Halliday, Dennis [1969 / Army]
Hall, William [1966 / Navy]
Haller, Steven J. [1968]
Halley, Fred [1966]
Hallock, Charles [1969]
Hallock, James Lindsey [1968]
Halpin, Richard [1969]
Hamilton, Fred [1969]
Hamilton, George [1966]
Hamilton, Scott W. [1969]
Hamilton, William [1968]
Hammarstrom Jr., Bryn [1968]
Hammer, Franklin H. [1968]
Hampton Jr., Charles S. [1968 / Army]
Hanks, Brion N. and Gerald [Army]
Handler, Douglas M. [1968]
Hankin, William [1966]
Hannum, Robert
Hanshew, Dennis [1966]
Hanson, Douglas [1969]
Haracz, David [1968 / Army]
Hardie, Jon R. [1964]
Hardin, M. Ormond [1968]
Hardy, Alan [1967]
Harkess, Paul L. [1967]
Harkins, William A. [1966]
Harnish, James [1966 / Army]
Harrington, Pvt. Mark Lee [1969]
Harrington Jr., Robert O. [1969]
Harris, Arthur [1965]
Harris, Carl Robert [1968]
Harris, Charles Sumner [1968]
Harris, Daniel P. [1968]
Harris, John [1967]
Harris, Lloyd B. [1969]

Box 11 stored off-site
Harris, Mark [1966]
Harris Jr., Mathis [1968]
Harris, Peter [1967]
Harris, Peter David [1968]
Harris, Robert David [1968]
Harris, Ruffin [1968]
Harris, Samuel H. [1966]
Harris, Scott [1967]
Harris, William E. [1965 / Navy]
Harrison Jr., Warren E. [1966]
Hart, David [1966]
Hart, Gary [1968]
Hart, James B. [1964]
Hart Jr., William [1964]
Harte, Franklin [1967]
Hartford, Bruce [1966]
Hartke, John [1968]
Hartman, Michael [1969 / Army]
Hartman, Jan [1964 / TV Writer]
Hartsough, Paul Charles [1966]
Hartwell, Pvt. Stephen [1966 / Marines]
Hartz, James [1967]
Hartz, John [1967]
Hartzell, William G. [1967]
Hartzler, Jonathan Edward [1968]
Harvey, Arthur [1967 / Omaha Action participant]
Harvey, John B. [1966]
Haskell, Ellery [1968]
Hassler, Joel
Hasselbrink, Gerald L.R. [1968]
Hastings, Howard [1968]
Hatfield, Lon [1965]
Hatfield, Steven [1969]
Hathaway, Richard [1968]
Hathaway, Thomas S. [1968]
Hatt, Norman S. [1967]
Hawk, David [1968]
Haworth, Lance [1968]
Haworth, Neil [1968]
Haws, John R. [1964]
Hayden, David [1967 / Army]
Hayden, Gordon [1968 / Army Reserves]
Haydn, Jonathan [1968]
Hayduk, Dean [1966]
Hayes, Robert Harry [1968]
Hayes, Robert Loring [1968]
Hayes, Pvt. William [Army]
Hayn, Peter [1966]
Haynes, David [1969]
Haynes, Michael [1969]
Hays, Michael O. [1966]
Haywood, Clifton [1968]
Hazzard, William Robinson (Bob) [1964]
Hazzard, Edmund [1967]
Heath, David M. [1966]
Heath, Gary L. [1966 / assumed name: J.L. Tethe]
Heaten, Michael H. [1967]
Hecht, Lewis [1966]
Hedges, Delton [1966]
Heer, Lynn C. [1967]
Heffelfinger, Wilmer [1967]
Heidelberger, Parry V. [1967]
Heiden, James [1969]
Heilbrun, Stanley D. [1964]
Heimbold, David P. [1964]
Heinrich, Robert [1968]
Heinzerling, Derek [1967]
Helbert, Paul M. [1968]
Hellman, Lance [1968 / Marines]
Helm, Gene
Helm, Hal [1969]
Helms, James A. [1969]
Henderson, Pvt. Kedrick [1964 / Army]
Henderson, Michael L.C. [1966]
Hendricks, James [1967]
Henkaline, Tom [1966]
Henkel, Gerald M. [1965]
Henn, Eugene R.
Henner, Martin E. [1965]
Hennessey, Michael A. [1969]
Henning, Philip [1965]
Henry II, John Robertson [1967]
Henry, Julius P. [1968]
Herbert, Patrick D. [1968]
Herlinger, Daniel [1968]
Herman, Larry [1966]
Herman, Stewart W. [1969]
Hermansky, D.L. [1968 / Marines]
Herreman, Geoffrey R. [1966]
Herreshoff, John K. [1968]
Herreshoff, Karl Frederic [1965]
Herron, Tira [1965 / Navy]
Hersch, Harold M. [1968]
Hershberger, Larry [1968 / Army Reserves]
Hertzberg, Joe [1968]
Hess, Lawrence [1969 / Marines]
Hess, Perry [1964]
Hess, Robert Carl [1968]
Hester, Pvt. James A. [1966]
Heuchan, Richard [1966 / son of Ida Heuchan]
Heueisen, David [1968]
Hevelin, John [1969]
Hewlett, Steven [1968]
Heymering Jr., Marinus [1968]
Heywood Jr., George [1966 / Marine Reserves]
Hewitt, Robert [1967 / Army Reserves]
Hickey, Thomas [1969]
Hickman, Russell F. [1967 / Army Reserves]
Hicks, Bruce R. [1967 / son of Bruce L. Hicks]
Hicks, Gary [1967]
Hicks, Kenneth [1967]
Hiers, Thomas G.
Higa, Roger [1967]
Hilfiker, David [1968]
Hill, Brian F. [1966]
Hill Jr., Lon Clay [1967]
Hill, Robert [1967 / son of Luetta Hill / see also folder entitled “New Testament Bible Church of True Holiness” in organization files under N]
Hill, Stephen M. [1967]
Hill, Thomas E. [1966]
Hill, Tom [1968]
Hillier, Robert
Hills, John Albert [1966 / Army Reserves]
Hilsenrad, Michael [1965]
Hilsinger, Dave [1968]
Hilton, David [1968]
Himel, Harlan [1968]
Hinck Jr., Joseph B. [1969 / Marine Corps]
Hinchey, James E.
Hinde, William L. [1964]
Hindle, Thomas F. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Hiner, A. Keith [1965]
Hines, William [1963]
Hinkle, Pvt. Robert J. [1969]
Hinrichs, Anthony [1968]
Hinze, Frederick F. [1963]
Hisle, John Wayne [1968]
Hitz, Henry [1965]
Hluchan, Richard [1968]
Hobbie, John [1968]
Hobko, Joseph W. [1966 / Army]
Hocking, Philip B. [1966 / Marine Reserves]
Hochstatter, J. Timothy [1967]
Hodge, John Laurent [1965]

Box 12 stored off-site
Hodges, David F. [1966]
Hodgkin, Christopher [1967]
Hodgson, Tom [1968]
Hoebel, Richard [1969]
Hoerner, Dennis [1968]
Hoertkorn, Tom [1964]
Hoeschen, Daniel [1967]
Hoff, Benjamin [1968]
Hoff, Dennis L. [1969 / AFC]
Hoff, John [1969 / Army]
Hoffman, Clement [1969]
Hoffman, David [1968]
Hoffman, Donald Dwayne [1966 / non-cooperator]
Hoffman, Elliott [1965]
Hoffman, James A. [1967]
Hoffman, Dr. Joel S.
Hoffman, Paul [1969]
Hoffman, Robert L. [1966]
Hoffman, Scott Llewellyn [1966]
Hoffner, Randall [1967]
Hoglund, Barry A. [1964 / National Guard]
Hoit, Melvin D. [Army]
Hojohn, William [1965]
Holden, James [1967]
Holderman, Wilbur James [1969 / Army]
Hole, Francis [1964]
Holland Jr., Richard D. [1969 / Army]
Hollins Jr., Doane [1968]
Hollister Jr. John S. [1967]
Holloway, Albert L. [1968]
Holman, Stuart [1969]
Holme, Howard [1968]
Holmes, Ronald Stephen [1967]
Holmes, Richard Douglas [1967]
Holmy, Allan [1968]
Holland, Frank Delano [1968]
Holt, Pvt. Brian
Holt, Christopher [1967]
Holtzin, Timothy Bernard [1969]
Hood, James N. [1965]
Hoot, Charles K. [1967]
Hooyman, Gene [1968]
Hopp, Paul [1967]
Hopper, Paul T. [1968]
Horine III, Sam A. [1967]
Horn, Robert S. [1966]
Horowitz, Stephen
Horton Jr., Joseph [1967]
Hosek, Robert H. [1969]
Hough, Charles [1965]
Houghton, William R. [1967]
Houghton, Beverly Dodson
House, Michael E. [1966]
Howard, George Robert [1965]
Howard, James F. [1969]
Howard Jr., John M. [1968]
Howe, David W. [1964]
Howe Jr., Lt. Henry [1966 / Army]
Howe II, William E. [1968]
Howeler, Reinhardt [1967]
Howell, Jim [1967]
Howell, Jonathan [1966 / son of Joseph Howell, United Church of Christ]
Howell, Kim M. [1967]
Hoyt, Peter [1967 / Navy]
Hromatko, Wesley [1965]
Hsu, David S.Y. [1968]
Hubbell, Charles [1967]
Huber, James D. [1967]
Hudick, James P. [1969]
Hudson, Hendrick [1968 / Navy]
Huff, Gregory L. [1966]
Huffaker, Thomas Bates [1966]
Hughes, Arthur Pelham [1965]
Hughes, Peter W. [1964]
Hughes, Thomas [1968]
Hulbert, Jim R. [1969]
Hull III, Dr. James [1965]
Hull, Robert D. [1967]
Humbert, Coffee [1969]
Humphrey, Michael [1965]
Hunn, Eugene [1967]
Hunt, Donald [1968]
Hunt, George Albert [1968]
Hunter, Forest T. [1967]
Hunter, John B. [1965]
Hunts, J. [1967]
Hurst, Ronald [1969]
Husband, David [1968]
Huss Jr., Charles M. [1968]
Huston, Bob [1969]
Hutchens, Robert [1969]
Hutchinson, David J. [1966 / Army]
Huttinger, Frank J. [Army]
Hyde Jr., Bernard Richard [1965]
Hyman, Muriel [1966]
Ibrahim, Kamal Labib [1969]
Idle, Pvt. John C. [Army]
Ide, Timothy [1965]
Ihne, Robert W. [1969]
Imboden, Durant J. [1965]
Immediato, Ted [1969]
Inoue, Masaoki [1968]
Interlandi Jr., Sebastian [1968]
Ireland, Thomas [1965 / Marine Reserves]
Irons, Peter [1968 / non-cooperator]
Irvin, George
Irwin, Pvt. John H. [1968]
Isenberg, Franklin D. [1967]
Israel, Peter O. [1965]
Jablonski, James [1968]
Jackel, George S. [1964]
Jackins, Timothy [1966]
Jackson, Andrew [1966]
Jackson, Christopher [1967]
Jackson, Gregory B. [1968]
Jackson, Rudolph [1969]
Jacob, Randall [1966]
Jacobsen, Dave [1967 / Army]
Jakobsen, Arno [1965]
Jacobson, Vernon L. [1967]
Jacoby, Stewart [1969]
Jaffe, Jarald [1968 / Army]
Jaffee, Peter [1966]
Jaffee, Ted
Jahn, David [1968]
Jahn, Edward [1966]
Jalbert, George E. [1967]
James, David [1969]
James, DeWayne [1966]
James, Edward Charles [1966]
James, Lewis [1968 / Army]
James, Lloyd J. [1964]

Box 13 stored off-site
Jameson, William Robert [1968]
Jameton, Andrew L. [1967]
Jansen, David Kurt [1967]
Jansson, Bruce S. [1966]
Jansson, Douglas M. [1967]
Janvrin, Fred Warren [1967]
Jarnes, Norman [1967]
Jarrell, Frank L. [1967]
Jarrett, Eric [1968]
Jarrett, Keith D. [1968]
Jasch, Kurt [1967]
Jedin, Mike [1967]
Jefferys III, William H. [1967]
Jenkins, Chris [1969]
Jenkins, Dennis Roy [1968]
Jenkins, Michael H.
Jenkins, Stephen H. [1967]
Jennison, Watson [1967]
Jensen, Edwin P. [1965]
Jepson, Thomas [1968]
Jernigan, Randy [1968]
Jessup, Eugene Thomas [1966]
Jewell, Ray C. [1969 / Army]
Jewett, Edward Phillip [1966]
Jochim, Pvt. Matthew A. [1967 / Army]
Joeres, Earhart [1966 / Army]
Johanning, Jon [1966]
Johanson, John R. [1969]
Johns, Paul and Mary [1969]
Johnson, Barnabas [1964]
Johnson, David F. [1966]
Johnson, Donald R. [1965]
Johnson, Eldridge [1969]
Johnson, Frank [1968]
Johnson, Fred W. [1965]
Johnson, Isaac [1968]
Johnson, J. Timothy [1964]
Johnson, Pvt. Jeffrey L. [Army]
Johnson, Jim [1968]
Johnson, Pfc. John [1966 / Army]
Johnson, Kenneth Allen [1966]
Johnson, Kent M. [1968]
Johnson, Leroy L. [Army]
Johnson, Roger [1966]
Johnson, Sam [1969]
Johnson, Rudy Lynn [1967]
Johnson, Steven Robert [1967]
Johnson Jr., Thomas P. [1966]
Johnson, Wallace [1967]
Johnson, W. Russell
Johnsrud, Robert [1966]
Johnstad, Byron [1967]
Jones, Alan H. [1968]
Jones, Alan M. [1967]
Jones Jr., A. Barton [1967]
Jones, Clarance J. [1968]
Jones, Clarence Stephen [1968 / Army]
Jones, Pvt. Dana S. [Army]
Jones, Pvt. Jerry [1965 / Marines / Camp Pendleton, California]
Jones, John R. [1962 / Air Force]
Jones, John W. [1967]
Jones, Leonard C. [1966]
Jones, Lorenzo [1965]
Jones, Melvin W. [1965]
Jones, Pvt. Paul [1967 / Army]
Jones, Raymond T. [1967]
Jones, Robert Isaac [1968]
Jones, Russell W. [1969]
Jones, Walter Vann [1968]
Jonik, Paul [1967]
Jordan, Charles [1969]
Jordan, Mark [1968]
Jordan, Paul [1968]
Jordan, Robert W. [1961]
Jorgensen, Jan J. [1969]
Jorissen, Donald H. [1962 / Army Reserves]
Jost, Jon [1967]
Kaber, David J. [1968]
Kahalas, Daniel [1967]
Kahn, Henry [1967]
Kahn, Jerome [1968]
Kaiser, Peter [1967]
Kalb, Marty Joel [1965]
Kalberg, Steve [1968]
Kalisiak, Francis [1969]
Kaminsky, Pvt. Gregory [1966 / Marines]
Kammerer, Kam [1967]
Kanewske, Bert K. [1967 / Navy]
Kanin, George [1967]
Kantner, James Thomas [1967]
Kanzler, Walter W. [1967]
Kapica, John P. [1967]
Kaplan, Jonathan [1968]
Kaplan, Joseph D. [1965]
Karas, Chris Nicholas [1964 / non-religious]
Karen, Robert [1966]
Karg, William [1966]
Karp, Robert Stephen [1966]
Karten, Arthur [1966]
Kasinsky, Harold [1968]
Kasper, Bentzil M. [1966]
Kasten, John L. [1969 / Army]
Katzman, Steven D. [1967 / Army]
Kaufman, James [1969]
Kaufman, Malcolm L. [1968]
Kaufman, Stephen [1965]
Kavanaugh, Steven [1966]
Kawano, Arnold [1968]
Kay, Jeffrey [1967]
Kaylor, Joel B. [1966]
Kaynor, Edward D. [1966]
Kazan, Nick [1967]
Kazanis, Christos [1966 / Greek C.O.]
Keating, John [1966]
Keating, Timothy J. [1968]
Keenan, Peter F. [1968]
Keene, Richard [1968]
Keil, Jared Tao [1968]
Keil, Jared Tao [1968] (continued)
Keil, Jeddu [1968]
Keith, Jefferson [1967]
Kelley, Jason [1967]
Kellman, Peter [1966]
Kelly, Larry G. [1967]
Kelly, John [1969]
Kelly, Paul J. [1968]
Kelsey, Ward [1969]
Kendall, Stephan H. [1967]
Kennedy, James Patrick [1968]
Kennedy, Robert [1969]
Kennedy, Thomas C. [1967]
Kenney, Robert [1968]
Kent, Arthur [1968]
Kent, Michael D. [1967]
Kenworthy, Leonard and Lee [1964]
Kenworthy, Thomas L. [1964 / see also Leonard and Lee Kenworthy]
Kenyon, Jim [1968]

Box 14 stored off-site
Keon, Norman [1969]
Kepler, Roy [1963]
Kerkvliet, Joe R. [1967]
Kernberger, Karl [1966 / National Guard]
Kernes, Mark [1967]
Kerr, Robert [1965]
Kerr, Stephen T. [1969]
Kerr Jr., William O. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Ketterling, Harlan [1966 / Army Reserves]
Keyes, Gene [1968]
Keyser, Michael R. [1967]
Khanlian, John [1965]
Kidd, Sgt. Julian [1968]
Kielar, Michael Joseph [1967]
Kielty, Patrick W. [1966]
Kienholz, Philip [1966]
Kiernan, Jeffrey [1969 / Air Force]
Kiesau, Robert Frank [1965]
Kiger, Peter N. [1966]
Kiley, Chris [1967]
Kiley, Daniel S. [1965]
Kiley, Gus [1967]
Kimmett, Larry [1966]
Kinbar, Carl [1967]
Kincaid, Arthur [1966]
Kincannon, Spencer [1968]
King, Glenn [1969]
King, John Daniel [1967]
King III, John L. [1968]
King, John R. [1968]
Kirby, Douglas [1966]
Kirk, Ronald O. [1967]
Kirkegard, Peter Jensby [1967]
Kirkham, Alan R. [1968 / Navy]
Kirkpatrick, George [1966 / Army]
Kirkwood, William R. [1967]
Kirschenbaum, Baruch D. [1968]
Kirschke, Edward [1968]
Klein, Henry Fredrick [1967]
Klein, Joseph [1966]
Klein, Ronald D.
Kleinberg, Gerson J. [1967]
Klemperer, George F. [1965]
Kleyman, Paul [1967]
Klopp, Phil [1969]
Klotzle, David J. [1966]
Knapp, Douglas [Navy]
Knapp, Kenneth [1969]
Knapp Jr., Richard Arthur [1965]
Knauer, Jim [1967]
Knowles, Gordon [1969]
Knudson, Ken [1966]
Kobak, John D. [1968]
Koch, Donald W. [1968]
Koebler Jr., Andrew C. [1966]
Koehler, William L. [1968]
Koelling, Sidney [1968 / Army]
Koeneman, Richard [Army]
Koenig, Benjamin [1967]
Kohn, David [1966]
Kokish, Ronald
Koleszar, Stephen Henry [1968]
Kolodny, Robert [1967]
Koller, Leonard [1965]
Kolster, Daniel [1964]
Koob, Richard Timothy
Kopp, Gerald [1969]
Korn, Leonard [1968]
Korth, Pat [1969]
Kosec, Karl P. [1964]
Koslofsky, Adam [1967]
Kostes, Pvt. Thomas J. [Army]
Kotcher, Peter [1969]
Kott, Roy A. [1967 / Navy]
Kousen, Alan [1965]
Koutouzous, George [1969 / Army]
Kovacs, Alan [1964]
Kovich, Todd Daniel [1967]
Kowit, Steve [1965]
Koyak, Peter G. [1968]
Kramer, Allan [1966]
Kramer, Brent B. [1967]
Kramer, Richard [1968]
Kramer, William Larry [Army]
Kramer, Steve [1968]
Kraning, Alan [1967 / Army / National Guard]
Kraus, Michael J. [1968]
Krausen, Roland [1969]
Krauss, Paul [1967]
Krech, Richard [1965]
Kreiger, Mark [1969]
Kreis, Steve [1968]
Kremer, James J. [1968]
Kresge, Earl E. [1964]
Kress, E. Michael [1969]
Kretzmann, John P. [1968]
Kreyche, Michael R. [1968]
Krieger, Tor [1968]
Krivitzky, Dan [1968 / Army]
Krivo, Michael Joel
Krogfus Jr., Pvt. Miles E. [Army]
Krohn, Ivan [1967]
Kronenthal, Michael [1967]
Kropp, Stanley [1968]
Krueger, Hugo [1967]
Kruke, Gary E. [1965 / Navy]
Krupp, Pfc. Ron [1969]
Kruse, Vernon [1966]
Kubica, Louis P. [1966 / Army Reserves]
Kucirko, Peter [1967]
Kuebler, Norman [1967]
Kuhn, Gilbert [1966]
Kuhn, Guy Terry
Kuhry, Robert [1963]
Kujawa, Edmund [1968]
Kujawski, Mario Julio [1968]
Kuklick, Bruce [1962]
Kunkle, Christopher [1968 / son of Rev. Howard Kunkle]
Kunze, George [1967]

Box 15 stored off-site
Kurki, Irving A. [1968]
Kurkjian, Charles [1969]
Kurkjian, Daniel [1967]
Kuter, Stephen Noel [1967]
Kurz, Richard [1967 / father of C.O.]
Kus, Robert James [1967]
Kusterer, Ken C. [1968]
Kvamme, John [1969]
Kweskin, Richard [1967]
Kyllonen, Roger [1966]
Labaree, Robert [1968]
Lachman, Roy E.
Lack, Larry [1969]
Lacy, Pvt. Larry S. [Army]
Lacy, Paul [1969]
Laddaga, Robert M. [1966]
Lafferty, James [1966]
Laing, Pfc. Harry S. [1968 / Marines]
Lakehomer, George
La Mar, Rolf [1967]
Lance, Charles Raymond [1965]
Lancaster, Marc [1968]
Lancaster, Mark [1967]
Landberg, Ronald I. [1965]
Landowne, Joseph [1967]
Landreth, Brian Parks [1969]
Lane, David A. [1967]
Lane, David M. [1968]
Lane, Gerald B. [1968]
Lane, Sheridan [1969]
Laney, John Louis [1968]
Lang, Tom [1969]
Lange, Richard [1968]
Langer, Lawrence J. [1968]
Langfelder, Robert [1967]
Langley, Charles [1966]
Langner, Dick
Langston, Johnny [1966 / Air Force]
Lank, Avrum
Lapinski, Thomas [1964]
Larkin, Maryon Gene (Larry) [1965]
Larson, Dale [1969 / Army]
Larson, Jeffry [1965]
Larson, Ralph [Army Reserves]
Larson, Raymond A. [1969]
Larson, Thomas [1969]
Lasater, Jerry Lee [1968]
Latta, John [1967]
La Tourette, Harvey [1967]
Laur, Alexander A. [1965]
Laurance, Richard R. [1965]
Lavery, Michael J. [1967]
Lawless, William John [1967]
Lawrence, Larry M. [1967]
Lawrence Jr., Richard [1964]
Laws, Carl [1964]
Lawson, Lloyd O. [1962]
Leab, William A. [Army Reserves]
Leach, Pvt. Robert [1969]
Leavitt, Neil [1966]
Le Baron, Charles Wade [1965]
Le Blanc, Reve [1964]
LeBron, Frank Carleton [1966]
Lebrun, David [1964]
Lechowitzky, Mayer [1967]
Leckerman, Laurence [1966]
Leddy, James J. [1968]
Leder, Jeffrey J. [1968]
Lee, Damon Edward [1968]
Lee, Peter Ralph [1967]
Lee, William [1968]
Leeder, H. David [1966]
Leekley, Brian [1964]
Lefevre, Jeffrey G. [1967]
Lehman III, Harry [1969 / Navy]
Lehr, Ronald L. [1966]
Lehrer, Michael [1968]
Leiderman, Lloyd [1965 / Navy]
Leidner, Joel [1965]
Leight, Howard S. [1967 / National Guard]
Lenke, Hal [1967]
Lennear, Lou A. [1964]
Lentz, Theodore [1969]
Lenzmeier, John [1969]
Leonard, Dennis [1965]
Leonard, Roger [1969]
Leonard, Roger P. [1966]
Lepow, Daniel [1969]
Le Roy, John D. [1966]
Lesch, James E. [1968]
Lesniak, Gerald M. [1966 / Marine Reserves]
Lette, Roger Anthony [1964]
Le Var, Peter Hazen
Levendosky, Charles [1964]
Levendosky, Richard Lawrence [1966]
Levering, Robert Edward [1967]
Levett, Ross Allen [1968]
Levin, Alan [1968]
Levin, Leonard [1967]
Levy, Allan M. [1966]
Levy, Dr. Howard [1967 / Army]
Levy, Joseph [1965]
Levy, Michael Todd
Levy, Robert [1967 / Army]
Lewey, Alfonso [1968 / Navy]
Lewis, Erik [1967]
Lewis, Hugh Vincent [1967]
Lewis, Jan C. [1966]
Lewis, John A. [1967]
Lewis, John C. [1968]
Lewis, John W. [1967]
Lewis, Richard D. [1966]
Licht, Lawrence E. [1967]
Lichtenstein, Steven [Army Reserves]
Lichtman, Raymond and Susan [1967]
Lieberman, Dr. E. James [1966]
Lieberman, Jeremiah [1968]
Lifton, Donald [1969]
Lightbody, Richard [1969]
Ligons, Ernest [1968]
Ligosky, Stephen [1968]
Limvere, Karl [1968]
Lincoln, Robert S. [1968]
Lindauer, Lawrence J. [1966 / Army Reserves]
Lindberg, John [1968]
Lindell, Bob [1969]
Linder, Peter [1969]
Lindley III, John M. [1965]
Lindquist, Alan C. [1968]
Lindsay, Melvin J. [1968 / Army]
Linter, Larry [1969 / Army]
Linzer, Elliot [1965]
Lippincott, Proctor [1965 / son of Joseph T. and Eleanor W. Proctor]
Lipson, David [1965]
Lipson, James [1966]
Lisman, Gary L. [1965]

Box 16 stored off-site
Lischner, Dr. Harold [1964]
List, Michael [1968]
Lista, Joseph [1969]
Little, Donald T. [1965]
Litzinger, Lewis P. [1967]
Livingston, Brian [1966]
Livingston, David L. [1966]
Livingston, Jay A. [1968]
Livingston, Peter [1967]
Livingston, Thomas L. [1966]
Lloyd, Don [1967]
Lloyd, Dr. William B. [1966]
Lob, Jeff [1969]
Lob, Tony [1968]
Lobenstein [Lobenstine?], Clark Elliot [1967]
Lobenstein [Lobenstine?], Farnsworth [1966]
Lobenstine, Geoffrey [1967]
Locke, Richard [1966]
Lockman, Ronald [1968 / Army]
Loescher, William [1964 / son of Frank Loescher]
Logan, Kent [1968]
Lohaus, Allan W. [1967]
Lomhoff, Peter [1968]
London, Robert [1969]
Longbotham, Oliver P. [1966]
Lonidier, Fred [1967]
Lord, Wally [1968 / Army Reserves]
Louden, William George [1967 / Army]
Lovell, David G. [1968]
Lovell, Michael L. [1965]
Lovett Jr., Joseph E. [1965]
Lowe, Thomas [1966]
Luckom, Bram [1964]
Ludwig, Gilbert S. [1967]
Ludwig, Robert C. [1967]
Luftig, Robert [1967 / Army]
Lumpkin, Arthur Merrill [1965]
Lund, Owen [1969]
Lundholm, Michael E. [1968]
Lundquist, Ron [1969]
Lustig, Jeff [1965]
Lynam, John Talbott [1966]
Lynch, David [1966]
Lynch, James Richard [1966]
Lynn, James R. [1969 / Army]
Lynn, Jeff [1969]
Lynn, John Christen [1964]
Lynn, Paul D. [1964]
Lyon, Philip D. [1968]
Lyttle, Bradford [1968]
Maas, Adrian [1967]
Mabie, James Tucker [1968]
Mac Dougall, Terry [1962]
Mack Jr., Pfc. Silas J. [Army]
MacLaren, Joseph P. [1968]
Mac Farland, David T. [1967]
MacKay, Charles K. [1969]
Mackie III, Paul [1968]
Macloughlin, Rick [1968]
Mac Gregor, James T. [1968]
Mac Hedger, Stephen [1966]
Mac Intyre, Robert [1968]
MacLean, William D. [1968]
Mac Master, Maxwell [Army]
MacMillan, Bruce [1968]
Mac Murray, David Neill [1964]
Mac Phillamy, Douglas J. [1966]
Mac Rae, Roderick [1965]
Mac Reery, Brian [1967]
Madison, Paul [1967]
Madsen, Danny [1967 / Army]
Maefsky, Vincent [1966]
Magee, Bruce R. [1968]
Magidoff, Richard F. [1966]
Magill, Bob [1968]
Magreta, Pvt. Gregory [1969]
Magrisso, Robert
Maguire, Bill [1969]
Maguire Jr., John A. [1967]
Maher, Dennis Leigh
Mahler III, Richard [1969]
Mahoney Jr., John
Mahoney, Terry [1969]
Maibach, Donald Paul [1968]
Main, Andy [1967]
Maki, Paul Martin [1966]
Malishchak, Richard [1969]
Malisky, Daniel [1967 / Army]
Malone, Russell [1969]
Maly, Pvt. Stanley John [1966 / Army]
Maness, Odell [1968]
Mang, Robert A. [1965]
Mann, Bruce [1967]
Mann, Paul David [1966]
Manning Jr., Charles R. [1967]
Manno, Robert [1966]
Manson, Richard [1968]
Manton, John C. [1967]
Mants, Robert [1964]
Mantzel, Carl R. [1967]
Marcus, Andrew [1968]
Marfia, Franklin [1968]
Margolf, John E. [1966]
Margolis, Richard [1967]
Marinelli, Thomas C. [1967]
Marion, John [1962 / non-cooperator]
Marks, Dennis [1967]
Marks, Harry M. [1968]
Marks, Joseph [1969] (continued)
Marks, Joseph [1969]
Marks, Roger William [1967]
Marlies, Michael [1967]
Marlin, Edwin L. [1968]
Marsh, Ronald P. [1968]
Marshall, Andy [1968]

Box 17 stored off-site
Marshall, Bruce [1967]
Marshall, Dan [1968 / Navy Reserves]
Marshall, Terry [1964 / non-cooperator?]
Martell, Charles G. [1967]
Martin, Mrs. Charles B. [1965]
Martin, David [1965]
Martin, Dwight Aubrey
Martin, Kenneth J. [1967]
Martin, Lawrence A. [1964]
Martin Jr., Ralph Clifford [1966]
Martin,  Robert [1969]
Martin, William Thomas [1966]
Martinez, George (Jorge) [1967 / Army]
Martinez, Leopoldo Reyes [1967]
Marx, Peter [1968]
Maryniak, Paul [1967]
Mastrangelo, Michael [1966]
Mason, John R. [1967]
Mason III, John W. (Tony) [1965]
Mason, Robert [1968]
Mason, Russell D. [1967]
Masters, Paul [1969]
Mastores, Ken [1967]
Masur, Elliott [1966]
Matlack, James [1968]
Matta, Loren [1968]
Matter Jr., Jacob T. [1969]
Matthei, Charles [1966]
Matthews, LeRoy [1967 / Army]
Matthews, Robin [1968]
Mattin, Michael [1968]
Matturro, Richard [1968]
Matuzek, Alan [1966]
Mauldin, Lewis [1966]
Maury, Henry L. [1966]
Maxwell, Bruce [1967]
Maxwell, Charles Wayne [1968]
Maxwell, Ross Reid [1965]
Maybrook, Jerry [1964]
Mayer, Loomis [1967]
Mayfield, Martin [1966 / Marines]
Mayhouse, Mike [1967 / Army]
Maynard, John L.P. [1967]
Mayne, Jeremy [1967]
McAllister, Alan Pierce [1968]
McAttee, Eugene O. [1968]
McAuliff, John [1968]
McAvoy, Donald [1968]
McBride, Mallie [1966 / Navy Reserves]
McBryde, William Henry [1968]
McCall, Michael [Army]
McCarroll, David L. [1967]
McCarty, Gerald L. [1966 / Army]
McClain, Ray [1968]
McClellan, Robert Alan [1966]
McClennen, Walter [1969]
McClintock, Robert [1966 / non-cooperator]
McConnell, John [1969]
McCormick, Jamie W. [1967]
McCorquedale, David A. [1968]
McCoy II, Daniel James [1967]
McCrackin, Charles
McCrea, Ray [1967]
McCrimmon, John M. [1968]
McCullam, William G. [1967]
McCullough, Robert P. [1968]
McCurdy, Michael [1966]
McDaniel, Charles Gene [1965]
McDonald, Mel [1967]
McDonald, Michael John [1965 / Army / C.O. / discharged]
McDonnold, Ray [1968]
McDowell, Richard [1968 / Army]
McGann, Paul Francis X. [1967]
McGinley, Thomas J. [1968]
McGinnis, David J. [1965]
McGough, Kenneth [1968]
McGowan, William J. [1966]
McGrew, Jim [1969]
McGuinness, John Michael [1965]
McGuire, Michael [1969
McGuire, Michael [1968]
McGuire, William [1967]
McKart, Jack [1967]
McKee, Michael [1969]
McKeon, Michael [1969]
McKeever, Thomas Roger
McKinney, Robert [1967]
McKinney, Steve
McKusick, Gordon L.
McLain, Frank [1969]
McLallen, David [1969]
McLean, Gary A. [1969 / Army]
McLean, Michael [1967]
McMillan, Pvt. Barry [1969]
McMullen,  Thomas [1969 / Army]
McNemar, Jim [1970 / RAS]
McQuillen, Terry [1967]
McQuisten, Joseph F. [1967]
McShea, Doris [1966]
Meacham, William [1969]
Meadows, Robert [1967]
Meagher, John [1966]
Meals, George [1968 / Army]
Medlin, William Fred [1966]
Meek, Thomas N.
Meek, Thomas R.
Meeks, John [1968]
Mehl, Carter
Mehl, Richard
Mehren, Bruce Stephen
Mehta, Narendra [1969]
Meier, Barney
Melillo, Joe
Mellor, Kirk
Melnick, Michael
Mercer, James W.
Mercier, Ronald
Meredith, Michael
Merjian, Hagop M. [1966 / National Guard]
Merritt, Henry C. [1966 / Army / I-A-O]
Merritt, James S. [1967]
Meserve, Arthur C. [1968]
Messinger, Irwin
Metcalf, Evan B.
Metz, John R. [1969]
Meyer, Karl [1966]
Meyer, Robert [1968]
Meyers, William E. [1968]
Michaelowski, David [1966]
Michel, James [1969 / AHG]
Michelson, Malvin [Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York]
Mickelsen, Mike
Mickolas, Mark A. [1968]
Micola, Pvt. Mike [1966 / Army]
Middaugh, Jerry [1966 / Army]
Middleton, R. Kent [1968]
Mihelic, John G.
Milberg, Henry Werner
Miller, Bruce [1969]
Miller, David [1967 / Catholic Worker]
Miller, Bill [1969]
Miller, Eugene C. [1968]
Miller, Fieldon [1964]
Miller, Frank J. [1968]
Miller, Gary [1967]

Box 18 stored off-site
Miller, James Davies [1967]
Miller, Larry I. [1968]
Miller, Lloyd R. [1966]
Miller, Marshal G. [1968 / Army]
Miller, Philip A. [1965]
Miller, Vicardo
Miller, Richard A. [1968]
Miller, Roger [1969]
Miller, Thomas R. [1968 / Army]
Miller, Walter Von Zech [1966]
Millman, David Mark [1968]
Mills, Albert J. [1966]
Mills, Bill [1968]
Mills, David [1968]
Mills, Emory [1964]
Mills Jr., James A. [1965]
Mills, Malcolm [1965]
Milne, Charles [1966]
Milton, David [1966]
Miner, Bruce [1968]
Minert, Collin [1968]
Minsker, John [1966]
Mirsky, Jonathan [1966]
Mishler, Fritz [1964]
Misiewicz, Roger [1968]
Mitchell, D. Austin [1968]
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Don [1967]
Mitchell, Fred [1968]
Mitchell, Henry J. [1967]
Mitchell, Jack [1969 / Army]
Mitchell, John David [1966]
Mitchell, Robert H. [1966]
Mitchell, Steven A. [1966 / Reserves]
Mitchell, Stephen W. [1966]
Mitchell, Thomas William [1968]
Mittleman, Arnold [1968]
Mock, Gary [1967]
Mock, Jeffrey [1967]
Modica, Dennis [1968]
Moe, Richard [1967]
Moerschel, Richard Eugene [1969]
Molfese, John M. [1968]
Moloney, Michael J. [1967]
Mommsen, Lowell [1967]
Moncrieff, J. Peter [1966]
Montoro, Richard [1968]
Moodie, Alan [1969]
Moore, Charles D. [1968]
Moore Jr., Corwin D.
Moore, Donald
Moore, Gary E. [Army]
Moore, H. Gregory
Moore, Michael T. [1967 / Army]
Moore, Sidney
Moore, Stephen E. [Army]
Moore, Thomas R. [1968]
Mora, Dennis [Army]
Moran, Francis X. [1968 / Army]
Morck, Arnold [1969]
Moreno, David Emanuel
Morgan, David L.
Morgan, Frank [1969]
Morgan, John Moore
Morgan Jr., John M. [Marines]
Morgan, Robert
Morgan, Terry D. [1969]
Morin, James R. [1969]
Morin, Philip A.
Morisey Jr., Alex
Moritz, Arthur W.
Moriuchi, Fred
Morris, Bruce S.
Morris, Christopher [1969]
Morris, David John
Morris, David
Morris, John [1969]
Morris, Douglas K.
Morris, Wayne Eugene
Morrison, David
Morrison, Gordonn L.
Morrison, Randy
Morrison, Robert H.
Morrison, Roberto E. [1967 / Army / Ft. Jackson, South Carolina]
Morse, Brad
Morse, F. Arthur
Morse, Jonathan [1968 / Army Reserves]
Morse, Joseph
Morse, Stephen C.
Morse, Steven L.
Mortimer, A. Chandler [1969]
Morton, David W.
Mosher, Robert H. [1965]
Mosk, Carl [1968]
Moskal, Theodore [1967]
Mosley, Rawdon (Rod) [1966]
Moss, Jay Allen [1965]
Moss, John Henry [1969]
Mott, David [1967]
Moten, Booker R. [1969]
Moten, Booker R. [1967]
Mott, Jeremy and John C. [1968]
Mott, Stewart Rawlings [1968]
Motzer, Curtis [1963]
Mount, David [1966]
Moyer, Phillip A. [1967]
Moyer, Richard R. [1968]
Moylan, Thomas [1966]
Muchler, Alan [1968]
Mudgett, Stephen [1964]
Mudrick, Bernard [1966]
Muehlmann, Richard [1966]
Muehlmann, Robert [1965]
Mueller, J.P. [1966]
Mueller, Peter
Mueller, Robert Walter [1968]
Mueller, Roger [1962 / Army / discharged as C.O.]
Muilenburg, Peter [1968]
Muir III, J. Harry [1967 / Army]
Mullin, Kenneth [1968 / Marines]
Mullins, Richard [1968]
Mulloy, Joseph T. [1968]
Mundsack, Allan W. [1967]
Munson, John B. [1969]
Murphy, Charles [1968]
Murphy, John [1965]
Murphy, George W. [1968]
Murphy, James C. [1964 / father of Brian and Shaun Murphy]
Murphy, Michael G. [1966 / Army Reserves]
Murphy, Richard C. [1964 / Air Force]
Murphy, Rhoads [1967]
Murray, Edward [1965]
Murray, Rodney B. [1968]
Murray, Thomas [1965]
Murszewski, Frederick F. [1967]
Musselman, Clay [1967]
Mussman, Jim [1969]
Myers, Dave [1966]
Myers, David L. [1968]
Myers, Pfc. Fred [1968 / Army]
Myers, John Paul [1968]
Myers, Mike [1966]
Myers Jr., Stephen James [1964]
Nadelman, Fred [1965]
Naess, Ragnar D. [1968]
Nagel, Tom [1968]
Nagle, Charles Nicolai [1965]
Nagler, Eric
Nanartowicz, Andrew M.
Nash, Patrick [1964]
Nash III, Taff [1969]
Nasper, Louis [1965]

Box 19 stored off-site
Nassberg, Jay Guy [1968]
Nelson, Terry [1967]
Nero, Robert [1966]
Neubauer, Edward R. [Navy]
Neuberger, Roy S. [1967]
Neuberger, Thomas S. [1969]
Nevin, Bruce E. [1968]
Nevin, Michael P. [1966]
Newby, Roger [1966 / Army / son of Viola Veler Newby, M.D.]
Newhoff, Andrew [1968]
Newhouser, Kenneth [1968]
Newman, Elliot [1969]
Newman, Paul [1966]
Newmark, Louis [1966]
Newton, Thomas [1966]
Newton, William R. [1968]
Ney, Neal J.
Neyer, Tom [1969]
Neyhouse, Mike [1968 / Air Force]
Nichels, Richard T. [1968]
Nichols, Dale [1967]
Nichols, Jerald [1966]
Nickels, Thomas F. [1967]
Nickeson, Carl [1969]
Niles, Richard [1964]
Nixon, William A. III [1968]
Noell, John [1967]
Nolan, David [1967]
Nolan, Jim [1965]
Nolan, Riall W.  [1968]
Nonnast, Paul [1968]
Noonan, Pvt. Patrick J. [1968]
Nordenn, Paul [1967]
Norris, Stephen S. [1966 / Army Reserves]
Norris, Tom [1966]
North, James A. [1965]
Norton, Richard B. [1966 / Air Force]
Norwood, Loucious [1967]
Nossoff, Joel Laurance [1965]
Noth, Richard [1968]
Novak, Richard J. [1967]
Novick, David [1965 / COFO CO]
Nowak, Loren [1966]
Nowicki, Richard [1968]
Nowinski, Paul W. [1969]
Noyd, Capt. Dale [1968]
Nudel, David [1965]
Nugent, Christopher W. [1968]
Nugent, James Francis, Jr. [1966 / Marine]
Nunez, Carlos M. [1966 / Army]
Nutting, Peter W. [1966]
Nyberg, Eric N. [1967]
Nyden, Paul J. [1966]
Nygren, Bill [1968]
Nyysola, Alan [1967]
O’Brien, David Hugh [Military / not card burner]
O’Brien, David P. [1967 / Not military / card burner]
O’Brien, William [1969]
Obrock, Terry Alan [1967]
Ochs, Daniel [1966]
O’Connell, Liam [1967 / Army]
O’Connell, Mark [1969 / Marines]
Oden, Pvt. Robert Lee, Jr. [1967 / Army]
Oehlerking, Stewart W. [1967]
Oesting, Jonathan K. [not a conscientious objector, served in the Army, 1966]
Offill, Ashley D. [1967]
Ogden, Alan [1967]
Ogden, Philip A. [1964 / Army]
Ogle, Alex [1967]
Ogle, Garrett “Chuck” [1967]
Ogle, Peter [1964]
Ohlerking, Robert [1966]
Ohmans, John Douglas [1967]
Okamoto, Gary [1968]
O’Leary, William [1969]
Olin, Richard [1968]
Oliver, John [1964]
Ollendore, Thomas [1968]
Olsen, Lawrence J. [Marines Reserves]
Olsen, Paul [1966 / Marines / San Francisco, Ca]
Olson, Dennis [1964 / JW]
Olson, Eric [1968]
Olzak, Thomas [1969]
O’Malley, Gerald J. [1968]
O’Neal, John Milton [1966 / SNCC]
O’Neill, Michael Stanley [1966]
Onyszczak, Jerry [1968 / Army]
Opitz, Herman [1967 / National Guard / not himself]
Opp, Clifford R. Jr. [1969]
Oppenheimer, Martin [1966]
Opper, Tom [1967]
Orange, Ralph [1966]
Ordman, Edward [1964]
Ornehaug, Alfred E. [1964]
Ort, David A. [1969]
Osborn, Robert [1968]
Osterer, Benjamin [1969 / ADT]
Osman, Randolph [1964]
Ostrer, Louis C. [1966]
Otsen, Gordon James [1966 / Navy Reserves]
Ottenberg, Michael [1967]
Ottosen, Robert, [1968 / Air Force]
Ovall, David R. [1965 / Army]
Overstreet, Donald [1969 / Army]
Ovsiew, Fred Martin [1968]
Owen, David D. [1967]
Owen, James R. [1969]
Owen, Rodgers [1968]
Owens, Chris [1965]
Owens, David [1969]
Owens, Michael R. [1968]
Ozonoff, David M. [1968]

Box 20 stored off-site
Pace, Julian [1969]
Pace, Lorenzo Earl [1967]
Packer, Richard [1964]
Pacoe, Frank H. [1966 / Army]
Pagett, John [1966]
Pakala, John III [1967]
Palau, Joseph F. [1967]
Palmer, Candida [1969]
Palmisano, John [1969]
Palumbo, Gene [1968]
Pancake, John [1969]
Panepinto, James R. [1969]
Panther, Wm. Cleon [1969]
Pape, Arthur, Esq. [1967 / Marines / not himself]
Paradise, Valdemar [1967]
Parchem, Allen L. [1967]
Parham, Glover [1969]
Parish, Arlyn J. [1969]
Park, Dana Rae
Parke, James D.B. [1968]
Parker, Charles S. [1968]
Parker, Harold H. [1968]
Parker, Rob [1968 / Army]
Parker, Kenneth W. [1967]
Parker, William Davis [1967 / son of Jean S. Parker]
Parkes, David N. [1968]
Parkinson, Jan [1968 / Army]
Parks, Peter [1969 / RAS]
Parks, Victor C. [1966]
Parlato, Steven [1968]
Parma, Gary [1966]
Parrack, John [1965]
Parrish, Donald [1965]
Parrish, Stanley [1969]
Parshall, G. Burton III [1964]
Parsons, Arthur H. (Terry) III [1967]
Parsons, Edward E. [1966]
Partington, Paul [1964]
Partridge, Ronald [1966]
Passmore, Barry [1964]
Paszel, John [1968]
Patenaude, Dan [1968]
Paton, Ronald B. [1966]
Patrycia, Daniel [1967]
Patten, Charles R. [1968 / Army]
Patterson, David [1967]
Patterson, Frederick Lee [1966]
Patterson, Jeffrey [1968]
Patterson, Michael [1965]
Patterson, William R., Jr. [1967]
Patton, Bruce [1967]
Paul, Rodger [1967]
Payne, Dwight [1968 / husband of Kathryn]
Pearcy, Glen [1968]
Pearlman, Michael [1966]
Pease, Don [1968]
Peck, James [1965]
Peddy, Bruce [1968]
Peden, Robert [1967]
Pelc, Robert J. [1967]
Pelrine, Donald [1968 / Army]
Pendleton, H. Alexander [1967]
Penn, Baeri [1968]
Penner, Richard [1967]
Penneys, Robert [1967]
Pennington, Michael
Pennington, Stephen [1966]
Penny, Robert [1966 / not the Columbia U. Pennys]
Penta, Albert [1968 / Navy]
Percival, Michael John [1965]
Perel, Alexander [1968]
Perez-Bachs, Rafael [1969]
Perillo, Michael [1968]
Perkel, Steve [1969]
Perkins, John [1969 / ASFC]
Perkins, John H. [1967]
Perkins, John K. [1968]
Perkins, Phillip [1965]
Perkins, Revere C. [1968]
Perkins, Warren [1969]
Perlin, David [1967]
Perrier, Paul [1967 / Ft. Polk, La / Army]
Perrine, Jay Randal
Perry, David A. [1966]
Perry, David B. [1969]
Persensky, Steven, Jr. [1968]
Peter, Forest Britt [1965]
Petercsak, James [1969]
Peters, Don Mark [1967]
Peters, John V. [1966]
Peterson, Paul [1964]
Peterson, Pfc. Dean E. [1968 / Army]
Peterson, Wm. H. [1969]
Petito, John [1968 / RAS]
Pettigrew, John [1967]
Pettit, Kim [1968 / Navy Reserves]
Pettit, Larry G. [1967]
Pettygrove, G. Stuart [1968]
Pew, Thomas [1967]
Peyser, Lyman [1968 / Air Force]
Pfaltzgraff, David and George [1964 / ROTC exemption from Louisiana State U.]
Pfeiffer, Michael [1969]
Pfeiffer, Stephen [1968]
Pfefferman, Robert [1967]
Phelps, Daniel H. [1967]
Phelps, Gary
Phillion, Robert [1968]
Phillips, Charles [1963]
Phillips, David F. [1968]
Phillips, Frank [1966]
Phillips, George [1968]
Phillips, Pfc. James D. [1965 / Army]
Phillips, James D., Jr. [1969]
Phillips, John [1968 / Boston / non-cooperating CO]
Phillips, John [1967 / Iowa]
Phillips, Richard A.
Phillips, Thomas [1969]
Piccolo, Anthony [1967]
Phinisee, Pfc. Gerald [1966 / Army]
Pickering, John [1968]
Pierce, Fredrik and Warren [1967]
Pierce, Philip Jay [1966]
Pierce, Roger H. [1966 / National Guard]
Piermattei, Dennis [1967 / Air Force]
Pierre, Herman Jr. [1968]
Pierson, O. D. [1965]
Pierson, R. Scott [1968]
Pike, Stephen C. [1969 / RAS]
Pileggi, Anthony [1968 / Army]
Piller, Frank John [1966]
Pillsbury, Dale [1966]
Pinto, David Henry [1965]
Pitts, Charles [1964]
Pitts, Graham [1969]
Pitts, Robert [1964]
Planck, Michael Norman [1966]
Plant, John W. [1968]
Platt, Terry [1965]
Ploshnick, Jan [1966]
Pochedly, Raymond D. [1968]
Pocock, Pvt. William J. [1969 / Army]
Podboy, Ron [1969]
Podolner, Mark [1969]

Box 21 stored off-site
Pointon, Richard B. [1966]
Poiskar, Ronald [1968]
Pojar, Sam [1966]
Polese, Richard L. [1967]
Pollade, Ralph
Pollans, Larry [1969]
Pollard, Vincent K.
Polsley, Brian [1967]
Pomerantz, James R. [1969]
Pomerantz, Mike [1966]
Pope, Kenneth S. [1968]
Porcelli, John [1966]
Porter, Arnold W. [1966]
Porter, Mrs. C. [1969]
Porter, Dennis Clyde [1965]
Porter, Donald Dennis [1964]
Porth, A. J. [1964 / Tax-refuser]
Posselt, Rudolf T. [1964]
Poston, Brad [1968]
Poston, Lawrence III [1967]
Poston, Thomas B. [1968]
Pounders, Charles [1969]
Powell, Richard [1968]
Powell, Wiley Dixson [1965]
Pozzuto, Richard [1969]
Praetz, Peter [1967]
Prager, Michael [1967]
Pratt, James R. [1968]
Presley, Clifton [1966]
Presley, Robert W. Jr. [1966]
Preston, Preston J. [1968]
Preston, Walter Ronald [1968]
Pretzer, Mike [1968]
Price, Bruce William [1964]
Price, C. Dwayne [1964]
Price, Daniel Ray [1967]
Price, James Ligon [1968]
Price, Neal [1967]
Price, Robert E. [1968]
Price, Thomas [1964]
Price, Wayne [1967]
Priebe, Charles [1966]
Priest, Winston [1968]
Prince, Bob [1968]
Pritzker, Victor [1965]
Proudfoot, Brian Jay [1965]
Pruit, John Dave [1968]
Prybutok, Joel [1967]
Puckett, Timothy Wayne [1968]
Pugh, Clyde A. [1966]
Pugh, Robert Michael [1968]
Purtell, L. Patrick [1968]
Putman, Thomas A. [1969]
Putnam, Dwight N. [1968]
Putnam, Dwight [Selective Service File]
Putnam, Spencer [1968]
Puzniak, James Chas. [1969]
Pyle, Herb David M. [1968]
Raabe, John C. [1967]
Raby, John [1969]
Radell, Cliff [1969]
Radl, Ronald [1969]
Raines, Robert A. [1967]
Rakosky, John J. [1966]
Rambo, Peter [1966]
Ramirez, Carlos [1965]
Ramos, Anthony D. [1968]
Ramsey, Paul [1969]
Randle, Daniel W. [1968]
Randle, John B.
Ransom, Champe [1965]
Ransom, David [1967 / son of Willard W.]
Rao, Harsha S. [1968]
Raper, Wade [1969]
Rapfogel, Richard C. [1967]
Rapoport, David [1969]
Rapp, John [1967]
Ratner, Robert [1967]
Rava, Albert [1969]
Ravlin, Larry [1968]
Rawlings, Stuart L. [1968]
Rawson, Rodney [1969]
Ray, Edward Tinsly, Jr. [1968]
Rayfield, David L. [1966]
Raymond, Richard B. [1968]
Reagan, Mark [1969]
Reagor, Sgt. William B., Jr. [1968]
Reahard, Ralph M. [1969]
Ream, Ritt [1965]
Ream, Wally [1967]
Reardon, Joseph [1969]
Reaves, Verne [1965]
Reavis, Dick J. [1966]
Record, Stephen Anthony [1968]
Redfearn, Mark M. [1968]
Redler, Leon M., M.D. [1965]
Reece, Jack E. [1968 / Marines]
Reece, Jerry [1968]
Reed, David Allen [1966]
Reed, David [1968 / son of Mrs. Herbert J.]
Reed, James [1966]
Reed, Robert [1964 / Non coop.]
Reed, William [1966]
Reeder, David [1967]
Reedy, Bruce [1968]
Reedy, Robert T. [1964 / JW]
Reeves, Jim [1968]
Reeves, John Joseph [1966]
Reeves, Robert L., Jr. [1967]
Regen, Curt [1966]
Regen, Richard [1965]
Reich, E. Peter [1965]
Reid, Allen Minor [1967]
Reily, Eugene, Jr. [1965]
Reimann, John [1965]
Reitemeyer, Francis T. [1969]
Relyea, James J.
Renfro, Stan [1968]
Renne, Elsie R. [1966]
Ressler, Jay M. [1967]
Renzetti, Pietro [1968]
Resto, Pvt. Jose Antonio [1966]
Reusser, David [1966]
Revello, Gary [1968]
Reyes, Ray [1969]
Reynolds, Charles Jr. [1964]
Reynolds, John Henry [1967]
Reynolds, Thomas [1965]
Rhett, Tom [1965]
Rhoads, George [1965]
Rhodes, Mrs. P and son [1969]
Rhodes, William Bryan [1967]
Riccillo, Vincent Victor [1966]
Rice, Craig [1969]
Rice, Timothy [1965]

Box 22 stored off-site
Richards, Frederick H., M.D. [1966]
Richards, James III [1967]
Richards, Keith
Richards, Edwin [1968]
Richardson, James S. [1969]
Richardson, Ronald Alan [1967]
Richardson, Pvt. Steven D. [1964]
Richart, David W. [1969]
Richley, Robert
Richter, Linwood
Ricker, Martin Hans [1968]
Ricks, Kenneth [1968]
Rideout, Ray [1968]
Rider, Berl A. [1966]
Rider, Steve [1969]
Riddle, George Bernard
Rieksts, Oskars [1967]
Rightmyer, Peter Andrew [1968]
Rigler, Louis [1968]
Riley, James A. [1966]
Rink, Deane J. [1965]
Riordan, Dennis M [1967]
Rios, Antonio [1964]
Ripley, Robert W. [1968]
Rittenberg, Bill [1968]
Ritter, Pvt. Eugene [1964]
Ritting, Daniel J. [1966]
Ritzman, Herbert [1965]
Robbins, Joel [1967]
Robboy, David [1966]
Robert, Frank [1968 / Alabama]
Roberts, Christopher J. [1966]
Roberts, David S. [1964]
Roberts, Donnie [1966]
Roberts, James E. [1966]
Roberts, Ronald J. [1964]
Roberts, Peter [1968]
Robertson, Bruce [1966]
Robertson, Whit [1969]
Robichaux, Fred
Robinson, Andrew Bruce [1967]
Robinson, Christopher S. [1968]
Robinson, Orville, Jr. [1965]
Robinson, Stanley U. III [1966 / son of the attorney on CO list]
Robison, William R. [1968]
Robles, Luis F. [1968]
Rockwell, Eston [1965]
Rockwell, Paul [1965]
Rockwell, Vance [1964]
Rocz, Ronald [1966]
Rodd, Gregory [1969]
Rodd, Tom [1968 / son of William]
Rode, Daniel F. [1967]
Rodeheffer, Tim [1968]
Roden, George Buchanan (Buck) [1964 / son of Mrs. Benjamin L.]
Rodewald, Steve [1969]
Rodger, James Lovell [1968 / Army]
Rodgers, Andrew [1968 / AIC]
Rodgers, Owen J., Jr. [1967]
Rodman, John
Rodriguez, Adolfo L. [1966]
Rody, Nelson [1966]
Roellinger, Frank [1968]
Rogal, Owen S. [1968]
Rogers, Andrew [1964]
Rogers, Anthony Courtney [1966]
Rogers, Charles Thomas [1968]
Rogers, David [1968]
Rogers, David B. [1967]
Rogers, John [1969]
Rogers, John D. [1966]
Rogers, William Reinhold [1968]
Rohmann, Christopher [1967]
Rohrbaugh, Raymond L. [1964]
Roman, Carl J. [1967]
Romano, Richard [1968]
Romano, Samuel J. [1969]
Romanow, Robert [1969]
Romer, J. David [1966]
Romeu, Joost [1969]
Romig, Larry [1968 / Army]
Roodenko, Igal [1961]
Roose, Kirk and Diana [1967]
Rose, Alan R. [1969 / MW]
Rose, James Donald [1967]
Rose, Mark [1968 / MW / JB]
Rose, Phillip J.
Rosen, Bernard [1964 / Supreme Being question CO]
Rosen, Michael [1965]
Rosenberg, Robert Maynard [1965]
Rosenberg, Walt (“thumper”) [1967]
Rosenburg, Joel [1966 / local board hearing]
Rosenthal, Larry [1969]
Rosi, Peter S., M.D. [1966]
Ross, James [1968]
Ross, Jim [1968]
Ross, John [1968 / San Francisco, Ca / Plath, Robert, attorney]
Rossi, Joseph [1967]
Roth, James F. [1965]
Roth, Robert A.
Rothenberg, Leslie [1966 / writer]
Rothman, Dave [1969]
Rothman, Fred [1966 / National Guard]
Rothstein, Richard Joel [1965]
Rowen, James E. [1967]
Rowland, James Taylor [1968]
Rowland, Wm. D., Jr. [1969]
Roy, Michael [1967]
Roy, Tod A. [1966 / Navy Reserves]
Rubin, Peter [1966]
Rubin, Richard [1968]
Rudberg, Harry C. [1967]
Rudicil, Michael [1968 / Army]
Rudolfi, Peter [1965 / National Guard]
Rufer, Ronald O. [1964]
Ruffin, Morris [1966]
Ruge, Peter and Robert [1966 / sons of Mrs. R.A. “Valice”]
Ruhs, Herb [1969]
Rule, James [1967]
Rummler, Stephen [1968 / Army]
Rundle, John S. [1969]
Runnels, H. Paul [1966 / Navy]
Runyan, Jim [1968]
Ruppert, Tim [1968]
Rus, Rodney [1967]
Rushby, William [1964]
Rushing, Byron [1967]
Rusk, William [1968]
Ruskin, Eugene [1965 / Army]
Russell, Harlow III [1965 / Army]
Russell, James Arden [1964]
Russell, William [1969]
Rutan, Eric [1968]
Ruzzo, James [1968]
Ryan, Edward D. [1968]
Ryan, Steven Michael [1966 / Marines]
Ryum [1964 / Garber, David Harold]

Box 23 stored off-site
Sabatini, Anthony J. [1967 / Army]
Sachs, Jeffrey R. [1967]
Sachs, Joshua [1968]
Sack, Richard [1965]
Sacks, Danny [1968]
Sadoff, Ira [1967]
Sadtler, George [1968 / Army Reserves]
Saerr, Donald M. [1968]
Sagal, David [1965]
Sager, Paul [1968]
Saggese, Robert E. [1967 / Army]
Sahling, Werner [1967]
Saks, Stuart [1968]
St. Maurice, Henry A. [1967]
Salamon, Russell [1967]
Salera, Bernard [1969]
Salinski, Ronald J. [1968 / Army]
Sall, Martin [1969]
Salsedo, Andre [1967]
Salstrom, Paul [1967]
Saltonstall, Stephen [1968]
Saltzman, Andrew D. [1967]
Sammons, Roger [1968]
Samodai, Jules [1967]
Sampie, Roger Lee [1966]
Samstein, Mendy [1966]
Samuel, Bill [1969]
Sanborn, Andrew I. [1968]
Sanders, Lynn [1968]
Sandvik, David [1968]
San Filipo, John R. [1968 / Air Force]
Sanford, Scott [1967]
Sann, Jon [1965]
Sapp, Sammy [1966]
Sardinas, Gilbert [1967]
Sarmiento, Jorge [1968]
Sather, Robert P. [1967]
Satterthwait, Arnold C. [1965]
Satterthwaite, Bruce [1969]
Satterwaite, Sheafe [1965]
Sauers, Richard
Saunders, George
Saunders, Robert S. [1968]
Savage, Thomas Edwin [1965]
Sawyer, Donald [1967]
Sayre, Philip R. [1968]
Sayre, Richard S. [1968]
Scavuzzo, Paul [1968]
Schacht, Danny [1967]
Schade, Wilbert Curtis III [1968]
Schaefer, Tom [1969]
Schafer, Lyle [1967 / Army Reserves / son of Tillman]
Schafer, Ronald [1967 / Army / son of Deborah Lynn Schafer]
Schalmo, Vincent [1967 / Marine Reserves]
Schandorff, Peter [1969]
Schapiro, Ernest [1969]
Schattle, Bryant C. [1965]
Schatzki, Michael [1968]
Schatzman, Morton, M.D. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Schebora, John C. [1967]
Scheffer, Terry J. [1966]
Scherrer, Randall J. [1967]
Schettler, Leo [1968]
Schiff, Walter [1968]
Schiller, David R. [1965]
Schiro, Bob [1968 / RAS]
Schlienger, Davies [Army]
Schliff, Henry M., Jr. [1969]
Schloss, Ernest [1967]
Schmaus, Pvt. Gerrald [1964 / Army]
Schmidt, Fred [1969 / Army]
Schmidt, Richard A. [1967]
Schmitt, Bill [1969]
Schneid, Miriam [1964 / Israeli conscription laws]
Schneider, Raymond [1965 / son of Joseph]
Schneider, Lawrence, Jr. [1967]
Schneider, Robert J. [1966]
Schoen, George [1967]
Schoenberg, Lewis [1967]
Schonbeck, Niels [1968]
Schooley, Christopher C. [1968]
Schotz, E. Martin [1967]
Schrader, Will B. [1967]
Schramm, Kehn [1966]
Schreiber, Mark [1969]
Schreiber, Michael [1967]
Schreiter, Larry [1968]
Schroeder, Jonathan [1968]
Schuhle, William
Schulman, Matthew [1968]
Schultz, Darwin [1968 / National Guard]
Schultz, Gareth [1968]
Schultz, Robert Edward [1964]
Schumaier, James [1964]
Schuman, William [1967]
Schurter, William J. [1966]
Schwab, Peter Ernest [1964]
Schwartz, Arnold [1966]
Schwartz, David Glenn [1966]
Schwartz, Howard [1968]
Schwartz, Martin D. [1969]
Schwarz, Leonard Charlton [1966]
Schwengel, William Allen [1969]
Scott, David [1966 / Bangor, Pa / son of Mrs. William (Edith) Scott]
Scott, Douglas [1968]
Scott, Larry Addison [1967]
Scott, Lawrence Sherwood [1966]
Scott, Roger S. [1967]
Scovill, Tom [1969]
Scranton, Philip B. [1968]
Scroke, Raymond J. [1968 / Army]
Seamans, Roger [1969]
Seams, Colby [1969 / Army]
Searle, John D. [1969 / Army]
Sears, Stephen Forsythe [1968]
Seaton, William [1968]
Seaver, John [1968]
Sebben, James [1969]
Sechler, Pvt. Robert P., Jr. [1966 / Army]
Secor, Christopher G. [1967]
Segal, Jeff [1966 / non-coop.]
Segal, Jerome [1967]
Seiferd, Peter [1967]
Seixas, Peter [1966]
Selden, Charles J. [1964]
Sellers, Allen L. [1968]
Selters, Henry R. [1965]
Sendelweck, Eugene A. [1967]
Senerchia, Bill [1968]
Sennott, Steve C. [1968]

Box 24 stored off-site
Sensat, Julius O., Jr. [1968]
Sereda, Vasyl [1966]
Servin, Marc [1969]
Serxner, Stewart (Rein) [1964 / National Guard]
Sessions, Robert A. [1968]
Sewell, James [1968]
Sexton, Dick [1967 / non-cooperator ? / emigrant ?]
Schabrach, James R. [1968 / Ref. Mrs. Albert Newbold]
Shacter, Mayer [1964 / non-religious CO]
Shambach, Eric L. [1968]
Sharp, Don [1967]
Shapiro, Stephen [1966]
Sharrard, Thomas E. [1967]
Shattuck, Jack [1965]
Shaub, Harold [1969]
Shaw, Harry F. [1969]
Shaw, J. Russel [1968]
Shear, Warren [1967]
Sheeran, James Douglas [1966]
Shefflin, Joel [1964]
Sheldon, Mark [1969]
Shelly, Steven L. [1968]
Shenenberger, Neil [1966]
Shenfield, Mark [1967]
Shenker, Eric [1967]
Shenosky, George [1969]
Shepard, David C. [1966 / brother to Peter]
Shepard, Peter R. [1965]
Sheppard, Dave [1969]
Sheppard, Ken [1966]
Sheriff, John D. III [1969]
Sherman, Benjamin [1966]
Sherman, Ken [1967 / non-coop.]
Sherman, Michael [1965]
Sherman, Richard T. [1965]
Shero, Jeffrey [1966 / alias Dugardyn, Geoffrey]
Sherry, Larry Monroe [1967]
Sherson, David [1966]
Sherwood, Thomas [1966]
Shipley, Lee V. [1967]
Shirato, Hugh [1967]
Shirk, David [1969]
Shisler, George – Bent [1966]
Shoffler, William [1968]
Sholl, Glen [1969]
Sholly, Steven L. [1968]
Showalter, Paul [1966]
Showalter, Thomas [1969 / Air Force]
Shuebrook, Ronald [1967 / Army]
Shulak, Allan [1964]
Shulman, Matt [1968]
Shultz, John R. [1967]
Sieber, Robert [1968]
Siegchrist, Charles D., Jr.
Siegel, Noam [1966]
Siegel, Robert Alan [1966]
Silbergeld, Arthur F. [1967]
Silk, James N. T. [1969]
Silva, Guillermo [1969]
Silva, Keith [1967]
Silverman, Howard [1967]
Silverman, Pvt. Lawrence Howard [1967 / Army]
Silverstein, Louis [1967 / Army Reserves]
Silvestre, Tony [1968]
Simecek, John D. [1967 / Marines]
Simmons, James W. [1968]
Simon, Stephen W. [1965]
Simon, Stephen M. [1966]
Simon, Stuart [1966]
Simon, Thomas W. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Simpson, Charles [1964]
Simpson, Robert William [1968]
Sims, Anthony [1968]
Sims, Cort [1969]
Sims, Lance [1966]
Sincavitch, Thomas C. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Sinclair, Thomas [1965]
Sinex, Charles David [1967]
Singsen, William [1966]
Singh, Kenneth [1968]
Sipe, Weldon [1969]
Sisk, Michael B. [1961]
Sistrom, J. Anthony [1963]
Siteman, Steve
Sitzer, Lewis [1967]
Skarrow, Edwin, Jr.
Skavdahl, David F. [Army]
Skeckowski, S. Peter [1968]
Skelley, James H. [Army]
Skillman, Robert N., Bishop [1968]
Skrabak, Darryl [1966]
Slade, Frank D., Jr. [1966]
Slade, Harry III [1969]
Slade, William Robert [1966]
Slaner, Steve [1964]
Slaney, Richard [1969]
Sloane, Nathaniel I. [1961]
Sloboda, Steve [1968]
Slocum, Richard [1962]
Slone, Ted
Smailer, John [son of Bernice and Edward Smailer]
Small, Duane [1968]
Small, Kenneth Alan [1968]
Smilack, Stephen Alan [1968]
Smiley, Daniel, Keith and Bert [1962]
Smiltens, Juirs [1969]
Smith, Alan Kempton [1968]
Smith, Arthur T. [1965]
Smith, Bobby W. [1966 / Memphis, Tennessee / Navy]
Smith, Brooks [1968]
Smith, C. Wendell [1967]
Smith, Craig [1965]
Smith, Donald L. [1966 / Army]
Smith, Gary [1964]
Smith, George T. [1967 / volunteer for Army]
Smith, Gerald S. [1967]
Smith, Henry Clay III [1969]
Smith, Huron, Jr. [1968]
Smith, Jack A. [1966]
Smith, Jackson E. and son Jackson E., Jr. [1966]
Smith, James B. [1968]
Smith, James Kennon Parham [1964]
Smith, James R. [1967 / Army]
Box 25 stored off-site
Smith, Jay [1965]
Smith, Joel R. [1968]
Smith, John Dormer [1966]
Smith, Justin [1968]
Smith, Laurence C. [1968]
Smith, Lee Warren [1965]
Smith, Leonard
Smith, Melvin Webster [1964]
Smith, Michael Harold [1968]
Smith, Paul David [1967 / Army]
Smith, Richard D. [1969]
Smith, Richard R. [1967]
Smith, Robert Alan [1968 / not Robert Allen]
Smith, Robert Allen [1967 / not Robert Alan]
Smith, Robert Elliott [1964]
Smith, Robert Lee [1964 / Louisville, Kentucky]
Smith, Roger [1968]
Smith, Rufus [1969 / Army]
Smith, S. George [1968]
Smith, Stephen [1966 / non-cooperator]
Smith, Thomas Joseph [1968]
Smith, Wayne E. [1967]
Smuda, Tom [1967]
Smyers, Charles Louis, Jr. [1966]
Snitz, Herbert [1967]
Snowe, M. Kennith [1968]
Snyder, Harry H. [1966]
Snyder, Paul [1968]
Snyder, Stuart B. [1968]
Soblotne, Larry Wayne [1967]
Sobocienski, Michael H.
Sobsey, Richard [1968]
Soffer, Katherine [1969]
Sofian, Paul [1969]
Sokale, Spencer [1966]
Solberg, Keith [1966]
Solliday, David [1969]
Solmitz, David C. [1967]
Solomonow, Allan [1967]
Soltz, Howard [1970]
Sotelo, Jessie [Army]
Soudant, Mike [1968]
Soule, David [1968]
South, Walter N., II [1964]
Sowder, Fred [1965]
Sowerwine, Charles [1967]
Spady, James [1965]
Spain, Ray
Spangler, Rev. John J. [1969]
Spear, Peter J. [1968]
Spear, Thomas T. [1965]
Spears, Lawrence D. [1964]
Speers, Vernon [1965 / Navy]
Speert, Peter
Spelman, Peter [1967 / see also Wisconsin Draft Registers Union]
Spencer, Max L. [1969]
Spencer, Paul [1964]
Spicer, Francis [1966]
Spiegel, Larry [1966]
Spiro, Stephen
Spitzer, Neal [1965]
Spivak, Howard [1967]
Split, Paul [1967]
Spooner, Eric W. [1964]
Spragens, John Jr. [1968]
Springer, Art [1966 / see also Cambridge, Massachusetts, American Friends Service Committee]
Springfield, William L. [1967]
Sprohge, Hans [1968]
Squires, Richard [1967]
Staab, Jonathan [1968]
Stack, John L. [1967]
Stahl, Pvt. Gordon I. [1964 / Army]
Stahl, Mark Chayer [1964]
Standen, John [1968 / Navy Reserves]
Stanford, Gene, Jr. [1966]
Stang, Don J. [1964]
Stanton, William [1970]
Stapp, Andy [1967 / Army]
Stark, J. Philip [1966 / Navy]
Stark, John R. [1964]
Starobin, David [1967]
Starr, Allen [1968 / Army]
Starrett, James A. [1964 / Army Reserves]
Stauffer, Jacob and Marvin [1964]
Steadman, K. Grant [1965 / Army Reserves]
Steczak, Charles N.
Steed, Donald [1966]
Steele, James M. [1968]
Stegmoller, Jan [1968 / Army]
Stein, Arthur
Stein, Preston [1965]
Stein, William [1966]
Steinbock, Eric A. [1966]
Steiner, Joe [1969]
Steinert, Finn [1966]
Steinfort, Robert
Steingarten, Lawrence [1968]
Stephens, Bill [1969]
Stephens, John Milton [1968 / non-cooperator]
Stephens, William M. [1968]
Stephenson, G.H. [1968 / Marine Reserves]
Stern, A. Preston [1967]
Stern, Lawrence M. [1967]
Stern, Myron Bud [1965]
Stern, Paul [1968]
Stern, Robert O. [1968 / LRJ]
Stern, Roland [1966]
Stern, Thalia [1969 / COC]
Sterner, Pvt. Kenneth George [1967 / Army]
Stetzer, Paul, Jr. [1968]
Stevens, David [1965 / Navy]
Stevens, George [1966]
Stevens, John Patrick [1966]
Stevens, Jonathan Ed [1968]
Stevens, Paul [1964]
Stevens, Timothy [1967]
Stevens, Wayne [1965 /District of Columbia]
Stevens, William [1969]
Stevens, Pvt. William R. [1967 / Army]
Stevenson, Karl William, M.D. [1967]
Stevenson, Kenneth G. [1969 / RAS]
Stevenson, Mark [1968]
Stevenson, Robert K. [1969]
Stewart, David N. [1966]
Stewart, Doug [1968]
Stewart, James D. [1965]
Stewart, Leonard C.
Stiles, Joseph R. [1968]
Stiteler, John T. [1966]
Stivender, Ed R. [1968]

Box 26 stored off-site
Stockman, Kent H. [1966]
Stockman, Michael [1967]
Stoddard, Paul Curtis [1968]
Stokes, Glenn [1968]
Stokes, Leonard Jr. [1969]
Stolberg, Irving [1965]
Stoller, Peter J. [1965]
Stoltz, Thomas C. [1968 / Army]
Stone, Barton [1965]
Stone, David [1969 / RAS]
Stone, Henry [not the Henry A. Stone III of Pennsylvania / 1967]
Stone, Henry A. III [1965]
Stone, Jere G. [1968]
Stone, Michael Eric [1965]
Stone, Robert V. [1968]
Stoney, Clara [1968]
Storey, Kenneth [1967 / Ralph Helge case]
Storsve, Harold [1967]
Stortz, Joseph [1968]
Stout, William [1967]
Stouter, George [1967]
Stoutzenberger, Joseph [1968]
Stover, Kenneth [1968]
Strachan, Don [1969]
Strait, Allen [1967]
Strange, Howard [1966]
Stratton, Robert [1966]
Strawbridge, Fred J. [1968]
Strobel, E. (and son) [1967]
Strobel, Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. [1968]
Stroh, Charles R. [1967]
Strohm, Fred [1964 / Non-cooperator]
Strope, James [1967]
Stubbs, Clemmie [1965 / supporter of Ovall, David]
Stukane, Peter [1969]
Stull, Philip W. [1967 / Air Force]
Stumacher, Eric [1969]
Stump, Cary [1969]
Stutland, Joel [1965]
Suber, Tom [1966 / DCEWVN]
Sullivan, Chas. W. [1969]
Sullivan, Joseph H. III [1969]
Sullwold, Gregory [1969]
Sumrall, John [1967]
Sundell, Eric [1968]
Sundgaard, Stephen [1967]
Sundrud, Robert [1968 / Navy Reserves]
Sunstein, Bruce
Surbaugh, George [1967]
Susoreny, John Stephen, Jr. [1967]
Susman, Kenneth [1966]
Sutcliffe, David [1969]
Sutherland, James [1965]
Sutterfield, Alan [1967]
Svenson, Peter G. [1968 / Navy Reserves]
Swain, Robert W. [1968]
Swann, Anthony L. [1966]
Swanno, Thomas [1967]
Swartz, Donald R., M.D. [1968]
Swartz, Michael, Zebulon [1965]
Swartz, Randy (Frederick Randolf) [1969]
Swartz, Roger [1969 / Kaskaskia Community Action Programs]
Sweeney, Christian David [1967]
Sweller, Richard A. [1968]
Swenson, Paul [1968 / Army]
Swierenga, Paul H. [1968]
Swift, Michael, M.D. [1965]
Switzer, Robert W. [1966]
Sylva, Val-Jean [1968]
Sylvester, Eugene A. [1968 / Army]
Sylvester, Michael J. [1967]
Sylvester, Robert [1968]
Syre, Peter [1966 / Air Force]
Szabo, Bill [1964]
Tabak, Bob [1968]
Tabaknek, David [1969]
Taiz, Lincoln [1967]
Talford, Robert [1969 / Army]
Talley, Gerald [1965]
Talmanson, Robert Allan [1968]
Tannenbaum, Jack [1969]
Taplin, Pvt. Paul [1968 / Army]
Taran, Al [1969]
Tate, James Richard [1966 / non-religious CO]
Tatum, Elmer and Clio
Taub, David [1967]
Taube, Robert Lee [1968]
Taugher, Stephen [1966]
Taussig, Frank [1968]
Taylor, Allen [1968]
Taylor, Benjamin M. [1967]
Taylor, C. Clarke [1968]
Taylor, David S. [1967 / Minnesota]
Taylor, Grady E. [1967]
Taylor, Gregory R. [1968]
Taylor, James Michael [1967]
Taylor, Jeremy [1968]
Taylor, John Tucker [1965]
Taylor, William Earl [1965]
Team, Wayne [1968]
Teeling, James J. [1967]
Teeple, Donald [1968]
Teeter, Steven R. [1967]
Teich, Philip Walden [1966]
Teitelbaum, Larry [1968]
Tejada, Richard [1966]
Tejera, Vincent [1968]
Tenhoor, Bill [1966]
Tenney, Robert L. [1967]
Terral, Pvt. James [1968 / Army]
Terrell, Paul Lawrence [1967]
Tessier, Bill (Vernon Will)
Thatcher, Hale Ronald [1964]
Thayer, Carlyle A. [1967]
Thayer, Pvt. Richard A. [1968 / Army]
Theodoris, Pvt. Harry [1968]
Thiel, Mark Allen [1967]
Thies, William [1968 / Marines]
Thomas, Arthur [1964]
Thomas, Charles Edward [1966]
Thomas, Dave [1969]
Thomas, John Williams [1966]
Thomas, Michael [1968]
Thomas, Mike [1969 / Army]
Thomas, Norman [1964]
Thomas, Roosevelt [1968 / Army]
Thomas, C. Sherwood [1966]
Thomas, Steven
Thompson, Billy [1969]
Thompson, Byron C. [1965 / Navy]
Thompson, David [1966 / Non-cooperator / Woodstock, Vermont]
Thompson, Dennis Rolland [1965]
Thompson, Eric E. [1966]
Thompson, Frederick C. [1967]
Thompson, James C. [1968]
Thompson, Kenneth R. [1965]
Thompson, Michael S. [1968]
Thompson, Paul M. [1966]
Thompson, Robert [1968]
Thompson, Sanford [1968]
Thompson, William L. [1969 / Army]
Box 27 stored off-site
Thomson, Alan Craft [1964]
Thomson, Barry S. [1968]
Thomson, David G. [1966]
Thor, Eric [1966]
Thorn, Harry [1968]
Thornwell, Anthony A. [1967]
Thrall, David [1969]
Threlkeld, Paul T. [1966]
Thurlow, William H., IV [1965]
Thurston, Elizabeth [1965]
Tiberiis, Bruce [1967]
Tickenoff, John Wayne [1965]
Tiedeman, Private Donald Scott [1968 / Army]
Tiernan, Ted [1967]
Tiews, Robert J., Jr. [1964]
Tigard, Donald W. [1964]
Timothy, John [1966]
Tincknell, Gary S. [1967]
Titterud, Steven [1968]
Tlush, John [1966]
Tobias, Gregory [1968]
Tobias, Harris [1968]
Tobin, John H. [1966]
Toerper, David [1965]
Toll, David [1967]
Tomasko, Paul [1968]
Tomlinson, Neil [1968 / Air Force]
Tomlinson, William G. [1967]
Toner, William [1969]
Toombes, Randolph L. [Army]
Tope, Roger Dean [1968]
Torbrand, Bertil [1968]
Toriello, Peter J. [1968]
Torrens, Eddie [1969 / Army]
Torres, Jose Michael [1968]
Torrey, Ben [1969]
Towl, Roy Elliott [1968]
Townley, Odin, Richard, and Roderick (Mrs. William R. Townley-Elisa) [1965]
Townsend, Danny [1966]
Townsend, Lawrence [1969]
Townsend, Paul [1968]
Tracy, Thomas [Army]
Trafican, Philip [1966]
Traer, Robert A. [1966]
Trainor, Robert [1968]
Travers, John M. [1968]
Travis, John Wilber [1968]
Trawick, Thomas Louis [1965 / Army]
Trebat, Thomas J. [1969]
Trevor, Barry E. [1967]
Trezevant, Robert [1966]
Trice, R.V. [1968 / PFC]
Trickey, Robert Hardy [1964]
Trickey, Roy H. [1967]
Trimble, Dave and Philip [1968]
Trimble, David Brown [1966 / NOT one of the David-Philip Trimble twins]
Tripp, Albert [1964]
Tristani, Jorge Enrique, Jr. [1969]
Tristani, Pvt. Richard [1968 / Army]
Trowbridge, John Parks, Jr. [1966]
Troy, Tim [1967]
Trumpower, Greg [1969 / Navy]
Tsao, Victor J. [1968]
Tschannerl, Gerhard [1962]
Tschudy, Richard L. [1968]
Tunison, John [1969]
Turco, Alfred, Jr. [1966]
Turgeon, Normand [1969 / Army]
Turitzin, Stephen [1968]
Turnbull, William E. [1967 / Army]
Turner, Bill R. [1967]
Turner, Charles
Turner, Charles III [1968 / Army]
Turner, David W. [1966]
Turner, Ralph C. [1967 / Army]
Turner, Robert, Sr. and Jr. [1967 / Alfred, New York]
Turner, Ronald
Turner, Trubie L. [1968]
Tuttle, Thomas J. [1966 / Army Reserves]
Twibell, John [1965]
Twigger, Robert H. [1967 / Army]
Tyburski, Francis R. [1968]
Tyler, Andrew Jackson [1968]
Uetz, George William [1968]
Uhl, Vincent W. [1969]
Underwood, James H. [1967 / Army Reserves]
Underwood, Joseph M. [1966]
Underwood, Steven [1965 / Army Reserves]
Unterseher, Lon Malcom [1966]
Usatuck, Roger [1966 / Navy Reserves]
Vaillancourt, Henri [1969]
Valdez, Clarence Ricardo [1966]
Valens, Tom [1966]
Valiela, Ivan [1967]
Valla, Victor R. [1968]
Valler, David [1966 / DCEWVN]
Van Amburg, David [1969]
Vander Pyl, Ross Allan [1964]
Van Dusen, Gary B. [1966]
Van Dyke, Pvt. Leonard [1967 / Marines]
Van Dyke, Will [1969]
Van Kilsdonk, John D. [1967]
Van Moort, Jan P. [1965]
Van Orman, Judd [1966]
Van Schoick, Charl [1969]
Varga, John Christian [1968]
Varian, Lewis [1966]
Varinsky, Howard J. [1968]
Vaughan, Leigh [1969]
Vaughan, Raymond C.
Vaughn, Dennis R.
Vaughn, William C. [1968]
Vega, Jay [1965]
Velazquez, Pvt. Ramon Antonio [1967 / Army]
Venable, Jerry
Venaka, John A. [1968]
Vermes, Kenneth [1966]
Verrecchia, Alfred [1967]
Verrall, Frank [1965]
Vick, Albert Fisher Woodruff [1968]
Vick, Joe R. [1968]
Vickers, George R. [1964]
Victor, James Matthew [1968]
Vila, John D. [1968]
Viles, George [International Voluntary Service]
Vinyard, Roland [1968]
Vitale, Thomas [1968]
Vizcarrondo, Robert [1967]
Vlasits, George [1967]
Vodraska, Ronald [1967]
Vogel, Edward N. [1967 / Navy Reserves]
Vogler, John Michael [1968]
Vollmar, F. Stanton [1966 / Applicant, Executive Secretary]
Vos, Sebastian [1969]
Voss, Edward [1966]
Box 28 stored off-site
Waddell, Norman A. [1967 / Army Reserves]
Wager, Jerry [1969]
Wagner, Abraham [1969]
Wagner, David M. [1966]
Walker, Cyrus [1966]
Walker, Doris [1968]
Walker, James L. [1964 / Army]
Walker, Jonathan P. [1966]
Walker, Leonard [1967]
Walker, Mark O. [1967]
Walker, Paul L. [1967]
Walker, Ronald Vito [1967]
Walker, Steven D. [1968]
Walkup, Robert K. [1968]
Wall, Byron E. [1968]
Wall, Franklin J. [1968]
Wallace, Alfred L., Jr. [1968 / Army]
Wallace, David [1966 / Ann Arbor, Michigan / not David V. Wallace]
Wallace, Emitt Nathion, Jr. [1965]
Wallace, Laurence [1966]
Wallace, Richard [1969]
Wallace, Paul [1967]
Wallace, Terry Howard [1967]
Wallash, Philip [1967]
Wallen, Kurt [1968]
Waller, Pfc. Franklin T. [1967 / Marines]
Wallers, Pvt. James H. [1966]
Wallet, Ira [1967 / LRJ]
Walls, Richard [1968 / Navy]
Walsh, James S. [1966]
Walsh, John G. [1966]
Walsh, Michael J., Jr. [Army]
Walsh, Richard [1966]
Walters, Allen [1966]
Walther, Eric [1964]
Walther, Thomas Neil [1967 / Army Reserves]
Wanning, Walter [1967]
Warden, James H. [1967 / Air Force]
Wardinski, George [1968]
Waring, Peter D. [1967]
Warner, Alan B. [1968 / MW]
Warner, Kenneth [1969 / RAS]
Waronker, Louis Mayor [1968]
Warren, AIC Cecil V. [1969 / Air Force]
Warren, Michael [1968]
Warshaw, Jack [1966]
Washington, James C. [1967 / Army]
Wassall, Richard [1967]
Wasserman, Marvin [1966]
Wasserman, Robert [1967]
Watanabe, Akio [1968]
Watson, Benny T. [1968]
Watson, Robert [1968]
Wax, Daniel Edward [1966]
Way, John [1968 / Conscientious Objection Claim]
Wayland-Smith, Prudence and son [1966]
Weatherall, Donald M. [1966]
Weatherly, James [1966 / Army]
Weaver, Dan [1964]
Weaver, Robert [1966 / CORE Cincinnati]
Weaver, Robert J. [1967]
Webb, Daniel [1966]
Webb, Harry W. [1964]
Webb, Henry, Jr. [1968]
Webb, Thompson, III. [1968]
Webber, John Charles [1966]
Webber, Pvt. Adam R., Jr. [1966 / Army]
Webster, Frederick Dewey [1967 / also father Frederick S. Webster]
Wechsler, Nick [1967 / father Wechsler, Lew]
Weckler, David [1967]
Weed, David Lyle [1966]
Weeks, Dennis [1968 / noncooperator]
Wehnes, Antonio [1968]
Weil, Robert [1966]
Weinar, Marvin [1968]
Weinberg, Steven Jay [1968]
Weiner, Joseph P. [1967]
Weiner, Leon [1966]
Weiner, Mark C. [1967]
Weinstein, Craig [1969]
Weintraub, Neil J. [1967]
Weintraub, Samuel (father) and Terry (son) [1966]
Weis, Carl R. [1966]
Weisel, John [1969]
Weismann, Dan [1969]
Weiss, Barry G. [Army Reserves]
Weiss, Burton [1968]
Weiss, Jonathan [1964 / research writer]
Weiss, Paul [1968]
Weissblut, Stephen [1964]
Weithofer, Pvt. Robert [1968]
Weitzenfeld, Julian S. [1968]
Welburn, Ronald G. [1968]
Welch, Isaac T. [1966]
Welch, Rock E. [1969]
Weld, John [1968 / Army]
Welles, Frank S. [1963 / Army]
Wells, John C. [1968 / Army Reserves]
Wells, Michael [1968 / Non-cooperator]
Wells, Thomas [1969]
Welsh, Allan [1969]
Welsh, Elliott A., II [1966]
Welsh, Robert F. [Army Reserves / Charlotte, North Carolina]
Wenner, Paul [1967]
Wentzel, Michael [1969]
Wentler, Bruce [1966 / Army]
Werbe, Peter [1966 / DCEWVN]
Werner, James Henry [1968]
Wernette, Timothy [1969]
Wernette, Timothy Joe [1967]
Wernsdorfer, Raven [1967]
Wessner, James R. [1968]
Westbrook, Jay [1969]
Westmacott, Richard N.
Westman, Walter E. [1967]

Box 29 stored off-site
Weston, Fred [1967]
Weston, Paul D. [1967]
Weston, Richard C. [1968]
Westover, Peter [1966]
Wetteland, Michael [1966]
Weyl, Donald [1968 / son of Edward]
Weyl, Steven [1967 / brother of Donald and son of Edward]
Whalen, John [1967]
Whan, William D. [1968]
White, David T. [1966]
White, Erik K. [1969 / Air Force]
White, John K. [1966 / Air Force]
White, John A. [1969 / Army / Earhart, Madelaine]
White, Mike [1969]
White, Robert (Bob) David [1967 / Navy]
White, Robert [1965 / Washington National Guard]
White, Robert George [1967]
White, Robert N. [1967]
White, Wayne G., II [1967]
Whitehead, Gordon [1967]
Whitehead, Thomas S. [1967]
Whitehouse, Robert A. [1969]
Whitener, Robert E. [1966]
Whitfield, Stephen J. [1967]
Whitford, Robert Van Norman [1967]
Whiting, John [1967]
Whitman, Dale [1968]
Whitmore, David [1964]
Whitsitt, Thomas Allen [1968]
Whittelsey, Neil L. [1968]
Whittier, Jeff [1966]
Whitton, Billy M. [1967]
Whitworth, Charles E., Jr. [1968]
Wichman, Jerome [1966]
Wicks, Frederick L. [1968]
Widmer, David [1967]
Wiersema, Henry [1967]
Wiesmore, David L. [1964]
Wigert, John [1967]
Wilcox, Dennis [1966 / Army]
Wilcox, Willard P. [1967]
Wildman, Edward E. [1966]
Wilhelm, Mark [1965]
Wilhelm, Robert B. [1967]
Wilhelm, Ronald [1968]
Wilke, Williams [1967]
Wilkins, John A. [1962]
Wilkins, Thomas H. [1965 / Marine Reserves]
Willat, I. A. [1966]
Williams, Alan [1968 / attorney, Douglas T. Francis]
Westmiller, William J. [1968]
Williams, Alfonso, Jr. [1968]
Williams, Dennis Jerome [1968]
Williams, Dennis L. [1967]
Williams, Dwight [1965]
Williams, George Harold [1967]
Williams, Huw [1965]
Williams, J. Michael [1966]
Williams, Ken [1968]
Williams, Moses [1966]
Williams, Paul Collins [1968]
Williams, Roger [1965]
Williams, Robert B., Jr. [1967 / Hyde Park, New York]
Williams, Thomas Michael [1967]
Williams, Timothy C. [1968]
Williams, Robert W. [1966]
Williams, Rockwell [1967]
Williamson, Craig B. [1966]
Williamson, Morgan [1968]
Williamston, Philip [1966]
Willing, Kenneth [1964]
Willis, James L. [1968 / Army]
Willis, Michael S. [1965]
Wills, Russell Milton [1967]
Wilson, Clarence O’Neil [1964]
Wilson, Douglas J. [1968]
Wilson, James E. [1967]
Wilson, Pfc. James L. [Army]
Wilson, Larry [1968]
Wilson, Michael Lawrence [1967]
Wilson, Peter L. [1966]
Wilson, Richard [1968]
Wilson, Robert C. [1968]
Wilson, Robert G., Jr. and Robert G., Sr. [1968 / California]
Wilson, T. Hunter [1968]
Wilson, Terry [Army]
Wimpelberg, Bob [1969]
Wingfield, Charlie [1966]
Winn, Frank Larry [1968]
Winnick, Pvt. Michael [1966 / Army]
Winslow, Richard [1964]
Winslow, Robert C. [1966]
Wintroub, Terry M. [1966]
Wise, Herschel [1967]
Wisner, Ben [1966]
Witheridge, Thomas F. [1967]
Wittner, Loren [1961]
Witzel, Allan [1967]
Woal, Michael [1967]
Wodka, Steven [1967]
Woerner, Christopher Robert [1968]
Wohl, Barry [1965]
Wohl, Peter [1969]
Wohlforth, Noel [1969]
Wolf, Louis (Lewis) [1966]
Wolf, Robert [1968]
Wolfe, Alan [1967]
Wolfe, Arthur L. [1967]
Wolffe, Andrew [1969]
Wolfley, Don, Jr. [1965]
Wolfsen, Richard [1965]
Wolters, Prof. Raymond [1968]
Wong, Dennis E. [1969]
Wood, Clifford [1966 / Army]
Wood, David Bradley [1967]
Wood, James Bernerd [1968]
Wood, John Cadwallader [1967]
Wood, Peter D.
Wood, Robert [1968]
Wood, Steven Kenneth [1968]
Wood, Vance [1967 / Ft. Polk, La / Army]
Woodard, James [1967]
Woodbury, Steven R. [1968]
Woodhull, Albert, Jr. [1964]
Woodhull, William Benjamin [1969]
Woodkey, William D. [1966]

Box 30 stored off-site
Woodrow, Peter [1965]
Woods, Pvt. Cornelius A. [1969]
Woods, Richard [1968 / Army / Sp-4]
Woods, William [1966]
Woodworth, Douglas [1969]
Woolbert, Michael [1967]
Woolfolk, Richard
Woolsey, Frank [1968 / Army Reserves]
Woolston, Joseph Longstreth [1968]
Worker, Dwight James [1964]
Workman, Donovan A. [1965 / Non-Cooperator]
Worley, Francis [1967]
Worley, John [1968]
Worts, David [1962]
Wright, Dean [1968]
Wright, Eric [1965]
Wright, Richard B. III [1968]
Wright, Robert E. [1964]
Wszolek, Daniel [1966]
Wu, Vincent Hau-Leong [1966]
Wyer, Peter Charles [1965]
Wylie, Hugh J. [1968]
Yale, David R. [1965]
Yamane, Dean [1969]
Yankee, Michael L. [1965 / and Gorman, Jack A.]
Yarrow, Douglas [1967]
Yasutake, Rev. Michael S. [1969]
Yates, Charles S. [1967]
Yates, Tom [1968]
Yeaton, Bertrand H. [1964 / Army]
Yelle, Ronald [1967 / National Guard]
Yerkovich, Pvt. Raymond, Jr. [1966 / Army]
Yerman, Brian [1967 / Navy]
Yeske, Charles [62 Delaware Ave. Lambertville, New Jersey 08530]
Yockers, Fred [1968]
Yoder, Richard L. [1966 / Marine Reserves]
Younce, Richard Alan [1966]
Young, Alan A. [1967]
Young, Alfred [1969]
Young, Calvin C. [1968 / Army]
Young, Chuck [1969]
Young, David [1963]
Young, David Gordon [1967]
Younger, Arthur L., Jr. [1968]
Younggreen, G. Russ [1966]
Younggreen, James Conrad [1966]
Yow, Ellard [1969]
Yubeta, Ruben E. [1968 / Army]
Yungblut, John, Jr. [1967]
Yurman, Dan [1969]
Zacate, Michael [1965]
Zack, Peter [1968]
Zahourek, Jon G. [1964]
Zahra, Stephen [1968]
Zakheim, Matthew [1965]
Zanchettin, Gianfranco [1967]
Zarembka, David [1968]
Zaret, Mike [1968]
Zarth, Albert J. [1968]
Zaugg, Mike [1969]
Zehr, Stephen [1968]
Zeisset, Paul [1968]
Zelin, Peter Ketain [1968]
Zeno, Kenneth A. [1968]
Zerbel, Bruce [1968 / Navy Reserves]
Zetterstrom, Tom [1968]
Zickler, Pat [1968]
Zidbeck, Norman R. [1967 / Navy]
Ziegler, David R. [1967]
Zill, Patrick [1966 / Marines]
Zim, Aldwin H. [1965]
Zimmer, Timothy [1967]
Zimmerman, Doug [1968]
Zimmerman, Jonathan [1967]
Zimmerman, Omar G. [1967]
Zimmerman, Richard [1968 / Army]
Zimmerman, William A. [1965]
Zink, Richard [1965]
Ziss, Alexander [1968]
Zogbaum, Rufus [1969]
Zogott, Howard [1969]
Zoretich, Frank J. [1968]
Zuchowski, Paul [1968]
Zuck, John [1967]
Zulkoski, William Paul
Zurcher, Gerald [1969]
Zwick, Kenneth L.

Later Accessions:

Acc. 95A-036 [31 boxes of folders; 36 boxes of cards]
Box 1
Robert Seeley's files, 1976-1987
[note: This box contains all kinds of correspondence from and to Bob Seeley. Some folders are labeled, but the titles have nothing to do with the contents.]
Correspondence [approx. 19 folders]
Mss. copy of Handbook for the Conscientious Objector, 1981

Box 2          
Correspondence, 1972-1978; CCCO projects and literature, 1980s-1990s; adminstrative and financial records, 1979-1993
[note: Some folders are labeled correctly, others are not.]
This box includes:
Correspondence, 1972-1978
Material on comic book projects
Military recruitment in high schools
CCCO literature
Youth outreach
Miscellaneous CCCO projects
Annual reports, 1981-1987
Constitution, 1977
Financial records, 1979-1984, 1987, 1992, 1993

Box 3          
Administrative files; correspondence; misc. office material, mid-1980s - early 1990s
Action Reconciliation
BoD positions
Board meetings
Computer mail works, board meetings
Congressional military related action
CO card discussion
Counter recrutiment materials
Job descriptions originals
Office memos
New staff orientation
Purchase of property (2208 South Street)
Service peoples counseling and communications center
Unorganized material [office correspondence, org. memos., minutes, literature, reference materials, and correspondence from other organizations and from individuals]

Box 4          
Miscellaneous office files; financial reports; correspondence, mid to late 1980s; Interview A Vet files
Appeal envelopes and letters
Fred manual
Budget (1986-1987
Budgets (1980-1985)
Budget (1987-1988)
Program, Job description
Donor correspondence
Bounced check forms
Job applicants
Job applicants, 1987
Job applicants 1985
Applications for staff attorney, 1982
Job applicants 1987-1988
Job desriptions
Staff reports
Comic book
Interview a Vet
Interview a Vet materials
Directory correspondence
Budget 1988-1989

Box 5          
Lou Ann Merkle's files
[note: folder titles do not necessarily reflect contents of folders]
Correspondence, late 1980s       
Correspondence, 1970s    
Fundraising materials for purchase of CCCO house, late 1970s
Fundraising for handbook
40th Anniversary celebration
Reference material

Box 6
Lou Ann Merkle's files
[note: folder titles do not necessarily reflect contents of folders]
Layout pages for Vet Contest book
Standing Up for Peace contest (FOR)
Steppin' Out for Peace Contest, 1989
Administrative files
- Job descriptions
- Job search files
Questionnaires on youth and militarism
Materials on CCCO comic book

Box 7          
Lou Ann Merkle's and Terry Kessell's files
Long range planning
Interview a Vet files
Files on COs
Women, 1970s-1980s
-Women's movement
-Women in the military
Correspondence, late 1970s-early 1980s
Reference files

Box 8          
Terry Kessell's files
Military recruitment in high schools
Gay men and lesbians in the military, 1990s
Administrative files
Literature, 1980s-1990s
Interview a Vet contest-correspondence, requests for booklet, (booklets sent)

Box 9 
Interview A Vet Contest files
[note: folder titles do not necessarily reflect contents of folders]
Interview a Vet Contest essays
Administrative files on contest

Box 10   
Interview A Vet Contest files

Interview a Vet Contest essays
Miscellaneous administrative files (of CCCO)

Box 11        
Atlanta Peace Alliance files
Atlanta Peace Alliance's work with access to high schools
Court case briefs / reference files

Box 12        
Atlanta Peace Alliance files / Correspondence on Playboy article
Court case briefs
Correspondence from readers of 1988 Playboy article and requests for information

Box 13        
Robert Seeley's files; miscellaneous
[note: folder titles do not necessarily reflect contents of folders]
Reference material, circa early 1970s
Camden 28
Seeley files
CCCO administrative files, 1990s
Notebook  "Personal Letters on Conscription, Vietnam, Military, etc.," 1960s and 1970s
Camp Lejeune COs, 1990s
TFORM files (Task Force on Recruitment and Militarism)
Notebooks of handwritten minutes of staff meetings, 1984, 1992

Box 14        
Robert Seeley's files; Selective Service files
; Feldman's files
Reference material on Selective Service
CCCO work against 1980 draft registration
Work of other peace groups against reinstitution of the draft, 1980s
CARD (Committee Against Registration for the Draft)
Correspondence to CCCO, early 1990s

Box 15        
Robert Seeley's files; Feldman's files
State compliance with Job Training Partnership Act, 1989
CCCO administrative files, 1980s
Press releases, 1980s

Box 16        
Feldman's files
CCCO board meeting minutes/packets, late 1980s
Blacks in the military
Selective Service Form 22
High school recruitment
Reference files on nuclear weapons

Box 17        
Feldman's files
Solomon amendment
Puerto Rico
Peace groups
Lou Ann Merkle's files
CCCO administrative records
Training resources
1985 Calendar
Anti-militiarism contacts
Latino youth
List of peace groups in Philadelphia
Educators for Social Responsibility

Box 18        
Lou Ann Merkle's files
Military recruitment in high schools
Interview a Vet Contest: miscellaneous
Interview a Vet Contest: requests for material
Bill Galvin's files
Youth and militarism directory
State files
Military recruitment

Box 19
Bill Galvin: field work files, 1980s
Middletown: Wesleyan University, 1989
Northwestern trip, 1989 (January-February)
South, 1988 (February)
New England, 1988 (January)
Miscellaneous short trips, 1988
Florida and New Orleans and South
Guidance counselors conference and South
Miscellaneous short trips, 1987
Midwest, 1987 (January-February)
Midwest, 1986 (Fall)
Miscellaneous short trips, 1986
New England, 1986 (Fall)
West Coast, 1986
Appleton, ___ (Spring)
Midwest, 1986 (Spring)
South, 1986 (Winter)
Miscellaneous short trips, 1985
Montana and Northwest: fall planning
Montana and Northwest, 1985 (October)
West Virginia, 1985 (November)
South and Texas, 1985 (November)
Methodist events, 1985
Iowa, 1985
Upstate New York, Vermont, 1985 (June)
New England, 1985 (March)
Kansas, 1985 (January)
Midwest NISBCO, ___ (Fall)
San Francisco: trip planning
Miscellaneous short trips, 1984
Southern trip, 1982 (Fall)
Wisconsin-Minnesota, 1982 (December)
Midwest trip
New England, Spring of 1983
Chicago trip: plowshare
Miscellaneous short trips, 1983
Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire: 1983 (Fall)
Denver, Colorado trip, 1982
Florida trip
Denver, Colorado trip, 1981 (October-November)
Wisconsin-Minnesota trip, 1981
Staff field trip
Northwestern trip, ___ (Fall)
Northwestern trip, 1982 (Fall)
Field reports
PR from old trips

Box 20        
Bill Galvin: field work; miscellaneous, 1980s
Field work expenses
Unfinished field work plans
Texas trip, 1981
Summer tour, 1980
Miscellaneous, 1980-1982
Imp. correspondence, 1980-1982
CARD Conference, 1982
Field work lists, 1980
Follow-up summer and other trips
Finished questionnaires
DC network clarification
People to send a questionnaire
DC trained
Old field trip plans
Addresses and phone numbers to input
CCCO Board task and west reorganizing
Letters answered, 1985-1986
Correspondence, 1985 (Fall)
Selective C.O. Conference
"Reactionary dribble"
C.O. box
CCCO/NISBCO Board relations
Peter Goldberger
STP updates
JPJ articles
Ray gun on the draft
International C.O. information
NOWAR computer system
Related brochure/s from misc. organizations
"Religious nut mail"
Potential counselors
Counseling in Catholic High School
CCCO Board Meeting
Meetings with Jeff ____
Retreat, 1985
Staff retreat flag discussion
Miscellaneous news articles
Comments on Alternative ServiceConcept Paper
Proposed regulations
Response to proposed regulations
December 3, 1980 SSS regulations
Letters to Xerox for FW

Box 21        
Bill Galvin: miscellaneous, 1980s
Draft couns. rep.
DC rap preparation
Florida, South Carolina and Georgia: 1990 (March-April)
ROTC, 1981
Recruiting propaganda
Counter-recruitment rap
Militarism and alternatives; high school outreach programs
High school militarism programs
Miscellaneous CCCO administrative files, 1980s
Correspondence: MC program and misc., FY 1986-1987
Correspondence: MC program and misc., FY 1985-1986
Correspondence: MC program and misc., FY 1984-1985, SSF
Correspondence: MC program and misc., FY 1983-1984
Correspondence: MC program and misc., FY 1982-1983 SSF
Bookkeeping correspondence, SSF FY 1986-1987
Bookkeeping correspondence, SSF FY 1985-1986
Bookkeeping correspondence, SSF FY 1984-1985
Bookkeeping correspondence, SSF FY 1983-1984
IRS form 990 Closed FY 1984-1985
IRS file
Application for fundraising position at Thomas Merton Center
Fundraiser/administrator job
Military Counseling Network
50th Anniversary CO
CO 50th anniversary celebration
50th anniversary

Box 22       
International C.O. files; miscellaneous reference material
International C.O.s
Women and recruitment
Women in international nonviolent movement, 1976
Alternatives to violence packet
Racism and militarism
Educational materials
CCCO administrative files
Lou Ann Merkle's files
Conference: mailing list
Conference: fundraising
Conference: background
Conference: sources [?]
Conference: correspondence
Conference: workshops
Conference: Dr. Pedro Campos
Conference: $$ place
Conference: article, promomotion
Conference: agenda
Conference: publicity
Conference: transcripts
Conference: speakers' biographies and talk descriptions
Conference: report 

Box 23        
Lou Ann Merkle's files
Conference: questionnaire
Conference: position papers
Conference: meeting minutes
National and regional meeting: planning committee
Draft legislation
Lawyers' training session
Lawyers interested in non-reistration
Program committee
Staff reports
CCCO staff, Board and resources
David Collins
Counter-recruitment groups
High school militarism surveys
Contest booklet provisions
Talks, workshops
Draft counselor training
Display ads #1
Display ads #2
Display ads #3
Display ads #4
Poem letters
Sent ads articles
Enlistment ad response letter
Rough draft ads
Ad request response letter
Advertisement for CCCO
Advertisements response
Interview a Vet contest request letters

Box 24        
Counseling files, 1940s-1960s; military  counseling files, 1970s-1980s RESTRICTED

Box 25        
Draft Counseling Files, 1980s RESTRICTED

Box 26        
Draft Counseling Files, 1980s RESTRICTED

Box 27        
Draft Counseling Files, 1980s RESTRICTED

Box 28        
Attorney Files: A-G, 1968 - early 1970s RESTRICTED

Box 29        
Attorney Files: H-M, 1968 - early 1970s RESTRICTED

Box 30        
Attorney Files: N-Z, 1968 - early 1970s RESTRICTED

Box 31        
Counseling files: miscellaneous RESTRICTED

Boxes 32-67 contain forms from the CCCO, filled out by men and women relating their intention of filing as a conscientious objector if ever drafted into the military
[all boxes stored stored off-site]
Box 32 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names A - Anderson, C.

Box 33 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Anderson, D. - Baker, M.

Box 34 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Baker, N. - Beck, R.

Box 35 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Beck, S. - Bigelman

Box 36 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Bigelow, D. - Bryan, J.

Box 37 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Bryan, L. - Cardinale

Box 38 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Carey - Christapherson

Box 39 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Christoplos - Cook, M.

Box 40 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Cook, W. - Czaster

Box 41 [8.5 in. x 11 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Diakos - Dudley

Box 42 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Bj - Bra [note: there is no box for the A's - Bi -- it likely never arrived from the CCCO]

Box 43 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Da - Dy [note: there is no box for the C's -- it likely never arrived from the CCCO]

Box 44 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names E - Fe

Box 45 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Fi - Fz

Box 46 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Ga - Gorm

Box 47 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Gorn - Hanna

Box 48 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Hanne - Hill

Box 49 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Hill (cont.) - I

Box 50 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names J - Kelley

Box 51 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Kennedy - Ky

Box 52 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names La-Lin

Box 53 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Lind - Marshall

Box 54 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Marshall (cont.) - Menet

Box 55 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Mens - Mtumwa

Box 56 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Mu - Oliver

Box 57 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Oliver (cont.) - Philips

Box 58 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Phillips - Reginell

Box 59 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Register - Rotunno

Box 60 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Rou - Schryver

Box 61 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Schuba - Simpson

Box 62 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Simpson (cont.) - Stevens

Box 63 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Stevens (cont.) - Thornburg

Box 64 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Thorp - Wagner

Box 65 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Wagner (cont.) - Wierz

Box 66 [10 in. x 15 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Wiese - Y

Box 67 [9 in. x 10.5 in. flat box] stored off-site
C.O. registration forms, circa 1980-1990: names Z and unfiled cards

Acc. 00A-013 (2.5 linear feet)
Box 1
Arturo’s Selective Service Post Office Case
War toys
Anti-JROTC Organizing Kit
JROTC : Yano
CD1 JROTC research
JROTC Packet – NCO 05
JROTC packet
War Resistors League
JROTC: War Resisters League
American Friends Service Committee: JROTC Organization Packet
American Friends Service Committee Military Academy Packet
American Friends Service Committee:
State battles:
- Local struggles and victories
-JROTC alert list
-JROTC and discrimination
-JROTC as recruiting program
-JROTC curriculum and local control
-The Citadel – Hazing, Homophobia, Misogyny: Faludi’s New Yorker Article
- Marin Independent Journal article
- Progressive articles
- Z article
- JROTC homophobia
- ARGS to Congress, 1992
- JROTC discrimination: Gays
- Anti-JROTC ARGS and articles
- American Friends Service Committee: report on JROTC
- New England States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
- Newark, Delaware
- Hartford, Connecticut
- Waterboro, Maine
- Atlantic City, Trenton, and others in New Jersey
- Newark, New Jersey

Box 2
State battles
- New York
- Trenton, New Jersey
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Worcester, Massachusetts: JROTC struggle
- New York, New York
- Washington, DC
- Jacksonville, Florida
- West Palm Beach, Florida
- Florida
- Atlanta, Georgia
- Georgia
- Louisville, Kentucky
- Baltimore, Maryland: costs
- Mississippi
- Virginia
- Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
- South
- North Carolina
- Agenda for workshop, November 2, 1994
- West Virginia
- Roane County, West Virginia
- Virgin Islands
-South Bend, Indiana
- Chicago
- Detroit, Michigan
- East Lansing, Michigan
- Rochester, Minnesota
- Columbia, Missouri
-Kansas City, Missouri
-Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas JROTC
-University City, Missouri
-Twin Cities, Minnesota
-LEPOCC: victory against JROTC, May 1993
-Columbus, Ohio
-Cincinnati, Ohio
-Dayton, Ohio
-Sioux Falls and Rapid City, South Dakota
-Mesa, Arizona
-Colorado Springs
-Denver, Colorado
-Fort Collins, Colorado
-Trinidad, Colorado
-Kalispell, Montana
-Prineville, Oregon
-Cottage Grove, Oregon
-Phoenix/Talent, Orgeon
-Bremerton, Washington
-Seattle, Washington
-Coronado High School, Scottsdale (Phoenix), Arizona
-Tucson, Arizona
-Hawaii: JROTC units

Box 3
State battles:
-Concord, California
-Fresno, California
-Los Angeles, California
-Oakland, California
-Rancho, Cucamonga
-Sacramento, California
-Como/Yano San Diego, California
-San Diego, California; Como, Yano, California
-Yano, California
-Santa Clara, California
-Stackton, California
-Culver City, California

Box 4
NEA Caucuses and contacts
National Peace and Justice Caucus, NEA
Youth peace bookmark
Resolution and American Friends Service Committee
California NEA, Peace and Justice Caucus
National Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools: meeting, July 31, 1993: reports
International Conscientious Objectors
National Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools: newsletter, 1994 (Spring)
National Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools: meeting, 1993 (July)
National Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools: resources
Activists: contacts
Activists (entered with RMT; not with CCCO)
National School Boards Association (April, annual)
World Without War
Chicago 1996 anti-recruiting ship
Duluth, Minnesota
ACA, 1995-1996
Yes Colorado, 1995
Hawaii: field trip notes, 1995 (March)
Arizona: field work, 1994 (November)
Nevada Desert Experience
Arizona: trip
Educational conferences
Cinevan and Navy Cruises
Great Lakes Navy Recruit Cruise, 1996 (Summer)
Great Lakes Cruise: our (CCCO?) program, 1996 (Summer)
Great Lakes Cruise: schedules and city actions, 1996 (Summer)
Summer Recruits: schedule, 1996 (Summer); JROTC target list, 1996 (Fall); Great Lakes Cruise: schedule
Pamphlets, articles, songs

Box 5
Navy Recruit Vans Research
Draft Resisters Defense Fund
Draft Resisters Defense Fund: money
Air Force JROTC
Marine Corps JROTC
Research JROTC
Department of Defense JROTC
Military Academies, Department of Defense information
Civilian models Used by JROTC
YouthBuild USE
Random Studies
Forward March!
Communities In Schools: background
Communities In Schools and Military Partnership Academies
Military academies across the country
Interviews with Communities In Schools

Box 6
National Rifle Association and schools
National Academy Foundation
National Science Center
Troops to Teachers Program
Challenge National Guard Youth Program
Department of Justice re: Communities in Schools
Draft outlines
Draft trainings
IP resources
CR Network: mailing, October 28, 1993
JROTC: CR mailing, 1994 (February)
CR Network: phone sheets
Lists/sign-up sheets
National Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools: meeting, 1993 (July)
JROTC: CR mailing 1994 (February) [copies to discard]
CR Network: introductory letter, 1993 (May)
Letters to Tonee Nello Vet Spring Classes
Basic Training for Peace, Columbia, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia, 1996 (September)
Amnesty International: C.O.s
GI Resistance
Draft registration resistance

Acc. 01A-019 [4 boxes]
Box 1
Military Counselor’s Manual (I)
Military Counselor’s Manual (II)
Names and numbers
Local materials
Massachusetts Open Resistance
Draft Counselor’s Manual
50th Anniversary
Pre-Enlistment Counseling Manual, Portland Mil. Counsel
Ninth Circuit Draft Digest (I)
Ninth Circuit Draft Digest (II)
Ninth Circuit Draft Digest (III)
Signed contracts
Booklet re: recruitment process
Ads in booklet
Literature List order forms: CCCO ads in booklet
Air Force
CCCO FACT Sheets: Navy/Marines
Why Enlist?
Military Life Be Killed, Injured
Changes of heart C.O.
Getting Out / AWOL C.O.
Racism, sexism
Filing for discharge
Filing complaints

Box 2
Interns and peace studies
Committee evaluations and planning

Box 3
Strategy plans
Alternative Revenue Service (ARS)
Long range planning
Long range planning (continued)
Long range planning: interviews
Long range planning: organizing structures
Long range planning: retreat
“40” program
Military counseling program

Box 4
Pacific Rim project

Acc.: 02A-041 [19 boxes]
Box 1
Freedom of Information Act
Notes for draft presentation
Draft resistance at Berkeley (California): publications, flyers
New Paltz (New York): recruiter ban, 1996
Connecticut: recruiter ban
NW Vets for Peace
Activists Database
Counselor list: responses
International C.O.
Typesettings (Bill Rock)
Literature list
Literature: “Are You Ready for Boot Camp?”
’98 Sustainer
Women in the Military Brochure II

Box 2
H.S. issue: articles (originals)
H.S. issue: articles not used
February 9, 1977 DCN (pages 7-8)
Miscellaneous originals of current materials (for printing)
Military documents/FOIAs sent
Future articles
OBJECTOR publicity flyer
Peace Action Newsletter: Sacrament/Yolo
2 NCDD 7009-1-3
Clergy and Laity Concerned: Counter-Recruitment Packet
H.S. issue: resources

Box 3
CCCO Board meetings, 1985-1987
CCCO Board meetings, 1988-1989
Reserve screening, 1990
Selective Service draft [2 folders]

Box 4
Phonebank: application and information sheet
Phonebank: applications
Phonebank: releases, 1987
Phonebank: flyer
Phonebank: phone bills
Phonebank: time sheets
Phonebank: Gary’s article
Phonebank: blank tally sheets
Phonebank: computer sheets, 1987
Phonebank: availability charts
Phonebank: rap, 1987
Phonebank: follow-up
Phonebank: follow-up letter, 1987
Phonebank: contracts, 1987
Phonebank: contracts
Phonebank: applications, 1987
Phonebank: releases
Phonebank: tally sheets
Time sheets, 1987
Conscientious objection

Box 5
FOR activists' controversy
Draft: National Resistance Committee
Tucson, Arizona
NCDOS: organizational documents
Illinois: Pax Christi
New Hampshire
Rochester, New York
Seattle, Washington
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)
Lincoln, Nebraska: recruiter ban, 1997
Denver, Colorado: AFSC Youth and Militarism Outreach Project
Minnesota: Campaign to Demilitarize Our Schools
LAGAI/VSA/WRC: brochures, etc.
DAMP: choices
SWOPSI/ Stanford
Draft Resistance groups/grant application
CCCO Western Region: mailing list
Military counselor training
Personnel DMDC-3035 (1985)
CCCO reports/Project YANO
Personnel policies

Box 6
Berkeley Draft counseling: disorientation issues
Military and draft counselor graining
Chico, California
Sout California
Los Angeles (California): trip
Los Angeles, California
Hawaii: field trip -- itinerary and contacts
Cleveland, Ohio
Mendocino, California
Vets for Peace
U.S. District Court: reports
Media: contact lists

Box 7
Inter-office correspondence, 1988-1989
Inter-office correspondence, 1991
Draft registration resistance [2 folders]
Military Counselors Network (Germany)
Counter-recruitment literature
Counter-recruitment organizing
CCCO Board meeting; miscellaneous

Box 8
Annual Report, 1990-1991
Legal records, 1991-1992
Union Bank Statement: Fiscal Year 1991-1992
Union Bank: Fiscal Year 1992-1993
CCCO Western Region: board meetings 1979-1984
CCCO Western Region: board meetings 1985-1991
Harassment in the Military
Military counselors

Box 9
Draft: medical
Draft: legislation
Draft: Selective Service -- correspondence and newsclippings
Draft: Title I Appropriations (HEA), 1981-1982
National Youth, Militarism, and Alternatives Conference
Draft Counselors’ questionnaires
Draft: questionnaires
Draft: Selective Service

Box 10
On Guard and On Watch
Department of Defense: legislation
Newsclippings, 1984; 8-year military obligation, 1984
Draft: Solomon II regulations
Draft: sanctuary, 1990-1991
Draft: National Guard

Box 11
Draft: conscientious objection
Draft: local boards [2 folders]
Draft: National Service [2 folders]
Draft: general

Box 12
Selective Service
CCCO: forms; miscellaneous
Counter-recruitment: general [2 folders]
Project YANO: report
Counter- recruitment: high school outreach
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), February 2, 1994
Philadelphia: Board, 1992

Box 13
“Representing Draft Non-Registrants," July 13, 1982 [originals]
The National Lawyers Guild: Military Law Task Force
CCCO, 1987-1988
Articles for The Objector

Box 14
Draft: newsclippings, 1985-1986
Newsclippings, 1983 / Military: DoD Personnel
Newsclippings, 1984
CCCO Western Region: board meetings 1986-1989
Media Alliance

Box 15
Draft: Solomon I regulations
California: legislation
__________, April/May, 1975
Draft: amendments/NISBCO
Draft: laws
Draft: women
Draft: newsclippings, 1980-1981
Military: All volunteer force
Military: Army Light Divisions

Box 16
Draft: prosecutions and Trials [3 folders]
Draft: aliens
Draft: CCCO hotlines and urgent notices
Draft: alternative aid
Draft: alternative service
Draft: classification and deferments

Box 17
CCCO: correspondence 1990-1991
National Service, Sept. 8-9, 1989
National Service, 1989 (September-October)
Inter-office correspondence, 1990
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), 1989-1990
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), 1990

Box 18
Student activism
Student aid [2 folders]
Photos: CCCO Western Region
Printing, typesetting, etc.
"Real War Stories"

Box 19
NISBCO Draft Counselor's Manual
Draft Counselor's Manual
NISBCO Draft Counselor's Manual; Selective Service information for registrants
Confidential material: correspondence, etc. RESTRICTED

Acc. 03A-061 [1 hollinger box (5 linear inches)]
Box 1
Portland (OR) recruiting ban, 1993, 1995-1996, undated
Colin Powell, 1995, undated
Quaker House, 1993
Rochester (NY) recruiter ban, 1993-1994
Washington activist database, undated
“We Like Our Queers Out of Uniform” Information Packet, undated

Acc. 07A-063 [housed with Acc. 00A-013, Box 6]
File of Barbara Lerner (CCCO Board member), 1980-1984
Agape pledgers
C-R: how-to's
Miscellaneous articles, C-R, GI Resisters, Draft, Gulf War
Aaron Ahearn Press Packet, Fort Mason, May 20, 1993
Training outlines
American Civil Liberties Union: student conference material, 1994

Acc. 08A-054 [8 boxes]
Box 1
Conscientious Objector Literature
Military Counselors Manual Updates
SSS [?]
CCCO: 50th Anniversary
Budget documents: Fiscal Years 1951-1960
Budget documents: Fiscal Years 1961-1970
Budget documents: Fiscal Years 1971-1973
Financial statements, 1974-1979
Mortgage: South Philadelphia office
Miscellaneous financial documents

Box 2
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP): accountants -- payroll, tax summaries, etc.
Insurance information
Financial statements: Fiscal Years 1990-1995
Diane Smith: disability
Correspondence: CCCO Western Region Office
Department of Labor and Industry
Ernest Fuller
Severance letters
Miscellaneous other disbursements
Staff meetings
Mutual of America: Group Disability Income Insurance Policy
Real war stories: copyright registrations
Board meeting
Check stubs and paid invoices, 1994
Internal Revenue Service (IRS): booklets, 1099s, W-2s (for 1994)
Fiscal Year 1995: accounts, 1994 (September) - 1995 (November)
Miscellaneous documents

Box 3
Taxes, 1993
Unpaid invoices
Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Form 931
Philadelphia wage tax
Philadelphia business use/Ooccupancy tax
McLaughlin, Piven, Vogel Securities, Incorporated
Mortgage and sale to Richard B. Moore
Pennsylvania tax exemptions
Automatic Data Processing, Inc (ADP): accountants -- statements of deposits and filings, invoices, supplementary information
Board retreat: September 19-20, 1998
Retreat: Pablo [Paredes], 2006
GI Network Retreat, 2000 (June)
GI Retreat, 2001
GI Rights: program plan
Program plans, 2005-2006
Program plans, 2004-2005
Program plans, 2003-2004
Old program plans
Board of Directors: Meeting notes, 1995
Board of Directors: meeting agendas and minutes, 1994-1995

Box 4
Budget documents: Fiscal Years 1978, 1979, 1981, 1984, 1986-1991
Miscellaneous documents, undated
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1954-1955
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1959
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1960
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1961-1962
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1963
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1964
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1965
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1966
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1967
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1968
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1969
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1970
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1971
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1972
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1973
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1974
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1975
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1976
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1977
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1978
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1979
National Board Meeting: minutes and financial statements, 1980

Box 5
National Board Minutes, Agendas, Reports: 1982-1983
Miscellaneous documents, 1974, 1979-1983
Miscellaneous documents, 1984-1987
Miscellaneous documents, 1988-1990
Miscellaneous documents, 1998-2001
CCCO constitution: various drafts
Congressional Aide Conference, 1986
Quaker House, Norfolk (Virginia)
Quaker House, Fayetteville (North Carolina)
Conscientious Objector documents
Western Region agreement

Box 6
Miscellaneous documents, 1978
Miscellaneous documents, 1979
Miscellaneous documents, 1980
Miscellaneous documents, 1981
Miscellaneous documents, 1982
Miscellaneous documents, 1983
Miscellaneous documents, 1984
Miscellaneous documents, 1985
Miscellaneous documents, 1986
Miscellaneous documents, 1987
Miscellaneous documents, 1988
Miscellaneous documents, 1989

Box 7
Miscellaneous documents, 1990
Miscellaneous Documents, 1990 (continued)
Miscellaneous documents, 1991
Miscellaneous documents, 1992-1994
CCCO Board Meetings: notes: 1980s
Pax Christi
Personnel policy

Box 8
David Stoler: debt owed to CCCO
Candidate evaluation: Alex Doty
Income statements for Fiscal Years 1993-1995 and proposed budget for 1995-1996
Western Region Office
Board packages
Tax documents
CCCO retreats
CCCO merger decision
D List [?]

Acc.: 09A-038 [2 document boxes (10 linear inches), 1 oversize box ]
Box 1
Invoices [2 folders]
Appeal returns
Internal Revenue Service
Berean Savings Association
First Investor Company
Liberty Bank
Tax information
Paid invoices

Box 2
Continental Bank [3 folders]

Box 3 [oversize]
Financial records

Acc. 09A-060 (15 linear inches)]
Box 1
Mutual of America
Investment files
Insurance TransAmerica Insurance
Insurance commercial
Institute for Global Communications
Greater Atlantic
Ginnie Mae, interest and investment receipts
Ginnie Mae
Fundraising banquets
Ernest Fuller
Working Assets bills
Dead CCCO invoices
Copier rental
Continental Bank
Charitable organizations and New York State filing
City taxes
Bequest information
Ben: miscellaneous
Budget loans
City fines
Berean Savings Association

Box 2
Allnet Communications
Till’s Mailing Service
American Express
American Life
Articles of Incorporation (CCCO)
Bank reconciliation
IRS 1096
IRS 1099
IRS Galvin Levy
IRS tax exempt status
Form 941/FICA payments
Audit 1988

Box 3
MBNA America accounts
Kwaku Kushindana case
McLaughlin, Piven, Vogel securities
Miscellaneous financial documents-insurance, banks
Miscellaneous bank deposit slips
Tax payment booklets
One set of oversize ledger/accounts

Acc. 2013-024
Box 1 of 1
Administrative files, 1991-1992 [2 folders]
Military Counseling; adminstrative files, 1989-1991

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