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The Swarthmore College Peace Collection is not the official repository for these records. IPB records from 1891-1950 are held by the United Nations library in Geneva, Switzerland; records dating after 1950 will be held by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, library, also in Geneva, Switzerland.
International Peace Bureau Collected Records
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Service secretariat acting as a record office, library, and agenda formulating committee for major world peace congresses; organized in 1891; founded in 1892; offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Historical Background
The International Peace Bureau (IPB) evolved from proposals for an international clearinghouse put forth at the Third International Peace Congress, held in Rome in 1891. The organization had its first headquarters in Bern, but later moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Elie Ducommon, Henri La Fontaine and Albert Gobat, all winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, served as officers of the IPB during its formative years. An affiliate office was established in 1894 in Washington, D.C., where Belva Lockwood was active as one of the early members of its international governing board. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the IPB in 1910 for its efforts in promoting the establishment of the League of Nations and for spreading the message of peace to the general public. Among its many distinguished leaders over the years was the Irish Nobel Laureate Sean MacBride. Through the years, the IPB has served as a record office, library, and agenda committee for major world peace congresses, among its other work. In 1963, it was taken over by the International Liaison Committee of Organizations for Peace, the operative agency for the World Union of Peace Organisations, though it still retained the name of International Peace Bureau.

Today the IPB is the "world's oldest and most comprehensive peace network. With 18 international and 150 national / local member organizations (and 20 individuals) in 49 countries, it brings together people working for peace in many different sectors: not only pacifists but also women's, youth, labor, religious, political and professional bodies. Its role is that of supporting peace and disarmament initiatives taken by the United Nations, launching collective projects, and informing and servicing grassroots peace campaigns. It has had United Nations Consultative Status as an NGO since 1977, and has been active in the Special NGO Committee for Disarmament since 1972."

The IPB is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

For more information, see the IPB's website at http://ipb.org/i/index.html.

Collection Overview
Much of this collection consists of material from the international peace conferences that the IPB has held, beginning in 1889, as well as other conferences. Included also is general material that documents the organization's peace efforts over the past century and more.

Photos from the 25th & 26th Universal Peace Congresses were removed to the Photograph Collection. Serials were removed to the Periodical Collection [Correspondance bi-mensuelle, Sept. 1896, Jan. 1897 - Dec. 1911; Le Mouvement Pacifiste, Jan. 1912 - Jan./Feb. 1940; The Peace Movement, 1912-1914; Peace Information Bulletin, April 1963 - Oct. 1964].

Contents of Collection

Box 1


Program work, 1892-1929

Box 2

Program work, 1930-1939 [includes annual reports (in French)]

General Assembly of Peace Societies, Lucerne, Switzerland, Sept. 1938

Program work, 1940, 1942-1944, 1946-1949 [includes annual reports for 1943-1944 (in French)]

2nd International Congress of Peace Workers, Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 02-09, 1949

Program work, 1952-1954, 1963-1964

General Assembly, Sormarka, Norway, Aug. 28, 1964

Program work, 1965-1969

International Conference "Requirements for a World at Peace," Jogny-sur-Vevey, Switzerland, Aug. 30 - Sept. 03, 1965

Program work, 1970-1974, 1978, 1981

Program work: 1992-current [includes annual reports for 1993-1994]

Centenary Exhibition, 1992

Program work, undated

Box 3

1st Universal Peace Congress, Paris, France, June 23-27, 1889 [includes Bulletin du 1er Congres Universel de la Paix]

2nd Universal Peace Congress, London, England, July 14-19, 1890

3rd Universal Peace Congress, Rome, Italy, Nov. 11-16, 1891

4th Universal Peace Congress, Berne, Switzerland, Aug. 22-27, 1892

5th Universal Peace Congress, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Aug. 14-20, 1893

6th Universal Peace Congress, Antwerp, Belgium, Aug. 29 - Sept. 01, 1894 [includes Bulletin du VIme Congres de la Paix]

7th Universal Peace Congress, Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 17-22, 1896

8th Universal Peace Congress, Hamburg, Germany, Aug. 12-16, 1897

9th Universal Peace Congress, Paris, France, Sept. 30 - Oct. 05, 1900

10th Universal Peace Congress, Glasgow, Scotland, Sept. 10-13, 1901

Box 4

11th Universal Peace Congress, Monaco, April 02-06, 1902 [includes Bulletin du XIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

12th Universal Peace Congress, Rouen, France, Sept. 22-27, 1903 [includes Bulletin du XIIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

13th Universal Peace Congress, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Oct. 03-07, 1904 [see book collection for congress report]

14th Universal Peace Congress, Lucerne, Switzerland, Sept. 19-23, 1905 [includes Bulletin du XIVe Congres Universel de la Paix]

 15th Universal Peace Congress, Milan, Italy, Sept. 15-22, 1906 [includes Bulletin du XVme Congres Universel de la Paix]

 16th Universel Peace Congress, Munich, Germany, Sept. 09-14, 1907 [includes Bulletin du XIVe Congres Universel de la Paix]

 17th Universal Peace Congress, London, England, July 27 - Aug. 01, 1908 [See book collection for congress report]

18th Universal Peace Congress, Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 01-05, 1910 [See box 5 for congress report]

Box 5

XVIIIe Congres Universel de la Paix, 1910 and 19th Universal Congress Report, 1912

19th Universal Peace Congress, Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 22-28, 1912

20th Universal Peace Congress, The Hague, Netherlands, Aug. 18-23, 1913 [includes congress report XXieme Congres Universel de la Paix]

21st Universal Peace Congress, Luxembourg, Belgium, Aug. 10-13, 1921 [includes Bulletin Officiel du XXIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

22nd Universal Peace Congress, London, England, July 25-29, 1922

23rd Universal Peace Congress, Berlin, Germany, Oct. 02-08, 1924 [includes Bulletin Officiel du XXIIIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

24th Universal Peace Congress, Paris, France, Sept. 01-06, 1925 [includes congress report Le XXIVe Congres Universel de la Paix]

Box 6

25th Universal Peace Congress, Geneva, Switzerland, Aug. 28 - Sept. 03, 1926 [includes Bulletin Officiel du XXVe Congres Universel de la Paix]

26th Universal Peace Congress, Warsaw, Poland, June 25-29, 1928 [includes Bulletin Officiel du XXVIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

27th Universal Peace Congress, Athens, Greece, Oct. 06-10, 1929 [includes congress report XVIIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

28th Universal Peace Congress, Brussels, Belgium, July 05-10, 1931 [includes congress report XXVIIIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

29th Universal Peace Congress, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 04-09, 1932

30th Universal Peace Congress, Locarno, Switzerland, Sept. 01-06, 1934 [includes congress report XXXe Congres Universel de la Paix]

Box 7

31st Universal Peace Congress, Cardiff, Wales, June 13-19, 1936

32nd Universal Peace Congress, Paris, France, Aug. 24-29, 1937 [includes congress report XXXIIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

33rd Universal Peace Congress, Zurich, Switzerland, Aug. 21-27, 1939 [includes congress report XXXIIIe Congres Universel de la Paix]

Yearbooks, 1910, 1913, 1924-1925, 1929, 1931

Newsletter Geneva Monitor Disarmament, 1987-1988 [2 issues]


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