Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399, USA


Accession 01A-073 (Received July 2001) -- Unprocessed Files


SERIES A,1 THROUGH H,6 [folders sorted into series order; folders of misc/unsorted material]

Box 1
Series A,1: Historical Records
African-American Women in WILPF
"WILPF: Spreading the Word in Philadelphia & Beyond" evaluation project by Haverford College students, 1997
Series A,4, 1960-1999 -- Part I: Committees
Ad Hoc Committee to Explore Renewing WILPF's Washington (DC) Presence, 1997
Series A,4, 1960-1999 -- Part II: Events
Sponsorship / co-sponsorship of events by WILPF
3rd Congress for Women of the Americas "The Role of Women in a World of Crisis," Bogota, July 1970:
"150 Years - 265 Years: A celebration of Women's Activism...," 1998
"WILPF Delegation Study Packet: Women, Leadership & Political Participation" [re: visit to Cuba], ca. 1998
Series A,4, 1915-1999: International WILPF Events & Meetings
International Executive Committee, 1990-1994
Series A,5: Literature
Misc. literature
Series A,6: Legislative Office
Rough drafts of newsletter "Pilot Lights," 1998; etc.
Series H,4: Administrative Records -- Staff Papers and/or Department Files
Misc. memos to staff, 1990
Papers of Jane Midgley
Involvement with International CTB Campaign, 1990
Series H,6: Administrative Records -- Program & Action Files
Signed petitions "The Cold War Is Over...," ca. 1990 [re: CTB Campaign]
Signed petitions "Stop the Arms Race. Start With a Test Ban!," ca. 1990 [re: CTB Campaign]
Signed petitions "End Underground Nuclear Tests," 1990
WILPF project: America North & South: Women on the Realities of War and Drugs, ca. 19983
Work re: issues, 1994, 1996-1999
Misc. unsorted material


Series H,1: Legal Records
Box 2
Wills, -1989
Lease (1738 Pine), 1970-1971
Solicitation cert., 1941

Box 3
Papers of Allen S. Olmsted II, Legal Counsel to WILPF
Correspondence etc. re: employment of Anne Bloch, 1949-1950

Legal work, 1951-1974
HUAC investigation of Donna Allen, 1965
Legal work re: Ruth C. Hess, 1971

Series H,2: Financial Records
Box 4
Bank statements (International Checking #0609941)
Bank statements (International #16-50-099-6-0)

Box 5
Sales tax
WILPF vs. Godick
Utah Savings & Loan Assoc.
Tax escrow account - Fidelity Bank
Solicitation - Perout papers
Reserve funds
Roudebush estate

Box 6

Box 7
Research on tax status
Tax exempt status
Mailings of JAPA subcommittee
Budget Overview Committee
Real estate tax
Exemption information
Investment Committee
Peace & Freedom
Memos & letters
Finance Committee
International WILPF & US WILPF pledges owed to each other
JAPA Education Fund
Meeting minutes
Telephone - 1 letter to government
Reorganization of Finance Department

Box 8
New York solicitation - Perout, 1957-1958, 1960-1967
Budgets & meeting minutes, 1964-1979
Pennsylvania solicitation - Perout, 1966-1969
New York solicitation - Perout, 1968-1970
Pennsylvania solicitation - Perout, 1970-1974
New York solicitation report, 1972-1974
Pennsylvania solicitation - Perout, 1972-1974
Pennsylvania solicitation - Perout re: charitable organizations, 1972-1973
Charitable commissions, 1974-1982
Pennsylvania solicitation of funds, 1975
Budgets, 1979

Box 9
Peace & Freedom: publication costs
Computer program problems
Life memberships & interest free loans
Mike Fidlow & Accudata
Tax review board
Stock/bond sales
Forms, procedures, receipts
Safe deposit box
Tax ID numbers
Money / management
Checking account (U.S. Section)
Charities registration: correspondence
Bank: transfers to WILPF International office
Requests for extensions

Box 10
Inventory F/A, Audit 1981
Program allocations, Audit 1981
Investment information, 1981-1982
Finance budgets & meeting minutes, 1980-1982
National Finance Committee, 1982
Misc., 1982
Fidelity, 1982
Charitable Commission instructions, 1982-1983
Finance procedures, 1982
New finance department, 1982
Bequests, 1982
Investment Committee, 1982-1983
Income statements, 1983-1986
Year end, 1985-1995
Statements, 1996
Budget, 1997
Finance statements, 1997
Budget, 1998

Box 11
Income statements, 1988-1991
Region 4
Fundraising: reply-o-letter, 1969-
Sixtieth anniversary
Rose Paull
Allen Olmsted

Box 12
Board fundraising, 1988-1989
Peace & Freedom financial page
Olmstead dinner, 1977
70th anniversary dinner, April 26, 1985
Northwest Conf., Region IV, June 4-6, 1976
Nation exchange
MIMED memos & reports
Midwest mailing
Marion: farewell party & purse
Albert Liveright memorial
Reba Lincoln
Lincoln Memorial Fund
Letter to contributors whose contributions were changed to dues, May 1982
JAPA/WILPF, 1986-1987
Pledge reminders
Phon-A-Thon, Jan. 1982
Treasurers (mailings, manuals, etc.)
Frank Wilkinson appeal
Safety deposit box

Box 13
Life members (of WILPF), 1978-1984
Life members (of JAPA), 1984-1985

Ledger pages "Cash Receipts 1993" wrapped in paper and stored separately on shelf

Series H,3: Personnel Records
Box 14
Welcome packet for new staffperson
Staff meeting minutes, 1995-1996, 1998
Self-evaluation of Marilyn Clement (Executive Director), 1999

Box 15
Misc. files, 1959-
Job descriptions & information
Personnel Committee
Staff orientation packet
Tax returns & reports
Pension plan
Personnel practices
Pension plan, 1959

Series H,4: Staff Papers and/or Departmental Files
Box 16
Papers of Jerilyn Bowen
Work re: CTB
Work re: WILPF program on "500 Years Is Enough" [re: Columbus Centennial], 1991-1992
WILPF International
American Peace Test
Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian affairs, 1992-1993
75th Anniversary media work
NPR project: media work, 1990-1991

Box 17
Membership Department
New member lists, 1972, 1982

Box 18
Correspondence with and events, etc. of Branches, 1980s-1990s [Membership Department?]
Alabama: Tuskegee
Arkansas: Northwest
District of Columbia (Washington)
District of Columbia (Washington): Women of Action
Florida: Central
Florida: Greater Miami
Florida: Margaret Mead (Boca Raton)
Florida: Melbourne
Florida: Sarasota
Florida: Palm Beach
Florida: Deerfield
Florida: Tallahassee
Florida: Tampa
Florida: Treasure Coast / Port S. Lucie
Georgia: Athens
Georgia: Atlanta
Georgia: North Isengin

Box 19
Correspondence with and events, etc. of Branches, 1980s-1990s [Membership Department?]
Maryland: Baltimore
Maryland: Catonsville
Maryland: Columbia
Maryland: Goucher
Minnesota: MN State / MN Metro
Minnesota: St. Cloud
Missouri: Columbia
Missouri: Kansas City
Missouri: St. Louis
Nebraska: Lincoln
New York: NYC Metropolitan
Ohio (Cleveland): Women Speak Out
North Dakota
New Mexico
Ohio: Cincinnati
Ohio: Columbus
Ohio: Oxford
Ohio: Wilmington
Ohio: Yellow Springs
South Dakota
Texas: Austin
Texas: Dallas / Fort Worth
Texas: North TX
Wisconsin: Madison
Wisconsin: Menominee Valley
Wisconsin: Milwaukee
Wisconsin: Sheboygan

Box 20
Files of Misc. Staffpersons or Departments [in no order]
Group prospect packets
Membership Committee
Meetings with Ursula
P.C. office work
Executive Committee meeting
Misc. Board member information
Board members' fundraising reports, 1986-1987
Restructuring Committee
DC publicity; information re: appointments
Tour: other schedules, news releases, descriptions
Tour: packet originals, letterhead
Tour: originals, stationary
Schedules, publicity, WILPF sheet
AM non World Bank appointments, notes & correspondence
Women of the Year
Women of Vision: A WILPF Think Tank
Corporations, Trade & Democracy
Post Office summit action, Nov. 1985
Response to [bombing in?] Libya
Current work / sponsors
Misc. speeches etc. of Josie Wallenius, ca. 1986

Box 21
Files of Staffpersons
Balka, Christie (Program Director)

Work re: CTB, 1984-1985
Work re: Hiroshima Day (Aug. 1985)
Cooper, Donna
Board of Directors
Development Committee
Program Committee
Most Dangerous Women program/campaign
Biennial, 1987
Finance Committee
Rubin, Phyllis (Development Director)
Fundraising by Branches, 1983-1991
Fundraising for CTB, 1985
Nuclear Abolition Sisters

Box 22
Papers of Marilyn Clement (Executive Director)
Incoming correspondence
Correspondence with Babsi Lochbiler
Outgoing correspondence
Writings; letters to the Editor
Correspondence etc. re: peace train proposal
Memos to staff
Speaking engagements
Truth and Reconciliation Symposium, Nov. 1997
Preparations for 1998 International Congtrses [includes correspondence]
Follow-up to 1998 International Congress
Faxes & campaign suggestions
Relationship of WILPF with JAPA, 1995-1998

Box 23

Papers of Libby Frank
Correspondence with/about WILPF International, 1984
Correspondence re: WILPF International
International development
International Congress, 1986
Correspondence to/from Edith Ballantyne, 1982-1985
Edith Ballantyne: visit summaries, 1985
Correspondence with foreign groups/persons, 1981-1986
WILPF's involvement(?) with Pro-Peace, 1985-1986
Memos of Anne Nelson

Series H,5: Administrative Records -- Policy Statements / Outreach
Box 24
Sign-On letters, 1996-1997
Letters to/from U.S. President, 1996
Letters to government officials (U.S. & foreign)
Press releases
Letters to Branches


Box 25
JAPA contributors: monthly lists, 1984-1986

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