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Papers, 1838-date
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Sound and Visual Recordings

Sound and visual recordings made during Jane Addams' life time (and available at Swarthmore College):

Film or video

"Some Glimpses of the Maison Internationale in Geneva and Devoted WIL Members" - includes scenes about the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; as well as Addams with WILPF members (silent); sound portion of Addams' speech in Washington, D.C., at end of Peace Caravan sponsored by WILPF, 1931; sound portion with Addams seated in a studio, reading a speech about the Disarmament Conference to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, 1931. [there are several versions of this film, but the portions showing Addams are the same in each version.]
---Motion picture #0006
---Motion picture #0010.1-0010.2
---Motion picture #0014
---Video Recording #0048 (copy of motion picture 0010.1-0010.2)
---Video Recording #0094 (copy of motion picture 0006 and motion picture 0014)

"Fragment of film showing Jane Addams" [perhaps addressing an audience in Geneva, circa 1920?] (approximately 10 seconds long, silent); [same film available in various formats]
---Motion picture #0022
---Video Recordings #0366, 0367a-0367b

"Jane Addams in Berlin, 1919" Viewing copy only. [Original film in the National Archives #200 496 R1.]
---Video Recording #0376

Jane Addams, Founder's Day at Swarthmore College, October 1932. Available in motion picture film and video recording. Contact: Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College.


Fragment from Jane Addams speech, 1931 [this sound recording replicates the final Addams speech from the film "Some Glimpses of the Maison Internationale"") (same sound recording available in various formats )
---Phonograph record #0010.1-0010.2
---Audiocassette #0064

---Audiotape reel #0280

Sound and visual recordings about Jane Addams, made after her death (and available at Swarthmore College):

"The House That Jane Built," 1991 WTTW Chicago
---Video Recording #0194

"Jane Addams," Schlessinger Productions, 1995
---Video Recording #0201

"Jane Addams," Lest We Forget These Great Americans by Institute for Democratic Education
---Phonograph record #0035.1-0035.2

"Jane Addams, As I Knew Her," 1960 [Speaker Jessie Binford, Jane Addams Centennial-Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, U.S. Section] (same recording available in various formats)
---Audiotape reel #0270 and #0273
---Audiocassette #1254

"Jane Addams, Her Life and Work," Harlem High School, 2003
---Compact Disc #0011

"Jane Addams, Timeless Fighter for Peace and Freedom" (WILPF Chicago Branch, 1980)
---Audiocassette #0084

"Reminiscences of Jane Addams," 1954 [Speaker Maud Stockwell, Jane Addams Tea, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Minnesota branch] (same recording available in various formats)
---Audiotape reel #0273
---Audiocassette #1254

"Women of Hull House" (Jane Addams Hull House Museum, 1992)
---Video Recording #0093

Sound and visual recordings including Jane Addams located at other institutions
(for information on these items please contact other institutions directly):

Motion picture film, MVTN 6 150: "Jane Addams Speaks of Her Work", May 1930, University of South Carolina News Film Catalog.

Motion picture film, "Jane Addams in Berlin, 1919" [Original film in the National Archives #200 496 R1. under title "With Von Hindenburg’s Army at the Front 1915, by Wilbur H. Durborough, in collaboration with Oswald F. Schuette"] (Copy also available from the Peace Collection, see video recording #0376).

Sound and visual recordings including Jane Addams (Location of copies, unknown)

Motion picture film, "Votes for Women," 1912, National American Woman Suffrage Association. (Addams appeared in this film, along with other suffrage activists)

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