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The photograph collection contains many portraits and snapshots of Devere and Marie Allen taken at various times in their lives. One passport photograph shows Marie with their daughters Shirley and Jean.

Devere Allen's attendance at the Congres International des Resistants à la Guerre, held in August, 1931 in Lyons, France, is documented in an 8" x 10" photograph, which had been framed. It was found in a box of miscellaneous personal effects, with no notes or explanation.

As part of a book proposal called "American Pioneers of Peace," Allen had collected photograph portraits of various peace leaders. Although the book proposal was written around 1933, Allen obviously added to the photograph file at later dates, since some photos are dated as late as the 1940s. These portraits, taken from series B-1, box 5, include: Fenner Brockway, Paul Douglas, Sherwood Eddy, M.K. Gandhi with Romain Rolland and Miss Slade, A.J. Muste, Bertrand Russell, Rosika Schwimmer with Dorothy Gish and others, and Norman Thomas.

In 1934, H. Runham Brown, of the War Resisters' International in England, sent Allen several photos of European war resisters and groups of war resisters from New Zealand, Bulgaria, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, and Finland. Brown also included a photograph of a youth anti-war demonstration in Berlin in 1920, and one in Hyde Park, London [undated] showing Maude Royden on the speaker's platform. In addition, there is a photo of a WRI conference held in Austria, 1928.

Other photographs of interest include:

- Earthquake-stricken areas in India, taken around 1933 or 1934, sent to Allen by Muriel Lester with her handwritten notes on the back

- Socialist Party Convention, Detroit, 1934: large group photo (8" x 47"), DA seated on platform at right, legs crossed. (Location: stored under basement stairs, in poster processing area)

- Socialist Party Convention, 1936: large group photo (10" x 33"), DA not found. (Location: stored under basement stairs, in poster processing area)

- League for Independent Political Action? 1930s? DA at head table, fifth from left. (Location: Oversize photographs)

- The "Peacemobile", the Peace Films Caravan, ca. 1937

- Carrie Chapman Catt's portrait by Bachrach, ca. 1939

- Photographs taken from Allen's European trips, including Belgium and Luxembourg, and snapshots of reconstruction work in Europe after World War II, supplied by the International Voluntary Service for Peace

- The Worldover Press anniversary dinner held in 1954; photo includes Eleanor Roosevelt, who gave the keynote speech

- League for Industrial Democracy's Golden Anniversary luncheon, April 23, 1955. DA not found. (Location: Oversize photographs)

-Portraits and photographs of Devere Allen's ancestor Horatio Allen and the locomotives which he engineered, including the Stourbridge Lion. (Two portraits are located with Oversize photographs)


-"The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave," [issuing organization unknown], 1936 "To the memory of those heroic men, Senators and Representatives, who...cast their votes against the resolution driving us into an iniquitous foreign war."

-"American Relief Ship for Spain." Issued by the Socialist Party USA, [mid 1930s] (Location: poster box P13.)

- Four campaign posters from Devere Allen's campaigns on the Socialist ticket:

1) "The Voice of Capitalism / For Peace Vote Socialist"

2) "Talks By Our Neighbors, No. 1 / Spain and the Civil War, by Devere Allen / Lantern Slides March 19, Town Hall 8:15"

3) "Wilton's Intelligent Labor Threatens Old-Parties Now! / Vote Socialist"

4) "A New Era in Politics / Old Parties, Old Promises, Unemployment, Insecurity, Militarism, Government for the Few / Devere Allen for Senator" (issued by the League for Independent Political Action; poster reproduction of drawing by Victor Beals)

Stamps and Lapel Buttons
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- 4 stamps were removed to the Peace Collection stamp collection

- 24 lapel buttons were removed to the Peace Collection button collection

 Items in Peace Collection Oversize Area
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- School songs (words by DA):

"Cheer for Old Wheeler" (1912)

"Field Song" (for Oberlin)

- Oberlin College diploma (1917)

- Propaganda from Europe:

Histoire de France (1 v., bound, 28 col. illus., [n.d.]). French nationalist propaganda comic-book

Der Stürmer (Nürnberg: Mai 1934). Anti-Jewish propaganda magazine 

- Survey of the Parties (charts from The World Tomorrow: [1920s], October 1924, October 1928, September 28, 1932  

- Party Platforms (chart from The Nation), July 18, 1936

- Rhode Island Historical Society membership certificate, Jan. 6, 1937

- Reproduction of warrant for execution of King Charles I of England, given to DA in 1951: warrant; typed page of explanation

- Allard, Antoine. Sonnez Ici. [1950?]

- American League Against War and Fascism. Calendar for 1937.

- Campion, Leo. Aperçus Réconfortants [1930s?]

- Daenens, Albert. 20 Linos Pamphletaires [1929?]

- "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave," [issuing organization unknown], 1936 ("To the memory of those heroic men, Senators and Representatives, who... cast their votes against the resolution driving us into an iniquitous foreign war.")

- Sanders, Bernard. Drawings of Jane Addams, Roger Baldwin, Sarah Cleghorn, Carrie Chapman Catt, Paul Douglas, W.E.B. DuBois, Sidney Hillman, John Haynes Holmes, A.J. Muste, John Paul Jones, John Nevin Sayre,Margaret Sanger.

- Truths and Facts of the World War (1928)

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