Foulke Family Papers, ca. 1654-1999 [bulk ca. 1750-1860]

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The Foulke family was a prominent Quaker family of Richland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, descended from Edward (1651-1741) and Eleanor (Hugh) Foulke (d. 1733) who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1698. Their descendents married into the Roberts, Mather, Morris, and other Quaker families and were active in Quaker and Bucks County affairs. The Foulke Family Papers contain correspondence, business and legal papers, surveys, genealogical notes, and memorabilia of the Foulke, Roberts, and Mather, and related families. Of particular interest is a letter from Reubens Peale to Jane Roberts concerning silhouettes and correspondence between Joseph Foulke and George Hatton, a cousin in Indiana, between Joseph Foulke and George Hatton, a cousin in Indiana, about the Hicksite controversy.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL The Foulke family was a prominent Quaker family, descended from Edward Foulke (1651-1741) and Eleanor (Hugh) Foulke (d. 1733) who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1698. Their descendents married into the Roberts, Mather, Morris, and other Quaker families and were active in Quaker and Bucks County affairs.

Their oldest son, Thomas Foulke, was born in Wales and married Gwen Evans. Their great-grandson, Joseph Foulke (1786-1863), son of Hugh and Ann (Robert) Foulke, was a prominent Quaker minister and established the Gwynedd School, a private school for boys, and published "Friends Almanac." The School later was conducted by his sons, Daniel and Joseph Foulke, and nephew, Hugh, Jr.

Edward and Eleanor's son Hugh Foulke married Ann Williams at Gwynedd Monthly Meeting. Their son, Thomas Foulke (1724-1786) married Jane Roberts (1732-1822), and another son, John Foulke (1722/23-1787), who served on the Provincial Assembly, married Jane Roberts' sister, Mary Roberts.

Thomas and Jane's son was Everard Foulke (1755-1827) of Richland, a Justice of the Peace and commissioner of Bucks Cndson. Their grandson was Caleb Foulke (1783-1852), a farmer and surveyor in Richland Township and, later, Quakertown, Bucks County, Pa.

Caleb's distant cousin, Charles Foulke (descended from John and Mary (Roberts) Foulke was married to Catherine P. Edkins (1809-1890), a prominent minister in the Society of Friends.

Benjamin G. Foulke (1813-1888) was the son of Caleb and Jane (Green) Foulke of Richland, Pennsylvania. In 1838, he married Jane Mather (1817-1911) at Gwynedd Monthly Meeting. Benjamin served as clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Hicksite), and Jane was a prominent Quaker minister.

The Crow family apparently owned property in Richland, Bucks County, in the vicinity of the Foulke family. Many of the business papers apparently concern Caleb Foulke's work as a surveyor, and the Quaker meeting papers concern Benjamin Foulke's work with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT The Foulke Family Papers contain correspondence, business and legal papers, surveys, genealogical notes, and memorabilia of the Foulke, Roberts, and Mather, and related families. Correspondents include Benjamin G. Foulke and his wife, Jane M. Foulke, his mother, Jane Mather, his brother, Caleb Foulke, the latter's brother, Thomas Foulke, Catharine P.ounty. Their gra Foulke, a Quaker minister, and Thomas Foulke of Gwynedd, Quaker educator. Of particular interest is a letter from Reubens Peale to Jane Roberts concerning silhouettes and correspondence between Joseph Foulke and George Hatton, a cousin in Indiana, between Joseph Foulke and George Hatton, a cousin in Indiana, about the Hicksite controversy. Also include genealogical information on the descendants of Edward Foulke of Gwynedd.

The memorabilia covering 1703-1999, includes albums and material concerning the Gwynedd Boarding School as well Foulke Family Reunion files. Also included are papers relating to the Meeting of Ministers and Elders of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Hicksite) and its constituent quarterly meetings for the period 1820-1856 and papers from monthly meetings including Abington, Byberry, Gwynedd, Richland and Stroudsburg and papers concerning Richland Township, Pa., and its organizations.

Arrangement The collection is divided into eight series:

Added entries

  • Albums.
  • Foulke family.
  • Lay ministry.
  • Mather family.
  • Quakers -- Hicksite controversy.
  • Quakers -- Pennsylvania
  • Quakers -- Social life and customs
  • Richland (Pa.)
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • Foulke, Edward, 1651-1741.
  • Foulke, Joseph, 1786-1863
  • Gwynedd Boarding School (Gwynedd, Pa.)
  • Richland Lyceum.
  • Richland Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.
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Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below:

Ser. 1. Biographical and genealogical, 1786-1837, n.d.

Brief genealogy of Edward Foulke (5/13/1651-1741) Box 1

Family trees, beginning with Edward Foulke Box 1

Benjamin G. Foulke (1813-1888), Genealogical material, diaries.
Benjamin was the son of Caleb and Jane (Green) Foulke of Richland Township.
Box 1

Catherine P. Foulke (1807-1890), Genealogical notes
Catherine was a minister. Includes "Memoranda by Jane Foulke," reminiscences of Catherine P. Foulke
Box 1

Hugh Foulke, notebook
Contains abstracts of various marriage certificates at Gwynedd MM and other meeting notes and transcripts.
Box 1

Thomas Foulke of Richland (1724-1786), Memorial and Will 1786 Box 1

Health family genealogical notes, written by Daniel Thomas to Joshua Longstreth 1816 Box 1

Mather and Morris families Box 1

Morris family tree and genealogical notes on the Morris and Mather families.
Ms. copy of the convincement of Evan Morris, b. 1654, related by his son, Morris Morris. Original Ms. of convincement of Evan Morris.
Box 1

Roberts family Box 1

Miscellaneous genealogical material Box 1

Disownments of Hannah Bullock and daughter, Ann, by Haddonfield MM 1828, 1837 Box 1

Ser. 2. Correspondence, 1782-1934

Crow family 1816-1828 Box 1

Foulke, Benjamin G. and Jane (Mather) and family 1842-1864 Box 1

Foulke, Cadwallader (1778-1858) 1819-1839 Box 1

Foulke, Caleb (1783-1852) 1815-1849 Box 1

Foulke, Catharine P. (1807-1890) 1842-1875 Box 2

Foulke, Everard (1755-1827) 1807-1823 Box 2

Foulke, John (1722-1787) 1772, 1787 Box 2

Foulke, Joseph (1786-1863), and family 1819-1862 (3 folders) Box 2

Foulke, Samuel (1718-1797) 1782 Box 2

Foulke, Theophilus to Hannah Foulke
Accession number 98-056.
1796 (2 ALsS) Box 2

Foulke, Thomas (1789-1831, in Kentucky), brother of Caleb 1814-1830 Box 2

Mather family 1848, early 1850s Box 2

Roberts, Jane (1785-1847) Letters received before her marriage 1800-1807 Box 2

Mather, Jane Roberts (1785-1847), Letters received 1820-1846 Box 2

Roberts, Job (1757-1851)
Job was the father of Jane Roberts Mather
1832, 1848 Box 2

Morris, Joshua to his son, Morris Morris
Joshua Morris was the son of Morris and Susanna (Heath) Morris. His son Morris Morris was from Abington.
1796 Box 2

Miscellaneous 1819-1934 Box 2

Ser. 3. Writings

Miscellaneous Mss
Includes "Sketches and Notes of Early History of Richland", by Caleb Foulke Jr., (1839-1865), son of Benjamin G. and Jane (Mather) Foulke, and Reminiscences of Samuel Livezey as related by Joseph Foulke
Box 3

"A memorial of Jane Mather"
Also includes some extracts from her letters to her children and an account of the life and death of her husband Charles Mather, Richland, 1849.
Box 3

Poetry, ms Box 3

"Edward Foulke's exhortation to his children" (2 Ms. copies) Box 3

Ser. 4. Business papers, 1702-1878

In folders, alphabetically, by name of family, 1728-1878:

1. Ball, 1804-1864 Box 3

2. Bechtel 1824 Box 3

3. Beringer 1816 Box 3

4. Bradshaw and Dickert 1827-1846 Box 3

5. Brown 1861 Box 3

6. Bruner-Obrist 1819-1821 Box 3

7. Crawford 1787 Box 3

8. Crow 1814-1826 Box 3

9. Diehl 1814 Box 3

10. Ditloe 1829 Box 3

11. Edwards 1755-1823 Box 3

12. Fike 1826 Box 3

13. Fluke 1809-1838 Box 3

14. Foulke, Benjamin G. 1864-1878 Box 3

15. Foulke, Cadwallader 1830 Box 3

16. Foulke, Caleb 1808-1853 Box 3

17. Foulke, Eleanor 1876-1884 Box 3

18. Foulke, Evan 1846 Box 3

19. Foulke, Everard 1802-1835 Box 3

20. Foulke, J. Roberts 1876 Box 3

21. Foulke, John 1789-1841 Box 3

22. Foulke, Joshua 1854 Box 3

23. Foulke, Samuel 1855 Box 3

24. Foulke, Thomas 1804 Box 3

26. Gahman 1829-1847 Box 3

26. Green 1811, 1812 Box 3

27. Griffith 1809-1812 Box 3

28. Hertzel 1821 Box 3

29. Hicks 1830 Box 3

30. Himmelright 1828 Box 3

31. Itterly 1809 Box 3

32. Johnson 1840 Box 3

33. Kile 1848-1850 Box 3

34. Kinsey 1839-1848 Box 3

35. Knisely 1810-1811 Box 3

36. Lancaster 1752-1775 Box 4

37. Lester 1746-1860 Box 4

38. Loh (Low) and Nease 1809-1822 Box 4

39. Mahan 1817-1842 Box 4

40. Meredith 1801? Box 4

41. Miller 1815-1819 Box 4

42. Miner 1827 Box 4

43. Morris 1728-1810 Box 4

44. Mullen 1775 Box 4

45. Owen 1786 Box 4

46. Penrose 1814-1838 Box 4

47. Philips (Philipps) 1876-1878 Box 4

48. Rawlings 1827-1843 Box 4

49. Reed 1817 Box 4

50. Ritter 1835 Box 4

51. Roberts 1757-1854 Box 4

52. Rosenberger 1844 Box 4

53. Sellers 1822 Box 4

54. Senn 1815-1826 Box 4

55. Slutter 1845 Box 4

56. Smith 1786 Box 5

57. Stout 1812 Box 5

58. Strawen, Strawn 1801-1824 Box 5

59. Strunk 1835-1850 Box 5

60. Thomas 1782-1810 Box 5

61. Warrant 1772 Box 5

62. Way 1761-1787 Box 5

63. Weidner undated Box 5

64. Weinig (Wenig) 1811-1817 Box 5

65. Wllson 1810-1835 Box 5

66. Wood 1849 Box 5

67. Younghen 1814 Box 5

Other Business Papers, 1702-1874

Deeds and Mortgages, in four folders, chronologically 1827-1874 Box 5

Deed for sale of land at Shackamaxon, Philadelphia Co., by Thomas Fairman to Thomas Roberts of Radnor 1702 Box 5

Deed, for land in Richland, Township, Bucks Co., sold to Shipley Lester by Samuel Nixon 1811 Box 5

"Paul Apple's Land", record of warrantees, etc. 1715-1769 Box 5

Account of land sold in Manor of Richland 1738-1788 Box 5

Authorization for land survey to John Lukens, Surveyor General, by Charles Biddle, Esq., President of the Supreme Council 1786. Box 5

Warrants to survey 1745-1833 Box 5

Surveyor's draughts, by Caleb Foulke, Samuel Foulke, and others 1764-1851 Box 5

Agreement between Thomas P. Ball and Joseph Hill, to rent to Hill the east end of his house in Quakertown 31 Dec. 1859 (ms. copy) Box 5

Will and probate of John Roberts of Whitpain, Montgomery Co., codicil 1789, 1801 Box 6

Applications for licenses 1865 Box 6

Business papers-Charter of Incorporation of a land association in Lower Saucon Township 1855 Box 6

Miscellaneous papers
Includes lists of surveys, bills and receipts, draft of power of attorney
1759-1846 Box 6

Account book
Includes notary register, 1871, Joel Heacock, with diary, 1873-74.
1848-1857 Box 6

Will of Enoch Roberts, probated 1853 Box 6

Ser. 5. Memorabilia, 1684-1889

Album kept by Jane Roberts, labeled "Agriculture"
Contains records of plantings, recipes, cures, quotations, etc.
1802-1834 Box 6

Memorabilia of Gwynedd Boarding School
Daniel Foulke, Principal, and Hugh Foulke Jr., Teacher. School was operated by Joseph Foulke. Includes: Flyer advertising the school, n.d., list of boys and their weights, ca. 1858, receipt for tuition, 183? and 1837
1835-1858 Box 6

Copy book, includes recipes for cures, copy work, diary notes, etc., possibly kept by Joel Heacock 1850s-1870s Box 6

Copy book, kept by Joel L. Heacock 1860 Box 6

Commonplace book, Joel L. Heacock 1858-1866 Box 6

Includes autographs (Moris Morris, Hugh Foulke, Edward Roberts), invitation 1838, poems, 2 copies of program of 1st entertainment of the Richland Library Literary Society, 1802-1889.
1802-1889, n.d. Box 6

Commonplace book of Jane Roberts, and three books which belonged to her. 1797 Box 6

Letter addressed to Daniel Wheeler, dated near Petersburg, Russia
Written by his daughter Sarah and son William after the death of their mother
10 Dec. 1832 (Ms. copy) Box 6

Pocket diary, Charles M. Foulke
Accession number 2001-097.
1859 Box 6

Will of Lydia A Wilson (1809-1937)
Describing her cameo, with photographs showing her wearing the same [camero removed to Relics] Accession number 98-056.
(copy) Box 6

Welsh Bible and Welsh Bible Concordance, both containing Foulke family genealogical data 1654, 1730 Box 7

Bible of Rebecca M. Foulke Box 7

Ser. 6. Pictures

Unidentified photographs Box 8

Ser. 7. Reference Material, 1765-1893

Quaker reference material, 1778-1878

Papers by and about individual Friends, 1778-1854: Box 8

Testimony of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting respecting the Friends John Jones, an Elder, by Caleb Foulke 7-28-1778

Draft copies of Minutes from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders
On behalf of Elisha Dawson and his concern to visit England, Ireland, and elsewhere.

"God is Just," transcribed by Lydia Green for Jane Mather 4-8-1843

"Some expressions of John Comly," 2nd month 1848

Memorial concerning Jacob Ritter 2-2-1854

"An Elegy on the Death of John Woolman," author and date unknown.

Manuscript Discipline, transcribed 1782 1782 Box 8

Abington Monthly Meeting and Quarterly Meeting papers, drafts and extracts 1850-1855 Box 8

Byberry Monthly Meeting. Extract from Minutes 7-31-1855 Box 8

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting. Historical notes. Extracts of Minutes, etc. 1855-56 Box 8

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Report of the Yearly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia 1878 Box 8

Stroudburgh Meeting papers Box 8

List of Friends, including Orthodox 1829 Box 8

Receipt for appropriation from Abington Quarterly Meeting toward building of new Meeting House at Stroudsburgh 4-5-1869 Box 8

Clipping books, entitled "Friends" and "Family history" (photocopies; 2 books) Box 8

Answers to Queries, reported by Quarterly Meetings to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1833-1856 (in 6 folders) Box 8

Reference Material, non-Quaker, 1765-1893

Civil papers, 1765-1838:

Cases of "Poor, Impotent Persons..." Box 8

Accounts of the Overseers of the poor for the Township of Richland
Among overseers were members of Foulke family.
1765-1810 Box 8

Fragment, record of indigent case
Also, on same fragment, record of civil marriage by Caleb Foulke, Justice of the Peace.
1830 Box 8

Additional indigent cases 1831, 1838 Box 8

Record of subscriptions to aid family whose home & possessions were destroyed by fire 1809 Box 8

"Constitution, Laws & Proceedings of the Richland Lyceum, instituted 4-28-1836." 4-28-1836 (Ms.) Box 9

Record book of members & minutes, Richland T. Lyceum 1836-38 Box 9

Rules of procedure for meetings of unnamed group "desirous of improving our morals & enlarging our ideas." Ddebating society? n.d. Box 9

Richland Township Election List 1840 Box 9

Richland Library Literary Society of Quakertown. Constitution, By-laws, and Minutes 5-22-1889 to 10-23-1893 (Ms.) Box 9

Newspapers, Bucks Co, 1790-1887 Box 9

Miscellaneous Printed material Box 9

Title pages of books donated with collection
Books removed to book collection.
(photocopies) Box 9

Ser. 8. Foulke 1998 Reunion Papers

Foulke Family Directory and Reunion program Box 9

Clippings, Welsh newspaper Box 9

1898 Foulke Reunion materials belonging to Mrs. Linus Moore Box 9

Reunion registrations

Reunion Registrations, A-E Box 9

Reunion Registrations, F-J Box 10

Reunion Registrations, K-P Box 10

Reunion Registrations, R-Z Box 10