An Inventory of the Elizabeth Powell Bond Papers, 1856-1958

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Elizabeth Powell Bond (1841-1926) served for four years as Matron of Swarthmore College and was appointed as its first Dean of Women in 1890. She retired in 1906. 1906. A birthright Quaker and lifelong member of the Society of Friends, she played an important role in the development of coeducation at the College. (1860-1926), diaries and journals (1856-1925), business papers, speeches and articles, pictures, and memorabilia. Correspondents include Louisa M. Alcott, Ellen Emerson, Hannah Clothier Hull, William Lloyd Garrison, and others.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL NOTE Elizabeth Powell Bond (1841-1926) was the first Dean of Women at Swarthmore College, a position she held from 1890 to 1906. A birthright Quaker and lifelong member of the Society of Friends, she played an important role in the development of coeducation at the College.

Elizabeth Macy Powell was born on January 25, 1841, in Dutchess County, New York, the daughter of Townsend and Catherine Macy Powell. When she was four years old, the family moved to Macy homestead in Ghent, New York. She attended the State Normal School in Albany and became an instructor in calisthenics at Vassar College. While working in Florence, Massachusetts, she met her future husband, Henry Herrick Bond. Henry H. Bond. a lawyer in from Northampton, Mass., was not a Quaker. They had two sons, Edwin Powell Bond, born in 1874, and Herrick Tyler Bond, born in 1878 and died in infancy. Henry Herrick Bond died Oct. 22, 1881.

In 1886, Swarthmore College appointed Elizabeth Powell Bond Matron of the College. In 1890, she was named Dean. After her retirement in 1906, she was named Dean Emeritus. A member of Swarthmore Monthly Meeting, Dean Bond died at the Jeanes Home in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, on March 29, 1926.

Much loved and respected by the College community, Dean Bond was an avid gardener, and when the old tennis courts were removed, a rose garden was established in her honor. A College guest room was also named in her honor. She was the author of two books and in her retirement, continued her interests in peace, women's rights, and racial justice. She lectured frequently and contributed poetry and prose to periodical publications.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT OF THE RECORDS The collection includes correspondence (1860-1926), diaries and journals (1856-1925), business papers, speeches and articles, pictures, and memorabilia relating to the personal and profession life of Elizabeth Powell Bond, first Dean of Swarthmore College. Having associated with Massachusetts literary and abolitionist circles, Dean Bond was familiar with such prominent personalities as William Lloyd Garrison, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Susan B. Alcott, and Bronson Alcott. She spent some time in the Garrison household before her marriage, and her brother, Aaron Macy Powell was active in the Anti-Slavery Society. Correspondents include Louisa M. Alcott, Ellen Emerson, Hannah Clothier Hull, William Lloyd Garrison, and others.

Arrangement The collection is divided into seven series:

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  • Deans (in schools)
  • Quakers -- Pennsylvania
  • Universities and colleges
  • Women -- Education
  • Women, Quaker
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888
  • Elizabeth Powell Bond, 1841-1926
  • Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879
  • Hull, Hannah Clothier, 1872-1958
  • Swarthmore College
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Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below:

Ser. 1. Diaries and Journals, 1888-1925

Diary, with some genealogical notes 1888-1904 Box 1

Diary 1906-1910 Box 1

Notes on visit to World's Fair and Niagara Fall 1893 Box 1

Marriages attended 1890-1923 Box 1

Journal, visit to Holland 1907 Box 1

Journal, visit to England 1907-1908 Box 1

Diary 1918 Box 1

Diary, with some genealogical notes 1911-1923 Box 1

Diary 1923 Box 1

Reminiscences of William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, and Ralph Waldo Emerson
Read to various groups, 1919.
1919 (AMs, bound volume) Box 1

Reminiscences of Emerson 1918 (Ms bound volume) Box 2

Notes on Emerson and his writings, notes on Garrison Box 2

Weekly talks and advice to Swarthmore College girls
Given while Dean of College
Box 2

Calendar for 1897 prepared by friends 1987 Box 2

Excerpts from books and articles
Includes copies of some of her letters, record of letters written 1903-1905 and some business accounts
1903-1905 Box 2

Record of flower beds Box 2

Record of letters sent 1914-1921, after 1923 Box 2

Record of books read Box 2

Miscellaneous jottings, Engagement books 1856, 1894-1925 Box 3

Ser. 2. Business papers, 1896-1922

Account books
Includes: miscellaneous, 1921-1924; record of contributions to various organizations and institutions, subscriptions
1896-1916, 1913-1920, 1920-1922 (3 bound books) Box 4

Ser. 3. Biographical and genealogical material, 1863-1926

Miscellaneous: Memorials, Publicity
Includes notes for use of President Courtney Smith for his remarks at dedication of Robert Pyle Rose Garden in memory of Dean Bond, 9-10-1958.
Box 4

Genealogy, family papers
Includes sketch of Dean Bond's life; clipping describing dedication of Elizabeth Powell Bond Guest Room in Parrish Hall, announcements of publication of Dean Bond's Words by the Way
Box 4

Ser. 4. Correspondence, 1860-1926

Includes, in E.P.B.'s hand, an extract of a letter dated 1/24/1863, describing emancipation events which she attended at which were also present Garrison, Emerson, Wendell Phillips, and Longfellow, and Alcott.
before 1888 (22 letters) Box 4

William Lloyd Garrison to E.P.B. 12-18-1867 (ALS) Box 4

Bayard Taylor to E.P.B. Box 4

L. M. Alcott to E.P.B.
Discusses Little Women and its sequel.
3-20-1869 (ALS and typed copy) Box 4

Maria Mitchell to E.P.B. 1-26-1875. (ALS and typed copy) Box 4

Maria Mitchel to E.P.B. 6-17-1875 (ALS) Box 4

Letters received and written during her time at Vassar College Box 4

General letters
Includes her invitation from Swarthmore College to serve as matron and letters in reference to her booklet.
1886-1899 (40 letters) Box 4

General letters
Primarily letters from E.P.B. and Anna Rice Powell, E.P.B.'s sister-in-law, to Mary Radley
1900-1902 (14 letters) Box 4

General letters etters
Primarily letters from E.P.B. to Francis E. and Mary Radley.
1903 (31 letters) Box 4

General letters 1904-1905 (22 letters) Box 4

General letters
Includes E.P.B. to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Radley, 7/1906, explaining her reason for resigning, and 11-29-1906, concerning Isabelle Josephine Meeteer, her successor at Swarthmore. Most of remaining correspondences is directed to Hannah Clothier Hull, concerning subscriptions to the Elizabeth Powell Bond Fund. The income from the Fund went to Dean Bond during her lifetime and subsequently to the purchase of books for the College Library.
1906 (59 letters) Box 5

General letters 1907 (29 ALsS) Box 5

General letters 1908 (14 ALsS) Box 5

General letters 1909-1910 (15 ALsS) Box 5

General letters 1911-1913 (22 ALsS) Box 5

General letters 1914 (11 ALsS) Box 5

General letters 1915-1917 (22 ALsS) Box 5

General letters 1918-1919 (38 ALsS) Box 5

General letters
Includes letter 2-18-1921 E.P.B. to “My dear `Girls'," which is an brief autobiography of her early life, especially her interest in the Anti-Slavery Society.
1920-21 (38 ALsS) Box 5

General letters
Icludes AL (draft) E.P.B. to Dr. Peckham, 2-28-1922, with a brief account of her family and her life.
1922 (17 ALsS) Box 5

General letters 1923 (17 ALsS) Box 5

Gemeral letters 1924-1925 (6 ALsS) Box 5

General miscellaneous letters n.d. (Approx. 59 ALsS) Box 5

Correspondence with Ellen Emerson 1875-1901 (14 ALsS) Box 6

E.P.B. to Hannah Clothier Hall 1892-1897 (24 ALsS) Box 6

Letters received by Hannah Clothier Hull
Includes a letter from Aaron M. Powell and correspondence in reference to her effort to collect E.P.B. correspondence.
1898-1926 (approx. 40 ALsS) Box 6

Ser. 5. Speeches, articles and related materials, 1871-1923

Bound volumes, written speeches and record of talks:

“Notes of Talks at Friends' Meetings” 1908-1911 Box 6

“A brief record of spoken thought,” in Friends meetings, etc. 1911-1923 Box 6

“A brief record of spoken thought,” notes of talks in Friends' meetings, funeral services, etc. 1918-1923 Box 6

“Brief notes on talks “in the Library at close of Meeting” 10/13 and 10/20/1918 Box 6

Speech given at Cheyney Training School Commencement June 18, 1919 Box 6

Arranged chronologically:

"Personal Influence,” Florence 1871-1890, 7-30-1871 Box 6

"Spiritual Growth,” Florence 11-26-1871 Box 6

"Leaf Transformation,” Botany section of Natural History Society 5-11-1885 Box 6

"Two Days after Christmas, or What the Christmas Tree Thought About It” 1885 Box 6

"Tribute to Cousin Anna Bunker” 9-3-1885 Box 6

"Everyday Heroism,” Florence 1-3-1886 Box 6

The Ministry of Nature 6-27-1886 Box 6

"Elements of Happiness,” N.Y. League of Unitarian Women, Yonkers 5-2-1890 Box 6

"Obedience is Training for Moral Strength” 12-26-1890 Box 6

"The Movement for Social Purity, Church at Broad and Brandywine” 1891-1896 2-5-1891 Box 7

"The Youth of Some Eminent Americans,” Washington 11-17-1893 Box 7

"The Harry Wadsworth Spirit,” Swarthmore 1-28-1894 Box 7

"Friends and Good Citizenship,” Young Friends' Assoc., Philadelphia 1-14-1895 Box 7

"The Ministry of Friendship,” read to Swarthmore College 4-14-1895 Box 7

"A Spring Parable” 4-19-1896 (printed) Box 7

"The Claims of Beauty & Simplicity,” Woodstown Young Friends' Assoc. 11-27-1896 Box 7

"The Root of Courtesy,” Swarthmore College Students 12-6-1896 Box 7

"The College,” Civic Club of Philadelphia
Also notes on Importance of Primary and Secondary Schools
1898 2-5-1898 Box 7

"Poetry as a Means of Culture,” Race St. Conference 2-12-1898 Box 7

"Summer Days in England” 2-1?-1898 Box 7

"Cooperation,” Swarthmore College Students 10-9-1898 Box 7

"Epistles of John,” Conference at 15th & Race 4-16-1899 Box 7

"Blessed are the Pure in Heart,” Girls' Meeting, Swarthmore College 1901-1902 2-10-1901 Box 7

'Queries,' First Day Evening Collection 6-9-1901 Box 7

"The Scope of Motherhood,” Mothers' Congress, Trenton, N.J. 11-8-1901 Box 7

"Swarthmore Day at New Century Club,” Wilmington 5-15-1902 Box 7

"First Day Evening Collection” 6-8-1902 Box 7

"Memorial to Howard M. Jenkins” 11-10-1902 Box 7

"Inauguration of President Swain,” Swarthmore College 11-15-1902 Box 7

"Memorial to Charles Thompson” 1903 3-8-1903 Box 7

"The Modern Appeal, Friends' Equal Rights Assoc.,” Race St., Philadelphia 3-27-1903 Box 7

"English Friends & their Summer Settlement at Woodbrooke,” Annual Meeting of Friends' Library Assoc. 11-13-1903 Box 7

"Reverence,” Swarthmore Mothers' Club 4-24-1903 Box 7

"The Guidance of Youth,” Council of Unitarian Women, Philadelphia. 1904-1907 5-19-1904 Box 7

"A Day on the Heights” (Mt. Washington, N.H.)
Printed in “Among the Clouds”
8-11-1904 Box 7

"Joyous Living,” Swarthmore Meeting
Printed in Friends Intelligencer, 6-17-05
6-4-1905 Box 7

"100th birthday of Wm. L. Garrison” 12-10-1905 Box 7

"The Teaching of Morality and Religion in Public Schools,” New Century Club 2-21-1906 Box 7

"Blest of the Gods,” poem printed and read at annual meeting of Phi Beta Kappa, Swarthmore College 1907 Box 7

"Reminiscences of the National Arbitration and Peace Congress 4-14-1907 Box 7

"Introduction to Wilbur's ELIAS HICKS” 6-2-1907 Box 7

"At luncheon of Swarthmore Girls, in Brooklyn” 1910-1915 3-5-1910 Box 7

"From a Present-day Journal” 11-22-1910 (2 copies) Box 7

"A Penitential Pilgrimage”
Printed in Friends' Intelligencer
10-19-1912 Box 7

"Our Municipal Heroes” 2-1?-1913 Box 7

"From the INDEPENDENT'S 'Shameful Law'" 10-30-1913 Box 7

"To Swarthmore College Students,” Friends at Race St. Conference 3-29-1914 Box 7

"The Scope of the Meeting,” N.Y. Yearly Meeting 5-27-1914: Box 7

"Hope for the Colored race,” letter to editor of Public Ledger 7-16-1914 Box 7

"The Historical Medlar Tree,” Horticultural Club, Germantown 12-14-1914 Box 7

Decoration Day, Memorial Meeting for Lucretia Mott and others 1915 Box 7

For Swarthmore First Day School 1-31-1915 Box 7

"Comparative Morality” 1916-1923 1-22-1916 Box 7

"Reminiscences of a Great Day as given to the Girls of Friends Central School” 2-2-1916 Box 7

"A Pentecostal Day Memorial to Martha Schofield,” in Friends' Intelligencer 2-12-1916 Box 7

"The Star of Ethiopia,” letter to editor of Public Ledger 5-19-1916 Box 7

"Elizabeth Lloyd, a Memorial”
Printed in Friend's Intelligencer
6-23-1917 Box 7

"A Presentation” 2-5-1918 Box 7

"That Juvenile Lynching,” letter to editor of Public Ledger 7-16-1918 (2 copies) Box 7

"Start of Race Riots Laid to Slave Importation in 1620” 8-16-1918 Box 7

"Increase Our Faith” 9-21-1918 Box 7

"Thanks for Troop Pictures” 3-2-1919 Box 7

Speech given at Cheyney Training School Commencement 6-18-1919 Box 7

"Remarks at Memorial Service for Isaac Clothier” 1-18-1921 Box 7

Collection 9-21-1921 Box 7

Memorial to Emily Wilbut 5-27-1922 Box 7

Memorial to Russell Loines 1922 Box 7

Undated writings, including: Undated Box 8

“A Reminiscence of Bemerton, England,” The Phoenix Box 8

“Celandine- An Appreciation” Box 8

“The Children's Hour” Box 8

“Co-education & Co-education at Swarthmore College” Box 8

“Going on Rough Ice” Box 8

“Learning to Read” Box 8

“The Sacredness of Motherhood”
Includes mss. on Motherhood
Box 8

“New England Reminiscences” Box 8

“Particular Advices” Box 8

“From the Party of Ten” Box 8

“Torch- Bearers” Box 8

“Vassar, the Pioneer” Box 8

“Worship” Box 8

Memorials, verses Box 8

Ser. 6. Memorabilia, 1828-1956, n.d.

Quotations, cards, and keepsakes Box 8

Special events, such as Vassar College fiftieth anniversary Box 9

Material removed from Bible
See also Relics #s 98 & 98a.
Box 9

Annotated books (3) Box 9

Pamphlets, programs, clippings Box 9

Guest Book, Elizabeth Powell Bond Guest Room 1921-1956 Box 10

Guest Room located in Parrish Hall, West, #135 1921-1928 Box 10

Bond Tower, Bond Memorial 1828-1934 Box 10

Activities Lodge, #5 1934 -? Box 10

Ser. 7. Pictures, n.d.
See also: Picture file: medium- portraits, Bond.

Photograph of Dean Bond sitting for portrait by English painter, Percy Bigland
Original now hangs in Bond Hall, Swarthmore College.
Box 10

Pictures of relatives, friends, & places visited. Box 10