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Vietnam Summer
Vietnam Summer Records
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DG 067

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Vietnam Summer was a nationwide project designed to reach concerned citizens throughout the United States and to weld them into an organized and active constituency against the war in Vietnam. Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Spock and others launched the project nationally on April 23, 1967. From headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. co-directors Richard R. Fernandez and Lee D. Webb coordinated the efforts of 500 paid staff members and over 26,000 volunteers in about 700 local projects. Vietnam Summer officially ended on September 20, 1967.

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Gift of Gregory H. Finger, Assistant to the Co-Directors of Vietnam Summer, 1971 [Acc. 71-15]
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This collection is unprocessed. This finding aid was created by Wendy E. Chmielewski, August 2012.
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Historical Background

The idea for Vietnam Summer originated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, among a group of clergymen, university professors, students and individuals from Boston area peace and civil rights groups. Their initial pamphlet called for student volunteers for a “Vietnam Teach Out.” A press conference on April 23, 1967, in Cambridge launched Vietnam Summer nationally when Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Spock, and others called for a national Vietnam Summer Project which would reach out to concerned citizens in their communities and neighborhoods across the nation and weld them into an organized and active constituency against the war in Vietnam.

National headquarters were first established at 129 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge. Early in June, the national office was moved to larger quarters in the Cambridge Friends School, 5 Cadbury Road, Cambridge, where it remained until September when a few staff members moved to Christ Church, Garden Street, Cambridge, for the close-out period. Vietnam Summer officially ended on September 20, 1967. Richard R. Fernandez and Lee D. Webb were Co-Directors of Vietnam Summer; Gergory H. Finger served as Assistant to the Co-Directors.

By the end of August, Vietnam Summer had over 26,000 volunteers working in about 700 local projects throughout the U.S. There were 500 full-time staff members: 125 hired by the National Office (35 in the Cambridge headquarters), 60 by the six regional offices, 65 by projects with seed grant money (about $50,000 was given to over 100 local projects, primarily for staff salaries), and 250 by local projects with locally-raised funds. Vietnam Summer was intended to be a short-term project rather than a new organization. It was committed to growth and results within a limited time period and was less concerned with organizational structure, resolutions, or political rhetoric. Volunteers worked with existing peace and civil rights groups and with community organizations on projects which were locally designed and locally controlled. Vietnam Summer sought to strengthen the peace movement by reaching groups not previously involved and by expanding into new geographic areas. The national and regional offices strengthened the local peace activity by providing organizational and technical skills and a variety of support services. Two Vietnam Summer Training Institutes were held in late June in Cleveland and San Francisco for about 500 volunteers from a broad spectrum of socio-economic groups.

Throughout the U.S., volunteers (many of them students) participated in Vietnam Summer by canvassing door-to-door, counseling on draft resistance, holding teach-ins, conducting local demonstrations, and disseminating anti-war literature. The national office, through use of WATS lines, regular mailings, and a variety of publications provided ideas and information and served as a communications center. Vietnam Summer News, and a biweekly newspaper, provided coverage of Vietnam Summer projects and peace activities in general. By the sixth issue in late August, circulation had risen to 65,000 copies. Other significant publications include the Vietnam Summer Organizers' Manual, Project Profiles, and and Vietnam in the Classroom, and a curriculum guide prepared by the Teachers' Project. Lists of contacts throughout the U.S. were also compiled and updated throughout the summer.

The national office of Vietnam Summer closed officially on September 20, 1967. Many of the local projects fostered by Vietnam Summer continued beyond that date, working independently or with other national peace organizations.

Collection Overview
The records of Vietnam Summer were deposited in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection in January 1971 by Gregory H. Finger. Finger, Assistant to the Co-Directors of Vietnam Summer, had acted as and #8220;custodianand #8221; of the records from the close of the project in September 1967 until they were shipped to Swarthmore.
Included in the collection are minutes of the Steering Committee (May 8 - June 11, 1967), correspondence (April - September 1967), financial records, reports, leaflets, and other publications of the national office (including the Vietnam Summer Organizers' Manual, Vietnam in the Classroom, and and a newspaper,Vietnam Summer News,and which was published from June 5 - August 25, 1967). Also in the collection are funding proposals from groups throughout the country, state and city project files, and applications from individuals who wanted to serve as staff members or volunteers for Vietnam Summer. The collection also includes press releases and newspaper clippings, contact lists, photographs, and buttons.
Important correspondents are Gar Alperovitz, Richard R. Fernandez, Gregory H. Finger, Joseph Hanlon, Chester Hartman, Robert Holtzapple, Stewart Meacham, Norman Potter, Marilyn L. Salzman, Don Siano, Trevor Thomas, Sue Thrasher, and Lee D. Webb.
Additional correspondence relating to Vietnam Summer can be found in the correspondence files of Richard R. Fernandez in the records of Clergy and Laity Concerned. Fernandez, Executive Secretary of CALC, was also the Co-Director of Vietnam Summer (see and DG 120, Series II, Box 3)

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Arrangement of Collection
An outline of what was to be found in the collection was sent to the Peace Collection with the four cartons of material. This outline has been used as a guide to the arrangement arrived at during final processing of these records during January-February 1983. A preliminary arrangement developed by former SCPC staff members has been abandoned in favor of re-establishing the order as outlined:

Series I Administrative Files; Series II Program Files; Series III State Project Files; Series IV Vietnam Summer News; Series V Press and Public Relations; Series VI Applications; Series VII Finances; Series VIII Contact Lists
The first six series come from the six major divisions of the above-mentioned outline Series VII and VIII were added to accommodate material which was not included in this outline.

One change made in the arrangement as outlined is that a section of and rganizational and material (concerning the formation and early organization of Vietnam Summer) has been moved from Series II, Program Files, to the beginning of Series I, Administrative Files.
A separate subseries for minutes of the Steering Committee and the Executive Committee was created as a part of Series I, Administrative Files. These minutes had been filed with either the organizational materials mentioned above or the subseries on Office Administration in Series I. In Series III, State Project Files, there are two folders at the beginning for regional projects (New England, the South) with the bulk of the material filed by state and city. It should be noted that material relating to a project in a particular city may be filed under that city or in the folder for the entire state. Researchers interested in a particular project should be sure to check both places.

See also and Keniston, Kenneth JX1965.7.K3 Young Radicals; Notes on Committed Youth, New York: Harcourt, Brace and World, 1968.
This book focuses on the psychological development of the young men and women who worked for Vietnam Summer from June to September, 1967. Keniston demonstrates how psychological, social, and historical factors contribute to their commitment to the new radicalism.

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES I: Administrative Files
Box 1
-Early Organization
-Prospectus, May 1967
-Steering Committee, May-June 1967
-Executive Committee, July 6, 1967
Office Administration
-Steering Committee
-National Staff
-Inter-office memos
-Criticism by volunteer
-Mailings sent
-Student leader mailing
-Mailing lists
-Red Special (Contact lists)
-Office forms
-Landlord problems
-Lee D. Webb, May 1967
-Lee D. Webb, June 1-8, 1967
-Lee D. Webb, June 9-13, 1967
-Lee D. Webb, July 1967
-Lee D. Webb, September 1967
-Gregory H. Finger
-Field Staff

Box 2
Correspondence by state
- Arizona
-New Hampshire
-New Jersey
-New York [3 folders]
-North Carolina
-South Dakota
-Washington D.C.

Box 3
Proposals, Not funded
-East of Mississippi, May 1967
-East of Mississippi, June 1967
-East of Mississippi, July 1-10, 1967
-East of Mississippi, July 11-17, 1967
-East of Mississippi, July 18-26, 1967
-West of Mississippi, May 1967
-West of Mississippi, June 1967
-West of Mississippi, July 1967
Proposals, Funded
-East of Mississippi, May 29-June 6, 1967

-East of Mississippi, June 8-June 22, 1967
-East of Mississippi, July 8-August 4, 1967
-East of Mississippi, Undated
-West of Mississippi, May-August 1967

Box 4
-California and New England
-Recommendations for funding
Other Organizations
-American Friends Service Committee
-Friends Committee on National Legislation
-National Conference for New Politics
-Peace Corps Returnees
-Peace Torch Marathon
-Southern Student Organizing Committee
-Spring Mobilization
-Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
-Others, A - Z

SERIES II: Program Files
Box 5
Key Contacts
-National Contact List, July 1967
-National Contact List, August 1967
-National Contact List, September 1967
-Mid-Atlantic States
-New England States
-Southern States
-Mid-Western States
-Western States
-State Contact List (June 4, 1967)
Field Program
-Field Staff
-Field Evaluation
-Washington Field Meeting, August 18-20, 1967
-Work-list Mailings [2 folders]
-Austin,Texas; Murder of George Vizard

Box 6
Program Servicing (includes Organizers' Manual and Project Profiles) [3 folders]
Referendum Program
Draft Program
Labor Contacts
Teacher-Student Project (includes Vietnam in the Classroom) [2 folders]
Literature Servicing
Publishers' Project
Zing Things (Benefit concerts)
Training Institute

SERIES III: State Project Files
Box 7
New England projects
South region projects
State and city projects
-Glendale, Arizona
-Phoenix, Arizona
-Tuscon, Arizona
-Fayettville, Arkansas
-Davis, California
-Kern County, California
-Los Angeles, California
-Marin County, California
-Pasadena, California
-Riverside, California
-San Diego, California
-San Francisco, California
-San Luis Obispo, California
-Santa Barbara, California
-Santa Clara, California
-Boulder, Colorado
-Colorado Springs, Colorado
-Denver, Colorado
-Fort Collins, Colorado
-Greeley, Colorado
-Pueblo, Colorado
-Wilmington, Delaware
-Gainesville, Florida
-Jacksonville, Florida
-Miami, Florida
-Atlanta, Georgia

Box 8
-Boone County, Illinois
-Chicago, Illinois
-East St. Louis, Illinois
-Edwardsville, Illinois
-Southern Illinois
-Bloomington, Indiana
-Indianapolis, Indiana
-South Bend, Indiana
-Ames, Iowa
-Des Moines, Iowa
-Iowa City, Iowa
-Dodge City, Iowa
-Lawrence, Texas
-Manhatten, Kansas
-Topeka, Kansas
-Wichita, Kansas
-Louisville, Kentucky
-Baltimore, Maryland

Box 9
-Ann Arbor, Michigan
-Dearborn, Michigan
-Detroit, Michigan
-Grand Rapids, Michigan
-Minneapolis, Minnesota
-Columbia, Missouri
-Kansas City, Missouri
-St. Louis, Missouri
-Missoula, Montana
-Lincoln, Nebraska
-Omaha, Nebraska
-New Jersey
-Montclair, New Jersey
-Newark, New Jersey
-Princeton, New Jersey
-Albuquerque, New Mexico
- Los Alamos, New Mexico
- Santa Fe, New Mexico

Box 10
-New York State [2 folders]
-Niagara, New York
-Rockland City, New York
-North Carolina
-Chapel Hill, North Carolina
-Greensboro, North Carolina
-Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
-North Dakota
-Akron, Ohio
-Cincinnati, Ohio
-Cleveland, Ohio
-Columbus, Ohio
-Dayton, Ohio
-Toledo, Ohio
-Yellow Springs, Ohio
-Youngstown, Ohio
-Eugene, Oregon
-Portland, Oregon
-Eastern Pennsylvania
-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-State College, Pennsylvania
-York, Pennsylvania

Box 11
-South Carolina
-South Dakota
-Knoxville, Tennessee
-Memphis, Tennessee
-Nashville, Tennessee
-Austin, Texas
-Dallas, Texas
-Salt Lake City, Utah
-Charlottesville, Virginia
-Richmond, Virginia
-Seattle, Washington
-Washington, D.C. [2 folders]
-Charleston, West Virginia
-Morgantown, West Virginia
-Madison, Wisconsin
-Oshkosh, Wisconsin
-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-Laramie, Wyoming

SERIES IV: Vietnam Summer News
Box 12
Stories that did not run
Letters from soldiers
Reprint OK's
Internal correspondence
Notes for possible stories
Background material
Circulation [3 folders]
Photographs, Graphics
Shipping Bills
Biweekly, June 5- August 25, 1967 (Duplicate set)

SERIES V: Public and Press Relations
Box 13/14
Public relations
King Press Conference, April 23, 1967
King Press Conference, April 23, 1967 Telegrams
Press releases
Press Contacts
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Newspaper clippings: M.L. King, April 1967
Newspaper clippings, April 1967
Newspaper clippings, May 1967
Newspaper clippings, June 1967
Newspaper clippings, July 1967
Newspaper clippings, August 1967
Newspaper clippings, September 1967
Magazine articles

SERIES VI: Applications
Box 15
By state
-California [4 folders]
-Illinois [2 folders]

Box 16
-Massachusetts [6 folders]
-New Hampshire
-New Jersey
-New Mexico
-New York [4 folders]

Box 17
-New York [3 folders]
-North Carolina
-Rhode Island
-South Carolina
-South Dakota
-Washington, D.C.
Outside U.S.

SERIES VII: Finances
Box 18
Financial statements
Proposed budgets
Expense reports
Midwest Regional Office
Fund raising Reports, Memoranda
Fund raising; Tax exempt account
Fund raising; Corres. and notes
Fund raising; Stock donations
Receipts for donations [5 folders]

SERIES VIII: Contact Lists (Scriptomatic cards)
Box 19
-New England
-Baltimore, Washington, and vicinity
-Mailing List of publications opposing the war in Vietnam, May 1967
-Canada, England...
-Northerna California, Oregon, and Washington
-Southern California
-Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southwest
-The Midwest
-The South
-San Francisco
-People on Executive Consulting Steering
-National Organizations
-Spring Mobilization
-Miscellaneous [2 sections]

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