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Joshua Pollard Blanchard Collected Papers, 1819-1868

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Joshua Pollard Blanchard Scrapbook

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1
Untitled articles re: Newtonian system of gravity [by JPB?], Boston Gazette, 1819 (February 25 and March 1, 11, and 18)
"Military Preparations" (American Peace Society, Boston), undated
"Peace Practicable" (American Peace Society, Boston), undated
"Cooperative Value of the Peace Cause" (American Peace Society, Boston), undated
"Congress of Nations" (American Peace Society, Boston), undated
"Patriotic Slavery," undated
"Mexican War," undated
"Eutopianism of Peace," undated
"International Forbearance," undated
"Responsibility for the Mexican War," undated
"To the Members of the American Peace Society," 1851?
"Address to the People of the United States" re: upcoming Peace Congress, signed by JPB and others, 1851?
"League of Universal Brotherhood," Christian Examiner, 1848 (May)
"Kansas and Nebraska," Christian Examiner, 1855 (January)
"Letter to Governor Bontwell [of Massachusetts]," 1850 (handwritten)
"To the Members of the Convention for Amending the Constitution of Massachusetts," Circular, 1853 (April)
"Principles of the Revolution" (Damrell and Moore, Boston), 1855
Letter to 'Sir' from Committee of Solicitation appointed by the American Peace Society, Circular, 1836 (March)
"Invasion of Paraguay," 1859
"Identity of Christ With God," Christian Register, 1860 (March 31)
"Military Obedience," Herald of Peace, 1860 (April 1)
"Joining the Church," Christian Register, 1860 (July)
JPB response to article "Mr. Breckinridge Accepts the Nomination of One-Half of the Democracy," 1860 (July)
"Letter to Hon. John C. Breckinridge," 1860 (July 26)
"Professional Murder," Christian Register, 1860 (November 17)
"Value of the Union," Liberator, 1860 (December 28)
"Constitutionality of the Fugitive Slave Law," Liberator, 1860 (November 9)
"[Illegible] Constitution," 1861 (February 9)
"Peaceful Division," Liberator, 1861 (March 1)
"On Coming to the Communion," Christian Register, 1861 (February 9)
"The Communion," Christian Register, 1861 (March 2)
"Christianity of War," Christian Register, 1861 (May 23)
"The War of Secession," undated
"Everett on Secession," Liberator, 1861 (July 19)
"Plan for Terminating the War, By Division of the United States, Without Concession of Principle or Right on the Part of the North," Liberator, 1861 (August 9)
Published letters between JPB and A. Hogeboom re: "Plan for Terminating the War...," Liberator, 1861 (September - October)
"American Peace Society," 1861 (September 27)
"Gerrit Smith and England," 1862 (February 21) [includes article by Gerrit Smith "Gerrit Smith to George Thompson," Liberator, 1862 (February 14) ]
"Character and Effect of Oaths," Christian Register, 1862 (March 22)
"No Union With Slaveholders," Liberator, 1862 (December 5)
"Letter to Rev. Samuel J. May," 1863 (July 10)
"Rights of War," The Courier, 1863 (July 11)
"Responsibility of Subordinates," Liberator, 1864 (April 8)
"American Peace Society," Christian Register, 1864 (June 18)
"American Peace Society," Courier, 1864 (June 20)
"Letter to Survivors of a Former League," Courier, 1864 (April 11)
"Necessity of War," Courier, 1864 (December 22)
"Blindness of Emancipation," Christian Register, 1865 (January 20)
"Separation," Liberator, 1865 (February 24)
"Consolidation," 1865 (March 28)
"Belief," Christian Register, 1865 (April 8)
"Belligerent Rights," Bond of Brotherhood, 1863 (June)
"Treason," 1866 (December 15)
"Individuality," Bond of Brotherhood, 1863 (August)
"Infatuation of War," Herald of Peace, [1863? 1865?]
"Unresisting Disobedience," Herald of Peace, 1864 (March 1)
"Hostile Brotherhood," Bond of Brotherhood, 1865 (March)
"The Mystery of War," Bond of Brotherhood, 1865 (June)
Letter to the Editor of the New York News, 1865 (July 17)
"Patriotism," Bond of Brotherhood, 1865 (August 10)
"Spirit of Power," 1865 (August 10)
"Obedience," Bond of Brotherhood, 1865 (August 1)
"Patriotism," Christian Register, 1865 (August 5)
"Political Liberty," Liberator, 1865 (August 8)
Letter to 'Respected Friends,' 1867 (May 4)
"Belief Involuntary," Christian Register, 1865 (September)
"Settlement by War," Advocate of Peace, 1865 (November)
Prohibition of the Sword," Bond of Brotherhood, undated
"Toleration," Philadelphia Tribune, 1866 (November 3)
"Treason," Philadelphia Tribune, 1866 (November 17)
"Martial Fictions," Philadelphia Tribune, 1866 (December 1)
"Involuntary Servitude," Philadelphia Tribune, 1866 (December 8)
"War is Murder," Philadelphia Tribune, 1867 (February 18)
"The Region of Force," Philadelphia Tribune, 1867 (March 2)
"Congress of Nations," Philadelphia Tribune, 1866 (December 22)
"International Forgiveness," Philadelphia Tribune, 1867 (April 27)
"Military Servitude," Philadelphia Tribune, 1867 (June 8)
"Love an Essential of Christianity," Herald of Peace, 1867 (July)
"Responsibility," Philadelphia Tribune, 1867 (November)
"Law of Might," Philadelphia Tribune, 1867 (December)
"Murder," Bond of Peace, 1868 (January)
"The American War," Bond of Brotherhood, 1862 (July 1)
"Freedom Versus Peace," Bond of Brotherhood, 1862 (August)
"Belligerent Rights," Bond of Brotherhood, 1862 (December 1)
"The God of Battles," Bond of Brotherhood, 1863 (January 1)
"Progress of Peace," Bond of Brotherhood, 1864 (February 1)
"Scripture Embarrassments," Christian Register, 1868 (May 30)
"Individual Freedom," The Radical, 1868 (July)

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