An Inventory of the William Baxter Family Papers, 1840-1942

(10 boxes; 5 linear ft.)

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William Baxter (1824-1886) was a Quaker businessman who lived in Wayne County, Indiana, and was active in social reform, particularly in the temperance movement. The collection includes correspondence of William and his wife, Mary Baxter (1830-1918), business papers, essays and speeches on temperance and other social reforms, family memorabilia, and miscellaneous materials.

Background note:
BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL NOTE William Baxter (1824-1886)was a Quaker Philadelphia-area wool merchant who later settled in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, and was active in social reform, particularly in the temperance movement.

He was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1824, the son of John and Mary Baxter. He married first Mary Wickett in 1847. She and her infant son died shortly after the family emigrated to Philadelphia. William Baxter married second Mary Ellen Barker in 1856 at Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Wayne County, Indiana. She had attended Westtown Boarding School in Pennsylvania. Their daughter, Lucy V. Baxter, married Percival Brooks Coffin.

Scope and content
SCOPE AND CONTENT OF THE RECORDS Contains the papers of William Baxter (1824-1886), Quaker businessman who lived in Wayne County, Indiana, and was active in social reform, particularly in the temperance movement. Includes correspondence of William and his wife, Mary Baxter (1830-1918), business papers, essays and speeches on temperance and other social reforms, family memorabilia, and miscellaneous materials including a manuscript account of the early life of William Baxter in Yorkshire, England, in the 1830s and 1840s.

Arrangement The collection is divided into seven series:

Added entries

  • Baxter family
  • Quakers - Great Britain - Yorkshire
  • Quakers - Indiana
  • Temperance
Additional Authors and Contributors
  • Baxter, Mary, 1830-1918
  • Baxter, William, 1824-1886
  • Wayne County (Ind.)
  • Westtown Boarding School
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Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below:

Ser. 1. Biographical and genealogical material, 1848-1937, n.d.

Baxter, Albert: biographical sketch
Albert Baxter was the brother of Wm. Baxter.
11 mo 6, 1893 Box 1

Baxter Emily: journal,
Journal written under the pseudonym Hepatica Rushmoren.
1887, 1888. Box 1

Baxter, Emily: Memorial meeting n.d. Box 1

Baxter, Maria: (1862-1928), memorials (2 memorials) Box 1

Baxter, Mary: “Lines on the Death of” by "H. R."
"Composed and presented to E. Wickett, Mother of the Deceased, by a young woman Friend”
(printed) Box 1

Baxter, William

Journal with some business accounts, recipes and cures. 1848, 1849. Box 1

Temperance journal
Contains record of places where lecture were delivered.
1867 Box 1

“A Short Sketch of the early life of the late William Baxter,” by Alfred Baxter Box 1

Naturalization paper 3-12-1855 Box 1

Clippings re. his death 1886 Box 1

Coffin, Lucy V. Baxter: Memorials re. he and her husband, Percival Brooks Coffin 1935, 1936, 1937 Box 1

Cooper, Benjamin W: will 1861 (typed copy) Box 1

Cooper, Benjamin W.: quit claim, relating to will 1904 (typed carbon) Box 1

Cooper, Bennett Smedley: birth certificate 3-28-1896 Box 1

Cooper, William B.: will, incomplete n.d. Box 1

Fletcher, Esther (later Richards): birth certificate 9-8-1888 Box 1

Moffitt: “On the Golden Wedding Day of Hugh and Sarah Moffitt, 12mo 3 1878”
Handwriting appears to be that of Wm. Baxter.
(ms. verses) Box 1

Sutton, Anne H.: funeral service 5/3/1900 (printed) Box 1

Sutton, Mary E. B.: will and codicil 11-27-1886 Box 1

Sutton-Chase genealogical chart, and Sutton & Underhill pedigree (printed) Box 1

Genealogical data: Baxter, and related families - Wickett, Barker, Davis, Pickett, etc. (notebook) Box 1

Genealogical data: Zacariah Fletcher and descendants Box 1

Miscellaneous memorials Box 1

Ser. 2. Photographs

Includes pictures of Mary Barker Baxter, Wm. Baxter and members of their family and related families such as Coffin, Cooper, Fletcher, etc.; Hugh and Sarah Moffitt; Friends; residences, etc. See lists following checklist.
Also see FHL pictures files for S. W. view of West town Boarding School, drawn by John Collins, 1858; and Yearly Meeting, Devonshire House.
Box 2,3,4,5

Ser. 3. Correspondence, 1850-1920

General correspondence
By various authors, including Wm. and Mary Baxter, who are the main recipients.
1850-1920 Box 5

Wm. Baxter to Mary Barker 1854-1856 Box 5

Various, to Wm. Baxter 1864-1868 Box 6

Various, to Wm. Baxter 1868-1870 Box 6

Henry Vincent to Wm. Baxter, Lucy Vincent to Wm. Baxter
Also includes facsimile of letter from John Bright to Henry Vincent, 1873-1879
1870-1878 (15 ALsS, 2 from Lucy) Box 6

Various authors to William and Mary Bayles 1868-1920 Box 6

Ser. 4. Business Papers, 1864-1907

Notebook, “Memoranda, 1864, William Baxter."
Contains notes on credit rating of businessman.
1864 Box 7

Miscellaneous: including Wm. Baxter's accounts with Albert Baxter & Co., 1873-1879 1869-1907 Box 7

Business Correspondence 1870-1878 Box 7

Opinion: A. Browning for Clayton Cooper 1870, 8-9 Box 7

Business correspondence 1870-1872, 1873, 1874 (2 vols, bound) Box 7

2 deeds for lots at Earlton-in-the-Pines with related papers, Hallinger to Cooper, 1894 Box 7

Lease, Lucy V. Baxter Coffin to Edward Quigley
Also includes leaflet: Wm.B. Coopers estate, announcing executor sale
3-9, 1907 Box 7

Ser. 5. Essays and speeches by William Baxter, 1862-1930, n.d.
Ms. and printed. Arranged alphabetically by subject or first line.

“An act to provide against the evils resulting from the sale of intoxicating liquors...” incomplete n.d. Box 8

“Alcoholic Medication,” incomplete n.d. Box 8

“Capital Punishment” 1873 Box 8

“Children's Temperance Speech” n.d. Box 8

“Civilization and Christianity”
Read before Camden Literary and Chess Club
1-5-1864 Box 8

“Does Phrenology Afford a Correct and Reliable Estimate of Mental and Moral Character?”
The article is a negative argument.
1/12/1863 Box 8

“Down With Liquor Traffic” 11-13-1885 Box 8

“The Duty of the Government and State in Relation to the Liquor Traffic” n.d. Box 8

“Extent of Traffic in U.S., Evils of Intemperance, Etc." n.d. Box 8

“Extracts from Senator Daggy's Speech Before the Senate” n.d. Box 8

Read before the Literary and Philosophical Club of Phila.
3-1-1852 Box 8

At Earlham College, paper on Temperance 12-5-1874 Box 8

“Free Trade and Protection" n.d. Box 8

“History” 1863 Box 8

“How to Read and What to Read" n.d. (2 versions) Box 8

“If a rumor---” n.d. Box 8

“Important Suggestions and Facts for Christian Professors"
Part of copy of an address in connection with Indiana YM, Richmond
10/29/1878 Box 8

To Indiana Yearly Meeting at Indianapolis, incomplete 10-1-1875 Box 8

“Intemperance the Great Curse - Total Abstinence the Only Sure Prevention and Cure" n.d. Box 8

“Is Physical Force or Moral Suasion the Best Rule for Prison Discipline?” n.d. Box 8

“Is True Civilization Making Any Real Progress in the World?”
The paper is a negative argument. Read before the Camden Literary and Chess Club.
12-2-1863 Box 8

“John Pym and the English Commonwealth" n.d. Box 8

“John Wycliffe" n.d. Box 8

“Life of Elder Walter Scott” 1874 Box 8

Notes on Life of John Bunyan, and notes for lecture on John Bunyan n.d. Box 8

“Ought Capital Punishment to be Abolished” Camden 11-10-1862 Box 8

“Prohibition and Not License...” Senate Bill No. 138. n.d. Box 8

“Social Life and Manners in Medieval England" n.d. Box 8

Synopsis of Wm. Baxter's speech delivered at the Temperance Meeting held at Central Church 3/26/? Box 8

“A Talk About Disagreeable People” n.d. Box 8

“The Vision” 1871 Box 8

“We very often hear..." n.d. Box 8

“What Is Genius?”
Read before the Camden Literary and Chess Club.
10/13/1863 Box 8

“What is The Indiana Temperance Law,” n.d. Box 8

“What Is the Political Duty of All Temperance Voters of Indiana..." n.d. Box 8

“Whether There Is More To Admire Or Condemn in the Character of Wm. Penn?” Phila. 1863 Box 8

“Which Has the More Influence Over Man, Ambition or Love?” n.d. Box 8

“The World's Opinion..." n.d. Box 8

Folder of portions of incomplete essays and speeches Box 8

Speech against Capital Punishment
Delivered in the Indiana Legislature.
Monday, March 10, 1873 Box 8

Writings of Lucy V. Baxter Coffin, 1923-1930

“Bird Life at The Brooks” 4-15-1930 (ms. and typewritten) Box 9

“Individuality in Bird Song”
Published in The Wilson Bulletin, Vol.XL, No.2. Includes reprints.
June, 1923 Box 9

Ser. 6. Memorabilia, 1842-1909

Wm. Baxter's notebook containing `Rules for my future guidance adopted 1st mo 1st 1866.” Box 9

Two Piece books, Wm. Baxter 1849, 1842 Box 9

Two Piece books, unknown owners n.d. Box 9

Mary Baxter's Housekeeper's Book 1857 Box 9

Mary Parker's papers

Notebook, Bible notes, from Westtown Boarding School 9mo 1853 Box 9

Arithmetic notebook 5mo 1855 Box 9

“Arithmetic notebook” (no name, but Mary Barker's handwriting) n.d. Box 9

Natural science notebook n.d. Box 9

Notebook, botany, arithmetic, etc., Westtown Boarding School 1856 Box 9

Piece book, Westtown Boarding School 7mo 16 1855 Box 9

Piece book (no name, but Mary Barker's handwriting) n.d. Box 9

Copy book 5 mo, 11 1855 Box 9

19 compositions on variety of subjects Box 9

Sacred Album 1855, 1856 Box 9

Verses, “Do They Miss Me At Home?” anon. 10 mo 16, 1855 Box 9

Verses, We Do Miss Thee At Home,” anon. 10 mo, 17, 1855 Box 9

Bills for Mary Barker's board and tuition at Westtown Boarding School
Includes receipts for payments, 5mo 5 1855 and llmo 2 1855.
10 mo 5 1855, and 4mo 11 1856 Box 9

“Register of Recitations" for Mary Barker, Westtown Boarding School 5mo 21 1855 to 3mo 3 1856 Box 9

Richmond High School commencement programs 1879, 1882 Box 9

Program of Penna. Institution for the Instruction of the Blind 10-3-1855 Box 9

Print of Keighley Mechanics Institute, Science, Art, and Technical Schools 1886 Box 9

Quilt design Box 9

Ms. and printed verses and article Box 9

Envelope and small, round box of seals Box 9

Bone letter opener Box 9

Papers relating to 250th Anniversary of Hodley, Mass.
Includes Gough and Sutton genealogy.
1909 Box 9

Partial list of books in J.G.Sutton's library 1902 Box 9

Diplomas Box 9

Ser. 7. Reference Material, 1840-1910, n.d.

Manuscripts, 1874, n.d.: Box 9

"Contest of Wm. C. Jefferis against Wm. Baxter for a seat in the Senate of Indiana for Wayne County." 1874 Box 9

Memorial talk regarding Maria Maxter, unsigned n.d. Box 9

“First Day School of Whitewater, Indiana” (typed) Box 9

Printed material, 1840-1855, n.d.: Box 9

Quaker brochures: Information To Parents And Others... Westtown Boarding School 1855? Box 9

A Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Westtown Boarding School. Summer session, 15; winter, 1055o Box 9

Instructions For The Circular Sliding Thos. Wilkinson. 1840 Box 9

The Spinner's, Manufacturers and Merchant's Guide 1841 Box 9

Clippings on a variety of topics Box 9

Clippings re: Henry Vincent Box 9

Books from library of William Baxter, 1834-1910: Box 10

The Christian and Ministerial Life of the Rev. Richard Baxter, principally from accounts written by himself. London, Hamilton & Adams 1834 Box 10

Rhoda M. Coffin (FHL, BX7796.C68A3), edited by Mary Coffin Johnson. N. Y., Grafton Press
Inscribed to Mary Ellen Baxter Sutton by Chas. F. Coffin, 2/7/1911
1910 Box 10

The Death Warrant of Charles the First.., by l. J. Thomas.. London 1880 Box 10

The Dying Thoughts of the Rev. Richard Baxter, abridged by Benj. Fawcett Box 10

My Farm of Edquewood..., by Donald G. Mitchell (?). N. Y., Charles Scribner 1863 Box 10

Rural Studies, with Hints for Country Places, by Donald G. Mitchell (?). N. Y., Charles Scribner & Co. 1867 Box 10

“The Indiana Temperance Law" 1873 Box 10