Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399, USA


All WILPF photographs have been removed to the SCPC Photograph Collection. Some of these photographs may be viewed in a Web exhibit about WILPF (click here)


The WILPF photographs in the SCPC Photograph Collection are arranged into several categories:
1) Individual portraits
2) Dated photos of groups and/or activities, 1899-
3) Miscellaneous photos / office buildings / unidentified or undated events & people / USSR general / peace monuments, symbols & graphics

Descriptive Database (Partial)

A database containing information about some of the WILPF photographs is available for the public to search. Because of the great number of WILPF photographs, not all were included. What was entered are all the individual portraits, and all the dated photos through 1950. The database does not include images. Questions about these photos, as well as the those not on the database should be directed to the curator, Wendy Chmielewski.

After entering the database, it is possible to view information one item at a time (Form View) or in a list (Table View). Click on the buttons "next" or "previous" at top right of screen to move from one set of records/pages to another. When in Table View, click on the number beside an item to see information for just that item. Use the search option to find and group together information about an individual or event, etc. Print using your Web browser's menu.

Click here to enter the database.

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