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Swarthmore Borough Walking Tour

Snowy bridge

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Tour Map Michael's Corner 120 Park Avenue Swarthmore Women's Club United Methodist Church 301/307/311 Lafayette  East S. Princeton Ave. 123 S. Princeton Ave. 203 Park Avenue Brighton, Yale, Kenyon Aves. 227 to 237 Kenyon Rutgers and Harvard Aves. 201 S. Chester Rd. Old Swarthmore Preparative School Swarthmore Presbyterian Church Swarthmore Apartments Swarthmore College Barn Swarthmore Train Station Parrish Hall Clothier Hall & Scott Amphitheater Sproul Observatory Bond and Worth Halls Benjamin West House Scott Arboretum Office Swarthmore Friends Meeeting House 3 and 5 Whittier Place 540 Ogden Avenue Courtney Smith House Maddock-Ogden House Riverview Estates 407 N. Swarthmore Ave 307 Elm Ave. Silloway House Walking Tour Credits