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The International Fellowship of Reconciliation was founded in 1922, though international work under the umbrella name "Fellowship of Reconciliation" began as early as 1915.

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Historical Background
In August 1914, an ecumenical conference was held in Konstanz, southern Germany (near Switzerland) by Christians seeking to prevent the outbreak of war in Europe. Before the conference ended, however, World War I had started and those present had to return to their respective countries. Henry Hodgkin (an English Quaker) and Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze (a German Lutheran) parted company at the railway station at Cologne with the words "We are one in Christ and can never be at war." To take that pledge forward, Hodgkin organised a conference in Cambridge in 1915, where the "Fellowship of Reconciliation" was formed (England FOR). Shortly after the Cambridge conference, in the autumn of 1915, he went over to America and the American Fellowship was founded (Nov. 1915). The International FOR (IFOR) was established in 1922 with the name of Movement Towards a Christian International; its current name came into use in 1923.

International Fellowship of Reconciliation conference, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, October 4-11, 1919 [click here for larger cropped version, with names]

International Fellowship of Reconciliation conference, Bilthoven, The Netherlands, October 4-11, 1919 [click here for close-ups]

International Fellowship of Reconciliation conference, Nyborg, Denmark, 1923
[click here for larger version]

The International Fellowship of Reconciliation has had as many as 40 national Fellowships on all continents. The German branch, Versuhnungsbund, held its first conference in 1932, but in 1933, when Hitler came to power, it dissolved. Siegmund Schultze was arrested twenty-seven times during World War I and was forced to live in exile during the Nazi period. FOR Germany was officially reestablished just in 1956 with Schultze as President.

To learn more of IFOR history, see http://www.ifor-mir.org/index.php/about-ifor/history.

The IFOR Secretariat has been located in various places throughout the years, but has stayed in Alkmaar, Netherlands since 1977.

Executives (International Secretariat)


IFOR Office Location

Kees Boeke


Bilthoven, Netherlands

Oliver Dryer, Secretary


London, England

Donald Grant, & Kaspar Mayr, Secretaries


Vienna, Austria

Henri Roser, General Secretary Daniel Hogg, Assistant Secretary


Paris, France

Percy W. Bartlett, General Secretary


London, England

Ernest Best


London, England

E. Philip Eastman


London, England

J. J. Wentink (interim)


London, England

Erwin Rennert


Vienna, Austria

Pieter A. Eterman, Administrative Secretary


Driebergen, Netherlands

Alfred Hassler (half-time with P.A. Eterman, Admin. Secretary)


Driebergen, Netherlands; Copenhagen, Denmark

IFOR-Dai Dong Collective


Brussels, Belgium

James H. Forest, Coordinator; General Secretary


Alkmaar, Netherlands

David Atwood


Alkmaar, Netherlands

Anke Kooke


Alkmaar, Netherlands

Collection Overview
This collection comprises a small amount of material collected over the years. Note that the main repository for the IFOR records are in Berlin at the Central Archives of the Evangelical Church of Germany.

Periodicals from many countries are catalogued and shelved together at the SCPC under the Fellowship of Reconciliation .

Items Removed:
Photos to the Photograph Collection

Box 1
History, organization, policy
Material, 1919|
Material, 1920-1923; includes:
-- leaflet "Towards a Christian International," ca. 1920
-- leaflet "The Fellowship at Work in Europe" by John Nevin Sayre, ca. 1920
-- pamphlet "The Christian International: Occasional Paper" (English Edition), No. 1, 1920 (April)
-- pamphlet "The Christian International: Occasional Paper" (English Edition), No. 2, 1920 (September)

-- pamphlet "A Christian International," 1922 (November)
-- pamphlet "New Lamps for Old" by George M. Ll. Davies, 1923 (October)
Correspondence with National Council for Prevention of War staff (J. Frederick Libby et al.), 1923-1926
Material, 1924-1926; includes:
-- pamphlet "A Christian International," 1924 (May)
-- pamphlet "Der Pazifismus in Frankreich older Das liberale Frankreich im Gegensatz zu dem offiziellen Frankreich" by Therese Pottecher-Arnould, 1924
-- pamphlet "Die Weltanschauung Eines Verrueckten" by Paul Jones, 1924
-- pamphlet "From Twenty Five Lands to Oberammergau" by Gilbert Porteous, 1926

Material, 1927-1928
Material, 1929; ca. 1920s
-- includes booklet Towards a Christian International: The Story of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation by Lilian Stevenson, 1929 (edition #1) [catalogued]
Material, 1930
Material, 1931; includes:
-- pamphlet "Ist Die Verstandigung Zwischen Polen und Deutschland Unmoglich?" by Kaspar Mayr, 1931 [catalogued]
-- pamphlet "The International Fellowship of Reconciliation: Looking Towards 1912," 1931 [catalogued]

Material, 1932; includes:
-- pamphlet "Across Europe on a Youth Crusade for Disarmament and World Peace," 1932 [or 1933?; catalogued]

Material, 1933-1935; includes:
-- pamphlet "Mogen Wij Kerstmis Vieren?" by Prof. Dr. Leonhard Ragaz, 1933 (December)
-- pamphlet "The International Fellowship of Reconciliation," 1934

Material, 1936-1939; includes:
-- booklet Towards a Christian International: The Story of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation by Lilian Stevenson, 1936 (edition #2) [catalogued]
-- pamphlet "ABC Der Friedensbewegung: Daten und Tatsachen" by Anna T. Nilsson, 1936
-- pamphlet "Experiences of a Camp Follower" by Muriel Lester, 1938? [catalogued]
-- pamphlet "Henri Roser" by Claire Roser, 1939 [a French conscientious objector; catalogued]
Material, 1940-1945; includes:
-- pamphlet "A New Germany: A Call from Protestant Germans in Switzerland," 1945

Material, 1946-1949; ca. 1940s
Material, 1940s-1950s: leaflet series "Adventures in Reconciliation":
-- #1 "A Coolie Girl"
-- #2 "A Chinese Scholar"
-- #3 "The Dead Sea Doctor"
-- #4 "Communion"
-- #5 "Feeding An Enemy"
-- #6 "Arbitration in the Village"
-- #7 "The Power of the Spirit in Internment"
-- #8 "A Negro Practices Direct Action"
-- #9 "An Island of Hope in France"
-- #10 "Mathilda Wrede, Friend of Prisoners"
-- #11 "He Saw a New China"
-- #12 "Across Several Frontiers"
-- #13 "Enemies Meet"
-- #14 "Castles in Czechoslovakia"
Material, 1950-1953; includes:
-- pamphlet "La Puissance de Dieu et la Non-Violence dans la Vie Quotidienne et la Vie Publique: Quartorze Theses Fondees sur l'Evangile Proposees par Daniel Parker et Quelques Amis," 1950 [catalogued]
-- pamphlet "War Is Contrary to the Will of God: Statements by the Historic Peace Churches and the International Fellowship of Reconciliation," 1951 (July) [catalogued]
-- pamphlet "Peace Is the Will of God: A Testimony To the World Council of Churches," 1953 (October)

Material, 1952-1955: East-West Subcommittee

Box 2
Material, 1954-1957; includes:
-- pamphlet "The International F
ellowship of Reconciliation: An Introduction" by John Nevin Sayre, 1954
-- pamphlet "Movimento Internazionale della Riconciliazione," 1957

Material, 1958-1959; ca. 1950s; includes:
-- pamphlet "The Christian and War: A Theological Discussion of Justice, Peace and Love," 1958 (October) [catalogued]
-- pamphlet "Conscientious Objection to Conscription," 195_ [catalogued]

Material, 1960-1961; includes:
-- pamphlet "The International Fellowship of Reconciliation 1959-1961"
-- pamphlet "Prayers for Prisoners," 1960 [catalogued]
-- pamphlet "Therefore Choose Life: Essays on the Nuclear Crisis," 1961 [catalogued]
1962-1963; includes:
-- pamphlet "The International F
ellowship of Reconciliation, 1961-1963"
-- pamphlet "Reconciliation Library Catalogue, 1962-1963"
-- pamphlet "Arthur W. Blaxall," 1963
-- leaflet "This is no concern of yours," 1963
Material, 1964-1965; includes:
-- pamphlet "The International Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1963-1965"
-- pamphlet "Suffering for Others," 1964
Material, 1966
Material, 1967
Material, 1968
Material, 1969; ca. 1960s
Material, 1970; includes:
-- pamphlet "Peace in University Education" by Rev. Richard T. McSorley, S.J. [photocopy]

Box 3
Material, 1971
Material, 1971 (cont.)
aterial, 1971-1973: efforts re: Dai Dong (Vietnam)
Material, 1972
Material, 1972 (cont.)
Material, 1973
Material, 1973-1975: Namibia Caravan / Campaign

Material, 1974
Material, 1974 (cont.)
Material, 1974 (cont.)

Box 4
Material, 1975
Material, 1977
Material, 1978
Material, 1979; ca. 1970s
Material, 1980-1989
Material, 1990-1999

Box 5
Material, 2000-2011; includes:
-- annual reports, 2004-2006
Material, 2010: booklet "Together for Transformation: Men, Masculinities and Peacebuilding" [copy]
Material, 2012-current
Material, 2004-2011: Women Peacemakers Program
Material, 2006-2011: Women Peacemakers Program
Material, 2012-current: Women Peacemakers Program

Box 6
Reports from Jean Goss and Hildegard Goss-Mayr, 1964-1973
Travel reports by Muriel Lester, 1938-1952
Travel reports by J. Nevin Sayre, 1929-1953
Involvement(?) with Church and Peace [group], 1977-1978
Involvement with the Commission on the Future, 1963-1965
Involvement with Eirene, 1969-1977
Involvement with the European Work Group, 1971-1974
Involvement with the International Collective Resistance [group], 1974-1976
Country Sections: data, 1969-1970
Country Sections: Africa and Malagasy
Country Sections: Argentina
Country Sections: Austria
Country Sections: Belgium
Country Sections: Brazil
Country Sections: Chile
Country Sections: Denmark
Country Sections: France and French-speaking areas
Country Sections: Germany (East and West)
Country Sections: Great Britain
Country Sections:
Country Sections: Italy
Country Sections: Japan
Country Sections: Netherlands, The
Country Sections: New Zealand
Country Sections: Nigeria
Country Sections: Norway
Country Sections: Rhodesia
Country Sections: Scandinavia
Country Sections: South Africa
Country Sections: Switzerland
Country Sections: Uruguay

Box 7
North American Committee of the IFOR [committee was comprised of more than Americans; files of J. Nevin Sayre]:
-- Correspondence, etc., 1936, 1942-1951, 1961-1965 [scattered]
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1940-1946
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1947-1949
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1950-1952
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1955-1957
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1953-1956
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1957-1959
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1960-1963
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1964-1967
-- Meeting minutes & reports, 1968-1969
-- Meeting minutes & correspondence, 1978

Note: The main body of IFOR records of 1919-1969 is found in the files of John Nevin Sayre, who served in an official capacity from 1935 to 1967 (DG 117, Series C).

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