1913 J. BEAN “ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR” copied March 15, 1999  

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).



            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 


            This 1913 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a black leather bound volume (spine part missing-covers worn or eaten away) about  5  X 3  inches cover, about an inch thick, with one date pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is “The (Trade Mark) EXCELSIOR DIARY 1913”  The first about 20 pages are the  “useful references”


Joel Bean’s 1913 Engagement Calendar was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 5.1 March 15 to 18, 1999 at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by:


Tom M. King

393 Rutland Ave,

San Jose, CA 95128. 

PHONE (408) 286-7157

or E-Mail thomk48@hotmail.com


            Only dates with hand written entries are listed.


===========================  1913  ====================


first written words in are on page before Jan. 1 with title, 1913:  “Things Easily Forgotten”


This book belongs to  Joel Bean

855 Chapman St, San Jose

In case of accident notify Chas. E. Cox

                                                            855 Chapman St, San Jose, Cal ans


======================== 1913 ===============================

Wed. Jan. 1, 1913:  Lily & I called on Mrs. Telfer in the old home. (The house next door at 875 Chapman St. where Joel and Hannah had lived?)

Hannah Brun and Debora Otis were here to dinner. (at Chas. & Lily’s house, 855 Chapman St. -- red Victorian, on the corner of Newhall Street.


Thur Jan. 2, 1913:  Dr. Fairclough & wife and daughter Katrine came to spend the night.   Anna Porter & others called to an afternoon tea.  S—long. Lively interesting Eveng.


Fri. Jan. 3, 1913:  The Faircloughs returned home to Stanford this morning.

                        Joel (Cox)  returned  from a week's visit at his Uncle Morris’s (Cox in Santa Rosa??)

Ellen Bangs died at her home on Garrison Hill, Dover, N. H.  (See over)


Sat. Jan. 4, 1913:  In Memoriam. Attached by glue to page, pencil date on back of printed article 1/4/13.


 “Miss Ellen Bangs, who died during the evening of Jan. 3rd in the 6th year of her life was a lifetime resident of Dover.  She was born, lived all her life and died in the old homestead on Garrison Hill, built by her father Cyrus Bangs, for his bride Matilda Varney. 

            “On her mother’s side she was descended from William Varney of Salem whose son Humphrey was the first to come to Dover.  It was his son Ebenezer who built in the 17th century, the old house, still standing, at the foot of the “big hill,” as it used to be called, now Garrison Hill, standing in history under the name of Varney’s Hill.

            Here the mother of Miss Bangs was born and her daughter inherited through her the blood of the Otis and Stoughton family and through them traces her  ancestry back for generations in England.

            On the paternal side the ancestry of Miss Bangs dates back to the Plymouth colony and to many of its leading names in is early history, Sears, Sparrow, Allen, Freeman, Doane, to Elder Brewster of the Mayflower, to Edward Bangs a prominent citizen of the colony, who came over in the second vessel that arrived, the “Ann,” and to Governor Thomas Prence, twenty-five years Governor and to whom the honor is due of establishing free schools.  Miss Bangs was of Quaker lineage though both parents and was a loyal member of the society of Friends to the end of her life and always abreast of the times in liberal thought.

            (article continues 4 more paragraphs—the last one is, 1913:)


            She leaves two sisters, Miss Mary Bangs of Dover, and Mrs. Abbie S. Dennis of Boston and several nieces and nephews, Miss Mar E. Stevens of Dover, Mr. Everett J. Stevens, Mrs. Henry C. Goodwin and Mr. Winslow Horne of Malden, Mass., Mrs. Nathan C. Osgood of Salem, Mass., Mrs. David J. Brown and Mr. William Bangs of Germantown, Pa.  She was for many years and up to the time of her death a member of the W. C. T. U., and one of the board of managers of the Children’s Home.


Sun. Jan. 5, 1913:  Cold & rough

                                    Mo. Asso—about 25 present.  Aug. Murray, Wm. C. Allen & L. S. B. C. ministered most helpfully.  G. N. Jones repeated the Hymn beginning “Forever?? with the Lord”.  Mr. & Mrs. Waterbury of Chicago, were present & staid to Lunch.




Tues. Jan. 7, 1913:  (Printed article pasted on page—no writing)

                                                   COLDER ELSEWHERE

Other temperatures, in contrast to which San Francisco’s 36 degrees seem like the torrid zone, were reported  this morning as follows, 1913:

Paso Robles, 6.

Bakersfield, 14.

San Bernardino, 16.

Redlands, 18.

Porterville, 18.

Pomona, 20.

Riverside, 22.

San Luis Obispo, 22.

Pasadena, 24.

Fresno, 24.

Los Angeles, 30.

San Diego, 30.

San Jose, 30.

Sacramento, 30.

Red Bluff, 32.

San Francisco, 36.

Eureka, 38.


Wed. Jan. 8, 1913:  Rain.  Lily attended the Funeral of Col.?? Thompson.

                                    (printed obituary pasted to page)

THOMPSON—In San Jose, Cal., January 6, 1913, Henry Elmer Thompson, beloved husband of Elizabeth W. B. Thompson, aged 76 years, 4 months and 20 days.

            Friends are invited to attend the funeral today (Wednesday) January 8, 113, at 10 o’clock a.m. from the residence, no. 567 South Sixth street.  Interment Cypress Lawn Cemetery.


Thur. Jan. 9, 1913:  Raining.  Lily and I took Lunch with Wm. & Elizabeth Allen at the Vendome (Hotel in San Jose on N. 1st Street)


Sat. Jan. 11, 1913:  (At bottom of blank page)  In the middle of the night a fire broke out under my fireplace.  Chas. was awakened by the smoke & discovered it Just in time to save the house by vigorous work of the family & Joskh? Waldigger.


Sun. Jan. 12, 1913:  At Meeting. About 27 present.  Wm. Allen, L.S.B.C. and G. N. Jones spoke.

            (Obituary pasted to middle of page)

MAXWELL—In Aromas, Jan. 10, 1913, Miriam A. Maxwell, mother of Edward B. Rambo (deceased) Mrs. C. B. Walker of New York and Francis H. Rambo (local historian and cartoonist).  A native of North Carolina.  Aged, 92 years, 1 day.

            Friends are respectfully invited to attend funeral tomorrow, Monday, January 13, 1913, from residence funeral parlors of W. B. Ward Undertaking Co., 258 North Market St., at 11 o’clock a. m.  Interment in Oak Hill.


Mon. Jan. 13, 1913:  Chas. & Lily & I attended the Funeral of Miriam Maxwell, at Wards Undertaking Parlor’s.  The Relatives desired a Friends Mtg.  L.S.B.C. and E. H. Shelley spoke very beautifully.  I read a Poem that seemed appropriate beginning, “He sees how their footsteps falter where their hearts grow weary & faint”.   Isaac Hibberd called.


Tues. Jan. 14, 1913:  Charles went to Sacramento by night train after attending the B. & L.?? Annual Mtg. in the evening.


Fri. Jan. 17, 1913: (Obituary with photo pasted to page and folds down)  “Passing of Mrs. A. K. Smiley”  (Ink pen dated Jan. 17, 1913—includes-, 1913:) 

“For three years after her marriage she was principal of the girls’ department of the school in Providence with Mr. Smiley.

“They have passed from their beloved Canyon Crest Park to the home above.

“Before her marriage Mrs. Smiley was Miss. Eliza Phelps Cornell, and she was married to Mr. Smiley in New York in 1857. 

“The remains will be sent East with those of Mr. Smiley early next week”


Sun. Jan. 19, 1913:  At Meeting – 22 or 23 present.  E. H. S. & Geo. N. J. spoke.  After Mtg. G. N. J. read interesting letter from Tong Sing Kow, describing a tour with Gen. Wong, his bro.-in-law, - a high official in the Government of the Chinese Republic.


Mon. Jan. 20, 1913:  I attended the Annual Mtg. of the S. J. Water Co. at 2 p. m.

Thurs. Jan. 23, 1913:  From the Hound of Heaven” By Francis Thompson.


            All things betray thee who betrayed me.

            Nought Shelter thee, who wilt  not Shelter Me

            Is nought contents thee who contents not Me.

            Lo. All things fly thee, for thou flyest Me.

            Thou dravist love from thee, who dravist Me.


Fri. Jan. 24, 1913:  Lily went to Los Gatos and called on Debora Otis & Justine Brun.


Sat. Jan. 25, 1913:  From The Hound of Heaven

            All which I took from thee I did but take

                        Not for thy harms,

            But just that thou mightist Seek it in my arms.

            All which thy child’s mistake Fancies as lost,

I have stored for thee at home, 1913:

            Rise, clasp my hand, and come.


Sun. Jan. 26, 1913:  At Meeting—Wm. Allen in prayer, L.S.B.S & J.B?? spoke.  29 present gathered into profound silent waiting.

Joel came and staid till after mtg. & dinner.  Wm. & E. Allen called in the afternoon.

Tues. Jan. 28, 1913:  Lily and I went to San Francisco to see Dr. Ward.  Took Lunch at the Teacup inn, 225 Post St.  Dr. Ward’s office 391 Sutter St.

Wed. Jan. 29, 1913:  (Pasted obituary covers page)

            “DEATH OF FORMER RESIDENT OF SAN JOSE IN BANGOR, CAL.  Mrs. Phoebe Eleanor Almy McCloud, Pioneer, Passes Away at Son’s Home.

            (no family relation—77 yrs old, lived Cherokee, Butte County

                        from Mass., widow of Hiram McCloud).


Sun. Feb. 2, 1913:  Monthly Association  Wm. Allen, Dr. Murray & J. B. in prayer, & L.S.B.C. in Ministry.  About 40 present.  Sarah Taber, Ann Herald & daughters Bertha & Ethil & a granddaughter, Mrs. Hannah (G.)  Moore (Mrs. William of Los Gatos, 3 children,  joined 1908) , Mrs. Bingham, Mr. Talber???Gover?                  etc. present.

            Elizabeth Allen spoke to us after lunch interestingly on their visit to Denmark a few years ago.  Paul Brun reviewed a chapter of “Quakers in The Colonies”.   In the evening read sad news from Sacramento, see next page.


 Monthly Association, About 40 present.  Wm. Allen, A. T. Murray and J. B. in prayer, L.S.B.C. in ministry.

            Elizabeth Allen spoke to us after lunch on their visit to Denmark a few years ago—very interestingly.

            Paul Brun reviewed a chapter of Quakers in the Colonies.

Lily went Early to Sacramento.  Many callers during the day.  Annie Bean, Deborah C. Leeds, Mrs. Dawson, Cornelia Taber, Anna Porter, Isaac Hibbard.  A Telephone word from Lily in the evening.


(Following news article pasted over this page-written at top in ink, 1913:  Mercury of 2/3/13)


Charles E. Cox of San Jose Seriously Injured in Jump From Window.  Harry L. Warren Uses Bedclothes as Rope—St. Nicholas Apartments Burn.



Harry L. Warren, a well known fruit man of this city, a present purchasing agent for the state highway commission, had a narrow escape in yesterday’s fire in the St. Nicholas building in Sacramento, when he was forced to lower himself from the third story window of the burning building to the ground by means of knotting together to make a rope the bed clothing from his bed.

Charles E. Cox, who resides on Chapman Street in College Park, was a San Jose victim of the fire.  In a leap from the second-story window of the apartment house he was seriously injured, the fall wrenching his back.  Before making the leap he burned his hands and lies at a Sacramento hospital in a serious condition.



Tues. Feb. 4, 1913:  Wm. Allen came & took the town in his Auto – and by his invitation I took lunch with them at the Vendome.

            In the Afternoon had calls from Alfred Bean, Francis Morse.

            Louise Yocum here to night.


(pasted to this page—with  ink date “Feb. 4. 13).

The following resolution was introduced, 1913: 

By Senator Mott, 1913:

WHEREAS, One of the sufferers from the deplorable fire of last Sunday, February 2, 1913, Professor Charles E. Cox, is an employee at the desk of this Senate; and

WHEREAS, His injuries are of such a nature as to wholly incapacitate him from all employment indefinitely; and

WHEREAS, Death and suffering have been the harvest of his awful conflagration;

Therefore, be it

Resolved, That to the relatives of the dead, to the surviving victims, and to our faithful and esteemed clerk, Professor Charles E. Cox, this Senate expresses its sincere condolence and sympathy, and the Secretary of this Senate is directed to convey to Professor Cox our sympathy and cheer during the term of his suffering, and also our earnest hope that he will early recover and be able to resume his desk when this body reconvenes in March.

Resolution read and adopted.


Sun. Feb. 9, 1913:  Anna and I went to Meeting at Augustus Murray’s at Palo Alto, and dined with them.  Met Sarah Allen of New Bedford who is staying there this winter.  A cousin of Eliza Gifford’s.

Mon. Feb. 10, 1913:  Planted Onion sets & Beets by the Pepper tree.


TUES, FEB 11, 1913:  Isaac Hibbard called, and Wm. Allen who took me a little round in his auto.    Planted Beet & carrot seed.

Lily came home from Sacramento for a day or two – with encouraging account of Charles in Wentworth Hospital.

Thurs. Feb. 13, 1913:  Lily returned to Sacramento by Early morning train.

                        Elizbeth & Anna Bean called in the Eveng.

Fri. Feb. 14, 1913:  Wm. Allen took me on Auto ride to Saratoga where we called on Cornelia Taber.

Sun. Feb. 16, 1913:  At Meeting – Mary Chase of Manchester, N. H. was present & spoke.  James was at mtg. For first time since his illness and prayed.  Wm. C. Allen prayed.  J. B. & E. H. Shelley spoke.

Anna went to Eliza Yocum’s to Supper.

Wed, Feb. 19, 1913:  Charles E. Tebbetts came here on his way from Oregon, South, having called on Chas. & Lily yesterday in Sacramento.

            In the evening, we had Arthur & Eliza Dann, Wm. & E. Allen and Geo. Jones to dinner.  An interesting company.  A. Dann prayed at the table and Eliza before they left.

Thurs. Feb. 20, 1913:  Ed Bean took his Father and Chas. Tebbetts & Me & Harry a ride in his Auto.  We made a short Call on Cousin Ellen Smith (in Campbell, J. Fred Smith family).

            Chas. E. Tebbetts went to Evening dinner at Vendome (invited by Wm. Allen).  Then he attended Eveng Mtg. At Stockton Ave. with A. & E. Dann & Wm. & E. Allen.

Fri. Feb. 21, 1913:  Chas. Tebbetts left this morning for Southern California by 9, 1913:10 train.

            Eliza Dann called with Elizabeth Allen and Showed me pictures of her Mother and the Dann family and their home at Reigate??.

            Louise Jones called in the afternoon.

Sat. Feb. 22, 1913:  I planted Beet Seeds and Artichokes in the Orchard by the road.

            Anna & Catharine had a party of Girls to Lunch, Ola? Winslow, Ruth Bacon, Marion & Helen Horton and Hilda & Elsa Hemple; and Rosamond Lawrence came after lunch.

Sun. Feb. 23, 1913:  At Meeting we had the company of Harvey Borton of Morristown, N. J., who spoke.  E. H. S. prayed.  Anna Bean & J.B. spoke.  At the close of Mtg. H. Borton by request told us something of the Ramallah Mission, which he visited last year with Alfred Garrett.  28 or more present.

Mon. Feb. 24, 1913:  I attended the Funeral of J. W. Haines.  Aged 89.


Sat. March 1, 1913:  I attended Q. Mtg. At Stockton Ave.  Levi Gregory and Chas. Stalker and Martha Wood of Denain prayed.  Abijah Weaver was the Preacher.    In the afternoon Mtg. Rebecca Naylor, Emma Coffin and R. Lewis of Whittier besides the above took part.  Wm. Allen spoke.

Sun. March 2, 1913:  Monthly Assoc.- at Meeting.  A. T. Murray and J.B. in Prayer.  E. H. Shelley, Wm. C. Allen, & A. T. Murray in Ministry.   Hannah Thomas & daughter from Penna. were present.  Sarah Allen of New Bedford, Mass. came with Elizabeth (Colden Murray (1862-       )  Gifford.  After Lunch Helen Vail (married Rhodes)  gave the lesson from “Friends in the Colonies,”  The New Jersey Chapter.

            I went to Vesper Service at Cong. Ch. to hear W. W. Willard on the “Religion of Tennyson”.

Thurs., March 6, 1913:  Mrs. Sevens, Mother of Roy & Geo. Etc. called.  She lives now in S. F.

Fri. March 7, 1913:  Cousin Ellen Smith came and took lunch with me.

            Wm. & Eliza Allen called in the afternoon.

Sun. March 9, 1913:  At Meeting – Wm. Allen & Jas. B. spoke.  E. H. Shelley prayed.   Dr. Park & wife & little son were present from Downingtown, Penna.

            I went to Cong. Ch. at 5 p.m. to hear Dr Willard on the Religion of Whittier.  It was well treated.  

            Joel & Helen Horton were here in the Eveng. from Stanford.

Sun. March 16, 1913:  At Meeting   About 25 present.  W. Vail, Wm. C. Allen, & J. B. spoke.

            Joel here to dinner.  Anna went with the Vail young people, by Auto, to Alum Rock (Park in East foothills of San Jose) to a picnic lunch.

Anna & I called at our old home on Mrs. Telfer etc. (next door).

Mon. March 17, 1913:  Frank Waldegger Spaded round the Berry Bushes.

Thurs. March 20, 1913:  Anna went to Sacramento to relieve her Mother in care of Chas. for 3 or 4 days.

Sun. March 23, 1913:  Showery Snow on the Mountains –chilly.

            At Meeting (14 present) Wm. C. Allen prayed.  E. H. Shelley & Annie Bean spoke.  

            Joel, Catharine & I went with Wm. & Eliza Allen to dinner at the Vendome.

Mon. March 24, 1913:  Anna came home from Sacramento.

Sat. March 29, 1913:  Anna & I went to Blossom Festival at Saratoga.   Took our PicNic Lunch at Cornelia Taber’s. with other Friends – Vails, Satterthwaites, Lawrences, D. Otis, etc.

Sun. March 30, 1913:    The children & I called at D (avid, of Park Ave., San Jose). Satterthwaites. Mrs. Weaver & Lina called here.


Tues. April 1, 1913:  Wm. Allen took me in his auto to the County Infirmary.

(on Infirmary Road, changed to Bascom Ave., corner of Moorpark Ave.  The Santa Clara County Hospital remains there in 1999.)

We saw among the poor women one 113 yrs. old, born in 1800—quite bright and active still, occupying much time counting her beads.  She is a Mexican woman who has not learned the English language.

April 4, Friday, 1913:  I called on Emmanuel Coffin on Stockton Ave.

                        The Girls and I took supper and spent the evening at David Satterthwaites, very pleasantly.

Sun. April 6, 1913:  Monthly Meeting   Between 35 & 40 present – Wm. Allen, Augustus Murray & E. H. Shelley in Ministry and Prayer.

            After Lunch John Woolman’s Life and work were the topic.  J. B. Cox read some verses of Scripture.  C. M. Cox a part of Whittier’s Poem on John Woolman & Anna M. (sic., means S.? )  Cox had the principal address on his Life & work.  Prof. Murray, Joel B. & Jas. B. spoke briefly of some passages and incidents.

Mon. April 7, 1913:  The Girls commenced again at the University after a weeks recess-----

Sat. April 12, 1913:  The Girls attended a Reception of Cora Bacon’s in the p. m.

Sun. April 13, 1913:  At Meeting (about 20 present) Pearl Willson, Selina Start, E. H. Shelley & Jas. Bean spoke.

Mon. April 14, 1913:  Edwin Bean took his Grandfather & me an Auto ride, to Fourth St. to see Ed’s new building going up for his ware house  230 ft. long & 70 ft. wide.

Tues. April 15, 1913:  Catharine at home working on her Thesis.   Wm. Allen called.

April 17, Thurs., 1913: I took lunch at the Vendome (by Invitation) with Wm. & Eliza Allen.

Sat., April 19, 1913:  Catharine went Oakland and Berkeley.

Sun. April 20, 1913:   At Meeting  nearly 40 present.  Augustus Murray, J. B. and Wm. Allen spoke.  E. H. Shelley & Mrs. C. Allen prayed.    Augustus Murray, Lydia Mitchell, and Dorothea Spinney (of England) & Joel were here to dinner.     Catharine came home from Berkeley.

Mon. April 21, 1913:  I attended the Minister’s Meeting at 10, 1913:30 a.m.

Tues., April 22, 1913:  I went to Stanford University to a Lecture by Saml Crothers of Boston on Human Conduct and Human testing.

Wed. April 23, 1913:  Wm. & E. Allen called.

Fri. April 25, 1913:  Anna went to Berkeley for the weekend.

Sun. April 27, 1913:  At Meeting.  17 present.  Fred. Pierce, W. C. Allen, J. B. spoke in ministry.  (on citizenship)

            Catharine & I called on Eliza Yocum’s in the afternoon.   John Yocum of Pasadena was there.   Anna returned home.

Mon. April 28, 1913:  (pasted on page in picture and these words.)  HOTEL REGIS, THE HOUSE OF COMFORT, Cor. K and 11th Sts., Sacramento,  Calif.

            Where Chas. & Lily are staying Since Chas. left Hospital.

Tues. April 29, 1913:  Catharine finished her Thesis.     Mrs. Richmond from N. Y. State & Mrs. Tower called.

Wed. April 30, 1913:  (pasted over page, a program)


            College Park Association of Friends


            The forty-eighth Semi-Annual meeting will be held on Seventh Day, Fifth Month, 3rd, 1913, at the meeting house on Morse street near Davis street.

            Meeting for worship at 10, 1913:30 A. M., to be followed by a short business session, after which luncheon will be served at the meeting house.

            Business to be resumed at 1, 1913:30 P. M.


                        Program for the Afternoon


1.  Repetition in Concert.  John XX, 24-29.  Responses


2.  Whittier and Social Reform

                                                            Augustus T. Murray

3.  Poem  -  -  -  -  -  -  --  -  -  -  -  -  -  Annie Bean


4.  For Conscience Sake      Rebecca Satterthuaite


                                                By order of

                                                            THE COMMITTEE


Deborah H. Vail

                        Recording Secretary.


            (In ink on the back of the program above is)

Reported by Jas. B. sent for Ramallah Mission $17 from ? S. + 5 from ? Rambo + 5 from Jas. B.                    = $27.00

Raised for Good Cheer club 13 + 15 = 28.00

Raised for Indian Assn.                      $25.00

Sarah Tabor reported for Cornelia Taber on Indian Asso. work.


Fri. May 2, 1913:  Lily came home from Sacramento.  I attended the funeral of Matilda Mayne.  (New article with photo pasted over this date)


College Park Loses Respected Resident

 In Mrs. W. J. Mayne


Mrs. W. J. Mayne, wife of the late Rev. w. J. Mayne, passed peacefully into the eternal life from her home on the Alameda on Tuesday afternoon.

            Mrs. Mayne was born in England and came of a family closely identified with the Wesleys and the Wesleyan movement.  In her early life in England she devoted much time and energy to church activities, etc.  After her marriage she labored effectively with her husband, in Australia, whither the latter had gone as a Methodist missionary.


Sat. May 3, 1913:  Semi Annual Meeting fully attended.  Ministry by E. H. Shelley, Augustus T. Murray, J. B., L.S.B.C. & Walter E. Vail.

            There were present Emma F. Coffin, Wm. & Elvira Ward of Stockton Ave. Mtg., Mrs. Johnston, Edw. Wright (of Oakland, CA.  In 1917 helped Walter Vail revise the by-laws for the CPAF.)  , Lillian Smith of Berkeley, Belle Lawrence, Ellen R. Smith, Cornelius Bastin, Etc.  See Program 5/1.

Geo. Jones & Constance Wilhilmena Bell (Geo. Jones  wife's family.  Wife died 1911) were here to eveng dinner.

Sun. May 4, 1913:  At Meeting, L.S.B.C. spoke on 23rd Psalm (a remarkable Exposition)  J. B. in prayer.   Edwd. Wright of Oakland was here to dinner.   We all called on Wm. & Eliza Allen at the Vendome in the late afternoon.

Sat. May 10, 1913:  Catharine had her final Examination at Stanford.

            Ed. Bean took his Father & me and others an Auto ride about 5 p. m., to Alviso—Milpitas & round by his new Warehouse, & home before 7 p. m.

Sun. May 11, 1913:  At Meeting   L.S.B.C. Spoke on the text “Lo, I am with you always” & J. B afterward briefly, & Geo. Jones repeated an appropriate Hymn.   John Yocum & Arthur were at Mtg. And here to dinner.

            Joel came in the p.m. and staid the night.  Expecting to Sail on 3rd day for the Islands.

Tues. May 13, 1913:  Charles Cox returned home from Sacramento after an absence of 3 1/2 months.     Joel sailed for Honolulu.

Wed. May 14, 1913:  Aoki left us for Summer work.    David & Rebecca Satterthwaite called in the Eveng.

Thurs. May 15, 1913:  Mrs. Clark came  to help in the Kitchen.    The Girls about finished their work at Stanford.  They took  a noon dinner at Prof. Fairclough’s.   Herbert C. Jones here in the  Eveng.

May 16, Fri., 1913:  Anna & Catharine dined at Prof. Hemple’s.  

                        We all attended the Phi Beta Cappa (Sic)   Mtg. In the Afternoon and heard an interesting address on “Epictetus” by Prof. Clapp of Berkeley and a Poem on “The Wilderness” by Dr. Jordan.

Sun. May 18, 1913:  At Mtg.   L.S.B.C. &J.B. spoke.  E. H. Shelley prayed.  Miss. Meland, niece of Lawrence Meland, Rosamond & Lucy Lawrence & Catharine Batte were at meeting.

            Lily & The Girls went to Stanford in the Afternoon to Professor’s Receptions.    Pricilla Cavagsusero? Here for the night.

Mon. May 19, 1913:  We all attended the Commencement at Stanford University.  A fine Address by Dr. Jordan on “The Conquest of Europe by America”.  Anna & Catharine received the Degree of “M.A.”.   Amelia Cox came home with us.   Chas. & Anna attended the Reception of Pres. & Mrs. Guth in the Eveng.

Tues. May 20, 1913: Amelia Cox left for Santa Rosa.  I attended the College of the Pacific Commencement.   Heard an Excellent Address by Bishop McConnell of Denver on “Men and the Times, 1913:  the four Classes of Men. 

1st of Men behind the times. 

2nd of Men ahead of the times,

3rd. of Men of Today, the Present time,

4th of Men above the times.  Bishop Hughes also spoke.

Thurs. May 22, 1913:  Anna & Catharine left on 11, 1913:35 p. m. train for Pasadena, Washington, Philadelphia and Europe.   Ed. & Mary Bean took them & Chas. & L. by Auto to the train.

Fri. May 23, 1913:  Lily took Lunch at the Vendome with  Mrs. Phelps Corey & her party.

Mon. May 26, 1913:  Mrs. Clark left in the Evening having helped in the Kitchen since Aoki left.

Tues. May 27, 1913:  The Girls left Pasadena for Washington, having spent a night at Long Beach with their Aunt Matilda Trueblood, & Cousin Wilson Cox’s family.     We began taking dinners at Cafeteria in town.

Wed. May 28, 1913:  (Pasted to page—no ink writing)



The Misses Anna and Catharine Cox of San Jose, who have been visiting at the home of Mr. And Mrs. G. C. Horton, 174 North Madison avenue, left yesterday for Philadelphia.  They are college friends of Miss. Helen Horton, on their way to Europe, where Miss. Anna will study at the American Classical school in Rome, and Miss. Catharine at the German university of Jena.  Several informal affairs were given in their honor, and the many friends they made here are hoping they will stop in Pasadena on their homeward journey.


Sun. June 1, 1913:  Monthly Association—about 20 present.  Pearl Willson (future  wife of James D. McPherson Aug., 1923)   reviewed very nicely the first 2 or 3 chapters of the History of Friends in Penn., in “Quakers in the Colonies”.

Thurs. June 5, 1913:  Elizabeth Shelley (Mrs. Sivert, daughter of Isaac Sharp, English Quaker Minister), CPAF recording clerk for many years)  invited me to dine with them and partake of fresh fish and Cherry pie.

Sat. June 7, 1913:  Isaac Govin came to Join the party at the Upper Cottage.

Sun. June 8, 1913:  Elizabeth Shelley and I attended the Congregational

Church, Burton Palmer, Pastor (In Pacific Grove, Calif.)

            I dined, by invitation, at the Upper Cottage.

            Had Isaac & Hannah Gover and E. H. Shelley to an Afternoon tea at 4 1/2 p.m., 1913:  and some reading afterwards.

            I attended Christian Church at half past 7-  Patterson Pastor

Mon. June 9, 1913:  Dined at Mrs. Madson’s.  Met Mrs. Folger & daughter there and

Tues. June 10, 1913:  The Upper Cottage party went to Carmel for the day.   I dined at Home Inn.

Wed. June 11, 1913:  Dined at Mrs. Madison’s.  Met Mrs. Folger & daughter and  ………  Elizabeth Shelley left in the Morning for               & home.

Thurs. June 12, 1913:  The Upper Cottage party went to Carmel for the day.  I dined at the Home Inn. (SEE June 10 above)

            James & Harry came into the lower cottage.

Fri. June 13, 1913:  Isaac & Hannah Gover left for home.   I moved into the Upper Cottage.

Sat. June 14, 1913:  I dined at James’s.

Sun. June 15, 1913:  I attended Methodist Church.  Leslie Burwell Pastor.  Preached on Christ as a Guest in the World in the Church, in the Home, in the heart, 1913:  in Childhood, in youth, in Manhood, in old Age.  I dined with James & Harry.

Mon. June 16, 1913:  I went home to San Jose to meet the Woods from New York.  Went  by way of Santa Cruz, the Big Trees, Mt. Hermon & Los Gatos.  Dined  at The Zayanta Inn at Mt. Hermon.

Tues. June 17, 1913:  L. Hollingsworth Wood & his Sister Carolina Wood called on us at San Jose on their way from Oregon Y. M. to California Y. M.  About 20 met in the afternoon at Lily’s invitation, to share their short visit.  They arrived about 2 p.m. & took Lunch & left at 5.  L.H. W.  for S.F> and C. W. to spend the night with Cornelia Taber.  They gave account of the Young Frds. Movement -- & the Whittier Fellowship Mtg.

Wed. June 18, 1913:  Mrs. Jas. Purce sent her Auto to take Mrs. Bowden, Chas. & Lily & me to a Picnic of the Art League, at Losse’s Ranch, - the old Delmas Ranch near Sunnyvale, a charming old place.   There were present Mr. & Mrs. Hunkins, Mrs. Richards (Pres.), Mrs. Flagg, Bille Lawrence, Miss. Barnhivsel?, Miss. Clayton, Mrs. Dr Amy Bowen Hittell, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Losse Blair, The elder & younger Mrs. Losse.  & others.

            Returning the Chauffeur took us via Cupertino, Campbell, The (Dry)  Creek Road, the Willows, and San Jose.

Thurs. June 19, 1913:  In the Evening, we dined at Lester Morse’s.  They sent their Auto for us, & to take us home.  Saw their beautiful Garden. And had an interesting Evening.

Fri. June 20, 1913:  I returned in the Forenoon to Pacific Grove.

Sun. June 22, 1913:  I attended Episcopal Church.  In the Evening, I took train for Los Angeles & Joined Lily at Del Monte Junction.

Mon. June 23, 1913:  Lily & I arrived (on time) at Los Angeles.  We went to call on Cousin Daisy Findlay, who kept us to Lunch at 4434 1/2 Wesley Ave.

Afternoon we went over to Whittier, to the Hotel Greenleaf.  Rebecca Smiley and Elizabeth Ladd have taken board here.  Thos. Newlin called.

Hollingsworth Wood came late in the Evening to this Hotel.

Tues., June 24, 1913:  At Cala. Y. Mtg. In Whittier.  A young Peoples Mtg. Was held at 4, 1913:30 p.m. for L.H. & C. Wood.

Wed. June 25, 1913:  At the Y. M.           Carolina Wood and L.S.B. Cox spoke at the Young Friends Mtg. At 4, 1913:30.

Thurs. June 26, 1913:  At the Morning Mtg. I heard Inez Bowers speak.

            In the Eveng. R. H. Smiley & Lily & I dined at Dr. Coffin’s with Wm. Coffin & wife.  Jas. J. Mills, Mary Lewis, & Mother, Carolina Wood, Hambleton? & wife.  A very interesting Eveng at the old Tebbetts house.  In going there we called on Lydia Sharpless, aged nearly 103 yrs.

Fri. June 27, 1913:  I was asked by the Clerk to read the Bible at the opening of the Y. M. session this morning.

            Had calls today from Ransome  Harris & Edwd. Chase, 1913:  and from Louisa Roberts and Mary Hammond and Cathie Townsend.

            At C. Wood’s & L.S.B.C’s Mtg. With Young Friends Lily read her paper on John Woolman.

Sat. June 28, 1913:  Y. Mtg. opening reading & prayer by Rebecca Smiley--- A remarkable session on Social Service.  Great Addresses by Dr. Coffin, J. J. Mills and others.

At Lily’s invitation, her Aunt Margaret Trueblood & Cousin Wilson Cox & wife & his step Mother dined with us at the Hotel.

            We left Whittier at 4, 1913:10 p.m. after a few moments with Edwin McGrew, who has just returned from Phila.   Took rooms in Pasadena at 50 Worcester? Ave. after calling at Chas. Hughes’s 56 same St.

Sun. June 29, 1913:   At Pasadena.  Chas. Houghes took us in his Auto to Mtg. At 10, 1913:30 on Villa Ave.  (Conservative Quaker Meeting)  Met many old friends.   I dined at Sarah Bakers & her Sister, Hannah Rudolf, with Wm. Penrose & Nathan Pinson.   At 3 p.m. C. Wood & Lily had a Mtg. With young Frds at Frd’s Church.  C. Wood spoke & Lily read her account of the N. Eng. Y. M. Anniversary.      We took supper at Wm. Penrose’s.  His Boys at home were Oliver & Ralph.

Mon. June 30, 1913:  At Pasadena.  Dr. Michener put his Auto & himself at our service forenoon & afternoon.   Calls were made on Tacy Rood, Harriet Abbott, Tommy Barrington, Henry Jepsons, Dr. Grinnell, the Rudolf Sisters, Samira Comfort, Henry Wood, the Hortons, John Chawnvis, Ellen Michener, Prof. Holden, Chas. Thompsons,  Dr. Benson.

            We dined at Rezin Tompson’s with Wm. & Jennie Penrose.  Alice Albin (Rezin’s daughter) his Housekeeper.   At John Chawins? Met Hannah Green, Eunice Chambers, Macy & Mary Taber & others celebrating the Birthday of Jane Grinnell.


Tues., July 1, 1913:  Very warm.   Lily and I left Pasadena at 5, 1913:30 & Los Angeles at 7 a.m. for home.  I arrived at Pacific Grove a little past 8 p.m.

Mon. July 7, 1913:  Chautauqua Opening.

I went to Chautauqua & heard Bishop Hughes Lecture on “The Portrait of the Nazarine”

Tues. July 8, 1913:  At Chautauqua.   Forum hour at 11 a. m. Conducted  by Bishop Hughes—who spoke on a sane & safe 4th of July Celebration.   Dr. Filbin and others spoke.    James & Harry went to San Jose for a day or two.   Dr. Wm. Carter of N. Y. gave the evening Lecture on “The Making of a Man”.

Wed. July 9, 1913:  At Chautauqua.  A grand Lecture on “Victories of Peace”. At 11 a. m.   by Dr. Wm. Carter.

Fri. July 11, 1913:  At Chautauqua.  Capt. Wm. I. Day on Prison Problems interested all in many prisoners who are not really criminals.

            We dined at Mrs. Young’s.  Dr. James McLaren on “The Land of he Leal”, or Robt. Burns was a fine picture of the man and rendering of his songs.     James & Harry returned from S. J.

Sat. July 12, 1913:  At Chautauqua.  Round Table at Moss Beach.  Took our picnic Lunch with Mrs. Cavagnaro & daughters, & the Cunhas? & James

            Dr. Filbin conducted the Roundtable.  After Dr. McLaren & Miss. McCumber? and songs, Mrs. Durst of Sunnyvale repeated an original Poem on Mists, wh. was beautiful.

Sun. July 13, 1913:  At Pacific Grove Meeting in our Cottage at 9, 1913:30 attended by Jas. & Harry, Geo. Jones, Debora Otis, Thos. Edwards & wife, and Estella & Christine Guppy.   We dined at Mrs. Madson’s. Had a Call from Nellie Eyster and Geo. Jones in the Afternoon.

Mon. July 14, 1913:  Chautauqua.

Tues. July 15, 1913:  Chautauqua.  We took lunch on the Rocks with Hannah Cavagnara & Eivls.   Mrs. Klotz? & children & Allen Cunha & wife were of the party.

            I heard Bishop Nichols in the Eveng on “A Bit of Elizabethan Cala.” (Capt. Drake’s discovery of Drake’s Bay)

Wed. July 16, 1913:  Lily & I attended the Banquet at P. G. Hotel at 5 p.m.

Some 80 or more present.

1.    Chautauqua 30 yrs. Ago.  Joel Bean read by L.S.B.C. (SEE Paper in Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library).

2.    A Child of Chautauqua.  Mary Norton read by.

3.    Ch. & Publicity.   Rev. Jos. Wilkes


5.    Woman.  Mrs. North Whitior  b? of S.F.

6.    Good Medicine.  Dr. J.H. McDarin?

The Motion Pictures on the “Panama Pacific Exposition” by F. V. Fisher were wonderfully beautiful.

Thurs. July 17, 1913:  At Chautauqua.   Heard Prof. W. H. Head recite Poems of Whitcomb Riley—“That-little Boy of Mine”, “The Raggedy Man”, and others.

            We dined at Home Inn.   Took afternoon tea at Mrs. Flaggs with Mrs. Bowden & Mr. Pike.

Fri. July 18, 1913:  At Chautauqua.  Heard W. H. Head render Ismerelda and Pilgrim’s Progress.   Mary Norton and a Friend Newel called.   Webegan to take Evening dinners at Mrs. Standiford’s, cor. 10th St. & Central Ave.

Sat. July 19, 1913:  Chautauqua Closed.  Lantern Display in the Eveng.

Sun. July 20, 1913:  At Mtg.  Jas. & Harry, Geo. Jones and Deborah Otis (Los  Gatos painter and poet - died 1930)  came.

I  went to St. Mary’s in the forenoon and to El Bethel Mission in the p. m.  Mrs. Ashton spoke on the Queen of Shebas’ visit to King Solomon.   

I called on Mrs. Raylan?.

Mon. July 21, 1913: At Pacific Grove.  Heard Dr. House Lecture at Cong. Ch. On the Psychology of Prayer.  Taking Eveng dinners daily at 10th & Central Ave. with Mr. Pike Kath Cooke & others.

Tues. July 22, 1913: At Pacific Grove. Attended Dr. House’s Lecture at 3 p. m. on the Super conscious Mind.   Mrs. Cavagnaro & Priscilla & Helen here in the Eveng.

Wed. July 23, 1913: At Pacific Grove.   Heard Dr. House on Realizing God.

Thurs. July 24, 1913: At Pacific Grove.   Dr. House on the Building of Health.  1st Love, 2- Faith (Trust, Belief, obedience, 3rd Hope.  4th Cheerfulness. 5th Kindness, 6th Grace.

            We took tea on the Whitney Porch, with Mrs. Cavagnaro & daughters & Miss. Williams (Sister of Sarah) of S. F.

Fri. July 25, 1913: At Pacific Grove.    Heard Dr. House on Jesus The Healer.

Cornelia & Sarah Taber, with Mr. & Mrs. Kelsey called and Lily & I dined with them in the Eveng at the Pacific Hotel.

Sat. Jul. 26, 1913:    The Relation of the church to New Thought and Christian Science was the Subject of Dr. House’s address in the Eveng.  A large meeting.       Chas. Came on 6 p. m. train.

Sun. July 27, 1913:  At our Cottage Mtg. Mrs. Newell & daughter, C. &S. Tabor, Mrs. Kelsey, D. Otis, Katharine Cook, & James were present.      

                        We heard Dr. House in The Eveng. At Cong. Ch.  “Can Pentecost be Repeated”?

Mon. July 28, 1913: At Pacific Grove.   Lily had Mrs. Cavagnaro & Priscilla, Miss. Williams and K. Cooke to an afternoon tea.

Tues. July 29, 1913: At Pacific Grove.   Bell Lawrence came to the Grove to one of Lily  DeNervand's Cottages on 8th St.


Thurs. July 31, 1913: At Pacific Grove.   We move into Cottage 117 with James & Harry.    The Draper family took Cottage 119 for 8th Mo.


Fri. Aug. 1, 1913: At Pacific Grove. Chas. & Lily and I dined at Mrs. Flaggs in the Evening.

Sun. Aug. 3, 1913:   Meeting on the Hill.  Present Milton & Belle Lawrence, D. Otis, Kathe Cooke, Miss.                 Of Santa Clara, Jas. & Harry.

Mon. Aug. 4, 1913:  The Cavagnaro’s left the Grove for home.

Tues. Aug. 5, 1913:   The W.C.T.U. Congress of Reform, in Session this week.


Thurs. Aug. 7, 1913:   We went to Moss Beach to the Pageant of the WCTU.   A great company attended and hundreds of young women took part in the performance.

Fri. Aug. 8, 1913:  David Wood & wife & Emma Garretson Called on us.  They are here at the Congress of Reform. (from Denair Cala.)

Sat. Aug. 9, 1913:   Chas. & Lily went home by morning train.

Sun. Aug. 10, 1913: At Pacific Grove   I attended Cong. Ch. And heard an Excellent Sermon by Dr. Wm. Day of Los Angeles. Text Marvel not that I said unto them Ye must be born anew, and from above.


Tues. Aug. 12, 1913:  James & Harry went home.


Thurs. Aug. 14, 1913:  I came home from Pacific Grove.


Sat. Aug. 16, 1913:    We dined at Mrs. Summer Hay’s.

Sun. Aug. 17, 1913:  18 or 19 at Meeting.  G. N. Jones, Sarah Severance, W. Vail & LSBC. Spoke –Jas. Bean prayed.

Chas. & Lily Called at Chas. Blaneys, and we all took supper at Cornelia Taber’s  (in Saratoga, CA.)  with Cora Wood & Mary Tatum of N. York and Annie Mellen.

Thurs. Aug. 21, 1913:  I went to Mt. Herman Zayantha Inn.

            Heard Miss. Wood of Los Angeles speak to a group of women on Prayer.

Fri. Aug. 22, 1913:   At Mt. Herman.  Heard Paul Brown at the Auditorium.  An Address after devotional Mtg. At 9, 1913:30 a. m. on Prayer  and Dr. Pratt at 10, 1913:30 on Financial Offerings for church work.

            Met Miss. Newcomb in the Eveng and Mrs. Payne of Oakland.

Sat. Aug. 23, 1913: At Mt. Herman.  Very warm.   I took Lunch at the dining Hall near the Auditorium on the Hill.

Sun. Aug. 24, 1913: At Mt. Herman.   A Bible Class of 80 + and a large meeting under the Redwood Trees.  Dr. Pratt led the Class, and preached the sermon on Elisha.          In the Afternoon a young Peoples Mtg. beside Bean Creek in a Cool Recess.

Mon. Aug. 25, 1913: At Mt. Herman.  To Capitola.     Heard Dr. Pratt in Bible Lesson on the Kingdom of Heaven and saw the opening of the Indian Council.         Took a Room at Capitola in Mrs. Bibbs’ Cottage.

Tues. Aug. 26, 1913:    From Capitola to Pacific Grove, stopping an hour or more in Watsonville.  Mrs. Draper vacated Cottage 119.

Wed. Aug. 27, 1913:   At P. Grove.    Took Dinner at Sabinas’ and called on Mrs. Pebbles of the Bean Clan.  A native of N. H. born at Meredith Bridge.

Thurs. Aug. 28, 1913:   At Pacific Grove.   Took Dinner at Home Inn.

Sat. Aug. 30, 1913: At Pacific Grove.  Phebe Wise & Alice Vail came in for awhile in the Eveng.

Sun. Aug. 31, 1913: At Pacific Grove.   I dined at the Cafeteria.

            Phebe Wise and her two daughters too(k) me a drive out beyond Moss Beach.


Tues. Sept. 2, 1913:  I came home from Pacific Grove.

Fri. Sept. 5, 1913:  Charles E. Cox sailed for the Philippines at noon, on the Transport “Thomas”.   Amelia Cox & children went on Same Ship.   Lily went to S. F. to see them off.

Tues. Sept. 9, 1913:  Annie Bean & Miss Smith were here to dinner and in the Eveng.

Thurs. Sept. 11, 1913:  Isaac N. Hibberd called.

Fri. Sept. 12, 1913:  W. W. Willard, Pastor of the Congregational Church & his wife and little Boy, John, were here to dinner and thro the Eveng.

Sat. Sept. 13, 1913:  Koima Just arrived from Japan.  Called and brot presents;  Baskets for Lily, a picture for me, and a Japanese Testament and Psalms for the Meeting House.

Sun. Sept. 14, 1913:  At Meeting.   About 15 present.

Mon. Sept. 15, 1913:  Lester Morse & wife here to dinner.       Sidney Gulick of Japan, spoke on the Japanese people in the Eveng at the M.E. Ch. In San Jose and came home with Lily to stay.

Tues. Sept. 16, 1913:  Very warm   103-   Sidney Gulick left this morning for Oakland  after a brief, sweet visit.  Geo. Jones called with his Cousin Albert Jones, son of  Richard of Gilmarton? N. H., now of Redlands.     Joel returned from the Isds.     Lily went to S. F. to meet him.

Fri. Sept. 19, 1913:  Cousin Ellen Smith & Gordon came and staid the night.

Sat. Sept. 20, 1913:  Ellen R. Smith and Gordon, Jas. B. and little Paul, were here to Lunch.  Eliza Yocum and Arthur came to spend the night here.   Joel came from Stanford for the weekend.  James O. Cook died.

Sun. Sept. 21, 1913:  At Meeting.   Jas. Bean weighty in Prayer.  J. B., L.S.B.C. & E.H.S. spoke.   Geo. Jones sang the Hymn Commencing, “Father whater of Earthly bliss”.

Walter Vail and family here to dinner.  Paul & Lydia Brun took L. & me in their Auto to call on the Powell’s.

Mon. Sept. 22, 1913:  E. H. (Elizabeth)  Shelley called.

Tues. Sept. 23, 1913:  Lily attended the Funeral of James O. Cook.  I was not able

to go. (Obituary attached to page)

COOK—In College Park, Cal.  September 20, 1913.  James O. Cook, beloved father of Mrs. Arthur L. Rice of Chicago, Katherine B. and Jesse L. Cook, a native of Massachusetts, aged 71 years and 28 days.

            Friends are invited to attend the funeral today (Tuesday), September 23, 1913, at 9:45 o’clock from the family residence, No. 725 Asbury Street, College Park.  Interment Cypress Lawn Cemetery.


Wed., Sept. 24, 1913:  Lily and (omitted “I”)  sailed on the SS Wilhelmina, at noon for Honolulu.  Joel, and Morris & Mary Cox were at the wharf to see us off.

Thurs. Sept. 25, 1913:  On the Wilhelmina.  Among fellow passengers are R. D. Mead & wife, Mr. & Mrs. Hutchinson of Kaimukie, Marion Goodhue of Kowe is my Room mate.

Wed. Sept. 26, 1913:  On the Sea.  Our Seats at the table are by the Chief Officer Kennedy, who is from Bucks Co. Penna. And was a pupil at Friends’ School at Jenkintown.  One of his teachers was Miss. Way, a daughter of Emma Way.  He is very agreeable, as is The Captain, Peterson.

Sat. Sept. 27, 1913:  On the Pacific.

Sun. Sept. 28, 1913:  On the Wilhelmina.  An Episcopal service was conducted at 10, 1913:30 a. m.

Mon. Sept. 29, 1913:  On the Sea.

Tues. Sept. 30, 1913: We landed in the morning at Honolulu.  Isaac & Cathie and Alfred Gurney? Were at the Wharf, to welcome us.     I went with Cathie to the Queen’s Hospital to Lunch and out to Kaimuki in the Eveng.


Wed. Oct. 1, 1913:  Cathie came home from the Hospital after 5 or 6 days there.

Thurs. Oct. 2, 1913:  Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Rogers called.

Fri. Oct. 3, 1913: A wireless Message from Bella Mabury on the SS. Ventura approaching Honolulu from Australia received last Eveng. Invited Isaac & Cathie to Breakfast with her at Young ? Hotel.    Lily went in their stead & called afterward on Cornelia Taber & Co. at Moamo? Hotel.   Bella Mabury called here.   Her vessel sailed for S. F. at 6 p. m.   Margaret Clark called.

Sat. Oct. 4, 1913:  The Persia from Japan to S. F. passed .   Mrs.  Cornelia Taber & party left for Hilo and the volcano.

Sun. Oct. 5, 1913:  Lily met the Persia from Japan for S. F. to welcome Mrs. Abiko who called here in the afternoon   Then Lily attended Union Church.  Dr. Hobdy? Called to Examine & prescribe for me.   In the Eveng Margaret Clark and Alfred and Carline Gurney with their children were here to supper.

Mon. Oct. 6, 1913:  Lily went last Evening to see the Night blooming Ceraus? In bloom at Punalion?   Cathie went to her class in the afternoon.

Tues. Oct. 7, 1913:  Lily went with Isaac to visit his school.  A large Mail recd. today from The Girls & others.   Agnes Weaver & daughters, and Mrs. King called.

Wed. Oct. 8, 1913:  Cathies Class in the afternoon.

Thurs. Oct. 9, 1913: Mrs. Swanzey called with flowers.  Cathie and Lily at home all day.   Alice Jones here to dinner and in the Evening.   Frances Lawrence called in the eveng.

Fri. Oct. 10, 1913:    Lily went with Isaac to his schools, and addressed nearly 700 pupils and teachers on the Meeting of the Oceans at Panama today.

Sat. Oct. 11, 1913:  Cornelia Taber, Mrs. Wood & Mary Tatum arrived this morning from the volcano.

Sun. Oct. 12, 1913: Lily & Cathie attended Kaimukia ? Church.   A. F. Cooke? called & Stafford Heap? & wife in the Eveng.  Cornelia Taber and party were here to Supper and in the Eveng.

Mon. Oct. 13, 1913:  Recd. Mail.    Cathie went to her class. Lily at home.

Tues. Oct. 14, 1913:  Lily went with C. Taber to the Museum in the forenoon and at 6 o’clock p. m. Saw the party off for S. F. on The Honolulu.

Wed. Oct. 15, 1913: Cathie was at Punahon during the day.   Callers-  Mrs. Chas. Cooke & Mrs. Waterhouse, Mrs. Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. Maron?, the latter a sister of Irene Crooke Foss.  Her Father living at Makawuo?, taught School up to 84 yrs. of age, riding 7 miles to his School daily.

Thurs. Oct. 16, 1913:  We called in the Eveng. At Otto Swizey’s?.

Oct. 17, Fri., 1913: Miss Walsh (sister of Mrs. Swezey) called.

            Lily & Cathie went to dine in the Eveng. with Alice Jones at the Kamhamiha School for Girls.

Sat. Oct. 18, 1913:   Lily went to Philip Weaver’s for a weekend visit.

Sun. Oct. 19, 1913: Lily Attended Union Church from P. Weaver’s.

            Mrs. Pascor? Here to supper in the Eveng.

Mon. Oct. 20, 1913: Lily returned from Philip Weaver’s.   Dr.Waterhouse was called to see me.

Tues. Oct. 21, 1913:  Dr. Waterhouse performed a Surgical operation on my throat at his Office   Isaac, Cathie and Lily were with me.  Read letters.

Wed. Oct.  22, 1913:  Cathie went to her class.

Thurs. Oct. 23, 1913:  I went to the Doctor with L. & C. to have my throat dressed.   Wrote James & a card to Edwin & Abby Roberts.   Mrs. Frank Cook called (yesterday or today)

Sat. Oct. 24, 1913:  Lily took letters to the SS Siberia sailing at 10 a. m. for S. F.  and to Waikiki in the afternoon for a Bath.   Mrs. Atherton & Kate and Mrs. Flaxman called.  Margaret Clarke & Miss  Cadwell called in the Eveng.

Sun. Oct. 25, 1913:  Isaac & Cathie & Lily attended Union Church.   Prof. Scott called.   Reading of Pilgrims Progress in the Evening.

Mon. Oct. 27, 1913:  Went with L. & C. to Dr. Waterhouse’s & had Stitches removed from my Throat.

Tues. Oct. 28, 1913:  Lily attended the  Tuesday Morning Class.

Wed. Oct. 29, 1913:  Lily & Cathie were at an Afternoon tea at Mrs. Thrums, a large Reception.


Fri. Oct. 31, 1913:  A Japanese Holiday in celebration of the Emperor’s 34th Birthday.  A Holiday for Sasamo?   Isaac & Lily attended the Japanese Consul’s Reception in the Eveng at the Giring?? Hotel. Hundreds  attended.

Sun. Nov. 2, 1913:  Lily and Cathie attended Union Church.


Wed. Nov. 5, 1913:  Umi Tsuda was here to Lunch from SS Shinyo Maru.

            Mrs. Mead & Mabel called with flowers.

Thurs. Nov. 6, 1913:  Miss. Parke called.

Fri. Nov. 7, 1913:  Mrs. Clarke called with beautiful flowers.  Dr. Sender called in the afternoon


======= (Nov. 8 to Dec. 31 are blank pages, 1913:  Joel Bean died Jan. 1914)




D. G. Crummey    285 No 5th  S. J. (son-in-law of John Bean, FMC             founder in San Jose, California, and relative of Joel Bean)

Mrs. A. D. Draper,  720 University Ave., San Jose.



(12 months of Cash Accts on the 12 last pages.  Only July and December blank. 

The tickets to Hawaii cost $185. 

Anna and Catharine got $200 for their study trip to Europe. 

A family birthday was worth $50. 

The trip to Pasadena cost about $54. 

There were other domestic expenses (a new suit), many gifts, and $3 for the annual meeting donation.)


==========================END 1913 ==========================


=======THIS IS THE LAST OF JOEL BEAN’S 30 DIARIES, 1883 TO 1913.    


COPIED  by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA.  March 1999.