1911 J. BEAN “STANDARD DIARY” copied March 1999 and 2000, 

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).



Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

            This 1911 diary is A-typical of Joel’s  diaries, with soft brown leather bound volume in excellent condition,  about  6 X 4  inches cover, about an inch thick, with one date pre-printed on each lined page .  The title of  the volume is “The Standard Diary, 1911”, for sale by all stationers, Published by the Standard Diary Company.  The first about 20 pages are the  “useful references”


=========================== 1911 ============================


Joel Bean’s 1911  Standard Diary was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 5.1 March 19-24, 1999  and March 29-30, 2000 at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by:


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            Only dates with hand written or pasted in entries are listed.

====================  1911  ========================


(Inside cover on fly leaf)  Joel Bean


Sun. Jan. 1, 1911:  25 degrees & fair.  Monthly Mtg.  About 40 in Attendance In Mtg. For Worship.  Lydia Cox spoke on Three stages in Ascending life from the primitive man of the Race, From Childhood upward to the individual. 

            1st:  Bowing to a Superior Power.  Bearing what comes, bravely, Accepting, uncomplainingly life’s discipline of toil, pain & sorrow.

            2nd:  Recognizing beneficence, and a Father’s ordering in the Power over us, Accepting willingly, & willing to receive as for our good the experiences of life.

            3rd.  Receiving to give.  Living, Suffering, Serving not for Self alone but for other’s sake like the perfect  Example ________?

W. B. Jones Spoke feelingly.   J. B. in prayer.

A Bible Lesson followed summarizing the Messages to this _____? Ch.

A very interesting program after Lunch.   Present --The Vail family from P. Alto, Chas. Pike & Moons from Los Gatos, etc.—

Mon. Jan. 2, 1911:  36 Early in the morning.     Charles. Lily, Anna and Joel went to the Mountain tract of C.E.C.'s by St. Car to Los Gatos:  and Wm. Moore’s carriage Kindly lent them – for the Mountain climb.

On Eliza H. Yokum’s Xmas Card 12 mo. 25.1910, (Eight lines copied at bottom of page) by  E. H. G.

Tues. Jan. 3, 1911:  25 & Fair.  Catharine went to Berkeley to stay a few days with Lily DeNervand, and Lily and Anna and I called on James and Cousins, Mary Alice and Susan Kelley, who are staying with him.

Wed. Jan. 4, 1911:  Anna & Joel at work in the Garden.

Thurs. Jan. 5, 1911:  Ediom Roberts spaded the Garden.

Fri. Jan. 6, 1911:  Minnie Bennett & Baby of Berkeley came to visit Anna.

             Sowed Onion Sets 2 rows, Carrots & Beet Seeds By the Clothes Line.

Sun. Jan. 8, 1911:  At Meeting – over 20 present.  Bible Lesson, Review of Rev. 1st to 3rd Chap. Inclusive.  Mrs. Chase Summarized the Characteristics of Christ  sown in the opening Messages. On the Symbols Employed, A. S. Cox defined those in the 1st Ch.

2.         J. B. Cox

3.         Annie Bean

5          Jas. Bean

            6.  Susan Kelly

Lina Weaver here to dinner.  At 5 p. m. We went to hear Dr. Shields at Trinity.

Prof. Stevenson of U. P. called in the Evening.

Mon. Jan. 9, 1911:  Chas., Lily & I went to Frank Rambo’s in the Afternoon to Reception for Mariam Maxwell’s Birthday at 90. Hugh Maxwell was 90 on the 8th of 11th Mo. Last.  Abby Roberts, & D. & R. Satterthwaite were present.  Dora Rambo read a Sketch written by M. Maxwell of her Early Life. 

            “The daughter of Elija & Naomi (Hyatt) Coffin, she was born at New Garden, N. C.   Chas. F. Coffin, born 3 yrs. After was their second child. 

The family removed to Milton Ind. ________?, Afterwards to Cincinnati.  Then to Richmond.  The other children were Elliphalet who died young, Wm., Caroline (named for Carolina), Mary and Hannah.”  A Sweet visit.

Whittier’s Psalm was repeated by J. B.   L.S.B.C. read Psalm & some words were Spoken by her & M. M. or J. B.

Tues. Jan. 10, 1911:  Mary (Mintie) Bennett & Baby Mary Woods returned home.   Catharine came home from Berkeley.   Mary Alice Kelley called.   Showers of rain relieving  the drought and delighting the Farmers.

Wed. Jan. 11, 1911:  The Schools are re-commencing.

            An Xmas Card from Mabel Berwick to Anna & Catharine.

                        (Six line poem by Frances R. Havergall)


Sat. Jan. 16, 1911: (pasted over the date) A NOTABLE TEACHER

                        To the editor of the Journal:  

            Although half a century has passes since Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Cartland resigned the principal ship of the Friends School, now known at the Moses Brown School, their administration is still vividly remembered in this city (Providence, R. I., Jan. 18, 1911)   (retired in 1860)


Sun. Jan. 15, 1911:  Augustus Murray attended Meeting with a message, on the text “What is that to thee, follow Thou me”   He dined with us - & went to Saratoga to call on Anna Taber. 

Mon. Jan. 16, 1911:  I took Lunch with Cousins at James’s and attended the Annual Mtg. Of Stockholders of the San Jose Water Co. at 2 p. m.

Tues. Jan. 17, 1911:   “All growth is silent.

                                    The heavenly spheres move in silence.

                                    Light spies its way in silence.

From “Health and Suggestion”   “Courage, Joy, and hope,

                                                                        this is the Trinity of Health.

Wed. Jan. 18, 1911, (full page of copied article)  Some Sentences from “Health and Suggestion, The Dietetics of the Mind”, by Ernst Von Feuchtersleben.

Thurs. Jan. 19, 1911: (full page of copied article)   On Church Unity & Diversity.

                                    From Hibbert Journal of present Month, 407.

Sun. Jan. 22, 1911:  Charles Hoag & wife, Alice (Nichols) Hoag, from Montana and Alfred Bastin of Chicago were at meeting.  Alice Hoag prayed & spoke from the text “Give ye them to eat.”  Bible Lesson Rev. V.    Alfred Bastin dine with us.  Chas. Hoag & wife went to James’s to dinner.  Charles Hoag was  from Wee, N. H.—a grandson of Enoch Breed.  Alice Nichols was from in Maine.  She is state Evangelist of the W.C.T.U. in Montana and Editor of their paper, “The Real Issue.”                      Ed Richards here for a Bible Lesson in the Evening.

Mon. Jan. 23, 1911:  (lines copied from Phila. Friend)    “The mill will never grind with the water that is past”.  And 16 lines of inspirational material.

Tues., Jan. 24, 1911: (lines copied from Health & Suggestion)  12 lines.

Wed. Jan. 25, 1911: (lines copied)   13 lines.

Thurs. Jan. 26, 1911:  Frank Walldegger set out trees in Lily’s Back Lot as below (Map covers page)   White ash tree from Annie Bean set back of barn near corner of chicken yard.

Fri. Jan. 27, 1911:  I planted Sun Flower Seeds, by fence along Newhall St. & between clothes line and barn, and Horse Chestnuts by fence near the old pear tree at Posts.

            Lily and I called on Mrs. Thompson by invitation, to hear her new “Nurse’s Story.”  Met the Pres. Of the “Monday Club” Mrs. Connell ? there.   Anna went to Berkeley to call at Mills Seminary tomorrow.

Tues. Jan. 31, 1911:  Solemn Anniversary to me.

            Lily & I attended the Indian Assn. Mtg. At 2, 1911:30 p. m.    Heard Letters read by Cornelia Taber.  Alice Johnson, teacher at Smith River, Del Norte Co., S. S. Leytus Field Secretary, & Edward N. Ament spoke.

Chas. & Lydia & Anna attended Lecture at U. P. by Prof. Murray in the Evening.

Thurs. Feb. 2, 1911:  At U. P. at 11 a. m. we heard Pres. Harris of No. Western University address the students.

Sat. Feb. 4, 1911:   Lily and The girls attended the Miracle play at Stanford.

            Books I have read this week:  Reminiscences of Rhoda M. Coffin, Twice Born Men, Every Man a King.

Sun. Feb. 5, 1911:  Monthly Conferences, Alfred Bastin attended and spoke from the text “Be filled with the Spirit.”  L.S.B.C. supplemented his discourse with an illuminating and impressive Exposition on the realization in thought and life of the encompassing presence of the Spirit of God.  Elizabeth Shelley followed in thanksgiving and prayer

            After Lunch the 1st Psalm was repeated together.  Louise C. Jones read a review of a Book on India, and showed pictures, bringing before us many aspects of that wonderful land and people.

            Read in the Evening the new “Life of Elias Hicks” by Henry W. Wilbur.

Mon. Feb. 6, 1911:  Attended Ministers Mtg. At 10:30.   Ministers present  Long (Pres.) chairman.  J. M. Dean (Bap) Macumber Richardson (Meth..) E. S. Williams (Cong.) Meyers, Darlow, Bessie, Irelan of Santa Clara, O. P. Bell (United Pres.) S. W. Walker (M. E. Ch. South) Jas. Bean secretary                & others.

            I read the story of “J. Cole” in the Evening.

Tues. Feb. 7, 1911:  Read “Happy Hawkins” sent by Nella Murray.

Wed. Feb. 8, 1911:  Lines repeated at the funeral of Gertrude W. Cartland.(20 on page)


Fri. Feb. 10, 1911:  Rain at night.   Trees were set out in Orchard and Garden.

            Redwood, at corner of Carriage Shed.

            Lemon, near outside chimney.

            Orange, close to house.

            Olive.  Corner of Wash house.

            Hawthorne, in Garden Bed front by  Bay window.

Sowed Blood turnip shaped beet seed, French Carrot, Onion, White Portugal, Leeks, near Pepper tree.

Mon. Feb. 13, 1911  Lily went to San Francisco to go with Mrs. Williams to Sacramento, to represent the Out Door Art League in behalf of a Bill before the Legislature.

Tues. Feb. 14, 1911:  O send out Thy Light and Thy Truth;  Let them lead me: let them bring me unto Thy holy hill and Thy Tabernacles  Ps. 42 . 3

Wed. Feb. 15, 1911:  I went to Stanford University to hear Dr. Chas. E. Jefferson of the Broadway Tabernacle, New York, in the first of three Lectures on “Immortality.”      Took lunch at Prof. Murray’s.

Fri. Feb. 17, 1911:  I went to San Francisco.  Met Lily at Prov. (Insurance Co.) Office.  After Lunch at “Vegetarian” we called on D. & J. Erskine, the Hallidays;  Cora May & her Mother, John & Annette Clark, and went Mrs. William's to spend the night.  Bertha Giles was there. A Pleasant evening.

Sat. Feb. 18, 1911,  Lily & I called on Hannah Neall.   At 2 p. m. we attended a Woman Suffrage Mtg. At the Palace Hotel.  Heard Mrs. Lowe Watson speak, and Thos. Haydan, and Mrs. L. Coffin.      We went to Berkeley to stay with Lily DeNervand.

Sun. Feb. 19, 1911:  Lily & I went with Lily DeNervand to Dr. Worcester’s Church, Swedenborgian, on Lyons St. near Jackson, S. F.   Met Dr. Clark & wife (son of John & Annette Clark) there.  Took lunch in the City.  L. & I called at R. Sandford’s and Prof. Noyes’s.

            In the Evening at 7;30 we attended All Souls Church in North Berkeley (Cedar St) and heard Wilfred H. Hodgkin, Nephew of Thos. Hodgkin.  Had a little visit with him in his study after the Service.

Mon. Feb. 20, 1911:  Lily and I left Berkeley, and called with L. DeN. On Blanch Carson.  L. & L. DeN. Took lunch with Frances Morse, & called at Hannah Neall’s and Mary Smith’s.  I lunched at The Vegetarian, and came home on the 2 p. m. train.  Lily came with Charles on a later train.

Feb. 22, Wed, 1911:   WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY.  We all went to Campbell, to the Annual Old Settler’s Mtg.  Heard an Admirable Address by Prof. Krebiel of Stanford, on “America’s Second Opportunity.”  The opportunity to lead the Nations in bringing about the Peace of the world.

            We took lunch in company with the Cousin Smiths, & Prof. Edwd. B. Krebiel & Prof. Alden Abbott of S. J. High School and James & M. A. & S. Kelley.    In the P. M. Judge Gosbey, and Jas. Bohnet (SP?) spoke, & Lily briefly on preserving & increasing the Native Oaks of the Valley.

Fri. Feb. 24, 1911: I went to Stanford University to hear a Lecture of Dr. Aked of N. Y. on Abraham Lincoln.

Sat. Feb. 25, 1911:  Below 30 in the Morning.    Yoshio Nitobe came to spend the Night.  He is on his way from Japan to Philadelphia, to pursue his Studies.  He landed yesterday.  Joel met him and arranged for a half day together at Stanford and a visit here.   They went with Mukaigama in the Evening to the Japanese Mission to Their Literary Club.

Sun. Feb. 26, 1911:   below 30 Early.  Yoshio – attended meeting and after dinner left for S. F. to make some calls, and take train tomorrow for the East.

Mon. Feb. 27, 1911: (Three four-line stanzas of poetry—original??)

Sun. Mar. 5, 1911:  Mo. Meeting.   Augustus Murray, W. E. Vail & wife & Helen came from Palo Alto.

Mon. Mar. 6, 1911:  rainy.   Attended Ministers Meeting.   H. H. McQuilkin spoke forcibly on Expository Preaching.  A Com. Was appointed to arrange for Chas. E. Tebbett's Mtgs. On the 16 & 17th.

Tues. Mar. 7, 1911:  Great rains and flooded districts around San Jose and elsewhere. Cellar full of water.

Sun & Mon. Mar. 12 & 13, 1911:  (Pages filled with copied inspirational poem)

Wed. Mar. 15, 1911:  Charles and Imelda Tebbetts came from Southern Cala.

Thurs. Mar. 16, 1911:  “He who has conferred a kindness should be silent.  He who has received one should speak”  Seneca.

Fri. Mar. 17, 1911:  At Charles Tebbett's Mtg. (New Article attached to page)

            I dined at James’s with Charles & Imelda.   We took supper together at  E. H. Shelley’s.  Arthur & Eliza Darin? from Eng. Arrived in the night on train from Los Angeles.  Chas. & Imelda staid at James’s.

Sat. Mar. 18, 1911:  Charles and Imelda Tebbetts left us for Berkeley and S. F. and to go on to Oregon.

            E. H. Shelley called.  An interesting day and Evening with the Friends.


Sun. Mar. 19, 1911:  Arthur and Eliva Dann had favored Service in Meeting.  Augustus Murray also.    There was a good attendance, Wm. & Hannah Moore from Los Gatos, Leonard Bastin from Oakland or Berkeley,  Andrew & Hannah Erskine from Oakland, Walter & Deborah Vail & Prof. Murray from Palo Alto.  The last five were here to dinner.

Mon. Mar. 20, 1911:  I went with Arthur & Eliza Dann to E. H. Shelley’s to Lunch.  Called at James’s in the Afternoon.

Tues. Mar. 21, 1911:  Arthur and Eliza Dann left for Berkeley on 11:10 a. m. train from San Jose.  Lily & I went with them to the Station.

Wed. Mar. 22, 1911:  Francis G. Peabody in a Lenten Sermon (in The Outlook of this week) on “The Revealing of the Heart” referring to Simeon, says: 

            “The lingering Past holds the New born Future in its arms, and the old man sings:  Now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace. . . . for mine Eyes have seen Thy salvation.”

            “The babe, says Simeon, is set for the fall & rising again of many in Israel, and we remember how it came to pass that fishermen rose to be Apostles, and Pharisees fell under the Judgement of Christ.  “He is a sign”, goes on Simeon, “which shall be spoken against,” and we remember how soon it happened that the way of Jesus be beset by misinterpretation, slander & Shame.  Then finally, & with a finer instinct, old Simeon prophesies that as the last sign of the Messiahship of Jesus, “The Thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”  (A beautiful Exposition of the Text follows).


Fri. Mar. 24, 1911:  I went to Pacific Grove in forenoon Train.  Catharine M., after hearing Ex Pres. Roosevelt Speak at Stanford, went to The Grove in the Afternoon.

Sat. Mar. 25, 1911:                The Sea

Every wave that Kneels and Whispers

To our  Ears, before our Eyes,

Moves obedient—to a mandate

From a Throne above The Skies.


Boundless Sea! That parts asunder

Kindred Nations, distant lands:

By its ships, and by its cable

Joins them by Ten Thousand Strands.



Sat. Mar. 26, 1911:  Catharine and I attended the  Methodist

Church at Pacific Grove, and heard an able Sermon by Leslie M. Burwell on Regeneration, or the New Birth or Entrance into the Kingdom of God:  Synonymous terms-- . . . .

I was at the Bethel Mission in the p. m. and we attended Vespers at St. Mary’s.  The Rector, Molony, Spoke on the Third Temptation of Christ = (all the Kingdoms of The World.)

Mon. Mr. 27, 1911:  At the Conference of College Students at P. Grove, numbering 150 perhaps or more of the Y. M. C. A., I heard a fine address by Prof. Patterson of the Presbyterian Seminary at San Anselmo.  He spoke on the Revelation of God in Christ.  . . .  “But what do we know or believe about God.” . . . .

Wed. Mar. 29, 1911:  I heard _________ Palmer of the Plymouth Cong. Chu. Of Oakland address the Student Conference of the Y. M. C. A. on What Kind of a God we believe in. . . . 

            Catharine & I called on Leslie M. Burwell & wife Yesterday.   He was a pupil of Charles E. Cox at U. P. and his wife was a daughter of Chas. Bean.

We called on Mrs. Kershaw in the Evening of the 28th. 

            Joel & Donald Clarke arrived on Bicycles.

Thurs., Mar. 30, 1911:  Catharine & I called on Dr. Lukins.   Joel & Donald Clark left at 4 p. m. for Salinas on their way home.

We finished reading “The Soul of Dominic Wildthorn” from the P. G. Library.

Fri. Mar. 31, 1911:  Catharine & I returned home from Pacific Grove in the afternoon.  In the Evening Anna conducted her Greek Play representing a Roman School in the Gymnasium of the U. P.  It was largely attended.

Lina Weaver, Iva Thomas, & Miss.  Cadman staid here.

Sat. April 1, 1911:     (copied 6 lines from “Bacon’s “Essay on Truth”)

Sun. April 2, 1911:  Monthly Meeting.  (I was not able to attend)  Charles Fox from S. F. was present—a Grand Nephew of Chas. Wakefield of Ireland.

            Chas. E. Cox reviewed a book on Peace, “The Great Illusion” by _______________ in the After Mtg.


Tues. April 4, 1911:  Wilhelmina B. Jones died near 4 o’clock this afternoon after 2 or 3 days of unconsciousness following an Apoplectic Stroke.

Prof. Greene of Stanford was here to dinner & spoke in the Eveng. at S. J. on Commission forms of Government.

Fri. April 5, 1911: I had a Sweet call this p. m. from Levi Gregory.


Was One of the Early Members of College Park Society of Friends.  ------Came to the West From Indiana in 1876.


The loss of Mrs. George N. Jones, who died at Floral Home, 871 Hedding street, on last Tuesday, . . . .

(A 10 paragraph news article pasted to April 6 diary page, includes:

     In common with the family of her brother-in-law, Dr. Wakefield, late rector of Trinity Church of this city, she was descended from generations of distinguished Quakers.  . . . . 

She was a charter member of the W. C. T. U. of San Jose and active in its interests, especially in the work of the Department of Peace, of which she was long Superintendent.  She originated the plan of placing the drinking fountain on the Alameda.

. . . .

     In 1876 she came from Richmond, Ind., where a brother, William Edmund Bell. Still lives; and in 1878 removed to Floral Home, where in 1881 she was married to George N. Jones, long in the Building and Loan Association and the Garden City Bank.

    In this home, Tong Sing Kow, the Chinese Quaker of Mrs. Eyster’s story grew up almost as a son, and was trained and fitted for college graduating with honor from the University of the Pacific, under Dr. Straton.  . . . .

Fri. April 7, 1911:  Attended the Funeral of Wilhelmina B. Jones at 2 p. m.  A large company gathered at Floral Home.  Fitting words were spoken by L.S.B.C. , E. H. Shelley, Prof. Murray, etc.

            (pasted to bottom of page) MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO W. B. JONES, by Nellie Blessing Eyster.—4-7-1911 on back.


Sat. April 8, 1911:  The Blossom Festival at Saratoga.  I went with Chas. & Anna to Lunch at G S. Williams’s at “Three Oaks” and from there to the public speaking at the Schoolhouse grounds;  and called on Anna Taber.   There was a vast crowd there and in the overcrowded cars going and returning.

            Sarah Hawkins Haworth of Richmond, Ind. Who has spent the winter at Santa Cruz, came here for the night and to attend Mtg. Tomorrow.

Mon. April 10, 1911:  We heard a fine Lecture by Prof. Chas. Zueblin at the Normal Hall, on Civic Progress and improvement.

Tues. April 11, 1911:  A French Story, Paraphrased by J. B.

            The owner of a Garden thought to give the ground to one contented with his lot, If such were found.

            But he who claimed the gift was taught he was not meant, for one who wants what he has not is not content.


Fri. April 14, 1911:  Lily & I attended a Reception at The Normal School Parlor for Mrs. Rutan, who spoke of her acquaintance with Alice Truman Palmer, interestingly.  The College Club Women gave the Reception.

            Eliza Yocum and Louise were here to dinner & here the Evening.

Sun. April 16, 1911:  Geo. Jones came from Palo Alto to Meeting, and spoke very tenderly.   He dined here.

Sat. April 22, 1911:   I heard a Bible Lesson on The Book of Revelation, by Count Vladimir Gerasnoff at the Presbyterian House. --  The Lesson was similar to Prof. Moulton’s Notes in his Modern Bible:  as a Book of “Judgments” . . . .

Sun. April 23, 1911:  Lily & I went to Palo Alto to a Mtg. Of the Churches there in Commemoration of The  300th Anniversary of The King James translation of the Bible.  The speakers were

            Prof. Murray on the history of Bible Translations.

            Prof. Alden on The Bible as Literature –

            Dr. Gardner on The Influence of the Bible on The Anglo Saxon race.

                        All ably presented.

We called at Walter Vail’s & Prof. Murray’s:  and Lily on Miss. Hardy.

Mon. & Tues., April 24 & 25, 1911:  (copied 6 quotes from Josiah Strong from “My Religion in Every Day Life” (read 4 mo. 27).  Both pages completely covered.)

                        “The Results of Modern Biblical criticism, the passing of Theology into Solution, and the shifting of the currents of thought have made it difficult for many men to keep their religion.  What a man really needs is a religion that will Keep Him.   Josiah Strong   (five more quotes follow)


Fri. April 28, 1911:  (article pasted on page)  ARBOR-DAY IS OBSERVED AT COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC.  Young Men of Student Body Labor Till 12 – Luncheon Served by Ladies.

            (included in article is long 5+ paragraph paper quoted)

            At the conclusion of the dinner, Mrs. C. E. Cox, representing the Outdoor Art League of Santa Clara County, read a paper on the restoration of the Alameda.  She read in part as follows:

                         “Those whose recollections of San Jose and Santa Clara go back to 20 and 30 years  remember the Alameda as it then stood, with the double Ave. of graceful willows, as the most distinctive feature of the two towns. . . .

                        “A few of the old trees still stand.  The Outdoor  Art League, stimulated by the civic enterprise of Eastern and Southern cities, has formed the bold plan of eventually replanting two rows of willows.

                        “Dr. Guth has successfully experimented with scions of the old trees.  He and Father Morrissey, President of Santa Clara College, have cordially responded to the suggestion of the Outdoor Art League, that on Arbor-day 1912, students from the two colleges assist in planting a number of scions of the old willows in blank spaces along the roadway where property owners may desire.


Sun. April 30, 1911:  E. S. Williams & wife of Saratoga were at Meeting and here to dinner.

Mon. May 1, 1911:  Attended Ministers Mtg.  The closing one for the Season.  It was attended by members of the Anti-Saloon League, and other Temperance Workers.  Strong Addresses were made by Gandier, Bane, Bristol, and Lawson.

(News article of 5-1 attached to bottom of page, Prominent members of Anti-Saloon League Scheduled For Addresses, and ends with)

                        The Local Option law was signed by Governor (Hiram) Johnson on April 8 and as it goes into effect 60 days following, methods are to be taken up for an aggressive campaign in Santa Clara County beginning June 3.


Fri. May 5, 1911:  Lily & Anna & I attended a Reception at The Cousin Bean’s on the Alameda for “Mrs.” Edwd. Parsons.

Sat. May 6, 1911:  Semi-Annual Meeting.  A full house.    A precious Meeting for Worship and interesting afternoon.   In memory of G. W. Cartland by J. B.

“An Aspect of Friends’ Influence” by J. Fred Smith.

“Our Quaker Cousins” Prof. Krohbiel ? (Advocates of Peace)

            There were present J. H. Bartlett & wife, Saml. Allen & wife and tow daughters, and Susan M. Janney of Philadelphia Y. M., Ann Heard, Mrs. Cole and others from Palo Alto, Sarah Street, Wm. & Elvira Ward, Hannah Erskine, Cousin Elmoch?  Bean, Belle Lawrence, E. Way, Vails, Murrays and many others besides our College Park Circle.

Sun. May 7, 1911:  The Philadelphia Friends, Samuel & Sarah R. Allen, and their two daughters, Elizabeth & Susan, and J. Henry & Jane Bartlett took dinner with us after Meeting.     The Sheppards called in the Eveng.

Sun. May 14, 1911:  J. Henry & Jane Bartlett were at Meeting.  About 30 present.

            We went in the Evening to Eliza Yocum’s new home in The Willows on Settle Ave.  Met Miss. Stedan there from Mt. Hamilton.

Tues. May 16, 1911:  Cathie arrived in S. F. in the morning on the “Sierra” from Honolulu.  She went to Berkeley with Charles to hear Woodrow Wilson speak and came home to us in the Evening.

Wed. May 17, 1911:   J. Henry & Jane Bartlett were here to dinner & in the Evening.


Sat. May 18, 1911:  (written sideways on entire page)  Continue from page June 13th

            At Westtown Commencement.  Friends who met us very cordially, besides those on the Platform, were Chas. Carter, Benja. Vail & ____ wife, Alfred Scattergood, David Scott, Hannah J. Thomas, Watson Dewers, David Forsyth, Wm. Evans Jr., Mrs. (Bailey) Lawrence & her sister, Aunts of Wm. E. Coale (whose Essay on The Shenandoah was admirable), The Browns, & young Cadburys’, Ann Walton & sister & daughter, and many others of Cathie's & Anna’s friends.  Met Deborah Vail here, and Arthur, who was one of the Graduates.     The Westtown School Bldg. Is about 550 ft. long, and completely finished & furnished.      Inscription of the Dial at Westtown School

                                                “I Mind the Light – dost Thou?” 

Fri. May 19, 1911:  Lily, Cathie, Joel & I took dinner at James’s, with The Cousins Mary Alice and Susan Kelley ---

            Lily, Cathie & I went to Saratoga to Supper at Anna Taber’s.


Sat. May 20, 1911: (written sideways on entire page)  Appendix from 6 mo. 7.

            Richard Harrison’s wife Hannah was a daughter of Isaac Norris, and Granddaughter of Thos. Lloyd, a Governor of Penna.   From them descended the wife of Levi Morris, who inherited the estate of 600 acres or more.  Their daughter Sallie was Geo. Vaux’s wife, married in 1859.  Emma Shinn and Catharine Morris were sisters of Sallie Vaux.

Sat. May 21, 1911: At Meeting, 26 present.  Geo. N. Jones took dinner here.

            Anna & I heard Dr. Guth’s Baccalaureate Sermon at 3 p. m.

            Catharine’s Birthday Supper this Evening, instead of yesterday.

            Friends here in the Evening:  Stephen & Louise Jones, Edwin & Abby Roberts, Paul & Lydia Brun, Mrs. Chase & Martha R. Satherthwaite and The Cousins M. A. & S. Kelley.

Mon. May 22, 1911:  Lily started on Eastern Journey.

            Cathie & Joel & I with Louise Yocum went for an Automobile Ride with Francis Morse.   We called on the Maxwell’s & Rambo’s at Cupertino.  Then to Chas. Blaney’s place at Saratoga, where tea was served us.  Returning  by a beautiful route thro. Campbell & The Willows.

            We attended Pres. Guth’s Reception in the Evening –a very large gathering.

Tues. May 23, 1911:  Attended the Commencement  of The College of The Pacific----address by Reuben B. Hale of S. F., concluding remarks by Bishop Hughes.     “If you wish to keep an idea give it away.”   Anna went to Berkeley.

Wed: May 24, 1911:  Cathie & I started on our Eastern Journey.     Left on 12:30 train for Fruitvale & with Anna & Joel dined at E. Morris Cox’s, 3029 Capp St.

Met James at Oakland Pier and he & Cathie & Anna & I took 7:10 p. m. train.

Chas. & Mooris & Joel & Mintee & Snuggie Bennett were at Depot to see us off.

Thurs. May 25, 1911:  A pleasant passage with agreeable fellow passengers across Nevada.

Fri. May 26, 1911:  Arrived at Ogden at 6:20 a. m.   Had 40 minutes for Breakfast.

            On the Denver & Rio Grand Route we passed thro’ the wonderful scenery of the Palisades and Castle Rock, etc.

Sat. May 27, 1911:  In the morning at Salida Lily joined us, after a two day’s visit with Ruth Spray.

            We passed thro’ the Royal Gorge & by Colorado Springs to Denver, where we had several hours until 9 o’clock in the Evening to see something of Denver.  We took Street Cars to University Park, and to the City Park.

Sun. May 28, 1911:  After a good night we had an interesting day in passing thro. Nebraska via Lincoln to Omaha and on into Iowa via the Burlington Route.  With some of our fellow passengers we had Bible Reading and a little Mtg. Ps. CVII.   Lily read from Meyer’s St. Paul and spoke on some passages of it.  We repeated Whittier’s Psalm and all joined in repeating the 23rd Psalm.  

            F. L. Clark & wife of Gnavely? Iowa, Mrs. McLaughlin of Los Angeles,  Mrs. Tunnicliff were with us in worship.   Mrs. T was a daughter of Dr. Duffield, author of the hymn, “Stand up, Stand up, for Jesus.”        “The Journey’s end thins out the passengers” was remark of a young man in our car.

Mon. May 29, 1911:  Reached Chicago at 7: a. m.  Mrs. Tunniclif & Mrs. McLauglin stopped off in the Night at Galesburg, the home of the former.

Margaret Clark met us at the Chicago depot for an hour before we took train at 8:15 for Salem, Ohio.  James parted from us  to go to Richmond, Ind.

            We arrived at Salem near 7 in the Evening.  Met a welcome at our Cousins Edge T. & Mary E. Coxes.  Her sisters Elma & Susan & daughters etc. were with us in the Evening.  Truth is inviolable, Love is invincible

Tues. May 30, 1911:  A refreshing rest  at precious morning Reading.

            Cousin Edge took us a drive around the town.  We called at their son-in-law and daughter’s, Wm. & Helen Wright’s home & after Lunch at Cousin Walter & Susan Hollis, where we saw the long procession of Veterans & school children & citizens, celebrating Decoration day.

Lily & I with Elma & Susie called on Mary Call, aged 101, a most interesting call.  She repeated a Poem on the Crucifixion by Elisha Bates.

ALL the cousins (12 in number) of three families were with us a dinner at 5 at E. T. Copes, after which we left Salem by 6:20 train for Pittsburgh & Washington.

Wed. May 31, 1911:  We had Pullman sleeper Berths from Pittsburgh and arrived in Washington about 9 a. m.   Had Board engaged at Sarah R. Matthew’s & sisters, 1827 1st. where we found every needed comfort. 

            Visited the Capital and Congressional Library in the afternoon.  

Thursday, June 1, 1911:  We went to Arlington in the morning, where are over 17000 soldiers’ graves, & the bones of over 2000 more buried under a monument to the unknown dead.  At the old Gen. Lee Residence had a view of part of The City, and a long sweep of the Potomac—

Then visited the White House, the house of The Daughters of the Revolution, The Pan American (Peace) Bldg. & The Corcoran Art Bldg.


In the afternoon Cathie, Anna, & I saw the Senate in Session and heard speaches on the Lorimer Case by Senators LaFollette.  Lily, Cathei & Anna went in the eveng. To The Library.

(sideways at the edge of the page)   At the art bldg. The Statues of Narecy? Homet? “The first Steh a? are specially significant.

Friday, June 2, 1911:  Benja F. Trueblood called on us in the morning.  We all went to the P. Office & saw The Collections in The Dead Letter Office.  Then went to Mt. Vernon.  Saw the Mansion, & Grounds & Tomb of Washington.  Passed thro. Alexandria.

After Lunch went to Capital & Library.  Benj’a Trueblood took dinner with us, at Lily’s invitation.  Morris Thorne showed to Anna & me the mtg. House & school premises, nearby on “I” Street.

In the evening we attended a reception for B. F. Trueblood at The Orthodox Frds. Mtg. House on Irving St. where we met S. Edgar Nicholson, Lindley Clark, Senator Burton of Ohio, Edwd. Thomas, son a Allen T., _____ Hunt, son of Danl. W. Hunt, & his wife Beatrice (Marriage.)? Mrs. Clayton Townsend Easterlings from Kansas, and many others who were very cordial.

Sat., June 3, 1911:   Lily, Cathie, & I left Washington by 9:10 a.m. train for Phila. Leaving Anna for a few days longer at Sarah R. Matthews –

Reached Phila. At 12:40 and were met at Broad St. Station by sister C. M. Shipley, Lizzie Winn, Susan G. Shipley, Lena Lawrence etc.

Went to C. M. Shipley’s to stay, where E. C. W. & S. G.? S. dined with us.  Cathie attended a Reception at Leah (Goff) Johnson’s at Rosemont in the afternoon.  In the evening Lily & I called on Anna & Lizzie Potts.

Sunday, June 4, 1911:  We attended 12th Street Meeting.


Dined at Merion with E. C. Winn & Annabella Richards, the rest of the family being at Ventuon.

“Courtesy is not a creation of effort, but a product of Grace.  It is born, not made.”  Iowett -?

Mon., Jun. 5, 1911:  Lily & I took dinner at Anna Potts, with Hallie Howell.  Cathie went with Lena Lawrence.  We all went to Germantown to supper at Martha and Hettie Garrett’s.  Returned by Street Car to 2128 De Lancy St.

Tues., June 6, 1911:  Reception at C. M. Shipley’s from 4 to 8 p.m.  There were present:  Pres G. Sharpless, Geo Barton, Raynor Kelsey, Agnes & Susan & Mary Shipley, E. C. Winn, Annabella & Bartram Richards, Mary & Geo. Witherell, Mary Garnall Cope, H. Howell, Joel Cadbury, Benja. & Anna Cadbury, Hetty Garrett, Alfred Garrett & wife, Malcolm Shipley & wife and daughter Lily, & sisters Julia Thomas & Fanny Shipley, & son in law _________Stokes, Hannah Shipley & Elizabeth & Anna (Morris) Shipley & daughter Anna, Mary Newhall, E. Shim

& C. Morris, Paul Maier? & wife, Geo. & Mary Vaux & Geo. V. Jun & wife, Amelia Gummere, Mary Wildman & daughteer, Sam Troth & Anna, & John Troth & wife, Rich’d Cadbury & son Rich’d, Miss. Embri? Of West Branch (granddaughter of Isreal Heald, Teacher of the Blind.), Wm. Russell, Anna Cope (widow of Prof Eden), Sarah Longstreth, Dr. Branson, Anna Hoxie.

Wed. June 7, 1911:  Attended 12th St. Meeting and went with Geo. & Mary Vaux to Bryn Maur (to “Lilysyfran”.).

In the afternoon, Mary Vaux drove us over her farm of 85 acres stocked with some 25 cows, yeilding 200 quarts of milk daily, and round thro’ Ardmore & Haverford.  The Farm is the Old Harriton Farm.  Geo. Vaux showed us over the old House built in 1701, occupied later by Richard Harrison & wife Hannah, a minister who had numerous Slaves.  Their daughter married Chas. Thompson who translated the Bible in this house. {See more on May 20}

In the eveng. Alba Boardman Johnson & wife Liah (Goff.) & Geo. Vaux Jun? & wife were with us.  Geo. V’s wife, Mary, was a James, niece of Prof. Wm. & Henry James.

Thurs., June 8, 1911:  We attended the Bryn Maur “Conferring of Degrees” & heard fine addresses by Pres. Thomas and Prof. Le Baron Briggs of Harvard. 

Cathie took Lunch at the President’s.  Lily & I with Lizzie Winn.  In the eveng. We dined at Saml. Troth’s at St. David’s with C. M. S. and returned to Geo. Vaux to stay.

Friday, June 9, 1911:  A most interesting call after Breakfast at Geo. Vaux Jun. 

Mary Vaux drove us to Paul Maier’s Bungalow, where we called on his wife, Anna (Shinn) Maier and then went to dine at Catharine W. Morris’s where her sister Emma Shinn has her summer home, the old home of their father, Levi Morris, son of Israel W. Morris.  C. W. M. manages the large Estate.  Has 5000 Peach trees on it among other fruits & productions in abundance.  Sister C. M. S. met us here.  After a sweet visit, we returned to Phila., and out to Moylan to spend the night at Jas. Elkinton’s. Passmore & wife called in the evening; and we called with J. & S. E. at Albert Myers nearby where his mother & 3 sisters are living.  Anna Shaw house is close by theirs.

(Sideways on the edge of the page)  Albert Myers is in England Engaged in his great work on the life of Wm. Penn.

Sat., June 10, 1911:  Called before Breakfast at Passmore Elkinton’s to the baby Joseph with his mother.  After Breakfast, and seeing J. E.’s great photo book and other pictures, and a call on his mother at Alfred Elkinton’s, we went to Windon, joined on the cars by C. M. S.   Met a warm welcome at Beautiful Windon.

Zelda Branche, a Bryn Maur student & frd. Of Mary’s, is a guest here, lovely & interesting, of Virginia.

Sunday, June 11, 1911:  At West Chester Meeting, Met warm welcomes from many Friends.  Thos. Brown & wife of Westtown and Richard Cadbury were with us to dinner. 

Towards evening Dorothy drove Cathie & me to the old Birmingham Mtg. House near which the Battle of Brandywine was fought.  Agnes & the young people sang hymns in the evening.  Very warm in the eveng, and a great thunder storm in the night.

Monday, June 12, 1911:  Anna came to us from Berkeley, Maryland, where she visited her friend Dorothy C. Smith. 

Sister Agner had a company to dinner to meet us.  E. C. Winn & Lily Richards, Hannah Shipley, Mary Vaux, Leah Goff Johnson, Patty Thomas.

Zelda Branche left this morning.  Sister C. M. S. returned home.  Towards evening Lily, Cathie, and I called on Geo. & Caroline Scattergood, who had kindly invited us yesterday to do so.  A lovely call.

Inscription on Dial here.  With warning hand I mark Time’s rapid flight

                                                From Life’s glad morning to its solumn night,

Yet thro’ the dear God’s love, I only show

There is Light above me by the Shade below.

Tues., June 13, 1911:  A great thunder storm last n.

Lily, Cathie, Anna and I went to Bryn Maur to supper, at the “Misses Shipley School” with Hannah & Elizabeth Shipley.  Returned about 10 o’clock.

Wed., June 14, 1911:  We all went with Agnes and Susan and Dorothy to the Westtown School Comencement.  The Gymnasium Room was well filled with Friends.  On the Platform (where I was given a seat) were, beside the Supt. Wm. B. Harvey, & Principal Wm. Wickersham, Jon’a. Rhoads, Zebedee Haines, Edwin P. Sellew & wife, James Moore, Lloyd Balderston who gave the address, & his sister & other women.  Seven Essays were read by members of the Graduating Class of 40.  The Valedictiory by Helena P. Cooper had for its points 3 C;s, Concentration, Cooperation, & Conservation.  In the address of L. Bl, “The right use of Solitude” was spoken of an an ennobling & fruitful factor in life.   We all took lunch at Thos. Brown’s.  See Supplement at May 18.

Thurs., June 15, 1911:  Lily went to Haverford to Prof. Gummeres.  Cathie went to Longport to visit Lena Lawrence.  Anna & I with Agnes attended meeting at West Chester.  Ruth Abbott spoke.  We saw the Women’s Homes of both Branches of Friends.  That at the Orthodox Mtg. Premises was the Gift of Jane Gibbons.

Friday, June 16, 1911:  Attended the Commencement at Haverford with Anna, Susan & Dorothy, where we met Lily & Chas. & Imelda Tebbetts & Walter, who rec’d his M. A.  Heard a fine address by Prof. Comfort of Cornell.  Rested at ---? Frank Gummeree’s.  Met many Friends.  Staid to an aftrernoon tea in the Garden & returned with Lily to Windon.

Sat. June 17, 1911:  Lily & I left Windon for New York when we arrived about 11 o’clock.  We went up to Pleasantville to call on Robt. B. Howland.  After an hour or tow together we went on with him to Chappaqua, & called on Mrs. Robert Murray & her children, including Harriet Buscelle & Ruth T(aber)  Murray.

Returned to N. York to Mary S. Kimber’s, 21 W. 84th St., where Cathie & sister C. M. S. had arrived.   Lindley Spicer, Sarah Haydock & son, Harriet-Underhill, and ______ called in the evening.

Sunday, June 18, 1911:  Attended Meeting on 20th St. New York.  Lindley Spicer & James Adams & Sarah Haydock prayed, John Stanton of Ohio & Jas. Adams etc spoke.  James met us at meeting, from Brooklyn, and dined with us at Mary S. Kimber’s.  In the afternoon we went up to the Cathedral, 113 Amsterdam Ave., where a vast assemblage met at 4: o’clock for service & heard an able sermon by Dr. Sedgwick.  The Cathedral is a wonderful building  unfinished.  Elen Barker & her mother called in the evening. (daughter & widow of Abram Barker).

Monday, June 19, 1911:  Lily & Cathie visited the Metropolitan Museum etc.  I called on David S. Taber at his office 51—57th Ave.   We took the boat for Providence at 6 p.m.  Joined by James, and E. C. Winn & Susan G. Shipley, Walter Tebbetts, & Le Roy Jones.

Tues., June 20, 1911:  Arrived in Providence early in the morning and at the Moses Brown School about 8:30 a.m.  Met a host of dear friends.  Attended Mtg. Of M. & E. at 9 a.m. & 2 p.m. and Y. Mtg. At 3:30 p.m.  Strangers present.  R. W. Douglass, Amos Kenworthy, Chas. & Imelda Tebbetts, Lindley & Alice Earle Stevens, John Kittrelle, Pres. Lindon & Mary M. Hobbs of N. C., Jefferson & Helen Farr Ford from Jamaica, Edwd. Mott of Ohio, Miles? Hinkle,    and others.

Wed., June 21, 1911:   Friends present at Y. Mtg. Whom we are meeting daily (occasionally?) and mingling with socially (besides those on p. before).

Ellen & Mary Bangs, Caroline Ladd & daughter.              Hannah Ladd, Sarah Swift, Susan Hoxie, Eliz’a Ewer, Hannah Bailey, Wm. & Susan Thompson, Catharine Braithwaite of London, Timothy Hussey, Timothy Nicholson, James Wood & son J. Hollingsworth Wood, & daughter Caroline Wood, Walter Haviland, Rachel & Kate Austin, Lydia Meader, Mary Swan, Elizabeth Swan, Benj;s Swan, Daniel & Alice Maxfield & dau., Anna Goves, Chas. & Elizabeth Jones & dau. Alice of Ramallah Mission, Sarah Brown, Saml Buffum? & wife, Elam Henderson of Oak Grove School, Earl Harold (of Worcester, going to Greensboro, N. C.), Maria Osborne & daughter Anna Lindley Osborne & wife of Weare, Mary Page & mother of Lynn, Geo. Crossman & wife of Swampscot?, James Cooper & wife of W. Falmouth,

Thursday, June 22, 1911:  Chas. Woodman, Cousins Marion E. Jones of Minneapolis & sister Edith M (Jones) Bacon of Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y., Cousins Seth & Mary Amy Gifford of the School & their children, Morgan & Philip, Thos. Buttey? & wife & Charlie, Robt. Gifford & wife, Jas. H. Chase, Walter S. Meader (Clerk) & wife, J. Warren Hawkes, Chas. Sisson, Geo. Williams & wife, Shober Kimber, Sarah Holmes, Laura Ellyson, Wm. Ware & wife, Fremont Jennes & two daughters, Caroline Tobey, Caroline Cromwell, Thos. Wood & wife Susan Meader, John Meaders, John Nutter & wife, Mary Jones, Laura Aydelot &             Jones (Readers),             Tusker, Oliver Coggeshall,     H. M. Dau. Of Lebers? Hills, Mrs. Walter Allen, Abby Beede.

Friday, June 23, 1911:  There are present, Clerks of Y. Mtgs. 

James Wood, --- New York. 

Timothy Nicholson – Indiana.

 ______ Moon – Western. 

Allen Thomas – Baltimore. 

L. Lindon Hobbs – North Carolina.  Edwd. 

Mott – Ohio.


A table in Dining Room is appropriated to our party – Chas. & Imelda & Walter Tebbetts, C. M. Shipley, Jas. Bean, L.S.B.C.,  C.G.B.C.,  E.C. Winn, & S.G. Shipley.

This morning we had Bible reading with a select company in Caroline Ladd’s Room. (G. Braithwaite, T. Nicholson, L S. B. Cox, M. A. Gifford, & other Shipley, C. Ladd, C.M.S, Jas. B.) 

This evening Alice Jones spoke program on the Ramallah Mission, and Carolina Wood presented Stereoptican views of Frds. Missions over the world.

Saturday, June 24, 1911:  250th Anniversayr of N. Eng. Y. Mtg. Celebrated.

Augustine Jones presided in Forenoon Session, & Seth Gifford afternoon.  Papers by Rufus Jones (read by Walter Meader) Mary M. Hobbes, James Wood, Issac Sharpless, Prof. Edwd. Moore. 

Address by Govenor Pothier of R. I.  5 minute address by the Clerks of Y. Mtgs.  Mennell of Eng. & J. B. (of College Park).

A fine Essay in the Evening by J. Hollingsworth Wood, for the young people.

A day of rare interest and priviledge.

Sunday, June 25, 1911:  Y. Meetings of Worship forenoon, afternoon, & evening.

I heard R. W. Douglass & _________ Moon in a.m., Mils Hinkle & Wm. Sayers, Alice Stevens & M. J. Weaver p.m., Geo. Barton, Clarence Case, and Chas. Tebbetts in the Eveng.

Geo. Barton’s sermon was very broad in its inclusiveness and very deep and impressive and searching in spiritual power, on “Being Sent of God:, as was John.  Chas. Tebbetts spoke with evident anointing and great force on the Apostolic Benediction – “The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.” 

A few parting words were spoken on coming face to face with God, in the Silences in our approach to Him, not only that we may speak to Him in prayer, but that He may speak to us, to authorize us to speak for him, in life & ministry.

Monday, June 26, 1911:  Left Providence for Boston by 10:07 a.m. train. Going to the Swan’s 2 Derne St.  C.M.S. & E.C.W. with us – S. G. S. going to her friend Fannie Heard.  Martha Swan a teacher at Moorestown, N. J. (Niece of Mary & Sisters) & Henry Cadbury were with us a dinner.  Afternoon, Benja. Swann piloted us to Fanniel Hall, Old State House, etc, & the women of our party to the Library.

Tuesday, June 27, 1911:  Lily, Cathie & I went to Concord by Street Car to Arlington, and by Automobile of Mr. Swan, who pointed out the historic places of Arlington Heights & Lexington & Concord.  Saw Emerson’s house & Hawthorne’s sS& Alcott’s and “Sleepy Hollow”.  On a stone beside the bolder that marks Emerson’s grave is the inscription:  Waldo Emerson, Died 27th June 1842, five years and 3 mos.

            “The hyacinthine boy for whom

            More? Well might—break & April bloom,

            The gracious boy who did adorn

            The world where into he was born.”


We called on Mary Darne {1010 ____ St., Cambridge} Edward Jones & daughter Marion called on us in the Eveng.  Mary Jones of Winthrop, ME, here to night.

Wed., June 28, 1911:  We saw sister C. M. Shipley & E. G. W. & S. G. S. off for Philadelphia on 10 a.m. train.  Lily & I then visited the new museum.  After dinner we went to Amisbury to Sarah A. Hill’s, at Pond? Hills.

Went out to the Lake Attitach after supper with Hannah W. Morriss.  Cathie read “The Maids of Attitash” on the shore.

Thurs., June 29, 1911:  Attended Meeting at Amesbury at the Huntington Home.  Present:  Chas. H. Jones & wife & dau. Alice, Danl. & Alice Maxfield, Chas. Hoag of Montana, Maria Osborne, Sarah Ann Hill, Hannah Morrell, Sarah Abby Gove, and the inmates of the home & others.  We visited the cemetery before mtg. & saw the “Captain’s Well” by the Home.  We dined with Anna Gove, Matron at The Home, with Lydia Jenkins & Sarah Varney (Boarders)< then went to The Whittier Home

& mtg. House {with Anna Gove & Mary Joness}.   And took tea with the sister Susan, Sarah, and Alice Brown.

Friday, June 30, 1911:  Cathie & I called in the morning at Daniel Maxfield’s and Maria Osborne’s.  M. O’s house is on the highest of the 3 Pond Hills, overlooking 20 towns in 3 states and a stretch of ocean.  & a Mt. ____________ in Maine.

            Hannah M. Morrill accompanied us to Sarah Abby Gove’s at Hampton Falls, where we dined, at the place where Whittier died.  Saw his room and favorite retreats, & G. W. Cortland’s room:  and relics & pictures & needle work of The Gove & Wells families who for 5 generations have lived here.

We passed on by Street Cars to Dover via Hampton Beach, Portsmouth & Kittery, to find a home here with Clarence I. & Anna _____ Pinkham & her sister Gertrude Page.

Saturday, July 1, 1911:  With James, who is staying at Cousin Fannie Fowle’s, Cathie & I called at The Home for Aged Women, on Harriet Ricker, formerly ________ of North Sandwich (cousin of Albert Hill) and on Cousin Fannie Fowle & the library.

We took tea at Ellen & Mary Bang’s & spent a happy evening with them.

Sunday, July 2, 1911:  Attended meeting at Dover.  Over 20 present, including John Nutter & wife, Timothy & Arthur Hussey from North Berwick, Chas. Cartland, Cousin Fanny Fowle & Harriet (Felche?) Ricker & our Cousin Mrs. Nute from the “Wentworth Home”, besides other regular attenders.

Timothy Hussey & his son, Arthur, dined with us at C. I. Pinkham’s.  Fremont Jenness came in the afternoon & took Lily & Cathie & me to his home.  Asenath Nate was a daughter of my Cousin Mary Pickering, & Granddaughter of my Aunt Deborah Fowle.

Monday, July 3, 1911: 

Daniel Fremont Jenness

Ida Wiggin Jenness              b. 1859.

                                                Married at Rochester 1-24-1884.

            Their children:

                        Cyrus Fremont                    4-18-1885-

                        Elwood Stephen

                        Elizabeth Ellen                      11-27-1888

                        Chester Albert

                        Myron Irving                        1-13-1892

                        Rachel Ida

                        Edith Wiggin

                        Judity Varney

                        Dwight Winslow                  7-9-1899-8-15-1902

                        Gertrude                                7-4-1901-

                        Margaret                               11-11-1903

Lily returned to Dover.  Elizabeth Jenness & sister drove Cathie & me to call on Chas. Peaslee & wife.  After dinner Fremont drove us to Rochester, where Wm. V. Ware met us & took us to his home at Chestnut Hills.  A very hot day.  Ther. Near 100.

Tues., July 4, 1911:  At this old home at Chestnut Hills, with Hannah Varney Ware, now about 78.  She was my pupil one winter with Job & Mary Varney when I taught the dist. School here & boarded part of the time in this home.  Her parents, Wm. & Anna Varney, died in 1863 only 10 days apart.  We walked to the Burying Ground & thro’ the Chestnut Grove with Wm. & went huckleberring –blueberring by a stone wall.  Here away from all noises of guns we passed a quiet “4th”.  A very hot day.

Wednesday, July 5, 1911:  Wm. V. Ware took Cathie and me to Farmington where James and Lily joined us on the train to Alton.  We called at Chas. Wear’s on our way to Gilmanton Iron Works.  Stopped at Winfield Shannon’s.  Hired a carriage to take us to “The Mountains” and around Crystal Lake.  Called on cousin Lermual Ham (& Lizzie Tebbetts) in the evening. 

On our way from Alton to the Iron Works we stopped at the old Burying Ground on our farm, and at our old Home, seeing all over the House, now occupied by Ai. Gilman.  See next page.  Very hot weather.

Thursday, July 6, 1911:  Called on Lemuel Ham and Henry Hurd.  Ava Weare drove us to Bow Lake in Strafford to Cousin Frank Hall’s.  His wife, Josie (Elliot) Hall, their son Carroll Elliot Hall, His wife Ella and their baby Marjorie.

(The following is written sideways on the same page at the bottom half.)

            In the Burying ground on our old farm, are the graves of my grandparents, Joel & Mary Bean, their sons Joel & Jeremy, & the family of the latter, his wife Elizabeth (Canney) Bean & children Joseph C, Cyrus B., Darius, Mary (Bean) Randall, & Hannah E.  My bro. Jeremy’s grave is also there.

            At the mountains we saw grandfather Hill’s old home.  The old apple tree behind this house still bearing.  Hill’s Pond at the edge of the pasture, the old wood house & one of the Barns still standing, as they stood 100 yrs. ago & more.


Friday, July 7, 1911:  At Frank & Josie Hall’s.  A delightful visit. 

In the afternoon Frank Hall took us to Barnstead Center: i. E. Lily & Cathie and me.  James remained at Frank Hall’s.   We came down in two carriages – a buggy & Pharton – passing the cemetery where Eli & Mary Elliott were buried, & two daughters, Angelica _____ & Myra Gaswell.  Eli died in 1882 or 3. & Mary in 1884.

At the Hotel Brunswick when we stopped we rec’d a call from Lovern? Wheeler & wife, the latter a granddaughter of cousin Jas. Hill.  Cooler weather today.

Saturday, July 8, 1911:  Took train at Barnstead Center for Boston at 6: a.m.  Lorean Wheeler, Conductor to Manchester.  A beautiful ride many miles along the Merrimac thro’ Nashua, Lowell, etc.

Went to the Swan’s , No. 2 Derne St.   At Manchester Station met Abby Beede, daughter of John Beede.  Cathie went to stay with Fanny Heard.

Sunday, July 9, 1911:  I rested in the morning at 2 Derne St.  At the Dinner table were Frederic Swan, nephew of Mary & sisters, and Sceva D. Laughlin of Iowa, a grandson of Daniel Martin, who is attending Summer School at Harvard.  Another hotwave after a cooler day & night.  We left Boston at 4 p.m. on steamer for New York, around Cape Cod.  Cool on the sea, and a comfortable passage.

Monday, July 10, 1911:  Arrived in New York a little after 8:30 a.m.  Went to Hoboken where sister C. M. Shipley & Susan came to Meyer’s Hotel to await the sailing of the S. S. Moltke for Naples tomorrow.  We left Cathie with them & went over to the Penington, 215  E. 15th St., to stay.  The Managers here are Albert & Emily Lawton.  In the evening Wilfred Hinde of Street, England, grandson of the late James Clark, addressed a company of young Friends on the present work the young Friends of England.  About 36 present in the parlor.  “Mrs.” Carpenter & son, Wilfred (was it George?), Wharton, son of Jas. W., Principal of George School, Paul Wright of Wilmington, Ohio, “Mrs.” Haviland etc. were of this company.

Tuesday, July 11, 1911:  Very warm.  Went over to Hoboken to see the party off for Europe at 10 a.m.  Met Agnes & Dorothy Shipley with Anna Cox & John Troth at the steamer.  Left New York by 3:04 train for Atlantic City via Trenton & Burlington.  Arrived about 6:10 and took St. Car for Ventnor, to find a welcome at Thos. Richard’s summer home, No. 10 Sacramento Ave.

Lily went with E. C. W. & the girls to an eveng session of the C. E. Convention, presided over for the evening by Bishop Fallowes.

Wed. July 12, 1911:  A restful day at Ventnor.

In the evening Tom & Lily took us to Hinze Pier to see the wonderful display of the Company’s Pickles, 57 kinds, & their collections of curios: 

paintings, bronzes, tapestries, etc.

Thurs., July 13,1911:  At Ventnor, in the cool sea breezes.  Dr. Tracy & wife called in the evening.

Friday, July 14, 1911:  At Ventnor.

Saturday, July 15, 1911:  Lily & I went to Longport in the forenoon to call on Lena Lawrence & her sister in law.  In the afternoon guests came to a reception at The Mission house on the next St., and to stay over First day here:  Charlesanna Heuston, Martha Hacker, Miss. Vail of Germantown and two others.  The Mission house is for the use of returned missionaries to occupy & recruit in.  Met David & Margaret Alsop there.  In the evening some Poems were read & repeated, and a Hymn sung.

Sunday, July 16, 1911:  We attended with E. C. Winn the Friends Mtg. At Atlantic City.  Thos. Fisher attended and spoke.  L.S.B.C. –etc. spoke, and Margaret Alsop prayed.  Probably some 30 to 40 present.

“Strengthen & invigorate O’Lord, my body with Thy good air, & my soul with Thy good spirit.

If service be called for, renew the vision & revive the power for it.

Give thought and feeling:  and tongue and utterance.”


Monday, July 17, 1911:  Left Ventnor at 2 p.m. for Windon, WestChester.  A great downpour of rain at Atlantic City and Philadelphia and the country around.  Found Anna at Windon and Mary Gaston, a cousin of Agnes.—

Tuesday, July 18, 1911:  Agnes & her cousin, and our party took a walk thro’ the woods and by the Townsend Farm, in the morning.  And Agnes & Mary Gaston & Lily took a drive in the afternoon to Bermingham & by the Brandywine.—

Wed., July 19, 1911:  Lily & I went to Phila. In the forenoon to arrange for sleeper berths etc. on the homeward journey.  In the afternoon Agnes took us all to Mayne, to accept an auto-mobile ride given by her cousin, Edith Steele, 12 miles to Valley Forge, and the memorial Chapel.  We saw the Isaac Potts House, which was the Headquarters of Gen. Washington during the winter of 1777 & 8.  We went thro’ the open rooms at the chapel.  Washington’s tent and a large collection of the utensils & equipment of that period were shown, etc., with many other relics of historic interest.

Thursday, July 20, 1911:  AT WINDON   Julia Shipley Thomas of Germantown, daughter of Augustus B. Shipley, came to dinner, by invitation from sister Agnes, to visit with us.  She has a half bro. Malcolm & a brother Walter living, & a sister Frances _______.  And two boys, Elwood & Shipley.  Malcolm has a son         an Episcopal Clergyman & other children  --

Friday, July 21, 1911:  AT WINDON  Amelia Grommer? Was here to dine with us.

Sat., July 22, 1911:  AT WINDON.   Sister Agnes took Lily & Me a drive to Philip Sharpless’ place some 4 miles from here – a palatial residence on a large estate of hundreds of acres of woodlands & fields and gardens and drives, on which great wealth has been lavished, gained by the manufacture of cream separators.

A Mrs. Ward & daughter of Newcastle, Pa., were here to supper.

Sunday, July 23, 1911:  Attended Haverford Meeting with sister Agnes & her cousin, Mary Gaston.

We were all guests of Richard Cadbury, at dinner, and called on Amelia Gummen?.

The meeting was quite large.  L.S.B.C., Allen Thomas, & Mary Bettle had part in the Service – many of our dear Friends were present.  ________? And Mary Nicholson (Elder & Minister), Raynor Kelsey (Minister), Lucy Roberts & son, Wm. Longstreth, Paul Maier & wife, Emma Shinn, Cath. Morris, The Bettles, Anna Ladd, and others.  Many others were absent at Pocono & elsewhere.

Monday, July 24, 1911:  AT WINDON.  Mary Gaston left this morning for her home—18 W. High St., Somerville, New Jersey.  Anna went to Media to dine with some of her friends, Ruth Vail, etc.

Agnes took us a drive towards evening, to Hooper’s Hill, the residence of Herman Hoopes.  A terrific shower overtook us in returning, beating into the carriage & drenching us all—requiring entire change of clothes.

Tuesday, July 25, 1911:  OUR LAST DAY AT WINDON.  Sister Agnes took us a drive to the old paper mill, and along the Brandywine.  We left WestChester (Lily and I) at 6:41 p.m. and Philadelphia at 8:56 for Richmond, Indiana.

Wed., July 26, 1911:  At Pittsburg at 5 a.m.  Time set back one hour.  At Columbus, Ohio – about 10--  Arrived at Richmond, Ind. At 1:10 p.m.  Welcomed warmly at Prof. Edwin Morrison’s, 80 SW Con 7th St. near the college.  Imelda and Herbert Tebbetts came to supper.

Thurs., July 27, 1911:  AT RICHMOND, IND.  Edwin & Mary took us over the College premises and buildings.  We went into Dr. Coffin’s class in Psychology, in the Summer School course now in session.  In the Joseph Moore Museum saw the skeleton of a great mastodon found in this region over 20 ft. long & 9 feet high: & the large collection from the Hawaiian Islands, etc. Etc.  Went Thro ____________ Hall & the Library & other buildings.  We all dined with Imelda & Herbert at 214 College Ave.   Rec’d a delightful call from Timothy Nickholson.  Edwin’s nephew, _______________ Vickory of Bloomingdale Academy, here to supper.

Friday, July 28, 1911:  AT RICHMOND.  We dined with Imelda & Herbert.  A Reception in the afternoon at Prof. Morrison’s. There were present:  Timothy Nicholson & daughter (Mrs. Johnson), Sarah Hussey & her three Nieces, Sarah & Mary Evans & Mrs. Leander Woodard, Timothy Wilson & wife, Prof. Chase & wife, Amasa Jenkins & wife, Pres. Kelley & wife, Mrs. Joseph Moore & daughter, Eli & Mahala Jay, Edwin Jay & wife, Pres. Kelley’s mother (a sister of Mahala Jay) Truman Kensworthy, Murray S. Kenworthy, Prof. E. P. Trueblood & wife, Misses Windley.

Sat., July 29, 1911:  AT EARLHAM, RICHMOND.   Miss. ______ Evans came & took us in their automobile to call at their home. & Leander Woodards, and on Josiah White, and at Edmund Bell’s.  Sister E.B.M. & Imelda Tebbetts went with us.

WE took supper (with sister E. & Edwin & Mary) at John Johnson’s, a son-in-law of Timothy Nicholson.  T. N. was there with us.  A very interesting evening.

Sunday, July 30, 1911:  Attended the Earlham Mtg. And F. D. School.  Lily addressed the school.  Prof. E.  P. Trueblood, Supt.  Murray S. Kenworth, Asst. Pastor of the mtg., preached missionary Sermon.

Timothy Nicholson came to the meeting, an to dine with us at Edwin Morrison’s.

We took supper and spent a delightful evening with Eli & Mahala Jay, & their daughter Mary Ballsod & her two young daughters.      All of Edwin Morrison’s family were with us.  The young people sang a hymn or two, & some poems of Whittier were repeated as we sat on the porch & lawn.  & Lily read from the Poem St. Paul.

Monday, July 31, 1911:  AT RICHMOND   Prof. Dennis & wife called in the morning.  We called on the Windle sisters; Emily, Deborah & Rebecca.  Dined with Imelda & Herbert.

A company of about 30 met at the Tebbetts home to hear “My Recollections of Whittier & his Friends”:  Pres. Kelly, Elbert Russell & wife, Eli & M. Jay & daughter, Prof. Dennis & wife, Dr. Coffin & wife & others.

We took supper at Pres. Kelly’s with T. Nicholson, Eli & M. Jay, Mahlon? Lindley & wife, E. Bell, Edwin & Mary? & Imelda.  (See next Page)

Tuesday, August 1, 1911:  Left Richmond at 11:30 a.m. for Chicago;  sister E. B. M. with us.  The Morrisons & Tebbetts all saw us off at the Depot.  Passed Anderson, Kokomo & Logansport and reached Chicago at 5:45 p.m.  Took Burlington train for St. Paul at 6:30 p.m.


From July 31.

T. N. telephoned the following present at Pres. Kelley’s at supper.

            J.B                   aged 85 yrs. 7 mo.

            Eli Jay             aged 85 yrs. 5 mo.

            Mahala Jay    aged 83 yrs. 8 mo. (12/7/27

            E.B. Miles       aged 83 yrs. 8 mo.  (12/6/27

            T. Nicholson aged 82 yrs. 9 mo.    AVERAGE 84 yrs. 4 mo.

Mary Eral? -Lindley (wife of Mahlon?) was Martha Nicolin  granddaughter of Nathaniel Newlin?, cousin of C. e. Cox’s mother, E. Morrison;  Father  Mahala Jay & Pres. Kelley’s mother’s sister & daughters of Moses Pearson.

Wed., Aug. 2, 1911:  Reached St. Paul in the morning and took 11 a.m. train on the Canadian Pacific Railway.  A large excursion of homeseekers & tourists to the Northwest filled two trains.

            “The years that bring us many ills and pass so stormfully over us, bear away with them the ugliness, the weariness, the pain that are theirs, but the beauty, the sweetness, the rest they leave untouched, for these are eternal.”  From “Black Rock” by Ralph Cannon?

Thurs., Aug. 3, 1911:  Passed Portal in the morning – and along the great prairie lands and vast grain fields of southern Saskatchawan, and Alberta, dotted with scattered houses between new towns. Moose Jaw – (a contraction of an Indian sentence.                                            ) and Medicine Hat are rapidly growing centers.

Friday, August 4, 1911:  Passed Calgary in the morning – a large new town – and Banff, Laggan, Field and Glacier during the day, with all the marvelous scenery of Mountain peeks and glaciers, and Cascades rushing down the gorges.

At Field we found George & Mary Vaux, and George Junc? & wife.  The latter couple took the train for Glacier House & visited us on the way.

Saturday, Aug. 5, 1911:  Passing along the Columbia and Frazer Rivers, winding amid precipitous mountains, re reached Mission Junction about 9:30, and Vancouver at 11:30 a.m.

Took steamer at Vancouver for Victoria at 1: p.m.  Arrived at Victoria about 7 p.m. and to the Hotel Westholm.

Sunday, Aug. 6, 1911:  AT VICTORIA, B. C.  Found Wm. B. Watson, and attended meeting.  Arthur Hinder (at the head of the meeting) and a woman Friend prayed.  Several spoke, and one (a Scotch woman) sang a hymn.

Among the Friends present (numbering over 30) were Robt. Wm. Clark, Edwin Coventry & wife.

At 2 p.m. Robt. Clark took Lily & me to call on Sarah Green (daughter in law of Jacob Green of Ireland) and at his own home & Wm. Watson’s where tea was served.  The Coventry’s met us there.  Wm. Watson, E. Coventry & Harry Parry, a minister of the Mtg. (absent in the morning mtg.) were with (sic)  at the Hotel at 4 p.m.

Left Victoria at 5 p.m. for Seattle by steamer, arriving about 9:30 p.m. & went to the Hotel Northern.

Monday, Aug. 7, 1911:  Left Seattle at 7:30 a.m.  Arrived at Portland at 2:30 p.m.  Took train for Salem at 4:15 and arrived at 6:45.  Met by Clark & Anna Miles with their carriage and taken to their elegant new home, 993 Court St., opposite the State house.  Their lovely children are:  Lyra, aged 17, Ross, 15, Eva, 9, Bruce, 6.

Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1911:   AT SALEM, OREGON.  Tristram Coggeshall and Esther Miles came to dinner, and spent the afternoon with us.

Wed., Aug. 9, 1911:  With Clark and Anna and Eva, we went to their logging camp in the Coast Range Mountains, 25 miles by Gasoline Car to Black rock, and a three miles climb on foot.  The camp is in the dense Forest amid surrounding Peaks.  There are 7 bunkhouses and 8 bunks in each, a Cook house & dining Room, shops, and an Office building in which Clark & foreman & Bookkeeper have sleeping rooms. (where we slept).  Mrs. Neal & her daughter are the Cooks who prepare good meals.  The daughter’s husband, Mr. Scott, is one of workmen.

Thurs., Aug. 10, 1911:  We returned from the Logging Camp to Salem, on the Engine 3 miles to Black Rock, & then by Gasoline Car.  After seeing the falling of a great tree, probably 200 feet or more in height and 250 or 300 years old, and the loading of logs on the car, with a donkey engine.  The C. K. Spalding Logging Co, of which B. C. Miles is Secretary, have 2,7000 acres or about 42 sq. miles of timber land, of wh. 600 acres are cut off.

They employ in the woods 70 to 100 men, and in woods & mills at Salem & Newberg etc. about 500 men – with a monthly payment of wages of over $20,000 from $2.00 to $3.00 a day to each.  They operate 10 Donkey Engines.  The “Fallers” cut down the trees.  “Buckers” saw them into cuts.  The Donkey Engines draw the logs to the cars & load them.

Friday, Aug. 11, 1911:  AT SALEM   Clark took us over their mill where 100-125 men are employed.  The logs are taken up from the River and run thro’ the mills into framing lumber, planks, boards, siding, flooring, boxes, laths, molding, doors, etc.

From the Mill we were driven (with sister E. B. Miles) to Charles Edmundson’s to dine.  The family consists of Charles and Alice & four little boys, and her Father Tristram Coggeshwell?, and her Aunt Esther Miles.

We have pleasant evenings at Clark’s with the children, before the open fire which is now needed morning & evening.

Sat., Aug. 12, 1911:  AT SALEM  Clark took us in the afternoon a drive to Rosedale, where we called at Charles Townsend’s. 

At Oregon City, Oregon, there are 3 paper mills, in which paper is made from Hemlock, Spruce, Cotton wood, White Fir and Larch (no pitchy wood) furnished about half from? The Spalding Logging Co.  One Mill turns out 120 tons of paper a day:  the three about 250 tons a day using 25,000,000 ft. of lumber a year.

Sunday, Aug. 13, 1911:  Attended meeting and S.S.School at Salem.  Isom P. Wooton conducted the meeting.  The life and character of Barnabas was the subject of his sermon.  Some hymns were sung, accompanied by instrumental music.  Some prayed and spoke briefly, and freedom was given for expression, and there was a period of Silence.  Opportunity was given for what was given us to day.

Left Salem at 9:56 p.m. for San Francisco.


Mon. Aug. 14, 1911:  From Oregon to California    Passed Ashland, and thro’ the Siskyou & Shasta Mountain region. Drank at the Shasta Springs at 6:30 p. m.

Tues. Aug. 15, 1911:  Arrived at Oakland about 9:30 a. m. and were met by Chas. & Catharine & Lily DeNervand.  I returned home in the forenoon.   Chas. & Lily in the afternoon.

Sat. Aug. 19, 1911:  Catharine returned home from Berkeley, where she has been since 7 mo. 1 at a Summer School.

Isaac and Joel came from a month’s tramping and Camping to Yosemite.  David & Rebecca Satterthwaite called in the Evening.

Sun. Aug. 20, 1911:  At Meeting.  Some 17 present.  Wm. & Hannah Moore came from Los Gatos.

Mon. Aug. 21, 1911:   Isaac & Joel went to Palo Alto in the Forenoon.      In the afternoon they went to Saratoga to make calls with Charles and Lily and Catharine.  Isaac & Joel took supper at Edith Parsons’.

Tues. Aug. 22, 1911: Isaac left this morning for S. F. to sail on The Mongolia today for Honolulu.    Chas. & Joel went with to the City.

Anna arrived from her long journey homeward over the Lakes to Chicago & by direct route from there.

Wed. Aug. 23, 1911:  Rosa Lewis and Eliza Yocum were here to Lunch.     Stephen & Louise Jones and Abby Roberts called on them here.

Anna commenced work at The College of the Pacific for another year.

Sat. Aug. 26, 1911:  Edith Tebbetts came to us from Whittier, Cala. For a visit on her way homeward via Oregon and The Canadian Pacific Railway.

Sun. Aug. 27, 1911:  Wm. C. Allen was  at Mtg. And here to dinner with Cousin Mary Alice Kelley.    Walter Vail & wife & two Nieces and Dallas Sidwell came to Mtg. In their fine New Automobile.  Some 25 or more at Mtg.

Mon. Aug. 28, 1911:  Edith Tebbetts left for S. F. and Oregon.

Sun. Sept. 3, 1911:  Monthly Meeting.  Prof. Murray & Minerva (daughter, age 13 ) Walter Vail’s family, & Mrs. Cole from Palo Alto, Wm. & Hannah Moore from Los Gatos present.  Most of the chairs filled.  A. T. Murray, G. N. Jones, and Mrs. Chase spoke.       After Lunch I gave some account of our visit to Amesbury & Dover.  And Lily spoke of Mt. Vernon, Arlington, Valley Forge & other spots associated with Gen. Washington & of works of art we saw.

The Young Friends Whittier Pilgrimage of 4  days is going on now at Amesbury & Hampton Falls (9 mo. to 4).

Mon.  Sept. 4, 1911:  Labor Day.   A great processions in San Jose.

Tues. Sept. 5, 1911:  Lily and I attended the Funeral at 4 p. m. of Frederic Gifford in Palo Alto.    It was Conducted by Dr. Gardner and the burial by the G.A.R.

Wed. Sept. 6, 1911: 

“I live to learn their Story

            Who suffered for my sake;

To emulate their glory,

            And follow in their wake:

Bards, Patriots, Martyrs, Sages,

The Noble of all ages,

Whose deeds crown history’s pages

            And times great volume make.

I live

            For the cause that lacks assistance.

            For the wrong that needs resistance,

            For the future in the distance,

                        For the god that I can do.”


Friday, Sept. 8, 1911:  Margaret Farr (Madge) came to work here.

            Sewing Circle here.  About a dozen present.

Sun. Sept. 10, 1911:  Geo. Jones and Mary Alice Kelley dined here.

Tues. Sept. 12, 1911:  Mary Alice Kelley and I went to Pacific Grove.

Wed. Sept. 13, 1911:  At Pacific Grove.  Attended a little of the Methodist conference.  Bishop Hughes, presiding.

Thurs. Sept. 14, 1911: At Pacific Grove.  Heard Prof. _____ Hayes lecture at 8, 1911:00 a.m.

Conference Session at 9. Attended the Meeting of the Retired Ministers at 3 p. m.

Fri. Sept. 15, 1911:  I went to San Jose by 8:05 train and attended The Funeral of Anna F. Taber at Saratoga at 3 p. m.    Augustus Murray prayed and spoke.  J. B. & E. Shelley spoke.  L. S. B. Cox read some passages in Revelations marked by Anna Taber in her Bible.   Mr. Patchel spoke, Pastor of Cong. Ch.  A Hymn was sung at the beginning, and “Jerusalem the Gold” at the close by Mr. Wright, clergyman of the Episcopal Church:  a worker in the Indian Assn.

Sat. Sept. 16, 1911:  I returned to The Grove by morning train.

Sun. Sept. 17, 1911: At Pacific Grove.   “Tell me O Thou whom my Soul love & where Thou feedist:  Where Thou makest Thy flock to rest at noon:  Why should I be as one who turneth aside by the flocks of Thy companions.”

            Attended Meeting at Assembly Hall.  Bishop Hughes’s Sermon was well fitted to lead his learners out of the labyrinths of confusing theories, and the mazes of doubt and unbelief, into the atmosphere of clear thinking on The Subject of Prayer.  His text was “whatsoever ye shall as the Father in my name, He will give it you.”   The basis of Prayer, The Fatherhood of God, The limitation, to what is asked in the name (is spirit or authority) of Christ.”

Mon. Sept. 18, 1911: At Pacific Grove.  M. A. Kelly went to Del Monte in the afternoon.

Tues. Sept. 19,: At Pacific Grove.   The Methodist Conference closed today.  I attended awhile in the forenoon.  Heard Dr. Watkins? Coggins of India speak on the present wonderful opportunity for Christian Missions over the world.

Wed. Sept. 20, 1911: At Pacific Grove.   Read (from the Library) “Keeping up with Lizzie” by ______ Bacheller.

Thurs. Sept. 21, 1911: At Pacific Grove.

Sat. Sept. 23, 1911:  I returned home from Pacific Grove.   E. Morris Cox came to a School Com. In San Jose.  He brot Eleanor for the day and they here to Lunch & dinner.   Edith Parsons was here to Lunch.

Sun. Sept. 24, 1911:  At Meeting we had the company of Wm. Allen & wife & Mary (Ellkington)  Nitobe, and her friend Miss. Hitchcock from S. F.   They all dined with us.  Also Deborah Vail and Geo. Jones.  Sarah Walton & little Mary were also at Meeting, having arrived from New Jersey during the last week.  Mary Nitobe staid here.

Mon. Sept. 25, 1911:  Lily and Mary Nitobe went to Arthur Briggs’s above Alma to Lunch, and returned with Dr. Guth & wife in their Automobile   

Miss. Denton of the Normal School came to dinner to meet Mary Nitobe, and Lisbeth and Anna Bean and several Japanese young people were here this Evening.

Tues. Sept. 26, 1911:  Lily and I went with Mary Nitobe, to call on Wm. Allen & wife at Marienwood, near Los Gatos, and to Lunch at Mrs. Ellard Beans’ at Saratoga. 

M. N. had an Automobile to take us out, and were returned by Interurban Car.   She took 4 p. m. train for San Francisco.   Madge Farr went to S. F. to assist M. Nitobe for a day.

Fri. Sept. 29, 1911:  Inazo Nitobe spoke at the College of the Pacific at 10 a. m.  I had a little visit with him there.    Lily & I attended a Reception at Congregational Parish house, to welcome Dr. Patchell home from his Eastern tour.  (SEE San Jose Daily Morning 9-30-1911, pasted to bottom of  page)

                        RECEPTION IS TENDERED THE REV. W. T. PATCHELL. = 8 paragraphs.

Sat. Sept. 30, 1911:  The Story of the Bible is the Story of God’s presence in the World.  The life and Death of Christ is the revelation of his Tabernacle with men.   Geo. Newman.

So when Times veil shall fall asunder

            The Soul may know

No fearful change, no sudden wonder

Nor sink the weight of mystery under:

            But with the upward rise

            And with the vastness grow.

                        From Whittier’s Hampton Beach.


Always mistrust  Negations:  They commonly signify blindness and prejudice”

Sun. Oct. 1, 1911:  Monthly Social after Mtg.   Wm. C. Allen & wife were present.  30 or more in attendance.   Summer Outings and Campings were subjects of experiences described by A. S. Cox (in a paper read by C. M. Cox) in Thos. Brown’s Camp in the Adirondacs:   Helen Vail (at P. Grove), Joel Cox  in tramping with his Father to Yosemite.   Rebecca Satterthwaite sang and read part of the account of the Whittier Pilgrimage at Amesbury & Hampton (June 1-4)   Arthur Vail read a poem of Whittier’s.  and Louise Jones a letter of Augustus’s from Greece.

Mon. Oct. 2, 1911:  I attended The Minister’ Meeting at 10:30.   Evangelists, Patterson Hannay and Pratt were present and spoke.  Over 20 present.   Then attended the Noon Mtg. At Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Edwd. Newell spoke on “Sin” from the standpoint of the Physician.

Tues. Oct. 3, 1911:  Blanche Rible of Sacramento, a Student & teacher at Stanford came to speak to Anna’s club at College (of the Pacific), and staid here.

Wed. Oct. 4, 1911:  Heard   Missionaries from Persia at the Christian Ch. At 3 p. m.  

Attended Dr. Pratt’s Bible Class at 3:30  Lesson on Prayer.

Fri. Oct. 13, 1911:  Lily went to Stanford.

            (Sideways across Sat. Oct. 14, 1911 page)

Rest comes at length, tho. Life be long and dreary,

            The day must dawn, & darksome sight be past:

All Journeys End in welcomes to the weary,

            And Heaven, the heart’s true home, will come at last.

Sun. Oct. 15, 1911:  Bible Class about 15 present.   Wm. & Elizabeth Allen and Friend Pierce were at Mtg.  Wm. Allen, Frd. Pierce, Geo. Jones and Mrs. Chase spoke.

Sarah Walton & Mary and Cousin Mary Alice Kelley were here to dinner.

Lily, Anna, Catharine and I took supper at the Vendome with Wm. & Eliza. Allen, at their invitation.

Tues. Oct. 17, 1911:  Wm. C. Allen called’

Prof. Elmore of Stanford dined here in The Evening and gave a Lecture to Anna’s Club at College.

Wed. Oct. 18, 1911:  At the Synod of the United Presbyterians in San Jose.  I heard Wm. C. Allen speak on Arbitration and Peace at 10:50 a. m.

Thurs. Oct. 19, 1911:  Anna’s Birthday.

Fri. Oct. 20, 1911:  I went to See the Australian Boys, at the Normal School.  42 in number, from 10 yrs. Old upward.  They are En route around the world.  They gave several pieces of instrumental Music, ending with “America.”

  Sun. Oct. 22, 1911:  Bible Lesson on Paul Working with his hands, as well as in Apostolic Ministry.   At Meeting  An instructive and impressive Sermon by L.S.B.C. unfolding the text:  “Everyone that hath this hope purifyeth himself even as He is pure.”

Dallas Sidwell & wife came with the Vails.  Mary Alice Kelley here to dinner.

Tues. Oct. 24, 1911:  Lily went to Palo Alto to call on Nella Murray.

Thurs. Oct. 26, 1911:  Catharine E. B. Cox arrived from her long Journey East and to Europe.  Lily & I and Ed. Bean with his Automobile met her at

11:05 a. m. at S. J. Depot.  Joel came to Lunch & for the day.

Fri. Oct. 27, 1911:  Anna had a reception of her girls in the afternoon from the College.

Sat. Oct. 28, 1911:  We attended a meeting of The Art League, & Women's’ Clubs.  Where lantern pictures were shown of the old Alameda, & the present view of the Street, and other views to promote an interest in the work of preserving & Enhancing the beauty of our City & Valley.  Explained by L.S.B.Cox.

Sun. Oct. 29, 1911:  An interesting Bible Lesson and a full meeting.   Walter Vail and children.  Prof. Harris of The College of The Pacific & friends of his, “Mrs. Start etc. were present.  Walter Vail, C. E. B. Cox, & Geo. N. Jones spoke fitting words.

Tues. Oct. 31, 1911:  Cathie went to Stanford University, and with Joel took lunch at Harold Heath’s.   I went in the afternoon to Palo Alto.

We called on Miss. Hardy and went to Walter Vail’s for the night.

Charles returned home from Camping with David Satterthwaite (near Soledad)

Wed. Nov. 1, 1911:  Cathie went from Palo Alto to Los Gatos to meet Lily & take Lunch with Belle Lawrence.  I called on Ann Heald, and went to Stanford to the 10:15 Assembly, which was the Student reception to Dr. Jordan, and his account of his late visit to Japan in the interest of Peace and mutual understanding, corresponding with Dr. Nitobi’s mission to the United States. 

Ed. & Edith & Mary Bean and May Coolidge were here to dinner & for the Evening.

Thurs. Nov. 2, 1911:  Lily, Cathie, & I called in the afternoon at Isaac Gover’s and ‘Mrs.’ Start’s.   Lily went in the Evening with Judge Richards & wife to Berryessa to a Lecture by Prof. Japson before the Linda Vista Club, The Alum Rock Club, & the Outdoor Art League.

Sat. Nov. 4, 1911:  Semi Annual Mtg.   Edith Bean & her Sister May Coolidge here in the Evening.  M. Coolidge read to us a number of her bro. Edwin’s Poems.

(pasted to middle of Nov. 4 page--)  11/13/11 SAN JOSE DAILY MERCURY. 

                         THE REV. E. S. WILLIAMS JOINS FRIENDS CHURCH


Originator of “Blossom Festival” Thinks Their Spirit is Sign of the Times


                                    Saratoga, Nov. 8, 1911

            Dear Christian Friends:  I want to thank the little company at College Park who have refreshed me with their fellowship in their special meeting and now, without putting any new or hard vows upon me, have let me become one of them.  In my early schooldays I was associated with lovely Quakers, so that the friendly “thee” and “Thou” came easily to my lips.  In the strenuous life of booming Minneapolis I found quiet and strength for my soul in the little church on Eighth street and Hennepin Avenue.  Sturdy John Douglas and glowing and flashing David Updegraff gave great impulse to my struggling and growing flock and led many to new light holy aspiration.

            But is was in the plain little house of God on Morse street near Davis in College Park that I learned a Christian brother might put his name on the list without relating any other righteous bonds which are dear and useful.  No special form of baptism.  No new creed.  No new pledge of money.  “If thee will come here when the Good Spirit of God moves thee and when so moved by the Spirit speak or pray, thee may join.”  What a simple step out of an unsatisfying world into a warm sincere fellowship. If I am worth anything in the corner of the pew where I worship in beautiful Saratoga the experience of the holy quiet and high inspiration of the Friends’ House in College Park adds to it.  Last seventh day of 11th month was a gem among these perfect God-given days.  God’s beauty was in the sky and air, on hills and rocks and trees.  His peace shone in the faces of the assembling company.  A Divine Master’s touch gave a real warmth to human handclasps and greetings.  We seemed almost reluctant as school children to go inside, but we did. And felt, too, the beauty of the Lord our God upon us.  How good it was just to be quiet a little while.  No telephone, No squawk and rush of AutoMobile.  No peal of organ.  We sat down and were still.  Heaven had a chance at hearts and minds. How restful it was in this day of strenuous pushing, clamorous noisy life.  But it was not monotonous. When we were ready a gifted woman quoted a suggestive poem—enlarging and commenting as she went on. A devout Stanford professor followed later when we had time to consider the poet’s’ message.

            His was not mediaeval but modern thought and impulse.  A venerable preacher gave us a rich exposition.  A brother breathed a heartfelt prayer.  Then a bright women told of help given the Good Cheer Club---of doubled offerings beyond last year.  We were told of the Girls School in Syria which fills that region with its inspiring stories of new safety for girls and higher ideals for women:  of the hospital in Japan which the Friends cherish, feeling it better work than building Dreadnaughts to kill man guilty only of having a color like unto Him who loved men in the Holy Land.

            There were earnest prayers for James Bean, the beloved Secretary of the San Jose pastors’ meeting, who is sick in Indiana.

            The morning sped on and we were called outdoors to the joy of a social lunch.  It was simply delicious—simple and delicious—not overdone but satisfying.  The grace was quiet but real.  How delightful these little variations are among God’s children if we will only enjoy liberty and not criticize.  The lunch was a “love feast,” for the Spirit of Love was there and the charitable committee appointed by the meeting found cordial response to their appeals.  I love Methodists and am at home in their meetings, but I think these College Park Friends can equal them in warm handshakes and cordiality to strangers.

            The afternoon service began with a recitation all together of John’s rich words, “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God.”  Then the happy company went on behaving like a King’s glad children.  A bright lassie recited “A Quaker of the Olden Time”.  We heard the exquisite story of a veteran preacher’s journey East and it would honor any Christian magazine to which it was commended. (Joel Bean’s recent trip??)  A bereaved Friend in good and tender taste read a feeling tribute to his sainted wife and there were liquid diamonds in other eyes besides his, for many loved her.  We heard the interesting story of the 250th anniversary of Quaker meetings in New England.  There were no shadows, no breaks, no false notes.  The Spirit of Peace, Harmony, Love, who was sincerely evoked, led that happy meeting and this privileged scribe realizes anew how easy it is for the King’s children to have a feast compared with which the labored banquets of the world are a heavy burden.

            Our community has many sincere souls who are praying for the unity of the church of the Living God.  Platform speeches at conventions are full of it.  Religious magazines and papers print columns about it.  This little flock I tell of so gladly seem to have it.  {{The President is a member of the Episcopal Church}} ( the [[  ]] placed by Joel Bean.  Not true!) There are certainly three Congregationalists there, one of them a teacher who is well known in our favored county.  (J. Fred Smith of Campbell??  Tk.)  Several joined on the broad Christian basis offered.

            If there be a deeply hungry-hearted stranger who reads my words I feel sure such an one might find a broad yet simple and satisfactory fellowship if he sought it among these, who study and wait in quiet for the leading of the Spirit of God.

            Why must we wait for Billy Sunday to come and break up our formality?  It seems to me every church of Christ might hold some union sessions.  Doubled-up prayer are delightful.  A few union services on Thanksgiving are not enough.  It is a great means of glad and genuine grace for Christians to eat together.  May all the true churches of our Lord be willing to learn from the Friends in College Park who are friends of God and man.

                        EDWIN SIDNEY WILLIAMS.   11/13/1911


SUN. NOV. 5, 1911:  Bible Class—13 or 14.  Meeting – over 30 present.  Held out of doors.  E. H. Shelley, Walter Vail, Mrs. Chase and Geo. N. Jones took part in vocal service.    Eliza & Louise Yocum and Mary Alice Kelley here to dinner.

Tues.: Nov. 7, 1911:  Ed. Bean took Lily and Cathie and me in his Automobile a round thro’ Santa Clara, Saratoga, and Los Gatos in the morning.

Mrs. Chase, Lisbeth & Anna Bean, & Bert Bean called in the afternoon.

Wed. Nov. 8, 1911:  Cathie left for Honolulu by the S. S. Lurline.   Chas. & Lily accompanied her to San Francisco and saw the Steamer off at noon.  Ed. Bean took us all to Santa Clara Depot in his Automobile in time for 7:35 a. m. train.

Fri. Nov. 10, 1911:  Attended Indian Asso. Mtg. At 21 p. m.   Saw “Ishi” attended by Prof. Waterman of Berkeley, who told his story: ---The lone remnant of his tribe, the “Yana”. Who has lived for 50 yrs.. Hidden from The Whites in lonely recesses of Northern Cala. Mountains.  His language is unknown to any other tribe.  Ishi sang some songs of his tribe.

            Georgina (Billy) Sanford came here.

Tues. Nov. 14, 1911:  Miss. Whittemore of Alhambra nr. Pasadena, a Stanford Class-mate of Catharine, came home with her to attend the Play of A Roman Wedding, at the College of The Pacific this Eveng. Conducted by Anna. We all attended.

Wed. Nov. 15, 1911:  Billy Sanford left for home, & Miss Whittemore for College with Catharine this morning.

            Lily attended Out Door Art League at the Porter’s Home.

I went to a Reception at Lena Start’s to meet Dr. Patchell, E. S. Williams & wife, E. H. Shelley, Flora Beale, “Mrs.” Beasley & others were present.

Thurs. Nov. 16, 1911:  (page written across sideways)  The incarnation is the perfect flower on the tree of life and yet it is the Seed corn (or the leaven) of growth’s illimitable of human development.  (E. S. Talbor, D.D. Bishop of Southwark in Hibbert Journal Supplement 1909 page 16)



Wed. Nov. 22, 1911:  Copy of letter sent to Senators

To Hon. Geo. C. Perkins and Hon. John D. Works,  OUR SENATORS IN CONGRESS.

We the undersigned on behalf of College Park Asso. Of Frds. Of San Jose, Cala., and on our own behalf individually, impressed by our religious Convictions and by the advancing Spirit of our time, with the unrighteousness and inexpediency of War, -- Earnestly request that you will give favorable consideration to the Treaty of Arbitration with England and France and urge its speedy ratification by the Senate of The U. S. unamended in form.  San Jose, Cala. 11 mo. 4. 1911.

Signed by, 1911:  Augustus T. Murray –-- Pres.--

                                      Elizabeth H. Shelley – Sec. ---


Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 23 & 24, 1911:  Signed also by the following who were present.

Joel Bean

S. Emma Way

Wm. E. Ward

Kathe T. Bingham

Sarah W. Severance

Phebe E. A. MiCloud

Julia A. Drew

Ellen E. Smith

J. Fred Smith

O. S. W. Payne

Ann M. Heald

S. S. Haines

Mary Haines Cooper

Hannah G. Gover

Sarah Street

Seth S. Street

Deborah H. Vail

Caroline Howell Adams

P. D. Brun

Stephen A. Jones

D. Satterthwaite

Susan S. Coe


Lauritta C. Hyde

Harriet S. Kellogg

Sara J. Dorn?

Lisabeth E. Bean

Mary Bosworth Clark

Laura M. Holston

Annie E. Carpenter

M. J. Thompson


Mabel M. Applegarth

Mary B. Willson

Annabelle K. Willson

Pearl E. Willson

Annie S. Bean

Geo. A. Bean

Catharine M. Cox

Carrie S. Hayed

M. Lydia W. Brun

Debora Otis

Nella H. Murray

Abby P. Roberts

Edwin L. Roberts

Cephas Bartte


Catharine J. Bartte

James O. Cook

J. F. Mekee

Mrs. A. Knowles

Wm. Moore

Hannah G. Moore

Sarah T. Walton

Helen Vail

Josephene W. Gilchrist

Philena T. Bailey

Henrietta S. Chase

May E. Hollingsworth

Lydia S. B. Cox

Mary Alice Kelley

Elvira J. Ward

Maria L. Applegarth

Helen Fallows Williams

Edwin Sidney Williams

Rev. J. H. Neal

Walter E. Vail

Catharine E. B. Cox

Joel B. Cox

Geo. N. Jones



Sat. Nov. 25, 1911:  Planted onion Sets near the fence towards the Barn.

Sun. Nov. 26, 1911:  12 a Bible Class ----  Meeting full – 30 or over.  Augustus Murray present.  An Excellent Sermon from him, on Adding to Faith, Virtue, and to virtue Knowledge, Patience, Temperance, Godliness, Love of brethren and Love.

            I attended the Pioneers Memorial Mtg. In the p. m. and called at “Mrs.” Drew’s, 13th St. (finding none at home) and at Severt Shelley’s, and Hannah Bell’s.

Mon. Nov. 27, 1911:  James and Harry arrived home from Richmond, Ind., where James has been detained by illness since Indiana Q. M.

            Anna & Catharine attended the Mtg. Of the Phi. Beta Kappa Society at Stanford on Catharine’s introduction.

Tues. Nov. 28, 1911:  Prof. Foster of Stanford took dinner here and spoke at the College of The Pacific to Anna’s Class.

Thurs. Nov. 30, 1911:  Thanksgiving Day.  I attended Union Service at Cong. Ch.   Sermon by Geo. I. Long.

            Our Company at Dinner    James Bean, Harry Bean, Mary Alice Kelley, E. Morris Cox & wife and three Children Morris, Eleanor & Millicent -  Eliza Yokum, Arthur Yokum, J. B. Cox.  (at Chas. & Lydia Cox home with daughters Anna and Catharine = 16 total)


Sun. Dec. 3, 1911:  An interesting Bible Class with Dr. Murray’s helpful talk on the first work of the Apostles & beginning of an organized Church.   A large attendance at Mo. Mtg. And sermons of remarkable weight and power by L. S. B. C. and Augustus Murray.  Jas. Bean prayed feelingly -    After Lunch Geo. N. Jones Conducted the Exercises –A Poem read by Anna Cox.  An account of the Edinboro Missionary Conference by Geo. Jones.   A song by R. Satterthwaite.  A reading by Annie Bean.

Mon. Dec. 4, 1911:  I attended the Pastor’s Mtg. In the forenoon.

Wed. Dec. 6, 1911:   Lily & I went to Stanford to hear a lecture on the Federation of the World, by Hamilton Holt, Editor of The Independent.

Sun. Dec. 10, 1911:  Fourteen at Bible Class.   Meeting full.  Walter Vail, E. H. Shelley, Mrs. Chase and Geo. Jones spoke.   Benjamin Millhouse was at Mtg.

            Mrs. Adams & Ivan Gover called in the afternoon –also Louise & Morris Yokum    I read a part of “The Fool in Christ”  by ______ Hauptmann.

Mon. Dec. 11, 1911:  Read part of Dean Hodges Book on “Everyman’s Religion”.

            Lily and I went to The Vendome in the afternoon to meet David Bispham at a Red Cross reception, & sale of Stamps.

Chas. & Lily went to hear David Bispham Sing in the Evening.

Tues. Dec. 12:  We attended the Funeral of Adelaide H. Post at 10 a. m.   A simple service of Scripture Reading & Prayer by H. H. McQuilkin.    No Singing.



Sat. Dec. 16, 1911: 

I pass another milestone

            Upon my onward way:

And note upon the Calendar

            A late December day.


The Funeral of Catharine Sheehay we attended at the house at 9 a. m.

A Surprise Party came in the Afternoon, led by E. H. Shelley and Mrs. Chase, with a little program which carried out, and cake & refreshments for the company.  Consisting of Aug. & Nella Murray, Debora Vail & children, E. S. Williams, Annie Bean, & Miss Smith, Geo. Jones, Jas. Bean, Robt. Griffin & wife, Stephen & Louise Jones, Edwin & Abby Roberts, R. Satterthwaite & her Aunt, Saml. Haines & Sister Mary Cooper, Lydia Brun, James Cooke & daughter, Elizabeth Thompson.

Sun. Dec. 17, 1911:  (pasted in news article)   Mr. Bean’s Birthday Surprise

            A beautiful and tender event of Saturday of a week ago was the birthday surprise given to the Rev. Joel Bean of College Park, the occasion being his entrance into his 87th year.. . . . 

            Mr. Bean, who has for many years ministered to this Friends’ meeting, is an alert and active man, still reaching out mentally and spiritually towards life. .


(written-bottom of page)  Chas., Lily< Anna & I took super at Eliza Yokum’s.

Tues. Dec. 19, 1911:  Catharine finished Examinations, and her Course at Stanford, for Graduation.

            Lily & Madge sold Red Cross stamps at P. Office in forenoon.   Lily took papers etc. to Agnews Asylum.

Finished reading Matheson’s “Spiritual Development of St. Paul”.

Wed. Dec. 20, 1911: 

One ship drives East & the other drives West

            By the very same wind that blows.

“Tis the set of The Sails and not the gales

            That shows which way she goes.


Like the gales of the Sea are the waves of Fate,

            As we Journey along Thro” Life.

“Tis the set of The Soul that determines The Goal,

            and not the Storm nor The Strife.


C. V. Roman, M. D.  in The Phila. Friend of 12/14/11.


Sun. Dec. 24, 1911:  I went to Vespers at Cong. Ch. To hear Augustine Jones who is conducting service there for a few weeks.

Mon. Dec. 25, 1911:  21o   An opening of Xmas gifts after Breakfast & Reading.

Mr. Hambleton & wife, Miss. Ross and Edwin & Abbie Roberts here to dinner.


Sweet memories of the past abide,

And friends beloved, the true & tried,

This they be scattered far & wide

Seem near us at the Christmas tide.  J. B.


Wed. Dec. 27, 1911:  Rain at night. 

                                    From Goethe

Let no one flatter himself that he is indispensable.

It is often necessary and kind rather to write letters that amount to nothing, than not to write at all.


Anna, Catharine & Joel went to Eliza Yokum’s for the Evening.

Sun. Dec. 31, 1911:  8 at Bible Class.   A well attended Mtg.  Walter Vail, Jas. Bean, Geo. N. Jones & Annie S. Bean spoke.


  ==================== End of daily diary entries for 1911 =============



1 mo. 5. sent for Hibbert Journal for 1911                                   $2.50

5 mo. 16   Sent for Phila. Friend                                                     $2.00

                            “Aus. Frd.                                                                     .75

11/15/11       Let Lot 2 to Frank Walldegger for 1912 for ____? $8.00?


Cousins in Salem Ohio & Birmingham, Mich. (lists 14 names)


CASH ACCOUNT (2 pages per month—only one used usually—SELECTED ENTRIES)


January, 1911:

Car Fair etc. to Cupertino                                          .80

Pd. L.S.B.C.                                                                20.00

Gave Chas.                                                                30.00


February, 1911:

Pd. L.S.B.C.                                                                20.00

Exp. To S. F.                                                              5.85

Gave for Chinese Sufferers to G.C.Bank 3.00

Exp. To Stanford                                                        .60


March, 1911:

Pd. L.S.B.C.                                                                20.00

1-+50 fee for Release of Mort. Of S. C. Woods   .60

Exp. At P. Grove                                                      8.45


April, 1911:

Gave Miss. A.                                                            5.00

Pd for Mercury to 5/20                                           1.00

40+20.00 to L.S.B.C.                                     20.40

Pd for work in Garden to Edwd. Moore  3.00

Medicine                                                                    2.70

Gave for Lunch at Semi Annual                1.00

Pd. T. W. K. Co. for Suit                                          31.50

Pd for Pictures of house                                            1.00

Gave for Indians 1.00 for Good Cheer Club 2.00

Pd. L.S.B.C. 5.00  plumber 1.00                                 6.00

For Hat 1.50 underwear 4.10                                   5.60

Gave Y. M. C. A.                                                      25.00


(on second page of May & over to June) 1911  Expense of Journey

Pd for Tickets                                                            396.00

Expenses from S.J. to Salem, Ohio                9.50

Pd for sleepers from ? to W.                                      4.00

Pd Board for 3. Three days                           15.75

Exp to Mt. Vernon etc.                                                3.85

Taxes etc.                                                                       3.22

Taxes Postage                                                               4.30

Two tickets to Prov.                                       11.88

Pd. For Board of L. & C.                                            15.00

500 mile ticket                                                              10.00

Exp. To Concord                                                          3.60

For Board                                                                     10.25

Tickets + 3.27                                                   13.27

1.85 + 7.51                                                                      9.36

CARRIED OVER (to June 1911 page)                   $560.85

            (items omitted—total not added-TK)


Exp. In Boston & to N. Y.                                            4.45

Exp. In N. Y. & fare to V.                                           11.65

Exp. To Ventnor etc.                                                     5.43

Pd for Tourist Sleepers etc.

                        (beyond Chicago for 3)                   22.40

                                                            for 2                14.40

.20 + 7l44                                                                      7.64

Exp. To Vancouver                                        7.60

Pd to Portland                                                            9.60

TOTAL to 8/7                                                           624.07

            Oregon to San Jose                              3.65


September 1911 (no July entries—pages blank)

Exp to Palo Alto                                                       1.10

Gave Suffrage Com.                                                1.00

Pd L.S.B.C.                                                                 20.00

Gave for Oven                                                            5.00

Exp. To Saratoga                                                          .65


                                    Exps. At P. Grove

Fares                                                                          4.20

Sundries                                                                     2.50

Taxes to S.SJ. etc.                                                      3.10

Bath .25 + .10                                                   .35

Gas Bill                                                                       1.00

Water Bill                                                                   1.25


Deposited at Gas office                                              5.00


October, 1911:

10+50+ underwear 3.50                                              4.10

Pd. Taxes                                                                   17.47

Pd L.S.B.C.                                                                 20.00

Cleaning Carpet                                                          1.00

Pd. Tax at P. Grove                                      14.05

Gave Anna                                                                  5.00

Sent tax to Salinas                                                    17.20

Exp. For Mtg. Lunch                                                  2.85

Exp. to Palo Alto etc.                                                   .90


November, 1911:

Gave for Ramallah & Japan                                    2.00

Pd on Chair                                                               1.85

L.’s fare to S. F.                                                         2.50

Asso. Charities—Indian Ass.                                  3.25.

Pd for work  2 1/2 hours                                           .65


Rec. from Elizabeth Sherman-For Semi Annual Mtg. 2.50 

                                                gave Ramallah 1.00, Japan 1.50


December 1911

Exp. To Palo Alto                                                     1.10

Sent to R. G. Root                                                    1.00

Gave W. C. T. U.                                                      1.00

            For Xmas 1911.

            L.S.B.C.                      52.00

            CHAS.                        25.00

            Anna              5.00

            Catharine                  5.00

            Joel                             5.00


BILLS PAYABLE.   DECEMBER 1911(Page in back of diary)

1911 Interest due from

            A. J. Cox                    Pd.                  52.00

            B. & L.


            R. P. Edmunson        Pd                   26.00

S. J. Water Co. 10th of Every Mo. 39.00

            G. A. Bean                                         2.50


C.E.B.C.  B. & L. Stock                     1000.00

            On a/ct?                                  624.24

J.B.C.   Stock                            250.00

            On a/c                                       67.81



Due from Frank Walldegger for Rent of Lot 4 & part of Lot 2, 1911:  9.00 pd.

Due from Mrs. Stratton for Rent of ground 2.00 pd.


MEMORANDUM OF MONEY ORDERS, 1911:   List of Express Money Orders.


“If lost notify Wells Fargo & Co.  51 Broadway N. Y or 2nd & Mission St., San Francisco or San Jose, Cala.


11 addresses listed, 1911:


 Index of topics and dates of diary entries in rear paper fly sheet.


========== ------ END OF 1911 JOEL BEAN DIARY— ========