1909 J. BEAN DIARY, copied JUNE 1996, recopied MARCH 26,1999

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).




                  Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

                  This 1909 diary is one of the thinnest of Joel’s  diaries, a brown paper board bound small volume with leather pasted over the outside, about 4 X 6 inches in size and 1/2 inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page.  The back cover is missing.  The front cover is detached.

                  Inside the front cover Joel has written:  “Joel Bean from Grandchildren.  The next sheet says “The Standard Diary 1909”,  “for sale by all stationers, THE STANDARD DIARY CO.”   About 30 pages of useful charts and tables follow, before the first three date lined page.

============ 1909 ===============


Joel Bean’s 1909 Diary was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 5.1 Mar. 26, 1999, at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by

Tom M. King

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1909 CALENDAR--copied by Tom King June 1996, at Swarthmore


                  Only dates with hand written entries are listed.


  ==================== 1909  ==========================


Fri. Jan. 1, 1909:  H.E.B. & I staid at Walter E. Vail’s last night and at dinner there today.  Met John & Esther Fowler of Ohio just landed from Japan.

Sun. Jan. 3, 1909:  Mo. Mtg.  John & Esther Fowler came with Walter & Deborah Vail and remained with us over night.  A Peace Meeting after Lunch Conducted by W. B. Jones.

Mon. Jan. 4, 1909:  John & Esther Fowler left for Palo Alto after a very sweet and interesting visit.

Jan. 5, 1909 Tues.--The girls began work at Stanford again after the vacation.

Jan. 10, 1909 Sun----In the afternoon Chas. & Anna & I attended the Inauguration Assembly at the University of the Pacific  & heard the Sermon by Matt Hughes, bro. of Bishop Hughes.

Jan. 12, 1909 Tues.---I went to the Inauguration of Pres. Wm. Guth.  Heard the charge by Bishop Hughes & the Inaugural Address by Pres. Guth?

Wed. Jan. 20, 1909:  Mrs. Theodore Smith of P. Grove here tonight.

Fri. Jan. 22, 1909:  Mrs. Theodore Smith left.

Jan. 25, 1909, Mon.---L.S.B. Cox went to San Francisco

Tues. Jan. 26, 1909:  Dr. Worcestor of Boston in S. F. attending Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Thurs. Jan. 28, 1909:   I set out 18 Loganberry plants in front of Tank house (cost .75 cts)

Jan. 29, 1909, Fri.----Mr. Withrow sowed red oats on lot by Mtg. house.  Bot one plant of Burbank Winter Pie Plant or Rhubarb for .25 cts to set out.


(Jan. 30 to Mar. 16 blank pages--Joel's wife, Hannah Elliott Shipley Bean (H.E.B.) died Jan. 31, 1909.)


Mar 17, 1909, Wed---Pres. Isaac Sharpless & wife here to lunch

Mar 21, 1909, Sun---Pres. I. Sharpless & wife Lydia Sharpless & Prof. Murray were at Mtg. & here to dinner.  In the p.m. Pres. Sharpless read one of his lectures at the Mtg. house.

Sun. March 28, 1909:  Saml. Moscrip of San Mateo & his Sister Janet Moscrip from London, called in this p. m. (having missed the Meeting).


April 4, 1909--SUNDAY, Tristram Coggeshall came from Pasadena on his way to Oregon & stopped over till 2nd day.  At Mo. Mtg. Catharine Bingham read a paper on the Juvenile Court.

April 11, 1909, Sun---Sarah Ritchie, Elizabeth Ritchie & her daughter & Jas? Mills were at Mtg. From Phil & Morrestown.  Walter Vail was with us to dinner.

Tues. April 13, 1909:  W. B. Jones & I went to Nipoon Mura & took Lunch with Sarah & Elizabeth Richie.  I called at Anna Tabers in Saratoga.

April 18, 1909, Sun--The Philadelphia Friends at Mtg.   Elizabeth Ritchie & daughter here to dinner.   Sarah Ritchie & Rachel Mills dined at G.N. Jones’s & called here in afternoon.

April 21, 1909, Wed, --I went to P. Grove.

April 30, 1909, Friday-I returned home from P. Grove.   NO ENTRIES BETWEEN


MAY 19, 1909--WED--WE ALL ATTENDED STANFORD COMMENCEMENT---ANNA’S GRADUATION.  Dined at Augustus Murray’s.    Jas Roberts & wife of Portland, Oregon, here in the Evening.

May 24, 1909, Mon.--I started for Oregon.  Went to S. F. With C.E. Cox--we dined in the eve with Jas Roberts & wife at the St. Francisco Hotel. & I took train with them for Portland in the evening.

May 25, 1909, Tues.--Passed along the Mt. Shasta route--drank of the Shasta Springs--Reached Ashland in the p.m.

May 26, 1909, Wed---Arrived in Portland in the morning--I was met by Ross Miles & Jos. Roberts took us in his automobile to Clark Miles’s - 715 E. Madison St.

May 30, 1909, Sun---Attended Meeting in East Portland--Lindley Wells?, Pastor


June 1, 1909-Tues.-E. B. Miles & I dined at John Frederick & Alice Hanson’s

JUNE 2, 1909, Wed.—Emma F. Landcaster accompanied me to Danl. Drews’ in the forenoon.  E. B. Miles & I went to Newburg in the Afternoon, to Maria Bowerman’s- for a few days

June 4, 1909, Fri.--E. B. M. & I took supper at Clarence Edwards;

June 5, 1909, Sat--E. & I called on Mary Morris &--

            I called on Pres. Kelsey at the College

Jun. 6, 1909--Sun--Attended Mtg. at Newburg, Alijah J Weaver, Pastor

Mon. June 7, 1909:  E. B. Miles & I returned to Portland.  Jas. Roberts & wife took Elizabeth & Anna & Eva & Bruce & me on AutoMobile ride of about 40 miles in the afternoon in the Country East of Portland & along the Columbia River.


Tues. June 8, 1909:  Elizabeth & I went from Portland via Albany to Newport on the Coast – (Over the Coast Range Mts.--)  Were met at Newport by Dr. Minthorne & took supper with them.

Wed. June 9, 1909:  In Elizabeth’s (Miles)  Cottage (Joel's sister)  at Newport.  Dined at Dr. Minthorne’s.

Thurs. June 10, 1909:  At Newport.

Fri. June 11, 1909:  At Newport with E. B.  M. and Dr. Minthorne’s family.   Staid at the Abbey House at the Landing for Early Morning start.

Sat. June 12, 1909:  Took little Steamer at Newport at Gorlock for Yaquima, & train for Salem over the Coast Range via Corvallis & Albany.   Met at Salem by Clark Miles.  Called at D. D. Keelin’s and went to stay at Oliver Townsend’s.  Called with him at James & Belle Edmundson

Sun.  June 13, 1909:  D. D. Keeler took me to F. D. S. & Mtg. At Heighland., Elmer Pemberton, Pastor.  Went with Chas. Edmundson & Tristram Coggeshall to their home to stay.     Branson J. Miles called in the Eveng.

Mon. June 14, 1909:  T. Coggeshell & I called on Branson & Belle Miles.  Chas. & Esther Townsen etc. dined with me at Chas. Edmundson’s.  B. J. Miles took me to town.  Took Supper with Clark after seeing the mill etc.  Left Jas. Cotkes? In the Evening for the train to S. F.

Tues. June 15, 1909:  On the train from Salem to S. F.

June 16, 1909, WED-arrived in SF about ll am, lunched with C.E. Cox and returned home by 2 o’clock from S.F.


June 24, 1909, Thurs.--I attended the High School Commencement.  Heard a fine address from Dr. C. Brown of Oakland.

June 25, 1909, Friday-Attended the Funeral of Gustavus Bean.  A Friends’ Mtg. by request.  Aug. Murray attended and dined with us.

Sat. June 26, 1909:  G. & W. B. Jones here in the Eveng.  Rosa Lewis staid here.

June 27, 1909, Sun:  Rosa Lewis here to Mtg. & dinner.    Cornelius Bastin, Edith (Ed) Bean, Elma Bean, Eliza Yocum here in the Eveng.  & Rosa Lewis to stay.

June 28, 1909, Mon.  Rosa Lewis left this morning for Berkeley.

June 29, 1909, Tues.  Elma Bean here to dinner.


July 10, 1909 Sat.:  Cathie E. B. Cox arrived from Honolulu

July 11, 1909, Sun:  Saml. & Hannah Brun here to tea.

July 12, 1909, Mon.:  Charles & Imelda Tebbetts came from Southern Cala.

July 14, 1909, Wed:  L. S. B. Cox & C. E. B. Cox took Chas. & Imelda Tebbetts to Fred Smith’s (in Campbell, CA.)  in the afternoon taking Supper there.

July 15, 1909, Thurs.:  Chas. & Imelda Tebbetts went on to Berkeley.

July 16, 1909, Fri.--Catharine M. And I went to Pacific Grove.  I attended a Chautauqua Lecture in the evening by Dr. Smith of Chicago on the “Hero of the Age”

July 17, 1909, Sat: Cathie E. B. Cox came to The Grove.

July 18, 1909, Sun:  Cathie & I attended Mtg. At Assembly Hall.  A sermon by Dr. Strong of S. F.

July 19, 1909, Mon.:  Jane Johnson of Honolulu (Children's’ Home) took supper with us.   Elizabeth Shelley here in the Evening, & Mrs. Theodore Smith & Mrs. Armstrong of 9th St. Cottage (The Bean's two cottages are on 8th Street in Pacific Grove with historical signs on them.).

July 20, 1909, Tues.:  Recognition Day at Chautauqua.  A good address by Dr. Evans, Pres. Of Chautauqua.

July 21, 1909, Wed:  Heard a powerful Temperance address by Dr. Chapman.

July 22, 1909, Thurs.:  We heard Dr. A. B. Shields on the Emmanuel Movement in the Evening.

July 23, 1909, Fri.:  Moving Pictures in the Eveng.

July 24, 1909, Sat:  John & Susie Armstrong took Cathie & me a drive to The Cemetery, Light House, etc.   Feast of Lanterns in the Eveng. ---a wonderful display.

July 25, 1909, Sun.:  C. E. B. C. & I attended Cong. Church, ______ Stevens, preacher.

July 30, 1909, Fri.:  Sarah Vore Lewis & Rosa Lewis came & staid with us over night.

July 31, 1909 Sat--I went home to San Jose.


Aug. 1, 1909, Sun--Walter Vail & wife at Mtg. & dined at C..E. Cox (NEXT DOOR  at 855 Chapman Street, now 1105, on the corner of Newhall St..)

AUG 2, 1909, MON--Steinburg began building outside chimney at 855 {Chapman??--Joel’s house was 875 Chapman} Frank Walldegger began lining for papering the upper chamber room.

Aug. 4, 1909, WED---Chimney work finished, I returned to P. Grove.  Aug. Murray’s came into lower cottage for the month.

Aug. 5, 1909, Thurs.:  Susie Armstrong took us a drive on the upper Streets & to Del Monte thro. The Presidio & Monterey.

Aug. 8, 1909 Sun.:  The little Mtg. Of our two families in our Cottage at 9:30.    C. & I attended The Colored peoples’ Church in the morning.

Aug. 12, 1909, Thurs.:  The Cs” had a Fish Chowder for Enid Hagg & her mother on the Rocks at 6 p. m.  Lily & Anna came, arriving after 9 in The Evening.

Aug. 14, 1909, Sunday--The Murrays & we had our Reading & Mtg. together at 9:30 am.  Cathie & I went to the Christian Church.  We all dined at Woman’s Exchange.

Aug. 16, 1909, Mon.:  Lindley Murray came to his folks from Lake Tahoe where he had been working.

Aug. 17, 1909, Tues.:  We went to Del Monte Baths & picniced near the Bathhouse.   Mrs. Williams took Lily to ride in her Auto Mobile & to dine at Del Monte.

Aug. 21, 1909, Sat:  Anna & Catharine went home.   Eddie & Edith Bean & May Cooledge etc. called on us in the Evening from The Hotel.

Aug. 22, 1909, Sunday--Our two families met for Reading & worship in the morning.  Cathie & I went to the Presbyterian Church on Pine Ave.

Aug. 23, 1909, Mon.  We went to Bathhouse & Japanese Tea Garden, and to Hollenbeck’s Garden of 40 varieties of Dahlias.  Called on Mary Norton, and in the Evening at Edwd. Berwicks.

Aug. 24, 1909, Tues.:  We went to Miss. Murray’s Pic-Nic under the “Tree” at Seaside.  Mabel Berwick took me in her Phaeton.     There were present Deblee & Luan Lerggamore? Of the Episcopal Ch. & their wives & children, Miss. Allen, Miss. Kingsley & several others.  A pleasant day.

Aug. 25, 1909, Wed:  We called on Mrs. Theodore Smith & Mrs. Gallaway & Eastman.  Augustus & Nella Murray took super with us.

Aug. 27, 1909,, Fri.:  L. S. B. C. returned home by 8:10 a. m. train.

Aug. 28, 1909,, Sat:  The Murrays (Except Lindley) went home to Palo Alto.  James Cook & wife & daughter and David & Rebecca Satterthwaite came to the Lower Cottage.

AUG 29, 1909,, SUNDAY--Cathie and I attended Methodist Mtg. Heard J. W. N. Williams--In the afternoon attended a Union Service at the Col? Baptist Ch on the dedication of their new house.  The Speakers were J.    Reed, Pastor, Snyder Pres.,  ____  Cong.,  Heacock & Williams Meth, Fisher Ch. Church, & others.

Aug. 30, 1909,, Monday--Cathie & I returned to San Jose.


Sept. 1, 1909,, Wed:  Arranging Books.

Sept. 2, 1909,, Tues.:  Lily & Cathie called on Anna Taber in the Evening at 10th & San Carlos Sts.

Sept. 3, 1909,, Fri.:  L. & C. & I attended Chapel at University of The Pacific at 12 o’clock.

Sept. 4, 1909, Sat:  Alvin Cox came having arrived from Manilla yesterday.

Sept. 5, 1909,, Sun:  Mo. Mtg.  Deborah C. Leeds at Mtg.  Herbert Jones (became a Calif. State Senator from San Jose, CA., and when retired got the 1885 Morse St. Quaker Meeting House moved out of the new17/880 freeway path where it remains at 1041 Morse St..)  gave account of Journey East.   D. C. Leeds, G. & W. Jones & Louise (first wife) & Herbert Jones called in The Eveng.

Sept. 6, 1909, Mon.:  Lily & Cathie went to Los Gatos & dined at Milton Lawrences’

Sept. 8, 1909,, Wed:  Ellen Smith & Gertrude & Gordon called.    Cathie & I went to Walter E. Vail’s to spend the night.

Sept. 9, 1909,, Thurs.:  Deborah Vail took us in her pony cart around the University grounds & Palo Alto.  We made short calls on Miss. Hardy, Elsia Heath, Mary Hyde, Mrs. Goms?, & Mrs. Varian, and took Lunch at Prof. Murray’s, returning home in the p. m.

Sept. 13, 1909,, Mon.:  Attended the Funeral of Mrs. S. Wagener at 10 a. m. and that of Dr. J. B.  Wakefield at 4 p. m. at Trinity Church.

Sept. 15, 1909,, Wed:  Cathie left for San Francisco.    Lily & I attended a large Reception at 3 Oaks, Saratoga, to meet Bishop Fallows of Chicago & Dr. Shields.  Went with Mrs. Williams in her Auto Mobile.  Heard a fine address by the Bishop on Emmanual.  Moved much.  & Dr. Shields briefly.

SEPT 16, 1909, THURS--Lily went to San Francisco, & with Cathie to San Rafael to stay at Morris Cox’s

Sept. 17, 1909, Friday--Cathie sailed from S.F. For Honolulu on the S.S. Lurline   Lily returned & with Catharine attended a lecture at Cong Ch. In the Evening.

Sept. 19, 1909, Sun:  A friend, Wilson (Nephew of Alfred Wilson) & wife from Pelham, Canada, were at meeting.    We all went to Saratoga & took supper at Anna Taber’s (by invitation)

Sept. 20, 1909, Mon.:  Frank Walldegger oiled the sleeping porch.

Sept. 26, 1909, Sun---Augustus Murray was at Mtg.  He & Wm. & Sarah Milton were here to dinner & Committee in the p. m. On Program for Semi Annual.


Oct. 2, 1909, Sat:  Sarah Cloud & her frd. Mrs. Case were here to supper.

Oct. 3, 1909, Sunday--Mo Mtg., A good attendance.  Edgar Wilson & wife, a nephew of Alfred Wilson from Pelham, Canada, were at Mtg. for a second time.  Eldridge was at Mtg. with the Vails--Hannah Moore, Mrs. Chase, & others spoke.

Oct. 5, 1909, Tues.:  Alfred Wilson & wife, & his nephew Edgar Wilson & wife Mary, and David Satterthwaite were here to Supper.

Oct. 7, 1909. Thurs.:  Lily went to Los Gatos with Mrs. Williams & ‘Mr’ Patchell to meet others at Belle Lawrence’s on Emmanuel plans.    I attended the Presbyterian Ch. Celebration of its 60th Anniversary, a reminiscent Mtg. By older Members.  It was founded Oct. 7, 1849.

Oct. 8, 1909, Friday--Lily went to S. F. To stay over First day with Charles {COX}

Oct. 10, 1909, Monday Lily returned home.    L. & I went to a Reception at W. B. Jones’s in the afternoon to meet Nellie Eyster. Mrs. Gates, S. T. Williams, Post, Leringer, Swartz, ________  etc. were present.  We called on the Crofts in the Rumble house.

Oct. 17, 1909, Sun.   We went in the Evening to hear Dr. Shields at Trinity Ch. At 5 p. m.

Oct. 25, 1909, Monday--L. & I attended Pastors Mtg.   Lily went to Lecture of “Mr.” Shields on Immanuel Movement at Episcopal Parish house.

Oct. 26, 1909, Tues.:  Edith Parsons here to Lunch.

Oct. 27, 1909, Wed:  Cornelia Taber here to Lunch.  L. & I attended Indian Assn. Annual Mtg.


Nov. 2, 1909, Tues.--James returned from the East .  -Came to lunch Wed.

Nov. 3, 1909, Wed.:  James took lunch here.  Pastor Danielson of the Swedish Mission called.  Sewing Circle at Mrs. Chases’     Miss. ________ & Miss. Slater of the N. P. here to dinner & in the Eveng.

Nov. 4, 1909, Thurs.:  Swedish Girls Sewing Circle here. 8 present.

Nov. 6, 1909. Sat:  Semi-Annual Mtg.   Elizabeth Sherman staid here.

Nov. 7, 1909, Sun:  Geo. & W. B. Jones were here to dinner with Elizabeth Sherman.  E. Sherman left for home in the p. m.


Nov. 10, 1909, WED--Lily & I went to dine at Wm. & Hannah Morris at Los Gatos, calling at Anna Tabors, Edith Parsons, The Clouds and on Madam Brun at Saratoga and on Belle Lawrence, Los Gatos.

Fri. Nov. 12, 1909:  “Billy” Sandford came here.  Lina Weaver staid here.

Sun. Nov. 14, 1909:  Wm. T. Mayne was at Meeting.  Hinman Robinson & wife from New York were at Mtg.

Wed. Nov. 17, 1909:  Lily & I called on ‘Mrs.’ Hinman Robinson  9th & San Carlos Sts.  & they went to Sewing Circle at E. H. Shelley’s.

Mon. Nov. 22, 1909:  The Monday Club met here in the p. m. to hear my paper on Whittier & his Friends.  Over 40 present.

Tues. Nov. 23, 1909:  Mrs. Calvert was here to Lunch.  Mr. & Mrs. Croft called in the Eveng.

Thurs. Nov. 25, 1909:  Thanksgiving Day.   James & Alice, and Eliza, Louise & Morris Yocum here to dinner.

Tues. Nov. 30, 1909:  Miss. Pogue & Mrs. Atkens from Hawaii, daughters of Dr. Wight, called in the afternoon.   Lizbeth & Annie Bean & Mrs. Chase & daughter in the Evening.  Mrs. Thompson called in the afternoon.


(for Dec. 1909, SEE 1910 Diary)

=======  LAST DAILY ENTRY IN 1909 JOEL BEAN DIARY ========



1909--C. E. B. C. HAS IN B. & L. 4 3/4 SH. STOCK paid up $950.00—On Account  $717.30

J. B. C. has Stock 1 1/4 sh. $250.00 on acct.  13.70.


Subscriptions for 1910:  Am. Friend and W. Work, Youths’ Companion, N. Y. Independent, B. Frd. & London Frd., Intellegencer, Pacific Frd.


1909 CASH ACCTS:   selected examples—from two pre-printed pages a mo. 



            Pd for taxes,  in San Jose    83.26

                                                In P. Grove   10.95

                                                In Salinas                   15.78

                                    TOTAL TAXES                      110.00

            For Gas-----------                               14.55

            Christmas Gifts                                               7.60


March, 1909:

            Exp. On Building

                        Lumber Bill, S. H. Chase Co.  117.53

                        Ps J. W. Batdorf for work   40.00



                        Pd for stone at Cemetery   15.00  (for wife)

                        Exp. To P. Grove                                8.18

May 1909:

                        Pd H. C. Jones                                    8.50

                        Gave L.S.B.C. for birthday 30.00

                        Gave for Semi Annual                     1.00

                        Pd. Dentist                                         5.00


July 1909:

                        Suit of Clothes                                  35.00

                        Exp. On Cottage 117, P. Grove  4.00


1909 Exp. On house  Carpenter Work, 292.25  (Cox house  for Joel)

                          Plumbing                       37.50

                         Tinning                            12.00

                          Chimney                        71.50


August 1909:  Expenses at P. Grove  $55.45


Nov.  26, 1909:  Fare to Honolulu & return   $110




$5 to Dover Mo Mtg., $1 for semi-annual lunch.

$950 4 3/4 share stock by C.E.B.C. In B.T.L. ??  

J.B.C. Has Stock 1 1/4 sh. $250.00--



AMERICAN FRIEND, YOUTH’S COMPANION, London Friend, Pacific Friend.


=================END OF 1909 CALENDAR ENTRIES ============