1899 J. BEAN DIARY, copied Nov. 11,1998

by Tom M. King of San Jose, CA. Quaker Meeting (College Park).



            Joel Bean (1825-1914) moved to San Jose, California, in 1882 and kept 36 “Engagement Calendars” from 1883 to 1913, 30 years.  A few years have  “extra” diaries and 1886 is missing. 


            This 1899 diary is typical of Joel’s  diaries, a  black leather bound volume 5  X 3 

inches but with leather cover missing, and about a half-inch thick, with three dates pre-printed on each page .  The title of  the volume is 1899 The Excelsior Diary,  from Cambridgeport Diary Co.  The  first about 30 pages are useful references, charts, and a 1899 calendar, but no mention of place of publication..


            TWO ADDITIONAL DIARIES were written by Joel Bean for 1899.  They are:

 the Red Covered Diary (measures 2 1/2 X 5 1.2 inches)  that includes the dates from May 16 to Sept. 3—the time of his visit to Hawaii (about 3 1/2 months).

 A Larger Black Covered Diary (6 1/2 X 4 inches) contains 49 hand numbered pages of lined paper also about Hawaii, beginning 6-1-1899 Waikiikii,  returned “After 37 years”.  Joel reports they spent 12 days on the Lurline from San Francisco.  The last entry is on 8 mo. 9—on page 49.

Because neither of the Hawaii Diaries are about life in San Jose, they were not copied at this time.


            Only dates with hand written entries are listed.


========================== 1899 ===========================


Jan. 3, 1899 Tues.:  Charles & Anna Cox returned home from Santa Rosa   Alvin returned from Tulare.

Jan. 5, 1899 Thurs.:  Herbert Jones  (The Calif. State Senator who arranged to move the 1885 Quaker Meeting House from the freeway path in 1958.   The "Jones Act" to enforce Prohibition was named for him.  He guided the creation of the Santa Clara County Water District to build dams and control floods.)  & Alvin spent the Evening here.  Had Candy & pop corn.

On page outer edge for Jan. 13, 14, 15, Fri., Sat, Sun, : “Chas., Alvin, Anna & Lily sick with LaGrippe.

Jan. 18, 1899 Wed:  Sewing Circle here in P.M.  Alice Griffin, C. E. Ladd, E. Shelley, Louise Jones & her Mother, Mrs. Bastle & Mrs. Slaughter here.

Jan. 20, 1899 Fri.:  Received a telegram from Cincinnati of Murray Shipley’s death, this morning.

Jan. 22, Sun:  Geo. & W. B. Jones & Caroline Ladd here in the Evening.

Jan. 23, 1899 Mon.:  I attended Rabbi Voorsanger’s Lecture at Stanford at 11:15 a.m. of “Judaism, the Framework of Christianity”

Jan. 24,  1899 Tues.:  Mrs. Bingham called here.  She is visiting Louise Jones.

Jan. 25,  1899 Wed:  Mrs. Bingham & her son Horse T. Bingham called.  He is deaf, but converses freely, understanding others by motion of their lips.

Jan. 26,  1899 Thurs:  M. Maxwell, C. E. Ladd, Elvirna Wilson, Louise Coffin Jones, Ms Bingham, W. B. Jones & E. Davis here in the afternoon.


Feb. 1, 1899 Wed:  Bertha & Julia Tow came here from Geneva, Cal.a.

Feb. 2,  1899 Thurs.: Elizabeth B. Miles (Joel's sister)  arrived from Oregon.

Feb. 6, 1899, Mon.:  Julia Tow commenced working here.

Feb. 9, 1899 Thurs.:  Mother & Elizabeth &. H. E. B. took lunch at G. N. Jones’s with C. E. Ladd & other friends.

Feb. 16,  1899 Thurs.:  A Reception here in the afternoon for C. E. Ladd, M. Maxwell, E. Shelley, Jane Griffen, E. Davis, E. Hibberd, Josepine Mabury, Elmina Wilson, L. Jones, present.

Feb. 19,  1899 Sun:  Caroline E. Ladd cabled to bid us farewell in the afternoon.

Feb. 20,  1899 Mon.:  Caroline E. Ladd left College Park for Vacaville & Pasadena, & then homeward.

Feb. 22,  1899 Wed:  Meeting deferred till 5Th.. day.  We all went from both houses to Campbell’s & heard an address by Prof. Murray.  Had his -?-?-? dinner at C’s Ranch.

Feb. 24,  1899 Fri.:  We dined at Eleanor Davis’s.  Mother, E.B.M.,  H.E.B.,  & I.

Feb. 26,  1899 Sun:  Mother, E.B.M.,  H.E.B., & I dined at Stephen Griffin’s.


Mar 5, 1899 Sun:  Inazo & Mary Nitobe & Anna Hartshorne were at Mtg.  W --- Mayne was at Mtg. & spoke.

Mar 6,  1899 Mon.: Elizabeth, H. E. B. & I went to Stanford.  Heard Lectures by Dr. Jordan & Rabbi Vonauger& called at Prof. Murray’s, Saml Brun’s and “Mrs.” Thoburn’s.

Mar 7,  1899 Tues.:  H. E. B. went to Alum Rock with B. & J. Tow and C. M. C.   Eliz. went with James to see Mary Hammond & to S. Shelley’s.

Mar 8,  1899 Wed:  Bertha & Julia Tow left for Palo Alto, S. F., & Geneva, Cala to return with their family to Iowa.

Mar 10,  1899  Fri.:  Attended Funeral of Mamie Dunlap at L. B. Lewis’s in the p. m.

Mar 12,  1899 Sun:  Prof. Murray was at Mtg. & called here in the p. m.  Inazo Nitobe was at mtg.

Mar 17, Fri.:  Inazo & Mary Nitobe called.

Mar 18,  1899 Sat.:  Sarah A. Dailey, daughter of Andrew Roberts, here in the afternoon.

Mar 19,  1899 Sun: George Williams and wife, Anna (Rhoads) Williams, were at meeting.  Anna prayed & G. spoke.  They were here to tea—with Lilian Larabie.

Mar 22, 1899 Wed:  Geo. Williams here in the Evening.

Mar 26,1899, Sun:  Hannah J. Bailey from Maine & her Brother Thos. Johnson were at Meeting.  H. E. B. prayed.  They dined here.

Mar 27, 1899 Mon.:  Sister Elizabeth , Anna, Catharine, & I went to Pacific Grove.

Mar 30, 1899 Thurs.:  E. B. M. (Miles) and the children drove to Del Monte & Monterey with S. Cloud’s horse & carriage & took our lunch in the pine Grove.  Called on ------- Henry’s at Monterey.

Mar 31, 1899 Fri.:  We Joined a party on an excursion to Pt. Lobos.  Mrs. Bothwell, Mrs. Bennes S& twin girls Maud & Blanch & Miss Rich from Newtown, Pa.


April 2, 1899 Sun:  E. B. M.  & I attended Methodist Church at P. Grove in the morning & heard minister Bain.   Salvation Army Mtg. at China town in the Afternoon.

April 3, 1899 Mon.:  Anna returned home from P. Grove.  E. B. M. & I attended a Bible Lesson by “Mrs.” Cowan??

April 4, 1899 Tues.:  E. B. M. & Catharine & I returned home from P. Grove.

April 5, 1899 Wed:   Attended the Funeral of Abler Allen at 10 a.m.  Levi Gregory & Bro. Hopkins, Meth. Minister at College Park, attended.

April 7, 1899 Fri.:  Levi Gregory was here to dinner., Anna Heartshorne, “Miss” Reed, & Yoshiso, & Chas. & Lily here to tea.

April 8, 1899 Sat:  Frances W. Jackson from Saucelito was here to tea.

April 9,1899 Sun:  Frances Watkins Jackson & her sister were at C’s to dinner.   Archie Crosbie here to dinner & tea.

April 12, 1899 Wed:  E. B. Miles went with Geo. Hammond to the Foothills for a few days.

April 17, 1899 Mon.:  E. B. Miles returned from her visit to Mary Hammond

April 20,  1899 Thurs.:  I went to S. F.   H.E.B. went to Los Gatos.

April 21, 1899 Fri.:  We attended the Funeral of Eliz. Elliott Yoder at Los Gatos.


May 1, 1899 Mon.:  I went to P. Grove.

May 2,  1899 Tues.:  Deborah Battle & Ellen More came to P. Grove from Pasadena.  To James’s Cottage to spend the Summer.

May 4, 1899 Thur:  I returned home from P. Grove.   James also returned from the Grove after some 10 days absence.

May 5, 1899 Fri.:  Hannah L. Neall and Allen DeCou here.

May 6, 1899 Sat:  Semi-Annual Mtg.  Ruth T. Murray present.   Prof. Murals Bible Lesson on Worship & Dr. Nitobi’s address in the p. m. were Excellent.  Lillian Abbott & Alice Roberts staid here.

May 7,  1899 Sun:  We all dined at C. E. C’s with Albert Smith & others from S. F.

May 8, 1899 Mon.:  Hannah L. Neall went to G. N. Jones’s to stay a week or two.

May 11, 1899 Thurs.:  I went to S. F. to arrange for passage on the Lurline to Maui.

May 12,  1899 Fri.:  Mary Nitobe called.  J. M. & Mary Smith from Los Gatos called in the p. m.

May 16, 1899 Tues.:  Left for the Sandwitch Islands.  H. E. B. , Lily, Anna, Catharine, & I.  Chas. Went to S. F.  All staid at the Pleasanton with the Nitobes.

May 17, 1899 Wed:    Our party Embarked on the Lurline for Maui.






Sept. 5, 1899 Tues.:  We arrived home from Maui.

Sept. 11, 1899 Mon.:  Mary H. Tebbetts (Joel's  other twin sister from Whittier, Ca.   She joined her twin sister, Elizabeth B. Miles, from Newberg, Oregon.)  left for home after being here nearly 3 mos.

Sept. 23, 1899 Sat:  Attended the Funeral of Mary Fish. At 2 p. m.   Conducted by Dr. Hurtle.

Sept. 24, 1899 Sun:  Wm. Wendte from Newbury port  Mass, was at mtg. And Called here in the p. m.  Haslin Allemande Hegan work here???


Oct. 1, 1899 Sun:  Dr. Harris of the Japanese Mission was at Mtg.  H. E. B.  dined at G. N. Jones’s with Dr. Harris & wife.


Nov. 4, 1899 Sat:  Semi Annual Mtg. Deborah Leeds & her Mother.  Mary Thomas, Esther Smith & a friend, S. F., Mrs. Macintosh ( Sister of Dr. Harris) Janet Erskine, Lily Davy,  S. Clara, Prof. Murray & Starbuck & wives, Mrs. Bingham, J. Osborne & wife, Mary Gregory & many others present.

Esther Smith, Georgia Levering and Janet Erskine staid here.

Nov. 5,  1899 Sun:  A full Mtg.  Jas. B., M. Thomas, E. Smith, H. E. B. prayed   D. Leeds, Esther Smith, E. B. Miles, Mrs. Mackintosh etc. Spoke.    Sarah Cloud & Mary Wood here to dinner.   Deborah Leeds & Judith Greer? Shaw staid here.

Nov. 6, 1899 Mon.:  Lily Davy called here.   E. B. Miles left for Oregon.  I went to see her off at Oakland and staid in S. F. at the Epworth House, 3097 1/2 Market St.

Nov. 7, 1899 Tues.:  I called on Hannah L. Neall, ---took Lunch at Smith’s Cash Store & returned home in the p.m.

Nov. 9, 1899 Thur:  S. Cloud & Mary Wood went to Pacific Grove.

Nov. 12,  1899 Sun:  Mary F. Thomas was here to tea.

Nov. 30, 1899 Thur:  Morris Cox with Chase's family were here to dinner.


Dec. 1, 1899 Fri.:  Morris & Alvin Cox here to dinner with C’s family.

Dec. 2, 1899 Sat:  We went with Chase's family to call at Fred Smith’s (cousin and first Principal of Campbell, Calif., High School)   Went Quito Ranch, then took our Lunch at the road Side.   Jas. met us at F S’s after dinner. Returned towards night.


Dec. 25, 1899 Mon.:  Chase's family & Alvin here.

Dec. 30, 1899 Sat:  Lily and Anna & Catharine went to Santa Rosa.  Alvin came to C’s in the evng.

Dec. 31,  1899 Sun:  Alvin returned to Palo Alto.


============ LAST DAILY ENTRY IN JOEL BEAN’S 1899 DIARY.  ========


1899 Addresses:   On one page:      Fred Smith,  Campbell

                                                            Ellen R. Smith

Lillian, Gertrude, Harold Frederic, Stuart Sawyer, Stanley Bassett, Dorothy.




5 SUBSCRIPTIONS LISTED ON A MEMORANDUM PAGE.:  Phila Friend, Australian Friend, Am. Friend, Pd mtg. money 10%  $3.50, B. Friend.



March:   Exp. at P. Grove                                                     $5.60

April:         Rec for Cottage $8.00 Rent for last fall.

                        Spent for Cottage & Exp.                                        $6.00


May:      Exp. at P. Grove                                                        $   .75 c



Sept.:       Pd Assessment                                                                 $50.00

                        Sent tax to Oregon                                                   $  4.47

            10-14   Pd Dr. Pierce                                                 $  6.00

                  23   pd Dr. Gallimon                                                      $80.00

Oct.:            9  Pd Tax                                                                        $53.10

                        12 Recd for Rent of house in Newberg, Oregon  $17.50

Oct. 13, 1899   Sent tax to Salinas                          $6.93

                                    sent tax P. Grove                                          $2.67


Nov. page opposite 1899 Cash Accts. lists

Paid out on E B’s Account

                        17 entries to bills of estate and heirs--$564.40 paid out.

(Elisabeth Hill Bean, (Oct. 3, 1802 -            1899) Joel’s mother died while he was visiting Hawaii.)


                        $100 for care  of cemetery lot, with $30 bal.


         ========================  End of 1899 Diary  =====================


Joel Bean’s 1899   Engagement Calendar was copied into the Mackintosh Computer on Microsoft Word 4.0. Nov. 11, 1998 at Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library by


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