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Accession 01A-59 (Received July 2001) -- Unprocessed Files

Series B, 8: Regional Branches

Box 1: Region 3 [Files of Marii Hasagawa]
Untitled folder
WILPF- SR financers, 1988-1992
Regional biennials
A Citizen Summit
Cluster meeting, Oct. 1995
Regional III Congress 1992
Burlington County WILPF: 50th Anniversary, Rich Cent.
Series H, 2: Administrative Records&emdash;Financial
Box 2: Files of Irene Cohan, Finance Office, 1970s-1980s
Contributions from Branches; contributions for 60th Anniversary, 1975
Inventory, Nov. 1981
International Congress (Tokyo, Japan), 1977
International appeal ,June 1981
Instructions to treasurers
Individual contributions 1975-1981
Fundraising budget, 1982-1983
Fundraising, 1982
Finance Committee
50th anniversary campaign: organization
Fidelity Bank
Box 3: Files of Irene Cohan, Finance Office, 1970s-1980s
Exchange mailing
Every member appeal, 1971-1973, 1975-1979
Every member appeal for 65th annivesary, April 1, 1980
Every member appeal, June 1980
Every member appeal #3, Dec. 1980
Every member appeal #1, March 1981
Every member appeal #2, July 1981
Every member appeal #, Jan. 1982
Every member appeal #2, March 1982
Every member appeal #3, June 1982
Every member appeal #4, Aug. 1982
Every member appeal #1, Dec. 1982
Dues &endash; direct (computer)
Dues mailing, Sept. 1976
Dues mailing, Sept. 1977, Feb. 1978
Dues mailing, Sept. 1978, Jan. 1979
Dues mailing, Sept. 1979
Dues, 1980-1982
Davidon (Ann): fundraising
Copier gifts
Contributors &endash; 100 & more
Cancellation letters & forms
Dinners &endash; 1979
Camp (Kay): international appeal, 1979
Camp (Kay): dinner, 1979
Branch contributions, 1982-1983
Branch appeals, 1976-1979
Board travel; alumnae lists/labels
Ballots, 1979 / 1983 board elections, 1981
Anna Blitzstein Memorial Fund; Live Right Hamilton Blair
Beck, Fanny
Art for Peace
appeal letters
Annual budget
Pioneers for Peace, March 1983 (every member appeal #2)
Jane Addams Peace Association
Box 4: Finance Office (?): Budget Worksheets, Etc. 1979-1991
FY 91 budget
FY 90 budget
FY 89 budget
FY 88 budget
FY 87 budget
FY 86 budget
FY 85 budget
Divisions of WILPF work, FY 84
Budgeting finances
FY 83 budget: worksheets
FY 84 budget
FY 83 budget: worksheets
FY 83 budget : reports; income statements
FY 92 budget [1982?]
FY 81-82 budget
FY 80-81 budget
WILPF National & International: 1979-1980 year-end working papers
Box 5: Finance Office &emdash; Correspondence re: Donations/ Dues (By State): Arizona- New York, early 1980's
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Box 6: Finance Office &emdash; Correspondence re: Donations/ Dues (By State): North Carolina &endash; Wyoming, early 1980s; Auditors Reports, 1988-1997
North Carolina
Rhode Island
Out of Country
Income Tax Returns of WILPF For The Year Ending Dec. 31, 1997
WILPF U.S. Section Financial Statements Dec. 31, 1997 & 1996
Income Tax Returns of WILPF For The Year Ending Dec. 31, 1996
WILPF U.S. Section Financial Statements Dec. 31, 1996 & 1995
WILPF U.S. Section Financial Statements March 31, 1995
WILPF U.S. Section Financial Statements Dec. 31, 1994 & 1993
WILPF September 30, 1990
Income Tax Returns of WILPF For The Year Ending Dec. 31, 1989
WILPF U.S. Section Financial Statements Three Month Short Year Ending Dec. 31, 1989
WILPF September 30, 1989
WILPF U.S. Section Financial Statements September 30, 1988
50th Anniversary Fund
Box 7: Finance Office&emdash;Files of Mercedia Green, (Finance Director), 1980s-1990s
Program work
FY 87 statements
FY 94 statements
FY 93 statements
FY 92 statements
Cathy Foster
FY 94 statements
FY 93 statements
Executive Director reports: JAPA
PHC/ Special P&F: Most Dangerous Women
Finance reports; budget overview; meeting minutes
Comparative budget vs. Actual
FY 95 budget
FY 96 budget
Finance meetings &endash; Mo.

Series H, 4: Administrative Records&emdash;Staff Papers and/or Dept. Files
Box 8: Papers of Jerilyn Bowen (Program & Action Director), 1980s-1990s
Latin America: general
Global Fund for Woman
Environment Committee
Eastern Europe
Disarm 2000 / SSD III
Conservation: economic
Chemical weapons
Central America organizing weapons
Big Mountain
Peace Education
Native American issues
Undoing Racism: organized training workshop outline
Biography / history of WILPF
Handouts from Intervention Packet, 1989
1988-1989 program proposal
Program planning, 1988-1989
Annual reports
Gertrud Baer Seminar
1989 Branch Action: Undoing Racism / Tax Day / Disarmament report
Program packets, 1986-1987
Miami Fund
1987 biennial
Box 9: Papers of Jerilyn Bowen (Program & Action Director), 1980s-1990s
Labor issues
Workshop materials
Region 5
Region 1
Women's violence
UNCED / World Women's Congress
Sun Day, 1992
Star wars
Sri Lanka
Southern Africa
Reproductive Rights: background material & women's issues in general
Radioactive material in space
Racism / ethnic conflict
Correspondence: friends, 1986
Middle East WILPF
WILPF mailings re: the Middle East
WILPF position re: the Middle East
Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal
Chile's boycott
Issues Committee
Program & Action / history P&A
Box 10: Papers of Jerilyn Bowen (Program & Action Director), 1980s-1990s
Program questionnaire, 1987
Bork nomination to Supreme Court
Budget priorities [old files]
Joan Drake's racial justice packet
Mississippi Peace Cruise, August 1986: International
People's Peace Treaty
1987 Speaking Tour : "What is Security?" -- general; national organizing; evaluations
Endorsements made, 1989-1990
WILPF resolutions
Middle East: Israel
Middle East: local actions
Military resistance: Gulf War
Untitled folder
March 8th treaty signing
Maren Gont treaty outreach
Box 11: Papers of Jerilyn Bowen (Program & Action Director), 1980s-1990s
Sister branch calls
Program-related membership correspondence
Membership prospects
Membership information & mailing
Membership campaign
Niangua tour / delegation re: 1990 elections
Women's empowerment workshops
Undoing racism
The People's Institute for Survival & Beyond
Tax day action mailing, March- April 1991
Branch tax day actions, 1990
Women's Budget: citizens hearing fundraiser
Women's Budget: citizens hearings
Grassroots Women's Budget : citizens hearings
Racial justice: fundraising
History of racism
Branch Sui Generis projects
Roots of Violence, Seeds of Change
Racial justice: local branch programs & initiatives
Budget priorities: local action
Branch action re: CTB
Branch program: general
International Women's Day
Issue Committee funding
Box 12: Papers of Michelle Rief (Media Director)
International Congress
Cuba conference
Philadelphia contracts
WILPF Biographies
Job-related information
NATO material
Jay Gould
Box 13: Papers of Z [Debra Zubow] -- Miscellaneous; Middle East; Truth & Reconciliation Campaign
Misc. correspondence
United Nations material
Membership of WILPF in UNA-USA
Beijing women's conference & after
Truth & Reconciliation Campaign: NYU event
Truth & Reconciliation Campaign: biographies of panelists
Truth & Reconciliation Campaign: follow-ups
Truth & Reconciliation Campaign: contact lists
Truth & Reconciliation Campaign: leads & contacts
South Africa election watch
Iraq, Jan. 1998
Iraq material
Middle East delegation
Middle East: current
Middle East Committee
Middle East Peace Delegation, Oct. 1991
Actions re: Gulf
Branch actions re: Middle East
Untitled folder
Box 14: Papers of Z [Debra Zubow] -- Women's Peace & Justice Treaty of the Americas
Originals on first treaty packet
LA & US Section reports
Treaty: Local member contacts
Treaty: to do
Treaty: LIMPAL sections
Treaty: Canada (WILPF)
Treaty: non-LIMPAL Latin contacts
Treaty: background materials
Series H, 6: Administrative Records &endash; Program & Action
Box 15: General: Program Planning, Program Proposals, 1999
WILPF campaign proposals , 1999 # 1-28
WILPF campaign proposals , 1999 # 29-51
Box 16: Women's Budget Campaign
Other Countries
Mid-City material
Resource revisions
Women's Budget
October training
Network mailings
Minutes from Oct. conference, etc.
Meeting of WILPF & Women's Budget Project
Conferences, 1997-1998
Oct. Meeting: misc.
Coordinating Committee
Questionnaire responses
Summer 1997
Conference Calls
Part IV: Jane Addams Peace Association
Box 17
Bills to JAPA for services
File of Marri Hasegawa
Series Assorted
Box 18: Miscellaneous
Peace Train: press packet
Peace Train
Peace Train: press (H-B)
Women United For Peace & Justice
WILPF promotional packet
Program proposals, 1986
Branch "Unlearning Racism" workshops, 1988
Fieldwork fund
Legislative Office
AFSCME / Unions /Assoc.
Southeast Asia / chemical weapons
Rosin McAliskey
Staff meetings
Branch / Board mailings
Board meeting, Oct. 1991
Board meeting, Sept 1988
Board Mailings, minutes, etc.
Board meeting, March 1990
Board meeting, March 1991
Oversize Items
4 boxes of Ledger Pages: Cash Receipts/ Disbursements, 1975-1986

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