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Dates of records 1995-date
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DG 040

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The War Resisters League is a pacifist organization whose members
are against all war. Witnessing the establishment of the War Resisters' International in Europe in 1921, and sensing a need for a similar organization in the United States, Dr. Jessie Wallace Hughan established the War Resisters League as an independent organization. The War Resisters League membership pledge, which has remained essentially unchanged since its inception, reads: "The War Resisters League affirms that war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive non-violently for the removal of all causes of war." The League seeks to end war and social injustice through pacifist and nonviolent tactics.

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Yes, Reels 20 & 21 (War Resisters League News 191967 & 191968)
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Gift of War Resisters League 1994-1999, 2001, 2004, 2005
Finding aid for earlier accessions (1923-1994)
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This finding aid prepared by Wendy Chmielewski, August 2007.
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Historical Background
Although the War Resisters League declares its official birthday year as 1923, its roots go back to 1915 when Jessie Wallace Hughan, Tracy D. Mygatt, and John Haynes Holmes founded the Anti-Enlistment League to solidify protest against U.S. participation in World War I. Witnessing the establishment of the War Resisters' International in Europe in 1921, and sensing a need for an organization where war resisters of all persuasions, regardless of gender or religious convictions, could join together, Dr. Hughan formed the Committee for Enrollment Against War under the auspices of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. In 1923 Hughan established the War Resisters League as an independent organization.

The War Resisters League membership pledge, which has remained essentially unchanged since its inception, reads: "The War Resisters League affirms that war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive non-violently for the removal of all causes of war."

During World War II, War Resisters League especially supported absolutist conscientious objectors who protested any form of military support, including alternative service. In 1948, it helped found the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors to further aid all COs. It has continually lent its resources to the causes of war tax protest, draft resistance, and civil rights.

War Resisters League encouraged civil disobedience against civil defense drills in the early 1960s by sponsoring the Civil Defense Protest Committee. It encouraged tax resistance as the Indochinese conflict escalated, and formed War Tax Resistance in 191969 to protest all taxes that benefited the military. In the 191970s, War Resisters League supported Campaign Freedom and the United Campaign for Peace in Indochina, both efforts to help improve conditions and free political prisoners in Vietnam. It helped focus nationwide attention on nuclear protest and civil liberties by organizing the Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice in 1976.

War Resisters League is affiliated with War Resisters' International and the International Peace Bureau. Throughout its existence, it has worked closely with many other peace organizations, including the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the American Friends Service Committee, and the American Civil Liberties Union. In 1958, it helped start the Committee for Nonviolent Action (CNon Violent Activist), which shared its headquarters and finally merged with War Resisters League in 191968.

The League has sought to promote pacifist and nonviolent tactics through various periodicals. In 1956, War Resisters League helped start Liberation, an independent monthly dealing with nuclear testing, civil rights, socialism, and nonviolent direct action. it was discontinued in 1977. WIN, a widely read peace periodical begun by the New York Workshop in Nonviolence, has received War Resisters League support. The League publishes its own bimonthly magazine, War Resisters League News. Its annual Peace Calendar reached annual sales of 20,000 in 1980.

War Resisters League is presently headquartered at 339 Lafayette Street in New York City with one regional office in Norwich, CT. There are or have been three branch offices, located in San Francisco, CA (War Resisters League-West), Austin, TX (War Resisters League South Central), and Chapel Hill, NC (War Resisters League Southeastern), with numerous local War Resisters League groups across the country.

A more complete history of War Resisters League, produced for its 50th Anniversary, can by found in Series B, Subseries I, History.

Collection Overview
Records in these accessions are unprocessed and in the order in which they were received from the offices of the War Resisters League.
Items removed:
-photographs and negatives taken by Karl Bissinger

Archived web sites of the War Resisters League

These web sites were created by the national office of the War Resisters League. Beginning in 2001 the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archives (IA) cached War Resisters League's web site. Please check both URLs listed as there are some each may list different dates on which web sites were saved.

The links are provided here for the convenience of researchers interested in the history of War Resisters League's web presence. The Swarthmore College Peace Collection has no control over the web sites or how they are saved by IA.

Dates of web sites marked with an * indicate a change in that site from the last saved web site.

http://wayback.archive-it.org/22March */http://www.warresisters.org/

Detailed Description of the Collection

Later Accessions (post-January 1995) of Records of the War Resisters League

Accession: 95A-093
Accession: 96A-004
Accession: 96A-025
Accession: 96A-039
Accession: 96A-054
Accession: 97A-037
Accession: 98A-001 [files included in Series B, subseries VII, box 12]
Accession: 98A-061
Accession: 99A-051
Accession: 00A-043
Accession: 01A-015
Accession: 01A-037
Accession: 04A-096
Accession: 05A-033

Accession: 09A-014
Accession: 09A-040
Accession: 10A-050
Accession: 10A-062
Accession: 10A-094
Accession: 11A-005
Accession: 11A-017
Accession: 11A-032
Accession: 2013-037
Accession: 2013-039
Accession: 2016-022
Accession: 2016-032
Accession: 2016-096
Accession: 2017-025
Accession: 2017-091
Accession: 2018-010

Accession 95A-093
See also Acc. 95A-093 under DG 134 David McReynolds

This accession contains the files of War Resisters League chair and staff member, David McReynolds. The materials came from War Resisters League office in New York, but contained War Resisters League office files and some of McReynolds personal papers. The personal files were almost all correspondence. See the checklist for the Papers of David McReynolds for more information. The rest of the accession has been placed with the War Resisters League records. Researchers should be aware that McReynolds did not always separate out his personal and office correspondence. Those interested in the War Resisters League records for this period should also check McReynolds personal files in this accession.

Box 1
International miscellaneous
Chinese contacts
Central America
Sid Lens
Disarmament 2000
Draft resistance
Drug/Alcohol abuse
Mailing lists
US Institute of Peace
National peace organizations
Office procedures, donations, requests
Socialist Party

Box 2
War Resisters International
International peace groups

Box 3
Middle East
South Africa
South America
Sri Lanka

Box 4
United Nations
United States of America
Office procedures, requests, and donations

Accession 96A-004
Box 1
War Resisters League Organizers Manual 1974

Box 2
EC minutes 1968
D/CR Task Force II 1981-1985
National Committee Minutes Aug. 86
National Committee meetings 1986, August 1987
National Committee February 1988
National Committee structure and process 1990, 1993

2 Scrapbooks in Oversize Memorabilia

Accession 96A-039
Box 1
Wall St. Action Press Clips, 1979
Shoreham Campaign Task Force
NYC Shad Alliance [removed to DG 142 SHAD Alliance]
Sit-in for Survival
Action , June 14, 1982
Civil Disobedience Taskforce 1981 pref for June 14, 1982 Action
National Action Research on Military/Industrial Complex documents
Atlanta Workshop on Nonviolence
Continental Walk October , 1976
Press pack for Coalition for a Nonnuclear World
Press Pak “N Nuke Weapons, No Nuke War!”
Press Pak benefit
Whitehouse 11 info
Action Evaluations , June 12, 1982
Trainers Packet for June 14, 1982 action
Miscellaneous War Resisters League materials & corresp. form 1940s-1960s
Gandhi materials
Miscellaneous Fyke Farmer file
Abalone files
Alliance for Survival
Articles, United States Disarmament movement files
War Resisters League Speakers Bureau info
War Resisters League Disarmament kit

Box 2
European Disarmament Movement articles
Movement Disarmament programs
US/USSR Disarmament Proposals
Criticism of goevernment disarmament
Alternative Disarmament Proposals
Nuclear Disarmament
The Front Line
Civil Defense Strategy Conference April 23, 1983
Disarmament Program-Riverside Church
June 12 Camp.
Miscellaneous literature
Sign up sheets general meetings
CD legal cases
Letters to the five mission
June 14 Legislation
Minutes/International May 27 Task force

Box 3
Miscellaneous materials
Call J[une] 12
Button sale and collection
June 12 position paper
June 12 CD US mission
Draft articles 1974-1985 (discarded)
Wall St. 1979
Survival Summer 1980
March for a non-nuclear world, April 26, 1980
White House Lawn Eleven news articles
Permits Continental Walk

Box 4
International No Nukes Conference
DOE Action Oct. 28-29, 1979
Other SSD II Activities
The Progressive bomb case
June 14 materials 1982
Coalition for DA Seabrook, October 1979
Symposium , 1977
World Conference Against Nuclear Weapons, 1977
Vietnam Forest
Tiger cage actions
Pacifist yellow pages
Narayan (JP) actions
European Anti-Militarism Congress October 18-20, 1974
MIL DIS Coalition, Fall 1974/Winter 1975
Sit-in clippings
Strategy Local groups
White House Lawn Eleven duplicate press materials
White House Lawn Eleven press clippings
Miscellaneous press clippings Moscow/D.C.

Box 5
Training Program 1974
Training Program 1976
Training Program 1976 Menus
Training Program 1977
Training Program 1978
Training Program 1979
Training Program 1979 August 11-24
Training Program 1980
Training Program 1981-85 misc.
Training Program 1981
Training Program 1982 organizers
Training Program 1983
Training Program 1984
Training Program 1985
Applications evaluations 1986
Local organizing
National Conference 1979, Chattanooga, TN
National Conference 1987 promotion
National Conference 1987 planning
Nconf in computer 1987
Resource people nconf 1987
Registrants national conference 1987
National conference travel
Nconf late registrations
National Conference 1987 ideas
Other movement training programs
Prison training
Women’s articles
Feminism in the nonviolent movement

Box 6
Women conferences
Women, 1984
Peace camps
Feminism and militarism evaluations
Feminism and militarism conference
Women’s Pentagon Action
Women resources
Women’s publications
Leo Craig
Calendar events, 1984
Anti-war coalition
Special deployment project
Cal. Promo, 1981
War Resisters League news ideas for articles
War Resisters League Executive committee minutes
Current literature 1980

Box 7
Pro-lifers for survival
Calendar promo, 1982
Women’s Pentagon Action
Feminism and nonviolence
Women and militarism

Accession 96A-054
Middle East notes
Middle East
Middle East news articles
Middle East
“interChange” (from BREIRA)
NAJDA - Women Concerned About the Middle East
Middle East
BREIRA ( Middle East)
Swasia / IPA / Israel and Palestine
Palestinian publications
CONAME (also see Middle East)
Middle East / miscellaneous
Jewish publications
Middle East peace literature
Men and Militarism
June seventh LEGAL
Susan Pines, WRL National, 339 Lafayette St, New York , NY 10012
Middle East Organizer
Yugoslavia (former)
War Resisters League locals
Socialist Party
United Nations
United States officials
National groups
Minutes / Reports
Campaign Nineteen-Ninety five
Central America
Fundraising - office - War Resisters League: mailing lists, agendas

Accession 97A-037
Box 4a
United Nations
U.S. Officials
War Resisters League- International
United Nations
U.S. Officials
Socialist Dialogue- A.J. Muste Institute
Socialist Dialogue
War Resisters League- Locals
Socialist Party (includes Daivd McReynolds’ campaign for President- 1980)
Socialist Party

Box 4b
Central America, et. al
A.J. Muste Memorial Institute
McReynolds, David- Personal
Nuclear Freeze Campaign
June 12, 1987
Middle East
Funds for Italy
International [2 folders]

Box 4c
Socialist Party
National Peace Organizations
Socialist Dialogue
Office Matters, Finances
Monthly Planner, 1980

Accession 98A-061
Box 1

Files of Abraham Kaufman [2 folders]

Accession 99A-051
Box 1
Local Organizing: Nebraska
Columbia/War Resisters League
Regional organizing War Resisters League/West 1988
Local Organizing: St. Louis, MO War Resisters League
St. Louis, MO War Resisters League, 1990
California Sacramento Peace Center War Resisters League
Santa Barbara War Resisters League
Atlanta, GA
Local Organizing: Minnesota Twin Cities War Resisters League 1974-1980
New Brunswick (NJ)
New Mexico
Local Organizing: War Resisters League Pittsburgh
New Yorkers for Peace and Justice
Local Organizing: Dallas, Texas, War Resisters League
Rochester, War Resisters League 1980

Box 2
St. Louis, MO War Resisters League
Triangle area, War Resisters League
New Jersey: War Resisters League local Bergen and Passaic Counties
Mobile, Alabama
Muncie/Ball State, 1980
New Paltz
Ozark and REA
Local Organizing: Utah War Resisters League
Foothills War Resisters League Fort Collins, CO June 14, 1980
War Resisters League/SE 1988
Local Organizing: War Resisters League Northeast Piedmont, NC
War Resisters League/SE 1988, 1986
Regional organizing: War Resisters League Southeast
Regional organizing: War Resisters League West 1987
Regional organizing: War Resisters League West 1986

Box 3
Regional organizing: War Resisters League West
Locals 1984-1985 Working file
1980 Correspondence, misc.
Local organizing requests 1984

Following periodicals were removed from this accession and added to the SCPC Periodical Collection

Between the Lines
Passages in Nonviolence
Northwest Pacifist
North Country Peace Builder
War Resister

Accession 00A-043
Box 1
The Draft
Solomon Amendments
Anti-draft organizing I
CO’s and philosophy
Anti-draft organizing II
Anti-draft organizing III
Draft resistance
Draft prosecutions
CARD News Service
Militarism memo
CARD 1985-1986
C.O. Nineteen-Sixties
CARD 1982-1984
CARD 1979-1981
Draft / Counter-Recruitment Youth
Non-registrants 1980-
Draft 1979-80 Registration reinstatement
Administrative (other)
Upstate resistance
Coalition Against Conscription

Box 2
Recruitment / Men in military
C-R counseling
School counselors
Young Marines, etc.
War Resisters League ROTC/JROTC clearinghouse
ROTC grant
ROTC info sheets
Correspondence – J/ROTC
ROTC propaganda (from military)
Counter-Recruiting, organizing
ROTC campaigns
High School Packet – background
Old stuff (interesting)
Pre-enlistment counselor’s manual

Accession 01A-037
Box 1
Strategy Retreat
Organizational Structure
Strategizing Efforts 1988+
Political Memos
Staff Reports
National Committee
Working Committee
What’s to be Done/ Agenda Staff Mtg.
Fund Raising
Panama Mailing
Press Releases
Moscow Trip May’ 1987

Box 2
War Resisters League: Coalitions We Belong To
Survey Of Membership
RUSSIA: Statements/ Reports
Domestic Disarmament: Los Angeles Uprising
Strategy Development
Alternative Revenue Service
Children and Nonviolence
Paley Dinner
No Label

Box 3
War Resisters League Strategy Retreat
Nonviolent Activist
War Resisters League Fundraising/ Gay and Lesbian Community Rights
Military Resistance: Gulf War
Organizers Training Program
Strategic Planning Com.

Accession 05A-033
Box 1
War Tax Resistance Correspondence (1970-?)
War Tax Resistance Correspondence II
“Old” War Tax Resistance Correspondence
Correspondence to Internal Revenue Service
Internal Revenue Service Information
World Peace Tax Fund (1974-?)

Box 2
General War Tax Resistance Stuff
Peacemaker 1975- Tax News Articles
Up & Coming War Tax Resistance Centers (1972)
Phone Tax Resistance
Peoples Life Fund (letters)
War Tax Resistance National Conference (August 4-6, 1972, Kansas City, Missouri)
Taxpayers Against War
War Tax Resistance Symposium
W-4 Withholding
I.R.S. Criminal Prosecutions
War Tax Resistance Demos & Actions
War Tax Resistance/War Resisters League Western Conference February 5-7, 1971
Tax Leaflets & Fliers, etc.
War Tax Resistance Conferences
I.R.S. Papers ( Church of Scientology)
Tax Aid War Tax Resistance Project
Tax Aid War Tax Resistance Project Letters
War Tax Resistance
Box 3
Phone Tax Refusers
I.R.S. Cases
War Tax Resistance Correspondence III
War Tax Resistance Project, 1972
Tax Suits
Dec. War Tax Resistance Meeting ( December 7, 1972- San Francisco)
Promotional Leaflets for 1973 War Tax Resistance Project
War Resisters League Tax Stuff
Phone Tax Refusers
Tax Talk- Published by War Tax Resistance
Alternative Funds
War Tax Resistance, 1973
Taxpayers Against War, 1973
War Tax Resistance Pledges
War Tax Resistance Oakland
January War Tax Resistance Meeting
Feb. War Tax Resistance Meeting February 11 th, Sunday
War Tax Resistance and Rap & Follow Up, April 1973
War Tax Resistance Supplement
Tax Resistance

Accession 09A-014
Box 1
Administrative File
Calendar 1970-2005
End Conscription Campaign Tour, 1987 (March)
Kosovo: Costs and Consequences

Box 2
In a Pacifist Light: Readings on the Balkan Crisis
No Nuclear Weapons! Press Release
50 Years of Nuclear Terror
A Day without the Pentagon Organizer’s Kit
Peace Bus, Ralph Digia
Reading to Change: Perspectives on Feminism and Nonviolence
Prison Visitation
Miscellaneous II
Tax Returns 1963-1975
Legal File
Legal File II

Accession 09A-040
Probably files of David McReynolds, 1960s-1990s
Box 1
Miscellaneous files

Box 2
Miscellaneous files

Box 3
Miscellaneous files

Accession 10A-050
Creation of A.J. Muste Institute, 1970-1971

Accession 10A-062
Box 1
Community Service (required)
WRL - National Committee nominations 2004
Applications for employment miscellaneous
Antimilitarism coordinator job search
NPT event collaboration
Civil disobedience actions
Broken rifle logo
Tyrone Savage
Letters on Hiroshima stamp 1994 (fall)
Anti-oppression task force
National Air and Space Museum Atomic Bomb exhibit script
20 Questions and answers
Disarmament task force

Box 2
Disarmament task force miscellaneous
Disarmament task force minutes
Disarmament - coalition
Disarmament task force packet
Disarmament packet miscellaneous correspondence
UN third special session on disarmament
Pacific Campaign for Disarmament and Security
Enola Gay correspondence
Enola Gay exhibit orders

Box 3
Hiroshima Day actions 1995 (August 6)
Enola Gay action participants
Enola Gay at Smithsonian - press
Enola Gay contacts and organizations
Other media related to 1995 (August 6)
Enola Gay action grants
Enola Gay expense receipts, etcetera
Enola Gay deposits

Box 4
Enola Gay actions
WRL 75th concert committee
Strategic planning
Fundraising and bequest brochures
Fund appeals
Membership discussions
2005 loans
New York City WRL local
1987 Strategy retreat
Anniversary celebrations
1983 mailing
US social forum
Staff evaluations
Not Your Soldier
Draft card burning
Website development
Directly Confronting Occupation of Iraq (DCOI)
Iowa City conflict
Vieques support
Know Your Rights
Activate your Activism
United For Peace and Justice national assembly 2007

Box 5
Miscellaneous resources
Balkans information
Anne McVey Upshure
Nuclear Disarmament symbol
Ed Hedemann
Civil defense drills
History of WRL
339 Lafayette
Contact lists
Video promotions
Anti-militarism task force
William Douthard
Key lists 1992
Key lists 1993
Key lists 1998
Key lists 1999
Key lists 2001
Miscellaneous events
Pete Seeger
Miscellaneous correspondence
Hiroshima correspondence
Swarthmore archive
Day Without the Pentagon

Box 6
Peace calendar letters (mailings, etcetera)
Peace award
Xeroxed photographs
1776 or 1984
Michael Powers
Letters - western route
Amie Weitzman
Bill Plympton
Amnesty for Canadian conscientious objectors 2008 (January)
Sticker stats
Peace calendar advertisements
AJ Muste
Bayard Rustin
German press
GI Rights
Igal Rodenko
Muriel Rukeyser
Karl Bissinger
Letters of support
David McReynolds

Box 7
End Conscription campaign
Nuclear Free Pacific
Rocky Flats action
Demonstrations - WRL miscellaneous
1987 (April) actions
Disarmament actions
New York City Hiroshima
Hanford conversion project
South Africa and apartheid
Committee on South Africa War Resistance (COSAWR)
End Conscription tour 1987

Box 8
Smithsonian floorplan and placards
Bulk mailing permit
Living poems
WRL 75th anniversary conference
75th anniversary
Disarm Space! An organizer's kit
Stop War Toys Campaign Packet
The War That Could Have Been Avoided KOSOVO: Costs and Consequences
50 Years of Nuclear Terror 50 Years of Resistance
High School Organizing Packet
Daring to Change: Perspectives on Feminism and Nonviolence
Revolution and Nonviolence in a War-torn Region
The Hope of Never Again
An Organizing Packet for YouthPeace
The Violence of Racism and Militarism: The US and South Africa
Bread and Puppet News 1968 and Hallelujah
Handbook for Nonviolent Action
Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project
Idaho National Engineering Lab projects
WRL - Art for Social Change "The Tragedy"

Box 9
AJ Muste - fiscal sponsorship
War Tax Resistance
Civil Resistance Handbook
Pie charts
September 11th response
Peace Calendar promotion materials
Walk for Peace
Literature lists
Enrollment blanks
Karl Meyer
5 Beekman Street
Non-Violent Activist articles
Jim Peck
Copyright permissions
WRI Triennial
Non-Violent Activist graphic artists
Non-Violent Activist advertisement rates, lists, and journalists
Non-Violent Activist
Pension plan
2004 budget deficit
Internship ideas
Wisha Anand - travel documentation
Daniel Ellsberg
Anti-Racism Task Force
WRL News
World Trade Organization, Seattle 1999
Mediation and organizational assessment
WRL incorporated minutes
Nonviolence training

Box 10
Summer interns
1975 international conference
WWII Conscientious objectors
National Lawyers Guild
Students for a Democratic Society
Reading lists
Statements on Pearl Harbor
Historical conscientious objectors / WRL
Mandy Carter
New England Committee for Nonviolent Action
Student Spring Offensive - Vietnam
Historial conscientious objector documents
Historical Amnesty / Anti-draft correspondence
Calls to action

Box 11
2006 field organizer applications
SPEW (Start Peace, End War)
Miscellaneous related publications
Make It Plain Comix
Roots/AWOL comic
Albert Bigelow
WRI press release
Awards and certificates

Box 12
News articles (photocopied)
Miscellaneous leaflets
WRL West
New York City draft counselors
Michael Marsh/SPEW
Ending Men's Violence conference 1990
Earth First!
National Service
Draft resistance / conscientious objector counseling - 1990s
Congressional work on conscientious objectors - 1990s
National conference on recruitment and militarism (Michael Marsh)
Arms Across America map
Grace Paley

Box 13
Lists - printed computer
McReynolds 1990-1991
Dorie Wilsnack fundraising
SANE (Nuclear Energy Action)
Peace Award contacts 2001(Donnelly-Colt)
Bernice Lanning - contact lists
New Jersey [2 folders]
Internship sponsorship
Internship applications 2005
Youth and militarism / ROTC

Box 14
Karl Bissinger file

Accession 10A-094
Box 1
Literature / Karl Kissinger
Art Show: October 23 - November
Prisoners & Open Letter to the Vietnam Conscientious Objectors 1973
Letters from Prison
Prison Program Material
Originals of Rabe Puce (?) Personal Violence
Middle East 1982
Future Films
Tamar Kohns
Volunteer Chaim Shatan 1971
Robinson, Ray and Chererl
Seminar June 12, 1974
Task Force on Militarism and Recruitment March 31st Registration Day
White House Lawn II
William King Sculpture
June 14th Colleen Dewherst
Artists for Nuclear Disarmament, Artists, June 12
Civil Disobedience
Artists for Special Session on Disarmament 2
Special Projects Dinner, 1981
Gara, Larry: Larry's Letters

Box 2
War Resisters Scholarship 1970-1974
Scholarship Fund Bank Account
Complicity: Aid and Abett
Nobel Peace Prize Signers
Campaign for the 2nd UN Special Session on Disarmament
Prison Visitation Service
Staff Report, minutes
Heart Lands Project
Plowshares 8 Support Committee
Event Flyers
Ruth Dear
Leo Craig
Arden - D'Arcy Irish Cycle Plays
Committee to Aid War Resisters
Dinner April 11, 1986
Kay Boyle
Registration Day March 31, 1976
Complicity Statement - Call to Resist
D'Arcy, Margaretta, and John Arden - Women Against Imperialism
Organizer's Seminar for Amnesty, 1974

Box 3
Middle East, 1977
Lists for Journal
Grace (Paley): Dinner Letters
Paley Dinner Material for Journal
Grace's Telephone Book
"1/2 page" advertisements
"1/4 page" advertisements
December 14 Paley Dinner
Japanese Council: Atom and Hydrogen Bombs
Solidarity Day "September 19" 1981
Plaza Litigation
Artists Mobilization for Survival, legal papers 1980
Scholarship Pledges 1974
Signers of A Call to Resistance 1974-1976
[Correspondence with European Groups/People: 1980's:]

Box 4
European Peace Pilgrimage
East Europe
Eastern Europe Peace Movement
Europe: Helsinki Citizens Assembly
Great Britain
Great Britain: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Greenham Common
France Without An Army
Internationale der Kriegsdienstgegner Hamburg
Germany: Action Reconciliation
Graswurzel Revolucion
Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft Vereinigte Kriegsdienstgegner (DFG-VK)
Heinrich Boll Foundation
Alliance for Non-Violent Action

Box 5
[Papers of David McReynolds, miscellaneous:]
David McReynolds' Retirement 1998 and more
David McReynolds (unsorted)
McReynolds, David, personal 1992
Packet (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) 1994
Peace Boat 1995
Hiroshima 1995
David's New Job
Nonviolent Network (current)

Box 6
McReynolds, miscellaneous 1994-1996
McReynolds, miscellaneous 1995
David McReynolds (unsorted) postcards, pamphlets, photos
McReynolds, miscellaneous [2 folders]
October 11
McReynolds, miscellaneous 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003

Box 7
McReynolds, miscellaneous [2 folders]
McReynolds - perfume
McReynolds - response to War Resister League's Peace Award to Barrigan
McReynolds - Dan Barrigan letters
McReynolds, miscellaneous

Box 8
McReynolds - miscellaneous
David McReynolds, Belgium, 1981-1984

Accession 11A-005
Box 1
David McReynolds, miscellaneous [4 folders]
McReynolds- Socialist Party 1992
Responses to Non-violent Activist/David McReynolds resignition Spring 2003
Speakers Bureau invite 1997
Speakers Bureau general
Speakers Bureau, miscellaneous
Speaker biographies 2000

Box 2
Ruth Benn
Trip to occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip
War Resisters International international affiliates
Feminism packet letters
Feminism Task Force 1983
March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights
Feminism Task Force 1993
Reproductive rights
Resources on feminism and non-violence
Feminist packet: rape articles
Feminism and non-violence War Resisters League/SE
International task force
Reclaiming the Calendar
Endorsements 1995-1996
Central America packet: article drafts
Central America packet: articles (draft)
Central America packet: correspondence

Box 3
Feminist packet requests
Feminist task force 1989
Feminist task force 1990
Feminist packet articles
War Resisters League events in New York City (includes permits)
ROOTS (Revolution out of Truth and Struggle)
War Tax Resistance Book
National Coalition for Peace in Yugoslavia
Sample press releases
Sachio Ko-Yin 1998
Task force on Latin America and Caribbean
Day without the Pentagon activist gathering 1999
NCOR (National Conference on Organized Resistance) Chris Ney Workshop 2001
July 15-16, 2000 Training
Space Weapons Seminar
NCPJ (National Coalition for Peace and Justice)- RRN (Rapid Response Network)/Anti-Intervention
Martin Luther King tag 2001
AWOL- John Bostrom
NCPJ January 2001 meeting
AMC Budget

Box 4
Season of Nonviolence
Septemper 11 2001 Nonviolence Training
Strategic Planning 2001
Fund Appeals 2001
Campaign to Ban Landmines
Linking Peace and Life- Japan
Matthew Smucker, field organizer 2007
Ray Levasseur Florence prison
Corresopndence Chris Ney
Organizers group
October 22 1998 Coalition
School of the Americas
Packet: Recruitment and the Draft "Don't Go"
Packet: Recruitment and Draft: warning
Packet: War Toys
Packet: 75th Anniversary Conference
Packet: High School
Packet: Draft Resistance
Packet: South Africa Tour
Packet: Alternative Revenue Service [2 folders]

Box 5

Follow-up grants
No More War Toys teach-in flyers
Youth Peace correspondence
Letters regarding SPEW [2 folders]
SPEW graphics and photos
Packet promotions
SPEW II suggestions
SPEW April 1989
Old correspondence
Follow-up SPEW
F.E.A.T. (Fund for Education and Training)

Box 6
Draft and Counter-Recruitment Task Force 1988
Counter-Recruitment resources
SPEW ads
SPEW correspondence, miscellaneous
SPEW- early, miscellaneous
Letters to Vietnam veterans from students
SPEW minutes
Stop War Toys Campaign packet
War Toys International 1992
SWTC (Stop War Toys Campaign) Video
Youth Peace Packet articles feedback
SWTC Organizing 1991
Military Law Task Force
Stand for Children
Veterans for Peace
Youth Peace packet
Youth Peace: resources/publications

Box 7
Stop War Toys information 1993
Youth Peace conference calls
Youth Peace resource packet release form
Youth Peace budget
1-800# Youth Peace
Youth Peace general information requests "form letter"
Original November 24- November 25 leafleting flyer
Youth Peace third Saturday of May action
Advisory Board
NC & Youth Peace Taskforce contact lists
War Toys Files, miscellaneous
Youth Peace packet graphic design
Youth Peace stationary
Youth Peace correspondence/contacts (recieved)
Youth Peace minutes and agenda 1996-1999
Youth Peace benefit concert
Youth Peace information to send out (adapt letters)
New WRL locals 2005
WRL locals 2000
Non-violent Activist correspondence 1994-1995 [2 folders]
Contacts 2007
Interns/Applicants 2007
Courage to Resist 2007
Iraq Veterans Against the War New York City and War Resisters League 2007
WRL national conference 2001

Box 8
Requests for ? May 2000-July 2001
Listening Process 2008
A Day Without the Pentagon 1997
Ghandi-King flyer, original
GI Jane
Global Action to Revent War
The Hague Appeal for Peace
India Nukes
Iraq New York City Teach-In
Kensignton Welfare Rights Union (KWRU)
Old Makato
McVeigh execution
Militarism and the environment
Staff- administrative
Youth Peace information requests
Past programs, miscellaneous
Correspondance (processed) 1987-1989
Gulf War Syndrome
Training Program resource people
Training Program participants mailing
Training Program general information mailing
Training Program follow-up mailing
Training Program applications mailing
Organizers Training Program brochures
Training Program brochures
Kissinger protest March 22, 1999

Box 9
David McReynolds letters 2000-2010
David McReynolds letters 1980-1999
David McReynolds letters on retirement
"No One Too Small" 2005
David McReynolds 2002
David McReynolds (unsorted) 2005-2006
David McReynolds (unsorted) 2006-2007

Box 10
David McReynolds (unsorted) 2007-2008
David McReynolds (unsorted) 2009-2010 [2 folders]
Judith Mahony Pasternak, unsorted
Armin Doneis biography
November-December art et. cetra for contributions
WRL National Office events
WRL National Office endorsements
WRL National Office miscellaneous 2003
WRL National Office annual report 2003
Non-violent Activist other

Box 11
Non-violent Activist correspondence, 2000s (1)
Non-violent Activist correspondence, 2000s (2)
Art submissions to Non-violent Activist
Non-violent Activist September-October 2003
Women War and Peace Conference Southern Connecticut State University October 17-18 2003
WRL 80th Anniversary Conference July 17-20, 2003 Colorado Springs
WRL 80th Anniversary tape requests
WRL National Conference July 2003 Colorado Springs
Summer 2003 Judith
WRL national office working committee
WRL national office WRL structure 2003
WRL staff meetings
WRL national office staff 2003
WRL national office publications/printing 2003
WRL national office programs "Merchants of Death" tour 2003
WRL national office info/manual 2003
WRL national office fundraising 2003

Box 12
WRL national office fund appeal 2003
WRL national office finance
WRL national office executive committee
WRL national office events, non-WRL
Judy Kowalok
Disarmament Task Force Tyrone
Disarmament 2000 campaign
Judith Mahoney Pasternak
Non-Violent Activist correspondence
Non-Violent Activist
WRL Publications Committee

Box 13
Pending-Non-Violent Activist
Non-Violent Activist March 2002-April 2002
Non-Violent Activist May 2002-June 2002
Non-Violent Activist September 2002-October 2002

Accession 11A-017
Box 1
McReynolds, D. "Servicemen Files", correspondance with Vietnam servicemen
21st Anniversary Dinner, 1945 (February) Guest List
"Political Action Committee of the United Pacifist Committee" 1944 (June 21st)
1955 War Resistors International Triennielle A.J. Muste Letter to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Gottlieb, E. "Civil Disobedience" address to State Police Academy, Rhode Island 1966
The Protocols of the Elder Leaders of 339: The WRL's Plot to Take Over the World, 1998
Oigia, Ralf - Letter to Delinquent Returns Unit, 1965
Gottlieb Letter Re: Funds, 1955
Two Nation Conference for Peace in Vietnam: Japan-US: Tokyo 1996, Includes Letter from Jean-Paul Sartre
Revisions of Statement on WRL Policy Coalitions and Programs

Box 2
"Call to the U.S. Congress Against War", 1933
Brown, H. Runham. "Spain: a Challenge to Pacifism", WRI 193-?
"Our Position in Wartime" WRL, 1941
"The Case for Amnesty", WRL 1945
Michaltsheff, Th. "Germany Democracy in Peril", 1945
"Civil Defense: A Message to Every Citizen"
Floyd Fund Proposal, 1952
1953 Annual Conference
1955, Feb. 5th Evaluation Conference
Hughan, Jessie Wallace. Cover letter and statement of reaffirmation of WRL principles 1955
"The Bomb Tests Can Be Stopped!" 1957
1963 Petition to Repeal McCarren and Smith Acts
1964, Dec. 19th Vietnam Protest
1965 WRL, Inc. Loan
1966 Spring Forum
Insurance Problem, 1966
Committee of Public Conscience
1962, Cuba, October
1968 Jan. 10 Letter Digia to Paul Williams
Dec. 19th "Appeal to the Conscience of America"
1963 Easter Walk
1963-1964 Easter Peace Walk
1964 Easter Walk
1964 Easter
1966 Steering Committee
May 12, 1968 Meeting Evaluating WRL and the Pacifist Movement
Soviet Invasion of Czechoslavakia
10/1/68 Notes from Discussion Re: Chicago
1969 War Tax Resistance
1969 NAC Reorganization
EC Elections
EC Misc. Minutes and Correspondence, 1950s and 1960s
Freedom from Hunger Thanksgiving Vigil
1968 Jeffrey Haskin
Hughan, J.W. "Discussion Outline for the Study of Pacifism"
K.Anegson, Bert (WRL Northern California) Resignation 1967
Knopf, Paul. "The Faith of a Radical" (tribute to AJ Muste)
1969 Ed Gottlieb Submission to "WIN"
McReynolds, D. Correspondence with Sam Israel

Box 3
Mc Reynolds, D. Correspondence, 1966-1969
McReynolds, D. Correspondence with D. Prasad, 1967
McReynolds, D. Correspondence 1967
McReynolds, D. Correspondence 1976-1977
McReynolds, D. Correspondence 1979-1981
McReynolds, D. Correspondence 1979-1982
McReynolds, D. Correspondence 1982-1983
McReynolds, D. Correspondence 1982-1983
McReynolds, D. WIN Critique. March 23, 1983
McReynolds, D. - CHRISTIC INST, letters
McReynolds, D. Correspondence
McReynolds, D. Correspondence Misc.
McReynolds, D. letters Re: UN Special Session on Disarmament II
McReynolds, D. postcards
Underdogs VS. Upperdogs. Peck, Jim.
WRL West 1980
WRL West 1981

Box 4
WRL West 1982
WRL West 1983
WRL West 1984
WRL West 1985
WRL West 1986
WRL West 1987
WRL West 1988

Box 5
Amnesty International 1991-1992
Contra Phone Banking
Responders/Members Interested in Central America
Costa Rica
Environmental Project on Central America
Nicaragua: Peace Ship and Peace House
International Network for Peace in Central America
National Central America Health Rights Network
War Resisters League Central America Task Force
Chile: Servicio Paz y Justicia
Japan 1984
Japan 1993
Japan Okinawa
August 6th and 9th Exhibit 1998
"Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 50 Years of Nuclear Terror" Promotional Material
Middle East - Statements, Press Releases 1990
US Troops in Middle East OUT NOW!
Palestine Teach-Ins 2000
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
National Guard
National Guard Clearing House
National Resistance Committee, 1980-1982
2000, July 10th Action
Livermore Labs PJ
"The Great Peace March" Pro-Peace noted for EC
1987 Evaluations

Box 6
1988 Applications
1988 Evaluations
1989 Applications
1989 Evaluations
1990 Applications
1991 Applications
1991 Evaluations
Training Program - timeline and work
1993 Applications

Box 7
Petition 1992-1993
Petitions Against War Toys
YouthPeace Pledge
Youth and Students 13-26
YouthPeace Campaign Survey
YouthPeace Training Evaluations
Training Program - Acceptance Mailings
Kupferberg, Tuli. Submissions to Non Violent Activist and YouthPeace Art Contest, 1995
Kupferberg, Tuli. "Kill for Peace Again", 1987
Kupferberg, Tuli. Misc. Contributions

Accession 11A-032
Miscellaneous War Resisters League and Liberation magazine flyers, 1953-1972 [1 folder]; (donated from files of Igal Roodenko)

Accession 2013-037
Box 1
War Resisters League Literature 1970-1975
Miscellaneous War Resisters League Papers 1970-1079
War Resisters League Literature 1980-1981
War Resisters League Demo Fliers
1985 National Conference. Denton, TX
New York City Guides
Conference Registrations
Conference Registrations Two

Box 2 [Acc. 2013-037]
National Conferences
War Resisters League Conference 1989 Registrations
Conference- Resource Mailing 1989
National Conference 1987
Scholarship Requests- Volunteers
Conference Scholarships
Conference 1989 Schedule/Tasks
1989 War Resisters League Conference Evaluations
Conference 1992 Evaluations
1992 Post Conference Mailing
Conference Sites
Youth Peace Conference
Conference Centers- Summer 2000 North Carolina Sites
Conference Registrations

Box 3 [Acc. 2013-037]
Pentagon Actions
High School Organizing Packet
Copyright Songs for 2006 Peace Calendar
Central America Report
Newspapers and Newsletters
International Peace Bureau
International War Tax Resistance
International Collective Resistance Campaign 1975-1977
Clamshell Alliance
Big Mountain Support Group
National Conference Literature 1989
Central America Organizing Packet
National Conference Ltierature 1987

Accession 2013-039
Box 1 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
Executive Committee 1989 (December)
Executive Committee 1990
Executive Committee 1992
EC Meeting 1993
EC Meeting 1994
EC Meeting 1995
EC Meeting 1996
1994 EC Budgetary, Fundraising, and Staff Reports
EC/NC Structure

Box 2 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
NC February 1988
NC Meeting February 14-17, 1992
August 1992 NC Meeting
1992 Press/Eugene Conference
National Conference 1992, Eugene, Oregon
NC Meeting 1993 February
NC Meeting July 1993
NC Meeting May 1994
NC Meeting 1994
NC Meeting 1995 February
NC Meeting July 1996

Box 3 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
NC Meeting February 1996
Summer 1997 NC Meetings
Summer 1998 NC Meeting
WRL NC February 1999
WRL NC Summer 2000
WRL NC Summer 2001
Summer 2002 NC
February 2003 NC
NC 2004
NC Agenda Committee
Packet July 2004

Box 4 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
Robert Reiss
Letters: Posner, Benelle, Digia
Ireland/Northern Ireland
Mediterranean Ocean
The Netherlands
Norway FMK
Poland WIP May 1997
Soviet Union
Vince Roamon, Freeman Internship Evaluation
1992 Annual Dinner
"Songs of Struggle, Songs of Love"
2000 Annual Dinner
Conferences Organizing
Disarmament/Counter-Recruitment Task Force
DC Anti-Draft Meeting May 31, 1980
WRL Draft/Counter-Recruitment Program Meeting 1982

Box 5 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
October 19, 1982 Shutdown Selective Service
Disarmament Task Force minutes 1988-1991
Counter-Recruitment Taskforce 1992
Disarmament Retreat, 1995
Disarmament Task Force, 1996-1997
5 Year Reviews of Disarmament
Disarmament Task Force, misc
Disarmament Task Force, summer 1998
Day without the Pentagon
Day without the Pentagon, 1997-1998
Washington DC Support for WRL 75th Anniversary

Box 6 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
Day without the Pentagon, 1998
Day without the Pentagon, speakers at rally
Day without the Pentagon, DC steering committee
Day without the Pentagon, collected press clips
Media Proposal for Day without the Pentagon
Day without the Pentagon, 1998-Media
Day without the Pentagon, 1998-Listings and Press
Caravan Websites
Day without the Pentagon-college contracts
Day without the Pentagon-Permits
Day without the Pentagon-Park Service Permits
Day without the Pentagon-Pledge of Nonviolence
Day without the Pentagon-Bread and Puppet
Day without the Pentagon-Nonviolence Training
Day without the Pentagon-Odetta
Day without the Pentagon-Betty's Flyers
Day without the Pentagon-Puerto Rican Flyers
Day without the Pentagon-Staff
Day without the Pentagon-Tactical Manual
Day without the Pentagon-Originals
Day without the Pentagon-Boston
Day without the Pentagon-October 19, 1998 Civil Disobedience
Day without the Pentagon-collage of clips
Day without the Pentagon-Scenario development
Day without the Pentagon-mailings
Day without the Pentagon-NYC

Box 7 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
Day without the Pentagon-press web coverage
Day without the Pentagon-Local organizers
Day without the Pentagon- NYC 339 letter
Day without the Pentagon, 1999 Training Programs
Day without the Pentagon, 2000
Day without the Pentagon, NYC 2000
Day without the Pentagon, dollar bill flyer
Day without the Pentagon-Alternative funds

Box 8 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
NC August 1989
NC July 1990
NC Meeting February 1990
NC Meeting February 1991
NC Meeting July 1991
WRL 1992 Material
1996 EC Minutet
NC Meeting February 14-17 1997

Box 9 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
NC Meeting July 25-28, 1997
EC 1997
WRL-NC Summer 1998
WRL February 1998 NC
NC July 24-27 1998
Decisions NC 1998
1998 Conference
Meditation/Organizational Assembly 1998-1999
1992 EC Minutes
1992 EC Reports

Box 10 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
NC Meeting 1994-1999
NC 1975
Fundraising 1980-1987
WRL NC Materials February 1999
WRL EC January 2000
WRL EC February 2000
March 2000 WRL EC
April 2000 EC
WRL EC May 2000
WRL EC June 2000
WRL EC July 2000
EC August-December 2000
WRL EC February 2001
WRL EC March 2001
NC July 2004 Housing
NC 2004
NC List
NC 2004
National Committee Meeting February 2005

Box 11 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
July 2001 EC
WRL EC September 2001
WRL EC October
EC December 2001
EC 2002
EC 2003
Coordinating Committee 2004
National Committee February 2005
ACC 2005
ACC May 2005
ACCl 2006
NC February 2006

Box 12 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
National Committee Meeting July 2006
National Committee Meeting February 2006
National Committee Conference Calls 2007
National Commitee Meeting February 2007
National Commitee February 2006
ACC Minutes 2007
ACC July 2008
ACC 2007
ACC Minutes 2007
ACC 2008
ACC Minutes 2008

Box 13 of 13 [Acc. 2013-039]
ACC 2009
ACC Minutes 2009
National Committee- Conference Call Minutes 2010
ACC Minutes 2010
ACC 2010

Accession 2016-022
Box 1 – War Resisters League documents [Acc. 2016-022]
Literature, 1976-1979
Literature, 1982-1983
Literature, 1984-1989
Literature, 1990-1995
Literature, 1996-2000
Flyers and literature. 2000’s?
WRL leaflet on relationship with international organization
National mailings (non-fund appeal)
Introductory brochures
Phone bill

Box 2 – War Resisters League documents [Acc. 2016-022]
WRL stationary, 1969-1989
Funny variations on War Resisters League
Poster promotion, 1979
Hospitality information, 1982
“Mobilization for Survival” mailings and literature, 1979-1991
1984 WRL Calendar Against the Tide: Pacifist Resistance in the Second World War
Middle East comments – correspondence
Attacks on WRL – hate mail and negative media
Media coverage 2001-2002
Section representatives
WRL International fund appeal, 1978-1989
WRL International travel opportunities, 1988-1989
WRL International travel – Soviet Union, 1988 (September)
WRL International travel – Soviet Union trip account, 1988 (May-June)
WRL International internship at WRI
WRL International Task Force
- WRL International Task Force – correspondence, memos, and minutes
- WRL International Task Force – mailing list
- WRL International Task Force - 1991
- WRL annual grants to WRI (by WRL International Task Force)
Conferences: US Participation
- Nominations for WRI Council Chair
- Women’s conference, Thailand, 1991
- Celebration of Conscience, 1990
- Cuba conference, 1991

Box 3 – War Resisters International documents [Acc. 2016-022]
Correspondence with other chapters, 1945-1951
WRI correspondence/reports with WRL, 1980’s
WRI Triennial and WRL Section Representative elections
Minutes 1985-1983
Minutes 1982-1981
Minutes 1980-1977

Box 4 (1/2 box) – War Resisters International documents [Acc. 2016-022]
Pamphlets, 1941-1970
Literature and correspondence
War tax resistance, 1985-1986
WRI – Middle East Group
International Movement of Conscientious War Objectors (Israeli WRI)
Key List international correspondence
Section reports, 1983-1990
Reports between WRI and WRL, 1981-1992
“Twinning” campaigns, sister cities campaigns
U.N. work, 1982-1990
Vice-chair position, 1988
Vietnam War publications, 1969-1974
WRI Newsletter promotion
Triennial conference, 1988, Finland
Triennial conference, 1985-1986, India. Planniing in 1984.

Box 5 – Subjects/Events [Acc. 2016-022]
Controversies between anti-war groups
Strategic Planning
- ORC – correspondence and memos on strategic planning
- November 19 Event – WRL gathering, 1994
- Final map research (of military bases in US), with full overview
- Map files
Reclaim the Calendar campaign
- Reclaim the Calendar overview
- Reclaim the Calendar 1986-1987
- Martin Luther King Day (January 15)
- International Women’s Day (March 8)
- Tax Day (April 15)
- Earth Day (April)
- Natural Security Day (April)
- Mother’s Day (May)
- Mother’s Day action, 1987 (May 8-10)
- May Day
- Gay Pride Day (June)
- Hiroshima Day (August)
- Columbus Day 500th anniversary events, 1992 (October)
- Veteran’s Day (November)
- Hanukkah (December)
- Kwanzaa (December-January)

Box 6 – Subjects/Events [Acc. 2016-022]
1990’s crises (Iraq, Somalia, Balkans, Palestine)
- Iraq media and information
Israel-Palestine Conflict
- Middle East statements (on Palestine) – correspondence
- Yesh Gvul (Israeli conscientious objection group) – literature and correspondence
- Beit Sahour (West Bank village) – report on and event, 1989
- Palestine study – information on peace movements in Palestine
- Palestinians and Israelis for Nonviolence – information, 1983
- Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) office closings and following court cases – media and correspondence, 1988
- PLO office closings court case briefs
- Palestine peace actions
- Palestinian Boat of Return

Box 7 (1/2 box) – Subjects/Events [Acc. 2016-022]
Middle East
- Walk for a Peaceful Future/Middle East, 1992
- Middle East Mobilization for Survival (MfS) correspondence
- Middle East WRL Nonviolence Tour
- Middle East war tax resistance
- Libya
U.S. Peace Groups
- Mobilization for Survival – mailings and literature
- Mobilization for Survival – mailings and literature (continued)

Accession 2016-032
Box 1 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Elliot's Index, 1984 (December) - 1988 (October-November)
Non Violent Activist Index, 1984
Non Violent Activist Index, 1990
Non Violent Activist, 1990-1992
Hidden Wars, 1993
Surveys, 1993 [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist Publications Committee, 1993-1995
Specifications / Design, 1994
Non Violent Activist, 1994

Box 2 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
1994 (January)
Non Violent Activist, 1994 (March-December)
Non Violent Activist Old Correspondence, 1994-1995
Vendors, 1995
Electronic Posting of Non Violent Activist, 1995
Non Violent Activist, 1995 [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 1995 (January-September)

Box 3 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Non Violent Activist Correspondence, 1995-1996
Non Violent Activist Website, 1996
MPC, 1996
Non Violent Activist, 1996 [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 1996 (January-February)
Non Violent Activist, 1996 (March-April)
Non Violent Activist, 1996 (May-June)
Non Violent Activist, 1996 (July-August) [2 folders]

Box 4 of 11 - Nonviolent Acivist [Acc. 2016-032]
Non Violent Activist, 1996 (September-October)
Non Violent Activist, 1996 (November-December)
JMP [Judith Pasternak?] Personal
Publications Committee, 1997
Double Exposure, 1997
Non Violent Activist Original Manuscripts, 1997
Non Violent Activist file / meetings, 1997
Non Violent Activist, 1997 [3 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 1997 (January-February)

Box 5 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Non Violent Activist, 1997 (January-February)
Non Violent Activist, 1997 (March-April) [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 1997 (May-June) [2 folders]
National Committee, 1997 (Summer)
Art to be returned / paid for, 1997 (July-August)
Non Violent Activist, 1997 (July-August)

Box 6 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Non Violent Activist, 1997 (September-October)
Non Violent Activist, 1997 (November-December)
Threshold Winter, 1997
Subscription / sample / back queries, 1997-1998
Non Violent Activist meeting files, 1997-1999
Non Violent Activist meeting files, 1998 [2 folders]
Symposium, 1998

Box 7 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Non Violent Activist, 1998 [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 1998 (January-February)
Non Violent Activist, 1998 (March-April)
Non Violent Activist, 1998 (May-June)
National Committee- San Francisco, 1998 (Summer)
Non Violent Activist, 1998 (July-August)
Non Violent Activist Special Issue, 1998 (September-October)
Non Violent Activist, 1998 (November-December)
Non Violent Activist meeting files, 1999
Correspondence, 1999
Invoices, 1999

Box 8 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Tax Day, 1999
Non Violent Activist, 1999 [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 1999 (January-February)
1999 (March-April)
Non Violent Activist original art and manuscripts, 1999 (May-June)
National Committee, 1999 (Summer)
National Committee- Voluntown, Connecticut, 1999 (Summer)

Box 9 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
1999 (July-August)
1999 (September-October)
1999 (November-December)
Articles, 1999 (November-December)
Calvert, 1999-2000
Executive Committees, 2000
Non Violent Activist Draft, 2000
Non Violent Activist Expansion Plan
Non Violent Activist Youth Peace, 2000
Bancroft Library- University of California at Berkeley, 2000
Key Lists, 2000
Staff Meetings, 2000
Pacifica, 2000
Africa World Press, 2000
Non Violent Activist- Grace, 2000
Non Violent Activist- Vietnam, 2000

Box 10 of 11 - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Non Violent Activist, 2000 [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 2000 (January-February)
Non Violent Activist, 2000 (March-April) [2 folders]
Non Violent Activist, 2000 (May-June)
Non Violent Activist, 2000 (July-August)
National Committee- Chicago, 2000 (August)
Non Violent Activist, 2000 (September-October)
Non Violent Activist, 2000 (November-December)
Non Violent Activist- Book Issue Ad Sales, 2000 (November-December)

Box 11 of 11 (1/2 box) - Nonviolent Activist [Acc. 2016-032]
Non Violent Activist Holiday Book Issue, 2000 (November-December)
Non Violent Activist, 2001-2002
Non Violent Activist, 2001 (January-February)
Non Violent Activist, 2001 (March-April)
Non Violent Activist, 2002 (January-February)
War Resisters League correspondence about lending out slide shows, circa 1960s (one folder) [Acc. 2017-025]

Box 1 of 4 - Tax Resistance [Acc. 2016-032]
50th Anniversary, 1973
War Resisters League Statements, 1979-1991
Newsclippings on War Resisters League, 1986-1997
National Committee meeting, 1986 (February)
Annual Report, 1987
Regular Fund Appeals, 1987-2004
War Resisters League Regional Newsletters, 1987
War Resisters League Fundraising: Annual Dinner and Peace Awards, 1988
Annual Report, 1988
War Resisters League Fundraising: Fundraising Surveys, 1989
Anuual Report, 1989
Annual Report, 1990
Annual Report, 1991
Annual Report, 1992

Box 2 of 4 - Tax Resistance [Acc. 2016-032]
Media Mentions, 1995-1998
Holiday Party, 1995
Minutes and Reports, 1998-1999
2001, 2003
S.P.E.W. Newsletter
Donors: Correspondence
Pledge System
War Resisters League National Committee- Asheville, North Carolina, 2002 (Summer)
National Committee, 2003 (February)
Penny Polls- introduction packet

Box 3 of 4 - Tax Resistance [Acc. 2016-032]
Alternative Funds
Basic Tax Brochure, 1988
War Tax Resistance Counseling Guide Update
Budget Stuff: Pie Chart, 1998
Pie Chart, 1999
Pie Chart, 2000
Pie Chart, 2001
Pie Chart, 2002
Tax Flyer, 1996

Box 4 of 4 - Tax Resistance [Acc. 2016-032]
War Resisters League Miscellaneous Budget [2 folders]
War Resisters League Brochure Samples
International Meetings
People's Life Fund FBI Files
IRS, 1981
Letters from IRS- Government Staff
IRS Levies of War Resisters League- Seizure, 1974
IRS Levies of War Resisters League- Ralph DiGia / Seizure, 1982
IRS- DiGia
Tax Resistance Committee
War Tax Resistance History in War Resisters League

Box 1 of 1 - David McReynolds [Acc. 2016-032]
David McReynolds, 1979, 1992-1995 [2 folders]
David McReynolds, 1995-1997 [2 folders]

Accession 2016-096

Box 1 [Acc. 2016-096]
Early Editions of WRL Guide
Budget - part 1
Budget - part 2
Budget - part 3
Chapter 4, How to Resist
Chapter 8, Alternative Funds
Chapter 10, Global
Chapter 12, Resist Actions
Fundraising and Advertising
Advertising Packet, Display Ads
NSP - Guide and General Comments
Personal Histories

Box 2 [Acc. 2016-096]
ARS Minutes and Meetings
EZ Form
Evaluation 1991
ARS Mailings
FR Letters, etc.
ARS Finances, Donations
Local Activities and Circulation
Publicity - lists, articles, classifieds, etc.
Pending Endorsements

Box 3 [Acc. 2016-096]
ARS documents, 1990
Returned Forms, 1990
Redirection of Forms
Alternative Revenue Service, Ads Placed, 1991
ARS documents 1992
Ads Task Force
ARS Fund Appeal Letter
ARS - Letters to IRS
1990 Coalition Efforts
ARS Surveys, 1990
ARS Endorsement Effort
Letters to IRS
Complaints and Disagreements
WTR Local Groups
God and Caesar
Choose Life, Washington, D.C.
Northern California WTR

Box 4 [Acc. 2016-096]

Pie Chart, 1992
Peace Vision
Pie Chart in Newsletters, 1989
Map Booklet
Tax Flyer, 1993
Foreign WTR

Acc. 2017 - 091
Box 1 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
WRL National Conference, Athens, Georgia, 1971
WRL National Conference, Hiram, Ohio, 1972
WRL National Conference, Pacific Grove, California, 1973
WRL National Conference, Center Harbor, New Hampshire, 1974
WRL National Conference, 1974
WRL National Conference, Parkville, Missouri, 1975
WRL National Conference, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, 1976
WRL National Conference, Lacey, Washington, 1977
WRL National Conference, Lacey, Washington, Folder 2, 1977
National Committee, 1980
NWRL National Conference, Occidental, California, 1981
National Committee Meeting, 1981

Box 2 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
National Committee Meeting, 1983
National Conference, Promotion and Miscellaneous, 1983
National Conference Program, 1983
National Conference, Site Logistics and Cost, 1983
National Committee Meeting, 1984
National Committee Meeting, 1984
National Committee Meeting, 1984-08
National Committee Meeting, 1985
National Committee Meeting, 1985

Box 3 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
National Committee Meeting, 1986-08
National Committee Meeting, 1986-08
National Committee Meeting, 1986-02
National Committee Meeting, 1987
National Committee Meeting, Folder 2, 1987
National Committee Meeting, 1988-02

Box 4 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Untitled, 1984 - 1986
Untitled, 1986
Untitled, 1986-06
Untitled, 1986-07
Untitled, 1986-08 - 1986-10
Untitled, 1986-05 - 1986-09
National Committee Meeting, 1988-07
National Committee Meeting, Folder 2, 1988-07
National Committee Meeting, 1987
WRL Conference, 1989
National Committee Meeting, 1989
National Conference, 1989

Box 5 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
State of WRL Finances, 1985 - 1986
Executive Committee Minutes 1985
Meeting Minutes, 1986-09
Executive Committee Minutes, 1986
Personnel Committee, 1985 - 1986
Executive Committee Meeting, 1987
Executive Committee Minutes, 1987
Executive Committee Minutes, 1987
Executive Committee Meeting, 1988

Box 6 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Committee Minutes, 1988
Executive Committee Minutes, Folder 2, 1988
Next Executive Committee
Executive Committee, 1989
Executive Committee Minutes, 1989
Executive Committee Minutes, Up to 1988-3-31

Box 7 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Committee, 1990
Executive Committee Minutes, 1990
Meeting Minutes, 1991
Executive Committee, 1991
Executive Committee, 1991
Executive Committee, 1991-04
Executive Committee, 1991-05
Executive Committee, 1991-08
Executive Committee, 1991-09

Box 8 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Committee, 1992-01 - 1992-12
Executive Committee, 1993-01 - 1993-12
Executive Committee Notes, 1994-01 - 1994-12
Executive Committee Minutes, 1995
Executive Committee Minutes, Folder 2, 1995
WRL Executive Committee Minutes and Agenda 1995, 1996
Executive Committee, 1996
Executive Committee, 1997

Box 9 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Committee Meeting, 1997-06 - 1997-07
WRL Executive Committee Minutes and Agenda, 1997 - 1998
Executive Committee, 1998
Executive Committee, 1998
Executive Committee, 1999
Executive Committee, 1999
Executive Committee, 1999
Executive Committee Notes, 1995-01 - 1995-12
Executive Committee, 1999
Executive Committee, 1999
Executive Committee, 2000-12
Executive Committee, 2000-11
Executive Committee, 2000-10

Box 10 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Committee, 2000
Executive Committee Meeting, 2000-09
Executive Committee Meeting, 2000-07
Executive Committee Meeting, 2000-06
Executive Committee Meeting, 2000-05
Executive Committee, 2001
Executive Committee, 2002
Executive Committee, 2003
Administrative Coordinating Committee Meetings, 2004
Executive Committee, 2004
National Committee Agenda
National Committee Proposals, 2004-07
Executive Committee, 2005
National Committee, 2005
Administrative Coordinating Committee Meeting, 2005-10
Executive Committee, 2006
Executive Committee, 2013
National Committee Agenda Committee, 2005

Box 11 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
National Committee, 2005-07
National Committee, 2005-07
National Committee, 2005-07
National Committee Notes, 2005
National Committee, 2005-02
National Committee, 2005-02
National Committee, 2006
Staff Retreat, 2006-04
National Committee, 2006-02
National Committee, 2007-07
National Committee, 2007
National Committee, 2007
National Committee, 2007

Box 12 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
National Committee, 2007-02
National Committee
Administrative Coordinating Committee, 2007-05
National Committee, 2008-02
National Committee, Folder 2, 2008-02
National Committee, 2008-08
National Committee Meeting, 2009-05
National Committee Meeting, 2009-07
National Committee, 2009-02
WRL National Committee Meeting, Office Files, 2011-08-12 - 2011-08-14
National Committee, 2011-02
National Committee, 2010-02
National Committee Conference Calls, 2010

Box 13 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
National Committee, 2012-02
Swarthmore Peace Collection Archive Project, 2010 - 2011
Eugene Povirk, Southpaw Books

Box 14 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Committee Meeting, 1974
Executive Committee Meeting, Folder 2, 1974
Untitled, 1974
Executive Committee, 1975
Executive Committee, Folder 2, 1975
Executive Committee Meeting, 1975
Executive Committee, 1976
Executive Committee, Folder 2, 1976

Box 15 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Meeting, 1976
Executive Meeting, 1977
Executive Committee Meeting, 1977
WRL Meeting, 1978
Executive Committee Meeting, 1978
WRL Minutes, 1979
Executive Committee Meeting, 1979
WRL Minutes, 1980
Executive Committee Meetings, Miscellaneous
Executive Committee Meeting, 1980
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1982

Box 16 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
Executive Committee Meeting, 1983-08
Executive Committee Meeting, Folder 2, 1983-08
Executive Committee Meeting, 1984
Untitled, 1984
Executive Committee Meeting, 1984
Executive Committee, 1985
Untitled, 1985
Executive Committee Meeting, 1985

Box 17 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
National Committee, 1990
National Committee, 1991-02
National Committee, 1991-06
National Committee, 1992
National Committee, 1992
National Committee, 1993-01 - 1993-12
National Committee Meeting, 1994
National Committee, 1995
National Committee, 1995
National Committee, 1996
National Committee, 1997
National Committee, 1998
National Committee Meeting, 1999-07
National Committee, 1999 Winter
National Committee Meeting, 1999-02-12 - 1999-02-15
National Committee Meeting, 1999-02

Box 18 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
WRL National Committee, 1999-07
National Committee Meeting, Folder 1, 2000
National Committee Meeting, Folder 2, 2000
National Committee, 2000
National Committee, 2001
WRL National Committee, 2000 Summer
National Committee, 2001
National Committee Meeting, 2001-07
National Committee Meeting, Folder 1, 2001
National Committee Meeting, Folder 2, 2001

Box 19 [Acc. 2017 - 091]
National Committee Meeting, 2002-02
Executive Committee, 2002
National Committee Meeting, 2002
National Committee, 2002
National Committee, 2003
National Committee Agenda Committee, 2003
National Committee, 2002
WRL National Committee, 2003-07
National Committee Meeting, 2003-02
National Committee, 2003-07
Conference, 2003

Accession 2018-010

Box 1 [Acc. 2018-010]

Letters to the Editor 1993 - 1994
Non Violent Activist Production Files  1993-11  1993-12
Non Violent Activist Production Files  1994-01  1994-02
Non Violent Activist Production Files  1994-05  1994-06
Non Violent Activist Production Files  1995-05  1995-06

Box 2 [Acc. 2018-010]
Non Violent Activist Production Files  1995-02  1995-03
Non Violent Activist Production Files  1995-07  1995-08
Non Violent Activist Production Files  1995-09  1995-10
Non Violent Activist  1996-01  1996-02
WIN Magazine Production Files: WIN Autumn 08  2008 
WIN Magazine Production Files: Oil Rights 
WIN Magazine Production Files: Summer 2009 
WIN Magazine Production Files: Fall 2009 
WIN Magazine Production Files: Winter 2009 

Box 3 [Acc. 2018-010]
Spring 2010 
Summer 2010 
WIN Fall 2010 
Winter 2010 
WIN Winter 2010 
Old Articles  
WRL Newsletter ON 
WIN Letters 
Prison Issue                       
Resist Newsletter, WRL Articles                
WIN Drop Slips                 
Pub Comm                         
Article Submissions                        
Ad Sales                              

Box 4 [Acc. 2018-010]
Key List,  1999 - 2001
Key List ,1996 -1998

Box 5 [Acc. 2018-010]
Key List, 1989-1995
Key List, 1986-1988

Box 6 [Acc. 2018-010]
Key List, 1983-1985
Key List, 1969-1975

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