An Inventory of the Knight Family Papers, 1737-1895

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The Knight family was a Quaker family from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The collection contains chiefly legal and business papers of Jacob P. Tyson, his wife, Mary B. Michener Tyson, and others. Also contains family correspondence, wills, deeds, estate papers, biographical and genealogical materials, marriage certificates, memorabilia, printed material, and pictures. Includes material relating to the Michener and Warner families.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL The Knight family was a Quaker family from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT The collection contains chiefly legal and business papers of Jacob P. Tyson, his wife, Mary B. Michener Tyson, and others. Also contains family correspondence, wills, deeds, estate papers, biographical and genealogical materials, marriage certificates, memorabilia, printed material, and pictures. Includes material relating to the Michener and Warner families.

Arrangement The collection is divided into six series:

Added entries

  • Deeds
  • Genealogies
  • Knight family
  • Michener family
  • Montgomery County (Pa.) -- Family and personal papers
  • Montgomery County (Pa.) -- Genealogy
  • Pennsylvania -- Family and personal papers -- 18th-19th centuries
  • Pennsylvania -- Genealogy
  • Quakers -- Montgomery County (Pa.)
  • Quakers -- Pennsylvania
  • Quakers -- Social life and customs
  • Tyson family
  • Warner family
  • Wills
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • Tyson, Jacob P., ca. 1809-1883
  • Tyson, Mary B. Michener, ca. 1814-1889
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Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below:

Ser. 1. Biographical and genealogical material, 1862-1943, n.d.

Notebook of biographical and genealogical data Box 1

Printed obituary of Isaac Warner, aged 3 years 1862 Box 1

Clippings: re. marriage of Mary Knight, daughter of Mrs. P.E. Souder, to John Dale Schellenger 1943 Box 1

Diary of a trip to Montreal
Author unknown. (Possibly Mary Knight Warner- traveling with cousins Alfred and Ellen Moore?)
1872 Box 1

Ser. 2. Correspondence, 1829-1895, and n.d.

Among the authors are Joshua P. Kirk, Ellen Moore, John J. Moore, Jacob P. Tyson, Joshua Tyson, M. B. Tyson, Isaac Warner, Jr. Among the recipients are Mary T. Knight (later Warner), Mary Mitchner (Michener), Jacob P. Tyson, Watson Wood.
1829-1895, n.d. Box 1

Ser. 3. Business, financial, and legal papers, 1771-1895

Papers of Rebecca Kirk, 1883-1884

Funeral expenses 1883 Box 1

Accounts of executors 1883 Box 1

Inventory and appraisement of real and personal estate for Collateral Inheritance Tax 1884 Box 1

Receipts for payments from the estate 1884 Box 1

Papers of Sarah Michener, 1838-1857, n.d.

Receipts for goods, services, taxes 1838-1857 (with gaps) Box 1

Tax notices 1850, 1854, 1855 Box 1

Appraisement of goods n.d. Box 1

Papers of William Michener, 1765-1847

Approved as guardian of Mary Malone 1827 Box 1

Bills and receipts for goods and services 1843, 1844, 1847 Box 1

Inventory and appraisement 1847 (2 copies) Box 1

Certificate of marriage of William Michener to Juliana Taylor at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia County, Pa. Aug. 6, 1765 Box 1

Certificate of marriage of William Michener to Mary Beans,Philadelphia. Mar. 27, 1813 Box 1

Notebook, record of public sale of land 1847 Box 1

Settlement of estate 1834 (copy) Box 1

Will 6-19-1846 (2 ms. copies) Box 1

Papers of James D. Ritter, Search for mortgages 1850 Box 1

Papers of Jacob P. Tyson, 1840-1876

Certificate of marriage to Mary B. Michener at Horsham Meeting House
Removed to Marriages
2-13-1840 Box 1

Bank book 1866-1874 Box 1

Bank checks, cancelled 1867-1869, 1873 Box 1

Indenture, Jacob P. Tyson and Bethlehem Iron Co. 1872 Box 1

Accounts of ore mined on his property
Includes letters from Bethlehem Iron Co. referring to checks in payment for ore; also, correspondence 1874 re: removal of pipe line laid by the Co.
1873, 1874 Box 1

As administrator, guardian or trustee, 1856-1876: Box 1

Trustee of Benjamin and Rachel S. Hallowell. Notebook of receipts 1860

Trustee of estate of Hannah Hamel. Notebook of accounts 1857-1876 Box 1

Guardian of Jane Bradshaw's children. Notebook of receipts 1855-1858 Box 1

Guardian of Jacob Kirk's estate. Notebook of accounts 4 receipts, 1856-1858 Box 1

Guardian of William Henry Auble 1863 Box 1

Guardian of Emma F. and Anna P. Kirk. Account 1860 Box 1

Administrator of goods and chattel of Ann Stevens, 1864 Box 1

Administrator of estate of Jonathan Michener. Receipt 1870 Box 1

Guardian of Jacob L. Tyson Box 1

Memoranda of Jacob P. Tyson's estate 1865, 1866 Box 1

Miscellaneous business papers of Jacob P. Tyson, 1838-1877, including:

Jacob P. Tyson, treas., Willow-Grove and Germantown Plank Road Co. Box 1

Payments made by Co. 1870, 1871 Box 1

Transfer of 34 shares of stock from Robert Picken and Co. to Harman Yukes 1857 Box 1

License to build gate 1868 Box 1

Receipt for payment of tuition for Joseph C. Tyson 1838 Box 1

Tax assessment 1859 Box 1

Receipt for payment of assessment for Independent Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 1866 Box 1

Receipt for safe for Jacob P. Tyson, shipped on North Pennsylvania Rail Road, 1866 Box 1

Promissory notes, Ezekiel Tyson to Jacob P. Tyson 1864, 1869 (2 notes) Box 1

Order on National Bank of Germantown to pay to Hutchinson Smith $200. Signed by Jacob P. Tyson, 1873 Box 1

Check on Jenkintown National Bank, to pay $8,846.28 to same Box 1

Signed Mary B. Tyson, executrix for estate of Jacob P. Tyson 1877 Box 1

Tax notices 1853-1868 Box 1

Tax receipts 1851-1869 Box 1

Will 7-31-1875 (ms. copy) Box 1

Papers of Mary B. Tyson, 1885-1889

Articles of agreement between Mary B. Tyson and George Emerson 1885 Box 1

Bill for carpentry 1885 Box 1

Papers re: estate 1889 Box 1

Papers of Sarah P. Tyson, 1836-1855

Lease to Kirkbride Rickey 1836 Box 1

2 receipts for goods and services. 1836, 1837 Box 1

Inventory and appraisement 1854 (notebook and ms. copy) Box 1

Notebook containing record of payments of Jacob P. Tyson, executor of estate of Sarah P. Tyson 1854, 1855 Box 1

Records of public sale of goods and chattel 1854 Box 1

Settlement of estate 1855 (copy) Box 1

Will 9-23-1854 (ms. copy) Box 1

Articles of Agreement, 1840-1866

Sarah T. Michener and Henry Messer 1840 Box 1

Sarah T. Michener and George W. Duffield 1858 Box 1

David Lukens and John Shaffer 1866 Box 1

Bonds and Warrants, 1737-1842

Abel Hinckstone to Andrew Hamilton, Jeremiah Langhorne, Richard Hayes, John Wright 1737 Box 1

John and Sarah Tolan to Benjamin Tyson 1826 Box 1

Thomas Tyson to David Thomas, administrator of estate of Peter Tyson 1831 Box 1

Garrett Wynkoop to William Michener 1842 Box 1

Deeds, 1774-1843

Benjamin Gilbert and wife Elizabeth to John Gilbert, Byberry June 25, 1774 Box 2

John Gilbert and wife Ann to John Hawkes and John McMullen, Byberry Mar. 25, 1796 Box 2

Stevenson Croasdale and wife Martha to James Field, land partly in Bensalem, Bucks Co., and partly in Byberry, Phila. Co. Nov. 27, 1843 Box 2

Drawings (plot plans), 1783, 1799

Josiah Hart's land 1783 Box 2

John McMullin's land 1799 Box 2

Indenture: Thomas Earp, Thomas Rogers, Edward Needles, William C. Hancock, William McGlenry, George L. Eyre, Benjamin Kline, managers of Almshouse, Philadelphia, put John Sheerer to work for Thomas Tyson (cancelled) 1826 Box 2

Inventories and appraisements Box 2

Leases, 1832-1875

Thomas Tyson to Sarah Hobensack 1832 Box 2

Jacob Kirk to John S. Terry 1855 Box 2

Emeline M. Tyson, Tacie T. Tyson, Anna M. Tyson, Lizzie H. Tyson, and Jacob P. Tyson, to John H. Tyson 1875 Box 2

Marriage certificate: Isaac Beans to Christiana Johnston Dec. 19, 1771 Box 2

Miscellaneous business papers, 1824-1895, n.d., including:

Receipts for goods and services 1829-1895 and n.d. Box 2

Receipt for tuition for Elizabeth, Hannah and Ann Knight, paid to Mary W. Shourds
Includes tuition for Clayton Tyson, paid to William Johnson, 1835.
1829 Box 2

Funeral expenses for Hannah and Mary Knight 1832 Box 2

Payments on share of stock in Farmer's Hay and Straw Market Association 1834 Box 2

Subscription to Norristown Herald, by Thomas Tyson 1834 Box 2

Subscription to Germantown Telegraph, by Sarah T. Michener 1850 Box 2

Notices to relinquish possession of property 1832, 1835, 1843, 1852, 1855 Box 2

Tax notices 1850, 1856 Box 2

Public sale, land of Jacob Kirk 1855 (notebook) Box 2

Public sale, land of Benjamin Tyson 1857 Box 2

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co., policy of John K. Tyson 1876 Box 2

Receipts for payments of road, county, and dog taxes
Includes record of sale of cows, 1833, 1834, 1854.
1824-1835 Box 2

Thomas Tyson (notebook) Box 2

“Survey, Fire Co., and Memorandum.” Notebook, so labeled, containing descriptions of houses and amounts of insurance. n.d. Box 2

Mortgage: John Tolan and wife Sarah to Benjamin Tyson 1827 Box 2

Memorandum of title 1850 Box 2

Order to Sell: Land of Rynear Tyson 1857 Box 2

Release: Alfred Tyson to John Shaw and Jacob P. Tyson 1869 Box 2

Settlements of estates, 1824-1878, n.d.: Box 2

Charles Lukens 1824 Box 2

Thomas Tyson 1837 Box 2

Mary Dull, settlement from estate of Thomas Tyson. 1837 Box 2

Jacob Kirk 1855-1858 Box 2

Samuel Johnson Pickering 1878 Box 2

Isaac Mitchnor n.d. Box 2

Mary Beans Michener n.d. Box 2

Wills, 1814-1879, in chronological order: (ms. copies)

Isaac Beans 9-7-1814 Box 2

Thomas Tyson 3-17-1815 Box 2

Joseph Lukens
Includes extract relating to Abington M.M.
3-26-1838 Box 2

Anna P. Cooper 3-16-1854 Box 2

Sarah T. Michener 1-21-1860 Box 2

Isaac Beans 4-13-1860 Box 2

Jane E. McDowell 7-12-1872 Box 2

Rebecca Kirk 10-16-1879 Box 2

Ser. 4. Memorabilia, 1795-1895, n.d.

Jacob Tyson's Friendship Book 1831 Box 2

Verses by Grace Lloyd, in memory of Hannah Yarnall, wife of Dr. Peter Yarnall 1795 Box 2

Verses for silver wedding anniversary of Jonathan and Mary Ann Thomas n.d. Box 2

Invitations 1812-1875 and n.d. Box 2

Ser. 5. Pictures

Jacob P. Tyson (2 pictures) Box 2

Charles Kirk Box 2

Ser. 6. Reference material, ca. 1800-1870, n.d.

The Indian Helper, Aug. 1800? Box 2

Epistle, Phila. YM to all members 1812 Box 2

Extracts, Phila. YM 4mo 15-19, 1822 Box 2

Extracts, Phila. YM 4mo 21-25, 1823 Box 2

Epistle, London YM, to the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings, in Great Britain, Ireland, and Elsewhere 1824 5mo 19-27. Box 2

Epistle, Phila. YM, to Friends on the Continent of America 1833 Box 2

Extracts, Phila. YM 1841 Box 2

Charter and By-Laws of the Independent Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 1853 Box 2

Friends Social Lyceum, announcement of reunion 1865 Box 2

Train schedule, Phila., Germantown, and Norristown RR. 1870 Box 2

Advertising card, C. Tolan, photographer n.d. Box 2

A History of the Townships of Byberry and Moreland, in Philadelphia, Pa., by Joseph C. Martindale. Pub. Phila., T. Ellwook Zell 1867 Box 2