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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Lockwood, Belva Ann, (1830-1917)
Belva A. Lockwood Papers
Inclusive Dates
1878-1917, 1984, 1986, 1992, to date
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DG 098

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Belva Ann McNall Lockwood (1830-1917), was the first woman attorney to practice before the Supreme Court. She personally lobbied members of Congress to pass a special act admitting women to the bar of the Court, and first practiced before the Court in 1879. Lockwood ran for the U.S. presidency in 1884 and 1888, being the first woman to have a complete, national campaign for that office. From the 1870s onward Lockwood was active with the radical peace group, the Universal Peace Union, representing the organization at several international peace congresses.

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Yes, photocopies of documents should be used instead of originals in most cases. Original documents and photographs are separate and restricted, but may be used with permission of Curator. Boxes 1-24 in Acc. 2017 – 022 are stored off site. Please contact SCPC staff at least two weeks in advance of visit so we may retrieve these boxes.
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Yes, photographs, CD
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Devere Allen, Lella Crum Gardner, Jill Norgren, and others, 1949, 1950s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s
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Processed by Peace Collection staff, last revised: February 2007.
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Belva A. Lockwood Papers (DG 098), Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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Historical Background
Belva Ann McNall Lockwood (1830-1917), was the first woman attorney to practice before the Supreme Court. In the late 1870s Lockwood personally lobbied members of Congress to pass a special act admitting women to the bar of the Court. Lockwood first practiced before the Court in 1879. Among other cases, Lockwood successfully represented the Eastern Cherokee Indians in an five million dollar suit before the Court. She also represented hundreds of family members of Civil War veterans in their pension claims.

Lockwood was also an ardent supporter of women's rights. She lectured and toured the country in attempts to gather support for woman suffrage. In 1884, and again in 1888, she was the Presidential candidate for the National Equal Rights Party, capturing over 4,000 votes in six states. Her other feminist activities included serving as president of the Woman's National Press Association, and being appointed Attorney General of the American Woman's Republic, an organization founded by Marietta Stowe and dedicated to preparing women for the rights and responsibilities of full citizenship.

As an executive board member of the Universal Peace Union, Lockwood attended many international peace congresses. She wrote tracts on international arbitration and was one of the nominating members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

Collection Overview
The Papers of Belva Ann Lockwood are an assortment of writings both by and about her. The papers include correspondence (1885-1915), pamphlets, manuscripts, and newspaper and journal articles. The bulk of the correspondence is between Lockwood and Alfred H. Love of the Universal Peace Union, and from Lockwood to her nephew, Frank Gardner, and his wife Lella Gardner. A few of Lockwood's writings and law briefs are in the collection. Much of Lockwood's office files and personal papers were destroyed soon after her death.

The manuscripts consist primarily of personal accounts by Lockwood of speeches and important law cases. Newspaper clippings and articles document Lockwood's involvement in the woman suffrage and peace movements, as well as her legal and political activities. Many of the later clippings are biographical summaries celebrating her life. There is a small amount of material about the American Woman's Republic.

Correspondents in this collection include: Arabella Carter, Amanda Deyo, Lella Crum Gardner, and Alfred H. Love.

Later materials include activities surrounding the Belva Lockwood U.S. postage stamp, issued in 1986, and biographical writings about her life and work.

In 2017, historian and Lockwood biographer, Jill Norgren dontated photocopies of Lockwood documents which she had gathered from numerous libraries and collections. This set of boxes was organized by Norgren.

Items removed: Photographs, consisting mostly of portraits of Lockwood from the 1870s to (circa) 1910.

Arrangement of Collection
This collection is organized into three series:. Series I contains Bigraphical material and all correspondence; Series II contains writings by Lockwood; Series III contains writings about Lockwood; and Series IV contains information on Lockwood ephemera.

Considering the rarity of Lockwood materials, researchers are asked to use photocopies of the original materials (see list of original items), including the photographs. Original documents and photographs may be viewed with permission of the Curator.

The boxes designated as Acc. 2017-022 form the section of the collection donated by Jill Norgren. The material remains in the order in which it was donated. The folder titles were assigned by Norgren.

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES I: Biographical material and Correspondence

Biographical material
Correspondence f rom Lockwood to Frank and Lella Gardner (1911-1913)
Correspondence between Lockwood and Alfred H. Love and his family (1885-1913)
Correspondence between Lockwood and others (1888, 1903-1915)
Correspondence, miscellaneous, (1888, 1891)

SERIES II: Writings by Lockwood
Writings by Lockwood, published
Writings by Lockwood, manuscripts and miscellaneous
United States vs. Wm. H. Hale (Lottery Appeal)
Peace Meeting, The Hague Conference, 1902 (May)
The Eastern Cherokee Case (1903)
For the Thirteenth Universal Peace Congress "Pacigerance" or Peace Making by States (1904)
How I Helped to Settle the Shirt Waist Strike in Philadelphia (1909)
For Biography: Mrs. Emmetta Humphreys, Administratrix of the estate of General John Sevier, (1910)

SERIES III: Writings About Lockwood

Newspaper clippings, (1878-1916)
Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and journal articles, (1937-date)
American Woman's Republic
Two letters of James Densmore to Tina Densmore Delehanty, 1879 and 1881 [the 1881 letter contains Densmore's description of Lockwood]
Belva Lockwood Stamp (1986)

SERIES IV: Lockwood Ephemera
Lockwood ephemera, miscellaneous
Lockwood ephemera, information about items for sale in catalogs and on Ebay (photocopies of items)

Photocopies of photographs [originals are located in the FHL cage area with original Lockwood manuscripts]

Other Resources
"Introducing Belva Lockwood," Interview with historian Jill Norgren at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, produced by Public Radio International, 2001. (Compact Disc-see Peace Collection audio visual collection database or further information.]

Box 1 [Acc. 2017 – 022]
[off site]
Anti-Suffrage Cartoon/LC
Lockwood Campaign Cartoons
1888 Cartoons
Ken Florey Collection Lawyer Cartoons
Male Candidates Cartoons
Puck Cartoons (November 5, 1884 and September 17, 1884)
Suffrage Cartoons
Women Attorney. Cartoons
Wilson Era Cartoons
1913 Suffrage Parade/LC
American Woman's Republic (Ann Marie Linnabery, Niagara City Historical Society, Lockport)
Lockwood Photos
Lockwood Head and Full Photos
Lockwood with Others
Lockwood Law Practice Ads (including pension claims)
Owego, New York
Lockwood on Bicycle
Lockport, New York
Lockwood Stamp/ FDC US Postal Service
Oil Portrait of Lockwood by Nellie Mathes Horne, February 1913
Endorsing Soap 1899
20-21st c. used Lockwood Ads, etc.
Lecturing Ads: Lockwood
Mormon Women
Professional Certificate Lockwood: DC Bar Admission
Swarthmore: Lockwood Files, Nominations and Tributes and Portrait
SS Belva Lockwood
Woodhull Before Congress (1871), Stanton Before Congress (1878)
Family Bible: Royalton
Lockwood Tobacco Card
DC Male Attorneyys
Deforest Ormes (Jr.) Grandson
Gasport New York Academy
Lura McNall Ormes Photo/Death Card
Lockport Union School
Marietta Stow

Box 2 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
DC Streets and Buildings (Pa Ave/DC Courts, Lockwood Church: Lincoln Hall)
NA/Grady's D.C.
Illustrations of Lockwood's Residences (432 9th Union League Building 1866-1874, 619 F St 1877-1914, 5 10th St 1875-1877
Lura McNall Ormes/Norma Wollenberg (Daughter)
Colby (close friend) (Wisconsin Historical Society)
1876 US SCT Rejection of Motion to Admit Waite Papers/Vote Record
Sponsoring Lowry At SCT
Lockwood/Coll. US S. Court
Lockwood SCT Collection
Lockwood Campaign Portrait/LC
John Koster, Lockwood Ephmera
Swarthmore/Portrait and UPU
Niagara City HS/Lockwood and American Woman's Republic
Lockwood as Young Teacher (Brandeis)
LC Lockwood Campaign Card Photo
Lockwood Improvement Syndicat Stock Certificate
Lockwood Lecture Ad/National Museum of American History
Nomination of Lockwood By Equal Rigts Party, Foltz article
Lockwood's 1884 Platform and Analysis
Endorsements or Positive Editorial
1884 Campaign Routes/Stops, Campaign Financing
1884 Election: Newspaper Coverage (New York State Library Paulene Meyer Lockwood Coll.)
Voters' Handbook, 1884. No Lockwood, Publ'd by Potter Drug and Chemical Co.
1884 Campaign: Various Newspapers
Harper's Weekly, September 20, 1884
Electoral Ballots, 1884 Public Outreach to Est. A Ticket
Uvieja Good Article On Lockwood In 1884 Election
Lockwood Acceptance Letter,1884
(Pre) Australian Ballot, Women's Ballot 19th century
Louisville Courier J.
Winslow "Huge Joke" '84 Campaign in Alpha, from Ann Gordon
1884 Letters on Pres. Candidates, Woman's Journal
Cincinnati Gazette Pres. Chair Story 1884
Lockwood's Jan '85 Petition to Congress to Count Her Votes/ All Candidates' Votes
1884 Election (1885) Electoral Count
1884 Indiana State Electoral College Minutes
1884 Indianapolis Newspaper Coverage of Election, Reporting November. Vote
1884 and 1888 Election Candidates and Platforms (R) / Vote Tallies
Lockwood: Campaign Ephemera

Box 3 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
1883 Rochester Dem Interview
Lockwood 1888 Kentucky Ticket, Electoral Tickets 1888, etc.
Trade and Tariffs
1888 Kneeling Lockwood/Leslie's
Labor and 3rd Parties 1888
Matilda Joslyn Gage on Lockwood in 1888
1888 Train Ticket Campaign Item, (DC Historical Society)
Satiric Texts 1888, Laura Burt, Original Woman's Rights Stump Speech a la Belva Lockwood
Emily Bouton "The Household" Interviews Lockwood, Decemver 20, 1888
1888 Equal Rights Party (pre?) Convention Ballot
1888 Candidates Platforms, Bill Elliott Paper
New York Sun Interview with Lockwood, August 27, 1888
Song Belva, Dear Belva
Uvieja Good Article on Lockwood In 1888 Election
New York World 1888 Election
1888 Campaign, Various Newspapers
Dobkin Family, Campaign Ribbon 1888
Woman's Ballot: Two Examples
Lockwood Letters Re: Jessie Ackermann
Hendrik Andersen Papers
SB Anthony to ECS about Lockwood October 1884, SB Anthony to Harbert October 1884
Clara Barton: Library of Congress Collections
Beecher Family: Stow-Day Museum (Hartford)
Bull Letters and Hodkins Letter: University of California at Berkeley

Box 4 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Andrew Carnegie Peace/Pensions
Clara Colby to/from Lockwood: University of Wisconsin Hunting
Densmore Letter
Greene Family Letters
Lockwood to "Ed Journal" in National American Woman Suffrage Collection, Library of Congress
Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Letters to President Grant
Lockwood to Julia Ward Howe (Williams College)
Lockwood to Mary Wright Sewall (Indianapolis- Marion City Public Library)
Haverford College
International Peace Bureau
Lockwood to Colby and McNaughton (University of San Francisco)
Ricker, Gage Henry to Blake and Blake Diary Entry (Missouri Historical Society)
Lockwood to European Peace Colleagues
Lockwood to John T. Caine 1885 and 1886
Lockwood and John W. Young Letters
Lockwood to President Cleveland re: Mormons July 23, 1885
Franklin D. Richards Journal, 1884, $400
F.S. Richards February 28, 1888 (Utah Historical Society)
Charles Penrose Correspondence
First Presidency Letterpress Copy Books
New York State Library

Box 5 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
National Museum of American History Lockwood (Ormes Collection)
Lockwood to Pavey
Lockwood to/from U.S. Presidents Library of Congress
Princeton Library
Lockwood to Richardson Family 'Lockport, Lockwood from Norma Wallenberg Coll. of Mrs. Harry McAvoy, Middleport, New York
Lockwood to Edward Davis (Rubinfine Letter)
Shearer Letter (Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College)
Lockwood/others to Slaughter
Lockwood to Lady Somerset
Lockwood State Department Letters
Lucy Stone: Objection to Lockwood Talk
Lockwood to Mary Thomas
Lockwood to Mary Walker
Swarthmore: Lockwood Collection, Lella Gardner-Ellen Starr Brinton Swarthmore College Peace Collection- Official Records
Correspondence with Others (1903-1915)
Correspondence with A. Love, A. Carter
Miscellaneous Letters (Helen McNall, Jane Addams, etc.)
Lockwood and Associate Justice Knott
Lockwood to Gardners, Humpheys Adminx v US, Law School drama described
Lockwood to Gardners
Wanting Nobel Peace Prize

Box 6 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Meyer, Keep Your Face to the Sunshine
Cohen Harvard Grad Paper on American Woman's Republic
Founding Documents 1913 trip (Hist Society of University City, Sue Rehkopf
American Woman's Republic, Lewis, New York State Library
National Woman Suffrage Association: Summary of Events/ Lockwood at Conventions
Lockwood National Woman Suffrage Association Talks (1870)
National Woman Suffrage Association: 1871
National Woman Suffrage Association: 1872
National Woman Suffrage Association: 1873
National Woman Suffrage Association: 1874
National Woman Suffrage Association: 1875
National Woman Suffrage Association: 1876
National Woman Suffrage Association Meeting: 1877
Babcock Faculty Talk on Queen Isabella Society (2002)
International Council of Women 1888-1893
National Council of Women
Woman's National Liberal Union
Women'sNational Press Association (Women's Journalism Org)
International League of Press Clubs, Lockwood 1909-Bermuda
Lockwood and Nellie Bly Talk

Box 7 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Katherine Devereux Blake and M. Wallace, Champion of Women: Life of Lillie Devereux Blake
Blake Pushing for Place, Susan B. AnthonyAttacking Lockwood at Council Meeting 1891
National Legislative League
Olympia Brown, Democratic Ideals Memorial Sketch Clara Colby 1917
Colby to Pratt (Yale University)
Mrs. L.C. Dundore
J. Ellen Foster: Temperance
Mathilda Gage Letters: From Sally Wagner
Alice Paul and Lucy Burns (Alice Paul Remembers Lockwood, 1913), from Wendy [Chmielewski]
A.G Riddle

Box 8 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
M.C. Richardson
Women Notaries DC Fight
Lillie Sadler
Susan B. Anthony and Senator Palmer 1884
1876 Declaration- Philadelphia Demonstration
Stanton and Anthony on Abortion
Sara Spencer (DC)
Probate Reform with Marietta Stow
Washington Post (December 17, 1879) on Stow Bill and Testimony and Summary Evening Star
H.R. 2623 "Stow Bill"-An Equal Rts Marriage Property Act, renamed "To Regulate Estates..."
James Taylor
Mary Walker
Hamilton Willcox
Victoria Woodhull
"Woman for the US Supreme Court Bench" cicra 1911-1912
Equal Pay: Arnold Bell, U.S, D.C
Petition to Restrain Sale of Homesteads (widows/working men), June 1874
Bounties to Sailors and Marines Bill, 1876
Mail Box Bill (with Eliza Packard), January 5, 1875
Stow Bill, 1879
Curtiss, Lockwood, French Petition to Congress re: Goat Island
H.R. 2904 (1879) Reformatory Inst for Girls in DC
Police Matrons Bill/ Prison Reform 1879
DC Woman School Bd Trustees 1879, 1884
Senate- 1883-1884 A bill for the relief of Lockwood

Box 9 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
H.R. 1077: Act to relieve certain legal disabilities (Leg History)
Nott's Ct Cl. Decision 1873
Rules of Construction: "male" - "female"
Lockwood Petitions for Admission Ct Cl and US S. Court
Legislative History of H.R. 1077 "to remove certain legal disabilities of women"
Lockwood Rejected 1876 by USS@5
Admission to US Supreme Court, US Ct Claims (Legislation, Opinions Newspapers)
Newspaper Coverage from Around the US re law
Salaries (legal): Judges (state) 1880's
Lockwood 1894
Fairfax Virginia Bar Admission and Judge MacArthur
Local Bar Admission: DC, States (Charlotte Ray, Lockwood, etc.)
Dickens, American Notes
A National Divorce Law, August 23, 1890
Lockwood: How I Helped to Settle the Shirt Waist Strike, 1909
Lockwood on Labor
1871: DC Equal Pay Tract
Lockwood 1880 Genesee College
Lockwood Autobiography to Susan B. Anthony
Lockwood Writing, The Mormon Question (appears in New York Mail and Express, February 1888)
Lockwood "How I Ran for the Presidency" National Magazine (March 1903)
Lockwood "The Present Phase of the Woman Question" Cosmopolitan Magazine 1888
Lockwood "Would Women Vote?" November. 12, 1888 (Princeton University Library)
Lockwood "How to Keep Young" Advice, n.d.
Housekeeper's Weekly 1889
Lockwood "Women in Politics" 1893, American Journal. of Politcs
"Lockwood" The Law Student's Helper (June 1893)
Lockwood "Women of the American Bar" The New York Illustrated American
Paris 1889 Peace Meeting (Lockwood's talks)
London 1890 Peace Meeting
Lockwood 1904, "Pacigerance" Peace Making by States
3rd American Peace Cong. 1911 (Lockwood: What are the activities of the National Arbitration Society)
4th Int'l Parliamentary Peace Conference, August 1892

Box 10 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
1878 (DC)
Old Home Week 1909 Owego Speech
DC Women Voting, Lockwood Speech July 15, 1871 (Connected to Spencer-Webster)
Lockwood "On Marriage" (New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown)
Lockwood "On Marriage" (New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown), cont. Ormes-Winner Collection
Marriage (as a topic)
Lockwood "On Temperance" (New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown), Ormes-Winner Collection
Miscellaneous including (New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown), Ormes-Winner Collection
Prosperity and Existing Conditions
Lockwood "Women in Professions" etc. (New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown), Ormes-Winner Collection
Lockwood "Women in Professions" etc. (New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown), Ormes-Winner Collection, cont.
Lockwood "The New Woman" 1896 (New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown), Ormes-Winner Collection
On Suffrage

Box 11 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Equal Rights Campaign Talk 1884
(Probably) a page from "Life in Washington"
"Across the Continent" Sketchy, (most probably)
Lecture Fees
Lockwood Lecture Ads/Topics
Lockwood Lecture Topics (dates, news evaluations, ads)
(non Lockwood) Women/Men Lecturers (dates, fees, topics, ads)
The Ballot Box
Baltimore American
Chicago Legal News
"Lockwood is 86 years old" October 24, 1916
Denver News Interviews 1885
Frank Leslie's Article and photo September 20, 1884
Frank Leslie's Cartoon and Item November 1, 1884
Harper's Weekly
Lockport Daily Journal: Indices
Lockport Daily Journal, 1871
Lockport Daily Journal, 1872
Lockport Daily Journal, 1873
Lockport Daily Journal, 1874
Lockport Daily Journal, 1875
Lockport Daily Journal, 1876
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 2), 1877

Box 12 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 2) 1878
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 3) 1879
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 3) 1880
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 3) 1881
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 3) 1882
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 3) 1883
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 3) 1884
Lockport Daily Journal (folder 3) 1885
National Equal Rights Weekly         
National Republican           
New York Times           
New York World, Nellie Bly Interviews Lockwood August 12, 1888
The Queen Bee (Denver)          
Salt Lake Daily Tribune 
St. Louis Post Dispatch
The Washington Evening Star   
Washington Herald       
Washington Law Reporter         
Watertown Daily Times 1914 Lockwood Interview        
The Woman's Journal- note      
Woman's Exponent      

Box 13 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Woman's National Liberal Union (Gage)       
Woman's Herald of Industry (Stow) and Social Sciences Cooperater, renamed National Equal Rights 1885     
Women's Penny Paper 
Woman's Tribune (Clara Colby, etc.)- Research by Lika Miyake 1998      
Woman's Words (Philadelphia)
Newspapers- Miscellaneous The World "Belva Lockwood, 82 Years Young" November. 3, 1912
Newspapers- Miscellaneous The Lily
Newspapers- Miscellaneous New Northwest (Duniway)
Newspapers- Miscellaneous The Revolution
Newspapers- Miscellaneous San Diego Daily Bee
Newspapers- Miscellaneous New York Daily Tribune
Lockwood Secondary Articles Allen Clark, Lockwood 1935
Lockwood Secondary Articles Julia Davis Articles
Lockwood Secondary Articles Frances Kerr, "Lady's Chapeau" interview with Deforest 1952
Lockwood Secondary Articles Brian McGinty, Lockwood
Lockwood Secondary Articles Norgren (in Cushman), Lockwood First Woman..., 2000 (CQ)
Lockwood Secondary Articles Norgren "Before It Was..." 1999, J.S.CT History
Lockwood Secondary Articles John Proctor Articles
Lockwood Secondary Articles Vincent De Santis, Lockwood, December 1987
Lockwood Secondary Articles Stern, Lockwood in We the Women
Lockwood Secondary Articles Madeleine Stern Articles
Lockwood Secondary Articles WillardandLivermore, Lockwood 1893
Lockwood Secondary Articles Swarthmore, Lockwood Files, Chronology of article clippings

Box 14 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Williams, "Ahead of Her Time", Gazette article September11, 2004, Charleston, W.Va
Julia Winner. New York History Article 1958, based on Gardner Manuscripts
Washington Post Magazine "1877", mention of Lockwood, December 8, 2002
Suffrage Would Be a Blessing, Baltimore Paper, Sophia Smith Collection
Niagara City Historical Society
Sophie Smith Collection, Smith College         
Julia Winner Extra Copy
Brown, Belva Lockwood Wins Her Case
Kerr, The Girl Who Ran for President
US Census, Family Tree (Bennett-McNall-Lockwood)     
Lockwood's Chronology (compiled by Mrs. L. Gardner 
Lockwood and Family: Documents (birth, death, pensions, taxes)   Lockwood: Timeline 1868-1877
Lockwood and Family: Documents (birth, death, pensions, taxes)   Lockwood and EL: Religion/Churches
Lockwood and Family: Documents (birth, death, pensions, taxes)   Gardner Family
Lockwood and Family: Documents (birth, death, pensions, taxes)   Jessie Lockwood
Lockwood and Family: Documents (birth, death, pensions, taxes)   Passport Application: Lockwood
Family Tree
McNall Family
Lockwood Siblings
D.C. Records Office
Wagners (Descendent of Greene/Richardson)
Niagara City Trip His. Soc./Local Visuals
Masters Degree 1872 and 1876 Alumni Reunion Speech "Co-education"
1909 Honorary Degree
Columbian Law College (later George Wshington University)
National University Law School

Box 15 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Genesee Wesleyan College
Oxford University. Extension "Course" 1890       
Lockwood/EL: Business Ads- Dental, McNall's Ladies' Seminary, Boat Travel, Boarding
Boyd's Addresses and D.C. Walking Tour  
512 10th St. Residence
Lockwood: Real Estate and Taxes
Loss of 619 F- Public Appeals
Loss of House, Lockwood Property Records (Russell) and Street/Berry Farms/Minor Holidays
Stories about House at 619 F Street
House (619 F): Income, Boarding House, and Store (1902-)
Lockwood Deeds: 619 F St.and 444 Kentucky Ave., DC Recorder Deeds, Lika's Research
House Owned Free 1910
Carnegie Pension for Lockwood: Investment Options
Catherine (housekeeper)
Household help: Namesand histories
1890 Pension Application by Lockwood
Towns Named Lockwood
Death Certificates/Congl Cemetery Records: Lockwood, Lura, Rhoda, EL, Inez; Marriage Notice: Lockwood/EL; Grave Markers/Photos
Lockwood Dying/ Poorly Cared For, Foster to Olympia Brown
Funeral (Lockwood)
Women's National University (1876-1878)
Goat Island: Petition to Excavate
Lending money at Interest
Ancillary Real Estate
Lockwood's Wyoming Property
Lockwood's Marriage Bureau
Equal Rights Newspaper: January 1885 (business venture)
Homeopathic Medicine/ Remedies (Lockwood Improvement Syndicate)
Admission Certificate U.S Supreme Court          

Box 16 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Honorary Degree: Syracuse University 1909
1930 League of Women Voters and Lockwood
Federal District CT Lockwood Plaque
Aeroplane Ride (offer)
Lockwood's Estate
EL: Civil War Service File
EL: Claims Agent/ Notary
EL Research: Ellis Family Tree, (Bob Ellis, Jay, Essex County)
Harrisons (ClaraandWilliam)
Lura McNall Ormes
Lura to Law School
Deforest Jr. (Lillian Carter) (wedding/marriage license)
Announcement October 1886 Lura as partner in Lockwood and Co
Deforest Jr.
Bell Telephone History
Deforest quote on suffrage ladies visiting Lockwood
Lura's Death
Lura McNall India Trip
Lura/ LDJ on Pension (writings about)
LDJ on Mormons, Lura, and general
Lura Writing on Lockwood's Cases
Deforest Ormes (Jr.): Estate

Box 17 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
1866 S. debate on act to regulate franchise in D of C
Voting Petition: 50 DC Women to 40th Congress (either 1868 or 1869)
Lockwood Testimony: Early Freedman and Legislative History Woman Suffrage: DC Petitions, memorials, proposed/statutes
DC Women;s Right to Vote Drive Newspaper Articles 1871
Susan B. Anthony Trial for voting: Justice Hunt
16th A: Miscellaneous
Spencer/Webster D.C. Supreme Court Case File/Docket and Minute Book Entries Ct Decision with Riddle Brief
Spencer/Webster U.S.S.Court Docket and Minute Book Entries
Spencer/Webster: U.S.S.Court Case File
Riddle/Miller in Spencer V.BD.
1871 A.G. Riddle's Suffrage Speech January 11, 1871
Minor (1875)
Suffrage: Anti-Writings
Congressional Suffrage Hearings (late), Lockwood and others
Federal Suffrage Association
Miscellaneous/Universal Franchise Association (DC) (ad in National Republican)
James Taylor Collection, Duke University
Lockwood's work: James Taylor's personal land claim
James Taylor's plot of land
James Taylor: Family tree/census info with family letters
Early James Taylor in DC, Cherokee Claims
Other characters worth noting
Last few National Archives Records, rough drafts

Box 18 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Cherokee Research Notes
Letters to OIA from Lockwood, 1881-1907
Last Will and Testament of James Taylor, 1879-1899
General explanation of E. Cherokee tribal rift and Lockwood's role with the tribe (1875-1884)
Legislative info, late 1870's-1880's
1883-1884, Initial filing of 13606 (Belva's case), jurisdictional dispute and subsequent dismissal
13,828- E. Cherokee v. Cherokee NationandUS, (E. band loses, gets no share of Cherokee Nation's money, Shellabarger and Wilson's case)
Various Taylor-Lockwood Documents, 1877, 1881, 1882, work on behalf of the Cherokee
1880's: Taylor's faction has moved West, and 1885 sees a renewed Lockwood-Taylor contract. Leads to mistaken claim of 1893 "old settlers" fees
Lockwood Statement
Old Settlers v. US (only interesting in relation to related fee fight that Lockwood joins
Fees (Old Settlers), Belva
#16373, RG21, LockwoodandTaylor vs. Marble, Hazelton, NewellandCarlisle, Supreme Ct of DC: Equity
Court Claims #23212, 23214
Letters, set-up for the big suit, regaining E. Cherokee representation

Box 19 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Build up to S. Court Case
US S. Court oral argument schedule, Cherokee Nation 1906
Court Cl. Cong J. #10,386 (findings of fact only)
Claims Applications (Lockwood Attorney.), Guion-Miller, roll claims work
Further fights over interest fees, 1926
Papers from S. Court case 49,662 Rucker v. Lockwood
Rucker v. Lockwood (trial level) case file, RG 21 #49662
Lockwood v. Rucker (1st Appeal) Court Appeals D.C. Circuit, Transcript of Record, RG 276 #2037
Lockwood v. Rucker (1st Appeal) Court Appeals D.C. Circuit, Briefs, RG 276 #2037
Lockwood v. Rucker (1st Appeal) Court Appeals D.C. Circuit, Court Opinion, RG 276 #2038
Lockwood v. Rucker (2nd Appeal) Court Appeals D.C. Circuit, Entire record, briefs, transcript, and opinion, RG 276 #2519
Fees, post 1906 decision (other than Taylor suit)
Lockwood v. Rucker, Cert denied US S. Court 1913
Robinson: Green Bag Article
Lockwood "My Efforts to Become a Lawyer", Lippincott's Magazine Febrary 1888

Box 20 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Case # 12,529, RG 21, 1878, US v. Wallace
Case #12,545, RG 21, US v. Warner
Case #12,748, RG 21, 1878 US v. McCabe, Smith, Payne, and Carter
Case #12,789, RG 21, 1878 US v. Whitten
Case #12,791, RG 21, 1878-9, US v. HarrisandJones
Case #12,845, RG 21, 1879, US v. Louisa Wallace
Case #12,929, RG 21, US v. Galm, Case #13,189, RG 21, US v. Kelly, Case #13,295, RG 21, US v. Walker
Case #13,708, RG 21, 1881, US v. Fisher
Case #13,754, RG 21, 1881, US v. Lucas
Case #13,951, RG 21, US v. Emily Souder, Case #14,466, RG 21, US v. Pommard, Case #15,199, RG 21, US v. Anna Schram, Case #17,906, 1890 US v. Frankland, Case #21,136, RG 21, US v. Beach
Case #22,704, RG 21, 1900, US v. Jackson
Estate of Charles F. Wintonandothers v. Jack Amos, Ct Claims, 1915-1916
Houston (sec of treas) v. Ormes Adm of Estate of Lockwood
McAdoo v. Lockwood (Ormes)
McAdoo v. Burke v. Ormes Adm. Estate of Lockwood, #3078, US Court Appeals
Secor v. Secor, DC Equity, 1874
EL: John Heddenger (Navy)
Joseph Stockwell Case
Daniel Thomas
Benj. Thompson Case
Wm. Ward Case
Frederick Weaka Case
Rosanna Finley Case (against Mexico)
Guano- Harriet Parker (State Dept.andCt ProbateandDaughter Agnes York)
Late in Life Legal Work
Neshitt v. US Sioux Indians 1901
Re: Lockwood 1894, Exclusion Virginia Bar
Graffam v. Burgess
Kaiser/ Stanford Law

Box 21 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Federal District Court, Roynello v. Atocha, Civil
Friend v. US, 1895, to US S Court, dismissed, rule 28
Eliz. Gordon, widow v. US, 1891
#393, US Court Cl DC, Huysman v. US, RG205, entry #66 docket book
Leonard v. US, Abbott v. US, Art v. US, 1883
Court Cl., Webster M. Raines et us v. US, pre March 1876
Von Cort, 1874, #9194, Court Cl, general jurisdiction
Russell v. Kern, 1895, 7th Circuit, 69F.94
MadduxandO'Grady v. Battineau
Georgo E. Lemon, HR Testimony et. al
Pension Ads, NewspaperandCirculars, Lockwoodandothers
Pension: Enabling legislation including agent/atty fee schedules
Pension Claims: General history, legislation
Pension Filings, Patent Filings, 1876-1877
Civil War Pensions, secondary readings
Attorney: George Lemon
Soldier's Home/Court Case
African American Clients
Wm Courtney ("colored") Navy
Moses LucasandMcBride Case ("colored")
Harrison: Clerk/Notary
Pension Case Hartzell 1911
Heck Family
Suspension Charges 1883, Henne and Henke
Newspaper Coverage: Disbarment, etc.
Pote Case
Matilda Rockwell
St John Case
Solicitation: Methods
Russell's notes on law cases (June 2001)
Myra Gaines

Box 22 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Court of Claims: US
Federal Military Pensions in the US (spiral bound book)
History of the Civil War Military Pensions (book, by John William Oliver)
Gross v. Secor (botamic medicine), #19298, RG21, SC of DC
Lucy Horton v. Morgan, #20954, RG21, SC of DC
Senator Ben Hill/Jessie Raymond Scandal, #21,680
Gordon v. ClarkeandLockwood, #22023, RG21, SC of DC
Stockbridge v. Lockwood, #25171, RG21, Belva pleas with a poem
Lena Brown v. Lockwood, 1882, #24083
Fried v. Lockwood, #56266, RG21, SC of DC, Lockwood sued late in life
Folker v. Folker, #3426
French v. French, #3435, S Court DC
Farant v. Farant, #3456, S Court DC, Saxton v. Nelson, #3628, S Court DC, Chase v. Chase, #4606, S Court DC
Secor v. Secor, #3508, S Court DC
Gebhart et al v. Holtzclaw et al, #4591, S Court DC
Kaiser v. Stickney, #4552, S Court DC
Dorman v. Dorman, #4626, S Court DC
Cherokee Eastern Band v. Western Cherokee, #4627, DC Equity Ct
Pike et al v. Hall, #4698, S Court DC
Rider v. Morsell, #4700, S Court DC
George Rider, James Taylor, and A.J. Secor v. James Fox, #4840, S Court DC
Green v. Green, 1876, #5033, S Court DC
DC Bankruptcy Court (Robert Fleming)

Box 23 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Jenkins case/ Farr case
EL for Bates children, #2141
In re Lockwood, for Hicks children
Probate Notice, in the matter of Martha Jane Wright, October 28, 1876
Gillis Groenveldt et al v. James Greenleaf
Brown v. Dyer et al, #5604, S Court DC
Smith v. Dyer, #5874, S Court DC
Weyskey v. Weyskey, #5957
Barnard v. Barnard, #6060, S Court DC, Stuart v. Beverly, #6783, S Court DC
Secor v. Gross et al, #6161, S Court DC
Dyer v. Lockwood, #6217, S Court DC
Kelly, Lunacy/longterm trustee, #7177, S Court DC
Jackson v. O'Dwyer, #7538, S Court DC, #7911, S Court DC, Graether v. Graether, #11308, Schaaf v. Glascom, #15595, S Court DC
Foley v. Foley (divorce), #8335, S Court DC
Newbern v. Maybern, #8563, S Court DC
Calhoun v. Lockwood et al/Ormes, #10677, S Court DC
Mary Gage: Lunacy 4542, Criminal Court
Humphreys Trustee/ John Sevier Case, 1904-5
DC Local precinct, Police Ct
Lottery Cases
US v. Wm H. Hale
Meyenberg v. Brown, #11380
Lockwood v. Callahan, #11854
Coblens and Mourietz v. Rauh, #12771
Rider v. DC Commisioner, #12741
Nichols v. Barber, #13854
Ortwick v. Walters, #14655
Rider v. Sharp, #15153
US v. Nichols, #10,981, US v. Nulty, #11,242, DC v. Chrisman, #11,599
US v. Middleton, #11,627, 1876
US v Gant, #11,792, US v. Adams, #11,840, US v. Bradley, #11,844, US v. Williams (alias Johnson), #11,870, US v. Catharine Ares, #11,922
US v. Williams, #12,161, US v. Brown, #12,205, US v. Mayor, #12,270, US v. Sievers, #12,449, US v. Meadows, #12,336, US v. Brynes, #12,511
Patent Filings
Pension Claims

Box 24 [Acc. 2017 – 022] [off site]
Bar Admissions, Lockwood and others
DC Bd. Comissioners Legal work, permits, authorization for peace...
Supreme Court of the D.C. Law (Civil), RG21
Supreme Court of the D.C. Criminal, RG21
Supreme Court of the D.C. Equity, RG21
RG21 Chancery
Supreme Court of D.C. Appeals, RG21
Supreme Court of D.C. Bankruptcy
Supreme Court of D.C. Proceedings guardian, Off. Register of Wills
U.S Ct Cl, General Jurisdiction, RG205
U.S Ct Cl, Dist of Columbia Jurisdiction, RG205
U.S Ct Cl, Gong'l Jurisdiction, RG205
US Ct Claims
US Supreme Court
Other D.C. Women Lawyers
Research Notes

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