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Series K: MX Files -- Records of SANE and of the National Campaign to Stop the MX, 1976-1985 (Acc. no. 82A-12, 82A-19, 84A-57, 85A-22, 85A-24, 85A-108, 85A-136, 86A-7, 86A-8, 86A-41)

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SANE, Inc.
SANE, Inc. Records
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SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

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SANE, Inc. Records (DG 058) [SANE, Inc. Table of Contents]

Historical Background
SANE, Inc. was established in 1957 as National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy to combat above ground testing of atomicnuclear weapons. In the 1960s SANE was a leading organization opposed to U.S. intervention in IndoChina. In 1987 SANE merged with Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign to become SANE/FREEZE. It continues as the organization, Peace Action.

Arrangement of Series K

Series K contains materials relating to the campaign against the MX missile (ca. 1978-1985) by SANE and other organizations. Included are the MX files of SANE staff members David Cortright, Mike Mawby, and Marilyn McNabb. Records of the National Campaign to Stop the MX (1981-1984) and a few information packets from the Coalition to Stop the MX (1984-1985) are also in this series.

When processing began, it was thought that the files of the National Campaign to Stop the MX would be in a separate series, or even in a separate document group. This proved to be difficult because the files were inter-mixed when they arrived in the Peace Collection and because it appeared that, after 1981, many files were shared by both SANE and the National Campaign. In addition, Mike Mawby was on the staff of both organizations.

An initial processing plan of keeping each accession separate also proved to be impractical. There has been some consolidation of accessions in order to bring similar materials together and to reduce duplication. Accession numbers are noted on the folders.

The basic arrangement of Series K is by provenance and chronological. The files of SANE and of the National Campaign to Stop the MX have been kept separate as much as possible, and the files of each staff member involved in MX work have been kept together. Boxes 1-17 contain the files of SANE and of SANE staff members David Cortright, Mike Mawby, and Marilyn McNabb. These boxes cover the period 1978-1983. Boxes 18-32 contain files of the National Campaign to Stop the MX and of National Campaign staff members Chad Dobson, April Moore, and Mike Mawby. The National Campaign to Stop the MX was active from early 1981 to mid-1984. However, many of the files contain material dating from before or after this three-year period. Files on other organizations, reference material (including government publications), and newspaper clippings are at the end of Series K.

Although the overall arrangement is chronological, there are some sections that seemed to fall naturally into alphabetical order (e.g., several sections of Subject Files and the files on Organizations in Boxes 34-36).


An alphabetical list of subjects in SANE's MX files (as of ca. 1979-1981) was found in David Cortright's files (see folder 1 of Box 7). Although it was not possible to re-assemble this file, many of the subjects listed appear as folder headings in Boxes 8, 15-16, and 20-26.

Within the folders, many have been left in the order in which they were found (usually in rough reverse chronological order). Some folders have been processed more thoroughly and have been arranged in chronological order.


Series K: MX Files -- Records of SANE and of the National Campaign to Stop the MX

Box 1
SANE correspondence and releases, 1978
SANE - Budget analysis, MX missile program, [ca. 1978]
SANE correspondence, 1979-1981
SANE material, 1979-1982
Minutes, MX meetings, 1978-1981
Press list
MX and the press (general info.)
Address lists
Employment Research Associates (Dr. James Robert Anderson), 1977-1980?
Statements against MX (non-organizational), 1980-1981
Public response to Draft Environmental Impact Statement, 1981
Published and unpublished papers on the MX, 1978?-1981 and n.d.
MX bibliography, 1980
Clippings, 1978-1982
Cartoons, 1980-1983
Photographs (removal form)
Bumper stickers, n.d.
U.S. Govt. information on MX, 1978, 1980-1981 [NOTE: There is additional U.S. Govt. information on the MX at the end of Series K]
U.S. Congress; Legislation and statements on MX, 1980-1981
U.S. Congress; MX vote lists, 1980-1981 [NOTE: There is additional information concerning Congressional votes on MX in the subject files of April Moore (Box 21) and in the legislative files of Mike Mawby (Boxes 28-32)]  

Box 2
MX Files of David Cortright and others, 1976-1979 (rough chronological order) SANE Stop MX Campaign, Proposals and memoranda, 1978-1979
MX missile, 1976-1978
MX activity in western states, 1978 [mostly sent by Marilyn McNabb, Nebraskans for Peace]
Grassroots information, 1978-1979
MX, August-September 1978
Press conference, June 6, 1979 (response to basing mode decision)
MX letter to President Carter, June 6,1979 (from Kistiakowsky, LaRocque, Scoville, and Whalen)
MX go-ahead announcement, Background press briefing, June 8, 1979
White House rationale for MX, Meetings at White House, Spring-Summer 1979
Suggested questions for MX Briefing, Ely, Nevada, July 17, 1979.
Basing mode announcement, September 7, 1979
Memo on Pentagon discussion, September 25, 1979
Questions for MX Hearing, Carson City, Nevada, October 2, 1979
Council of State Planning Agencies, fall 1979
MX Basing Act, November-December 1979
Box 3
MX Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, 1977-1982 (rough chronological order) "MX Madness" article: Drafts and rejection letters, 1977
Material found with drafts of "MX Madness" (4 fldrs)
D. Cortright notes, [1977]
Proposals for SANE pamphlet on MX, with photos [1977]
Reference material on MX, 1975-1978
MX, 1978
MX clippings, Tucson, AZ, 1978
Legal papers prepared by Michael L. Foudy, Attorney for Animal Defense Council, Tucson, [1978?]
MX endorsements. Call week of November 5, 1979
MX article, ITT, 1979
SANE MX Alerts, Action Newsletters, 1979-1981
Church contacts on MX, 1979-1980
Presbyterians, 1980

Box 4
MX Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, 1977-1982 (rough chronological order) MX Testimony by Michael Mawby, Public Lands Subcommittee, Interior Committee, January 24, 1980
Grants to Local MX Groups, Nevada and Utah, January 1980
HDR Map of MX missile deployment in TX and NM, June 1980
HDR Map, Wenzler copy, 1980
MX Cost Memo, September 1980
Cortright trip to Texas and New Mexico, 1980 (14 fldrs) Promotional material, October 1980
Key contacts and organizing memo
Itinerary/people to see
Lists of names from Hereford and Clovis
Texas/New Mexico Press
Texas/New Mexico Background
General information for Texas/New Mexico Trip Marilyn [McNabb]'s memo, "Texas, New Mexico and the MX Missile," November 1980
Factual memo by D. Cortright, "The MX in Texas and New Mexico: Economic and Environmental Impacts", December1980
Representativeort on Texas/New Mexico trip for SANE Board, December 1980
SANE Representativeort on Texas/New Mexico trip
Newspaper clippings, October-December 1980, June 1981
Follow-up correspondence, December 1980-January 1981
Texas/New Mexico opposition to MX, (incl. clippings), 1980-1981 (post-trip)
Clovis, Community Environmental Consequences, Alternative Operating Base Locations, [DEIS?] Vol. VI, Chap. 4
Dalhart, Community Environmental Consequences, Alternative Operating Base Locations, [DEIS?] Vol. VI, Chap. 4
New Mexico Power Structure Representativeorts, 1980
Security of MX System, 1980
Cost study, Weiss version, November 1980
Reagan campaign proposals, August 1980
SANE memo on Reagan and the MX, [late 1980]
"Reagan and the MX: What Next for Man's Largest Construction?" article by D. Cortright and M. McNabb, publ. January 1981
Reagan arms build-up, esp. MX, clippings, 1980-1981
December 18, 1980 Press Conference. Anti-MX Groups Respond to Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Box 5
MX Files of David Cortright, Executive Director, 1977-1982 (rough chronological order) Sam Greenlaw, ca. 1980-1981
MX Strategy Meetings, 1980-1981
Environmental Impact Statement, Sections from M. McNabb, January 1981
Great Basin MX Alliance, January 1981
MX statement at Rockwell Meeting, February 11, 1981
"MX Stall" by Evans and Novak, Washington Post, February 27, 1981
SANE comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement, April 1981
MX Action Group, Comments on DEIS, April 1981
Mormon statement on basing the MX missile, May 5, 1981
ICBM Vulnerability Briefing, June 23, 1981 (with related material)
Garn-Laxalt Statement, June 25, 1981
Fund to Stop the MX (local), Summer 1981
MX Campaign Proposal/Fundraising, 1981
Nevada referenda results, July 1981
SANE MX Conversion Study, 1981
MX ad, Nevada Cattleman's Assn., September 21, 1981
Great Basin MX Groups, Post-decision, late 1981
D. Cortright trip to Texas, Ariz., Calif., November 1981 Itinerary
Article on Ballistic Missile Defense/Anti-Ballistic Missiles, [1981?]
Information and notes on new MX plans, 1981-1982
Contacts in new MX states, 1981-1982
Clippings from western Nebraska, January 1982
April Moore's report on western MX organizing tour, April 1982
Matt Bunn / Kosta Tsipis paper, 1981-1982
Matt Bunn piece, introduction by April Moore, unpublished, n.d. [after April 1982]
MX Vote, July 21, 1982
Tri-State Coalition Proposal, July 1982, and tour by Gen. William Fairbourn, January 1983
April Moore: Speaking and organizing trip to Wyoming, Nevada, and New Mexico, November 1982
MX Legislative Guide, n.d.
Box 6 MX Files of David Cortright, 1981-1984 (Acc. no. 86A-102)
MX Campaign, February 1981-1984
MX radio spots, May 1983
MX radio ads, October 1983
MX Files of Mike Mawby, Disarmament Coordinator, 1978-1979
MX Strategy, 1978-1979
Letter to The Progressive, February 1979
National MX Strategy Meeting, March 19, 1979
Southwest organizer's tour by M. Mawby and M. McNabb, October 1979
M. Mawby's notes on trip to Utah and Nevada, October 1979
MX memoranda, fact sheets, etc. 1979
Names to be added to MX List, [1979?]
Box 7
MX Files of D. Cortright, M. Mawby and M. McNabb, 1979-1981 Information from M. Mawby and M. McNabb on MX Project, 1979-1981 [removed from following folder] Clippings, information, 1979-1981
MX Task Force, Disarmament Working Group, 1979-1981
Prelim. plans for National Campaign to Stop the MX, 1980-1981
Strategy meetings and start of National Campaign to Stop the MX, 1980-1981
Guidelines for MX Campaign, June 20, 1980
Environmental Impact Statement Press Conference, December 18, 1980
MX quick reference, 1979-1981
MX articles, hearings, Congressional actions, ca. 1977-1981 (from computer data bases)
T-shirt designer, 1980

Box 8
Subject Files of M. Mawby and M. McNabb, primarily 1980-1981 (in alpha order) Energy, 1980-1981
Environmental Impact Statement Summary, Mike's copy, 1980-1981
MX Basing, October-November 1981
OEA and EAC MX Task Force, 1979-1980 (Office of Economic Adjustment and President's Economic
Adjustment Committee)
Polls: Pro-business polling and MX, 1981
Quotes, 1979-1981
Reagan/Van Cleave, 1972-1980
Research sources, ca 1980
Tonopah test blast, 1981
Water, 1980-1981
Box 9
SANE Literature and Releases, 1978-1982 [NOTE: These folders are primarily from the files of Marilyn McNabb. Included are reading packets, leaflets, fact sheets, releases, and mailings to various groups. Each item or mailing is in a separate folder. Some folders contain drafts and background information relating to the publication]
Box 10
Files of M. Mawby and M. McNabb on media coverage of MX, 1979-1981
Radio/TV shows on MX, 1980-1981
MacNeil/Lehrer Representativeort (PBS), November 1979
Prime Time Saturday, December 1979
20/20 (ABC News), January 1980
Bill Moyers' Journal (PBS), April 1980
ABC documentary, Karen Taylor, 1980-1981
Environment Representativeorter, Melissa Merson, 1980-1981

Box 11
Nevada, 1979-1982 [primarily files of Marilyn McNabb] Nevada contacts, 1979-1981
Churches--Nevada, 1981
State of Nevada, 1981
State legislature--Nevada, 1979-1981
Cactus Alliance, 1975-1981 (includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah)
Citizen Alert, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, 1979-1982
Foresta Institute and Maya Miller, Carson City, Nevada, 1980-1981
Frey, Jim (Las Vegas pollster), 1980
Great Basin MX Alliance, Baker, Nevada, 1980-1981
Nevada Cattlemen's Assn., Elko, Nevada, 1979-1981
Nevada Outdoor Recreation Assn. (NORA), Carson City, Nevada, 1979-1981 (Charles Watson)
Nevadans Opposed to MX (NO MX), 1980-1981
Sagebrush Alliance (Nevada Test Site), 1978-1981
Wellinghoff, Jon (Sierra Energy Group), 1980
Box 12
Utah, 1979-1983 [primarily files of Marilyn McNabb] Contacts, 1979-1981
Churches, 1980-1981
Newspapers, 1980, n.d.
State of Utah, 1980-1981
State legislature, 1980-1981
Carpino, Paul, n.d.
Dutson, Sue, 1980-1981
Citizens Call, Salt Lake City and Cedar City, Utah, 1981-1983
Concerned Citizens of Central Utah, 1980-1981
MX Information Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1980-1983
MX Info. Center: Weekly radio broadcasts by Stan Holmes, 1980
Southern Utah MX Coalition, Cedar City, Utah, 1981
Utah Farm Bureau Federation, Salt Lake City, Utah 1980
Utah Mining Association, 1980
Native Americans, 1979-1981 [primarily files of Marilyn McNabb]
Traditional Indian Meeting, November 10, 1979
Foresta meeting on Western Shoshone land rights, September 1980
Duckwater Shoshone tribe, 1980-1981
Native Nevadans for Political Education and Action, 1979-1980
Western Shoshone Sacred Lands Association, 1979-1981
Western Shoshone Sacred Lands Association: newspaper, 1980-1981
Western Shoshone Sacred Lands Association: "The Only Land We Belong To," slide show, 1981
Misc. people and organizations in Nevada and Utah, 1979-1980 "Shoshone Land Claims Confront MX Plans" by M. McNabb, (CALC Representativeort, December 1980/January 1981)
Box 13
Files of M. Mawby and M. McNabb, primarily 1979-1981 [Note: Material in boxes 13-16 was found loose. Organization of the material was imposed
by processor] Correspondence and memoranda, 1979-1981
Mailings to MX Network, November 1978-July 1981
Mailing lists, ca. 1980
Letters to Pres. Carter, May 1979
Corres. with Jim Reed, Attorney, Sacramento, CA (and related corres.), 1979-1981
Public participation in MX environmental analysis process,
Information from Jim Reed, Attorney, 1980
Other organizations:
Resolutions from other organizations on MX, ca. 1979-1981
Clergy and Laity Concerned, 1979-1981
Environmental Defense Center, Denver, CO, (M. Beyeler), 1980
MX Information Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1979-1982
Orange County Peace Conversion Project, CA, 1980 Military and other experts on MX: Allen, General Lew, Jr., U.S. Air Force, 1980-1981
Brown, Harold, Secretary of Defense, 1979-1980
Perry, William, Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, 1979-1981
Scoville, Herbert, Jr., Pres., Arms Control Assn., 1979-1981
Weinberger, Caspar W., Secretary of Defense, 1981
Zeiberg, Dr. S. L., Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Strategic and Space Systems, June 1980
"MX in Perspective: Military Experts Opposed", (John M. Lee and William T. Fairbourn), Great Basin MX Alliance, 1980
Military brass, 1959-1981
Expert opinions on MX/defense, 1979-1981

Box 14
Files of M. Mawby and M. McNabb, primarily 1979-1981 [Note: Material in boxes 13-16 was found loose. Organization of the material was imposed by processor] Nevada and Utah Governors, Robert List and Scott Matheson, 1979-1982
Nevada and Utah Senators, Paul Laxalt and Jake Garn, 1980-1981
Nevada Congressman James D. Santini, 1979-1982
Nevada Senator Howard W. Cannon, 1980-1981
Utah Congressman Dan Marriott, 1979-1981
MX Complaints (drafts) filed by Frances Farley, Utah State Senator, 1981
Legal briefs, Farley et al. vs. U.S. Air Force et al.,
U.S. District Court, Utah, 1981
Correspondence re MX litigation of Frances Farley and others, 1981
Box 15
Subject Files of M. Mawby and M. McNabb, 1974-1983 (in alpha order) Archeology, 1980
Arms control plans, May 1982
Basing alternatives: MAP (Multiple aimpoints), 1977
Basing alternatives: Dragstrip, 1980
Basing alternatives: SUM (Shallow underwater missile), 1979-1981
Basing alternatives: Split basing, 1980-1981
Basing alternatives considered by Reagan, March-September 1981
Basing alternatives: Reagan decision and Senate vote, October-December 1981
Basing alternatives: Minuteman silos, 1982
Bibliographies on MX, 1980-1981
Boom/Bust, 1976-1981
Cancer, 1980-1981
Cement/concrete needed in MX construction, 1979-1981
Contractors: Boeing, 1974-1981
Contractors: EDAW, Inc., MX base comprehensive planning, 1981
Contractors: MX Education Bureau, ca. 1981
Costs, 1979-1981
Costs: SAR (Selected acquisition reports), 1979-1981
Box 16
Subject Files of M. Mawby and M. McNabb, 1974-1983 (in alpha order) Democratic National Convention fight, 1980
Economics/jobs, 1979-1982
Endangered plants and animals, 1979-1980
Environmental impact statements (EIS): Federal register excerpts, 1979-1981
EIS: Air Force releases and other material, 1980-1981
EIS: Statements, memoranda, notes, 1978-1982
EIS: Clippings, 1979-1981
Graphics and maps, ca. 1979-1982
Mormon Church, 1980-1981
Native Americans, 1979-1981
Polls, 1979-1983
Polls: Governors survey, [1980?]
Reagan and defense spending, 1980-1981
Sagebrush rebellion, 1980
Security, 1979-1981
Texas/New Mexico (possible site for MX basing), 1978-1981
Vulnerability/survivability, 1978-1981

Box 17 Files of M. Mawby and M. McNabb, 1978-1982 (in state order) Arizona -- Washington

Box 18
National Campaign to Stop the MX, 1981 MX Campaign materials (found in Notebook), 1981-1982
Literature and releases, 1981
Correspondence of Chad Dobson, Coordinator, 1981
Statements, form letters, memoranda (from files of Chad Dobson, Coordinator), 1981
Correspondence with members of Advisory Council, 1981
"MX, Destruction of the West, Threat to the Nation", CALC tour, 1981
Firmage, Edwin Brown. Biog. and articles, 1980-1981 (one of the speakers on the CALC tour)
"The MX: A View from the West," CALC tour, visit to Washington, DC, May 1981
Cartoon book: Permission letters, 1981
Cartoon book: Distribution and responses, fall 1981
Anderson, J. Edward. Univ. of Minnesota, 1981 (re vulnerability of MX missile)
Press conference, October 2, 1981, in response to Reagan's announced plans for MX system
Clippings, 1981  

Box 19
National Campaign to Stop the MX, 1982-1984 Literature and releases, 1982-1983
Form letters, memoranda, 1983-1984
Clippings, 1982-1984
Misc. corres. of April Moore, 1982-1983
MX packet materials, [1982?]
MX fact sheet: Senate action and reaction, February-March 1982
MX fact sheet: Editorials, January-March 1982
MX fact sheet: Grassroots opposition, May 1982
MX fact sheet: Local opinion, spring/summer 1982
MX fact sheet: Press clips, November-December 1982
Potential campaign fact sheets, [1982?]
SANE, 1983 The Scowcroft Commission and the MX...Silo Basing Revisited, April 1983
"Why I'm Not Switching" packet, May 1983
MX briefing book (incomplete), 1983
Bundy, McGeorge. Statements re MX, 1983
The Political Economy of the MX Missile by James R. Anderson, 1983
Literature on MX missile and other issues in Congress, 1983 (source unknown)
Clippings, 1983
Box 20
Subject Files, 1976-1984 [primarily files of April Moore]   Air Force: general, 1980-1983
Air Force statements, 1981, n.d.
Anderson MX study, "The Political Economy of the MX Missile," 1983
ABM (anti-ballistic missiles): Official reports, 1979-1983
ABM: Media, 1979-1983
Arguments, n.d.
Arms control notebook, 1983
Bargaining chip, 1982-1983
Basing alternatives: General, 1980-1983
Box 20 Basing alternatives: Air and sea, 1978-1983
Basing alternatives: Land, 1979-1983
Build-down, 1983-1984
Commission on Strategic Forces (Scowcroft Commission), 1983
Congress, 1984
Congressional Budget Office report, May 1983
Contractors, 1979-1984
Contractors: Lists, 1979-1982
Contractors: Annual reports, 1979

Box 21
Subject Files, 1976-1984 [primarily files of April Moore]   Conventional buildup, 1982-1983
Costs, 1984, n.d.
Counterforce doctrine (PD 59), File I, 1976-1980
Counterforce, File II, 1980-1982
Defense authorization, FY 83, 1982
Defense authorization/appropriation, FY 83, 1982
Defense appropriation, FY 83, 1982-1983
Defense authorization, FY 84, 1983
Defense appropriation, FY 84, 1983
Defense authorization, FY 85, 1984
Defense appropriation, FY 85, 1984-1985
Defense authorization, FY 86, 1984
Defense appropriations, past, 1982-1984

Box 22
Subject Files, 1976-1984 [primarily files of April Moore]   Dense Pack, File I, 1982
Dense Pack, File II, 1981-1983
Deployment area, n.d.
Survey of Congressional members, Warren AFB area
Draft environmental impact statement (DEIS), 1983-1984
Drew, Elizabeth. The New Yorker article, 1983
Economics, 1977-1984
Election, 1984
Endorsements/Anti-MX resolutions, 1980-1984
Environmental impact statement (EIS)
Milestone III: Comments, 1981
Environmental impact statement (EIS)
Scoping Hearings: Silo Basing, 1983
Environmental impact study, 1981-1983
Expansion, 1980-1982
Fallout II, 1981
Foreign opposition/opinion, 1981-1983
Funding, 1982-1983
GAO reports, 1981-1982
Governors, 1984 

Box 23
Subject Files, 1976-1984 [primarily files of April Moore]  
Grassroots, 1983-1984
Grassroots media, ca. 1983
Henningson, Durham and Richardson, Inc. (HDR), 1980-1981 (Consultant for MX environmental analysis)
History, 1976-1982
Hoyer, Representative. Steny, 1984
Humor, 1982-1983
ICBM modernization, 1982
Impact, n.d.
Labor, 1980-1984
Lawsuit, 1982-1983 

Box 24
Subject Files, 1976-1984 [primarily files of April Moore]   Lawsuit, 1984
Lawyers, 1983
Legal: Fast track, 1979
Legal: General and miscellaneous, 1979-1982
Legal: NEPA regulations, 1978-1980
Legislative EIS, 1982-1983
Military construction, 1982
Monday Arms Control Lobbying Group, 1982-1983
Mormon Church, 1980-1981
Music, ca. 1980-1982
NATO Nukes and MX, 1981
NEPA past and present (National Environmental Policy Act), 1980
Non-proliferation, 1982
Nuclear Freeze Conference, MX workshop, Denver, CO, February 1982
Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), 1980-1981
Organizations: lists, 1982-1984
Organizing trip, April 1982 and October 1983
Outreach, 1981-1982

Box 25
Subject Files, 1976-1984 [primarily files of April Moore]   Pentagon structure, 1982-1983
Poetry against MX, ca. 1980
Press, [1983?]
Pro-MX, 1983
Program objectives memorandum, 1983
Quotes, 1978-1983
Rally, Cheyenne, Wyoming, May 1983
Ranchers in Washington, May and October 1983, April 1984
Ranchers' press tour, May 1983
Reagan MX, 1980-1981
Resources, [1981?]
Right wing, 1980-1981
Scowcroft Commission, 1983
Silo-basing, 1981-1983
Silo peace park, [1983?]
Social impact, 1983
Superhardening, 1984
Swing lists, 1981-1984
Technical information, n.d.
Testing, 1981-1984
Townes Commission, 1981-1982
Trilateral Commission, 1983

Box 26
Subject Files, 1976-1984 [primarily files of April Moore]   Vulnerability, 1980-1983
Water, 1979-1980
Won't work, 1980-1981
Wyoming, 1980-1983
Zip codes for MX swing lists, [1982?]

Box 27 Files on Members of Congress, 1979-1983
Baker, Howard, 1979-1983
Huddleston, Walter, 1983
Jepsen, Roger W., 1981
Percy, Charles, 1979-1983
Tower, John, 1979-1982 

Box 28
Legislative Files of Mike Mawby, 1979-1985 (in rough chronological order)
Ferraro, Geraldine A." Letter of May 30, 1979
MX votes and speeches in Congress, 1979-1983
Hearings and testimony, 1979-1983
Voting record, 1980-1982
MX swing district campaign, 1980-1981
MX swing list, February 1981
Zip codes for House MX vote swing lists, 1981-1982
MX amendments, Spring 1981
Spring 1981 action
Representativeort on work done for Simon amendments, Spring/Summer 1981
Results of vote on Simon amendment, July 9, 1981
House ratings on MX, July 21, 1981
CQ Record Votes on MX, July 1981
Reagan strategic package, October 2, 1981
Senate action, 1981
Military spending FY 83, February 1982
MX hearings, House Appropriations Committee, March 11, 1982
Representativeort from April Moore on Western MX organizing tour, April 1982
Grassroots work, FY 83 DoD Authorization, Spring 1982
Rap sheets for calls to grassroots activists, Spring 1982
MX amendments, Spring 1982
House ratings on MX, April 6, 1982
House ratings on MX, May 11, 1982
MX history, 1981-1982
MX costs, 1981-1982
First-strike weapons, ca. 1982
Senate action on Defense appropriation, 1982
Laxalt/Garn White Paper, [1982?]
Soviet threat, 1979-1983
Outreach, ca. 1981-1983
Arguments for next MX round, 1982-1983
Bargaining chip, 1982-1983

Box 29
Legislative Files of Mike Mawby, 1979-1985 (rough chronological order)
FY 83 appropriations and continuing resolution, 1982-1983
START proposals and MX, 1982-1983
U.S. Congress: Statements, letters, proposed legislation on MX, 1982-1983
Monday Lobby Group, 1982-1983
Monday Lobby Group, Grassroots task force, 1983
MX swing list and SANE Hill responsibilities, early 1983
Current Hill visits, January-March 1983
Critical Mass '83 Conference, Representativeort by M. Mawby on Fall 1982 MX lobby campaign, March 1983
Small ICBM, Spring 1983
MX organizing, 1983
Meetings with Congressman Anthony Toby Moffett, Spring 1983
MX lobbying, Hill, Spring 1983
Hill visits, Representativeorts, Spring 1983
Field organizing on MX funding, Spring/Summer 1983
Radio ads on MX, Spring/Summer 1983
Democratic presidential candidates on MX, 1983
Hart-LaFollette debate on MX, June 1983
Congressmen of NFL-team cities, Anti-MX quotes, Summer 1983
MX votes and swings, Summer 1983
MX debate in House, Congressional Record, July 20, 1983

Box 30
Legislative Files of Mike Mawby, 1979-1985 (rough chronological order)
Letters to Representative. Albert Gore (June 1983) and Sen. Thomas Eagleton (September 1983) from SANE and other groups
Anderson MX study, "The Political Economy of the MX Missile" (Employment Research Associates), September 26, 1983
Pro-MX lobbying campaign by Martin Marietta, September 1983
Joint Democratic candidates letter opposing MX, October 1983
Drop packet for Hill re MX, defense spending, Fall 1983
MX appropriations, Fall 1983
MX appropriations, Hill swings, Fall 1983
Senate, Flight-test pause amendment, FY '84 Defense authorization, Fall 1983
SANE comments on DEIS for MX missile, November 1983
Unions and MX swing list, [1983?]
MX and labor, 1981-1983
MX clippings and articles, 1981-1983
Lobbying on MX, 1982-1984
Build-down, 1983-1984
MX lawsuit, 1983-1984 (Nicholas C. Yost, Center for Law in the Public Interest)

Box 31
Legislative Files of Mike Mawby, 1979-1985 (rough chronological order)
Freeze Campaign and MX, 1983-1984
MX, National (fldr. 1 of 2), 1983-early 1984
MX, Grassroots (fldr. 2 of 2), 1984
Grassroots targeting, Common Cause/Craven, Mathews, Smith and Co., January-February 1984
National Governors Assn., February 1984
MX Lobbying, Spring 1984
MX vote, May 16, 1984
Local clippings and reports, Spring 1984
MX appropriations, FY 85, Summer 1984
Continuing Resolution Committee Vote, September 1984
MX report forms, [1984?]

Box 32
Legislative Files of Mike Mawby, 1979-1985 (rough chronological order)
MX missile, 1984-1985
Sierra Club list of activists, January 1985
Congressional Hearings on MX, February 1985
"The MX Missile: No Bargain" by William M. Rose, February 1985
MX press conference, March 4, 1985
MX swing lists, Spring 1985
MX visit reports, 1984-1985
MX, Spring 1985 (2 fldrs.)
"The MX Missile Program: A Reference Book," MX Education Bureau, [1985?]
MX clippings and articles, 1984-1985

Box 33
SANE and other publications on MX, 1984-1985
SANE Background Series, April 1984 and February 1985
MX as bargaining chip, [1985?]
Coalition to Stop the MX. Packets, 1984-1985
MX briefing book, 1985
Box 34 [NOTE: Many folders contain correspondence as well as information about the organization]
Organizations, 1977-1985 [primarily files of April Moore]
American Assn. of University Women, 1981
American Committee on East-West Accord, 1980
American Friends Service Committee, 1979-1981
Americans for Democratic Action, 1982-1983
Arms Control Assn., 1982
Audubon, 1978-1982
Business Executives Move for New National Priorities, 1980
Catholic Church, 1978-1981
Center for Defense Information, 1981
Center for Law and Social Policy, 1977-1981
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Defense Budget Project, 1984
Citizen Action, n.d.
Citizens Against Nuclear War, 1982-1983
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, 1979-1983
CNF/Disarmament Working Group, 1981
Committee for National Security, 1983
Common Cause, 1982-1984
Council for a Livable World, 1980-1985
Council on Economic Priorities (CEP), 1979-1983 (from several accessions)
Council on Economic Priorities, 1979-1981 (found in MX History)

Box 35 [NOTE: Many folders contain correspondence as well as information about the organization]
Organizations, 1977-1985 [primarily files of April Moore]  
Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, n.d.
Democrats for Peace Conversion, 1982-1983
Educators for World Peace, n.d.
Environmental Action, 1980-1981
Environmental Decade Conference List, 1980
Episcopal Church, 1980-1982
Farmers Union, 1978, 1981
Federation of American Scientists, 1979-1983
Friends Committee on National Legislation, 1979-1980
Friends of the Earth, 1979-1983
Greenpeace, n.d.
Ground Zero Week, April 1982, 1983
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, 1979-1982
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, 1982
League of United Latin American Citizens, 1984
Libertarian National Committee, 1981
MassNETWORK, 1983
Medical Students for Nuclear Disarmament, 1982
Methodists, 1979-1984
Mobilization for Survival, 1979, 1984
Mormon Church, 1981
National Association of Social Workers, 1980
National Cattlemen's Assn., 1979-1981
National Peace Academy Campaign, 1979
National Taxpayers Union and National Taxpayers Legal Fund, 1981
National Wildlife Federation, 1979-1980
Nebraskans for Peace, 1978
Nebraskans Opposed to the MX (NO MX), 1984
New Directions, 1980
Nuclear Weapons Facilities Task Force, 1980-1981
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 1983, 1985
Public Citizen, 1980-1981
Rainbow Coalition, 1984
Religious groups, 1979-1983
Riverside Church Disarmament Program, 1981
Rural Coalition, 1980
Sierra Club, 1979-1981
Box 36 [NOTE: Many folders contain correspondence as well as information about the organization]
Organizations, 1977-1985 [primarily files of April Moore]  
Tri-State MX Coalition, 1982-1984 (Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming)
Union of Concerned Scientists, 1979-1985
Unitarian Universalist Association, 1980
United Campuses to Prevent Nuclear War (UCAM), 1984
Western Action, 1980-1982
Western Solidarity, 1982-1985 [NOTE: April Moore was on the Steering Committee for Western Solidarity (WESTPO), 1980]
The Wilderness Society, 1979-1981
Women for Racial and Economic Equality, 1981
Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND), 1982-1984
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1980
Women's Peace Initiatives, 1984
World Federalists Association, 1979
Youth Project, 1980
Box 37
Reference material from non-government sources, 1978-1983
Reference material on MX and ICBMs, 1978-1981
UCLA, Center for International and Strategic Affairs, "Land-Mobile ICBMs: Verification and Breakout" by Paul K. Davis,1980
Union of Concerned Scientists, Draft of Missile Mirage, January 1981
University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Urban and Regional Development,"The Socio-Economic Impacts of the Proposed MX Missile Project," March 1981
MIT Missile Awareness Project, "The MX Missile and the Arms Race," April 1981
Qabel Foundation, MX DEIS Evaluation Task Force, April 1981
Eyring Research Institute, MX Orbiter Briefing, December 1981
MIT Program in Science and Technology for International Security, "Analysis of Dense Pack Vulnerabilities," November 1982
MIT Dept. of Physics, "The MX Missile: A Bargaining Chip That is No Bargain" by Joseph Romm and Kosta Tsipis, October 1983 

Box 38
Reference material from government sources, 1975-1984 Bureau of Land Management, 1980
Comptroller General, U.S. General Accounting Office, 1978-1980
Congressional Budget Office, 1978-1984
Congressional Research Service (Library of Congress), 1978-1984
Interagency Task Force on the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, June 1979
National Park Service. Inventory of Natural Landmarks of the Great Basin, 1975
Office of Technology Assessment, 1981

Box 39
U.S. Air Force and other government publications, 1977-1980 (Paige Box) [NOTE: All except the last two are from the Air Force. DEIS is a Draft Environmental Impact Statement. FEIS is a Final Environmental Impact Statement] DEIS, MX: Buried Trench Construction and Test Project, August 1977
DEIS, MX: Milestone II, July 1978 (Vols. I and IV)
FEIS, MX: Milestone II, October 1978 (or September 1979?), Vols I-VI
Air Mobile draft and final supplement to FEIS, MX: Milestone II, 1979
Multiple Protective Structures Weapon System, August 1979: Description of the Proposed Action and Alternatives
Land Withdrawal Survey Requirements
MX Weapon System Environmental Program
MX Siting Area Decision Paper: Operational Environmental and Geotechnical Considerations
The MX System and the Environment, December 1979
Army Corps of Engineers, 1979-1980
Information on MX from miscellaneous government agencies, 1978-1979

Box 40
HDR Sciences, U.S. Air Force, and State publications, 1980-1981 (Paige Box) HDR Sciences, Summary of Scoping for the MX: Deployment Area Selection/Land Withdrawal Environmental Impact Statement, April 1980
HDR Sciences, maps of Texas/New Mexico, 1980
U.S. Air Force, DEIS on Deployment Area Selection and Land Withdrawal/Acquisition for the MX Missile System, August 1980
U.S. Air Force, DEIS on Deployment Area Selection and Land Withdrawal/Acquisition for the MX Missile System, December 1980 (Vols. I-V and Summary)
State of Nevada: Legislative Commission of the Legislative Counsel Bureau, MX Missile, Bulletin no. 81-28, January 1981
Official Response to the U.S. Air Force Deployment Area Selection and Land Withdrawal/Acquisition DEIS, May 1981
MX Missile Impact upon the Law Enforcement Community of Nevada, June 1981
State of Utah Technical Review Comments for U.S. Air Force
DEIS for Area Selection/Land Withdrawal (with 3 attachments), [1981?]
Box 41
Environmental Technical Representativeorts from HDR Sciences, December 1980 [NOTE: Henningson, Durham and Richardson, Inc. (HDR Sciences) of Santa Barbara, CA, served as an environmental consultant to the U.S. Air Force] Representativeorts #1 - 2H
Box 42
Environmental Technical Representativeorts from HDR Sciences, December 1980 [NOTE: Henningson, Durham and Richardson, Inc. (HDR Sciences) of Santa Barbara, CA, served as an environmental consultant to the U.S. Air Force] Representativeorts #2I - 8
Box 43
Environmental Technical Representativeorts from HDR Sciences, December 1980 [NOTE: Henningson, Durham and Richardson, Inc. (HDR Sciences) of Santa Barbara, CA, served as an environmental consultant to the U.S. Air Force] Representativeorts # 9 - 19

Box 44
Environmental Technical Representativeorts from HDR Sciences, December 1980 [NOTE: Henningson, Durham and Richardson, Inc. (HDR Sciences) of Santa Barbara, CA, served as an environmental consultant to the U.S. Air Force] Representativeorts # 20 - 33

Box 45
U.S. Air Force publications, 1982-1984 (Paige Box)) Legislative Environmental Impact Statement, MX: Closely Spaced Basing, 1982
Wyoming and Nebraska Socioeconomic Impact Study, Peacekeeper in Minuteman Silos, September 1983 (3 vols.)
DEIS, Peacekeeper in Minuteman Silos, October 1983
FEIS, Peacekeeper in Minuteman Silos, January 1984 (2 vols.)
Final Jurisdictional Environmental Planning Technical Representativeort: Peacekeeper in Minuteman Silos, January 1984 (4 vols.)
Box 46
Magazine articles and newspaper clippings   Magazine articles, 1977-1978
Magazine articles, 1979
Student paper on the MX, April 1979
Magazine articles, 1980
Magazine articles, 1981
Magazine articles, 1982
NARMIC MX clippings, 1978-1980
"MX News of the Week" from HDR Sciences, 1980
U.S. Air Force "Current News" special editions on MX, 1980
"The Lawmakers" (PBS program), transcript for Program #437, May 19, 1983
Box 47
Magazine articles and newspaper clippings   Op-ed columns and letters to the editor, 1979-1981
Satire, 1978-1981
Editorials, 1978 - May 1983
Box 48
Clippings from Western States, 1978-1984 Ely Daily Times, Ely, Nevada,.1979-1981
Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1978-1980
Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1979-1981
Lincoln County Record, Pioche, Nevada, 1979-1981
Nevada Appeal, Carson City, Nevada, 1979, 1981
Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, 1979-1981
Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, Nevada, 1979-1981
The Valley Times, North Las Vegas, Nevada, 1979-1981
Nevada: miscellaneous papers
Daily Utah Chronicle, Univ. of Utah, 1979-1981
Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1979-1981
Millard County Chronicle, Delta, Utah, 1980-1981
Ogden Standard-Examiner, Ogden, Utah, 1979
The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1979-1983
Utah: miscellaneous papers
Arizona: miscellaneous papers
Colorado: miscellaneous papers
Montana: miscellaneous papers
Nebraska: miscellaneous papers
Texas: miscellaneous papers
Wyoming: miscellaneous papers
Box 49
National Campaign to Stop the MX, Files of April Moore, 1981-1984 (Acc. no. 88A-2) Correspondence, 1981-1984
Statement of Principles, [1981?]
MX releases, leaflets, etc. (Originals for photocopying), 1982-1984
April Moore's travel reports, 1982
Dense Pack press conference, [November 29, 1982]
MX press release (lists of media and organizational contacts), 1982
Media Task Force, 1982-1983
SANE's RRN mailings on MX and other issues, 1983-1984

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