1907 J. BEAN DIARY,  copied MARCH 22,1999

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).

from the Joel Bean Papers, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Pa.



                  Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing.


                  This 1907 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound but smaller volume about 2 X 4 inches cover, which has been lost leaving only the fringe of leather on the thick paper cover, about an inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is The Excelsior Diary 1907,  from unknown publisher.  The  first about 20 pages are useful references, charts, and a 1907 calendar, but no mention of place of publication..


                  Only dates with hand written entries are listed.

========================== 1907 ============================

Tues. Jan. 1, 1907:  Chas. & Lily & Anna dined at Walter Vail’s at Palo Alto.

Thur. Jan. 3, 1907: Chas. Went to P. Grove to meet with Ex Com of Chautauqua.

Fri. Jan. 4, 1907:  We had Gas Heater for Bath put in.   Lily had a Reception in p. m. for Blanche Carson and Belle Mabury.

Sun. Jan. 6, 1907:  First Monthly Conference at Mtg. House.   We gave account of our summer in Honolulu.  Present Prof. Murray, The Vails, Belle Lawrence etc.  B. M. staid at C.E.C.’s.

Mon. Jan. 7, 1907:  Belle Lawrence here in the forenoon:  and went home in the afternoon.

Tues. Jan. 8, 1907:  Much snow on the Mts.  Anna’s visitor for 3 days, Iva Thomas left this morning with Anna for Stanford.


Sun. Feb. 3, 1907:   At Mo. Conference.  Jas. B. read an account of his summer in The East.   S. Watton recited a poem, “The Death of The Sagamore”, Prof. Murray & others spoke an interesting day.


Sun. Mar. 3, 1907:  Prof. Murray at Mtg. & gave Lesson at Mo. Conference.  He & Prof. Mendenhall called here afterwards.

Fr. Mar. 8, 1907:  H. E. B. attended Reception for Nellie Eyster at W. B. Jones’s in the p. m.

Mon. Mar. 11, 1907:  L. S. B. C. went to Carmel by The Sea, to visit Blanche Carson.

Tues. Mar. 12, 1907:  Wm. & Elizabeth Allen from Morristown, N. J., were here to Lunch, Jas. B. with them.

Thur. Mar. 14, 1907: Angeline Weaver visited Anna & spent the night with her.

Sun. Mar. 24, 1907:  Floods of rain & high waters around us.

Tues. Mar 26:, 1907  Commenced Electric treatment 3 times a week.

Mon. April 1, 1907:   H. E. B. spoke in Tennyson’s “In Memoriam” at the Santa Clara Chautauqua Circle at Mrs. Blanchard’s in the p. m.

Tues. Apr. 2, 1907:  Herbert Tebbetts called at C. S. C.’s.  H. E. B. arranged for Electric treatment 3 times a week. (illness)

Sat. Apr. 6, 1907:   We attended the Funeral of Gurney Bailey at 2:30 at _____________??. . .  John Riley officiated.

Fri. Apr. 12, 1907:  C’s lot was plowed, planted popcorn turnip, carrot & Peas.

Sat. Apr. 13, 1907:  Planted Squash seed, watermelon seed & sweet corn in garden & C’s lot.

Sat. Apr. 27, 1907:  Semi-annual Mtg.  Pliny E. Goddard & Andrew & Hannah Erskins & Miss Renaere?? Staid here.


Thur. May 2, 1907:  E. Bartram Richards was here on his way to the Philippines.

Fri. May 3, 1907:  Bartram left Early for S. F. (with C. E. C.) to sail at 1 o’clock.

Fri. May 17, 1907:  Joel B. Cox arrived from Honolulu.

Wed. May 22, 1907:  Anna & her Grandmother (i.e. H.E.B., Hannah Bean, Joel's wife!)  & I went to P. Grove to the little Cottage.

Thurs. & Fri. May 23 & 24, 1907:  (SIDEWAYS ACROSS THIS PART OF PAGE)   Recd. Calls from N. R. Sheppard & wife from James’s Cottage & from Mrs. Berwick & Mabel & Mrs. Kinshaw.

Sun. May 26, 1907:  Anna attended Church at St. Mary’s.


Sun. June 2, 1907:  I attended the Christian Church.

Mon. June 3, 1907:  Anna Commenced a Six weeks course of Botany at the Laboratory (Hopkins Marine Institute at Pacific Grove.  It is walking distance from the 8th Street Cottages of James and Joel Bean.)   under Prof. Humpherey—

Thur. June 6, 1907:  James came & staid with us tonight on his way to Whittier.

Fri. June 7, 1907:  Prof. Murray’s family took possession of the old Cottage.  Aggie & Fred & Franirs came.

Sat. June 8, 1907:  Nella Murray & the younger children came to P. G.

Sun. June 9, 1907:  Attended church with Anna at St. Mary’s (Episcopal).

Mon. June 10, 1907:  Mr. & Mrs. Gifford came to The Grove.

Sun. June 16, 1907:  Attended Congregational Church.

Tues. June 18, 1907:  Jas. G. Alexander of England made us a call of an hour on his way to Whittier, to Cala. Y. M.. (returning from China to England).

Sat. June 22, 1907:  W. R. Sheppards returned to S. Jose, having spent nearly a year in The Grove.

Sun. June 23, 1907:  I attended Methodist Church.   Conducted today by Dr. Heacock.

Mon. July 1, 1907:  Bert Bean’s family came to James’s Cottage.   Anna went on Camping tour to San Jose Canyons with the Botanical Club.

Sat. July 6, 1907:  Augustus Murray & his mother & Josephine Sutton arrived from New York.     Joel Cox came from San Jose.

Sun. July 7, 1907:  Held our first Meeting in our Cottage.  Ruth Murray & Augustus & H. E. B. had service.

Fri. July 12, 1907:  C. E. B. Cox & Catharine M. Cox came from San Jose to The Grove.


Sun. July 14, 1907:  At Mtg. Prof. Murray read & spoke.  R. Murray prayed & spoke. & H.E.B.. spoke.

Thur. July 18, 1907:  Chas. Cox came to The Grove.   Alice Davy came & spent the night.

Sat. July 20, 1907:  We all went to Chautauqua picnic at Moss Beach.

Sun. July 21, 1907:  At Mtg. R. H. Smiley spoke & prayed.  Ruth Murray spoke & H.E.B. & Prof. Murray prayed.

Wed. July 24, 1907:  Morris Cox (Exum Morris Cox, younger brother of Charles and Isaac) & family (wife Mary +  5 children) came to The Grove to the Kinshaw’s little cottage.

Sat. July 27, 1907:  Lily came to The Grove.

Mon., July 29, 1907:  Our Family & Murrays’ & Ruth Smiley went to Picnic at Del Monte Beach.

Wed. July 31, 1907:  Charles & Anna returned home.


Sat. Aug. 3:   A Candy pull on the Rocks for a large neighborhood party of old & young on 7th day the 3rd.

Edwin & Abbie Roberts came to the Grove for 2 or 3 days.

Wed. Aug. 7, 1907:  James came from Whittier to The Grove.

Sat. Aug. 10, 1907: A Breakfast Party on the Rocks for C. E. B.’s Birthday(sic., means C.E.C., Joel's son-in-law Chas. E. Cox, who was born Aug. 10, 1854) .  Mary Cox (Mrs. E. Morris Cox from Santa Rosa) gave a tea at Japanese Tea house p. m.

Sun. Aug. 11, 1907:  Ruth Murray, R. H. Smiley, A. T. Murray etc. at Mtg. And Jas. Bean.

Mon. Aug. 12, 1907:  James went to San Jose for a few days.  Dr. Clark is here at Edith Bean’s (Mrs. G. Albert "Bert" Bean, James's son's wife)  for a few days.

Wed. Aug. 14, 1907:  A Party (about 24) had tea on L. DeNervand’s Porch, & reading of Tennyson by Prof. Murray.

Fri. Aug. 16, 1907:  The Murrays, DeNervands, Cox’s, Bean children , _____? Clark, Mary Rogers, Heath’s, Lawrence girls, etc. with our family went to Moss Beach for the day.

Sat. Aug. 17, 1907:  Jas. Came from San Jose.

Mon. Aug. 19, 1907:  Lily & Cathie, Joel & Catharine, all returned to San Jose.   Jas. Also left for S. J. & perhaps for the East.

Tues. Aug. 20, 1907:  We dined with Mary Cox.  Took Supper at Ruth Murray’s with Augustus & Nellie.

Wed. Aug. 21, 1907:  We called on Mrs. Aldrich at The Pebble Mansion at New Monterey.  Dined with Mary Cox.  Recd. Calls from the Muir Sisters & Miss Eastman.

Sat. Aug. 24, 1907:  Mary Cox & children left for home.

Wed. Aug. 28, 1907:  Lily DeNervand had a tea party in the P. M. on her porch.  18 or 20 present

Fri. Aug. 30, 1907:  A Reception & Afternoon tea here for L. & M. DeNervand---Murrays, Rogers’s etc. present.   Stephen Jones’s came into Jas. Cottage.

Sat. Aug. 31, 1907:  The DeNervand’s & others left the Grove for home.


Sun. Sept. 1, 1907:  The Murrays & Stephen Jones at our Morning Mtg.

Mon. Sept. 2, 1907:  Labor Day.  We called on Mrs. Weston (aged 87) & Mrs. Carey  227  17th St. & were kept to Supper. 

Wed. Sept. 4, 1907:  The Methodist Conference opened at P. Grove.  Bishop Neely presiding. 

Thur. Sept. 5, 1907:   Probably about 200 ministers in attendance at conference.

Sun. Sept. 15, 1907:  We attended Methodist Church & heard a great Sermon by Bishop Neely to a crowded audience of Conference Members etc.

Sun. Sept. 22, 1907:  H.E.B. & I attended Christian Church    T. Lawson preached on Ten person’s? work.

Mon. Sept. 23, 1907:  We took supper at Edwd. Berwicks.

Tues. Sept. 24, 1907:  Took Breakfast with Eva Mattison & Mrs. Stover and returned home from Pacific Grove.  E. Davis died at 10 a. m.

Thurs. Sept. 26, 1907:  Funeral of Eleanor Davis at 9:45 at our Mtg. House.

Sat. Sept. 28, 1907:  L. S. B. C. went to Santa Rosa for 2 weeks at E. M. Cox’s.


Sun. Oct. 6, 1907:  Mo. Mtg.  A Paper by E. Shelley on Alice & Phebe Carey?.

Mon. Oct. 14, 1907:  L. S. B. C. returned from Santa Rosa.

Tues. Oct. 15, 1907:  Chas. Cox went to Fresno neighborhood.

Sun. Oct. 20, 1907:  Mary Mendenhall Davis from New Garden, N. C. came here.

Mon. Oct. 21, 1907:  H. E. B. went with M. M. Davis to Stanford & Palo Alto.  Took Lunch with Ruth Murray.  M. M. Davis took 5:25 train for Los Angeles.

Fri. Oct. 25, 1907:  John T. Smith & wife of Newberg, Oregon, were here to Lunch.

Thurs. Oct. 31, 1907:  Chas. & Edith Tebbetts came here on their way home from 5 yrs. Mtg. Etc.


Fri. Nov. 1, 1907:  H. & I dined at Thos. Edwards with Mrs. Church, Dr. Patchill, E. & J. Pozen? & Louise Jones.

Sun. Nov. 3, 1907  Mary Harley, Ann Head? Of Palo? & her daughters Bertha & Ethel here to dinner.

Wed Nov. 6, 1907:  Chas. Cox returned home from Fresno & Tulare.

(           Joel Bean Omitted mention of NOV. 7 meeting of College Park Assn. of Friends--SEE notice described at end of this diary)

Fri. Nov. 22, 1907:  H. E. B. & L. S. B. C. took Lunch at K. Bingham’s at Rose Lawn.   Recd. A call from Ina Coolbirth, with Mrs. John E. Richard.

Wed. Nov. 27, 1907:  Georgina Sanford came to visit Catharine.

Thurs. Nov. 28, 1907:   Edwin & Abbie Roberts here to dinner Thanksgiving Day.

Fri. Nov. 29, 1907:  James Bean returned home from his Eastern Journey.    Sewing Circle at C. E. C’s numbering nearly 30.


Sun. Dec. 8, 1907:  Mary H. Tebbetts died (sister of Joel Bean,  husband, C. A. Tebbetts)    at midnight.

Mon. Dec. 9, 1907:  L. S. B. Cox took 5 p. m. train for Los Angeles & Whittier.

Wed. Dec. 11, 1907:  Funeral at Whittier in the afternoon.

Mon. Dec. 16, 1907:  Lydia Cox returned home from Whittier.

Tues. Dec. 17, 1907:  We all attended the Whittier Centennial at Palo Alto.  Dined at W. E. Vail’s.  H. & I took tea with Ruth Murray & staid at Walter E. Vail’s.

Wed. Dec. 18, 1907:  We returned home from Palo Alto.  Found John Kerr of Ireland here, for the night.

Thurs. Dec. 19, 1907:  John Kerr left this morning.

=========== (Last 1907 daily entry—Memoranda next) =========


Assessment 1907  3/15

Lots                            1475

Improvements     1800

Personal                       135


CASH ACCOUNT , 1907-a page per month.  Includes donations to China, Ramallah, Japan, and the monthly Gas bill --and in August page:



            From 5 mo. 22 to 9 mo. 24., 1907   $278.89.


On separate paper tucked in pages:  “For dear Grandfather with love from Anna” and a

Nov. 7, 1907 announcement of the College Park Association of Friends meeting.  Copied.


===================== End 1907 Diary ==========================


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