1902 J. BEAN DIARY,  copied Nov. 13, 1998

Editor Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).

From the Joel Bean Papers, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Pa.



            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

            This 1902 diary is  not typical of Joel’s  diaries.  It is the physically smallest full year diary found so far in this collection.    It measures  3 7/8 X 2 1/4 inches, 5/8 inches thick. with only one date pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is missing along with the cover.  The  first about 30 pages are useful references, charts, and a 1902 calendar that mentions only East Coast places (Boston, New York, Philadelphia), which suggests it was acquired during his Eastern Trip in 1901.  It is the longest diary.


            Only dates with hand written entries are listed.


            ====================== 1902 ============================


Jan. 1, 1902 Wed:  Ruth Murray was at Meeting and called here afterwards with Anna F. Taber and Eleanor Davis.    Cornelius Bastior??   was here to dinner.

Jan. 2,, 1902  Thurs.:  Sewing Circle at David Satterthwaite.  H. E. B.  went with D. Otis & H. Brun.

Jan. 12, 1902  Sun:  William Walton here to dinner


Feb. 4, 1902 Tues.:  Eleanor Davis spent the day here

Feb. 5, 1902 Wed:   We called in the afternoon on Nathan and Esther Frame and Levi Gregory’s

Feb. 6, 1902 Thurs.:  Eleanor Davis spent the day here.   Christopher (Oleson) & Jessie (Crosbie) West came here from S. F.   Chas. took them a drive to Campbell in the p. m.

Feb. 7, 1902 Fri.:   H. E. B.  & I went with Christopher & Jessie West, to San Jose in the forenoon.  The left after dinner for S. F.   The have been to Southern Cal. And Expect to return via Salt Lake City and Peoria, Colo.  to their home in Pringhan ?? O’Brien Co. Iowa

Feb. 18, 1902 Tues.:  I went to Pacific Grove.

Feb. 20, 1902 Thurs.:  James & Roanna returned home from Pacific Grove

Feb. 23, 1902 Sun:  I attended Meeting at the Congregational House in the forenoon.  A Stranger Minister preached on “A Handful of Cover ??” a forcible sermon.    At 2.30 p.m. heard Missionary Franklin from India, at the El Bethel Mission.              Called at Edwn Bernard’s ?? in the Evening

Feb. 24, 1902 Mon.:  Painting etc. ? at the Cottage

Feb. 25, 1902 Tues.:  Rainy at the Grove.         Called on Mrs. Servinger at her rented Cottage and on Ruth Murray at the Gosby ?? House.

Feb. 26, 1902 Wed:  I returned home from P. Grove.      Ruth Murray and her grandsons Lindley and Fredwick came from the Grove to Anna Taber’s

Feb. 28, 1902 Fri.:  H. E. B. dined at Anna Taber’s with Ruth Murray.  Jane Ledyard & W. B. Jones.


Mar. 3, 1902 Mon.:  I went to Stanford University, dined with Alvin Cox at The Inn and attended Dr. Brown’s Lecture in Hebrew Literature (in David’s Time)

Mar 5,  1902 Wed.:  Bertha McGuive went to S. F. for a week’s vacation.

Mar 6, 1902 Thurs.:  H. E. B. dined at  T. Ellard ?? Bean’s with A. & C. Taber, J. Mabury & others.       Chas. Longstreth & wife & her Sister from Phila  called in the Evening from the Vendome.

Mar 18, 1902 Tues.:  J. Burtt Davy came at noon, went with Chas. to his Ranch in the p. m. and spent the night here.               May Becker came to work.

Mar 25, 1902 Tues.:  Walter E. Vail & family arrived at College Park from Philadelphia, via Pasadena.   They went to G. N. Jones’s to board for a few days.


April 2, 1902 Wed:  Wm. Cooper from Sydney, Australia and Janet --- Erskine of S. F. came to Meeting, and to spend the day with us.  Chas. took W. C. a drive to the Reharoe ??

April 3, 1902 Thurs.:  H. E. B. & I went to Pacific Grove

April 6, Sun:  I attended the Presbyterian Church at Monterey.   

Wm. Kennard & wife from Morristown N. J. were at College Park Mtg.

April 7, 1902 Mon.:  A. W. Van De Borgart helped us at the Cottage.  He papered the middle room, and put up a new roof over the porch.

Apr. 8, Tues.:  We took dinner at Edwn Berwick’s

Apr. 9, 1902 Wed:  John Thompson whitewashed the Kitchen etc. in The Cottage.

Apr. 10, 1902 Thurs.:  A. W. Van De Bogart commenced painting the Cottage, & John Thompson White washed the outside of Kitchen & dining room.                           E. Morris Cox & wife came here.

Apr. 11, 1902 Fri.:  We returned home from the Grove.

Morris & Mary Cox & Chas. & Jas. here in the Evening.

Apr. 12, 1902 Sat:  Morris Cox & wife left for home.    Anna & Cathie went with them.  Charles went to Tulare.

Apr. 13, 1902 Sun:  David Heston & wife from Philadelphia & Ruth Murray were at Meeting.  D. Heston & wife dined here.

Apr. 14, 1902 Mon.:  H. E. B.  attended her Monday Club at Anna Taber’s where Ruth Murray gave an account of her visit to Palestine.

Apr. 15, 1902 Tues.:  H. E. B. attended a Mtg. at the Cong... House, on behalf of the Indian Work.  Addressed by Amelia S. Quinton of Philadelphia.

Apr. 18, 1902 Fri.:  Anna Cox returned from Santa Rosa

Apr. 10, 1902 Sat:  I went with Anna to Stanford University to the Presentation of the Antigone of Sophocles, by Prof. Murray & Tainabergh ?? & others.  Tickets were presented by Ruth Murray for Anna & one other.                   Charles returned from Tulare.

Apr. 27, 1902 Sun:   Deborah Vail came to Mtg. from San Mateo and was here to dinner.

Apr. 30, 1902 Wed:  Alfred Bastie  &  Cornelius here to tea, & A. B. spent the night here.


May 2, 1902 Fri.:  J. Burtt Davy & wife came in the Evening & staid with us.

May 3, 1902 Sat:  Semi Annual Mtg.    Prof. Murray, Walter Vail, H. E. B., Pliny Goddard                spoke and Ruth Murray prayed.   P. M. A beautiful lesson by Ruth S. Murray on the “Christian Priesthood”:  Ernest Fox spoke of the Coffee Club.  A. Poem by J.B. ??

A good attendance.  Andrew Erskine & wife .  Walter Macon (a boy) here in the house?   Moses Page staid here.

May 4, 1902, Sun:  H. E. B. & J. Burtt Davy spoke in the Mtg.

May 6, 1902 Tues.:  I went to Palo Alto & Stanford University  ---  Called on Ruth Murray.

May 8, 1902 Thurs.:   I left home for Pasadena & went via Coast Route to Santa Barbara.  Arrived just at night and staid at the Seplearm ?? a comfortable house. 

May 9,  1902 Fri.:  Went from Santa Barbara to Pasadena.    Arrived at Chas. A. Tebbett’s about half past Chas. has & Imelda & the children were in the Eveng.

May 10, 1902 Sat:  Spent the day at Albert’s ---

May 11,1902 Sun. Attended “Friends Church”   Met many old friends.  Dined at Charles’s.   Called at Zeno Taber’s.

May 12,  1902 Mon.:  Called with Albert to see Thos. Scattergood & wife from Phila at Mrs. Bang’s.

May 13,  1902 Tues.:  Made Calls with Albert & Mary at Judith Crenshaw’s. Luther Hadley’s, & Mary Cooper’s.

May 14, 1902 Wed:  I attended Mo. Mtg. at Friend’s Mtg. on Villa St near Los Robles (Street?   This was the unprogrammed “Conservative“ Quaker Meeting.  The old Meeting House is a Pasadena City community center and Landmark Building in 1998.  T.k.)   

May 15, 1902 Thurs.:  Mary & I went to Long Beach.  Called on Lydia Sharpless & Wm. Sharpless.        Took dinner at Shoups Tavern, a nice Restaurant.    Took tea at Calvin W. Abbott’s.  Mary found lodging with Mrs. Bogaraus ?? and I lodged near.

May 16, 1902 Fri.:  Mary & I Breakfasted at Shoup’s Tavern and returned to Pasadena.    Met on train with Kate Cadwallader that was ??, who once lived at Jas. Town ---- ??

May 17, 1902 Sat:  I went to Whittier.  Was at the close of Q. Mtg.   And went to stay with Benj.  & Ella Cox.         Called on Geo. Hammond, & Dr. L. Johnson.        Dr. Fred Hadley was at B. C.’s to tea.

May 18, 1902 Sun:  Attended F. D. School with Ella Cox.   In Ella Reeder’s Class.  A large Mtg.  Chas. Stalker preached.  David Hadley, Pastor, & Caroline Hunnicutt prayed.  John Holly gave benediction.   Met many old frds.  Dined with Rachel & Geo. Hammond –with Anna Hoillis ?? daughter of D. B. Updegraff.  Called with Geo. H. on John Hickson, John Vestal, Barclay Charles, Lydia & Edwn Chase.

May 19, 1902 Mon.:  I dined at Wm. O. Thompson's , and returned to Pasadena.

May 20, 1902 Tues.:  Spent the day at Albert’s

May 21, 1902 Wed:  Attended Mid week Mtg. at Friends Mtg.  Called at Mary Luis and Senira ?? Comfort’s          Took supper at Charles.

May 22, 1902 Thurs.:  I came from Pasadena to Pacific Grove.  Arrived at 10 1/2 p. m., an hour late, and went to El Carmelo to lodge.

May 23, 1902 Fri.:  Spent the day at P. Grove.    Dined at Edwd. Berwick’s.  Called on Sarah Cloud.  Staid at El Carmelo.

May 24, 1902 Sat:  I returned home by Early train from P. Grove.

May 25, SUN:  J. Burtt Davy was at meeting and spoke and dined here.

May 31, 1902 Sat:   Alvin J. Cox here.


June 1, Sun:  Saml. Allen & wife from Morristown, N. J. Allen De Cou, Walter Vail & Zadok Ellyson & wife from Iowa with the Wise family were at Meeting.

June 3, 1902, Tues.:  Zadok Ellyson & wife and F. Wise’s Mother called here.  Anna Taber called.  Alvin J. Cox left for Southern California on his way East and to Germany for a two years course of study.

June 7, 1902 Sat:  L. S. B. Cox went to Chemeketa for a week   Had hay cut on Cathies Lot.

June 8, 1902 Sun:  James took H. E. B. & me & W. B. Jones to William Walton’s in the afternoon.

June 9, 1902 Mon.:  Had Kalsomining ?? done by men from Jarman’s

June 11,  1902 Wed.:  James Bean’s Birthday  80 yrs old.   The Associated charities presented him with a chair.  We procured Cards from his friends etc.

June 13, 1902 Fri.:  I went to Chemeketa Farm

Went with Lily to see the “Devil’s Slide”. Etc.

June 14, 1902 Sat:  I went with Mrs. Lightner to the Waterfall and with Lily and “Miss” Covey ?? to Henderson’s place etc.

In the afternoon Lil. & I returned home from Chemeketa.

June 18, 1902 Wed:  Hauled in hay from Cathie’s Lot with Floyd Bingham’s help.

June 20, 1902 Fri.:  Prof. Murray came to address Washburn School in the Eveng---He took tea here and staid Charles’s.

June 22, 1902 Sun:  Phebe E. McCloud of Cherokee Butte Co. Colorado & her daughter of S. J. Called with W. B. Jones and attended Mtg.  She is a sister of Abby Buxton of Mass & a Birthright Friend and wishes to Join the College Park Asso. of Friends.

June 25, 1902 Wed:  H. E. B.  & I went with James and W. B. Jones to the Ministers’ picnic near Saratoga.   E. S. Williams Entertained as host.  Some 50 or 60 present including Dr. McClish & wife, Dr. Tennay ??. Dr. Martin & wife, etc.,  etc.     Jas. was appointed Pres.  After Lunch I read “The Toiling of Felix”.  Drs. Tennay & McClish addressed the company. & some others spoke—briefly.

June 29, 1902 Sun:  Walter Vail was at Mtg. and here to dinner.  Rog. Heald at dinner here.  Chas. & we attended the Funeral of Charles Hummeltonburg ?? in the afternoon.


July 1, 1902, Tues.:  H. E. B.  & I with Anna and Catharine and Bertha McGuin went to Pacific Grove.

July 6,  1902 Sun.:   Bertha returned to S. J.   We attended the Cong.. Church at 11 a. m.   I was at El Bethel Mission at 3 p. m.   Conducted by John Riley & wife.               Carrie McManus called at the Cottage.

July 10, 1902 Thurs.:  Morris and Mary Cox came to the Grove from Santa Rosa.   It is the first Anniversary of their marriage.

July 11, 1902 Fri.:  H. E. B.  attended a Garden Party at Pinehurst, in the interest of a Jewish Mission.  James & Roanna Bean came to the Grove.  Lily De Nervand ?? & Marie etc. called in the Evening.

July 13, 1902 Sun:  H. E. B.  and I attended the Cong.. Church.   Dr. Condit preached frm. the Text “Without Me ye can do nothing” {I. M. Condit, 1460 Seventh Ave, E. Oakland}  The young folks went to St Marys’   At 4 p. m a Company met on 8Th St. Beach to hear read “The Toiling of Felix”.  E. Berwick read Lowell’s “Ambrose”.    H. E. B.  repeated Whittier’s “Psalm”.   “Miss” Whittaker, Miss Newcomb of Honolulu & others related anecdotes of Phillip Brooks etc.   Edith Parsons repeated “Crossing the Bar”  S. Cloud, L. De Nervand, M. & U Cox  and others present--Eveng H. E. B. & I heard Bishop Nichols at St. Mary’s.

July 15, 1902 Tues.:  Chautauqua Commencing.   The women folks attended the Cookery demonstration by Kate Whittaker in the p. m.

July 16, 1902 Wed:  I was ?? at The Forever ?? Hous ?? by Prof. Hunt of University of Pacific—on History and at Sunday School Lecture by “Miss” Alden,  author of Pansy Books.   In the Evening we went to hear Robert McIntire of Los Angeles, Subject—“Buttoned up People”

July 17, 1902 Thurs.:   In the afternoon we attended Kate E. Whittler’s Lecture on London, and in the Evening saw the Moving Pictures presented by Geo. Kansa ??

July 18, 1902 Fri.:  I heard Volley Retain of the S. J. Normal School on Nature Study.   And a Lecture by Dr. Hunt on Luther.    Lydia S. B. Cox came in the C ?? Evening Train.

July 19, 1902 Sat:  Chautauqua Field day at Moss Beach.  We all went.  After the Picnic there was speaking by H. Beaver, Kate Whittaker, Volume Rattan etc.. and Reading of “Lines written by The Shore” by 

 H. E. B. &  singing and some poems?? Spoken by “Miss” Macombas.  The Chautauqua Circle was formed at the close by Joining hands in a large Circle.  “Sweet be the tie that binds” was sung & the Lord’s Prayer repeated.   Hannah Neall & party, “Mrs.” Alden (Pansy), E. Dawson, Chaflaim ?? Macombus ?? & family & daughter, E. Shelley & Helen etc. were present.

July 20, 1902 Sun:  Attended Church at Assembly Hall.  Francis Palmer of 1St Pres. Ch. S. J. preached an Excellent Sermon from the text “Secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed to us & our children forever, that we may do all the words of the ‘Law’”.

Afternoon at 4, on the 8Th St. beach, read “Our Master”,  H. E. B. repeated Whittier’s “Psalm” by request & Old Danl. Gray.  L. S. B. C.  “Prayer of Agassiz”, E. Burwick a poem of Mackey’s, H. Whittaker, Jas. B. & others contributed.  Miss Newcomb, Mrs. Sedgwick of Hilo, & her Mother, Mrs. Clark, E. Dawson, E. & H. Shelley, L. De N. & Company, F. Bloise ??& wife, etc. present.

July 21, 1902 Mon.:  James’s new addition to his Cottage in process of construction by J. Gray.

Heard Henry Watterson’s Lecture on Abraham Lincoln.

July 22, 1902 Tues.:  “Mr.” Painter plastered the front of the Fireplace in The Cottage.   At the Forum Hour Prof. Keep described his late Excursion into the King’s River Canon in the Sierras.  Very interesting. Canyon 4000 ft deep, adjacent peaks over 13000 ft high. 

Heard Mrs. Alden (“Pansy”) read her Story on “A Woman of her Word” in the p. m. & in the Evening Henry Watterson’s Lecture on “Morals & Money”

July 23, 1902 Wed:  Pictures Illustrating scenes along The Centuries were presented in the Evening by Prof. Hunt.

July 24, 1902 Thurs.:  The young folks went Huckleberrying.  I attended Dr. Alden’s Sunday School Normal Class at 2 p. m. and the Lecture on ‘Old’ Nuremburg by F. H. Maar, at 3.  Prof. Heath & wife here in the Evening.

July 27, 1902 Sun:  H. E. B.  & I attended the Christian Church – The young people The …..?? Ch.

In the p. m. on the Beach were E. Shelley & Helen.  Edith Parsons.  L. & M. De Nervand & Grace Whitney, B. Berwick & wife, Morris & Mary Cox, Chas. & family etc.

July 28, 1902 Mon.:  E. Morris Cox & wife, and Chas. returned home.

Congress of Reform of the W. C. T. U.  here this week.  Mrs. Sturtevant-Peal,  President.

July 29, 1902 Tues.:  In the afternoon I heard Margaret Petton on Literature & Art in Social Reform and E. Carl Bank on Deganwaey ?? as seen in Reformations.           Helen Harford Pres. of Reform W. C. T. U.:   Dmeas ?? J. Spencer, Mrs. Clara O. Southard & others take part in Discussions etc.

July 30, 1902 Wed:  Bradford Webster on Divorce    spoke well---

July 31, 1902 Thurs.:  S. A. Denison, Editor of Oakland Enquirer, spoke on “Architects of Fate”    Anna Strunsky on “A Short Cut to Temperance” a powerful address – from a Socialist stand point.      An Excellent Peace Address by Maria Freeman-Gray of S. F.     Parliamentary Drill by S. Wellace Woruh of Portland, Oregon.


Aug. 1, 1902 Fri.:  A Pic Nic Party to Del Monte grounds and The Pines near the Bath house.  (in 1998 Lovers’ Point)    Consisting of Our family.  Hannah Neall, L- D Nervand & family.  Edith Parsons, Ella Berwick & Jas. B.

H. & I returned to hear Sarah Severance in the p. m. on The Evolution of Woman (a fine Address) and other speakers were Chas. Montgomery:  Mrs. C. S. Danks on National Preservation.

Aug. 2,1902 Sat:  The Neall & DeNervand party left for home this morning.

Aug. 3, 1902 Sun:  We went to Cong.. Ch.   Minister Gross of Saratoga preached.

Maria Freeman-Gray of 3648  22ND St S. F. called here in the afternoon—She is Supt. of the State Peace & Arbitration Department of the W. C. T. U. who read a paper on the subject on 5Th day last.

Aug. 6, 1902 Wed:  Lily returned home from P. Grove.

Aug. 10, 1902 Sun:  At the Cong.. Ch.

Aug. 13, 1902 Wed:  Attended Farmers’ Institute at the Grove.  Proofs Shaw and Ward from the University of Cal -a  spoke on Dairying and cows-

Aug. 14, 1902 Thurs.:  At Farmers’ Institute heard Prof. Anderson.

Aug. 15, 1902 Fri.:  I came home from Pacific Grove for a week.

Aug. 21, 1902 Thurs.:  Bertha came up from the Grove for a week in S. Francisco.

Aug. 24, 1902 Sun:   H. & I attended the Cong.. Church at P. G.   Thos. Boyd of Reno:  preached a strong Sermon from Ex. 33-24-latter part of the verse.         In the Evening we heard Francis Palmer at the Meth. Church .  from 1 Kings 20.40  “As thy servant was busy here & there, he was gone”.

Aug. 28, 1902 Thurs.:  H. & the children & I with Jas. & Roanna took supper at E. Berwick’s

Aug. 29, 1902 Fri.:  We all returned home from Pacific Grove.  Bertha came back from S. F.

Aug. 30, 1902 Sat:  Friends met in the Evening at David Satterthwaite’s – a surprise party for Rebecca before her leaving for the East.

Aug. 31, 1902 Sun:   Deborah Vail was at Mtg. & dined with R. Satterthwaite, & called here.


Sept. 2, 1902 Tues.:  Rebecca Satterthwaite started for New Jersey for a visit of two or three months or more.

Sept. 7, 1902 Sun:  Walter Vail was at Mtg. and dined here.      Miriam Wickersham from Salem, Ohio, with her Sister           Rawlins of San Jose were at Mtg.  M. W. has come to stay some time here.

Sept. 10, 1902 Wed:  Eleanor Davis was at Mtg. Having come back to San Jose to live.

Sept. 12, 1902 Fri.:  Charles returned home from Tulare after a month’s absence in harvesting peaches on their Ranch.

Sept. 14, 1902 Sun:  Walter E. Vail & Arthur dined here after Mtg.

H. & I called at Stephen Jones’s

Sept. 17, Wed: Eleanor Davis dined here after Mtg.  We went with her to call on Hugh and Miriam Maxwell and afterwards we called on Miriam Wickersham.

Sept. 18, 1902 Thurs.:  We called on Dr. Francis Palmer on 10Th St. near San Fernando.

Sept. 19, 1902 Fri.:  H. E. B. & I went to Stanford University.  Attended a Lecture on Evolution by Prof. Copeland and Prof. Starbuck’s Lecture in his Course, which was on Conscience, this morning.

            We dined at Prof. Starbuck’s at Palo Alto.  Called on Mrs. Thobury and at Prof. Murray’s and then went on to San Mateo to spend the night at Walter Vail’s.  Their children are Halin, Arthur, Jon & Edwin.

Sept. 20, 1902 Sat:  We returned before noon from San Mateo.

Sept. 21, 1902 Sun:  Prof. Edwin Starbuck & wife & little Arthur & Baby, & Niece Flora Starbuck were at Meeting and dined here.

Sept. 28, 1902 Sun:  Prof. Murray & wife were at Mtg.  A. T. Murray spoke.  They dined here.


Oct. 9, 1902, Thurs.:   Bertha McGuin went away.   George Ishi came to help us.

Oct. 11, 1902 Sat:  Lily went to Chemeketa Farm for a week or more.  Chas. took her in the carriage & returned in the Evening.

Oct. 16, 1902 Thurs.:  James took us to Wm. Walton’s for an Afternoon Call.

A total Eclipse of the moon in the Evening about 9 O’clock.  The sky was clear and the view of it perfect.

Oct. 17, 1902 Fri.:  Thos. & Maria Scattergood called here.

Oct. 18, 1902 Sat:  Charles & Anna & Catharine went to Chemeketa to spend the day with Lily.

Oct. 19,1902 Sun:   Anna’s Birthday        Thos. Scattergood & wife were at Mtg. and here to Tea with Anna & Cornelia Taber.  Saml Brun etc. called in the Evening.

Oct. 31, 1902 Fri.:  Two Boxes were got off From F. Union for I. M. Cox (in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Xmas gifts??)


Nov. 1, 1902, Sat:   Semi Annual Mtg.

An able paper on Indian work & need was presented by Anna Taber.    A short Paper “In Remembrance of Christy Davis” was read by Prof. Murray.   A Paper on John Bellows by J. B. and an address on Religion of Youth was given by Prof. Starbuck--

Anna & Eliza  M. Sherman were here for the night.

Nov. 2, 1902 Sun:  Donald & Janet Erskine and Andrew & Hannah Erskine were here to dinner.

Nov. 4, 1902 Tues.:  Dan C. Mott from Linn Co., Iowa, came & staid here.

Nov. 6, 1902 Thurs.:  Daniel & Martha Mott were here to dinner.  They Engaged Rooms at G. N. Jones’s

Nov. 8, 1902 Sat:  Daniel Mott & family moved into G. N. Jones’s house

Nov. 9, 1902 Sun:   Ashton Otis, a second cousin of Deborah, was at Mtg.

Nov. 12, 1902 Wed:  H. E. B. went to speak to the students of The University of The Pacific—the young people’s C. A. ---by request of Lulu Mayne.

Nov. 13, 1902 Thurs.:  Ashton Otis called & was here in the Evening.  His Mother is a daughter of Ben Taber of H---------Iowa & sister of Irvin Z. Taber and his Grand Mother Taber was a sister of Wm. C. Meader of Poplar Ridge, N. Y.  daughter of Joshia Meader – Granddaughter of Valentine Meader whose wife was a daughter of Jas. Haog.

Nov. 16, 1902 Sun:  Commenced a Bible Class at 10 a. m.  H. E  Bean, Leader.


Dec. 4, 1902 Thurs.:  Chas. E. Tebbetts came here on his way home from Phila  &  Baltimore, where he has been since the Five Years Mtg. At Indianapolis to which he was a delegate.

Dec. 5, 1902 Fri.:  James took Chas. Tebbetts & H. & me to S. Shelley’s to Lunch.    Afternoon Chas. & I attended the Q. Mtg. of Ministry & Oversight at Stockton Ave.  Chas. spoke.  Also L. Gregory, Amos Kenworthy & others.   C. E. Tebbetts took the 8.20 train for Los Angeles.

Dec. 6, 1902 Sat:  75th  Birthday of Mary & Elizabeth (Joel's twin sisters). Who are together at Pasadena   Imelda Tebbetts invited the Meeting to a Reception for the occasion & letters from their friends. 

I attended Q. M. at Stockton Ave & took lunch there.   

Amos Kenworthy, Rebecca Naylor, L. Gregory & others spoke & prayed.  Mrs. Parish, Elizabeth Stattn ??, Carrie Gordon, were present from S. F. & Robt. Root, Cust ?? Gregory etc. from Berkeley.

Dec. 17, 1902 Wed:  David Mott & Martha here in the Evening.

Dec. 22, 1902 Mon.:  Jesse Wilson called in the afternoon.   He is a Nephew of the late David Wilson of Iowa, & Jonathon Wilson of Kansas.  His Grandmother Wilson was a Cadwallader, sister of Jas., who married Priscilla Hunt a Minister of prominence (in Ransh ??)  His Grandfather’s sister Sarah Wilson, was the wife of Wm. Heald, father of Lydia Sharpless etc.--& another sister married James Heald (who was I think the Parents of Eliza Watson)  Jesse Wilson has a son Chas.---a teacher in N. C.




MEMORANDA page.   A Dynamic Faith  Given to C. A. Tebbetts, E. B. M. Jesse Negus ??


                        3 :Lots                                    $1050.

                        Mtg. House Lot                                $ 425

                        Improvements                                 $1800

                        Personal                                             $  280



No entries on LETTER REGISTER page:


CASH ACCOUNT 1902 (one page per month—Dec. torn off with cover.)

January:  P. Grove Cottage acct.:

                                    Rec. for Rent  $20.00

                        Total listed Expenses                       $29.78

February:    Exp. at P. Grove                      $ 4.15

March:                        Pd for Lumber                      $ 6.65

            Assessment 1902

                        Lots                                        $1475

                        Imp                                         $1800

                        Personal                                 $  280

April:  Exp. of P. G.                                     $2.10

                        18   Refrigeration                 $7.50  

            Expended of P. G. Cottage 1902

            From 1St Mo. Account                                              $29.78

            In 4th Mo. Improvement & whitewashing  $18.00

            Painting                                                                        $25.10

May:  2  Gave to Mtg. House                                 $   .90

            26  Exp. to Pasadena                                    $20.00

June 14, 1902  Exp. to Chemeketa             $ 2.05

                        S. J. Mercury-3 mos.                       $ 1.50

                        Expense of Kalsomining & Party??  $13.95

July:  (blank page)

August 1902:  Exp. at P. Grove.                 $15.11


September 17, 1902:   shoes                        $  5.00

                                    Car tickets                             $  1.00

                        20  Exp. to San Mateo                      $  2.75

                        26  Pd for Mercury to 1/1   $  1.50


October:  3  Pd for wood, 6 cords sawed  $49.50

                        Pd Tax                                                $ 57.20

                        Gave Anna                                        $   1.00

21.    Pd Taxes for P. Grove                  

State & County             $   7.50

                                    City                                        $   4.01

                        Gave Lily                                           $  13.00

November 1902: 1 Gave for Palestine $    1.00

                                    Gave for Indians                  $    1.00

                                    Mtg. Exp.                               $    5.00

                        For care of cemetery lot        $    5.00

December: (Missing with outside cover)


================== 1902 ===================


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