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Acc. 2016-043
Miscellaneous files of Marjorie Van Cleef (received May 2016)

Box 1 (Acc. 2016-043)
--Board recall issue: Petition for Recall of WILPF Board, 2013 (August 13), and correspondence, 2013 - 2014 [Acc. 2016-039]
--29th Congress in Bolivia, 2007 (July 21 - July 27)
--Arrests outside office of U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R, Pa) [Marjorie Van Cleef's subpoena included]
--Building Peace On Justice in the Middle East (issue committee)
--"Challenge Corporate Power, Assert The People's Rights" (campaign guide)
--Corporations v. Democracy (issue committee)
--Cuba Campaign
--DISARM! and Reaching Critical Will (issue committees)
--Congress events: gatherings, schedules, calendars
--Informational and promotional materials
--Internal affairs: budget sheets, meeting minutes

Box 2 (Acc. 2016-043)
--Internal affairs: constitution, mission statements, grant proposals (national and international)
--Marjorie Van Cleef postcards, 1992, 2003
--Marjorie Van Cleef's local work against Iraq War
--Member contact information (national branches)
--Open letter to Senator Barack Obama, 2008 (August 8)
--Petition to recall WILPF Board, 2013 (Fall)
--Philadelphia Branch
--Rapid Response Committee
--Reports (national branches)
--Resistance materials
--Save the Water Campaign
--U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security (UN SCR 1325)
50 Years Is Enough and peace efforts in Asia
--Anti-military/non-violence materials
--Bosnian War, materials against

Box 3 (Acc. 2016-043)
--Delaware County Pledge of Resistance, 2006-2008
--East Timor, materials against war in
--Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
--Homeland Security materials
--Iraq War and Gulf War, materials against, folder 1
--Iraq War and Gulf War, materials against, folder 2
--Iraq War and Gulf War, materials against, folder 3
--Kosovo War, materials against
--Nuclear warfare, materials against, folder 1
--Nuclear warfare, materials against, folder 2
--Nuclear warfare, materials against, folder 3
--Pledge of Resistance
--Somali Civil War, materials against
--War in Darfur, materials against
--Women's conference in Beijing, 1995
--Gulf War, 1990 (July) - 1991 (September)
--Gulf War and Iraq War, 1992 (January) - 2004 (May)
--Nuclear arms, 1979-1999
--Protests, 1988 (February) - 2000 (July)

Box 5 (Acc. 2016-043)
--Protests, 2000 (August) - 2005 (July)
--Resistance efforts across peace groups, 1966-1991
--South Africa, 1993 (August) - 1994 (September)
--Bush, G. W., Administration
--Graphics and political cartoons
--Israel/Palestine Conflict materials
--New World Order
--Reagan Administration
--Repression, groups against and articles about
--War in Afghanistan, 2001, 2011
--(all remaining)

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