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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Art For World Friendship
Art For World Friendship Records
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DG 066

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19 linear feet [papers only]
Art for World Friendship originated in 1946 as a project undertaken by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. It was the first organization to exchange child art on an international level and was entirely run by volunteers.

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Gift of Maude Muller; the Jane Addams Peace Association, 1969
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The original processing of this collection was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (Grant #RC-27706-77-739); collection was re-foldered & re-boxed, June 2006; this version of the finding aid was created by Wendy E. Chmielewski, June 2009 and added to by Anne Yoder, 2012.
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Historical Background
Art for World Friendship originated in 1946 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania as a local project undertaken by a few members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. It was the first organization to exchange child art on an international level. The founder, Maude Muller, was inspired by the suggestion of a speaker at an U.N.E.S.C.O. Conference (which she attended as a delegate of WILPF) that artists of the world should exchange their work as an aid to international peace and understanding. This seemed difficult to arrange between adult professional artists, but why not children? During the first year 1000 pictures from foreign countries were matched with a like number from American schools in the Philadelphia area. At the height of the project (ca.1955-60), practically every state in the union sent pictures for exchange and more than ninety nations on six continents were represented, including some from beyond the Iron Curtain. Pictures were received from the Soviet Union in 1964. More than 50,000 pictures a year passed through the Media headquarters.

Pictures were exchanged on a group basis under the supervision of a teacher or other adult leader, but each child who sent a picture received one in exchange to keep (preferably from a child his or her own age). Traveling exhibits of drawings from foreign children were assembled and rented for a small fee and shown all over the United States. Word of the project was spread abroad through international WILPF contacts, t he Voice of America, U.S.I.S. bulletins. The State Department's magazine Free World also carried stories on Art for World Friendship, as did the Peace Corps magazine Volunteer. As far as funds permitted, art supplies were sent to schools in underdeveloped countries where students needed them in order to participate in the project. In the United States, WILPF branches found the project a powerful peace education tool and a good way to introduce the work of the organization to their local communities. All of this was managed from Maude Muller's home in Media, Pennsylvania, with the help of a paid secretary for one day a week and the devoted services of half a dozen volunteers. Finances were a constant problem. The project was made a national committee of WILPF, but such committees never had large budgets. Art for World Friendship was given a part of the income from the Children's Theatre, another project of WILPF. Eventually AWF was made a project of the Jane Addams Peace Association, the tax-exempt educational arm of WILPF. Appeals were made to foundations and WILPF sponsors and friends of the project. American schools which participated were asked to pay a small fee. By 1968 Mrs. Muller was too ill to continue with this work. It was found impossible to interest another WILPF branch in taking on Art for World Friendship. Besides, by this time other organizations (including UNICEF) were carrying on international exchanges of children's art, so Art for World Friendship was dissolved.

Collection Overview
This collection contains the personal files of Maude Muller, the founder of Art For World Friendship; the administrative files of the organization, including financial reports, information on exhibits, advertising of the aims of the organization, correspondence with WILPF, educators, and supporters around the world. There is also a large collection of original art work by children (see items removed from collection below; and exhibit listed under "Related Collections").

Items removed:
Drawings and paintings by children around the world (including those drawn by students at Media High School, Media, Pennsylvania, removed to Oversized Items [all but a few pieces of artwork were sent off-site in April 2012].
Linoleum cuts were removed to the Memorabilia Collection.
Photos were removed to the Photograph Collection.

All of this collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Curator at least two weeks in advance of a visit to the Peace Collection to discuss your research needs. Note that there may be a limit to the number of boxes you are able to request from off-site storage for any one visit.

Arrangement of Collection
Series A includes the personal papers of Maude Muller and her involvement with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Series B contains the administrative records of Art for World Friendship. Series C contains the Art for World Friendship correspondence with educators and supporters from all over the world. This series is organized first alphabetically by U.S. state; and then alphabetically by countries outside of the United States. In Series D there are newspaper clippings, articles, and other examples of media coverage on AWF projects. Artwork and photographic reproductions were removed to the various appropriate collections in the SCPC.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [off-site]
Maude Muller Biographical Material: personal papers
Maude Muller Biographical Material: personal correspondence, 1943-1966
Maude Muller Biographical Material: letters regarding MM's newspapers articles, 1942-1947
Maude Muller Biographical Material: manuscripts by Maude Muller & others [not AWF]
Maude Muller Biographical Material: manuscripts -- children's stories by Marion King of Ireland
Maude Muller Biographical Material: involvement with National League of American Pen Women
Maude Muller Biographical Material: involvement with Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Maude Muller Biographical Material: involvement with Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [including Drexel Hill (PA) Branch]

Box 2 (1/2 box) [off-site]
Material from other organizations [not AWF or WILPF] [3 folders]

Guestbook, undated


Box 3
Administrative Reports [3 folders]
AWF Committee: meeting minutes and notes
Articles [2 folders]
Bulbs (from Holland, sold by AWF)
Certification of Recognition
Children's Theatre [2 folders]
Essay Contest

Box 4 [off-site]
Exhibits: general [2 folders]
Exhibits: Chester (PA)
Exhibits: New York (NY)
Exhibits: Philadelphia area (PA)
Exhibits: Philadelphia (PA) -- Gimbels
Exhibits: Washington (DC)
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Financial records: reports,1950s
Financial records: reports,1957-1960
Financial records: reports,1960s

Box 5 [off-site]
Financial records: reports, 1960s
Fundraising appeals
Guided tours
Incomplete items
Institute for International Order
JAPA: correspondence 1960-1961
JAPA: correspondence 1962-1968
JAPA: meeting minutes & releases [removed to DG 043, JAPA]
Letterheads & form letters
Letters of interest for reports
Greeting cards
Other organizations (similar to AWF)
Peace Corps
Pen pals

Box 6 [off-site]   
Public relations, 1951-1952
Public relations: correspondence of Janet Neuman, 1950-1951
Public relations: correspondence of Janet Neuman, 1952-1954
Public relations: correspondence of Janet Neuman, 1955-1958
Red Cross
Reports sent & comments received

Box 7 [off-site]
Rosters/lists [4 folders]
Slides: lists, etc.
Smithsonian Institution
Special Fund
Speech notes

Box 8 [off-site]
Sponsors, 1950s
Sponsors, 1960s
Tax Forms
United Nations & U.N.E.S.C.O.
U.S. government: Department of State
United States Information Service
Women's Clubs
WILPF: correspondence [2 folders]
WILPF: statements
World Friendship Day, 1950-1951

Box 9 [card file box] [off-site]
Index cards with names/addresses (United States)

Box 10 [card file box] [off-site]
Index cards with names/addresses (foreign)

Box 11
United States: Alabama, 1955-1968
United States: Alaska, 1952-1968
United States: Arizona, 1953-1968
United States: Arkansas, 1955-1966
United States: California, 1950-1952
United States: California, 1953-1957
United States: California, 1958-1959
United States: California, 1960
United States: California, 1961
United States: California, 1962-1963 [2 folders]

Box 12 [off-site]
United States: California, 1964
United States: California, 1965
United States: California, 1966-1968
United States: Colorado, 1953-1954
United States: Colorado, 1954-1955
United States: Colorado: Denver
United States: Colorado, 1954
United States: Colorado, 1960-61

Box 13 [off-site]
United States: Colorado, 1962
United States: Colorado, 1963-1964
United States: Colorado, 1965
United States: Colorado, 1966-1968
United States: Connecticut, 1950-1952
United States: Connecticut, 1953-1965
United States: Connecticut, 1966-1968
United States: Delaware, 1956-1964
United States: Delaware, 1966-1968

Box 14 [off-site]
United States: District of Columbia, 1948-1954
United States: District of Columbia, 1957-1959
United States: District of Columbia, 1960
United States: District of Columbia, 1961-1965
United States: District of Columbia, 1966-1968
United States: Florida, 1949-1965
United States: Florida, 1966-1968
United States: Georgia, 1951-1968
United States: Hawaii, 1958-1965

Box 15 [off-site]
United States: Idaho, 1954-1966
United States: Illinois, 1950-1952
United States: Illinois, 1958-1960
United States: Illinois, 1961-1965
United States: Illinois, 1961-1965
United States: Indiana, 1952-1965
United States: Indiana, 1966-1968
United States: Iowa, 1954-1957

Box 16 [off-site]
United States: Iowa, 1958
United States: Iowa, 1959-1965
United States: Iowa, 1966-1968
United States: Kansas, 1959-1962
United States: Kansas, 1966-1958
United States: Kentucky, 1954-1967
United States: Louisiana, 1951-1968
United States: Maine, 1952-1968

Box 17 [off-site]
United States: Maryland, 1952-1957
United States: Maryland, 1960-1965
United States: Maryland, 1966-1968
United States: Massachusetts, 1951-1965
United States: Massachusetts, 1966-1968

Box 18 [off-site]
United States: Michigan, 1952
United States: Michigan, 1953-1958
United States: Michigan, 1959-1961
United States: Michigan, 1962-1963
United States: Michigan, 1964-1965
United States: Michigan, 1966-1968

Box 19 [off-site]
United States: Minnesota, 1952-1965
United States: Minnesota, 1966-1968
United States: Mississippi, 1954-1967
United States: Missouri, 1951-1965
United States: Missouri, 1966-1968
United States: Montana, 1955-1967
United States: Nebraska, 1952-1968
United States: Nevada, 1966
United States: New Hampshire, 1955-1968
United States: New Jersey, 1951-1952 [see also box 28]

Box 20 [off-site]
United States: New Jersey, 1960
United States: New Jersey, 1961-1962
United States: New Jersey, 1963-1965
United States: New Jersey, 1966-1968
United States: New Mexico, 1956-1968
United States: New York, 1951-1952 [see also box 29]

Box 21 [off-site]
United States: New York, 1953-1954
United States: New York, 1955
United States: New York, 1956 [2 folders]
United States: New York, 1957

Box 22 [off-site]
United States: New York, 1957-1958
United States: New York, 1958
United States: New York, 1959
United States: New York, 1960
United States: New York, 1961
United States: New York, 1962-1963

Box 23 [off-site]
United States: New York, 1963
United States: New York, 1964
United States: New York, 1965
United States: New York, 1966
United States: New York, 1967

Box 24 [off-site]
United States: North Carolina, 1952-1965
United States: North Carolina, 1966-1968
United States: North Dakota, 1952-1968
United States: Ohio, 1957-1959
United States: Ohio, 1950-1959
United States: Ohio, 1960-1965
United States: Ohio, 1966-1968

Box 25 [off-site]
United States: Oklahoma, 1952-1965
United States: Oklahoma, 1952-1968
United States: Oregon, 1952-1963
United States: Oregon, 1966-1968
United States: Pennsylvania, 1953
United States: Pennsylvania, 1954
United States: Pennsylvania, 1955
United States: Pennsylvania, 1956
United States: Pennsylvania, 1960 [see also box 29]

Box 25a [off-site]
United States: Pennsylvania, 1956
United States: Pennsylvania, 1960-1961 [see also box 29]
United States: Pennsylvania, 1962
United States: Pennsylvania, 1961-1963
United States: Pennsylvania, 1964-1965
United States: Pennsylvania, 1966-1968

Box 26 [off-site]
United States: Rhode Island, 1951-1968
United States: Tennessee, 1965-1967
United States: Texas, 1952-1965
United States: Texas, 1966-1968
United States: Utah, 1964-1966
United States: Vermont, 1957-1968
United States: Virginia, 1957-1968
United States: Virgin Islands, 1955-1967
United States: Washington, 1954-1965
United States: Washington, 1966-1968
United States: West Virginia, 1951-1968

Box 27 (1/2 box) [off-site]
United States: Wisconsin, 1951-1965
United States: Wisconsin, 1966-1968
United States: Wyoming, 1956-1968

Box 28 [later accession] [off-site]
United States: Colorado, 1955-1957
United States: Colorado, 1958
United States: District of Columbia, 1950-1956
United States: Michigan, 1959-1960
United States: Minnesota, 1953-1957
United States: New Jersey, 1953-1956

Box 29 [later accession] [off-site]
United States: Ohio, 1952-1956
United States: Pennsylvania, 1957
United States: Pennsylvania, 1958
United States: Pennsylvania, 1959
United States: Pennsylvania, 1960 [see also boxes 25-25a]

Box 30 [off-site]
Foreign: Afghanistan, 1963-1965
Foreign: Africa, 1952-1959
Foreign: Africa, 1960-1968
Foreign: Africa, 1960-1963
Foreign: Africa, 1964-1968
Foreign: Arabia, 1964
Foreign: Argentina, 1951-1966
Foreign: Australia, 1951-1952
Foreign: Austria, 1948-1959
Foreign: Austria, 1960-1965

Box 31 [off-site]
Foreign: Belgium, 1951-1959
Foreign: Bolivia, 1952-1966
Foreign: Brazil, 1951-1961
Foreign: Brazil -- newsclippings, 1961
Foreign: Brazil, 1962-1966
Foreign: Bulgaria, 1965-1966
Foreign: Burma, 1953-1965
Foreign: Cambodia, 1963; Canal Zone, 1966
Foreign: Canada, 1950-1959
Foreign: Canada, 1960-1968

Box 32 [off-site]
Foreign: Caroline Islands, 1959-1966
Foreign: Central America, 1952-1968
Foreign: Ceylon, 1952-1964
Foreign: Chile, 1956-1967
Foreign: China, 1950-1964
Foreign: Colombia, 1954-1968
Foreign: Costa Rica, 1952-1964
Foreign: Cuba, 1960
Foreign: Czechoslovakia, 1948-1966
Foreign: Dahomey, 1964-1965
Foreign: Denmark, 1949-1958
Foreign: Denmark, 1958-1966
Foreign: Denmark, 1967-1968

Box 33 [off-site]
Foreign: Dominican Republic, 1952-1968
Foreign: Ecuador, 1952-1968
Foreign: Egypt, 1952-1963
Foreign: El Salvador, 1952-1965
Foreign: England, 1948-1954
Foreign: England, 1954-1966
Foreign: England, 1967-1968
Foreign: Ethiopia, 1952-1968

Box 34 [off-site]
Foreign: Fiji, 1966
Foreign: Finland, 1948-1965
Foreign: Formosa, 1954-1956
Foreign: France, 1948-1958
Foreign: France, 1959-1967
Foreign: Ghana, 1962-1963
Foreign: Germany, 1948-1957
Foreign: Germany, 1958-1960
Foreign: Germany, 1960-1965
Foreign: Germany, 1966-1968
Foreign: Greece, 1952-1965

Box 35 [off-site]
Foreign: Guatemala, 1953-1954
Foreign: Haiti, 1955-1960
Foreign: Hong Kong, 1948-1967
Foreign: Hungary, 1952-1967
Foreign: Iceland, 1951
Foreign: India, 1948-1953
Foreign: India, 1954-1956
Foreign: India, 1957-1962

Box 36 [off-site]
Foreign: India, 1963-1964
Foreign: India, 1965
Foreign: India, 1966-1968
Foreign: Indonesia, 1952-1955
Foreign: Iran, 1966
Foreign: Iraq, 1963
Foreign: Ireland, 1953-1968
Foreign: Israel, 1950-1953
Foreign: Israel, 1954-1968
Foreign: Italy, 1949-1967

Box 37 [off-site]
Foreign: Japan, 1949-1955
Foreign: Japan, 1956-1957
Foreign: Japan, 1958
Foreign: Japan, 1959-1961
Foreign: Japan, 1962-1968
Foreign: Jersey, 1959-1960
Foreign: Jordan, 1951-1967
Foreign: Korea, 1954-1968

Box 38 [off-site]
Foreign: Latvia, 1952
Foreign: Lebanon, 1950-1966
Foreign: Lithuania, 1952
Foreign: Luxembourg, 1949
Foreign: Malaya, 1957-1962
Foreign: Mauritius, 1953-1954
Foreign: Mexico, 1953-1958
Foreign: Mexico, 1959-1968
Foreign: Nepal, 1964-1967
Foreign: Netherlands, 1950-1952
Foreign: Netherlands, 1960
Foreign: Netherlands, 1952-1960 ["Old Ozinga Correspondence"]

Box 39 [off-site]
Foreign: Netherlands, 1953-1957
Foreign: Netherlands, 1958-1968
Foreign: New Zealand, 1952-1968
Foreign: Norway, 1952-1968
Foreign: Pakistan, 1952-1964
Foreign: Paraguay, 1952-1964
Foreign: Peru, 1964-1966
Foreign: Philippines, 1952-1954

Box 40 (1/2 box) [off-site]
Foreign: Philippines, 1954 (cont.) - 1959
Foreign: Philippines, 1960-1965
Foreign: Poland, 1948-1963
Foreign: Portugal, 1951-1965
Foreign: Puerto Rico, 1948-1968
Foreign: Rumania, 1952-1967

Box 41 [off-site]
Foreign: Scotland, 1953-1967
Foreign: Singapore, 1964
Foreign: South Africa, 1951-1966
Foreign: Spain, 1952-1963
Foreign: Sweden, 1952-1962
Foreign: Sweden, 1963
Foreign: Sweden, 1963-1968
Foreign: Switzerland, 1950-1968
Foreign: Syria, 1964

Box 42 [off-site]
Foreign: Taiwan, 1957-1965
Foreign: Tanganyika/Tanzania, 1964-1967
Foreign: Thailand, 1953-1966
Foreign: Trinidad, 1956-1961
Foreign: Turkey, 1952-1966
Foreign: U.S.S.R., 1952-1962
Foreign: U.S.S.R., 1964-1968
Foreign: Uruguay, 1962-1963
Foreign: Venezuela, 1959-1968
Foreign: Vietnam, 1960-1964
Foreign: Wales, 1954-1958
Foreign: West Indies, 1952-1963
Foreign: Yemen, 1964
Foreign: Yugoslavia, 1950-1965

Box 43 [off-site]

Publicity: articles by Maude Muller, event flyers, etc.
Media coverage: announcements of AFW art shows
Media coverage, 1947, 1949
Media coverage, 1950-1951
Media coverage, 1952-1953
Media coverage, 1954-1955
Media coverage, 1956
Media coverage, 1957-1958
Media coverage, 1959
Media coverage, 1960-1961
Media coverage, 1962-1963
Media coverage, 1964
Media coverage, 1965
Media coverage, 1966-1968
Media coverage, collective dates (newsclippings from different years photocopied onto one page)
Media coverage, undated
Reference material: children's artwork


Box 44 (lidded storage box) [off-site]
Children’s Artwork (foreign) [small/medium]

Box 45 (lidded storage box) [off-site]
hildren's Artwork (U.S.: California - North Dakota) [small/medium]

Box 46 (lidded storage box) [off-site]
hildren's Artwork (U.S.:
Ohio - Wisconsin; state unknown) [small/medium]

Box 47 (lidded storage box) [off-site]
hildren's Artwork (foreign) [large]

Box 48 (lidded storage box) [off-site]
hildren's Artwork (U.S.) [large]

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