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Scope, Contents & Arrangement

Note to researchers: Be sure to search the entire WILPF checklist for more information on your person/topic of interest, which might be contained in other parts/series, or in other SCPC archival collections.

Box 1 [not on mf] on-site
Program planning: 1964-1969
Program planning: 1970-1979
Program planning: 1980-1985
Responses to questionnaire (re: proposed "Demand the Dream" campaign), 1982-1983
Program planning: 1986-1989
Suggestions from branches & committees re: WILPF priorities, 1986
Program planning: 1990-1999
Program planning: n.d.
Evaluations by staff of WILPF work plan, n.d.
Endorsements / co-sponsorships by WILPF
WILPF listed as a Participating Organization
Signed petition re: biological/chemical weapons, ca. 1968-1969
Signed petition "A Message to the Women of the World," 1974
Signed petition "New Stockholm Peace Appeal," 1975
Signed petition "World Disarmament Conference: Set the Date!," 1976
Signed petition "An Appeal to the Women of the World," 1977 [petitions were signed at [for?] IWY
conference in Houston (TX), Nov. 18-20, 1977]
Signed petition "We Must Halt the Arms Race," ca. 1979
Signed petition "A Call for a Nuclear Moratorium," ca. 1979

Box 2 [not on mf] on-site
Signed petition "Call to Halt the Arms Race," ca. 1981
Signed petition "Repealing the Draft," 1981
Signed petition "SALT II," ca. 1980s
Signed petition "Banning Nerve Gas," ca. 1980s
Signed petition "Geneva Gas Protocol," n.d.
Signed petition "World Disarmament Conference," n.d.
WILPF Program
Young Mother's Group, ca. 1960s
Children's Theatre, 1960-1967
Appeal to American Women re: Vietnam, ca. 1965-1966
Signed appeal re: Vietnam ("Reply to 600 Distinguished Women from 37 Countries"), 1966 [see also Series
A,3 (Box 9) for published appeal with signatures, 1965]
Jeannette Rankin Brigade, 1967 [file of Harriet Barron]
Jeannette Rankin Brigade, 1968
Jeannette Rankin Brigade, 1967-1968 [file of Kay Camp]
Jeannette Rankin Brigade -- newsclippings, 1967-1968
Jeannette Rankin Brigade -- branch participation
Jeannette Rankin Brigade -- court watching project, 1969-1970
Jeannette Rankin Brigade -- lawsuit, 1970-1972
Shopper's Stoppage, 1970

Box 3 [not on mf] on-site
WILPF Program
Shopper's Stoppage -- correspondence, 1970 (July-Oct.)
Shopper's Stoppage -- publicity
Shopper's Stoppage -- branch efforts
Shopper's Stoppage -- supporters / contributors [file of Kay Camp]
Shopper's Stoppage -- requests for information
People's Peace Treaty -- work, 1971 [file of Eleanor Fowler?]
People's Peace Treaty -- list of signers
People's Peace Treaty -- signers / supporters
Ring Around the Congress, 1972 (June)
Feed the Cities, Not the Pentagon, 1976-1978
Feed the Cities, Not the Pentagon -- planning for Feed the Cities leadership training conference, 1978
International Year of the Child, 1978-1979
Box 4 [not on mf] on-site
WILPF Program
S.T.A.R. --
International development program, 1980-1981
General, 1981-1983
Meeting minutes, 1982-1983
Form letters
Correspondence, 1981-1983
Fnancial records (orders for buttons, etc.)
Branch actions
Branch contacts, notes & evaluations, 1981
Media coverage & publicity
Speakers Bureau, 1981-1984
Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace & Justice, Seneca (NY), 1982-1984
Form letters
Correspondence (incoming)

Box 5 [not on mf] on-site
WILPF Program
Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace & Justice, Seneca (NY), 1982-1984 (cont.)
Correspondence (outgoing)
Media coverage & publicity
Contact list [see also: Box 12 for information concerning work re: other women's peace camps]
Listen to Women for a Change, 1983-1987
Listen to Women for a Change -- Women's Poll Project, 1984
Listen to Women for a Change -- Women's Poll Project, responses by branches, 1984
Box 6 [not on mf] on-site
WILPF Program
Biographical information on speakers
Grant from Common Capital Support Fund
Key contacts
Media coverage
Media packet
Notes & lists
Planning meetings; notes
Promotional material
Resource packet
Follow-up tour re: MADRE, 1984 (Oct.)

Box 7 [not on mf] on-site
WILPF Program
Southern Africa program, 1985
Women's Budget, 1985-1988
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Days, 1986
Listen to Women for a Change -- "What Is Security?..." speaking tour, 1987 [see also: Series A,4, Part 2
(Events), box 10]
ABC Campaign, 1988
Women vs. Violence, ca. 1989-1991 [includes Clothesline Project]
Racial Justice Campaign, 1991
Women's Budget Citizen Hearings, 1991
Women's Peace & Justice Treaty of the Americas, ca. 1991-1993
Cuba Campaign, 1992
Great Day Peace Train, 1995-1996 [see also: Series A,4, Part 2 (Events), box 12]
Women Insist on Nuclear Disarmament (WIND) Campaign / Nuclear Abolition Sisters, 1997-
Women's Budget Project, 1997
Peace in the Middle East, n.d.
Work on Issues
Undated material
Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) System, 1967
Work on issue: anti-semitism
Biological & chemical warfare, 1968-1969
Campus gag rule, 1995
Capital punishment, 1976-1977
Central America
Civil disobedience
CTB (Comprehensive Test Ban)

Box 8 [not on mf] on-site
Work on Issues
Disarmament [includes correspondence]
Disarmament -- local anti-war resolutions, 1972
Disney Corporation, 1996
Draft, the
Draft registration, 1970s
Economy, 1970s
Economy and/or economic conversion, 1970- [includes correspondence]
Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), ca. 1970
Euromissiles, 1982-1983
Euromissiles -- participation in October Actions, 1983
Food stamp program reform -- joint message, 1977
Freedom of information, 1981-1983
Grenada invasion, 1981 [includes correspondence]
Gulf war, 1990-1991
Hague International Peace Conference (to be held 1999), support for, 1996
Haiti, 1974
House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)
Human rights, 1960s
Impeachment of President Richard Nixon, 1973-1974 [includes correspondence]
Indochina -- post-war campaigns, 1975-1976
Indonesia -- political prisoners, 1974-1976 [includes correspondence]
International Shadow Project -- participation in / co-sponsorship of, 1985 [includes correspondence]

Box 9 [not on mf] on-site
Work on Issues
International Women's Day, 1973
International Women's Day, 1974
International Women's Year, 1975
support for International Women's Year Conference, 1975
Meeting minutes of planning/preparatory committee, 1974-1975
Participation in activities etc., 1974-1976
Correspondence, 1974-1976
Correspondence re: denial of VISAs to foreign women
International Women's Day, 1976
Korea -- response to downing of Korean airplane, 1983
Kosovo, 1999

Box 10 [not on mf] on-site
Work on Issues
Law of the Sea [includes correspondence]
Reference material re: Law of the Sea
Lesbian/gay rights, 1984-1985
Mayors' Conference, 1976
Middle East, 1967-
NATO, 199_
Nonviolence / peace, ca. 1965-
Nuclear power/weapons/radiation/testing/freeze, 1962-1999
Peace camps, ca. 1983-1987 [includes "The WEB: News of International Peace Camps"]
Peace camps -- support for COMISO, 1984
Poverty; Poor People's Campaign, 1968-1969
Racism (undoing racism) / civil rights
SALT II, 1979-1980s
Sexism (undoing sexism) / women's empowerment workshops
Social security
South Africa, 1977
Soviet / U.S. peace initiatives, ca. 1970s [includes correspondence]
STAR wars / SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative), 1980s

Box 11 [not on mf] on-site
Work on Issues
Susan B. Anthony University, 1976-1977
United Nations Day, 1969-1971
United Nations, 1990s
United Nations -- Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status With Economic & Social Council of the
U.N., 1979
United Nations -- Special sessions on disarmament, 1978-1982
Vietnam, 1963-1969
Vietnam, 1970-1979, n.d.
Vietnam -- joint declarations by WILPF & Vietnamese women's groups, 1971
Vietnam -- endorsement of Women Uniting to End the War, 1971 [includes correspondence]
Vietnam -- participation in F.O.R. Daily Death Toll project, 1971 [includes correspondence]
Vietnam -- I.T.T. boycott, 1971-1972 [includes correspondence]
Vietnam -- Vietnam Women's Project, 1975-1976 [includes correspondence]
Vietnam -- freeing of Vietnamese political prisoners, 1973 [includes correspondence]
War taxes
War taxes -- Martha Tranquilli, 1973 [includes correspondence]
War taxes -- Tax Day actions, 1989 (1988?) - 1993
War taxes -- branch Tax Day actions, April 15, 1988

Box 12 [not on mf] on-site
Work on Issues
Weapons sales
Women, 1970- [includes correspondence]
Women in the military, 1977-1981 [includes correspondence]
Women -- participation in Women Act for Disarmament project, 1973-1974
Women's peace encampments [see also: Box 5 for information re: Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace &
Justice, Seneca (NY), 1982-1984]
Women's peace encampments -- Savannah River Peace Encampment, 1983
Women's peace encampments -- Women's Peace Presence (Peace Camp) to Stop Project ELF, 1983
World game -- promotion of by WILPF, ca. 1987-1988
Involvement With Other Organizations and/or with Coalitions
Ad Hoc Committee for the Irish Peace People, 1976
Ad Hoc Committee on the Human Rights & Genocide Treaties, 1970
Black Americans Network for Disarmament, Peace & Justice, 1983
Campaign for Political Rights [Coalition]
Campaign to End All Nuclear Explosions Coalition, 1984
Campaign to End Government Spying, 1976 [WILPF was a member]
Campaign to End Government Spying, 1977-1978 [WILPF was a member]
Citizens' Budget Campaign
Clergy & Laymen Concerned, 1971-1972
Coalition on National Priorities & Military Policy
Coalition for Human Needs & Budget Priorities
Coalition for a New Foreign & Military Policy, 1978-
Committee for the Future, 1973
Committee for United States - Soviet [US/USSR] Citizens' Dialogue, 1980
Committee of a Hundred [Women], 1980
Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East, 1971?

Box 13 [not on mf] on-site
Involvement With Other Organizations and/or with Coalitions
Common Agenda Coalition, 1991
Conference Group of U.S. National Organizations on the United Nations
Consultative Peace Council, 1966
Council of National Organizations for Children & Youth, 1973
Cruise & Pershing [Missile] Working Group, 1982-1984
CTB (Comprehensive Test Ban) [Coalition?], 1984?-1985?
Disarmament 2000 Campaign, 1989?
Disarmament Working Group
Euromissiles Working Group, 1982-1984
Greater Philadelphia Council, 1962-1981 [includes correspondence; includes Bicentennial Women's
Center, Philadelphia]
International Confederation for Disarmament & Peace (ICDP)
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1986
MADRE, 1983-1985 [file of Marilyn Clement]
Mobilization for Survival, 1977-1978
National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, 1973-1974 [includes correspondence]
National Anti-Klan Network, 1979
National Coordinating Center in Solidarity with Chile, 1977-1978
National Council of Organizations for Children & Youth, 1973 [includes correspondence]
National Council to Repeal the Draft, 1968-1969
National Peace Day Action Coalition, 1970
Nerve Gas Task Force, 1979-1980s?
New Mobilization Committee, 1969
November 12 Coalition
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, 1984-1985 [includes correspondence]
Partners for Peace [re: the Middle East]
Pennsylvania Equal Rights Council, 1950s-1960s
Peoples Coalition for Peace & Justice, Continuations Committee, 1971

Box 14 [not on mf] on-site
Involvement With Other Organizations and/or with Coalitions
Preparatory Committee for People's Peace Treaty, 1986
Philadelphia Anti-Nuclear Coalition, 1980
Philadelphia Area Coalition to Stop the War in Iraq, 199_
Philadelphia Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament, 1998
Progressive Alliance (?), 1978
Radiation & Public Health Project, 1998 [includes correspondence]
Save Our Communities Task Force
Special Session on Disarmament Working Group, ca. 1981
UNICEF, Philadelphia Area Committee for, 1977-1980 [includes correspondence]
UNA/USA, 1965-1981 [WILPF was a member; includes correspondence]
United Campaign to End U.S. Involvement in Southeast Asia, 1973-1975 [includes correspondence]
U.S. Committee for U.N. Day, 1953
U.S. Cuba Medical Project Inc.
Vietnamese Political Prisoners Coalition, United Campaign, 1973-1974
Women Act for Disarmament, 1974
Women for a Meaningful Summit / Women for Meaningful Summits, 1985 - 1987 (Oct.)
Women for a Meaningful Summit / Women for Meaningful Summits, 1987 (Nov.) - 1991 (April)
Women for a Meaningful Summit / Women for Meaningful Summits -- participation in planning Euro-
tours for European leaders interested in the INF treaty etc., 1987-1988
Women Together, 1977
Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND), ca. 1984
Women's Coalition for Nairobi, 1985
Women's Coalition for the Third Century, 1973
Women's Vote Project, 1983 [includes correspondence]
World Peace Council, 1975, 1978 [includes correspondence]
WREE [Women for Racial & Economic Equality), 1977-1981 [includes correspondence]

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