Nancy P. (Nancy Peel) Speers Genealogical Papers, 1906-1995 [bulk 1972-1995]

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Nancy Peel Speers (1925-1995) was a leading expert on Quaker genealogy. Married to David Speers (1919-1968), she was a lifelong resident of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. She was employed as an archivist and staff genealogist at Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. The Speers' Genealogical Research Papers consist of personal research on the Peel, Speers, and Olmsted families, research on Quaker families, including extensive work done on Cox, Kester, Griffith, and Lloyd families, and miscellaneous Quaker genealogical research.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL Nancy Peel Speers (1925-1995) was a leading expert on Quaker genealogy. She was employed by Friends Historical Library as an archivist and staff genealogist, and she also worked as a private genealogist during her employment and after retirement from the Library.

She was the daughter of H. Lindley and Edna L. Peel and raised in the Borough of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Nancy Speers entered the College of Wooster in Ohio at the end of her junior year at Swarthmore High School, returning to graduate from Swarthmore High School with the class of 1943. She then transferred to Middlebury College in Vermont where she spent her sophomore and junior years. In August 1945 she married David Speers (Adam David McKinstry Speers) of Indianapolis, a Swarthmore College alumnus. They settled in Swarthmore. David Speers (1919-1968) was a partner in the law firm of Duane, Morris, and Heckscher in Philadelphia.

After her husband's death, Nancy Speers began to work at Friends Historical Library as an archivist and staff genealogist. She retired in 1992, and her genealogical papers were donated to the Library after her death by her three children.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT The Speers' Genealogical Research Papers consist of personal research on the Peel, Speers, and Olmsted families, research on Quaker families, including extensive work done on Cox, Kester, Griffith, and Lloyd families, and miscellaneous Quaker genealogical research.

Arrangement The collection is divided into two series:

Added entries

  • Cox Family.
  • Genealogy - Quaker
  • Griffith Family.
  • Kester Family.
  • Lloyd Family.
  • Olmsted Family.
  • Peel Family.
  • Quakers -- Biography
  • Speers Family.
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Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below:

Ser. 1. Personal Genealogical Papers
Includes research on Speers, Peel, Lippincott, Russell, McKinstry, Olmsted, and other collateral family lines.
Folders have not been entirely sorted and contain rough notes, correspondence, and charts.

Typescript, "Lineal Descent of Nancy Peel Speers" Box 1: 1

Typed transcription, "Diary of Trip to England, 1860" kept by Henry Clarke Peel, Sr. Box 1: 2

Lippincott family Box 1: 3

Peel family Box 1: 4

Lippincott/Peel lines Box 1: 5

Speers line documents

Typescript "Lineal Descent of Adam David McKinstry Speers" Box 1: 6

Mimeograph mss "Spear Family History" Box 1: 7

Peel/Speers research notes Box 1: 8

McKinstry family lines Box 1: 9

Speers Box 1: 10

Speers lineal descent Box 1: 11

Speers, with LeFevre, Bevier, Etting, etc. notes Box 1: 12

Speir line Box 2: 13

Mary Beare's correspondence regarding Speers family Box 2: 14

Nathaniel Bernard's correspondence Box 2: 15

Adam Speers/Nancy Ellen Speers Bernard correspondence, etc. Box 2: 16

Olmstead line documents

Olmstead/Browning lines Box 2: 17

Russell/Olmsted Box 2: 18

Olmsted family charts Box 2: 19

Olmsted family group charts Box 2: 20

Olmsted correspondence Box 2: 21

Olmsted family association Box 2: 22

Olmsted family reunion, notes Box 2: 23

Ser. 2 Quaker Genealogy Family Files

The following files on Quaker families are storied in the FHL reading room:

Ashead Box 3: 1

Atkinson Box 3: 2

Baker Box 3: 3

Beales: see Hunt

Beals Box 3: 4

Bevan Box 3: 5

Birdsall Box 3: 6

Bonsall Box 3: 7

Borton: see Lippincott

Bowater: see Beals

Brindley: see Lukens

Brown Box 3: 8

Burrough: see Lippincott

Burson: see Griffith

Bye: see Brown

Canby Box 3: 9

Canby: see Heston

Carver: see Reeves

Chaffin/Chalfant Box 3: 10

Clayton Box 3: 11

Clendennon Box 3: 12

Cloud Box 3: 13

Coales: see Truman

Cooper: see Truman

Coppock: also, see Tucker Box 3: 14

Cowgill Box 3: 15

Cox (2 folders) Box 4: 16-17

Crawford Box 4: 18

Crew: see Stanley

Day: see Hussey

Dickinson: see Hallock

Dixon: see Hutton

Doane: see Phillips

Doors: see Lukens

Durham Box 4: 19

Elliott Box 4: 20

Endicott: see Gaskill

Evans Box 4: 21

Fayle Box 4: 22

Fisher: also, see Kirk Box 4: 23

Foulke: see Lippincott

Franzier: see Coppock

Gaskill Box 4: 24

Griffith Box 4: 25

Haines: see Lippincott

Hallock Box 4: 26

Halloway: see Pharo

Hammer Box 4: 27

Hanson Box 4: 28

Harvey: see Hollingsworth

Heacock: see John

Hester Box 5: 29

Heston Box 5: 30

Hibbs Box 5: 31

Hill: see Cox and Phillips

Hinshaw Box 5: 32

Hoag: see Narramore

Hodson: see Cox

Hollingsworth; also, see Hinshaw Box 5: 33

Hooten: see Langstaff

Hunt: also, see Beals, Hinshaw, and Jones Box 5: 34

Hussey Box 5: 35

Hutton Box 5: 36

James Box 5: 37

John Box 5: 38

Jones Box 5: 39

Includes extensive correspondence
Box 5: 40

Donald Kester

Kirk Box 5: 41

Langstaff (NJ) Box 6: 42

Lightfoot: see Hutton

Lippincott: also, see Brown Box 6: 43

Llewellyn: see Hunt

Lloyd (7 folders)
Includes extensive correspondence
Box 6: 44

R.Douglas Lloyd (2 folders) Folder 45-46

Lloyd Box 6: 47

Lloyd Box 6: 48

Lloyd Box 6: 49

Lloyd Box 6: 50

Lownes: see Heston

Lukens Box 7: 51

Lupton Box 7: 52

Malone: see Brown

McCarty Box 7: 53

Mendenhall: see Griffith

Michener: see Scarborough

Middletown: see Ashead

Moore, Ann Box 7: 54

Morlan: see Richardson

Narramore Box 7: 55

Neill Box 7: 56

Newlin: see Hinshaw

Owen: see Griffith

Parson: see Lukens

Patterson: see Phillips

Paxson: see Roberts

Pearson Box 7: 57

Pedrick: see Hunt

Pennington: see Brown

Penrose Box 7: 58

Pharo Box 7: 59

Phillips Box 7: 60

Plumley: see Roberts

Preston: see Scarborough

Price Box 7: 61

Price: see Jones

Reeves Box 7: 62

Richardson Box 7: 63

Roberts Box 7: 64

Robeson: see Elliott

Rutter: see Elliott

Sanders: see Woodrow

Sanders: see Wright

Scarborough: also, see Pearson Box 7: 65

Scull: see Reeves

Shinn: see Atkinson

Shreve: see Atkinson

Smith Box 7: 66

Stanfield: see Tucker

Stanley Box 7: 67

Starbuck: see Hester Box 7: 68

Taber Box 8: 69

Truman Box 8: 70

Tucker Box 8: 71

Tyson Box 8: 72

Underwood: see Kirk

Varney: see John

Wells: see Woodrow

Wells: see Wright

Wierman: see Cox

Woodrow Box 8: 73

Woolman: see Lippincott

Woolston: see Heston

Worrall Box 8: 74

Wright Box 8: 75