1903 J. BEAN DIARY,  copied Nov. 14 & 15,1998

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).

From Joel Bean Papers, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, PA.




            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing.


            This 1903 diary was a  black leather bound volume with remainder of cover paper only, about  4  X 2  inches size page, and about 3/4 inch thick, with only two dates pre-printed on each page


.  The title of  the volume is missing with the front cover.  The  first about 20 pages are useful references, charts, and a 1903 calendar, but there is no mention of the publisher or place of publication.  The calendar Moon’s Phases refers to East Coast U. S. cities.

            Only dates with hand written entries are listed.


======================== 1903 =============================


FRONT COVER INSIDE FLY LEAF HAS:  Joel Bean   from Anna & Catharine  Xmas 1902.  With a penciled pd 25 and blue printed 103


Jan. 1, 1903 Thurs:  Charles & the Girls went to San Mateo to Walter Vail’s

Jan. 2, 1903 Fri.:  I attended the Funeral of Finely Garrigus ?? at Santa Clara at 2 p.m.   The children returned from San Mateo stopping at Stanford on their way where Chas. met them.

Jan. 3, 1903 Sat:  Sowed Sugar Beet seed & Marigel Weatzzel ??  Martha Albright was here to dinner.

Jan. 4. 1903 Sun:  Walter Vail & Geo. Baconture ?? at Mtg. & here to dinner.   Martha Albright staid here.

Jan. 5, 1903 Mon.:  Martha Albright left for Oregon.

Jan. 7, 1903 Wed:  We all except Lily heard Booker T. Washington in the afternoon in the Garden Theater (in downtown San Jose) .

Jan. 10, 1903 Sat:  Henry Hollingsworth & wife (Carrie) of Santa Cruz called here.    His bro. Thompson is a Farmer in Monterey Co. 16 miles from King’s City.     Sowed Sugar Beets.

Jan. 11, 1903 Sun:  Henry Hollingsworth & wife were at Mtg. & at G. N. Js to tea. In the f. no. we went to hear Carol Norton ?? on Christian Science Universal Religion, at the Garden Theater, which was well filled.

Jan. 14, 1903 Wed:  I called on E. Davis and Sybil McMillan    Margaret Darland is spending some time with E. D.

Jan. 15, 1903 Thur:  Sewing Circle at W. B. J’s

Jan. 16, 1903 Fri.:  H. E. B. went to a Reception at Anna Taber’s for Elizabeth Hibbard ??

Jan. 18, 1903 Sun:  Benja  Taber from Heshen, Iowa, bro. Of Louis, Silas, Russell, & David Taber, was at Mtg. with his bro.-in-law, -------- Gilmore of S. J.  Sarah Earl of Pasadena was at Mtg.   In the p. m. we went with Jas. To call on Amos Kenworthy & wife, Phebe, & Oliver & Belle Kenworthy.  The sons of the latter are Virgil & Walter (married) ____________?? & Earl at home.  D. Elliott?? & wife here in the Eveng.

Jan. 20, 1903 Tues.:  Oliver Kenworthy & wife called here.

Jan. 21, 1903 Wed:  We attended Mtg. Of Indian Asso in the p. m.


Feb. 6, 1903 Fri.:  We with James to call on H. & M. Maxwell at Frank Rambo’s

Feb. 16, 1903 Mon.:  We attended the funeral of Amanda Taylor at Stockton Ave. at 2 p.m.  She died at Anaheim, aged 76.

Feb. 17, 1903 Tues.:  Jos. Burtt Davy called on his way to Berkeley from Washington---to prepare to go to So. Africa.

Feb. 18, 1903 Wed:  Jas. Himrod & wife were at Mtg.   Came with D. Mott.  He is a Temperance Worker   Lizzie Stubbs & Niece, & Phebe Wise were at mtg.

Feb. 22, 1903 Sun:  H. went with D. Satterthwaite in the p. m. to call on Mollie Harrison.   Geo. & W. B. Jones here in the Evening, with letters to read.

Feb.  24, 1903 Tues.:  I attended Ministers’ Mtg.   Walter ?? Lawrence read a Paper on Church ???nsir??    H. E. B. attended her Club at “Mrs.” Wagoner’s.   Horace Cox (1858--????)  staid here on his way home from Whittier.

Feb. 25, 1903 Wed:  Dr. Wakefield ?? called in the p. m.  & Mrs. Wagoner.


Mar 1, 1903 Sun:  Wm. Walton & wife Sarah (Black) Walton at Mtg. for the first time after their marriage.

Mar 3, 1903 Tues.:  I attended Ministers Mtg.  Over 30 present to meet Dr. Hebur Newton of Stanford.

Mar 10, 1903 Tues.:  Sarah Hall of Westchester, Penna --  called from “Vendome”

Mar 11,  1903 Wed:  Levi Gregory at Mtg.  I went to see Dr. Hinns.  E. Shelley called in p. m.

Mar 15, 1903 Sun:  Rachel Tylor from England, a minister, was at Mtg.

Mar 18, 1903 Wed:   E. B. Miles arrived here from Pasadena

Mar 22, 1903 Sun:  E. B. Miles and Rachel Tylor were at meeting –

Mar 29, 1903 Sun:  Rachel Tylor and her Sister Catharine Bastin were at Meeting.

Mar 30,1903 Mon.:  Chas. E. Cox had seen ?? to irrigate the Burns ?? Ranch.

ON OUTTER EDGE OF MAR 30, 31,1903 PAGE: Rainy-house days.


April 2, 1903 Thur:  Chas. Albert & Mary Tebbetts arrived from Pasadena.

Apr. 5, 1903 Sun:  Rachel Tylor & C. Bastin, Albert & Mary Tebbetts & E. B. Miles (Joel's twin sisters from Pasadena and Newberg, Oregon)  were at Meeting.  (J.) Fred & Ellen Smith (first Principal of Campbell High School and wife, Quaker relatives of the Beans.)  here in the afternoon.  We all took supper at Lily’s.

April 6, 1903 Mon.:  Albert & Mary Tebbetts & E. B. Miles left for Oregon.

April 11, 1903 Sat:   Rachel Tylor & C. Bastin were here to tea after being at P. Grove a day or two.

Apr. 12, 1903 Sun:  R. Tylor & sister at Mtg.

Apr. 15, 1903 Wed:  Joshua & Isabella Roundtree of Scarboro England, on their way home from Australia, came from S. F. to Mtg. & to dine with us.  Andrew & Hannah Erskine came with them.  A good attendance at Mtg.

Apr. 17, 1903 Fri.:  H. E. B. & I went to P. Grove.

Apr. 19, 1903 Sun:  I went to Methodist Church at P. Grove.  _______ Needham, Pastor.  We were at El Bethel Mission in the p. m.  __________  Withersham of N. York spoke.

Apr. 24, 1903 Fri.:  At Edward Berwick’s to tea & in the Eve ng.  Mr. Adams read from “Bonnie Brier Bush”.  Chaplain Clemens & wife & Miss Tennant present.

Apr. 25, 1903 Sat:  We returned home from P. Grove.


May 1,1903 Fri.:  Hannah L. Neall came.

May 2, 1903 Sat:  Semi Annual Mtg.  Rachel Tylor present, Prof. Murray & wife, Walter Vail & wife from  Palo Alto, D. Mott from Los Gatos, Pliny Goddard & Herbert T. Cash from Berkeley, Some Phila  Friends (Tourists) were present.  L Gregory from Stockton Ave. and others around came. A house well filled. Erskines present. J.B. ?   C. E. C. left for Whittier.

May 3, 1903 Sun:  Sarah Cloud & Mrs. Wilson here last night & to dinner.  Donald & Janet Erskine here to dinner.

May 4, 1903 Mon.:  H. L. Neall returned home.  Mr. Cummings here cutting wood.  Cummings & Witherond ? live in the Wiser house on Chapman St & Sen?? Ave.

May 10, 1903 Sun: Rachel Tylor at Mtg.  Mary S. Wethernnell ??  & Geo. & Lydia called here in the Evening with D. Otis & P ? & Justine Brun.

May 11, 1903, Mon.:  Pres. Roosevelt visited San Jose, & passed along The Alameda to S. C.  etc.  on a drive.  We saw him from James’s (The Alameda at  Idahoe St.).

May 12, 1903 Tues.:  Mary & Geo. & Lydia Wetherall were here to tea.  They are boarding at “Mrs.” Nelson’s

May 13, 1903 Wed:  The Wetheralls’ were at Meeting

May 15, 1903 Fri.:  Picnic at Alum  Rock.  Present The Wetherell’s, Felice Justine & Paul Brun &  Otis & D. Otier? Wm Walton & wife, M. Maxwell, E. Davis, I. Hibbard & wife, W. B. Jones. R. Satherthewaite & her frds Eliza Middleton & daughter, Jas. & Ed Bean, L. Cox, H.E.B., J.B.

May 17, 1903 Sun:  Mary, Geo. & Lydia Weterell, Elizabeth & Clara Middleton, Walter Vail & Francis Walton were at Mtg.

E. Middleton & R. Satterthwaite here in the Evening.

May 19, 1903 Tues.:  Thomas & Ida Hathaway & daughter came to tea.  Mildred Hoover came with them from Palo Alto.  They took Evening train for Pasadena.  Left West Branch,  Iowa, a week ago.

May 20, 1903 Wed:  Mary Wetherell & children were at Meeting, & here in the Evening.    Mabel Tantau was at Catharine’s Birthday party (born 1890,  13 yrs old) & staid all night with the children.

May 21, 1903 Thur:  I attended Commencement at University of The Pacific.  Address by Dr. Evans.    Lily had a company in the p. m.  Mary Wetherell, E. Davis, A. Taber, Elizabeth Haines, H. E. B.

May 22, 1903 Fri.:  Chas. returned home from Southern Cal—a

May 24, 1903 Sun:  Geo. Bacon & Geo. Wetherell here to dinner.

May 25, 1903 Mon.:  Lily & I went to Stanford Commencement.  University address by Prof. Flugel.  Dined with Chas. at Vienna Restaurant.   

The Wetherells left for S. F. & homeward Journey.

May 26, 1903 Tues.:  Bot wood of A. Brott & son

6 cords @ 9.75 = 58.55

2 cords for C.E.C 19.50

Pd Ch 58 & Gold 20  70.00

May 28, 1903 Thurs:  House cleaning.    Sarah Longstreth of Philadelphia here to dinner.


June 4, 1903 Thur:  H. E. B. & I went to Los Gatos,   Took Lunch at John Bean’s and called at Dan—l Mott’s.

June 6, 1903 Sat:  I attended Q. M. at Stockton Ave.  Amos Kenworthy, L. Gregory, Nannie Arnold etc. spoke.   Weather hot,  -  above 100.

June 11, 1903 Thurs:  An unusual Earthquake in the morning a little after 5.  Two of our Clocks were stopped.

June 14, 1903 Sun: Cool weather Had fire at Mtg. to warm house.

June 18, 1903 Thur:  Helen Vail came to visit at C’s

June 19, 1903 Fri.:  I went to Normal School Commencement.  Address by Senator Perkins.

June 20, 1903 Sat:  Sarah Cowgill of S. F. called here.

June 21, 1903 Sun:  Danl. Mott here to dinner  Helen Vail went home in the p. m.     We made a call at Robt Griffin’s & at C Martins where we met Dr. Wakefield & Hannah.  Then called at D. Satterthwaite’s

June 23, 1903 Tues.:  C. E. Cox left for Sacramento and Santa Rosa.   Mary McCall was here in the afternoon.


July 2, 1903, Thur: We went with Anna & Catharine to P. Grove.

July 4, 1903 Sat:  Prof. Murray spoke to the Colored Soldiers, at invitation of Major Bigelow.

July 5, 1903 Sun:  Prof. Murray’s family in Jas. B’s Cottage, came to Bible reading with us at 9 o'clock.   I attended Cong Ch. Minister Tade from Pasadena preached from the Text --  He must needs pass thro Samaria –

July 12, 1903 Sun:  Bible Reading with the Murray’s at 9 a.m.   I attended Salvation Army Mtg. .  Sermon by Officer Young.

July 15, 1903 Wed:  Chautauqua Assembly beginning.  Heard T. C. Trueblood’s Recital of “Silas Mariner” at 3 p. m. & Hamlet in the Evening.

July 16, 1903 Thur:  Elena Bean of Benecia came to P. G. & took rooms at Mr? Warrens.   At 3 p.m. Heard Reading by Prof. Trueblood & wife (the latter a daughter of Barnabes Hobbs) and saw Moving Pictures—in the Evening.

July 17, 1903 Fri.:  English Schools in the morning by Kate Whittaker

Germain The Magician in the Evening.

July 18, 1903 Sat:  Field day --  We went to the Chautauqua Pic Nic at Moss Beach.  H. E. B. recited “M?ayy Psalm” of Whittier by invitation.   Germaine The Wizard in the Evening.

July 19, 1903 Sun:  Bible Reading with the Murray’s at 9 a. m.     Heard a Strong Sermon at Assembly Hall, by  Dr. E. E. Baker of Oakland.  Text “Bee ye one another’s burdens & do fulfill the law of Christ”

July 20, 1903 Mon.:  Heard the Story of “Whitman’s Ride to Save Oregon” by E. Ogden Tade of Pasadena—at 3 p. m.  And Lecture in the Evening by Congressman Champ Clark of Missouri on “Picturesque Public Men”

July 21, 1903 Tues.:  Recognition Day.  Lecture in the Evening by Senator John P. Dolliver?? Of Iowa on “A poor Man’s Government & a poor Boy’s Country.”

July 22, 1903 Wed:  Albert & Mary Tebbetts arrived at P. G. from Oregon.

Senator Dolliver at 3 p. m. on the “Working Man of Nazareth”   Dr. Adrian Hofmeyer in the Evening on Boss Prisoners.

July 23, 1903 Thur:  Business Mtg. of Assembly.  C. E. Cox chosen on Ex. Com. Again.  Lecture by Dr. Hofmeyer at 3. Chas. & Lydia Cox came in the Evening.

July 25, 1903 Sat:  Our party went to Del Monte with Murray children & Elma Bean & had Pic Nic dinner in the Woods.  Lily & Marie De Nervand?? Also with us.

July 26, 1903 Sun:  Bible Reading at 9 a. m. with The Murrays and a gathering on the Beach at 4 p. m.   Murrays & H. Neall.   We attended at “St Marys by the Sea.”

July 27, 1903 Mon.:  Chas. E. Cox went home.

July 31, 1903 Fri.:  At an Afternoon tea on L. DeNervands Porch.  S. F. Ladies Berwicks & Major  Bigelow and all our company---Deborah Vail & Helen & Arthur came to P. Grove  Tent No 3.


Aug. 1, 1903 Sat:  Lily & Mrs. Williams & L. De. Nervand & the children went to Moss Beach.

Eleanor Davis came to Sarah Cloud’s.  At E. Berwick’s in the Eveng to hear Mr. Adams read “Bonnie Bris Bush”

Aug. 2, 1903 Sun:  Eleanor Davis, & D. Vail & children Joined the two families here at Bible Reading at 9.  I went to Cong. Ch

H. Neall & L. M. De Nervand here to tea & took 6 o train for home.  Elma Bean etc. here to tea.  M. & B. Lawrence here.

Aug. 3, 1903 Mon.:  Lily & Anna went home.   Elma Bean left the Grove for Capitola.    A GREAT EARTHQUAKE AT SAN JOSE LAST NIGHT ABOUT 11 O CLOCK.  Many chimneys broken.

Aug. 6, 1903 Thurs:  Albert & Mary Tebbetts left for home by Evening train.

Aug. 9, 1903 Sun:  The Murrays with their guest Mr. Parker, Epis. Minister at Palo Alto.  E. Davis and Walter E. Vail & family were here to Bible Reading at 9.  I attended Mtg. at John Gray’s a Ch. Science Service.  Mrs. Stoun? Called.

Aug. 10, 1903 Mon.:  The Murrays left for home.

Aug. 11, 1903 Tues.:  Bert Bean (born 1864, oldest son of James, 4 of 5 children already born, oldest Elisabeth (1893) married Telfer.)  & family came to James’s Cottage.

Aug. 16, 1903 Sun:  Eleanor Davis came to Bible Reading at 9    I went to Ch. Church   Paul Hayes preached.

Aug. 18, 1903 Tues.:  Catharine went home from The Grove.      Mrs. Rogers & Mary & her cousin Anna R. from Maui?? Called.  H. & I took tea at S. Cloud’s with E. Davis & the Stevens Sisters from Mississippi.

Jas. & Roanna came to their Cottage.

Aug.  21, 1903  Fri.:  R. Ishi (George) returned to work.

Aug. 22, 1903 Sat:   We came home from P. Grove.   Ralph Gregory moved into our Cottage.  G & W. B. Jones went to The Grove & took a room in our Cottage.

Aug. 23, 1903 Sun:  Chas. Shaw was here to tea.

Aug. 26, 1903 Wed:  Lydia & Anna Cox started for Philadelphia by 6.15 train for Oakland.  Chas. went with them to Oakland.

Aug. 27, 1903 Thur:  Elma Bean spent the day here.

Alfred Bastin of Chicago & Cornelius were here to tea.

Aug. 31, 1903 Mon.:  G. & W. B. Jones & E. Davis returned home from P. Grove.


Sept. 1, 1903 Tues.:  George Maloney came to rebuild our west Chimney.   Dr. Wakefield & W. B. J. called here.

Sept. 2, 1903 Wed:  Geo. Maloney here working on repair of Chimneys.

Sept. 6, 1903 Sun:  Barclay Smith was at Mtg. (& spoke) with Sarah Street & Sister.   Elizabeth Shelley was at Mtg.. for the first time since last Semi Annual & her illness.

Walter Vail took dinner here   We went at 3 p. m. to College Park to hear Mrs. Palmer of The Nationalist W. C. T. U.

Sept. 7, 1903 Mon.:  We went out to Seth Street’s & took tea then with Barclay Smith & Seth Street’s Sister Rebecca from Kokomo, Ind.

Sept. 11, 1903 Fri.:  Jennette Gillis and Edith Mac Kerrichev here in the Evening.

Sept. 13, 1903 Sun:  We called at Stephen Jones’s in the p. m.  G. & W. B. Jones here to tea in the evening.

Sept. 17, 1903 Thur.:  H. E. B.  & W. B. J. called on Jane Griffin & Jane Ledyard.

Sept. 20, 1903 Sun:  Geo. Bacon here to  dinner.

Sept. 22, 1903 Tues.:  I went to P. Grove.

Sept. 26, 1903 Sat:  I returned home from P. G.

Sept. 27,  1903 Sun:  Daniel & Martha Mott & Everett, and cousin Elma Bean here to dinner.

Sept. 29, 1903 Tues.: We attended the Funeral of Alice Griffen Bunting at 2 p. m.


Oct. 5, 1903 Mon.:  We went to the Foothills to spend the night at Edwin & Abbie Roberts.  Their cousin Emma Roberts is with them.

Oct. 6, 1903 Tues.:  Returned home from the Foothills.

Oct. 7, 1903 Wed: Rebecca H. Smiley came from S. F.   E. Davis & Hugh and Miriam Maxwell were here to dinner and Sarah Cloud to tea.

Oct. 8, 1903 Thur:  Rebecca H. Smiley left for Palo Alto in 9.20 a. m. train.

Oct. 12, 1903 Mon.:  I attended Ministers Meeting.   James was reappointed Secretary for the 13th Year.  Levi Gregory President for the coming year.

Oct. 15, 1903 Thurs:  We went with James to Los Gatos and dined at Daniel Mott’s.   Called at Cousin Fred Smith’s (in Campbell)  in returning.

Oct. 16, 1903 Fri.:  Chas. went to Tulare.

Oct. 17, 1903 Sat:  Wm & Sarah Walton called.

Oct. 18, 1903 Sun:  Geo. Bacon was here to dinner.

Oct. 19, 1903 Mon.:  Amelia  Armstrong called with Lucy Washburn.

Oct. 20, 1903 Tues.:  Etta Nelson was here sewing.

Oct. 27, 1903 Tues.:  Chas. came home from Tulare

Oct. 28, 1903 Wed:  Attended Meeting of Indian Asso in the afternoon at Cong house.

Oct. 30, 1903 Fri.:  We took supper at Saml. Brun’s


Nov. 1, 1903, Sun:  E. H Shelley was here to dinner.

Nov. 2, 1903 Mon.:  I attended Ministers Mtg.:  about 30 present.  Evangelist            Walton addressed the mtg.

Nov. 6, 1903  Fri.:  I attended the Evangelistic Mtg. In the p. m. & heard Dr. Chapman. Text Acts 19.2  A Searching & impressive Sermon to a Solemnized Audience.  Heard Prof. Lowe & wife & The Blind Singers in Song.

Nov. 7, 1903  Sat:  Semi Annual Mtg.  Rainy.  Present from Palo alto The Murrays & Vails, Geo. Bacon & frd. Mrs. Mitchell,, The Epis Minister & his mother, Profs. Flingel & Stewart, “Mr” Kitchen & wife.    D. & M. Mott from Los Gatos.  Sarah Earle from Pasadena, etc.

Nov. 8, Sun:  Daniel Mott here to dinner.

Nov. 9, 1903 Mon.:  We attended Ministers Mtg. in Pres. House to hear Dr. Chapman.  He spoke on The Holy Spirit  1st The One Baptism,  2nd Many Infillings,  3rd  Special Anointings.   Prof. Lowe & The Blind singers in Song.  A large beautiful Mtg. of different denominations in harmony & fellowship of spirit.

Nov. 10, 1903  Tues.:  Some 200 or more Prayer Mtgs. in homes  of neighborhoods to seek a blessing on the Evangelical Mtgs. in the City.    We went to Friend Mayers from 8.30 to 9 a. m.  a sweet meeting.

Nov. 19, 1903 Thurs:  H. E. B.  at Neadlework Guild, at Trinity Parish House, distributing or  dividing the Garments contributed.  Some 1500 or more.

Nov. 20, 1903 Fri.:  Needlework Guild work continued &  Annual Election of Officers.   Mary Beans chosen Pres. to succeed Mrs. Martin.

Nov. 24, 1903 Tues.:  Lily returned home from Phil a  via Pasadena.


Dec. 7, 1903 Mon.:  Chas. went to Tulare

Dec. 15, 1903 Tues.:  Chas. returned from Tulare

Dec. 20, 1903  Sun: Walter Vail & family with his Mother-in-law, Sarah Holloway & her two daughters from Flushing, Ohio, were at mtg. & called here.  Sarah Holloway here to dinner.

Dec. 22, 1903 Tues.:  Sent 4  Boxes  Prunes of 25   lbs Each to  Phil a -- from Fruit Exchange.  40” to 50” in size  5 1/7  its fe   lb  ??  Freight prepaid 2.55

Dec. 23, 1903 Wed:   James & I attended the funeral of “Mrs.” Rawlins, sister of Vivian?  Wickersham at the Lutheran Church.

Dec. 24, 1903 Thurs:  Pd Geo. Maloney or repair of Carriages 11.00   See Meno page.




MEMORANDA:  Assessment 1903   

                                    4 Lots             1475

                                    Improvements         1800

                                    Library                           75

                                    Carriage                        35


1903 LETTERS RECEIVED -- pages Blank.


1903 ADDRESSES—4 PAGES, 13 or so addresses: INCLUDING:

Sons-in-law of John Bean, Los Gatos   -  Dr. Gober    David Crummy.

Albert Bean, 1510 N. St, Sacramento

Brown Shipley & Co  123 Pall Mall S.W.   London.


12 PAGES OF ‘CASH ACCOUNT’ , one for each month.

July 1903: (Only words)  Exp. At P. Grove for 7th & 8th mos.  About $50.00


September:   2.  Exp. on Chimney                                       $8.55


November:     2  Pd on tax  lot? 19 –50 ft by H.E.B.        $14.91

                            10   Pd tax at Salinas                                 $  9.16

                                                    at P. Grove                                    $  4.33


Dec. 1903:  Pd for care of Cemetery Lot for 1904           $  5.00

                                    For repair of carriage                                  $11.00

                        Chimney sweeping                                     $  4.7


================== End of 1903 Diary ===============


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