An Inventory of the O. Edward Janney Papers, 1874-1945

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Dr. O. Edward Janney, husband of Anne B. Webb, was a prominent Quaker doctor from Baltimore who was active in many of the social reform movements of his time. He worked with the Society for the Suppression of Vice in Baltimore and labored in the causes of temperance, woman suffrage, inter-racial relations, peace, and other reforms. In 1907, Dr. Janney gave up the practice of medicine to devote his full time to reform activities. The collection contains correspondence (1874-1945), diary (1914), memoirs, speeches, writings, memorabilia and photos of Dr. O.E. Janney and his wife, Anne B. (Webb) Janney, of Baltimore, Md. The papers include his work with various organizations including the Advancement Committee of Friends General Conference, Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and the American Friends Service Committee, and Woolman School. Anna B. Janney's correspondence primarily concerns women suffrage issues and correspondents include Anna Howard Shaw.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL Dr. O. Edward Janney (1856-1930) was a prominent Quaker doctor from Baltimore who was active in many of the social reform movements of his time. Born in Washington, D.C., the son of Henry and Hannah Janney, he first entered the field of pharmacy and then became a physician, graduating from the Medical School of the University of Maryland in 1881 and from Hahnemann Homeopathic College in 1882. He married Anne B. Webb in 1885. Janney was active in the American Purity Alliance and organized the National Vigilance Committee. He worked with the Society for the Suppression of Vice in Baltimore and labored in the causes of temperance, woman suffrage, inter-racial relations, peace, and other reforms. In 1907, Dr. Janney gave up the practice of medicine to devote his full time to reform activities. He served as Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Advancement Committee of Friends General Conference and of Baltimore Yearly Meeting and Chairman of the Joint Co-Operative Committee of the two Baltimore Yearly Meetings.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT The collection contains correspondence (1874-1945), diary (1914), memoirs, speeches, writings, memorabilia and photos of Dr. O.E. Janney and his wife, Anne B. (Webb) Janney, of Baltimore, Md. The papers include his work with various organizations including the Advancement Committee of Friends General Conference, Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and the American Friends Service Committee, and Woolman School. Subjects include education, health, and hygiene of children, morality, peace, religion, and temperance. Correspondents include Anna L. Curtis, Bliss Forbush, John William Graham, Woodrow Wilson, Edward Grubb, Clarence Pickett, Aaron M. Powell, Barnard Walton, George A. Walton, Anna D. Blackburn, S.M. Brosius, Pauline W. Holme, Luther W. Hopkins, Richard H. Hunter, and many others. Anna B. Janney's correspondence primarily concerns women suffrage issues and correspondents include Anna Howard Shaw.

Arrangement The collection is divided into seven series:

Added entries

  • Baltimore (Md.) -- Charities
  • Children -- Health and hygiene -- History
  • Quakers - Diaries --20th century
  • Quakers -- Maryland - Baltimore
  • Sex Instruction for Children -- History
  • Society of Friends -- Theology
  • Temperance
  • Women -- Suffrage
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicksite: 1828-1968)
  • Brosius, Samuel M., 1851-1938
  • Forbush, Bliss, 1896-
  • Friends General Conference (U.S.) Advancement Committee
  • Grubb, Edward, 1854-1939
  • Janney, Anne W. (Anne Webb), 1861-1933
  • Janney, O. Edward (Oliver Edward), 1856-1930
  • Pickett, Clarence, 1884-1965
  • Powell, Aaron M., (Aaron Macy), 1832-1899
  • Shaw, Anna Howard, 1847-1919
  • Walton, George A. (George Arthur), b. 1883
  • Walton, J. Barnard (Joseph Barnard), 1885-1963
  • Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
  • Woolman School
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Ser. 1. Biographical material, including diaries and journal, 1906-1930

Diary of Oliver Edward Janney
Oliver Janney was Acting Secretary of the Advancement Committee of Friends' General Conference. Back part of notebook contains outline for “The Social Forces and Religion, and Religious Education, 1915.
10/2-11/30/1914 Box 1

“Recollections of Oliver Edward Janney of Baltimore As to His Life and Experiences"
Includes some photographs. "In memory of Eleanor Janney Johns, class of 1908, Swarthmore College, her children present these memoirs written by her father, Dr. O. Edward Janney."
"Sept. 10, 1919. To Oct. 1928." (2 ring binders) Box 1

Engagement notebook
Appears to cover 7 years, with gaps. Handwriting resembles that of Anne Webb Janney.
1906-1909 Box 1

“Dated Sketch of O. Edward Janney”
Signed “A.W.J.” (Anne Webb Janney?). Cites dates of importance in his life, 1856-1930.
1856-1930 (ms.) Box 1

“Dr. O. Edward Janney," obituary in Friends' Intelligencer, pp. 1021 & 1022. 1930 12mo 20 (2 copies) Box 1

Ser. 2. Correspondence, 1874-1945, n.d.

Correspondnece to and from O. Edward Janney and his wife, Anne Webb Janney Box 1

Correspondence of other authors
Other authors include: Anna D. Blackburn,, S. M. Brosius, Anna L. Curtis, Blism Forbush, John William Graham, Edward Grubb, Pauline W. Holme, Luther W. Hopkins, Richard H. Hunter, Eleanor Janney Johns (dau. of O. E. and A. W. Janney), Morma G. Miller, Rebecca T. Miller, Elizabeth B. Passmore, Sarah A. Pennock, Charlotte Turner (Mrs. Henry Chandlee Turner), George A. Walton, J. Barnard Walton, Woodrow Wilson (important mainly for autograph rather than content). In addition, there are letters from organizations, which reflect the concerns of O. E. and A. W. Janney. Also invitation from Lucy Sturge to A.W.J., July 9, 1930.
Box 1

Ser. 3. Writing and speeches, 1883-1927, n.d.
Manuscript, arranged alphabetically by subject. “O.E.J.” following title indicates that Dr. Oliver Edward Janney is the author. In many cases where the author's name is not given, the handwriting appears to be that of O.E.J.

Address, Toronto, re: principles on which Friends agree. O.E.J. 8/14/1904 Box 1

“Alcohol at Work on the Stomach, Blood and Brain.” Glycon. O.E.J. 1/2/1889. Box 1

“Bird, Notes.” Written at Sandy Spring O.E.J. 6/13/1920. Box 1

“Breakers Ahead!” Lesson leaf for boys of 14 yrs. Box 1

“The Choice in Literature.” Address for meeting at Christiana, Pa. O.E.J. 10/10/1909. Box 1

“Conditions Abroad and Their Lessons for Us.” O.E.J.
Substance of address at Purity Conference, La Crosse.
Oct. 1905. Box 1

“Conditions in Europe Leading to the Discovery of America” Box 1

“Oliver Cromwell” Box 1

“The Cruise of the Comfort on the Juniata Canal, July 2d to 14th 1883” Baltimore. O.E.J. 7/26/1883. Box 1

“David” Box 1

“The Devotional Spirit Among Friends, or The Meeting for Worship” Box 1

Address, Summer School at Swarthmore, O.E.J. 1911 Box 1

“Disarmament.” Outline of Brief address Box 1

“The Divine Touch,” O.E.J. 2/14/1909 (2 copies, 1 ms., 1 typewritten.) Box 1

“The Divine Voice.” O.E.J. 1-14-1921. Box 1

“Extracted from the Minutes,” speech to Friends School, Baltimore, MD, O.E.J. Box 1

“Fair Swarthmore, The Summer School of 1909.” O.E.J.
Verses. To the tune of “My Bonnie.”
(2 multigraphed copies) Box 1

“George Fox and His Message to Men.” O.E.J. Box 1

“The Golden Wedding - Wm. E. & Ella S. Walton.” 1/1/1924. Box 1

“The History of the Christian Church in the 10th Century.” O.E.J. Box 1

“The Home Surroundings of Poor Children.” Box 1

“The Ideal Friends' Meeting.” Box 1

“The Ideal Physician.” Address for Commencement of the Southern Homeopathic Medical College. 5/5/1904. (ms in notebook + typewritten carbon copy) Box 1

“The Immediate Need.” (to Intelligencer by request of editor). O.E.J. 11/12/1920 Box 1

“Life and Love.” Verses. 5-26-1917. (1 ms.; 2 typewritten carbon copies) Box 1

“Lines written for Fiftieth Anniversary of Park Ave. Friends First-Day School," Verses, O.E.J. Third Month 4th, 1916 (typewritten) Box 1

“The Madrid Congress for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic.” (typewritten) Box 1

“The Making of a Man, A Course on the Physiology and Hygiene of Sex for High School Boys, Their Parents, and Teachers.” O.E.J Box 1

“The Master and the Man.” Verses. O.E.J. (2 copies, 1 ms.; 1 typewritten) Box 1

“Medicine and Morals.” O.E.J. Box 1

Memorial for ?
Messages by Samuel Ash, Matilda E. Janney, Alfred H. Love, Sarah T. Linville, Dr. Daggy,--Wright.
Box 1

“Moral Education.” Outline Box 1

“The Moral Education of Children” Box 1

“The New Immigration Act.” O.E.J.
Includes notes on Lecture on the Educational Approach Towards Peace.
(typewritten) Box 1

“The Origin of the Pentateuch” Box 1

“Our Boys. A Pamphlet on Social Hygiene for Adolescents by a Lover of Boys.” (typewritten) Box 1

“Our Boys and Girls.”
Suggestions for the use of teachers. (List of characteristics under same title) Noted “Written 6/10/1910 for Dr. J.H. Holmes. S.S. Leaflet.”
Box 1

“Our Faith.” Read at General Conference, Cape May O.E.J. 5/7/1920 Box 1

“Our Homes.” By “Anne B. Webb, Class B.” Box 1

“Paul, The Apostle.” O.E.J. Box 1

“The Place of the Church in the Community.” O.E.J.
Address at 200th Anniversary of the founding of London Grove Meeting.
10/3/1914. (multigraphed copy) Box 1

“A Plan By Which the United States May Cooperate with Other Nations to Achieve and Preserve the Peace of the World.” O.E.J. (typewritten) Box 1

“The Present Crisis.” Verse. O.E.J. (2 typewritten copies) Box 1

“The Press As A Social Factor.” O.E.J. Box 1

“The Quaker in Story and Song.” Box 1

“Quaker Ideals.” O.E.J.
Outline of course given at Woolman School for Social and Religious Education, at Swarthmore, Pa.
1915 Box 1

“A Quaker Message for Today.” O.E.J.
To be sent out by radio from The News station, Balt.
2/28/1924 Box 1

“The Quaker of Today.” Verses, written for Dr. F. E. Sears. O.E.J. 3/7/1892 Box 1

“The Question of Unity.” Box 1

“The Real Jesus. His Life and Teachings.”
For use in Classes or for Home Readings.
(2 copies, 1 ms., 1 multigraphed) Box 1

Report of O. Edward Janney of His Visit to the Meetings in the Central West. Box 1

“The Right to be Well-Born.” Box 1

Scenario of Pageant, 250th anniversary of founding of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 1922 Box 1

“Simon the Sorcerer.” Verses. O.E.J. Box 1

“Song of the Friends By The Pilgrims”
Verses read at a Social at Cape May Conference.
1916 Box 1

“The Relation of Quakerism to Some of the Great Social Movements,” Summary of lecture. O.E.J. Box 1

“The Teaching of Sex Hygiene.” By O.E.J., M.D., Pres. of the American Purity Alliance. Box 1

“Thanksgiving, 1918.” At the home of Jos. J. Janney. O.E.J. Box 1

“They Are Not Lost.” O.E.J.
For The Intelligencer.
1918 Box 1

“To the Little Woolmans.”
Written in response to a celebration at Woolman House of O.E.J.'s 60th birthday.
3/18/1916 (2 copies) Box 1

“To the Society of Friends.” O.E.J. Box 1

“Toussaint L'Ouverture.” Box 1

“The True Quest.” Box 1

“What Friends Have Done to Advance Civil and Religious Liberty in America.” O.E.J. Box 1

“The White Slave Traffic.' By Dr. O. Edward Janney, Chairman, National Vigilance Committee
Read at Chicago White Slavery Conference.
2/10/1908 Box 1

“Why Not Teach.”
To The Intelligencer.
12/13/1918 Box 1

The Woman's Crusade.” 6/6/1875 Box 1

“Where Do Babies Come From?” (incomplete) Box 1

“The Wrestler of Philippi.” (condensation) By Fannie E. Newberry. Box 1

Untitled paper on George Fox and the England of his times. Box 1

2 fragments. Box 1

Printed writings by O. Edward Janney, 1892-1927

“The Attitude of the Physician Towards Temperance Reform.”
Address before Maryland State Temperance Alliance
5-8-1895 Box 1

“The Clergy and Social Hygiene.”
Address to Ministerial Union of Baltimore. Published by American Purity Alliance, N. Y.
n.d. (2 copies) Box 1

“A Doctor At School” n.d. Box 1

“A Friendly Home for Friendly Boys” 11-22-1919 (2 copies) Box 1

“A Great Opportunity” Friends' Intelligencer, p. 247. Box 1

“How to Begin the Study of Medicine.”
Address to students of Southern Homeopathic Medical College.
9-26-1892 Box 1

“How to Teach the Truth to Children.” n.d. Box 1

“Hygiene.” O.E.J.
Article in The American Medical Monthly, Vol. 21, No. 5.
Nov. 1903 Box 1

“The Immediate Need.”
Article, The Friends' Intelligencer
11-27-1920 Box 1

"Jonathan Hutchinson and the Measures to Combat Syphilis.”
Article in Papers in Medicine, pp.486-489.
n.d. Box 1

O.E.J.: “Dr. Janney Points to the Experience of Other Cities As An Argument for Suppressing the Disorderly Houses.”
Letters to the editor of The Evening Sun, Baltimore.
11/25 [?] (2 letters) Box 1

“Dr. Janney States The Case Against Segregation.” Feb, no year Box 1

“Living Praise.”
Verses in The Friends Intelligencer, Vol. 76,, No. 15.
4-12-1919. Box 1

The Making of a Man. O.E.J.
Lord Baltimore Press, Balt., copyright 1914. Also 2 copies of advertising leaflet for the book.
1914 Box 1

The Medical Advisor.
Pub. by Maryland Homeopathic Pharmacy Co., Balt.
1900. Box 1

“A New Crusade.” R
Reprint from The North American Journal of Homeopathy.
Aug. 1896. Box 1

“On the Cause of Diphtheria.”
Article in Southern Journal of Homeopathy.
Nov. 1892. Box 1

“Our Disappearing Ministry.”
Article in The Friends' Intelligencer, pp. 788-789.
12/14/1918 Box 1

“Physical Exercise in Spinal Affections.”
Reprint from Southern Journal of Homeopathy.
May 1893. Box 1

The Physiology and Hygiene of Sex.
Leaflet advertising course of five lectures.
Box 1

The Real Jesus. n.d. Box 1

"A Reasonable Faith.”
Lecture delivered at Friends Meeting House, Park Ave., Bait., at request of Baltimore Committee on Advancement. Printed by Friends General Conference Advancement Committee, Phila.
1914. Box 1

“Regulation of Vice a Failure.”
Philanthropist Series, No. 34.
n.d. Box 1

“Segregation; Principle vs. Policy.”
Pub. by the American Purity Alliance, N. Y.
Box 1

“Simon the Sorcerer.” Verses.
Published in The Friends' Intelligencer, p. 217,218.
4/4/1896 Box 1

“They Are Not Lost.” Verses. Box 1

Tributes to the Memory of John J. Cornell. Contains “Sketch of the Life of John J. Cornell” by O.E.J. and tribute by O.E.J. (2 copies of "sketch") Box 1

“Youthful Reasoning.” Clippings
Article, The Friends' Intelligencer, containing references to Dr. O. Edward Janney, or reports of speeches by him.
1/1/1927 Box 1

Ser. 4. Financial and legal papers, 1847-1881

Deed, John Sinclair to Richard T. Turner Feb. 9, 1847 Box 2

Receipt 10/14/1881 Box 2

Ser. 5. Reference material, 1879-1931

Reference material - Quaker 1898-1930 and n.d.

Newspaper accounts, and some correspondence
re: delegation from Baltimore Friends to President McKinley with reference to the future of United States and Philippines relationship.
1898. Box 3

Friends' School Education Committee minutes 4-17-1903, 5-11-1903 Box 3

Fifth Annual Catalogue of Friends' School 1903-1904 Box 3

The Interchange Vol. 6, No. 2 1904 2mo Box 3

Annual Report of the Committee on Advancement, Baltimore Yearly Meeting 1913-1914 Box 3

Bulletin of the Committee on Advancement of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends, Vol. 1, No. 1 1916 1mo Box 3

Proceedings of the Executive Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends, Park Ave. 10mo 26, 1918 Box 3

Annual Report of Department of Anti-Narcotics 1930 Box 3

Reference material, Quaker and General, 1893-1931, n.d.

Friend's First-Day School Graded Lessons
Includes Senior Course No. 2. Friends General Conference, Phila. (2 copies) Also, Senior Course No. 3.
1916 7mo Box 3

Minutes of meeting of Executive Committee of Woolman School, Swarthmore, Pa. 1917 2mo 14 (carbon copy) Box 3

Reference material - Medicine, 1879-1910, n.d.

Commencement program of Maryland College of Pharmacy 3/1879 (2 copies) Box 3

Commencement program of Hahnemann Medical College of Phila. 3-14-1882 Box 3

Commencement program of Southern Homeopathic Medical College, 1892-1901 Box 3

Program April 7, 1892

Program April 11, 1893

Program April 10, 1900

Program May 6, 1901

The Bulletin of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, Vol. 2, No. 7, Legislative Number. Jan. 1910 Box 3

Article, “Organizing the Community for the Protection of Its Mental Life”, by Adolf [?] Box 3

Reprint from The Survey,
Sept. 13, 1915 Box 3

Reference material - Miscellaneous, 1884-1924 and n.d.

Clippings on variety of subjects Box 3

Twenty-Third Annual Report of the Hollywood Children's Summer Home of Baltimore City 1914-115 Box 3

Defense Bulletin Vol 1. No. 1 1924 Box 3

“The Parables from the Chronological Point of View.” Bible references. Box 3

Reference material - Peace, 1914-1928 and n.d.

"Friends at the Front in War Time." N. Y.
re: 1st Anglo-Belgian Ambulance Unit.
11-15-1914 Box 3

"The Lesson of The Hundred Years of Peace," by Anna Allen Pratt
Printed for Peace Dept., Friends' General Conference.
1915 Box 3

The World Court, Vol. 2. No. 6, Jan. 1917 Box 3

“The Washington Conference”
Special Bulletin No. 3, by Wm. I. Hull, special Representative of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.
12-5-1921 (mimeographed) Box 3

The General Conference Section of Friends' Disarmament Council, contributions by Meetings 1922 Box 3

LaFollett's Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 4.
Also includes press releases, Dept. of State, 1925; and “American Policy in Nicaragua”, by Henry L. Stimson, reprint from The Saturday Evening Post, Oct. 1927.
April 1922 Box 3

Newspaper clippings Box 3

Reference material - Social Hygiene, 1898-1922 and n.d. Box 4

Pamphlets, conference programs, reports, etc.
re: “white slave traffic”, many put out by The American Purity Alliance and The National Vigilance Committee, of which organizations Dr. O. Edward Janney was for a time the president and chairman respectively.
Box 4

Reference material - Woman Suffrage, 1904-1919 , n.d.

Convention programs: National American Woman Suffrage Association
Includes program from Maryland Women Suffrage Association, 1907.
1904, 1906, 1915. Box 4

Newspaper clippings Box 4

Year Book of the Equal Suffrage League of Baltimore
Mrs. O. Edward Janney was 2nd V.P. of this organization, (1909-1910)
1910 Box 4

The Woman's Journal, Vol. 41, No. 22 5-28-1910 Box 4

Letterhead of State Equal Franchise League of Maryland, listing Mrs. O. Edward Janney as Corresponding Secretary Box 4

Letterhead of The Equal Suffrage League of Baltimore listing Mrs. O. E. Janney as 2nd Vice-President Box 4

Reference material - Women's Christian Temperance Union and temperance in general, 1887-1926, n.d.

“Aaron M. Powell,” a sketch prepared by Anne W. Janney (Mrs. O.E.)
Read at a Parlor Meeting of the Baltimore W.C.T.U. Printed in The White Ribbon Herald, May 1900.
1900 Box 4

Letterhead of Baltimore Union of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Baltimore, listing Mrs. O. E. Janney as a Vice President Box 4

Minutes of the committee on “temperance text book” for the public schools of Maryland
Committee appointed by the Maryland State Temperance Alliance.
April 1887. (ms.) Box 4

Program booklet of the Twenty-Second Annual Convention of National Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Baltimore, Md. 1895 Box 4

The American Issue, Maryland-Delaware Edition, Westerville, O., Vol. 19, No. 4 Feb. 20, 1926 Box 4

Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting of Baltimore City W.C.T.U. March 19, (1929?) (ms.) Box 4

Ser. 6. Memorabilia, 1876-1907 and n.d.

Progress statements of Anna B. Webb, Friends Central School 1876 Box 4

Verses (ms.) Box 4

Memorial to Anna Rice Powell by Elizabeth Powell Bond Box 4

Memorabilia, 1885-1917, and n.d. Box 4

Wedding invitation, Anne B. Webb and O. Edward Janney 1995 10mo 22 Box 4

Valentine poem by A.W.J. to O.E.J. Feb. 14, 1902 Box 4

Certifications for O.E. and A.W. Janney as official delegates from the National Box 4

Vigilance Comm. to the Congress for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic held at Madrid, Spain Oct. 1910 Box 4

Cables, London to Baltimore 1910 3mo 29 & 4mo 5 Box 4

Postcard from Tangiers, Morocco, O.E.J. and A.W.J. Oct. 1910 Box 4

Ticket to lecture by O.E.J., entitled “Castilian Days” 1911 3mo 11 Box 4

Poem by A.W.J. on the 75th anniversary of Friends Benevolent Society, Baltimore 1915 12mo 9 Box 4

Printed Leaflet Box 4

Right of Way Permit for Physician, Baltimore, Board of Police Commissioners for O.E.J. Aug. 17, 1917 Box 4

Poem by William H. Janney (brother) on O.E.J.'s 50th birthday n.d. Box 4

Invitation from Charles of London Galleries to Dr. and Mrs. Janney to view the collection n.d. Box 4

Ser. 7. Pictures, 1930, n.d.

Photographs of O. Edward Janney at various ages.
See also Ser. 1, “Recollections of Oliver Edward Janney..." for additional photograpohs of O. E. Janney and of members of his family.
Box 4

Photograph of Daniel Batchelor, John William Graham, and O. Edward Janney Box 4

Photograph of Janney home, Park Ave. and Newington, Balt. Box 4

Prints of D. Noyes (?); John Bright; Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt; Hahnemann Monument, Wash., D. C. Box 4

Envelope of 23 photographs (postcard style)
Mostly unlabelled, but Dr. Janney, Rufus Jones, Baltimore Friends' School, etc. can be identified.
Box 4

Funeral and tombstone of O.E.J. 11-20-1930 (2 copies of each) Box 4