Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081 U.S.A.



Additional FOR-USA materials, 1940-1990s

(pending further accessions)


Series A
[no longer in existence]

Files of John M. Swomley, 1940-1960
This material was removed in 2007 to the John M. Swomley Jr. Papers (DG 227).

Series B
11 Doc. Boxes
1 Paige Box

Files of Richard Deats, 1972-1990s

Series C
1 Doc. Box
1 Paige Box

Files of Doug Hostetter, 1987-

Series D
4 Paige Boxes

Files of Administrative Assistants, 1985-1993

Series B: Files of Richard Deats, 1972-1990s

Staff positions:
Interfaith Work, 1972-1979
Executive Secretary, 1979-1984
Interfaith Work, 1984-1993
Communications and Editor of Fellowship, 1993-

Files are arranged as follows and placed in temporary document boxes. A provisional checklist is found at the front of Box 1.

Box 1

Biographical data; general/misc. FOR materials; general correspondence with individuals, A-L

Box 2

General correspondence with individuals, M-Z

Box 3

International correspondence: IFOR, national FOR groups, World Council of Churches

Box 4

Topical files: abortion - Korean Airlines (flight 007)

Box 5

Topical files: March on Washington for Jobs, Peace and Freedom (1983) - workshops on nonviolence

Box 6

Program areas: Seminary speakers, Covenant Peacemaking, Peace Sabbath and Peace Pentecost

Box 7

Program areas: Peace with Justice Week, Middle East, U.S.-USSR reconciliation, 1972-1986

Box 8

Deats' writings and speeches

Boxes 9-11

Accessions of June 1998:
General correspondence, 1972-1993; correspondence of Editor, 1993-1996; correspondence of Jim Forest (at IFOR office in Europe), 1976-1988

Box 1

Philippines material of Deats (not FOR)

Series C: Files of Doug Hostetter, 1987-

Staff positions:
Executive Secretary, 1987-1993
Interfaith/International Work, 1993-

Paige Box 1

General FOR files, 1987-1995:
Correspondence, administrative matters, speaking engagements, international trips. Some program material of these years is found in boxes of the Administrative Assistants. See below.

Temp. Doc. Box

Bosnian Student Project: correspondence, supplementary to the processed material. See Section II, Series J, Box 5.

Temp. Doc. Box
80th Anniversary, 1995
Articles by/about Hostetter, 1990-1992, n.d.
Bosnian correspondence, 1989, 1998
Email correspondence, April 1995-June 1997 (2 folders)
MEDIC 1991-1992, n.d (2 folders)
Middle East: general, 1992
Sanctions, 1991-1992
Miscellaneous documents, 1991-1992, n.d.

Series D: Files of Administrative Assistants, 1958-1993 (during the incumbency of Executive Secretaries Antal, Cooperrider and Hostetter)
These files include a variety of program and administrative materials which are listed, but not in any particular order.

Paige Boxes 1-4

Each box contains its respective list

Other Material
The following materials were removed from the files and located elsewhere in the SCPC as indicated:
Photographs (11 boxes) are in the Photograph Collection.
Posters are in the Poster Collection.
Motion picture films, sound recordings and phonodiscs are in the Audiovisual Collection.
Peace buttons are in the Button/Pin/Ribbon Collection.

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