An Inventory of the Charles Smith Ogden Family papers, 1681-1938

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Charles Smith Ogden (1822-1904) was a Quaker businessman, genealogist, and civic leader. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, educated in Friends' schools, and married Emma Corbit in 1848. He worked as a wholesale druggist before the Civil War, was active on the committee to elect Abraham Lincoln, and served as Consul to Quebec, Canada, 1860-1864. In 1886, he began a tour around the world, which is recounted in his travel diaries, 1886-1891. This collection contains genealogical material, family correspondence, scrapbooks and memorabilia. Of particular interest are letters included in the scrapbooks from correspondents including Elias and Edward Hicks, Benjamin Ferris, and John Comly.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL Charles Smith Ogden (1822-1904) was a Philadelphia Quaker businessman, genealogist, and civic leader. He was born in Philadelphia, the son of John Melchior and Harriet (Middleton) Ogden, into a prominent family deeply involved in philanthropic and reform activities. He was educated in Friends' schools and married Emma Corbit (1827-1874) in 1848 under the care of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (Hicksite). She was the daughter of Henry Cowgill Corbit and Sarah Bolton. They had two children, Henry Corbit Ogden and Middleton Ogden. Charles Ogden worked as a wholesale druggist before the Civil War, was active on the committee to elect Abraham Lincoln, and served as Consul to Quebec, Canada, 1860-1864. In 1886, he began a tour around the world, which is recounted in his travel diaries, 1886-1891, and ended abruptly with the death of his son, H. Corbitt Ogden.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT This collection contains genealogical material, family correspondence, scrapbooks and memorabilia compiled by Charles Smith Ogden, a Philadelphia Quaker businessman, genealogist, and civic leader.

Arrangement The colleciton is divided into five series:

Added entries

  • Canada - Description and travel
  • Diaries
  • Genealogies -Quaker
  • Ogden family
  • Quaker --Diaries--19th century
  • Quakers - Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
  • Quakers - Social life and customs
  • Quebec - Canada
  • Voyages and travel - 19th century
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • Comly, John, 1773-1850
  • Ferris, Benjamin, 1780-1867
  • Hicks, Edward, 1780-1849
  • Hicks, Elias, 1748-1830
  • Ogden, Charles Smith, 1822-1904
  • Ogden, Emma Corbit, 1827-1874
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Ser. 1. Biographical and genealogical material, 1558-1896
Arrangement of the material in this series follows as nearly as possible the table of contents of Historica genealogica set up by Charles S. Ogden. See Folder 1 in Box 1.

Historica Genealogica, Vol. 1, "Ogden, Name and Family prior to A.D. 1682," 1558-1740 Box 1

Material on Thomas Ogden, clockmaker of Sunderland Eng. (Ms.) Box 1

Orthographic changes in family name, from 1150
Actor, de Oketon, de Hoton, de Octune, Hocton, Hoghton, de Ocktone, de Oktok, de Ockton, Okedone, Okedon, Oakden, Okden
Box 1

Extracts from minutes of Brighouse Monthly Meeting 1701-1740 Box 1

Extracts from Bradford Parish Church records 1558, 1562, 1563 Box 1

Ogden hearth list 1666 Box 1

From record of Parish church of Rochdale, County of Lancaster, Eng., concerning Ogden family, 1582-1641: Box 1

Christenings 1582-1616 Box 1

Weddings 1583-1614 Box 1

Burials 1584-1641 Box 1

Historica Genealogica, Vol. 2, “Ogden, David my ancestors descendants in Penna. from A.D. 1682.” Box 1

Chart, Ogden Family, from H. Corbit Ogden, b. 1849, to David, b. 1655 (see Gen. Charts) Folder 2.

Scrapbook No. 1. Historica Genealogica, Vol.2., 1558-1896 Folder 3.

Biographical and genealogical material, 1682, 1705, n.d. Box 1

Page 7a. Information regarding Friends called Ogden, prior to 1682. The name was found most frequently in Yorkshire, Eng. Box 1

Page 16. Will of Tho. Herriott, bearing signature of David Ogdon [sic] 7-26-1682 (copy) Box 1

Pages 25-27. Biographical information on Martha [Holton, Houlten, Houldstone], wife of David Ogden. Box 1

Page 34. Will of David Ogden, 5-16-1705 (copy) Box 1

Page 35. First generation, David Ogden. Box 1

Pages 36-43. Second generation. Box 1

Pages 44-57. Third generation. Box 1

Pages 58-77. Fourth generation. Box 1

Pages 78-110. Fifth generation. Box 1

Pages 111-157. Sixth generation. Box 1

Pages 159-192. Seventh generation. Box 1

Pages 199-212. Eighth generation. Box 1

Reference material: Quaker, 1681-1685

Page 3. Historical notes on the “Two-Weeks Meeting”, earliest of London Meetings for Discipline.
Later merged with “Bull and Mouth Meeting.”
Box 1

Page 5. Wm. Penn's statement regarding naming of Penna. 1-5-1681 (copy) Box 1

Pages 7,8. Account of Wm Penn's voyage on ship “Welcome”, and his arrival. cca. 9-1-1682 Box 1

Pages 9-11. List of some of “Welcome” passengers, with biographical note on several. 1682 Box 1

Page 14. "A further Account of the Province of Penna. and Its Improvements, For the Satisfaction of those that are Adventurers, and inclined to be so”, by Wm. Penn, Worminghurst Place, from Pennsylvania Two Hundred Years Ago. 10-12-1685 Box 1

Page 21. Notes on First Friends' Meeting in Philadelphia, from Watson's Annals Box 1

Page 22a. Account of destruction of “Treaty Elm” Box 1

Page 22. Record in Monthly Meeting Book of meeting established at Fairman's residence at Shackamaxon
re: David Ogden's presentation of certificate from Friends in London.
11-21-1682 (copy) Box 1

Page 23. Minute regarding proposed intention of marriage of David Ogden and Martha Houlston, at Meeting in Chester. (tracing) 11-4-1685 Box 1

Pages 66a, 66. Account of title of Monthly Meeting of Friends at Green St., Phila., to Burial Ground and Farm, taken from “Historical Account of Fairhill Burial Ground” p. 17-23, with cuts. Box 1

Page 85. Account of 200th anniversary of Lower Merion Meeting. Box 1

Page 176. “Memorial”, Elizabeth M. Ellison; “In Memoriam”, F. Perot Ogden. Box 1

Page 188a. Clipping, wedding of Alice Troth and John Drexel. 4-27-186? Box 1

Reference material: Non-Quaker

Page 176. Supplement to the Troy Daily Times, Troy NY, 19-1896 Box 1

Pictures, 1682, n.d.

Page 3a. “The Quakers' Meeting”, by E. Hemskirck, Pinx (2 copies) Box 1

Page 19. Belt of Wampum delivered by the Indians to Wm. Penn at the “Great Treaty at Shackamaxon 1682 Box 1

Page 20. Friends' Meeting House at Burlington, NJ Box 1

Page 85. “The Ancient Marion Meeting House” Box 1

Page 129a. Edward Ogden, Sallie Morris Perot Ogden Box 1

Page 130a. Alfred Ogden, Alice Ida Weiss Ogden Box 1

Descendants of David Ogden, generations 1-6 (paperbound ms. sheet) Box 1

Additional biographical and genealogical notes, generations 1 & 2, 4-8 Folder 5

Ms. notes on Ogden family taken from "The Digested Copy of The Records of Births, of The Society of Friends, Quarterly Meeting of Yorkshire, Eng." Folder 6.

Biographical and genealogical material collected by J. M. Ogden of Ilkley, Eng. Folder 7.

Copy of Third Item of Will of Chas. S. Ogden
Received 8-14-1905 from Provident Life and Trust Co. of Phila. regarding Chas. S. Ogden's bequest to Swarthmore College.
Folder 8.

Chas. S. Ogden's commission as Postmaster of Oakdale. 1-17-1866 Folder 9

Additional David Ogden material.
Includes information on J. M. Ogden and family.
Folder 10

Warrant in connection with purchase of 200 acres in Chester Co. by David Ogden, from Wm. Penn 12-29-1683 (copy) Box 1

David Ogden's will. 5-16-1705 Box 1

"Inventories of the reale and parsonall Estate of David Ogden.” [sic] 9-14-1705 Box 1

Biographical information concerning Martha Ogden, wife of David Ogden, her father, and other members of her family Box 1

Biographical information concerning John Ogden's sisters, Hannah and Sarah Box 1

"Information for My Executors, Lizzie Ogden, Curtis A. Darling”, signed by H. Corbit Ogden, N. Y. 1-6-1891 Folder 11

Historica Genealogica, Vol. 5. “Meng J. Christopher, his descendants in America,” 1891 Box 2

Chart of descendants of John Christopher Eng, b. 1869, to H. Corbit Ogden, b. 1849. Folder 12

“Descendants of Johann Christoph Meng”, paperbound ms. notes.
Includes extract from “The Battle of Germantown, The Revolutionary Services of Capt. John Markland”, from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography.
(paperbound ms.notes) Folder 13

“Descendants of Johann Christoph Meng and Anna Baumanin M. nee Baroness Von Ebsten, in the Province of Penna.”
Includes article from The Penna. Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 6, No.4, 1882, p.377-401, “The Germantown Road and Its Associations,” by Townsend Ward. Includes, also, printed sheet on John Christopher Meng and his artist son, John.
Folder 14

Note on Ming (Meng) genealogy, with accompanying letter from Hannah Zell to Corbit Ogden 6-4-1891. Folder 15.

“Ogden and Corbit. Chart starting with H. Corbit and Middleton Ogden and extending back six generations.” Vol. 6

Includes information on Ogden, Middleton, Low, Meng, Corbit, and other families in the Ogden ancestry. Photographs as follows: Box 2

Charles Smith Ogden. Box 2

Emma Corbit Ogden, wife of Charles S. Box 2

H. Corbit Ogden, son of Charles S. Box 2

Middleton Ogden, son of Charles S. Box 2

Lizzie Bowman Ogden, wife of Corbit Box 2

Marie Ogden, daughter of Corbit and Lizzie Box 2

John M. Ogden, father of Charles Box 2

Harriet Middleton Ogden, mother of Charles Box 2

Henry Corbit, father of Emma Corbit Ogden Box 2

2. Diary notes of five-year around-the-world trip taken by Charles S. Ogden, 1886-1891.
Box 2
In form of letters to his son, H. Corbit Ogden. Nos. 1-273, 10-25-1886 to 8-5-1891. Includes last letter begun to Corbit, but which was concluded with news of Corbit's death and Charles S. Ogden's immediate trip home from Scotland as a result. Includes, also, sheets which appear to be a record of dates on which Corbit wrote to his father, and dates on which he, Corbit, received photographs, newspapers, cases of curios, etc., from his father.

3. Correspondence received by Charles S. Ogden, 1887-1891

Correspondence 1-4-1887 to 1891

Mary L. Worrell to uncle, Charles S. Ogden
Letter mentions marriage of Mary Elkinton to Inazo Nitobe.
1-3-1891 Box 2

Last letter from son Corbit, who died 7-29-1891 7-28-1891 Box 2

H.C. Townsend to Charles S. Ogden regarding Corbit's will 9-16-1891 Box 2

4. Scrapbooks (four).

Contents of Scrapbook No. 1: See Ser. 1, Box 1, Folder 3 Box 3

Contents of Scrapbook No. 2, 1838-1892 : Box 3

Biographical on life and career of Charles S. Ogden, 1857-1892: Box 3

Page 2. Clippings with biographical information regarding Henry C. Corbit, father-in-law of Charles S. Ogden. Box 3

Page 3. Clippings with biographical information regarding members of Ogden family, Frederick Callendar, Edwin, Jesse. Box 3

Page 4. Clippings regarding Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ogden.
Includes a letter to Mrs. Charles Ogden, as President of Ladies Association of Tenth Ward Relief Association, from Craig D. Ritchie, assistant secretary of the Association.
Box 3

Page 6, 8. Miscellaneous clippings on Charles S. Ogden 1855-1857 Box 3

Page 10. Clippings and ms. notes regarding Charles S. Ogden' experience on board Abraham Lincoln's special train, upon his arrival in Phila. 2-21-1861 Box 3

Page 13. Clipping regarding Charles S. Ogden's gift to the Historical Society of Penna. of original study in oils for “Arlington” portrait of George Washington by Chas. Willson Peale Feb., 1892 Box 3

Pages 22, 24, 26. Clippings regarding Charles S. Ogden as U.S. Consul to Quebec, Canada, 1861-1864 Box 3

Page 30. Letter, notifying Charles S. Ogden of his election to membership in the Union League of Phila. 10-7-1864 Box 3

Page 36. Resolution signed by Charles S. Ogden and others
Resolution to support Cuba's patriots in their struggle for freedom. Includes other clippings regarding calling of mass meeting at Academy of Music, Phila.
1869 Box 3

Page 45, 46. Clippings regarding Abraham Lincoln's speech and flagraising in Phila.,
Includes ms. notes by Charles S. Ogden recounting his having helped Lincoln with his coat and ridden in carriage with him.
1861(?). Box 3

Page 50. Clipping regarding John Meng, painter son of John Christopher Meng, ancestor of Charles S. Ogden. Box 3

Page 56. Clipping regarding marriage of Lizzie Bowman to H. Corbit Ogden, son of Charles S. Ogden 1-25-1877 Box 3

Page 64 Biographical and genealogical information on Bowman family. Box 3

Page 69. Biographical and genealogical information on Middleton family Box 3

Page 70-80. Biographical and genealogical information on Low and Ogden families Box 3

Page 90. Extract from Charles S. Ogden's diary, visit to Wm. Penn's grave at Jordan's Meeting House 6-10-1891 Box 3

Page 112. Pamphlet, The Ogdens of South Jersey. The Descendants of John Ogden of Fairfield Conn., and New Fairfield. N.J. Box 3

Page 120. Biographical and genealogical information concerning John Christopher Meng and his son John.
AIncludes envelope of miscellaneous notes in connection with Ogden family genealogical research, including information on Smith family; record of births in Ogden family in Brighouse, Eng., from records of that Monthly Neetlng; Ogden, Middleton, and Corbit family material; genealogical correspondence, mainly with Isaac Sharp of Eng.
Box 3

Reference material, 1838-1889

Pages 8, 12, 14, 16, Clippings, memorabilia, regarding Lincoln's campaign and his secret journey from Phila. to Baltimore to avoid assassination plot Box 3

Page 21. Tracing of original draft of telegram announcing capture of Jefferson Davis 5-12-1865 Box 3

Page 26. Clippings regarding Rebel espionage in Quebec Box 3

Page 44. Recounting of “Burning of Penna. Hall” by Anti-Abolitionists
Clipped from Friends' Intelligencer and Journal, 1896.
5-17-1838 Box 3

Page 53. Clipping regarding Stephen Girard's courage in nursing sick during Plague of 1793 in Phila. Box 3

Page 87. Pamphlet, Wm. Penn in South Bucks and Hertfordshire. (See BX7795.P4S95) a Lecture by W. H. Summers. Box 3

Page 88. Clipping from Friends' Intelligencer and Journal on use of alcoholic beverages by Indians Box 3

Page 104. Pamphlet, The Visions of Joseph Hoag and Daniel Barker. Also, A Prophecy of Stephen Grellet. Printed, David Marshall, Carthage, Ind., 1889. Box 3


Page 1. “Isaac Norris, his House at Fairhill, 1717” Box 3

Page 41. John Townsend Box 3

Page 57. Middleton Ogden, younger son of Charles S. Marie Ogden, daughter of H. Corbit Ogden, older son of Charles S. Lizzie Bowman Ogden, wife of H. Corbit Ogden Box 3

Page 59. Marie Ogden Box 3

Page 61. Marie Ogden Box 3

Page 79. John Ogden, father of Charles S. Box 3

Page 91. Copy of portrait of Lady Juliana Penn, wife of Thomas Penn, son of Wm. Penn Box 3

Page 98. Copy of engraving “West's (Ben.) First Effort in Art”, by F.M. Ward Box 3

Contents of Scrapbook No. 3., 1845-1864, n.d.

Biographical and genealogical material, 1862-1864, n.d.

Page, Front cover. Metal plate, U.S. Consulate, Quebec Box 3

Pages 61-124. Letters from Emma Ogden, wife of Charles S. Ogden, to sister Carrie
Written during period in which C.S.O. was U.S. Consul in Quebec. These letters give a detailed picture of their life as members of the diplomatic circle, of religious holiday observances, comments on persons of note, living conditions, fashions, social and political matters, weather.
3-14-1862 to 3-20-1864 Box 3

Reference materials

Page 154, 155. Clippings on espionage in Canada during Civil War, by Rebel agents Box 3

Pictures, charts, maps, 1845, n.d.:

Page 43-49. Series of four cartoons on John Bull and War Box 3

Pages 61-124. Scattered throughout the letters of Emma Ogden are photographs of persons in the Canadian government, and Canadian scenes Box 3

Page 159. Abraham Lincoln and son, Winfield Scott Box 3

Page 161. Plan of the City of Quebec 1845 Box 3

Page 165. Samuel de Champlain Box 3

Page 167. Louis Js. Marquis de Montcalm Box 3

Page 169. Plan of the military and naval operations under the command of the Immortal Wolfe and Vice Admiral Saunders, before Quebec Box 3

Contents of Scrapbook No. 4., 1704-1938
Contains Quaker autographs, correspondence and papers.

Inventory of contents in box 3a Box 3

Inscription: “Autographs, Photographs and Original Papers of the Society of Friends Collected by Charles Smith Ogden and his son Henry Corbit Ogden Presented to Swathmore [sic] College by Maria Ogden Francke daughter of Henry Corbit Ogden.” Box 3

Biographical and genealogical material, 1795-1936

Page 83. The Ogden Coat of Arms. Box 3

Page 84. Marriage certificate of John M. Ogden and Harriet Middleton. Service at Green St. Monthly Meeting, Phila. Photographs included. 1818 Box 3

Page 85. Marriage certificate of Charles S. Ogden and Emma Corbit. Service at Cherry St. Meeting House, Phila. Photographs included. 1848 Box 3

Page 139. Receipt to John M. Ogden from Chesterfield Boarding School, signed by H.W. Ridgeway, for board, tuition, etc., of sons Wm. and E. 9-14-1840 Box 3

Page 13. Elias Hicks to Samuel R. Fisher of Phila. 2-11-1799 Box 3

Page 44. Geo. M. Justice to Charles S. Ogden regarding slave named Virgil
Contains information to prove that Wm. Penn did not own him, but Thos. Penn did.
5-1-1851 Box 3

Page 16. Edward Hicks to Richard Price n.d. Box 3

Page 49. Lucretia Mott to Sarah Corbit 4-28-1851 Box 3

Page 50. Benj. Lundy to Lucretia Mott 9-19-1835 Box 3

Page 51. (Richard D. Webb?) to Jas. Mott 2-8-(1829?) Box 3

Page 52. William Rotch, Jr. to Lucretia Mott 1841 6mo. Box 3

Page 53. Moses Brown to Lucretia Mott 7-9-1836 Box 3

Page 59. Nicholas Waln to Archibald Darrah regarding Indians 3-9-1802 Box 3

Page 60. John Comly to Naomi Passmore on death of her mother 2-24-1845 Box 3

Page 78. from Jos. John Gurney to daughter Anna 2-1-(1833?) Box 3

Page 87. Mary Pike to Henry C. Corbit
Regarding welfare of sons Henry and W. at school in home of Henry and Mary Pike, Byberry.
11-30-1839 Box 3

Page 94. Geo. F. White to Richard Price.
Because of “the state of our Society” (of Friends) thinks best to stay in public boarding house rather than accept hospitality of Geo. White.
5-8-1844 Box 3

Page 96. Deborah F. Wharton to cousin, Caroline Perot 1-25-1874 Box 3

Page 99. Carolena M. Wood to Mrs. Francke, granddaughter of Charles S. Ogden 1-15-1936 Box 3

Page 108. Meeting for Sufferings, Phila., to Quarterly Meetings
Letter urges them to maintain Friends' Testimony by not electing their brethren nor being elected themselves to station in the Government where they are “exposed to becoming parties in the enacting Penal Laws so opposite to Christian Liberty.
4-16,17-1795 Box 3

Manuscripts, 1704-1822

Page 14. Poem by Jos. Gill written after hearing sermon by Elias Hicks. 12-12-1822 Box 3

Page 109. Certificate for John Betterby's family from Pickering Monthly Meeting, Yorkshire, Eng., to Duck Creek Monthly Meeting
Certificates makes mention of his “too much and unprofitably frequenting Inns or Public Houses,” and being admonished to more circumspection.
1-26-1796 Box 3

Page 110. Disownment of Jos. Saundera, Duck Creek 10-11-1800 Box 3

Page 112. Disownment of Timothy and Rebeccah Berry Hanson for marrying (they were first cousins) and with assistance of “an hireling preacher,” Duck Creek. 6-7-1802 Box 3

Page 152. Marriage certificate of Jos. Growden and Anne Bulkley, bearing signature of James Logan. 11-10-1704 Box 3

Page 153. Indenture bearing signature of Benjamin Franklin 4-7-1746 Box 3

Documents, articles, tracts, etc., 1847-1938

Page 70. Tract No. 139, Convincement and Gospel Labors of Stephen Grellet. Tract Assoc. of Friends, Phila. 1884 Box 3

Page 79. Elizabeth Fry Goes to Newgate”, by Janet Whitney.
Reader's Digest condensed reprint from The Atlantic Monthly.
Nov., 1936 Box 3

Page 100. Tribute to Carolena M. Wood, by Anna Travilla Speakman, in Friends Intelligencer. 3-21-1936 Box 3

Page 114. A Catechism Destined for the use of the Schools and Families of the Society of Friends, approved by Representatives of the Yearly Meeting of N.Y. Printed, Collins and Brother, N.Y. 4-5-1847 Box 3

Page 117. The History of Dover, by Chas. D. Platt, typed extracts Box 3

Page 146. Friends and War, A New Statement of the Quaker Position, Adopted by the Conference of All Friends. Printed, Bishopsgate, London, and 20 S.12th 5t., Phila.
See F.H.L. BX7607.C71
1920 Box 3

Page 147. The Wonderful White Feather, by Estelle Simms Hewson.
Friends Tract No. 15. Printed Bishopsgate, and by American Friend.
1921 Box 3

Page 154. Article, “Schofield Normal and Industrial School”, from Friends Intelligencer
Includes pictures of Martha Schofield, school buildings, and activities.
2-5-1938 Box 3

Page 155. Document, “To Sovereigns and those in Authority in the Nations of Europe, and in other parts of the world where the Christian Religion is professed.” F
From Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends of Gt. Brit. and Ireland, held in London. Regarding wrongs of African Slave Trade.
1849 Box 3

Business Papers, 1726-1813

Page 25. Document of Richard, Hannah, and Mary Penn, in regard to bequest by uncle, John Penn of Phila. 1809 Box 3

Pages 28-38, 40-42. Papers of Thomas Penn 1726-40 Box 3

Page 39. Richard Penn, Surveyors bill for surveying strip cut from Richard Penn Manor at Fulpehockon in Berks County 6-21-1765 Box 3

Page 43. John Penn papers 1786, 1788 Box 3

Page 58. Receipt signed by David Rittenhouse 6-9-1783 Box 3

Page 139. Two receipts signed by Isaac T. Hopper 8-21-1813 Box 3

Clippings, 1891, n.d.

Page 5. Fox's birthplace Box 3

Page 15. Life and death of Elias Hicks. New York Quakers Box 3

Page 45. Wm. Penn bust unveiled in N.Y. University Hall of Fame Box 3

Page 55, 56. Lucretia Mott Box 3

Page 61. John, Joseph, Isaac Comly Box 3

Page 125. Regarding persecutions of New England Friends from Friends' Intelligencer and Journal. 3-28-1891 Box 3


Page 2. Composite of Prominent Friends: Box 3

George Fox Box 3

John Hunt Box 3

Jas. Haviland Box 3

John J. Merritt Box 3

Elias Hicks Box 3

Lucretia Mott Box 3

Rachel Hicks Box 3

Wm. F. Mott Box 3

Isaac T. Hopper Box 3

John G. Whittier Box 3

Page 3. George Fox Box 3

Page 4. Swarthmore Hall Box 3

Page 5. Fox's birthplace Box 3

Page 6. George Fox Box 3

Page 7. George Fox's grave Box 3

Page 8. Come-to-Good Meeting House Box 3

Page 12. Elias Hicks (3 pictures) Box 3

Page 20, 21. Drawing of Penn Treaty Elm Box 3

Page 23. Jordan's Meeting House and grave of Penn. Drawings of Wm. Penn's State St. House, Second & Walnut SSTs., later site of Corn Exchange Bldg. Box 3

Page 44. Geo. M. Justice, elder of Green St. Meeting Box 3

Page 45. Doll, Letitia Penn, oldest known doll in America Box 3

Page 48. Lucretia Mott, James Mott, and home Box 3

Page 116. Lindley Murray (2 pictures) Box 3

Page 120. Quaker Meeting House, Langtree Box 3

Page 122. Friends Meeting House, Lord St., Radclife Box 3

Page 139. Henry Ridgway, Elizabeth Ridgway Box 3

Page 147. Drawings of James Nailor's persecutions Box 3

Page 149. Drawing, Friends Monthly Meeting at Earith, Huntingdonshire, by Samuel Lucas Box 3

Ser. 4. Miscellaneous, 1890-1894, n.d.

Fragment of marriage certificate of Thos. Lawrie and Anne Satterthwaite Box 4

Verses “To my cousin” (ms.) Box 4

Lock and nails belonging to wooden iron bound sea trunk of Charles S. Ogden Box 4

Hotel bills, and menu, Europe 1890-1891. Box 4

Miscellaneous manuscript notes Box 4

Personal card Box 4

Pressed flowers and leaves [Discarded 1994] Box 4


Parthenon Box 4

Areopagus Box 4

Sanctuary of Esculapius Box 4

Altar of Dionysus, Athens Box 4

Theatre of Dionysus, Athens Box 4

Olympia, Temple of Zeus Box 4

Ephesus, Temple of Diana Box 4

Hamburg, Hanover, Magdelburg, Berlin Box 4

Lake Maggioro and Lac Lucerne Box 4

Metz, Heidelbrg, etc. Box 4

Historical sites in Milan Box 4

Moscow Box 4

St. Petersburg, Russia Box 4

Sevastapol Box 4

Stuttgart and Baden-Baden Box 4

Venice, residence of Byron, tomb of Titian, etc Box 4

Reference material, much of it from his travels Box 4

Clippings, 1890-1894, n.d.
Many sent to son, H. Corbit Ogden, in connection with Charles S. Ogden's diary notes of his trip around the world. Includes:
Box 4

Account of marriage of Mary Elkinton to Inazo Nitobe Box 4

Life in Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Japan, Phila., Savannah, Ga., Wilmington, N.C., Shanghai, and miscellaneous subjects. Box 4

Fragment of Phila. Public Ledger, 3-4-1892 Box 4

Fragment of The Pittsburgh Bulletin 1894 Box 4

Maps, guide books, boat & train schedules; tickets. Box 4

Alamba, partial map Box 4

Athens & its Environs, Baedeker Box 4

Mississippi, partial map Box 4

Netherlands, map, sheets from guidebook on Antwerp, Belgium, misc. clippings Box 4

Scotland, partial map, sheets from guidebook Box 4

Pictures Box 4

Eiffel Tower Box 4

Old Bank Meeting Box 4