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Post War World Council Records, 1942-1967

Collection: DG 062

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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Thomas, Norman; Stephen Siteman; & other staff members
Post War World Council Records
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DG 062

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3.75 linear feet [papers only]
Founded in 1942 to continue the efforts begun by Keep America Out of War Congress; December 1941 KAOWC dissolved and reorganized as Provisional Committee Toward a Democratic Peace; February 1942 a more permanent group organized; ceased activities December 1967.

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Yes, boxes stored off site. Please contact SCPC staff at least two weeks in advance of visit to arrange for retrieval of this collection.
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Yes (microfilm reels 90:1-8)
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Gift of Norman Thomas & Stephen Siteman, 1968
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Unknown; checklist revised by Anne M. Yoder, 2006
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[Identification of item], in the Post War World Council Records (DG 062), Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Historical Background
Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, which signaled the entrance of the United States into the military action of World War II, the Keep America Out Of War Congress was dissolved (on December 16, 1941), and on the same night reorganized as The Provisional Committee Toward a Democratic Peace. In February 1942, this name was changed to the Post War World Council. At the same time that the new group was begun, their Youth Committee Against War changed its name to the Youth Committee for Democracy. The PWWC was created by Norman Thomas and his associates to work toward a democratic, non-imperialist peace settlement. The organization was so closely connected with Thomas in the following years that it virtually became his political action office. As the Chair of the PWWC, he was committed to developing plans for peace that would prevent all future wars; he promoted international relations and universal disarmament in newsletters, editorials, press releases, and letters to influential government officials, and guided the organization as it published pamphlets and organized conferences on the subject. Because of Thomas' failing health, activities slowed down as early as 1965. However, some efforts, including its newsletter, continued until December1967, when the organization was officially dissolved, following a severe stroke that left Thomas unable to contribute his expertise anymore.

Collection Overview
This collection includes meeting minutes, printed material, financial records, and correspondence that help to document the PWWC's activities, especially during the 1950s and 1960s, covering such subjects as universal disarmament, strengthening of the United Nations, end to racial discrimination, and war upon the world's poverty and disease. Also included is material from the Youth Committee for Democracy. Correspondents include Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge, Roger N. Baldwin, Alfred M. Bingham, Charles F. Boss Jr., Dorothy Detzer, John Dewey, Mary W. Hillyer, John Haynes Holmes, William Bross Lloyd Jr., Mildred Scott Olmsted, James Rorty, Stephen Siteman, Arlo D. Tatum, Norman Thomas, George Willoughby, and William Worthy, Jr.

Re-File Box, received 1992-2010 

These records were microfilmed under NEH Grant No. RC 27706-77-739.

More PWWC material may be found in the papers of Norman Thomas, held by the New York Public Library.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [microfilm reel 90:1] boxes stored off site
Condition of gift; statement
Constitution of PWWC
Provisional Committee Toward A Democratic Peace, 1942
Executive Committee: meeting minutes, form letters & responses, 1942-1949
Executive Committee: meeting minutes, form letters & responses, 1950-1962
Board of Governors: meeting minutes, form letters & responses, 1942-1952
Board of Governors: meeting minutes, form letters & responses, 1953-1959
Board of Governors: meeting minutes, form letters & responses, 1960-1966
Annual Assembly: meeting minutes & election ballots, etc. 1943-1959
Norman Thomas: speeches & summaries
Norman Thomas: Letters to the Editor
Norman Thomas: column in The New York Times

Box 2 [microfilm reel 90:1 (cont.)] boxes stored off site
Correspondence: A [collective file], 1950-1955

Box 2 (cont.) [microfilm reel 90:2]
Correspondence, A [collective file], 1956-1967
Activities of PWWC
Amnesty: memo, November 14, 1955
Atomic Energy Commission
Attorney General's list
Correspondence: B [collective file], 1949-1955
Correspondence: B [collective file], 1956-1967
Correspondence: C [collective file], 1951-1967
Capital punishment, 1960-1966
Conscientious objectors: amnesty
Conscientious objectors: religious clause (1st Amendment)

Box 3 [microfilm reel 90:3] boxes stored off site
Correspondence: D [collective file], 1950-1965
Detzer, Dorothy: correspondence
Detzer, Dorothy: reports & lobbying forms
Disarmament: CWDWD
Disarmament: letter to President Eisenhower, 1953 (March) [not sent]
Disarmament: questionnaires & responses
Correspondence: E [collective file], 1951-1965
Correspondence: F [collective file], 1951-1967
French conscientious objectors
Correspondence: G [collective file], 1959-1966
Correspondence: H [collective file], 1950-1957

Box 3 (cont.) [microfilm reel 90:4] boxes stored off site
Correspondence: H [collective file], 1958-1966

Box 4 [microfilm reel 90:4 (cont.)] boxes stored off site
Correspondence: I [collective file], 1951-1964
Imperialism: statement re: Korea & U.S. position, 1959
Institute of International Labor Research
Correspondence: J [collective file], 1950-1965
Correspondence: K [collective file], 1950-1966
Correspondence: L [collective file], 1950-1966
Correspondence: Mc [collective file], 1951-1965
McMahon Resolution
Correspondence: M [collective file], 1950-1965
Correspondence: M [collective file], 1950-1967

Box 5 [microfilm reel 90:5] boxes stored off site
Correspondence: N [collective file], 1950-1967
Non-governmental organizations: report on NGO Conference, San Francisco (CA), June 25, 1955
Correspondence: O [collective file], 1948-1967
Correspondence: P [collective file], 1950-1967
Correspondence: Q [collective file], 1952-1953
Correspondence: R [collective file], 1948-1967
Radio Fund
Randolph Institute (A. Philip)
Correspondence: S [collective file], 1951-1957

Box 6 [microfilm reel 90:5 (cont.)] boxes stored off site
Correspondence: T [collective file], 1950-1965

Box 6 (cont.) [microfilm reel 90:6] boxes stored off site
Technical Assistance Conference (Point Four), February 11, 1950: meeting minutes & correspondence
Technical Assistance Conference (Point Four), February 11, 1950: reference material, etc.
Thomas, Norman: biographical information
Thomas, Norman: personal (visa, etc.)
Turn Toward Peace
Tunisia-Moroccan question
Correspondence: U [collective file], 1949-1967
United Nations
Correspondence: V [collective file], 1951-1963
Vietnam: Acheson letter
Correspondence: W [collective file], 1950-1959
Correspondence: W [collective file], 1960-1967
Western Union
Correspondence: Z [collective file], 1959-1960

Box 7 [microfilm reel 90:6 (cont.)] boxes stored off site
Financial records, 1943-1951: condition of finances; statements
Financial records, 1952-1967: reports
Financial records: fund appeal
Releases, 1943
Releases, 1944

Box 7 (cont.) [microfilm reel 90:7]
Releases, 1945
Releases, 1946
Releases, 1947
Releases, 1948-1949

Box 8 [microfilm reel 90:7 (cont.)] boxes stored off site
Releases, 1950-1955, undated
Releases, 1956-1959
Releases, 1960-1967
Publications, 1941-1945: pamphlets, leaflets, reprints, broadsides
Publications, 1946-1961, undated: pamphlets, leaflets, reprints, broadsides

Box 8 (cont.) [microfilm reel 90:8]
Branches: Evansville (IN) & New Haven (CT)
Branches: New York (NY)
Youth Committee for Democracy: general
Youth Committee for Democracy: Youth Action, 1942-1943
Youth Committee for Democracy: Philadelphia -- correspondence pressing attack on the poll tax, 1942
Youth Committee for Democracy: Philadelphia -- correspondence re: National Sharecroppers, 1942 1943
Youth Committee for Democracy: Philadelphia -- misc. correspondence, 1943
Youth Committee for Democracy: Philadelphia -- releases, literature, newsclippings
Youth Committee for Democracy: Philadelphia -- National Sharecroppers Week, 1943

Box 9 [microfilm reel 90:8 (cont.)] boxes stored off site
Miscellaneous: bills; housekeeping records

Box 9 (cont.) [not on microfilm]
Correspondence [from Hi Doty (acc. 89A-002)]
Pamphlets & leaflets [from Hi Doty (acc. 89A-002)]
Membership reports, 1947-1957
Tax records, 1945-1949
Tax records, 1950-1952
Financial records: petty cash; bills paid
Financial records: bills paid -- Academy Photo Offset, Inc.
Financial records: bills paid -- Affiliated Telephone Answering Service Inc.
Financial records: bills paid -- H & H Envelope Co.
Financial records: bills paid -- Bastine & Co. Inc. Real Estate
Financial records: bills paid -- insurance companies
Financial records: bills paid -- Mailway Letter Service Inc.
Financial records: bills paid -- Mercury Service Systems Inc.
Financial records: bills paid -- New York Telephone Co.
Financial records: bills paid -- North American House & Window Cleaning Co.
Financial records: bills paid -- W.W. Norton & Co. Inc. (publishers)

Re-File Box, received 1992-2010 box stored on site
Material from Re-File Box, 1992
Material from Re-File Box, 1994
Material from Re-File Box, 1996
Material from Re-File Box, 1997
Material from Re-File Box, 1998
Material from Re-File Box, 2010

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