An Inventory of the Emily Howland Family Papers, 1763-1929

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Emily Howland (1827-1929) was a Quaker humanitarian and educator who is particularly known for her work with freed slaves in Virginia during and after the American Civil War. A birthright Friend, Emily Howland was the only daughter of Slocum and Hannah (Tallcot) Howland of Sherwood, N.Y. She was educated locally and for a brief period in Philadelphia, and then moved to Washington, D.C. in 1857 to teach at the Miner School for Freedmen. During the war she worked at a contraband camp in Virginia, establishing a school and coordinating relief activities. She returned to Sherwood after her father's death in 1881 and contributed time and money toward the maintenance of the Sherwood School. She continued her interest in the education of African-Americans in the south, and was also involved in woman suffrage and temperance. Emily Howland never married, and died in Sherwood at the age of 102. The collection contains correspondence, journals, other manuscripts, memorabilia, and pictures of Emily Howland and members of the Howland and Tallcot families. Topics covered include education, philanthropy, abolition, and women's rights. Correspondents include Benjamin Howland, Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, William Howland, Slocum Howland, Phebe Tallcot, Richard Tallcot, Thomas J. Tallcot, Joseph Tallcot, Edward Strange, Caroline F. Putnam, John Alsop, and many others.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL NOTE This collection includes the papers of Emily Howland (1827-1929), a Quaker educator and humanitarian who is particularly remembered for her work with freed slaves in the South. The collection also contains family papers, surnames Howland and Tallcot.

The first Quaker Talcott (later changed to Tallcot to conform to pronunciation) was Nathan, the son of Governor Joseph Talcott of Connecticut. Nathan's son, Gaius, was a member of Nine Partners Monthly Meeting in Dutchess County, New York, and his son, Joseph, moved to Scipio, New York, and was the grandfather of Emily Howland.

The Howland family also moved to central New York from New England, where they had been persecuted for being members of the Society of Friends. Slocum Howland, the son of Benjamin and Mary (Slocum) Howland, married Hannah Tallcot at Scipio Monthly Meeting in 1821. They set up a household at Sherwood, Cayuga County, New York, and Slocum ran a general supply store with Thomas Alsop. The Howlands were committed abolitionists and may have been active in the Underground Railroad.

Their third child and only daughter, Emily, was born in 1827. She was educated locally and for a brief time in Philadelphia, and then left Sherwood in 1857 to teach at a school for the daughters of freed slaves in Washington D.C.; during the Civil War, she worked at a “contraband camp” in Virginia, establishing a school there and coordinating relief activities. Her father died in 1881. After a sixteen month tour of Europe, Emily returned to Sherwood to contribute time and money to the maintenance of the Sherwood School. She continued to take an interest in a number of schools for African-American youth in the South and also was involved in women's suffrage and temperance. She was elected Director of the Aurora National Bank in 1891. Emily Howland never married, and died in Sherwood at the age of 102.

1827 Born at Sherwood, NY.
1837 Entered Susanna Marriott's boarding school at Aurora, NY.
ca. 1840's Attended Poplar Ridge Seminary, NY.
1844 Attended Mary Grew's School for Young Women in Philadelphia, PA.
1851 Attended Mary Robinson's school in Philadelphia, PA.
1857-59 Taught at Myrtilla Miner's school for the daughters of Freedmen in Washington, D.C.
1863 Worked in “contraband” camps for Black refugees.
1867 Mother died.
1867 Father financed the purchase of 400 acres in VA, which was sold in smaller plots to Freedmen; Emily opened school in Heathsville.
ca. 1870 Helped Caroline Putnam start the Holley School in Lottsburgh, VA.
1881 Father died.
1882 Built school house for H.C. Hussey's Sherwood Select School.
1884-85 16 mo tour of Europe.
1891 Appointed Director of Aurora Bank.
1892/1905 Journeys to Far West.
1899 Attended Suffrage Convention in London.
1913 Tour of Southern Schools.
1929 Died in Sherwood, New York.
Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT OF THE RECORDS The collection contains correspondence, journals, other manuscripts, memorabilia, and pictures of Emily Howland and members of the Howland and Tallcot families. Topics covered include education, philanthropy, abolition, and women's rights. Correspondents include Benjamin Howland, Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, William Howland, Slocum Howland, Phebe Tallcot, Richard Tallcot, Thomas J. Tallcot Joseph Tallcot, Edward Strange, Caroline F. Putnam, John Alsop, and many others.

Arrangement The collection is divided into eight series:

Added entries

  • Afro-Americans -- Education
  • Diaries --19th century
  • Diaries --20th century
  • Freedmen
  • Howland family
  • New York (State) -- Cayuga County
  • Quaker -- Diaries
  • Quaker women
  • Quaker, Women -- Education -- School
  • Quakers -- Education
  • Quakers -- New York (State)
  • Quakers -- Social life and customs
  • Quakers -- Social service
  • Slavery -- Anti-slavery movements
  • Social service -- Quakers
  • Talcott family
  • Temperance
  • Women -- Education
  • Women -- Suffrage
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • Alsop, John b.1813
  • Howland, Benjamin, 1837-1882
  • Howland, Emily, 1827-1929
  • Howland, Hannah T. (Hannah Tallcot), 1796-1867
  • Howland, Slocum, 1794-1881
  • Howland, William
  • Putnam, Caroline F., 1826-1917
  • Scipio Monthly Meeting (Hicksite: 1827-1924)
  • Sherwood Select School
  • Strange, Edward, d. 1872
  • Tallcot, Joseph, d. 1853
  • Tallcot, Phebe F., 1799-1870
  • Tallcot, Richard, b.1791
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Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below:

Ser. 1. Biographical and Genealogical, 1926-1929, n.d.

Tallcot Family Box 1

Howland Family Box 1

Emily Howland Box 1

Genealogical material (includes Howland Family) Box 1

Clippings 1926-29 Box 1

Notice of Probate 1929 Box 1

Ser. 2. Emily Howland Correspondence, 1772-1929 and n.d.
Arranged chronologically. Divided into folders received and sent. See also: Series 5 for Financial Correspondence.

Emily Howland general correspondence, 1839-1929 Box 1

Received 1839-1869 Box 1

Sent 1846-1869 (26 ALsS) Box 1

Received 1870-1879 Box 1

Sent 1872-1879 (22 ALsS) Box 1

Received 1880-1883 Box 1

Sent 1880-1883 (37 ALsS) Box 1

Sent 1884 (25 ALsS) Box 1

Received 1884-1885 Box 1

Sent 1885 (33 ALsS) Box 1

Sent 1886-1889 (25 ALsS) Box 2

Received 1886-1889 Box 2

Sent 1890-1895 (31 ALsS) Box 2

Received 1890-1895 Box 2

Sent 1890-1899 (33 ALsS) Box 2

Received 1890-1899 Box 2

Sent 1900-1915 (11 ALsS) Box 2

Received 1900-1915 Box 2

Sent 1916-1919 (26 ALsS) Box 2

Received 1916-1919 Box 2

Sent 1920-1925 (33 ALsS) Box 2

Received 1920-1925 Box 2

Sent 1926-1927 (ALS) Box 3

Received 1926-1927 Box 3

Sent 1928-1929 (2 ALsS) Box 3

Received 1928-1929 Box 3

Received from Pundita Ramabai
Pundita Ramabai was a worker for the welfare of child widows on India who visited Emily Howland in Sherwood.
1889-90 Box 3

Received from Alice Stone Blackwell 1917-19 Box 3

Received from Agnes Tierney
Tierney was a Quaker minister and teacher who was a good friend of Emily Howland's.
1902-27 Box 3

Miscellaneous correspondence, some unidentified some undated Box 3: 1 of 2

Miscellaneous correspondence, some unidentified some undated Box 3: 2 of 2

Published Letters
Includes letters written by Emily Howland which were printed in the Auburn Journal during her tour of Europe.
1884-85 and n.d. Box 3

Published letters, pasted into book 1884-1885 Box 4

Letters received at her death (mostly by her niece, Isabel Howland) 1929 Box 4

Edward Strange
Strange was a protege of Margaret Burleigh and had been confined at the Eastern State Penitentiary. He was released because of illness, and was sent to Emily Howland's where he died of tuberculosis in 1872. Most of the letters are from his family in England. Also included is an incomplete history of his life in the United States by Emily Howland.
1860-72 Box 4

Caroline F. Putnam
Miss Caroline A. Putnam (1826-1917) was a close friend of Emily Howland's who started the Holley School in Lottsburgh, VA. After her death, her correspondence was sent to E.H. by Miss E.A. Knapp. ALsS include correspondence from Emily Howland.
1867-1916 Box 4

Ser. 3. Family Correspondence, 1763-1889 and n.d.
Arranged chronologically. See also: Series 5 for Financial Correspondence.

Tallcot Family, 1763-1863
For identification of family members, a genealogical chart is included in Series 1.
Box 5

Joseph and Sarah Tallcot 1763-1852 and n.d. Box 5

Phebe Tallcot, sent 1812-40 and n.d. Box 5

Phebe Tallcot, received 1828-1852 and n.d. Box 5

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, sent 1811-1863 Box 5

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, received
Includes ALsS from friends at Nine Partners School.
1808-21 Box 5

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, received n.d., before 1821 Box 5

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, received 1821-62 Box 5

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, received n.d., after 1821 Box 5

Howland Family, 1772-1889

[John] Alsop Family 1772-74 Box 5

Benjamin and Mary (Slocum) Howland 1802-19 and n.d. Box 5

Slocum Howland 1826-76 & n.d. Box 5

William Howland
Includes letters from a cousin at Haverford College and a few written with and by his wife, Hannah (Letchworth), after their marriage (correspondence of Hannah Letchworth before her marriage is included in Emily Howland, ALsS Received and Sent).
1837-89 Box 5

Benjamin Howland 1850-59 Box 5

Miscellaneous. Includes unidentified recipients/authors or fragments. 1813-1849, n.d. Box 5

Ser. 4. Diaries and Journals, 1816-1929

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland 1816 Box 6

Phebe Tallcot 1818 Box 6

Emily Howland, 1858-1929

Includes Freedmen's Box Accounts, notes on sermons, copied poetry, list of scholars.
1858-62 Box 6

Journal 1873, w/1871 accounts Box 6

Includes accounts, 1878-1884.
11/1877-1/1879 Box 6

Journal 1879 Box 6

Journal 1880, Jan.-Aug. Box 6

Journal (European trip) 1885, May-July Box 6

Journal (European trip) 1886 Box 6

Journal (trip to Mexico, with accounts) 1892 Box 6

Journal ("European notes.") 1899 Box 6

Journal 1901-1902 Box 6

Journal 1902-1903 Box 6

Journal 1904-1905 Box 6

Journal 1905-1906 Box 6

Journal 1910-1911 Box 6

Journal 1917 Box 6

Journal 1918 Box 6

Journal 1919 Box 6

Journal 1920 Box 7

Journal 1921 Box 7

Journal 1922 Box 7

Journal 1923 Box 7

Journal 1924 Box 7

Journal 1925 Box 7

Journal 1926 Box 7

Journal 1927 Box 7

Journal 1928 Box 8

Journal 1929 Box 8

Ser. 5. Other Writings, 1844-1909

Richard Tallcot, Original verse? Box 8

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, School notebooks n.d. (2 notebooks) Box 8

Hannah (Tallcot) Howland, miscellaneous writings n.d. Box 8

Emily Howland, 1844-1909 & n.d. Box 8

Copybook ca. 1840 Box 8

Birthday writings n.d. Box 8

“Compositions,” Speeches, and other Original Writings. Includes Birthday Writings 1845-56 Box 8

"A short account." 1848 Box 8

Notebook, French vocabulary 1851 Box 8

Notebook 1876-1880, 1893, n.d. Box 8

Album 1857-1909 Box 8

Notebook (Rome, includes Italian vocabulary) 1884-1885 Box 8

Notebook, History for Classroom Use (?) n.d. Box 8

"Concord Notes" (from Concord School of Philosophy) 1880-1881 Box 8

Miscellaneous writings n.d. Box 8

Miscellaneous prose and verse, probably collected by E.H. 1857-1909 Box 9

Anna W. Hinchman, French notebooks n.d. (2 notebooks) Box 9

Anonymous, 1850-1866, n.d.

Copy books and notebooks n.d. Box 9

Extracts from Meeting Minutes 1850 & 1866 Box 9

Miscellaneous writings Box 9

Ser. 6. Business and Financial, 1818-1921

[Thomas J.] Slocum & [Slocum] Howland, Financial Correspondence
Financial correspondence concerning general supply store addressed to Thomas Alsop and/or Slocum Howland.
1818-32, 1842-74, and n.d. Box 10

[Hannah (Tallcot) Howland?], Account Book
Includes copied verse.
1832-45 Box 10

Sherwood Debating Association, Minutes 1858-67 Box 10

Humphrey Howland, Correspondence 1844 and n.d. Box 10

Emily Howland, 1863-1921

Account Books
For additional accounts, see Journals in Ser. 3. Includes notes on students at Camp Todd, [1863]-1870, 1875-79, and notes on needs of Freedmen, 1866, 1885-1886.
1863-1879 (5 books) Box 10

“Records of Gifts & Loans” [1885]-1909 Box 10

“In Account with the First National Bank of Aurora, N.Y.” 1915-1921 Box 10

Miscellaneous receipts Box 10

Ser. 7. Memorabilia, 1871-1927, n.d.
Includes relics and other memorabilia that were owned or collected by Emily Howland.

Suffrage ribbons and badges Box 11

Copper name plate Box 11

“Samples of ginghams...worn by the colored women... 1864-67” 1914 Box 11

"Book of Pressed Flowers, collected & sent me by Sarah Jacobs, while with her niece in Dakota living in a dug-out in 1893.” 1893 Box 11

Class Schedule Box 11

Miss Miner's School Box 11

Healthsville, VA Box 11

Calling cards and printed invitations Box 11

Membership cards Box 11

Address book Box 11

Guest Book 20th November 1927 Box 11

A Historical Sketch of Sherwood Select School, by Lucy Jacobs 1871-1911 Box 11

Playing Cards n.d. Box 11

Scrapbooks (2 scrapbooks) Box 11

Album of newspaper clippings which probably belonged to Emily Howland.
Includes articles and writings of Whittier, Longfellow, Lowell, Emerson, Holmes, Frances E. Willard, Helen M. Jackson, etc., as well as printed newspaper accounts written by Isabel Howland while travelling (purchased from Donald K. Weber, 1-27-1977).
Box 12

Ser. 8. Reference Files
This Series includes printed materials and newspaper clippings, some identified by owner or collector, which were received with this manuscript collection and were probably all collected by Emily Howland. They are sorted by topic. In the case of books which are available elsewhere, only title pages and annotation have been retained, for the sake of space and overall preservation.

Afro-Americans Box 13

American Indians Box 13

Children's materials Box 13

Education Box 13

Health & medicine Box 13

Music Box 13

Nature Box 13

Obituaries. Box 13

Peace. Box 13

Religion. Box 13

Society of Friends. Box 13

Temperance and anti-tobacco. Box 14

Travel and tourism. Box 14

Women. Box 14

Miscellaneous. Box 14