Charles F. (Charles Francis) Jenkins Papers, 1865-1950

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Charles F. Jenkins (1864-1951) was a prominent Quaker who was involved with Green Street Monthly Meeting, the American Friends Service Committee, the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (1919-1934), and Friends Intelligencer. He was also a Manager of Swarthmore College for 40 years and President of the Board from 1933 to 1944. Includes correspondence about "Signers' Walk" at Far Country, 1939-46, and general correspondence, 1897-1947, relating to Swarthmore College, Quaker Meetings, William Penn, Pennsylvania History, Tortola, Anna T. Jeanes, and other topics. Of particular interest is the 1931 correspondence relating to a pamphlet Jenkins wrote on the Society of Friends reunification.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL Charles F. Jenkins was born December 17, 1865, the eldest of seven children of Howard M. Jenkins and Mary Anna (Atkinson) Jenkins. His father was a scholar of Pennsylvania history, active in the Society of Friends, editor of Friends Intelligencer, and a member of the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College. In 1890 Charles Jenkins married Maria Cope, and he became editor and publisher of Farm Journal, a magazine founded by his uncle, William Atkinson.

Charles F. Jenkins was active in Quaker concerns, including serving as Clerk of Green Street Monthly Meeting (1901-43) and Treasurer of the American Friends Service Committee (1917-1930), the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (1919-1934), Friends Boarding Home Committee of the Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting, and the Quaker periodical, Friends Intelligencer. He was active with his father, Howard M. Jenkins, in the development of the Inn and Community of Buck Hill Falls in Pennsylvania. He was a Manager of Swarthmore College for 40 years and President of the Board from 1933 to 1944. He also was a founder of the Ozone golf club and the Friends Social Union, President of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, a member of the American Philosophical Society and many other learned, social, and philanthropic organizations. In addition, he was an historian of Germantown, Pennsylvania, an author, and poet, as well as interested in horticulture. His garden, "Far Country," on his estate in Germantown included a hemlock arboretum and a Signer's Walk with stepping stones commemorating the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Jenkins also collected autographs of prominent Quakers and other important reformers. He established the Howard M. Jenkins Professorship of Quaker History and Research (later the Howard M. and Charles F. Jenkins Professorship) at Swarthmore College in memory of his father. He died July 2, 1951.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT Includes correspondence about "Signers' Walk" at Far Country, 1939-46, and general correspondence, 1897-1947, relating to Swarthmore College, Quaker meetings, William Penn, Pennsylvania history, Tortola, Anna T. Jeanes, and other topics. Correspondences include William I. Hull, J. Russell Hayes, Archibald Henderson, Paul Pearson, and others. Also included in the collection is a journal, 1865, possibly of Howard M. Jenkins, addresses, poems, stories, and genealogical papers relating to the Jenkins and associated families. Of particular interest is the 1931 correspondence relating to a pamphlet Jenkins wrote on the Society of Friends reunification.

Arrangement The collection is divided into six series:

Added entries

  • Germantown (Pa.)
  • Horticulture--Pennsylvania
  • Jenkins family.
  • Pennsylvania--Quakers
  • Quakers -- Ireland.
  • Quakers -- Pennsylvania.
  • Quakers -- Tortola.
  • Society of Friends -- History.
  • Society of Friends -- Reunification.
  • United States Declaration of Independence -- Signers.
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • Hayes, John Russell, 1866-1945.
  • Henderson, Archibald, 1877-1963.
  • Hull, William Isaac, 1868-1939.
  • Jeanes, Anna T. (Anna Thomas), 1822-1907.
  • Pearson, Paul M. (Paul Martin), 1871-1938.
  • Penn, William, 1644-1718.
  • Swarthmore College.
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Ser. 1 Correspondence, 1891-1949
Arranged by Charles F. Jenkins.

General 1897-1948 Box 1

Friends Meeting Records 1942-47 Box 1

Friends Meetings 1930-47 Box 1

Hayes, J. Russell 1942-44 Box 1

Henderson, Archibald 1930-31 Box 1

Hull, William I. 1930-31 Box 1

Irish Quakerism 1931 Box 1

Jeanes, Anna T. 1933-46 Box 1

Pearson, Paul 1931-47 Box 1

Penn, William 1930-49 Box 1

Penn Tercentenary 1944 Box 1

Pennsylvania History 1930-33 Box 1

Swarthmore College 1922-31 Box 1

Swarthmore College 1930-44 Box 1

Tortola 1913-47 Box 1

Unity 1931-32 Box 1

Correspondence relating to compilation of Quaker Poems 1891-1893 Box 1

Ser. 2. Signers Walk, including correspondence, 1926-1948

Adams, John 1939-44 Box 2

Adams, Samuel 1941-44 Box 2

Bartlett, Josiah n.d. Box 2

Braxton, Carter 1940-41 Box 2

Carroll, Charles of Carrollton 1930-39 Box 2

Chase, Samuel 1939-41 Box 2

Clark, Abraham 1940-41 Box 2

Clymer, George 1939-41 Box 2

Ellery, William 1940 Box 2

Floyd, William 1940-44 Box 2

Franklin, William 1943-44 Box 2

Gerry, Elbridge 1940-41 Box 2

Gwinnett, Button 1926-48 Box 2

Hall, Lyman 1939-41 Box 2

Hancock, John 1941 Box 2

Harrison, Benjamin 1941 Box 2

Hart, John 1946 Box 2

Hayward Jr, Thomas 1939 Box 2

Hewes, Joseph 1927-41 Box 2

Hoorer, William 1939-48 Box 2

Hopkins, Stephen 1931-44 Box 2

Hopkinson, Francis 1941 Box 2

Huntington, Samuel 1941-42 Box 2

Jefferson, Thomas 1939 Box 2

Lee, Francis Lightfoot 1939-41 Box 2

Lee, Richard Henry 1939 Box 2

Lewis, Francis 1940-46 Box 2

Livingston, Philip 1941-43 Box 2

Lynch Jr, Thomas 1939-42 Box 2

McKean, Thomas 1940 Box 3

Middleton, Arthur 1939-48 Box 3

Morris, Lewis 1941-47 Box 3

Morris, Robert 1940-47 Box 3

Morton, John 1941 Box 3

Nelson Jr, Thomas 1941 Box 3

Paca, William 1941-48 Box 3

Paine, Robert Treat 1941-46 Box 3

Penn, John 1927-41 Box 3

Reade, George 1941 Box 3

Rodney, Caesar 1939 Box 3

Ross, George 1940-46 Box 3

Rush, Benjamin 1939 Box 3

Rutledge, Edward 1941-42 Box 3

Sherman, Roger 1940-46 Box 3

Smith, James 1940 Box 3

Stockton, Richard 1939 Box 3

Stone, Thomas 1941-48 Box 3

Taylor, George 1939 Box 3

Thornton, Matthew 1940-41 Box 3

Walton, George 1941 Box 3

Whipple, William 1939 Box 3

Williams, William 1941-46 Box 3

Wilson, James 1941-46 Box 3

Witherspoon, John 1939 Box 3

Wolcott, Oliver 1939-41 Box 3

Wythe, George 1939 Box 3

Miscellaneous 1939-46 Box 3

Ser. 3. Speeches and writings, 1891-1959

Speeches and writings, 1890-1957

Speeches and Writings 1891-1920 Box 4

Speeches and Writings 1921-30 Box 4

Speeches and Writings 1931-40 Box 4

Speeches and Writings 1941-45 Box 4

Speeches and Writings 1946-59 Box 4

Addresses, Miscellaneous n.d. Box 5

Addresses, Signers of the Declaration of Independence n.d. Box 5

Addresses, Tortola n.d. Box 5

Addresses, Untitled n.d. Box 5

List of Signers by State n.d. Box 5

Notes on George Washington n.d. Box 5

Poems Collected by C.F.J. with Notes n.d. Box 5

Poetry by C.F.J. n.d. Box 5

Stories n.d. Box 5

Ser. 4. Business Papers, 1922-1939

Taplet Manufacturing Co., Record Book 1922-39 Box 6

Ser. 5. Genealogical Papers

Atkinson, John Box 7

Buckman, William Box 7

Canby, Thomas Box 7

Croasdale, Thomas and Agnes Box 7

Daws, Abraham and Edith Box 7

Eastburn Family Box 7

Ellet, Peter Box 7

Foulke, Edward Box 7

Good Family Box 7

Haxworth, Peter Box 7

Homer Family Box 7

Hugh and Harris Families Box 8

Iredell Family Box 8

Jarrett, Lukens, and Conrad Families Box 8

Jenkins Family (Particularly Howard M. Jenkins, 1842-1902) Box 8

Jenkins Family Box 8

Kinsey Family Box 8

Kirk Family Box 8

Kunders, Thones (Conrad Family) Box 8

Lancester, Thomas Box 8

Livezey and Heath Families Box 9

Lucken, Jan Box 9

Penquite, John Box 9

Pim Family Box 9

Quinby Family Box 9

Smith, Robert Box 9

Smith, William and Related Families Box 9

Sotcher, John Box 9

Spencer Family Box 10

Thomas, Evan Box 10

Tyson, Reynier Box 10

Walmsley Family Box 10

Walton Family Box 10

Warford Family Box 10

Wildman Family Box 10

Worthington Family Box 10

Ser. 6. Miscellaneous, 1865-1964

Journal, Manuscript (probably by C.F.J.'s father) 1865 Box 10

Book of Photographs 1941 Box 10

Arnoldia 1942 Box 10

Hemlock Arboretum 1935-43 Box 10

Scrapbook of clippings about C.F.J. 1911-64 Box 11