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Series N: Records of SANE Canvass, 1983-1987, (Acc. no. 89A-008, Acc. 86A-068, Acc. 91A-004, Acc.91A-007 and Acc. 93A-039)

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SANE, Inc.
SANE, Inc. Records
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SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

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SANE, Inc. Records (DG 058) [SANE, Inc. Table of Contents]

Historical Background
SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

Arrangement of Series N

Most of the records in Series N came to the Peace Collection in two 1991 accessions. Additional material on SANE Canvass found in other accessions (especially 86A-68 and 93A-39) has been added.

A great deal of the material in this Series was found unfiled, and many items were undated. To a greater extent than is true of other series in DG 58, the arrangement of the material has been imposed by the SCPC processor. Folders which contain material found loose in the files are marked by an * in the checklist. Similar kinds of material have been grouped together. When files could be identified as having been kept by a particular staff member, they are identified as such and are grouped accordingly. Within these categories, the arrangement is basically chronological, one exception being files on Local Canvass Offices, which are in alphabetical order. The material in Box 13 from the 1993 accession came to SCPC after the rest of the Series had been processed. Rather than reorganizing the earlier material, it was decided to simply add this material at the end of the Series. All folders marked * contain material that was found loose in the files. Material was organized by SCPC processor. Some items may be duplicated in other folders. Additional Canvass memos (December 1982-January 1985), training materials (1979-1987), reports of local Canvass offices, and information on the Women's Caucus are available in Box 13.

Boxes 2-5 and 7-8 are primarily files of Peter Deccy, National Canvass Co-Director Canvass abbreviations:
NCD = National Canvass Director
NSA = Network Support and Administration
NST = Network Support Team
RCD = Regional Canvass Director
NFO = National Field Organizer
CMG = Canvass Monitoring Group
CD = Canvass Director
FM = Field Manager
OM = Office Manager


Series N: Records of SANE Canvass, 1983-1987

Box 1 *Canvass policies, 1984-1987 (structure, personnel, vehicle and driver policies)
*Training material, 1984-1987
*Canvass meetings, 1985-1987 (agendas, minutes, reports, etc.)
*Canvass reports, 1984-1987
*Budget for 1987
*Calendars, 1987
*Staff lists, job descriptions, 1984-1987
*Memos to Canvass Directors, 1984-1987
*Memos from Peter Deccy (National Co-Director), 1985-1987
*Memos to Peter Deccy, 1984-1987
*Memos from Jenny Daughtry (National Co-Director), 1986-1987
*Memos to Jenny Daughtry, 1985-1987
*Memos from Peter Deccy and Jenny Daughtry, 1987
*Memos from Stu Elliott, 1985-1986
*Memos from Kevin O'Connell, 1986
*Memos from Earl Sissell (NSA Special Projects), 1987
*Memos from Sue Udry (NSA Administrative Coordinator), 1987
*Memos from Canvass Organizers and others, 1984-1987
*Memos from Susana Cepeda and Francisco Guzman, 1983
*Memos from Duane Shank, SANE Admin. Director, 1985
*Phone Canvass, 1985-1987
*Women's Caucus, 1987
*SANE PAC, 1984 -1986
*SANE Inner World (newsletter), 1985-1987
*Unidentified items relating to Canvass, 1983-1986

Box 2 "A Door Knockers Guide to Canvassing" by Mike Silver, 1981
*"Learning to Organize: Getting Equipped to Do Justice" by Mac Legerton, n.d.
Corres. to/from cities; Turf-clearing, ca. 1983
lst Canvass Reports, March - September 1983
Information on Congressional Districts, 1983
*Disarmament Organizer's meeting, February 1984
Canvass flyer information, ca. 1984-1985
D.C. Memos, 1984-1985
Peace Empowerment Plan, 1984-1985
Bread for the World, 1984-1986 (Consulting arrangement between SANE Canvass and BFW)
Armed Forces Education Project, 1984
Military Canvass, 1985
Memos re job openings, 1985
Structure standardization, 1985-1987
NSA meetings, 1986-1987 (files of Sue Udry?)
Ideas on structure, 1986-1987 (files of Sue Udry?)
The Collective, 1986-1987
*Legal appeal in New Jersey concerning canvassing, 1986
*Notebook of public response to canvass, [ca. 1987]

Box 3 Memoranda; Packets sent *Memos re Canvass, 1984
Important NCD Policy Memos, 1984-1987
Important NCD Policy Memos, n.d.
Memos from CD's to NCD's, 1984
Memos/reactions from Canvass offices, 1984-1986
Canvass Monitoring Group, 1984-1986
Canvass budget work forms, 1984
Memos from Finance, 1983-1986
Canvass to Canvass memos, 1984
Office calendars/Turf plans, 1985
Packet 1: sent 1985 (September 25)
Packet 2: sent 1985 (October 2)
Packet 3: sent 1985 (October 9)
Packet 4: sent 1985 (October 12)
Packet 5: sent 1985 (October 15)
Packet 6: sent 1985 (October 31)
Packet 7: sent 1985 (November 12)
Packet 8: sent 1985 (November 14)
Packet 9: sent 1985 (November ? )
Packet 10: sent 1985 (November 25)
Packet 11: sent 1985 (December 3)
Packet 12: sent 1986 (January 28)

Box 4
Local Canvass Staff Canvas Directors' meeting, September 13, 1984
Material from CD meeting, September 13, 1984
Notes from meeting with Canvass reps., Oct 9, 1984
CD meeting,November 1984
CD meeting,January 1985
CD meeting, Jan 1986
CD meeting, June 1986
CD meeting, Pittsburgh Retreat, August 1986
FM's, 1984 (statistics, evaluations)
OM sessions, 1985

Box 5
Local Canvass Offices [Folders as found] Hawaii (Rick), 1986-1987
Milwaukee: Summer Recruitment, 1984 [files of Annie Voegele]
Philadelphia evaluations, 1984-1986
Portland evaluations, 1984-1986
Portland (Dan), 1986-1987
Puget Sound, 1984-1985
Quad Cities Canvass. 1984
Wirth Canvass, 1986 (Consulting arrangement between SANE Canvass and Tim Wirth Senate campaign) Local Canvass Offices [material found loose] *Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1985-1987
*Baltimore, Maryland (part of Washington Canvass), 1984-1986
*Boston, 1984-1987
*Cape Cod, 1987
*Colorado, 1987
*Connecticut, 1987
*Hawaii, 1987
*Los Angeles, 1986-1987
*Madison, Wisconsin, [1987?]
*New York, 1983-1986
*Philadelphia, 1983-1987
*Pittsburgh, 1986
*Portland, Oregon, 1984-1987
*Puget Sound, 1985
*San Francisco, 1986-1987
*Santa Barbara, 1984 *Washington, DC, 1984-1987

Box 6
Pittsburgh Organizing Project, 1986 (Bob Edgar Senate Campaign) [Primarily files of Jaem Heath, Project Coordinator] Memoranda, reports, and related material, 1982-1986
Kevin Martin's report,November [1986]
Mailings, 1986
Targeting data, 1982-1986
Block statistics for targetted Pittsburgh turf
Phone bank, office work, [1986]
Volunteer canvass: Voter ID/Vis/GOTV, [1986]
Copy masters, graphics, [1986]
Pennsylvania: outside Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, n.d.

Box 7 Canvass Work Plans Guidelines for CD work plans
NST (Network Support Team) Work Plans, 1985-1986
Work Plans,January - March 1986
Work Plans, April 1986
Work Plans, May 1986
Work Plans, June 1986
Work Plans, July 1986
Work Plans, August -November, 1986
Work Plans, December 1986 -January 1987
Work Plans, February - March 1987
Calendars, 1987 Work Plans, 1987

Box 8
Chapter Policy; Expansion; Planning; Merger with Freeze Chapter Policy, 1983-1986
Expansion of Canvass, 1984-1985
Planning, 1985
Planning, 1986-1987
Freeze merger, 1986-1987
SANE/FREEZE merger/transition, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Board, 1987
Canvass/Field merger/structure, 1987
Canvass/chapter relations; membership growth, 1986-1987 Local/national affiliation, 1987  

Box 9
Files of Jenny Daughtry, National Canvass Co-Director Files re Canvass Canvass structure, [1987?]
Decentralization, 1986-1987
Memos from Peter, 1987
National SANE Canvass Retreat, August 1987
Memos to Canvass Office Managers, 1987
Canvass proposals to National, [1987?]
Ann Arbor, 1987
Chicago, 1987
Hawaii, 1987
Northern California Canvass, 1987
Portland, 1987
Northern Virginia Freeze, 1986-1987
Columbia, MD, SANE Chapter, 1987
1988 Field Program: Proposed Statewide Model, [1987?] Files re SANE/FREEZE Merger Freeze National Conference, December 1986
SANE/FREEZE Field/Canvass Planning, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Transition Team: Field and Membership Task Force, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Program/Planning: Minutes, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Management/Policy: Minutes, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Strategy Papers, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Staff structure, 1987
SANE/FREEZE Third World Task Force, 1987

Box 10
Files of Mike Mawby, Canvass Monitoring Group Canvass Monitoring Group, 1984-January 1985
Canvass Training Manual/Personnel Policies (proposed), 1984
Senior FM Conference: Training workshops, March 1985
Canvass memos and reports, 1984-1985
Canvass monthly budgets, 1984
Canvass reports,January 1985
Canvass reports, February 1985
Canvass reports, Mar. 1985
Canvass workshop: list of names, [1985?]

Box 11
Finance Department Files re Canvass [primarily files of Jim Ford and Jean Beyler]
Canvass Monitoring Group, 1984-1985
Canvass: Legal matters, 1984-1986
NCD (National Canvass Directors): Reports and proposals, 1983-1987
NSA (Network Support and Administration):
Memos and meetings, 1986-1987
Canvass Directors: Memos and meetings, 1984-1987
Field Managers: Training material, 1984
Field Managers: Memos and meetings, 1985
Office Managers: Memos and meetings, 1985-1987
Office Manager training session, March 1986
Office Manager training session, January 1987
Canvass memos, 1987
Vehicle/Driver policies, 1987  

Box 12
Petitions; Master Forms Petitions from around the Country
Master forms
Military petitions: master forms
*Petitions: Signed
*Petitions: Blank
*Blank forms  

Box 13
Canvass files from Acc. no. 93A-39
Canvass and SANE clippings, 1983-1984
Memos to SANE staff from Canvass, December 1982-January 1985
Training, Organizing and Issues ("Oldies"), ca. 1979-1985
Training materials, 1985-1987
Canvass Directors' meeting, Pittsburgh, August 1986
Decentralization, 1985-1987 (from files of Duane Shank)
Decentralization, 1986-1987 (from files of Peter Deccy)
Ann Arbor evaluations, 1984-1987
Cape Cod, 1986
Chicago evaluations, 1984-1985
Minnesota, 1984?-l986
Missouri Freeze Voter, 1986
Montgomery County, Maryland, 1986-1987
Nuclear Freeze Campaign of Northern Virginia, 1986
Women's Caucus, 1986-1987 (from files of Peter Deccy) Files of Susan Manning (??),
National Women's Caucus Representative Women's Caucus: Mailings and reports, 1986-1987
Women's Caucus: Women's recruitment, 1986
Women's Caucus: Turf safety/Self defense, ca. 1986
Women's Caucus: Training packets, ca. 1987
Women's Caucus: Videotapes and briefings, ca. 1987
Women's Caucus: Information from other offices, 1987
Women's Caucus: Policy recommendations, 1987-1988?

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