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Pennsylvania Peace Society (DG 031)

Appendix B: Checklist for Microfilm Reel 82

Note: As of April 2003, there are no longer four series in DG 031; only the 1866-1928 material is considered to be the total extent of records for the PPS. However, because the microfilm includes material from earlier groups with the same name, the checklist in use at the time the records of DG 031 were microfilmed is included here.


Box 1
Advocate of Peace and Christian Patriot, June 1829
The Advocate of Peace, no. 1 (1823) and vol. 1:12 (1829) [not on microfilm]


Box 1 (cont.)

Brief paragraph documenting the existence of a group named the PPS in 1839, from the book by Merle Curti The American Peace Crusade, 1815-1860.


Box 1 (cont.)
"Proceedings of the Convention of the Friends of Peace of the State of Pennsylvania," 1850
Circular announcing first annual meeting of the PPS, 1851
"Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Peace Society at its First Annual Meeting," 1851


Box 2: Bound Minute Books
Book One: PPS meeting minutes, Nov. 6, 1893 - Jan. 10, 1908 [loose material removed]
Book Two: PPS meeting minutes, Jan. 15, 1908 - Dec. 14, 1916 [loose material removed]
Book Three: PPS meeting minutes, Jan. 11, 1917 - June 5, 1928 (at time of disbandment)

Box 2A
Loose material removed from Minute Book (1896-1908): letters, reports, etc., 1895-1906
Loose material removed from Minute Book (1896-1908): letters, reports, etc., 1907
Loose material removed from Minute Book (1896-1908): letters, reports, etc., 1908-1916 [includes minutes of Parlor / Neighborhood meetings, 1911-1913]

Box 3
Radical Peace Convention of the Pennsylvania Peace Society, 1868 [2nd anniversary announcement, Nov. 1868]
Letters, manuscripts, etc., 1894-1911
Letters, manuscripts, etc., 1912-1918
Meeting minutes [rough drafts?], 1914-1917; letters
Meeting minutes [rough drafts?], 1914-1917; letters
Pamphlet "Preamble and Constitution of the Pennsylvania Peace Society," 1866
Pamphlet "Military Statues Around City Hall, Philadelphia," 1866
Program for 33rd anniversary, 1898
Annual meeting cards [tickets?]
Pamphlet "The Teacher as a Missionary of Peace" by Andrew Stevenson; reprint of an address given at the Friends General Conference, Toronto, 1904
Reprint "The Message of Peace" by Julia Ward Howe, 1910
Calendar of meetings, 1911, 1913
Announcements for 46th and 48th anniversaries
Misc. newspaper clippings
Meeting minutes [rough drafts?], 1919-n.d. [includes notes for a speech(?); field work report; donation lists; letters]
Pamphlet "The Banner of Peace and Other Songs for the Use of Schools and Other Peace Societies," post-1916
Membership application to the Universal Peace Union
List of material for sale at Peace Headquarters
Calling card of Frederic Bajer of Copenhagen
Invitation to reception for peace envoy (Miss) Jessie Ackerman
Ribbon flag, adopted in the 1890s(?)
Two letters from Robert S. Freedman with sample ribbons/flags
Framed ribbon with text "Tablet of Annunciation of the coming of the 'Lord's Spirit' to all live on Earth, where righteousness and Peace will dwell"

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