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Herman, Theodore (1913-2010)
Theodore Herman Collected Papers
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Herman founded one of the first college/university Peace Studies programs in the United States, in 1971. After retirement, he was active in the International Peace Research Association and its Foundation. He helped establish the Balkan Peace Studies Center at the University of Skopje, Macedonia, in 1993.

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Historical Background
Theodore Herman was born in Philadelphia in 1913 to Carl and Molly Herman. He grew up in West Philadelphia and earned a B.A. from Swarthmore College in 1935. In 1936, he obtained a Master's Degree in Teaching from Columbia and went that same year to China to teach in the Shanghai American School. While in China, he was involved in the anti-Japanese efforts and was interned by the Japanese before being exchanged to the U.S. He returned to China to work for the U.N. Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. He returned to the United States to complete a Masters and a Ph.D. in geography at the University of Washington in 1951 and 1954 respectively. Herman was a Professor of Geography at Colgate College from 1956 until his retirement in 1980. At Colgate in 1971, he founded one of the first Peace Studies programs in the U.S. After retirement, Herman was active in the International Peace Research Association and its Foundation. He spent a lot of time in the Balkans in an attempt to bring together Serbs and Bosnia-Herzegovinians, and helped found the Balkan Peace Studies Center at the University of Skopje, Macedonia, in 1993. After the program's founding, he stayed on as a consultant. He spent most of his later years in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, where he died in 2010.

Collection Overview
These papers tell of Herman's involvements with various peace organizations.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1 [off-site SCPC-5729]
Removal forms
Biographical information
Correspondence, etc., 1970
Correspondence, 1975, 1982-1989
Correspondence with/about Danilo Dolci, 1982-1987
Letters to/about Petra Kelly, 1984-1992
Correspondence, 1990-1991
Correspondence with/about Kembo Sure of Kenya, 1987-1992
Correspondence with/about John Odhiambo of Kenya, 1992
Correspondence, 1992
Correspondence, 1993-1998
Correspondence, 1999
Work re: course on nonviolence taught at Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Work re: course on nonviolence,
in Kenya, 1985 [did not happen that year]
Trip to Macedonia, 1992
Trip to the Balkans, 1996 (October-November)

Box 2 [off-site SCPC-5730]
Involvement with Balkan Peace Team, 1990s
Involvement with Veterans for Peace, Inc., 1993-1998
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 1992-1993 [see folder "Trip to Macedonia, 1992"]
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 1994 [includes visit]
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 1995 [includes visit]
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 1996
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 1997
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 1998
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 1999
Work re: Balkan Peace Studies Center Skopje (Macedonia), 2000-2001

Box 3 [off-site SCPC-5731]

Involvement re: nomination of groups for 1996 UNESCO prize
Involvement with Global Nonviolent Peace Force, 1992-2002
Attendance at "Nonviolence in Education and Action" Conference, South Dakota, 1984 (August)
Participation in conference re: nonviolence, Brookings (South Dakota) 1985 (March)
Participation in symposium "Promoting Alternatives to Violence," South Dakota, 1985
Participation in (or attendance at?) National Conference on Nonviolence, South Dakota, 1987
Participation in "Symposium on Nonviolence," University of Wisconsin, 1988 (October 13-15)
Attendance at National Conference on Nonviolent Sanctions in Conflict and Defense, 1990
Participation in International Studies Association meeting and panel discussion, Washington (D.C.), 1990 (April)
Participation in 2nd International Conference on Peace and Nonviolence, India, 1991 (February)
Participation in symposium "Nonviolence: Social and Psychological Issues," 1992
Participation at Gathering of Friends, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1994 (July 2-9)
Miscellaneous activities/conferences/etc.
Miscellaneous notes/writings/etc.
Miscellaneous re: India

Box 4 [off-site SCPC-5732]
Reference: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Reference: Boston Okinawa Network [includes booklet "U.S. Military Bases in Japan: A Japan/U.S. Dialogue", 1998]
Reference: Danilo Dolci
Reference: "Feminist Resistance in Serbia," 1995
Reference: George Soros/Soros Foundation re: Bosnia, etc.
Reference: Global Nonviolent Peace Force
Reference: Historical maps of Croatia, Yugoslavia, Serbia [facsimiles]
Reference: Kosovo/Balkans
Reference: Macedonia
Reference: "The Media War Against the Serbs," 1994
Reference: Peacemaking/nonviolence
Reference: Petra Kelly
Reference: Petra Kelly
Reference: Responses to war in Kosovo, 1999

Box 5 [off-site SCPC-5733]
Reference: Serbia/Croatia/Yugoslavia
Reference: "Serblii on their own land" by Hugo Roth, 1993
Reference: Serbs for Peace, Truth, and Justice
Reference: "Ustasha Crimes of Genocide: Tudjman's 'Jasenovac Myth'" by Dr. Milan Bulajic, 1992
Reference: Veterans for Peace, etc.
Reference: Women's Studies Center, Belgrade
Reference: "Working for Peace in the Balkans: A Guide to U.S. Organizations," 1996

Box 6 [off-site SCPC-5734]
Removal forms
Miscellaneous correspondence and involvements
Involvement with Kecksemét Ecumenical Conference, Hungary, 1995 (August 21-27)
Involvement with Peace Studies Association, 1996-1999
Involvement with Peace Studies Association, 2000-2001
Involvement with AFSC's Europe Program Committee, 1997-1999
Involvement with AFSC's Europe Program Committee, 2000
Involvement with AFSC's Europe Program Committee, 2001
Involvement with COPRED, 1997-1999
Involvement with COPRED, 2000-2001
Involvement with Balkans Concerns Group, 1999-2000

Box 7 [off-site SCPC-5735]

Involvement with Balkans Concerns Group, 2001
Participation in International Scholars Annual Trialogue, Skopje (Macedonia), 2002 (May 10-14)
Reference: Miscellaneous
Reference: Balkans Peace Project
Reference: Hungarian Interchurch Aid -- annual report, 1994
Reference: 2 mss. to be published in Lessons from Lebanon by Laurie King-Irani and George Irani
Reference: course report "Learning Conflict and Teaching Peace in Former Yugoslavia" by Peter Jarman and Jan Øberg, 1998
Reference: report "Violence Prevention, Postwar Reconstruction and Civil Society: Theory and Yugoslavia" by Jan Øberg, 1998
Reference: exhibit "Following the Kosovar Refugees," Colgate University (Hamilton, New York), 2000
Reference: the Arts
Reference: the Arts -- poetry and art by Fritz Eichenberg

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