Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399, USA

Accession 07A-016 (Received 2007)
Series B,3
Box 10
Removal Sheets
Board Meeting Minutes, 1966-1976
Board Meeting Minutes, 1977-1979
Board Meeting Minutes, 1980-1983
Board Meeting Minutes, 1984-1986
Board Meeting Minutes, 1987-1989
Board Meeting Minutes, 1990-1995
Board Meeting Minutes, 1996-1997
Tina Bell’s Last Meeting and Guidelines, 1999
Annual and Other Meetings
Membership Meetings, 1992-1993
Planning Meetings, Agendas
Planning Meetings, 1998
Miscellaneous Meetings
Box 11
Internal Elections, 1963-1966
Miscellaneous Staff Notes
Staff and Administrative Files
Planning notes
Newsletter files
Relations with National Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Newspaper clippings
Press releases
sheets [NY Metro, general meetings, 2000]
Membership Committee
Membership Welcome Packet
Mailings to members, 1964-1999
Membership, 1987, 1998-1999
Membership, 2000-2001
Membership, 2002
Membership, n.d.
Box 12
New York Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: 65 th Anniversary Celebration
How to Run a Dinner, 1970, by Vita Barsky
70 th anniversary luncheon
75 th anniversary luncheon
80 th anniversary luncheon
83 rd birthday luncheon
Campaign to End War / Attacks on Indochina, 1966
Free Mme. Ngo Ba Thanh, 1971-1974
Free Mme. Ngo Ba Thanh: correspondence
International Women’s Day, 1977
SALT II: campaign, 1978-1979
SALT II: conferences and meetings
SALT II: correspondence
SALT II: background information
Anti-draft campaign, 1980
Rally at UN, June 12, 1982
Stop the Arms Race campaign, 1982-1983
Seneca Falls Encampment, 1983
Women Vote for Survival, 1984
Who Gets Welfare, 1985-1999
Campaign for Racial Justice, 1988-1999
International Women’s Day, March 1991
Legislative Committee, 1991-1996
Treaty of the Women of the Americas for Peace and Justice, 1992-1994
Box 13
Children’s Book Award: Reception, Fwbruary 8, 1993
March on Washington, 1993
Japan Peace Boat, 1994
US Peace Train, 1995
Cabaret fundraiser, 1997
Felicity Hill talk, 1997
Japanese [illegible words], 1997
TSR Conference, 1997
Stop Cassini, 1997-1998
Nuclear disarmament, 1997-2000
Conflict resolution workshop, 1998
Sunflower play, 1998
Anti-racism, 1998: Truth and Reconciliation
Nuclear reactors, 1998-1999
Program and activities survey, 1999
Women and poverty, 1999
National Missile Defense and Cassini Fly-By, 2000
Women Fighting Poverty, 2000
Eye on Congress, 2001
Racial justice conference, 2001
WILPF UFORJE campaign proposal, 2001
Events, 1992-1995
Events, 1996-1999
Events, 2000
Events, 2001
Events, 1963-1987
International Women’s Day events, 1993-1997
Calendars of events, 1975-1983, n.d.
Holiday bazaars, 1970s-1996
Vietnam events, 1965-1967
Misc. events, 1967-2002
Events and outreach, 1997-1999, n.d.
Box 14
Correspondence: 1966-1968
Correspondence: 1976
Correspondence: 1977
Correspondence: 1978
Correspondence: 1979
Correspondence: 1980
Correspondence: 1981
Correspondence: 1982
Correspondence: 1983
Correspondence: 1984
Correspondence: 1985
Correspondence: 1986
Correspondence: 1987
Correspondence: 1988
Correspondence: 1989: National Congress
Box 15
Correspondence: 1989-1990
Correspondence: 1991
Correspondence: 1992
Correspondence: 1993
Correspondence: 1994-1995
Correspondence: 1996-1997
Correspondence: 1998
Correspondence: 1999-2002
Correspondence: undated
Finances, 1971
Finances, 1998
Expenditures, 1998-2000
Deposits, 1995-1998
Deposits, 1999
Financial statements
Financial records
Miscellaneous donation, 2002
Jane Addams Peace Association, 1990-1991
Jane Addams Peace Association: tax exempt status
Jane Addams Peace Association, 1999
Jane Addams Peace Association, 2000
Box 16
Jane Addams Peace Association, 2001
Jane Addams Peace Association, 2002
Jane Addams Peace Association, 2003
Jane Addams Peace Association: grants
Amalgamated bank
Printing Receipts
Receipts 1997-2001
Branch activities: Expenses [2 folders]
Expenses around 4/28/2000 celebration
Donations and responses
Sample letters – donations
Fundraising resources, guidelines and letters
Funding organizations
A.J. Muste Institute
Bob Boehm funding request for Cassini campaign
Charitable Gift Fund
Children’s Defense Fund
Helena Rubenstein
J. Gore: research
Jones Fund
Lifebridge Foundation Grant
Miami Peace Education Fund
Newman’s Own: Salad King
Paul Newman
North Star Fund, 1980-1981
Box 17
North Star Fund, 1999-2001
Project Plowshares
Public Welfare Foundation
Scherman Foundation
Van Ameringen Foundation proposal
Abortion rights
American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
African women
American Indians
Arab and Palestinian women
Civil Liberties Union
Coalition of Grassroots Women
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
Columbus quincintennial
Conscience and Military Tax Campaign
Discrimination Against Women of Color
Economic Policy and Women
Emma Lazarus Federation of Jewish Women’s Clubs
Globalization and Corporate Power
Greenham Women against Cruise Missiles
Hate organizations
Human rights
Institute for Senior Action
Box 18
Institute for Women and Work
International Association Against Torture
International Women’s Tribune Center
Jewish Women’s Committee to end the Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (JWCEO)
Labor and women
Link between breast cancer and bras
National debate on peace in El Salvador
Nuclear disarmament and the arms race
Nuclear power
Peace songs
Prisons and racism
Prisons and women
Stand for Children
United Nations: Department of Public Information: briefings
United Nations Women’s Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, 1985
Violence, family, battered women
WBAI radio station
Women’s Action Alliance
Women for Racial and Economic Equality (WREE)
Women Organized to Move for Action Now (WOMAN)
Women’s Rights National Historical Park
World Council of Churches

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