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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is the official repository for these papers/records
Graves, Anna Meilissa (1875-1964)
Anna Melissa Graves Papers
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DG 015

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Anna Melissa Graves was a writer, teacher, world traveler, and internationalist. From the 1920s to the 1940s Graves traveled through Africa, Central and South America, China, Europe, and the Middle East. She taught school in many of these places and maintained a voluminous correspondence with the teachers, acquaintances, and former students she met on her travels.

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, 1942-1945, 1953; purchase of additional correspondence, October 2013 [Acc. 2013-065]
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Historical Background
Anna Melissa Graves (1875-1964), was a writer, teacher, world traveler, and internationalist. From the 1920s to the 1940s Graves traveled through Africa, Central and South America, China, Europe, and the Middle East. She taught school in many of these places and maintained a voluminous correspondence with the teachers, acquaintances, and former students she met on her travels. Graves was an active member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. While living in Geneva she acted as a consultative member for the WILPF on the League of Nations Liberia Commission. This Commissio attempted to settle the dispute between the Liberian government and the Firestone Rubber Company. Interested in promoting understanding between peoples of different countries, Graves published four collections of the correspondence she received from all over the world. The issue of racial and ethnic prejudice was an important one for Graves and her books reflect this concern.

Collection Overview
The papers of Graves consist mostly of correspondence from friends around the world. The letters, approximately half of which are from women, touch on family life in Syria, work and family conditions in China from the 1920s through the 1950s, and educational life in South America. Many of the letters describe war time and post war conditions in France and Germany. The issues of race and educational aspirations also are topics of many letters. Some of the better known correspondents include Henri Barbusse, Camille Drevet, Barthelemy de Ligt, Carlo Sforza, Gertrude Baer, Angelica Balabanoff, Victor Gollancz, B. W. Huebsch, Hans Kohn, Rosika Schwimmer, Henrietta Szold, Frank Tannenbaum, Bertram Wolfe, and Gabriela Mistral, Marie Rolland, Bertrand Russell. Part of this correspondence has been published in four volumes: Benvenuto Cellini had no Prejudice Against Bronze; Both Deeper than and Above the Melee; But the Twain Do Meet; and The Far East is not very Far.

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Detailed Description of the Collection
[Racial, religious, and national designations used in this finding aid were assigned by Anna Melissa Graves)

Acc. 2013-065

Box 1 Microfilm reel 74.1
Correspondence, A B
The Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair
Jane Addams
Norman Angell
Emily Greene Balch, 1920-1942
Emily Greene Balch, 1943-1949
Emily Greene Balch, 1950-1959
Roger Baldwin
Grace Beaton
Cedric Belfrage
John Bigelow
Alice Stone Blackwell
Katherine D. Blake
H. Noel Brailsford
Bishop Benjamin Brewster
A. Fenner Brockway
A. Barrett Brown
H. Runham Brown
Pearl S. Buck
Raymond Leslie Buell

Box 2 Correspondence, C R
James Branch Cabell
William Canton
Carrie Chapman Catt
Roderic Clark
Sarah Cleghorn
Travers Clement
McAlister Coleman
Nancy Cunard
Rena Datta
Min Denton
John Dewey
W.E.B. DuBois
Hamilton Fyfe
George W. Hartmann
W.B. Hesseltine
Lewis Hill
Herbert Hinkel
John Haynes Holmes
Winifred and Frank Horrabin
Lotte F. Jahrreiss
Lucy Randolph Mason
H.L. Mencken
Elizabeth Mendelssohn
E.D. Morel
Angela Morgan
Felix Morley
A.J. Muste
Scott Nearing
Blair Niles
W.E. Orchard
Mary White Ovington
George L. Paine
E. Sylvia Pankhurst
Katherine S. Phelps [Microfilm Reel 74.2]
Walter Rae
Betsy Reyneau
Reginald Reynolds
Grace Rhoads
Edward C.M. Richards
A. Maude Royden
Constance H. Rumbough
Bertrand Russell

Box 3 Correspondence, S W
Vida Scudder
Laurence Seige
Ethel Sidwick
Emily Parker Simon
Sir Ransford Slater
Anna Louise Strong
R.H. Tawney
Evan W. Thomas
Norman Thomas
Carl Van Vechten
Fannie Garrison Villard
Oswald Garrison Villard
Theodore D. Walser
Sydney Webb
Joseph L. Wheeler
Jean Wiley
Alex Wood
Alice Miles Woodruff
Amy Woods

Box 4 Correspondence
Letters from Belgians
Marie Louise Berg
Letters from theChinese:
Lanching Chou
Grace Chao
Sophia Chao
Mildred Djao
T.Y. Feng
Mabel Fu
Sylvia Fu [2 folders]
Mary Giang TsiDji
Ho C.K. Ke
Luther Kiang
Anna Kwei
ChaoHsu Kwei [2 folders]
Uda Kwei

Box 5 Correspondence [Microfilm Reel 74.3]
Letters from Chinese
Elizabeth Lauh
Hung-Ying Liao
Lan-Fang Liu
Marjorie Liu
Shun-Yuan Liu
Yuan-Lung Liu [3 folders]
C.T. Teng
Yi-Zia Tsoo
Gladys Wang
Grace Wang
Lois Wang
Caroline Wu

Box 6 Correspondence
Letters from Danes
Ellen Horop
Letters from French
Jeanne Armand
Jeanny Artus
A. Aulard
Octavie B.
Denise and Jean Beaumer
Henri Barbusse
Victor Basch
Juliette Bertin
Madeleine Boutaud-Lacombe [2 folders]
N. Brunet
Eugenie Cailleux
Germaine Carmantrand
S. Carmantrand and niece
Felicien Challaye
Camille Drevet
Gabrielle Duchene [Microfilm Reel 74.4]
Georges Duhamel
Luc Durtain

Box 7 Correspondence
Letters from French
Andrée Etienne [3 folders]
Claudia Fontaine
Yvette Fontaine
Violette Fontaine
Jeanne Fortin family
Charles Gobinot
Gonzalex-Prada F.
Perrault Harry and Myrianne
Harry Henri Huchet or H. Dumesnil-Huchet
Pierre Jamet
Andrée Jouve
Renaud de Jouvenel
Geneviève and Renée Kammerlocher

Box 8 Correspondence
Letters from French
J. Marescq
E.A. Margard
Jacques Martin
Pierre Martrou
M.A. Michalot
Yvonne Quatreboeufs
M. Rolland, 1925-1931
M. Rolland, 1932-1938
M. Rolland, 1939-1958
Marcelle Soulier [Microfilm Reel 74.5]
Noémi Stricker
Jules Supervielle
Henriette Viauvy
Andrée Viollis
Auguste P. Vistel
Pierre Vorms

Box 9 Correspondence
Letters from Germans
Lini Diebold
Allen M. Boeck
Emma Bolda
Warner Diebold
Drewing [2 folders]
Ella Gerlach
Almut Glöckner
Käthie Graf
W.L. Alexander Grey
Kathe Griese

Box 10 Correspondence [Microfilm Reel 74.6]
Letters from Germans
Luis Hilgart
Gertrud Christiane Jacobi
Erich Jaeckel
Hugo Kaiser
Helene Meier-Graefe
Hildegarde Nonne
Hertha Redlich
Emile Ritter

Box 11 Correspondence
Letters from Germans
Karl-Heinz Scholz
Eleanore Siebert
Helen Stolte
Dieter Strecker
Walburga Sia Strecker
Isabelle Wartenberg
Else von Zawackly

Box 12 Correspondence
Letters from Holland
Bartholomew De Ligt
Ina De Ligt
Baron R.A. De Lyndon
Henriette Kuipers
Madeleime Kuipers
Nicolaas Storm
Letters from India
Lady Ahala Bose
A.C. Chakravarty
Har Dayal
Sudhin N. Ghose
Haridas T. Muzumdar
Letters from Italians
Guglielmo Ferrero
D.A. Lorenzelli
Edvige Maioli
Charles Oliva
A. Ratti
Count Carlo Sforza
Letters from Japanese
Haru Matsui

Box 13 Correspondence
Letters from Jews
Eugenia Victorovna Alexandrova
Rachel Athie
Gertrude Baer
Angelica Balabanoff
G. Bermann
Martin Boskin
Anna Braginskaia
K. Bron
Rose Cox
Rose Fischer
Ladislas Franck
Samuel H. Friedman
Anneliese Friedsam
Hinde Goitein [Microfilm Reel 74.7]
Paul Glucksman
Harry Goldberg
Alfons and Lina Goldschmidt
Victor Gollancz
L. Gourfein-Welt
Eleanor Guttman
Lida Gustava Heymann
B.W. Huebsch
George B. Hurzar
Sara Jack

Box 14 Correspondence
Letters from Jews
E. Jacobson
Abraham Kaufman
Hans Kohn
Ija Korner
E. M. Krymholtz
Blanche Lévy
J. Magnus
Emile Megevaud
R. Pallay Panken
Rosika Schwimmer
E. Shaub
B. Shenderova
Bessie Simon
Arthur B. Spingarn
Josephine and Maria Steinhaus
Sheba Strunsky
Henrietta Szold
Frank Tannenbaum
Bess Tapper T. Tschlenoff
Jerry Tucker
Rachel Wassermann
Siegfried Weisberger
Gretl Wertheimer
Lloyd Wisoff
Bertram Wolfe
Ella Wolfe
Abraham Zurckel

Box 15 Correspondence
Letters from Latin America-Argentina
Gabriel del Maso
Letters from Latin America-Brazil
Ignace Barreto Carrera d'Araujo
Zilda Assumpcao
Maria Rita Burnier
Julio Xavier Marques do Couto
Irinéa Chaves
José Geraldo de Faria
Olympio Guilherme
Fernando Jungueiro
Gustavo Lerma
Berta Lutz
Anna Amelia Carnero de Mendonca
Letters from Latin America-Chile
Consuelo Lemétaver
Gabriela Mistral
Teresa Nunez
M. Poblete-Froncoso
Laura Rodig
Marta Vergara

Box 16 Correspondence
Letters from Latin America-Colombia
Maria Brégard de Trujillo
Letters from Latin America-Costa Rico
J. Garcia-Monje
Letters from Latin America-Cuba
America Gonzalez
Letters from Latin America-Mexico
José Miguel Bejarano
Elisa Cortes Hermelinda Reyes
Antonieta Rivas de Blair Rivas
Concha Romero James
Jose Vasconcelos
Carmen Villegas
Letters from Latin America-Peru
Laura Meneses de Albizu-Campos
Maria Jésus Alvaeadro-Rivera
G. Arbaiza
Maria Billinghurst
Julia Codesido
Felipe Cossio del Pomar [Microfilm Reel 74.8]
C.M. Cox
U. Delande
Anita Denegri
Luis Dórich T
Edwin Elmore
J.A. Enoinas
E. Enriquez

Box 17 Correspondence
Letters from Latin America-Peru
E.J. Goicochea
Angélica Gutiérrez González
Luis E. Heysen
Alberto Hidalgo
Carmen de Pinillo
Raúl Porras
Magda Portal
F. Posada
Alfredo González Prada
María Rosa
Samuel Ribeiro
Ibánez Enrique Rojas
Carmen Saco
Luis Alberto Sanchez
Manuel Seoane
Manuel Ugarte
Alberto Ulloa
M. Diaz
Z. Evangelina Antay de Vaughan
Letters from Latin America-Puerto Rico
Pedro Albizu Campos
Carmen Luisa de Morales
Julia M. and Luis F.
Letters from Latin America-Miscellaneous

Box 18 Correspondence
Letters from Negroes-Gold Coast
J.M. Akeyemi Adamah J.
Sabah Adoo Asari Kisseado
Chrissie Kisseado
John Kisseado
Julius Kisseado
Rita Kisseado
E.W. Martinson
N. Quarmina-Hesse
H.A.B. Jones-Quartey
Rubey Quartey-Papafio
F.B. Ofori Owoo
Letters from Negroes-Sierra Leone
Adelaide Casely-Hayford
Gladys Casely-Hayford
Charles Easman

Box 19 Correspondence
Letters from Negroes-Liberia
Jacob Browne
Sarah C. Brownell
Wilhelmina Bryant
Nathaniel H.B. Cassell
E. Gahie-Dodge
L.A. Grimes
Chalmcia Holden Johnson [Microfilm Reel 74.9]
J.D. Kwee-Baker
S.O. Logomoh
K. Zumba Mbadiwe
Eva Morris
N.H. Sie-Brownell
S.B. Yudosie
Letters from Negroes-Brazil
Letters from Negroes-[French America]-Guiana, Martinique, Haiti
Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 20 Correspondence
Letters from Persians
Mirza Ahmad Sohrab
Letters from Poles
Letters from Portugese
Letters from Russians-Armenians
S. Dildaroff
Paul Manoushagian
Dirouki Sdakian
Ossi Topouridze
Clement Topouridze
Constantin Topouridze [2 folders]
Helene Topouridze
Olga Topouridze
Tamar Topouridze

Box 21 Correspondence
Letters from Russians
Natasha Iakovlev [2 folders]
Lydie Myrtenkeyn
A. Roubakine
Alexandra L. Tolstoy
Olga Tolstoy
Alexander Yakovleff [Microfilm Reel 74.10]
Letters from the Spaniards
Salvador de Madariaga
Ramon Gomez de la Serna

Box 22 Correspondence
Letters from Swiss
Charles Baumann
Ernest Bauman and Family
Helene Gay
Edith Ghosh
Louisa Jaques
Letters from Syrians
Inham El Azem
Joumana Mouyad Azem
Essaf Bayazid
Ousama Bayazid
Wildad Khatib
Effat Mamlook
Souad Mouahkih
Amatilatif Mouayid-El Azem
Farcedah El Akle
Hassen Hemdan
Ramzie Grayeb

Box 23 Correspondence
Letters from Belgians-Danes-Dutch
Letters from Children (African)
Letters from Mildred Chao
Letters from Sylvia Fu
Letters from Chinese Girls and Women [Microfilm Reel 74.11]
Letters from Chinese Men

Box 24 Correspondence
Letters from French
Letters from Constantin Topouridze
Letters from Andreé Etienne [2 folders]
Letters from Madeleine Boutaud-Lacombe [Microfilm Reel 74.12]

Box 25 Correspondence
Letters from Lini Diebold Allen
Letters from the Drewing and Drewing-Scholz Families [2 folders]
Letters from Anneliese Friedsam
Letters from Germans

Box 26 Correspondence
Letters from Almut Glockner
Letters from Germans [Microfilm Reel 74.13]
Letters from Hungary - India - Italy - Japan - Portugal - Spain - Yogoslavia
Letters from Jews [2 folders]

Box 27 Correspondence
Letters from Mulattos in Latin America
Letters from Near East [2 folders]
Letters from Swiss
Letters from Russians [Microfilm Reel 74.14]
Letters from Natasha Yakovlef
Letters from West Africans

Box 28 Correspondence
Miscellaneous materia
lMaterial by AMG
Letters from AMG, 1948-1953
Letters from AMG, N.D.
Miscellaneous correspondence
Not microfilmed: Letter from AMG to Ada P. McCormick 1947

Refile Box [Not microfilmed]
Letters between Anna Melissa Graves, Vivien Roodenko [Lang], and Igal Roodenko, circa 1945

Acc. 2013-065 [not microfilmed]
Box 1 [of 1]
 Miscellaneous German/Swiss Correspondence
Miscellaneous French Correspondence
Miscellaneous and Unidentified Correspondence of Francophone and Russian Emigre
Miscellaneous Correspondence from Great Britain
Miscellaneous Norwegian Correspondence
Antipoff, Helena
Aptheker, Herbert (Political Affairs)
Balabanoff, Angelica
Belfrage, Cedric (Soviet Spy)
Black, Winifred
Boutaud-Lacombe, Madeline (French Leftist, peace activist
Braden, Ann and Carl
Brockway, Fenner
"Christian" (surname unidentified)
Hilgart, Lois
Lester, Muriel
de Madariaga, Salvador
Marshall, Catherine
Mitchell, Charles E.
Nearing, Scott
O'Connor, Jessie Lloyd
Pickens, William (NAACP)
Reynolds, Reginald
Rolland, Marie Romain
Russell, Bertrand
Sidgwick, Ethel
Smith, Jessica (New World Review)
Suyin, Han
Uphaus, Willard and Ola
Miscellaneous Correspondence

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