1908 J. BEAN DIARY,  copied JUNE 1996- and MARCH 26,1999

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).

from Bean Papers, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Pa.



                  Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 


                  This 1908 diary is the smallest of Joel’s  diaries, a brown paper board bound small volume with leather pasted over the outside, about 1 X 3 inches in size and 1/3 inch thick, with seven dates pre-printed on each page .

                  Inside the front cover is a 1908 calendar and at the bottom, “H. B. Hardenburg & Co., Mfrs. Of Advertising Specialties, New York” and on the fly sheet as a token of appreciation of your favors, we hand you, with our compliments, our Daily Reminder, etc.”  ED. V. PRICE & CO., CHICAGO, U. S. A


  =========================== 1908 =========================


Joel Bean’s 1908 Diary was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 5.1 Mar. 26, 1999, at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by

Tom M. King

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San Jose, CA 95128. 

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                  Only dates with hand written entries are included.




Joel Bean, 875 Chapman St., San Jose, California

Chas. E. Cox, 757 Golden Gate Ave., S. F.

A. Russell Moon, Teacher, Goldfield, Nevada

Anna S. Cox, c/o Brown, Shipley & Co, 128 Pall Mall, London SW     

(friends of Indians)

Rev Mr Dobbins, Presbyterian Minister, Colusa, CA

Rev Mary ?? Bowen, Japanese Mission, 1315 5th St.,     Sacramento, Cal

Samuel Brun, 1146 Willard St 2?, San Francisco

Whitney Palachie, 2740 Claremont Ave, Berkeley


         PLUS NAMES WITH NO ADDRESSES: Myra L Palache, Belle Garber Palache , Mary Stensit Anjas, Harriet Murray Ruselle (Chappaqua, N.Y.) Augustus Taber Murray, Nella H & Rob’t. L. Murray, Lydia L. Bean Cox, Catharine E. Bean Cox, Joel Bean---


 ========== Begin 1908 Calendar Entries ============


Dec. 29, 1907:  E. Morris Cox & Morris Jr. Came to Charles’ on his way to Teachers’ Asso. at Santa Cruz. 

Mon. Dec. 30, 1907:  E. M. C. Went on to Santa Cruz leaving little Morris at Cox’s.  Lindley Murray came to visit Joel Cox

   ====================== 1908 =============================


Jan. 1, 1908--Lindley Murray went home

Jan. 2 Thurs.--Chas. went to Fresno

Jan. 5, 1908 Sun---Mo Mtg., Vails, Moones, Thomas Mimbus?? Present.

Jan. 8, 1908 Wed---Put in best seed in garden

Jan. 9, 1908 Thurs.- Philips here spading Garden, C. E. Cox returned from Tulare

Jan. 10, 1908 Fri.--Sewing Circle at D. Satterthwaite's, I went to Crittenton Mtg. at 3




Feb. 8, 1908 Sat---Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Tower And Mrs. Chase here to afternoon tea

Feb. 12, 1908 Wed-Ms E.B. - Anna & I went to the Wedding of Lillian R. Smith & Adolph Law Voge -- at cousin Fred Smith’s

Feb. 19, 1908 Wed-We attended the funeral of Philina Allen at Trinity Ch..   Clara Tebbetts died at 3:30

Feb. 20, 1908 Thurs.-James {BEAN?} left for Whittier

Feb. 22, 1908 Sat---I attended Old Settlers Mtg. at Campbell.  Heard Dr. Jordan on       Human Harvest and Dr. Spining on Cal Indians

Feb. 29, 1908 Sat Cousins Fred & Ellen Smith came & spent the night with us.


Mar 1, Sun-1908--Monthly Conference.   My Whittier Paper read.  A large attendance.  The Cousins Smith at Mtg.

Mon. Mar. 9, 1908:  Mary Nitobe and Sue H. Lippincott here to dinner.

Fri. Mar. 13:  Chas. Tebbetts here tonight.


April 4,  1908 Sat--Mary Sickel & Elma Bean came here

April 5,  1908 Sun--Mo. Conference at Mtg.  Walter E. Vail spoke on Prohibition

April 6,  1908 Mon.--Mary Sickel & Elma Bean left

April 8, 1908 Wed--James returned home from Whittier


May 2, 1908 Sat-Semi Annual Mtg. {of COLLEGE PARK ASSN}  From Palo Alto, Augustus & Nella Murray, The Vails, Ross Rector of Epis.. Ch. & wife, Dr. Baldwin of Cong. Ch. & others in full attendance.  The H’s here to supper.

Sun. May 3,  1908:  James here to dinner.

May 6, 1908 Wed--I Went to P. Grove

May 7, 1908 Thurs.-The funeral of Elizabeth Haines at College Park.

                       H.E.B. Went to P. Grove.

May 13, 1908 Wed-James came to P. Grove

May 16, 1908 Sat--Albert Tebbetts came from Whittier to P. Grove.

May 21, 1908 Thurs.-Ruth Murray came to the lower Cottage with Edna Needles?

May 28, 1908 Thurs.-James (Bean)  & Albert Tebbetts left us for San Jose


June 1, 1908 Mon.--James & Albert started East from San Jose for Nebraska & ?

June 6, 1908 Sat--I went home from the Grove for 2 days

June 7, 1908 Sun--No conference at College Park

June 8, 1908 Mon.--I returned to P. Grove

June 10, 1908 Wed-James came to P. Grove

June 13,  1908 Sat--Augustus Murray & family came to the lower cottage

June 20,  1908 Sat--Catharine M. Cox was with us at the Grove

June 29,  1908 Mon.--Catharine M. Cox went home from the Grove

June 30, 1908 Tues.-C. E. B. Cox arrived at San Jose from Honolulu


July 3, 1908 Fri.---Anna S. Cox came to The Grove

July 4, 1908 Sat---Ellen A. Weaver of Honolulu came to us at the Grove

July 5, 1908 Sun---Hour Reading at 9 a.m.  The Murray Family & C. Tabor, S.A. Weaver, & Mrs. Theodore Smith were present.  Anna left on l0:l0 train for home.  E. A. Weaver dined with us and then went to visit Mrs. Smith.

July 6, 1908 Mon.---E. A. Weaver left for S. F. On 8:10 train.

July 10, 1908 Fri.---C. E. B. Cox came to the Grove from S. J.

July 12, 1908 Sun--At the Reading & Mtg., besides Murrays & Tabors, were Mrs. Theodore Smith, Mrs. Papachi & Miss Howie

July 13, Mon.--Chautauqua Commenced.  Joel B. Cox came to the Grove

July 16, 1908 Thurs.:  Heard a strong Lecture on “Our Homes” by Mrs. Leonora M. Lake

Fri. July 17, 1908:  Heard Maurice McConnell on North Pole Expeditions.

Sat. July 18, 1908:  Heard a powerful Lecture by Dr. Ira D. Landrith of Tennessee.

July 19, 1908 Sun--At Morning Mtg., were  the Murray family, C. Taber, Edwd. & Edith Parsons, Mrs. T. Smith, Harriet Busselle, Mr. & Mrs. David Golden Murray of N. Y, & Hugh I. Crosfield of Croyden, England, son of Theodore Crosfield.    Dr. Rader was at the Assembly.

July 20, 1908 Mon.--L. S. B. Cox came to P. Grove (& Mrs. Dixon)

July 21, 1908  Tues.-Picnic at Del Monte Bath House Beach.

July 22, 1908 Wed:  Heard Bishop Hamilton in p. m. and Francis Henry in the Evening.

July 23, 1908 Thurs.  Heard Dr. Geo. L. Spinning on Cala. Indians.

24  July, 1908 Fri.:  Harriet Burzelle left P. Grove.  Edwd. Parsons returned home.  Catharine M. Cox came to P. G.

July 25, 1908 Sun--Tabers at Morning Reading with our two families.

July 26, 1908 Mon.--Tabors returned home to San Jose.

July 29, 1908 Wed--A picnic at Del Monte Beach, Beans, Murrays, Giffords, and Lucilla Smith.

July 30, 1908 Thurs.-candy pull on the Rocks at 4 p.m.--our folks from the two cottages


August 15, 1908 --Cathie & Joel sailed from San Francisco for Honolulu on the Steamship Alameda.

Aug. 16, 1908 Sun:  Mrs. Theodore Smith & Mrs. Johnson of Palo Alto were at our     Morning Mtg.   Eva Richardson called in the Eveng.

Aug. 18, 1908 Tues.:  We were at the Rogers’s in Jas. B’s cottage in the Eveng with Eva Richardson of Berkeley.

Aug. 19, 1908 Wed:  Lizzie Rogers & Eva Richardson left.

Aug. 20, 1908 Thurs.:  Augustus Murray & wife & children, Except Lindley, returned home.

Aug. 21, 1908 Fri. Robt. L.M. Underhill came to visit his Grandmother Ruth Murray.

Aug. 22, 1908 Sat.:  Fred & Elizabeth Gifford went home.

Aug. 23, 1908 Sun.  Mrs. T. Smith & Robt. L. M. Underhill at Mtg. With us & R.(uth)         M(urray) & Lindley at Mtg.

Aug. 25, 1908 Tues.:  The Boys Lindley & his Cousin Robt. Left this morning. The Prohibitionist State Convention began.

Aug. 26, 1908 Wed--- The Prohibitionist State Convention closed to-day.

Aug. 30, 1908 Sun.:  Mr. T. Smith at our Reading at 117-8th St. with Ruth Murray ---


Sept. 6, 1908 Sun:  We had our Reading with Ruth Murray at 117----

Sept. 10, 1908 Thurs.:  We were at The Rogers’s in the Eveng. With R. Murray.

Sept. 11, 1908 Fri.:  Mary Rogers left for New Orleans.  Aug. Murray came for his Mother (Ruth).

Sat., Sept. 12 1908:  We took Supper with Ruth Murray & Augustus.  Reading a prayer afterwards.

Sun. Sept. 13 1908:  Ruth & Augustus Murray left for home by 8:10 train this morning.

Sept. 14, 1908 Mon.---Commenced painting in cottage 117.

Wed. Sept. 16, 1908:  I attended opening of M. E. Conference by Bishop Warren.  We dined at Miss. Park’s.

Thurs. Sept. 17 1908:  Attended Conference.  Heard G. T. Dennets Address.  The devotional hour on “Jesus & the Father’s Will”

Fri. Sept. 18 1908:  Attend Lay Conference in the p. m.

Sun. Sept. 20 1908:  Heard Bishop Warren   A great Sermon from the text “Walk worthy of God.”

Mon. Sept. 21 1908:  Callers – The Berwicks, David Muir & wife, Mrs. Oliver & Beatrice, Mrs. T. Smith.

Sept. 22, 1908 Tues.--We returned home from P. Grove, Miss Park drove us to Dixon.


Oct. 4, 1908 Sun----Mo Mtg. Program by Hannah Moore, Benj. & Anna Vail at Mtg., with us for the night.

Oct. 7, 1908 Wed: Lillie went to Saratoga to stay with Edith Parsons until next 2nd day.

Oct. 12, 1908 Mon.:  Lillie returned from Saratoga.

Oct. 14, 1908 Wed--H.E.B. & I went to Palo Alto to see Ruth Murray.  Stopped at Walter Vails.  Heard Dr. Shields of Boston at 4:30 on The Healing work of Dr. Worcester.  E. Parsons & Edith staid at Charles’s after Lecture of Dr. S.

Oct. 15, 1908 Thurs.:  We went in The Evening to Trinity Ch. To hear Dr. Shields D.D. Lecture on “Suggestion” etc.

Oct. 18, 1908 Sun--”Uncle” Pierce was at Mtg. & spoke on the meaning of the words, “Our Father”.

Oct. 22, 1908 Thurs.-Ruth Murray passed away this morning .Attended funeral at 3:30 p. m.   Quite a large gathering of College people & others.  Dr. Gardner & Ross Shared in Services.  A. T. Murray & his Sisters Anna Underhill & Phebe Murray started for New York with his Mother’s body. 

Emma Way &I R. Satterthwaite here to dinner after Sewing Circle at C. E. C’s.

Oct. 27,1908 Tues.:  Walter E. Vail staid here.


Nov. 7, 1908 Sat---Semi Annual Mtg., James returned home.  Pliny E. Goddard  (U. C. Berkeley Professor) & wife & Andrew & Hannah Erskine staid with us at Charles’s.

Nov. 8, 1908 Sun:  Pliny Goddard, Friend Pierce etc. at Mtg.   Our company left for home after dinner ---

Nov. 10, 1908 Tues.-Attended Emmanuel Class at Trinity Parish House in the Eve.  LSBC & JB read papers

Nov. 11, 1908 Wed:  Geo. & W. B. Jones here in the Eveng.

Nov. 19, 1908 Thurs.:  H. & I went to Los Gatos to spend the day with Belle Lawrence where I read my paper to a company of ladies.

Nov. 26, 1908 Thurs.--Thanksgiving Day, Elizabeth Moore of Iowa, from Stanford & Louise Yokum here.

Nov. 27, 1908 Fri.:  Joe Giddings of Pasadena (son of Jenne?  Hollingsworth) here to Supper.


Dec. 6, 1908 Sun---Mo Mtg., Louisa Jones gave account of her visit in the summer to Chicago, New York, & Washington.

Dec. 16, 1908 Wed--Anna Cox returned home from Phili & Europe

Dec. 27, 1908  Sun--Morris Cox & Eleanor came to C’s {house next door}

Dec. 28, 1908 Mon.:  Teachers’ Asso in San Jose for the State.  Elizabeth Sherman came to stay with us.  We heard Dr. G. Stanley Hall in the p. m.


==========  END OF DAILY DIARY ENTRIES FOR 1908.   ==============


Memorandum on subscriptions:

Intellengencer, Pacific Friend, Phila. Friend, Youths’ Companion, British Frd., London Frd., Pacific Frd.

7 mo. 27.1908 Recd. Of Chas. E. Cox for Alvin J. Cox  $52.50 int. on note for 1 year—To be Endorsed.

Pay for _______  3 ____.  Return to Mrs. Darby a vial full of Dr. Tuckers Asthma Liquid.  Returned.

For C. E. B. C.  Have $100 Entered on B. & L. account Book

Return to Prof. Washburn Asthma Medicine   Returned.


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