1900 J. BEAN DIARY,  copied Nov 11,1998

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting

(originally College Park Mtg.).


            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 

            This 1900 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume 5  X 3  inches cover (cover missing now), about a half inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is  The Excelsior Diary1899,  from Cambridgeport Diary Co. (It appears that Joel re-dated this 1899 Diary for 1900)  The  first about 30 pages are useful references, charts, and a 1899 calendar, but no mention of place of publication.

            Only dates with hand written entries are listed.


====================== 1900 =========================

ON FRONT FLY-LEAF:  Joel Bean     Presented by Joel Bean Cox

                                                                                    Xmas 1899


Printed dates overwritten to 1900 dates throughout.


Jan 3, 1900 Wed:  Chas & Alvin went to Tulare.

Jan 4, 1900  Thurs:  Lydia & children returned home from Santa Rosa where they went on Seventh day last.(SEE 1899 DIARY LAST ENTRY)

Jan 6, 1900 Sat:  E. Davis & W. B. Jones here in the p.m. to Candy Making.

Jan 7, 1900  Sun:  We went to a Mtg. At Palo Alto, at Prof Murray’s appted by Ruth Murray   Some 30 or 40 present.

Jan 10, 1900  Wed:  Albert Bayes & his nephew ________?_Rettley from England were at Mtg.  We called at Geo Hammond’s & Stephen Griffin’s in the p.m.

Jan 13, 1900  Sat:  Ruth Murray came here.

Jan 14, 1900  Sun:  Ruth Murray and Albert Bayes were at Mtg and spoke.  R. Murray returned to Palo Alto after dinner.

Jan 16, 1900  Tues:  I went to Pacific Grove.

Jan 21, 1900  Sun:  I attended the Christian Church at P. Grove.  J. F. Sassith??, Pastor (a young man)       Dined at Deborah Battle’s with Mary Wood & Ella Moore.

Jan 26, 1900  Fri:  I returned home from Pacific Grove.

Jan 28, 1900  Sun:  I went to the Friends Mtg in S. F.   Isaac Wilson & wife from Canada were there.  A good attendance.     Dined at Donald Erskine’s.      At the? School at Sunshine Hall in p.m. and returned in the Evening.

Jan 30, 1900 Tues:  Sowed onion, Lettuce & table Beet & carrot seeds.

Feb 3, 1900  Sat:  Isaac Wilson from Bloomfield Canada came here.  Stephen Griffin here to tea.

Feb 4, 1900  Sun:  Isaac Wilson at Mtg. A Minister.    I. W. called at S. Griffin’s.  took tea at Alfred Wilson’s & attended Eveng Mtg. At Stockton Ave.  returning here to lodge.

Feb 5, 1900 Mon:  Fred Crandall sent for Isaac Wilson to take him a drive over the valley etc.           I attended a Lecture of Dr. Chas Brown’s at Stanford on Ethics.

Feb 7, 1900  Wed:  Abby Weeks began Sewing here

Feb 11, 1900, Sun:  Prof. Murray was at Mtg & spoke and called here.          Eliza H. Varney of Canada .& Somina Comfort of Pasadena came here in the Evening from S. F. 


(SEE;  page 212 of The Doukhobors, by George Woodcock and Ivan Avakumovic, Toronto/New York, Oxford University Press (Canadian Branch), 1968. 382 pages.

            "The first school was a very modest effort.  In the summer of 1899 Mrs. Eliza Varney, a Canadian Quaker, set up a dispensary at Devil's Lake (or Good Spirit Lake as it was also called), and the following summer (1900) she was joined by her cousin, Nellie Baker, a graduate of Queen's University.  They pitched three tents, one for living quarters, one for the dispensary, and one for a school which Nellie Baker conducted, improvising magnificently. . . .  But when she departed there was no one to take her place immediately and so her work was largely wasted."

            Quakers persisted again in 1902-03  and in 1903 American Quakers persuaded parents to send their children to the U.S.  In 1906 they established a permanent school for Doukhobor children in Petrovka, staffed by non-Quakers, the first successful Doukhobor school among the Independents.)


Feb 12, 1900  Mon:  James took the Friend’s to The Willows & to call on Mary Hammond.

Feb 13, 1900  Tues:  I went with The Friends to S. H. Shelley’s to dinner.  E. H. Varney went to the Washburn School, & told about the Dukhobors to the children etc.   The friends staid at G. N. Jones’s.

Feb 14, 1900  Wed:  E. H. Varney & S. Comfort at Mtg at 10 and gave account of the Dukhobors at 11—

Indian Asso. Mtg in the p.m.    Jas took the friends to Anna Taber’s to tea.  & they returned here.

Feb 15, 1900  Thurs:  E. H  Varney & S. Comfort left on 9 a.m. train for S. F.

Feb 19, 1900  Mon:  I went to Stanford University & heard Dr. Brown’s Lecture on Ethics of Social Life.         And after noon Prof Fetter? & Prof Comstock in the Farmer’s Meeting.


Mar 3, 1900  Sat:  Morris & Alvin Cox  (Benjamin Cox’s two youngest sons)  here to dinner with C’s family.

Mar 4, 1900, Sun:  Morris Cox & Alvin here to dinner & left in the p.m.


MARCH, APRIL, JUNE, JULY 1900 are BLANK pages. 

The next entry explains the blank pages. 



Trip diary found has 6 x 4 inch black leather cover with lined unnumbered pages.  The back pages have about 46 addresses, mainly of people met in the East during the trip.

            1900 “Eastern Journey” Summary of entries.


Mar 15, 1900  visit to Conservative Friends Mtg in Pasadena on Villa Street. 


April 1 1900  attended Friends Church in Pasadena

Apr 3,  1900 left of Southern Pacific for New Orleans and Wash., D. C.

April 8 1900 Reached Wash. D. C. 7 a.m. Attended Friends Mtg.

Visited Library of Congress, Capitol Bldg (Senate &  House), White House., Howard Univ., etc.

April 11, 1900 to Philadelphia.  Attended a marriage,Y.M.of M.& E


PYM Apr 16 to 20, 1900  many gatherings and visits and Mtgs for Worship, including Apr 20, sister C. M. Shipley’s 58 Quaker leaders, including several Cadburys.

May 12 1900  to Moorestown, N. J.where attended Mtg May 13.

May 20 1900  to Boston Friends Mtg, Roxbury.

Went Worcester to Providence, R. I.


June 19 to 30, 1900 at Haverford College Summer School.


July 5 1900  returned to Philadelphia.

 Philadelphia to Iowa—Iowa to Portland and Newberg, Oregon

During this four month period from March to August 1900 Joel Bean and Hannah Elliott Shipley Bean attended the meetings of Eastern Quakers and met and renewed acquaintances with the leaders of the Society of Friends and family.




August 8, 1900 Wed:  We returned home from our Eastern Journey.

Aug. 27, 1900 Mon:  Freda Moss began to work here.


Sept 4, 1900 Tues:  Alvin Cox came from Tulare & staid here.

Sept 11, 1900 Tues:  Freda Moss left to work at Mr Sanford’s.

Attended the wedding of Joseph N. Bunting & Alice Griffen at Stephen Griffin’s.  Most of the Mtg Friends, and a number of others were present.

Sept 12, 1900 Wed:  Jennie Tregoning  Came here to board.

Sept 28, 1900 Fri:  I went to Pacific Grove.


Oct 1, 1900 Mon:  I returned home from the Grove.

Oct 7, 1900 Sun:  Jennie Tregoning left & her sister May came to help us.

Oct 19, 1900 Fri:   I attended the Christian Endeavor County Association at the 1st Presbyterian House.

Oct 21, 1900, Sun:  Alvin Cox here.---  Ephraim & Wistar Williams here to dinner.

Oct 23, 1900 Tues:  I attended W. C. T. U. State Convention.

Oct 24, 1900 Wed:   We attended  W. C. T. U. State Convention.


Nov 3, 1900, Sat:   Semi Annual Meeting      House filled

Program was carried out & a paper by Anna Taber on Dr. Whitney’s Japan Mission:   and a beautiful tribute in Memory of Mary Hammond written by Abbie Roberts & read by H. E. B.

(NOTE:  No mention in this 1900 Diary of her death—was during his Eastern trip?)  


        Jannet Erskine & Hannah Clack & Alvin Cox staid here.

Nov 4, 1900 Sun:  Read the London Epislle (sic) in the Mtg.   Donald Erskine here to dinner with the others.



           Moses Penn?  Page  here Evening.


Nov 11, 1900, Sun:  Elma Bean from Benicia here to dinner.

Nov 12, 1900 Mon:  Archibald Crosbie called.

Nov 29, 1900 Thurs:  Thanksgiving Day     Ephraim & Wistar Williams here to dinner.


Dec 1, 1900 Sat:  Martha Albright came here from Tulare.

Dec 8, 1900 Sat:  Sowed some Beet Seeds

Dec 12, 1900 Wed:  Sewing Circle here.       Sowed some Carrot seed.

Dec 15, 1900 Sat:  David Tatum came here.

Dec 16, 1900 Sun:  A very rainy morning.  David Tatum was at Mtg. And went to San Jose.  Jas & I attended D. Tatum’s Mtg in the afternoon at the Cong. House.

May Tregoning left.

Dec 19, 1900 Wed:  Alice Randall came here to work.

Dec 21, 1900 Fri:  H. E. B. went to the Washburn School Exercises at close of term.—

Dec 22, 1900 Sat:  Alvin Cox came here from Stanford University.

Dec 23, 1900 Sun:  Morris Cox came from Santa Rosa

Dec 24, 1900 Mon:  The Boys & children went to San Jose.

Dec 25, 1900 Tues:  Morris & Alvin Cox here.

Dec 26, 1900 Wed:  Morris & Alvin went away.

Dec 31, 1900 Mon:  Anna & I went to the New England Dinner at Turn Verin Hall.






1900 Letter Register, 2 pages plus separate “retrospective” list continued on rear flysheet (both sides) and the inside of the rear cover.  About 136 names listed.


Cash Accounts for 12 months of 1900 include gap of blank pages for April, May, June, July with comment in August: 


“Spent in Journey East etc about $500.00”

   Jan. 1900 includes Newberg account see Pocket of this book.  MISSING!

   MARCH  has 1900 Assessments—total $3,525. Plus rents


Memoranda:  has list in two places of publication subscriptions.


Joel Bean’s 1900 Diary (Engagement Calendar) was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 4.0. Nov 12, 1998 at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by


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