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Women's International League

for Peace and Freedom



Document Group: DG 043


Provenance: donated by Dolores Taller, 2005 [acc. 05A-046]


Size: 3.75 linear feet


Restrictions: None


Microfilm: None


Finding Aid: Collection unprocessed; temporary checklist prepared by Anne M. Yoder, Aug. 2005


This checklist is the property of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection.



Scope of the Collection


These papers of Dolores Taller, related to her involvement with WILPF over the past three decades, have not been processed, except for arranging them into four sections: general files regarding the national and international offices of WILPF, regional files, Berkeley-East Bay Branch files, and files by or about the Middle East Committee.  Several photographs were removed to the Photograph Collection.  Newsletters of the Berkeley-East Bay Branch were removed to Series B,10 of DG 043.


Contents of the Collection


Box 1


Meeting minutes




Jane Addams' books

Historical material

Historical material: general


Misc. [4 folders]

Coalition of Economic Justice; Women and the Federal Budget, etc.

U.S. Section 1968-1975

U.S. Section: restructure, 1971-1973

WILPF Biennial, 1979 (Santa Cruz, CA)

National Board meeting minutes & reports, 1980-1982


Box 2


Attacks / red-baiting of WILPF, 1982-1983, 1986-1988

WILPF Legislative Network: communications and/or materials sent, 1981-1983

National Board Meeting / Executive Committee Meeting

National Board Executive Committee, 1983 (Feb.)

Nominating Committee, 1983-1985

Program & Action, 1983-1985

Shahn Exhibit, 1984

National Board Meeting / Executive Committee Meeting, 1985 (June)

Legislative Network, 1984-1985


Box 3


Program & Action, 1985-1987

U.S. Section, 1985-1986 (includes restructure)

Koinonia Order fundraising, 1985-1987

70th Anniversary fundraiser, 1985 (Sept.)

National Meeting, Seattle (WA), 1987 [2 folders]

U.S. Section, 1987-1989

Breaking the Silence, 1987

JAPA event (& fundraiser) to honor Ruth Chalmers, 1994

Reception for Alice, 1997 (Feb.)

WILPF International, 2000


Box 4

Western Region

Northern California Cluster Meeting

Regions: proposals for changes

Building effective regions

Region 1, 1982-1985

Regional evaluations, 1983

Northern California State Branches

Regional Development Committee, 1984

Western Region 1985

Regional Development, 1986

Region 1, 1991-1992


Box 5


Branch evaluation

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, pre-1973

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1973-1976

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1977-1979

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1979-1980

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1980-1981

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1981-1982

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1982-1983

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1983-1984

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1984-1985

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1984-1986

Berkeley-East Bay Branch: local material, 1985

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1985-1986


Box 6


East Bay Task Force on Women and the Budget, 1986-1987 [2 folders]

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1986-1987

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1987-1988

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1990-1991

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 1992

Meeting minutes, 1993, 1997-1998

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 2000

Berkeley-East Bay Branch, 2001

Fundraising 2003


Box 7


Middle East peace: articles

Historical Material


Erna P. Harris

Middle East Committee [3 folders]

Middle East

Middle East Committee

Literature re: Middle East produced by WILPF (new and/or revised)

Two Penny Armory

Peace & Freedom article

Middle East Legislative Network: setting & organizing

Literature re: Middle East produced by WILPF

Literature re: Middle East produced by WILPF: Middle East Study Packet

Documents re: Middle East produced by WILPF International, 1965-1984


Box 8


Middle East Committee, 1978-1979

Biennial workshop re: the Middle East: codewords & anti-semitism materials, 1979

Coalition for A New Foreign and Military Policy: efforts re: the Middle East, 1981 (June)

Middle East Committee, 1982-1983

Middle East  Working Group (D.C. Coalition), 1982-1983

Middle East Intervention Map, 1983

Middle East Committee, 1983-1984

Middle East Committee, letter-writing network, 1984-1985, 1988-1991

Middle East Committee, 1984-1985

Middle East Committee: finances, 1984-1985 (completed 7/18/85)

WILPF efforts re: the Middle East, 1986-1989


Box 9


WILPF efforts re: international issues: U.S. Section discussions, 1986, 1989

Middle East Organizers Consultation, Oct. 30, 1987

Middle East Committee, 1988-1989

References to discussion papers re: the U.S. & Israel, 1989 (Aug.)

Middle East Committee, 1990

IAWS Palestinian Women Project & WILPF, 1990

WILPF International Efforts Re: the Middle East, 1992-1993

Middle East Committee, 1993

Middle East Committee, 1994

Middle East Committee, 1995




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